Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday morning blues (and grays)

I got splashed by a car driving through a puddle on my way to work. Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon seem to have enjoyed a sunnier fate in Washington, D.C. this morning.

Hope you all are enjoying a happy Monday.

(Photos courtesy of IHJ.)


sass said...

Afternoon UV, FL and babblers,
Ah, you two know how to make a girl happy...they are the most adorable couple in the world.
hugs and more hugs...

UltraViolet said...

Sass! I swear, I was just about to post a comment wondering if anyone had heard from you. I hope you are well. So glad you dropped by in time for the new pics.

We aim to please :)

chica said...

Hi Sass!! So glad you stopped by, I hope all is going well with you.

They are adorable, love his National's hat! It looks like they say the Hangover at the movies, I can't wait to see that myself.

tweety said...

From Twitter:

Just ate lunch next to Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. At the National Gallery cafeteria!
9 minutes ago from TwitterFox

Love these pictures and the sort of matching outfits!

Bette said...

They look so cute! I love these two so much. Hi guys, it's been awhile for me. Does Brothers have a release date yet?

UltraViolet said...

Hi Bette! Good to see you.

Brothers is scheduled to be released on 12/4 in the U.S. Not sure about overseas. Fingers crossed that it isn't delayed again!

Monica said...

So cute!
They are with a younger look!
thanks, UV and IHJ!

Hi, sass. Good to see you here!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica - they do look all young and fresh-faced, don't they?

Also, Bette, forgot to link you to this post. We finally got some set photos from Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics, thanks UV and IHJ of course,

From twitter again.

@totalfilm The guy that played Donnie Darko was at a sci fi/comic convention in London & said he didn't think it was a good idea to do it.8 minutes ago from TweetDeck in reply to totalfilm

Probably talking abut S Darko.

Anonymous said...

Sorry scrap that it wasn't Jake.

sheba baby said...

I love these pictures, and they do look really young here, thanks!!


office of nancy pelosi said...

Finaly pictures after all the twitters, just like NY!

Looking at these pictures makes me so happy and I'm not sure why, they are adorable!!!

Thanks so much UV and IHJ. Accoding to twiiter, they will be filming in DC until the end of the week then it's off to Philly.

UltraViolet said...

A detailed account of Jake's weekend:

Their work-out followed a low-key but busy weekend for our lovebirds.

On Saturday, with Reese on location with her new film, the James L. Brooks-directed comedy How Do You Know?, spotted Jake at the Georgetown Farmer's Market picking up an organic mixed bouquet of flowers for his lovely lady.

Looking his hunky-best in shorts and a baseball cap, Jake also stopped by the Baby Love DC charity clothing drive where he posed for pictures (in the rain!) with comic actress Ali Wentworth and told fans he hoped to get involved in the charity.

That night, Reese and Jake reunited for a romantic dinner date at Komi where the Washington Post reported they engaged in some after-dessert cuddling on the same side of the table. It was one of those "get a room" moments, which might explain why the two disappeared from view all day Sunday.

I'd love to hear some of those Baby Love encounters!

suvee said...

Loved reading about all the J&R DC sightings and tidbits...... thanks to everyone who passed them on.

I think my favorites are the Baby Love appearance and, of course, the "get a room" Komi cuddling. (sigh) Thanks, UV!

Hope some of the Baby Love pictures eventually surface.....

Monica said...

thanks, UV!
Jake is adorable!

Realise Dates Empire:

January: Nailed

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, Reece Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson are eating at Oyamel in the priv. room across the hall.
about 2 hours ago from txt

Bette said...

Thank you UV! I hope it doesn't get pushed back to January, where movies go to die.

UltraViolet said...

You mean like the Nailed date Monica posted? :)

Another Reliable Source sighting:

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal doing the New York Times crossword together over breakfast yesterday morning at Georgetown's Le Pain Quotidien -- gym clothes, shades, baseball caps (Jake's with a Nats logo!). And then, hmmm, what do you know, they just happened to leave the paper behind ... and they filled it out in ink. And mostly got it right! The Monday puzzle, but still. The movie stars (she's shooting here) seem to have struggled with 57 Down, "Workplace watchdog org." (Answer: "OSHA"; a few more weeks in D.C. and they'll ace that stuff.)

paula said...

I love all the sightings and reading all about the encounters of J&R in DC over the weekend! I think I enjoy that even more than the pictures.

They do look adorable in the pictures posted, so sweet and happy and relaxed. I would love to see the pictures he posed with at the Farmers market.

Anonymous said...

As Empire is a British mag I think the January release for Nailed is for the UK. We usually get US Dec releases in January here so we may get Brothers then as well, I hope anyway.

Great pics BTW.

verdeblusm said...

Hi to everyone!Hi(((Sass))) happy to see you and happy to see the J & R matching outfits!
Anon 5:34 PM what do you want to say? I dont understand.

extra said...

Happy Monday and Tuesday! Love the pictures, they look so happy!! Thanks for all the links and updates.

josie said...

I'm not a fan of couples that dress alike but these two get my thumbs up! First they are adaorable and second they really don't match! Jake has joined the Washington National Nation, LOL!!

Thanks for posting all the sightings/twitters and the update on Nailed!

josie said...

Hey Sass!!! Great to see you around, we miss you around here!

lawgoddess said...

I love Jake being interested in outfitting newborns. Maybe he'd like a baby of his own? (Hey, my own kids aren't stepping up to the plate, so I want Jake and Reese to give me virtual grandchildren. :))

He is such a good guy, to support a small local charity like that.

Anonymous said...

From yesterday:


Even more cast sightings Monday, but these ones on what seems to be a day off from filming the untitled James L. Brooks romcom.

Physical activity was the apparent choice of two of the cast members. While Reese Witherspoon and beau Jake Gyllenhaal opted for a jog around Georgetown, Owen Wilson was spotted biking down N Street towards the Georgetown University Campus

Later that evening Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal, along with co-star Paul Rudd, took a private tour of Ford’s Theater. Following their visit to the site of Lincoln’s assassination, they all walked around the corner for a dinner at Oyamel. Jack Nicholson and other crew members (Wilson noticeably absent) joined up with them, where they enjoyed margaritas and Mexican food in a private room as a bodyguard stood watch.

UltraViolet said...

Verde, good to see you! Anon 5:34 was referring to a twitter account that s/he mistakenly thought was about Jake but was about someone else.

get real said...

Have to say I am smiling and squeeing big time at all the sightings/Tweets and pics from DC! :D Thanks everyone for sharing!

And Nailed news!?!?! Could it be released for real....hope so.

bobbyanna said...

LG, I SO agree with you!!! I would love some "virtual" grandchildren!:)

I have a feeling about Nailed. I'm thinking early next year to capitalizing on publicity from Brothers, opening in December,and from the PoP rollout, with a May release. So I'm speculating maybe Nailed is released sometime in that window between January and March. In any case, I'm really glad it's on the schedule in Empire magazine. Good sign!

Loving all the sightings.


verdeblusm said...

Thank you for your explanation UV!I check Gyllenbabble every day...its always a good place to go!

shondra said...

And a big squee from me too, I just love seeing so happy, it does my heart good!! Loving all the sightings and twitters, sounds like they are making the most of their time in DC while she is filming there.

I hope the news on Nailed is true, I keep thinking that it was headed to DVD.


suvee said...

I have been so busy at work these past several weeks, I haven't had time to see if I could get my hands on the PoP style guide. But last Friday I finally had a chance to ask my contact about it....... and today, bless her, she sent me a digital copy!! And even though we are friends of many years, she nicely reminded me of the confidentiality of what she was trusting me with. Yikes!

Of course, this happened at the end of the day, and I had things to do after work so I couldn't stay and indulge in what I anticipate to be a major, heart stopping Jake fest. You can bet I'm getting to work very early tomorrow. :)

Based on a very quick first glance, I'm guessing there are 30-40 photos from the movie. Needless to say I cannot make hard copies or, god forbid, copy the files to my home computer. But if any fellow Babblers are interested, I'll make every effort to burn them in my brain and pass on my impressions.

suvee said...

(((sass))) We've missed you!

FluorescentLamp said...

But if any fellow Babblers are interested, I'll make every effort to burn them in my brain and pass on my impressions.

Oh now that's just silly because you know we'll ALL be interested in your impressions! Take notes, too! Lots of notes. :D

suvee said...

Oh now that's just silly because you know we'll ALL be interested in your impressions!

Actually, I really wasn't sure how interested people would be..... my descriptions can only be a very poor second to seeing the actual photos. I would understand if some people thought, "So what?".

And yes, I am planning on taking notes. It's going to be hell trying to get any actual work done for the next few days. :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, suvee, I think it's safe to say we all want to hear all the details. It's exciting.

Try to do just enough work to keep your job :)

UltraViolet said...

Today's Reliable Source:

Paul Rudd and his wife ducking into the private dining room at Oyamel on Monday, soon joined by most of the headliners in the movie he's filming here -- Jack Nicholson, Reese Witherspoon (with sig-other Jake Gyllenhaal), director James L. Brooks. (Also, two non-famous people; but no Owen Wilson.) Pomegranate margaritas with dinner, though Jack had cranberry juice. Chef-owner Jose Andrés delivered a bottle of a fancy Spanish red and copies of his cookbook.

LOL @ "two non-famous people."

Depending on which cafe Jake and Reese went to at the National Gallery, that could have been their second Andres eatery of the day.

And they previously ate at Zatinya, another of the chef's restaurants.

chica said...

I'm looking forward to any details that you can share here suvee, thanks so much!

Love the sighting with J&R and Paul and Jack, would of love to be a fly on the wall at that dinner!

I was wondering if they attended the Nationals/Redsox game in DC yesterday, I haven't checked twitter yet.

Anonymous said...

No baseball for Reese last night. She was working. Very long night.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Reese Witherspoon's On-Set Visit From Jake

Gossip Center

Suvee, I'm anxious for details!

sheba baby said...

I will be on pins and needles waiting for your insights Suvee, thanks!!!

Thanks for the link to the on set pictures Monica!

FluorescentLamp said...

When this guy twittered last night from the set that he had seen Reese, Paul and Jake, I thought that he just didn't get Jake in frame.

Now that I see what Jake was wearing, black tee, gray shorts, it certainly looks like him in the twitterer's pic standing in the doorway of the bar, sans baseball cap.

Anonymous said...

According to this twitter, Jake will ba at the screening of this documentary tonight:

onecoconut: is sponsoring this special screening tonight with Jake Gyllenhaal!
about 1 hour ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

Don't know if zit's in DC or back in L.A.

Monica said...

thanks, anon!

owen wilson & reese witherspoon are shooting their new film across the street from my work. jake gyllenhaal is here. new surprises everyday
1 minute ago from web

UltraViolet said...

There's a screening of that movie tonight in LA:

Without A Home WITHOUT A HOME - Special Screening tonight, June 24th at 7:30pm at The Fine Arts Theater of Beverly Hills (Wilshire/La Cienega)

UltraViolet said...

I don't know if Jake will miss Washington, but I think we will! A couple more sightings: One from Sunday:

On Sunday night, we went to a very nice dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons hotel. As we entered the lobby, we all did a double take as both Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon were there just hanging out with family and friends, talking away and dressed in shorts and workout clothes.

And another from last night, via The Reliable Source chat:

Washington, D.C.: CELEB ALERT -- I was part of the crowd gathering in Adams Morgan last night to watch the filming of the new Reese/Paul/Owen movie. Hearing that Reese had gone back to her trailer, I thought I'd go check out the action. Not wanting to appear stalker-esque, I was pretending to text on my BlackBerry as I oh-so-casually strolled across the bridge...and almost plowed straight into Jake Gyllenhaal! He was waiting outside Reese's trailer -- shorter than he ever appears, but also very good looking. And polite. He didn't even glare at me when I apologized for nearly crashing into him. A minute later, Paul Rudd walked out of his trailer -- also very good looking!

Just how tall do people think Jake is, anyway?

extra said...

Sounds like Jake was on the set early this morning as well. He still has time to head back to L.A. if he plans on attending that screening tonight.

I'm always amused when I hear the Jake isn't that tall in person comment from people. He is listed as being 6 ft tall and that really isn't tall for a man.

Thanks for all the great sightings and updates!

FluorescentLamp said...

Just how tall do people think Jake is, anyway?

6'7", 6'10" ?

I have it on good authority he's 6' tall. ;-)

Monica said...

Oscar 2010
The Academy Awards have decided, perhaps in a big shakeup move to get audiences reinvested in the show, that there will now be TEN nominees for Best Picture starting next year when the annual 82nd Oscar ceremony hits next year on March 7, at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. The nominations will hit on Feb. 2.


Narcissa said...

Smacks of desperation! (meaning the Oscars)

6 foot would seem tall to most peeps, I would say.

bobbyanna said...

I wouldn't mind seeing the Oscars divided between musicals/comedies and dramas, similar to the way Golden Globes are set up. I wonder if they intend to increase the number of acting nominees? They will have to increase the Best Director candidates, and the Best Screenplay, etc. Now instead of
a 3 hour show, we can watch them while eating breakfast...:)

sag actor said...

If that doesn't smell of desperation I don't know what does!!!

10??? It's hard enough to find 5 really good films to nominate.

suvee said...

I think I am going to have to provide my PoP "impressions" in installments..... there's just a lot to take in and remember! Here goes:

- in all of the Prince Dastan photos, Jake is definitely in serious mode. No smiling. And I'm sure it's partly due to the costumes and exotic setting, but he really does have an older, rougher aspect to him. Still gorgeous, just in a different way. As for the all important hair (!) issue, it looks perfectly fine and natural to me.

- one of the best photos is a close up, left profile. He looks weary yet thoughtful and determined. The maroon scarf we have seen as a belt is wrapped on his head in what I presume to be a traditional Arab (sorry, but I am using that word sort of generically) men's style. It looks killer on him! This photo took my breath away.... he looks every inch the noble hero. The photo is lit with the sun coming in from his right side, so he literally has a soft glow surrounding him. And his mouth...... well, all I can say this photo captures that beautiful mouth perfectly.

Sorry..... this comment turned out to be longer than I intended. I still have not had a chance to spend much time really studying all the pics. I'll try to update in a timely manner. Please let me know if this is or is not what you want to know. I aim to please my fellow Babblers!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh, suvee, don't stop there!

Your description with the maroon scarf sounds amazing. I could totally envision this in my head. On you lucky lucky girl! You get to stare at this contraband while all the rest of us can only imagine.

Thank you. And anything else you remember, please post. Often. :)

lawgoddess said...

Suvee, thank you.:)

And OMG!!!!

chica said...

I can visualize everything you described Suvee, the pictures sound amazing, you are so lucky!

Thanks for sharing, looking forward to hearing more if you can.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, suvee, thank you so much! The description was perfect. Eek. I can't wait to see all this - the movie, the pictures, the promo stuff. The scarf!

And left profile - you made FL a happy woman.

Keep those details coming!

In predictable Jake-spotting news, via twitter, Jake is at the Nationals game. (That's baseball for you non-fans.)

The big question is whether he's wearing his Red Sox cap or his new Nationals cap.

tweety said...

Sounds like Jake is at the Nats/Sox game tonight:

alenacal: Trying to pick out Jake Gyllenhaal among the crowd at the baseball game. Unfortunately I'm across the entire park, so I'd need super vision!
4 minutes ago from txt · Reply

Thanks so much Suvee for giving us a sneek peek, i'm so jealous!


UltraViolet said...

Screen caps of Jake at the game - thank you, Simply Sensational, the aptly named Washington Caps (as in Capitals) blog.

The announcers apparently joked that Jake wasn't paying attention to the game. He'd better start - the Nats are coming back.

He's chatting with a Sox fan, at least :)

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and no cap, Jake. Coward! :)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thank you so much Suvee, I especially love the description of his profile, sigh. Looking forward to hearing more!

I can't wait to hear more details, this has certainly wet my appetite!

I knew Jake would show up at one of the games, and he did take the safe way out with no cap, LOL!!!

Thanks for find the screen shots so quickly UV.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I kinda wondered if he'd be at one of the games. Saw a lot of Sox caps at last night's. ;)

sheba baby said...

I love you Suvee, thank you so much! How you describe his sexy mouth makes me melt and get sll fan girly!!! Love to hear more.

Go Red sox!!!

Anonymous said...

The description of Prince Dastan sounds wonderful - I like it so far. :)

suvee said...

And left profile - you made FL a happy woman.

I did think of FL when I included that little detail. :)

Thanks everyone for the feedback..... I'm so glad that I was successful in helping you all "see" Jake/Dastan.

I know this probably goes without saying, but I would appreciate it if my descriptions stay here..... please don't post them elsewhere. Thanks!

More to come, I promise!

extra said...

Wow, I can't wait for this movie to come out! I can just close my eyes and visualize the hair, the mouth the profile, etc, just beautiful. Thank you so much suvee!

The Red sox won! I hope Jake enjoyed watching them win.

FluorescentLamp said...

I did think of FL when I included that little detail. :)

{{{You are just too good to US! You're my hero, suvee!}}}


Anonymous said...

The descriptions will go no further. :)

Monica said...

Suvee, thank you for the information. I'm very anxious to learn more details!

thanks for all links, UV and tweety.

UltraViolet said...

Funny encounter"

I was talking to my friend Matt on the phone and suddenly realized how cool the moon was tonight. After I took the shot, I noticed the lights at the bottom right corner. That's a movie that Jack Nicholson, Reese Witherspoon and Paul Rudd are filming in my neighborhood. I have not seen any of them, but a neighbor tells me that his friend ran into Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal walking by Dupont Circle. The male friend, now beside himself, said something to the effect of "I'm gay, so I'd take either one of you!" Jake reportedly spit out his coffee.

UltraViolet said...

Quick pic of Jake at the game, though you can barely see him. He's posing for a photo.

These DC publications are definitely keeping tabs:

No, they haven’t left yet. In fact, the cast of “How Do You Know?” is fast making our city their own.

Reese Witherspoon (who stars in the romantic flick) and Jake Gyllenhaal (who’s along for the ride with Witherspoon), were spotted Tuesday evening at the Potenza bar, sitting close to each other while they watched the Nationals game. Dressed supercasually, the pair drank Rosa Regale while enjoying the Margherita pizza. They later went over to the Potenza wine shop where they purchased a half case of wine.

josie said...

What an amazing description of the photos Suvee, and so happy to hear the bit about the hair! Thanks so much for the report and don't worry, it won't go beyond GB!

Glad Jake got to see the Reds kick the Naationals ass! Thanks for all the links and updates, that encounter was too funny UV, LOL!!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
Reese and Jake: Snuggly on the Set
Gosip Center

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, grabbing an omelette breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. "They were hanging out by themselves and doing a crossword puzzle," a source says of the two, who wore matching blue shorts and gray tops. "No one really bothered them or came up for autographs." But Gyllenhaal took the time to chat up their server, who hailed from Morocco. "He said he'd spent some time in Morocco shooting some movies," the source says.

lawgoddess said...

A half a case of wine? I thought they were leaving soon.

Drink up, guys.:)

It's so much fun having them someplace where there are lots of sightings. They seem to be having a good time.

extra said...

That's a lot of wine!!

It's obvious these 2 can't stay away from each other too long:

FluorescentLamp said...

Those long shoots sure seem to go by a lot quicker when you have someone you care about on the sidelines. I just saw a tweet that they were still filming as of 4.30 this morning. O_O

tweety said...

They are the cutest couple, period.

Lucky waitstaff:

Monica said...

thanks, tweety!

bobbyanna said...

I have to add my thanks to suvee for that excellent description. Very vivid. You can sorta tell when someone warms to their subject...:)


They certainly are enjoying D.C. together! You're SO right FL. I think it helps when the special someone is just as happy hanging around a movie set as you are. Jake looks so at home you'd think he was in the movie!:) (I wish.)

Thanks SO much for the links, extra and tweety!!! I love the hugging picture!!! Does anyone know if they get any kind of break before they start shooting in Philadelphia?

get real said...

Even more great pics/sighting/info, etc. on J/R in it! Thanks everyone. There are even newer photos of Jake and Reese on set, talking to Paul Rudd (who I like a lot and think is adorable) and Jake at the baseball game, although not paying attention, lol. :D

Suvee...omg, THANK YOU for all that great PoP info! Sounds fantastic...can't wait to see it. :p

bobbyanna said...

Sorry for "spamming" but

OT but Not:

There's a picture at Just Jared of Chris Pine doing a scene in the play Farragut North at the Geffen Playhouse in LA. All I could think of when I happened to see it was Jake...

UltraViolet said...

Yes, we had the baseball pics last night :)

It's a lot of fun enjoying Jake's Washington vacation.

And Bobbyanna, I had the exact same thought when I saw those Chris Pine pics.

New post.