Monday, June 29, 2009

Mr. G. Goes To Washington

It might have seemed as if Jake Gyllenhaal was just playing tourist in the nation's capital, but perhaps he was really doing some research for his future roles.

Thanks to the resourceful scrum, we have a better shot of Jake enjoying the Red Sox/Nationals game and picking up pointers for his role as Joe Hardy.

Actually, he was super cool the whole game. He talked baseball with all the other sox fans around him and signed autographs and took pics. Good sport that Jake Gyllenhal.

From her expression, I'm guessing Jake's row-mate is a Yankees fan.

Earlier in the week, Jake attended a show at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, doing some advance work for the UMP, perhaps? He even started on his wardrobe:

Not sure if Jake managed to do any research for Love And Other Drugs. Well, he has the love part down, anyway :)

Rita's Italian Ice posted a picture of Jake and Reese's signed lemons:


suvee said...

Any smirk pictures or is Dastan too serious for that? :)

Sadly, I fear Dastan does not know the appeal of a good smirk. :)

From the photos provided in the style guide, I would describe Dastan as serious, thoughtful, bold, intense and a little dangerous...... some photos hint at a touch of melancholy. As I mentioned before, it's a Jake I've never seen before...... he really does look every inch the heroic, romantic hero.

UV, great pics from the Nationals/Sox game. Thanks!

bobbyanna said...

I swear that blonde woman sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at the baseball game must be a mannequin. Or she never goes to the movies, or reads magazines, or watches the news, or goes on the internet. Ever. Maybe she has serious vision problems.

Even if she's intent on keeping score, does she never look at her surroundings? In any event, that's exactly the kind of strange woman I would give permission to sit next to Jake....:)

Thanks for the post, UV. He looks really cuddly in the baseball pictures. Foolish woman!

Suvee you had me drooling in my teacup last night! You paint gorgeous pictures!

chica said...

That woman is either blind or a Skankee fan, I go for the latter. I'm still pissed off over the subway series this past weekend, the Skanks beat the crap out of my Mets! Love the pictures of Jake at the game!

Mr G found time to explore the nations treasures, the Smithonian, The National Gallery, the National zoo and of course on the set of Reese's movie, I adore that picture of them!

I love your description of Dastan as serious, thoughtful and a bit dangerous Suvee, I am enjoing you reports so much, thanks!

tweety said...

Jake and Reese's signatures from Rita's:

Glad Jake got to go to the air and space museum DC, that place is awesome!

Anonymous said...

:) Cute post - love the lemon signatures. Cannot wait for Dastan.

FluorescentLamp said...

Hee, GyllenBabble's photoshop skills ROCK!!! :D:D Oh how I laughed. And laughed like a loon at that blogger's description of Jake buying his "jr. spaceman outfit". Too funny!

UltraViolet said...

I do hope there's humor in PoP, suvee, but just not reflected in the gorgeous pictures you've seen so far.

serious, thoughtful, bold, intense and a little dangerous

Yum! And I think you could see some of that, and the melancholy, even in the few brief snippets we've gotten to see.

I swear that blonde woman sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at the baseball game must be a mannequin. Or she never goes to the movies, or reads magazines, or watches the news, or goes on the internet. Ever. Maybe she has serious vision problems.

My thoughts exactly, Bobbyanna. Okay, not true - yours were much more charitable! Good god woman, look at the man sitting next to you. I odn't care if you're not into men/not interested/not available. You're breathing, aren't you?

Oh, right, the mannequin explanation.

I think Jake looks beautiful in the photos - I thought people would be more excited to see them, actually. I might have squeed when I fond them.

UltraViolet said...

Oy, the Mets! Couldn't they have one at least one game against the Yankees?

And thanks, tweety, but I did add the picture to the post before you posted that :)

FL, thank you for appreciating my masterful (and by masterful, of course, I mean the opposite) attempt at a photoshop. One of these days, I'll learn how to do some of that.

The Jr Spaceman outfit has had me giggling all day.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the baseball game ppictures. He looks kind of sweaty...and hot.

ofice of nancy pelosi said...

He looks hot as in sexy in the Red sox/Nats pictures, they are drool worthy! Love the story that he chatted with fans at the game and took pics with them, in a previous link that you found UV there was a picture of him posing with vets, I wish we could have seen a clearer shot of that.

That woman obviously has problems with her vision ! I love the look on the face of the man in the 2nd picture, he's like "Woman, do you know who you are sitting next to??

LOL @ the Jr. Spaceman outfit comments on that blog!

I think that picture of them on her set you posted is my favorite of them together and I love their signatures on the Lemons!

I miss them in DC already.

I hope you know how we all appreciate and love your descriptions and observations Suvee, Jake is going to e amazing i this, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Jake always looks sexy to me, but in the set pictures and now at the baseball game, I think he looks really content, too. Just peaceful and happy. I think Reese and Jake must really have fun together. She seems happy, too.

extra said...

Good morning!! What a wonderful way to start the morning, Jake has the most gorgeous smile, what a great find UV!!

Your photoshopping skills are a lot better than mine! Glad he got to visit that particular museum, I have been there more than once and it's incredible.

You are so right Anon. not only does he look sexy but happy and content as well, so does she, makes me really happy.

And let me add my voice to the chorus of thank you Suvee, a little dangerous... a little melancholy, I'm hanging on every little detail that you can provide, thanks!

lawgoddess said...

Jake does look gorgeous in the baseball game photos. And I love hin talking baseball to people around him (except for oblivious blonde woman!)

I like the glimpses of Jake and Reese living their lives in DC
( doing the crossword puzzle, donating a dollar to the charity like the rest of us do).

Well played, twitterers of DC.

Anonymous said...

From the photos provided in the style guide, I would describe Dastan as serious, thoughtful, bold, intense and a little dangerous...... some photos hint at a touch of melancholy. As I mentioned before, it's a Jake I've never seen before...... he really does look every inch the heroic, romantic hero.

Can't wait - I love my heroes Byronic. :) Suvee, thanks, but can we stand it until 2010? :)

sheba baby said...

Mr. G looks yummy in these pictures, thanks for finding them UV!!! That woman must be insane, if that was me sitting next to him, there would be a glazed look on my face and a bit of drool, lol!!

Jr. Spaceman, gift for Deacon???

I miss all the twitters and sightings/pics from DC, i Hope the folks in Philly don't dissapoint!

Gyllenbabble's photoshopping skills do rock FL!

They do look content, I am really happy for them both.

Jake as Dastan sounds, romantic, fearless, and all around kick-ass, I love the glimpses you are sharing with us Suvee, you are a marvel.

agent_krycek said...

Keep thinking I've commented on here and thanked Survee for her lovely descriptions, but apparently I haven't, either the ridiculous heat in London is melting my brain or I have swine flu, one or the other.

I'll defend the blonde woman, on a couple of occasions I've ended up sat next to someone who's a bit of an object of desire of mine, and I've studious ignored them, afraid if I open my mouth 1) I'll annoy them and 2) I'll just come across as a dribbling idiot.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Agent K. But I bet there would be a twinkle or gleam in your eye. You wouldn't look like you're sitting next to the most irritating or unremarkable man on the planet.

Well played, twitterers of DC.

Well played, indeed. The Philadelphia area has a lot to live up to!

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that "a movie was shceduled to start shooting in mi-July," in Philly. So maybe there's a short break.

josie said...

Damn, he is looking so fine and cool in these pictures UV. That woman is either nuts or as you say AK , she is pretending to ignore him! I will never get tired of looking at that particular photo of them on her set, just so perfect. Thanks for posting their signatures, I like to compare their handwriting styles!

The air space museum, the National Gallery, the National zoo, crossword puzzles, etc. I love hearing that they do normal touristy things too! I think there is a break in filming, hopefully they are away somewhere private before she starts filming again.

Thanks again Suvee, you have been doing a bang up job giving us your descriptions of those incredible Pop photos that you are so lucky to get to see!!
I thought about Deacon when I read about the Jr. Spaceman suit too!!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like good reason to see Public Enemies even if you're not a Depp or Dillinger fan:

I just went to an early screening of Public Enemies and this trailer was on it... It looks pretty good!

There's another post from someone who says it looks "pretty fantastic" and that the U2 song Bad (which I adore) plays over the trailer.

Could it be true??

Anonymous said...

im going to go see public enemies this week end so ill be ablee to see it i hope

bobbyanna said...

I'm going to see Public Enemies this weekend, too, so I'll definitely get there early enough for trailers. My kids will be in town to visit, and its something we've already talked about.

Johnny Depp's a Universal Household God around here. Someone we can all agree on. My younger daughter prefers Clive Owen to Jake, and my oldest likes Jake, saw him with me in Toronto, but will NEVER abandon Clooney...except for Xavier Bardem She gives Jake "top five " status...:)

I hope it's true. I need something to hang on to until PoP.

Anonymous said...

Really? I'm planning to see Public Enemies as well this weekend, so I'll definitely be looking forward to the trailer - how exciting! :)

Anonymous said...

according to wdw blog jakes back in la according to a twitter sighting had lunch in santa monica place called huckleberrys

sag actor said...

I saw the trailer for Public enemies and wasn't impressed and I'm a big Depp fan, but if the Brothers trailer is attached to it i may check it out!


Anonymous said...

Twitter: Reese and Jake are back in CA, and out to dinner with the kids.

extra said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Brothers trailer! Guess what movie I will be checking out this weekend???

chica said...

Public enemies opens today, if the Brothers trailer is being shown I may see it today instead of waiting for the weekend.

Love that twitter sighting!!!

shondra said...

Catching up on some things I see, and leave it to UV to find another gem! Love the pictures of him at the ballgame last week, he looks really good here, happy and relaxed. Love reading about his visit to the museum, I see he brought his fedora with him to DC!

I love your photoshopping skills UV, Jr. Spaceman suit=Deacon??!!

I was going to catch Away we Go this weekend with Maggie bit i guess it's Johnny this weekend, I hope they show the Brothers trailer, fingers crossed.

I see they are back in L.A. for the moment.

Love all the updates, it's fun catcching up on things and thanks again Suvee for your amazing Jake/Dastan reports!

get real said...

Ah, DC had such amazing reports, Tweets and pics...thanks everyone for keeping us updated! :D

So, it seems they are back in LA...

A Brothers trailer during Public Enemies?!?! I had wanted to see that movie and now I must!!

A huge thanks to Suvee, again for the fantastic PoP pics details.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thrilled to hear that the Brothers trailer is ready, hopefully we will hear more reports now that Public enemies opened today.

I read the twitter about Jaek, Reese and the kids and the twitter said that Deacon beaned him with a peanut, hee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Reese shopping in Brentwood today:

She has killer legs!!!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!!

The trailer had so many twists and just SO MUCH STORY in it.


-Due to Tobey's death, Portman and her daugthers are having a tough time dealing with it.
-Not as tough as Jake though because he obviously misses his brother a lot.
-He gets close to his nieces and his dead brother's woman. He even tells stories of his brother to his nieces and he's becoming a better person as a result.
-He smokes some pot with Portman (who isn't a square, c'mon now) and then BOOM! JAKE MAKES THE MOVE! (of course--this would've been the PERFECT end to the trailer).
-Wait...a doctor's office....Tobey is alive? Flashbacks to the war!
-He's home with Portman, his brother and his daughters! He's obviously traumatized by the events, though.
-Uh oh...he knows they slept together. Cue the daugther shoving it in his face!

And fade to the title.


bobbyanna said...

OMG. This sounds different from the original. I think I stopped breathing at the part where they say "..BOOM! JAKE MAKES THE MOVE..." I might have to see Public Emeny twice. Once by myself tomorrow, and then with my daughters this weekend. I'll be calmer. Heh.

bobbyanna said...

Ouch! One of the commenters on IMDB complained about the music being too intrusive. (sigh.) I guess I'm gonna have to see it for myself tomorrow...:)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes, this does sound different from the original and the script that I read of the remake. He makes his move....hmmm, sounds like they are playing up the romantic angle. I will be checking out Public enemies this wekend, thanks monica!

Anonymous said...

If I rem. correctly some at IMDB have been putting down "Brothers" from the beginning when the cast was announced.

sag actor said...

I read some of those comments at IMDB and had to laugh. Someone was asking how was their acting based on the trailer, duh!!

People should know that the Brothers trailer may not be shown at all of the P. Enemies screenings.

Anonymous said...

Why don't people just call their local theaters and ask?

sag actor said...

I don't think it works that way. The people that work don't have a clue on which trailers are going to be shown and you won't get that type of infomation from the automated phone. P. Enemies has been getting mixed reviews, but I'm a big Depp fan so I will be checking it out this weekend.

I'll let you know if they show the Brothers trailer.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!!

This is interesting:

Public Enemies will debut in Brazil on July 24!

tweety said...

From twitter:

KatBosworth: Public Enemies was alright but the trailer for a film called 'Brothers' w/ Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire & Natalie Portman looks FANTASTIC!
36 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

tweety said...

Jake at Intellgensta in Venice, CA:

Don't know when it was taken, he was in Venice yestersday with Reese and the kids or was that Tuesday?

josie said...

Looks like he is buying coffee, a it intrusive and can't tell if it was taken today or earlier in the week.

The comments on IMDB regarding the trailer sound mostly positive. I would think that the trailer will show up online soon.

FluorescentLamp said...

New post. Little present.