Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No hat, no scarf, no sweat

Just refreshing the post - new Jake from yesterday:

New pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal in Los Angeles yesterday. Isn't winter in Southern California grand?

Also, take a look at this blog post about the Fincher tribute. Some wonderful pictures of Jake and a really fun post.

And finally, some footage of Jake onstage at the SBFF:

Thanks to facepaintz.

(Pictures courtesy of IHJ.)


josie said...

LOL!! The weather sure changed since Friday!! Good to see him w/o a hat, but he looks a bit grumpy here.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
It is amazing the similarity of Jake with Stephan Gyllenhaal in this picture.

lawgoddess said...


Thanks, UV.

extra said...

No hat, YAY!!! Funny the weather in L.A. , Ha, ha!!

rosadimaggio63 said...

Fantastico, bellissimo anche se ultimamente sempre triste !
Troppo sexi !!!!!!! ;-)
I love him

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for posting pics of a hat free Jake!!! I needed a bit cheering up today.

This is political so you can ignore but I'm really bummed that Tom Daschle had to withdraw his name for HHS and Nancy Killefer for Chief Personel Officer due to tax issues. I just wish that some of these nomminees were vetted better, sigh.

bobbyanna said...

OONP,this happens. I'm sorry about Daschel,too, but he did the right thing. He was becoming the issue. I'd bet the healthcare, insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists were relieved. He'll still be involved at some level in the Healthcare fight.

I went to a funeral yesterday, for a 39 yr. old woman who could not afford the medications for Sickle Cell Anemia. Her insurance carrier had discontinued coverage. I'd known her all her life.

What infuriates me in general, is how, suddenly Republicans are exercising their "oversight" responsibility, when they've been so criminally negligent for eight years. What hypocrites to assign standards they never required of any of their own appointees! And are they actually reading the Stimulus legislation???

President Obama sets a pretty high bar. Fine. But nobody's perfect. The great becomes the enemy of the good. I feel like the Republicans are taking advantage of it.

If the President going to apply high standards to his people, I certainly hope he requires them of Henry Paulson and his friends. Our President needs to get more then upset when $18B of bonuses come out of taxpayers' pockets. I'm with Sen. Mc Caskill.

Jake looks SO young without the scruff. He can scowl all he wants, he still looks very
early 20's -ish! :)

UltraViolet said...

That's so sad, Bobbyanna. I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Maybe Daschle can work from the sidelines now. I hope they get their act together so we can move past this confirmation stage.

I don't usually post youtube video links, but I think some folks will enjoy this one. It's a compilation of most of the Lakers game pics set to an unfortunate song. But it's fun to see them all together.

UltraViolet said...

A funny tidbit from someone's blog - that 25 Things About Me meme that's going around:

I used to review movies and interview movie stars for the newspaper. I have been kissed on the cheek by The Rock, Ewan McGregor, and one time i asked Jake Gyllenhaal what he had in his pocket and he said "Let me see...oh, I have your phone number!"

I love flirty Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Not to spam, but I found this wonderful blog post from someone who went to to the Fincher tribute the other night.

And she is correct - Jake is too mignon, i.e., cute :)

Great pictures.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend bobbyanna, what a horrib;e thing to happen.

You are right about Daschel, he had no choice I was just referring to the expected chatter from the other side about Obama and his high standards, no one is perfect. I just have my fingers crossed that another "eruption" doesn't pop up.

Thanks for the links UV, yes Jake is Mignon! The video is really cute and fun but the song, um, no.

bobbyanna said...

Thank you for your expressions of concern. I'm thinking of her mother who's an older friend of mine, single, her entire life centered around her only daughter.

Thanks for all the links, UV. I liked the video (with no sound)of all those Lakers pictures together.
And the French blog was dear!!!!

Flirty Jake is so devilish! Remember the interview he did with that British presenter for Rendition, when they discussed kissing?

She kept trying to slide a question in about Reese, but he had her totally distracted with his flirting! I think it was the one where he said something about where she kept her pencil?

agent_krycek said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Bobbyanna, there's a lot wrong with my country, but I'll be forever grateful for the National Health Service (and there's a lot wrong with that as well), especially after they were so wonderful when my Mum had a bad fall last year and ended up in hospital.

Jake is looking fine, but he wouldn't have wandered around like that over here, just had the worst snowfall in the South East for 18 years, practically noone got to work yesterday, and I only just made it today, with more snow forecast for Thursday - help, I'm a Londoner, we don't do deep snow!

agent_krycek said...

I think it was the one where he said something about where she kept her pencil?

Alison Hammond, loved that interview, and she normally drives me to distraction - but the sight of her and Jake making 'kissy faces' at each other was priceless - err, sorry for the spamming.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Of bad quality but ... it is what exists...

Jake at SBIFF 2009 David Fincher Tribute:


chica said...

So sorry to hear what happened to your friend bobbyanna. Something has to be done about the health care system in this country.

I'm dissapointed too OONP but Daschle had no choice to step down.

Jake is looking good here, hopefully this is the end of covering up that beautiful head of hair!

Thanks for all the links and updates, love the J&R video of them at the Lakers game, best played on mute, don't like that song!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything sexier than Jake in t-shirt and jeans, don't think so!.

Thanks for all the links, loved the blog and the video and thanks Leanor for th youtube link, I lobe hearing Jake speak.

Thaïs said...

Thank you so much for all your compliments on my blog! I was surprised when I read your comment, 'cause I didn't really expect that..ha ha

But thanks. Yeah, I was really lucky that day! Oh my god, he's just so handsome, I love his eyes :)

An then, I saw the other pictures on ur blog, and I found one of the Film festival where we can see Jake signing autographs, and I'm on it! hi hi

Thanks again, and, of course, you can let the link of my blog ;)

Monica said...

Bobbyana, sorry for your friend.

Thanks for all links!
Leonor, thank you thank you thank you!
Jake can not hold the laughter.:D
So charming and so sexy!

UltraViolet said...

Belated benvenuto, Rosa Dimaggio!

And Thais, thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you saw yourself in one of the pictures. Your blog came up in a google search for Jake, so you are semi-famous :)

And Leonor, thank you, thank you for finding that video. I'll add a link to that on the post, as well.

I love seeing Jake in action. So funny and sincere, with a little kick. And just a little bit nervous. He's great.

bobbyanna said...

Awww! Thanks for the video!!!!
He looks delish!!!! I love to watch him make a speech. Just the right touch of self-conscious yet polished.

sheba baby said...

Wow, thanks for all the updates and links, action, love the video of Jake and Reese!

What great pics Thais, you are so lucky, I would have loved to have been there that night. Thanks Leonor for finding that clip of Jake, I love seeing him in action!


suvee said...

Leonor, thank you so much for the YouTube clip of Jake's speech! I really wasn't expecting that we would ever get to see it...... what a treat! He's such a cutie, naturally charming but not glib or fake....

And thanks also to UV for the flirty Jake tidbit.... I can only imagine how irresistible he can be when he turns on the charm.

Bobbyanna, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. It is criminal that people are denied access to the medical care or drugs they need.... it is inexcusable.

Oh yeah..... love the new pics. Yummy!

sag actor said...

Thank you so much leonor for finding that clip of Jake at SBIFF!!!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Oh! Thank you! And for the video of J&R! They are two big caresses (mimos) and I am charmed with seeing them re-going!

JoeAnn said...

Love the video. How effin' cute is Jake! Seriously, he should arrested. I'm pretty sure he's violating one or two natural laws.

Thaïs said...

I am semi-famous!? So cool!! I mean, I've never thought becoming famous at all, so semi-famous is great :D

That's answering my question about how you found my site as well Sarah ;)

I also loved the speech. He looks kind of nervous and shy, he's too cute. But to be honest, I didn't really paid attention to what he said, I was more like staring at him and taking pictures.. I should listen to it again thanks to the video!

Anyway, I hope each of you will have the chance to see him in real! (if you hadn't already...). He is even more cute in real, I can tell you!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks for the further detail, Thais. I probably wouldn't have been paying attention to what Jake was saying, either. I'd be staring and staring. I'm glad someone took the video so you can relive it.

And you are not the first person to say that Jake is even cuter in person! But I'm not jealous. Or that's what I keep telling myself!

On another note, Paramount Retooling UMP:

"Black Hawk Down" screenwriter Ken Nolan has been brought on to rework the script for Paramount's untitled moon project.

Nolan is the latest writer to bring his take to an action film about lunar colonization that has Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star.

Doug Liman, who is producing and directing the film, wrote an original screenplay with John Hamburg ("I Love You, Man"). "Black Hawk Down" book author Mark Bowden revamped that script, then Dan Mazeau did a new version off material compiled from the story work of Liman, Bowden and Simon Kinberg, who also is producing.

The project originally was developed at DreamWorks, but it stayed with Paramount when DreamWorks left the studio in September. Former DreamWorks production president Adam Goodman is shepherding at Paramount. ...

UltraViolet said...

JoeAnn, maybe we can all make a citizen's arrest on Jake. And we can decide where (and how) he does his time!

And Agent K, hope you're surviving the snow. Too bad Jake wasn't there to save you from the storm! The BBC website has some pretty cool photos of the wintry wonderland that is/was England.

agent_krycek said...

And Agent K, hope you're surviving the snow

It's flipping freezing, but we'll survive, as an example of the British fighting spirit, have a look at the shoes this woman is wearing at about 1.03 in this link (scroll to bottom of page) http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/7866402.stm - blimey, I couldn't walk in those in the height of summer!

Hmmm, Black Hawk Down writer, whilst I do like that film, I will start praying now that it won't involve Ewen McGregor doing another appalling American accent - do like the actor, but the man really can't do accents.

shondra said...

Love the clip of Jake Leonor! I was wondering when something would show up, thanks! He is was so charming and just a tad bit nervous! Love the new pics of him, he looks so sexy but a bit serious.

Hi Thais, thanks for sharing your Jake experience with us, what a blast it must have been!

Another script re-write for UMP? Too many writers spoil the script, i just hope it turns out Ok, thsnks for the update UV!

bobbyanna said...

Hmmmm. Does anyone know if you can "option" an actor? Rather then arresting Jake, maybe we can just "option him" for a project of our own, then we can sell our studio, (or go bankrupt) change names, renew the option, change writers, renew the option, change writers again, renew the option, etc.

Bad snow! Bad snow. Go away! (Time for my meds!:))

extra said...

From People.Com:

He wasn't there for the coffee, but Jake Gyllenhaal was deep in conversation with a mystery blonde at his favorite hangout, Caffe Luxxe on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. Dressed down in a grey T-shirt and jeans, the actor appeared to be interviewing his companion, onlookers say. The two chatted for 30 minutes and left separately without ordering anything.

Interviewing a new PA? Haven't seen him with a PA in awhile, yeah I know he has been out of circulation but he may be replacing that brunette we used to see him with all the time.

And thanks everyone for all the updates and links!

Anonymous said...

He was definitely looking for one. His much loved PA went back to school or got a job she's always wanted or something. I would never leave you, Jake!

FluorescentLamp said...

Jake normally only uses a PA when filming. So maybe this is a sign that he's about to begin filming something new. I hope.

extra said...

Thnaks anon! And I hope it means he will be filming soon too FL!

Anonymous said...

I thought Jake used PAs when he had to travel to promote his movies. He had his PA at Cannes, and in London and NYC during Zodiac and Rendition PR.

Or maybe I'm confusing PAs with Publicists. Or maybe Jake was in a meeting with his publicist.

Could be that either he's going to start another movie, or maybe one of his movies is getting ready to open. Either way it's a good signal.

paula said...

Love these new pics of Jake, he looks so sexy!!

Thanks for the links to the video from SBFF, i was hoping someone would record it. I just love listening to him talk.

That UMP sounds dodgy, I hope it turns out well.

extra said...

Jake and Reese win the hottest celebrity romance by kamasutra.com!


chica said...

Thanks for the video, Jake's speech was heartfelt and sweet, I would love for him to work with Fincher again.

It doesn't look like UMP will get off the ground anytime soon with all these re-writes. I wonder if the Namath movie is in the cards soon?

extra said...

Jake and Reese at the Beverly Glen market today and the hat is back!:


This time a black bowler, i don't like this hat on him, it's too small!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

I love seeing the hair of Jake. But I think he is adopting a new look!
Jake is hot. Very hot!: D

I love Reese's dress.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Monica - Jake is very hot. I like the hat. Much better than the Fincher fedora.

And extra, thanks for that Kama Sutra report. I hope Jake and Reese have a proper celebration.

UltraViolet said...

Wait - now it looks like the same hat as Friday's. I guess it was the hat/scarf combo I didn't like.

Anonymous said...

If he "must" do this, I prefer that brown one he wore with jeans back in December.

agent_krycek said...

That's definately not a bowler hat, in one picture it looks like a pork pie hat, but I think it is the fed

And in the least surprising film news, S. Darko is expected to be released straight to DVD in April

Anonymous said...

Jake and Reese look great in the new pics, love Reese's shoes.

extra said...

On second look it does look like the fedora from Friday! I still prefer the brim be a little bigger on the hat like the one he wore back in Dec.

He looks like one of the Blues Brothers with the sunglasses! Reese's fress is cute.

agent_krycek said...

Had another look, these things are far more important then work, and that is a pork pie hat, especially with the way he's wearing it slightly pushed back, the brim's too small for a fedora, it's definatly not a bowler, it's a pork pie - which begs the question, is Jake a secret rude boy?

extra said...

That should be Reese's dress is cute of course, too early in the morning! Ok, pork pie hat? Like the one Pete Dougherty wears? I think thst Jake and Reese seem to be trying out different looks lately.

josie said...

Thnaks for the news about the sequel to Darko going straigh to DVD where it belongs AK! What the hell were they thinking anyway?

Jake a secret Rude boy, LOL!! I would prefer he where no hat at all.

UltraViolet said...

Found a slightly different angle pic from yesterday, so I put it at the beginning of the post.

these things are far more important then work

That could be our unofficial motto. Amen, Agent K!

And yes, what a surprise that S. Darko isn't even worth a big screen showing. I don't know what they were thinking with that one.

UltraViolet said...

Bless Richard Kelly:

'Donnie Darko' director lists his faves before we crown the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time.

4. Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) in "Brokeback Mountain"

I am biased to put Jake somewhere on this list because he played the badass Darko, but his portrayal of Jack Twist was groundbreaking and about as brave as it gets. It sucks to live in a world where people can have their lives ruined for being honest about who they are.

It's nice to see Jake's BBM work acknowledged. his performance is consistently and criminally underrated.

bobbyanna said...

Wow, UV. Thanks for that. I like the way Richard Kelley's mind works.:)

Jake is pretty brilliant. In thinking about Jake's handling of the Jack Twist character,he had some really majorly critical scenes. If he'd not been 1000% authentic and true, the whole thing could have collapsed.

I thought Heath was brilliant. This isn't about Heath. I am just saying how much was also riding on Jake being able to really nail it, and he did. Totally. FNIT, SNIT, reunion, of course. Absolutely. But also the scenes where he had to be really subtle. He was just pitch perfect. BBM "worked" because Hath and Jake "worked."

(I thought Jarhead was pretty 'badass' too!!:) :))

UltraViolet said...

Jarhead was both badass and good ass :)

And I agree about BBM. Jake and Heath worked brilliantly together.

Posted another new photo from yesterday.

sheba baby said...

Agreed UV about Jake and BBM he was brilliant in that, Jake and Heath were magic. Love Kelly's comments and he is spot on.

Jake in Jarhead was badass as well!

Thanks for posting the new pics, you get to see the hat at a better angle and it is the fedora!

agent_krycek said...

I always think the Dozy Embrace/final parting scenes intersected show just how good Jake was in that role. In DE the young, fearless and positive Jack watches Ennis go with love, tenderness and hope in his eyes, immediately contrasted with the older, wiser and bitter Jack watching Ennis go with hurt, hopelessness and despair, exactly the same 'pose' but a million miles - and all done without a word being spoken.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Agent K. Jake did so much great acting without speaking in so many BBM scenes. In the dozy embrace, you can see different emotions run across his face, even with his eyes closed.

And then the change from young, hopeful Jack to world-weary is perfect.

And the scene in Aguirre's trailer: Jack comes back the next summer to ask for work and then asks about Ennis, and Aguirre dismisses him so contemptuously. You see Jack go from hopeful to sad to ashamed to quietly defiant, all without a word.

Narcissa said...

"It's nice to see Jake's BBM work acknowledged. his performance is consistently and criminally underrated."

Totally agree with this and other comments.

I like the sound of the UMP less and less. :(

agent_krycek said...

Narcissa I have to agree, it sounds more and more, to me, like something being thrown together, but hopefully I'll be proved wrong - that Joe Nameth (sorry, not sure of the name) project doesn't fill me with joy either - there's been very few sport bio pics that I've liked, in fact I can't think of one outside of Chariots of Fire, and it's years since I watched that. Although I should have faith, Jake usually makes good, intelligent choices in his roles

But still, nice to know the power of the hat has cast it's spell over Jake - you can't beat a good hat!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

And I agree about BBM. Jake and Heath worked brilliantly together.
Jake and Heath acted with much love and dedication.

And the scene in Aguirre's trailer...
A great performance.

UV, thank you for new photos.

bobbyanna said...

"Jarhead was both badass and good ass :)"

I T,T,T,AWTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Jake can say so much through his eyes and it worked perfectly in BBM, some of his finest acting.

Thanks for the new photos UV, I think I can get used to this look!

suvee said...

You see Jack go from hopeful to sad to ashamed to quietly defiant, all without a word.

For me it's an exercise in futility to try and pick the "best" Jake BBM scene, but that trailer scene absolutely floored me......that moment was the one that gave me goosebumps watching his brilliant acting. He is, indeed, criminally underrated.

UMP is starting to sound a little dicey..... all this futzing and rewriting sure doesn't inspire confidence.

josie said...

That trailer scene did it for me too, what an amazing,gut wretching scene.

UMP is not sounding to good, another re-write?

lawgoddess said...

I get very pissed off when people don't respect Jake's acting.

For such a young guy, he has done amazing work.

LOL at "badass and good ass," UV.

Anonymous said...

He's average. Not bad not great. He has good scenes and bad scenes sometimes in the same movie. In early scenes in Redition when he was meeting with the other agents he was not convincing at all. In the scene when he was walking the prisoner out to the boat he was intense and believable I wouldn't go as far as amazing except for some of the scenes in BBM.

FluorescentLamp said...

That's the beauty about humble opinions, everyone has one.

Thanks for sharing yours, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not deleting mine even if it wasn't what other people think. IMO Reese is a much more mature actor and she nails every scene every time. She can play a huge range of emotions effortlessly. I'm sure Jake will benefit from just being with her and talking acting which I'm sure they do lots of!

shondra said...

I think that both Jake and Reese have shown amazing acting range, you can watch BBM and Jarhead, 2 totally different characters and Jake pulls it off beautifully. He also showed great comic timing in BB.

Reese also has great comic timing, Legally blonde and of course not only showed her great acting chops in WTL but showed she could sing as well!

Lemon said...

As much as I love Jake (and I do), I agree that Reese is the better actor. She's a naturally gifted comedienne for one.

However, I think Jake is a wonderful actor. My attraction to him is that he's one of those actors who just gets better and better. Its so easy to see that he learns from every experience and pulls out important lessons. He's just going to get better and better. That's why I don't worry about the lack of respect/appreciation for his talent. I'm just patiently waiting (and enjoying watching).

Anyway, since I'm too lazy to look, Could someone please tell me why Joe Namath is special enough to warrant a movie?

suvee said...

JustJared has new pics of Reese and Deacon..... I literally did not recognize him. He has really grown, new hair style too. He's starting to lose that little boy look..... he is such a cutie!

Oh yeah, the favorite gold ring is clearly in place. :)

sheba said...

"Anyway, since I'm too lazy to look, Could someone please tell me why Joe Namath is special enough to warrant a movie?"

He has dimples? :o)

I do like Reese's acting and some of her movie choices are great but they seem to be showing the same sort of character and not as much range. I hope she gets more challenging, interesting roles before her personal life may prevent her from doing so.

I agree about Rendition in that some parts of Jake's performances were weak and not relateable however, there were moments of genius and he has many of these unexpected genius moments in every movie he's done (even the ones I don't like). Because of the earnestness of his promotion of the film he believed in I have heavily invested in Rendition and love it for the story journey it takes us on and makes me more open to other cultures and their issues.

Jake has fantastic range and flips easily between funny, serious, heartwrenching as many have said just with a look. He shows his commitment and once I see that I can appreciate the movie for what it is.

Sorry, I can never seem to do a short comment.

bobbyanna said...

Anon 5:51/7:42:

Some people prefer apples to oranges. That doesn't mean one is "better" than the other. To insist a qualitative
difference exists between Reese and Jake isn't even logical. It's a cicular discussion that's really a matter of personal preference. I thought your statement was negative, and framed in a way to deliberately elicit argument. It was a negative comment. And I suspect that was the whole point of posting it.

I loved Rendition. I thought Jake's performance was spot on perfect. There were so many threads in that story, I had to accept the fact that while Jake's character was important, he wasn't the "main star" in a traditional sense. And IMHO, that was really one of the points of that experience. Jake served the story. Very well.

Maybe I think that while Reese is very entertaining and fun, there have been very few roles that have challenged her as an actress ...IMHO. She is likeable and popular. She has a compelling screen presence.

And there are a lot of people who believe that she'll benefit a great deal from becoming close to, and getting to know the people who inhabit Jake's circle of friends and contacts.

I'd venture that she's learned as much as Jake has from the relationship. Jake learned about story arcs and character development and cameras and lighting as he learned to play Legos.

And anyway, People learn from each other, and they grow from their mutual, as well as their individual experiences. But Jake didn't walk into that relationship emptyhanded as an artist by a long shot.

I hate it when an anonymous poster comes here out of the clear blue sky and throws a declaration down as a fact and inferentially challenges people to disagree.

There is nothing, not one single thing, average about Jake Gyllenhaal. Period. IMHO. In his short career, he has played several iconic roles. By that, I mean that I cannot imagine anyone else effectively interpreting that charater, or playing that role. He owns it.

Is every film a masterpiece? No. I love Jake's total willingness to challenge himself and look for different things all the time. But as I said, there is not a single thing "average" about him. And I am not going to buy into comparing Reese to Jake. Or comparing Jake to any other actor. Which is really where this was going, Anon.

Sorry. Too long, and maybe too "Mama Bear" but it's been that kind of morning. :)

Anonymous said...

Great great post, I love you Bobbyanna.

sheba said...

Hey 'Mama Bear' nothing to be sorry about. I'm not responding for the Anons but I like to hear "IMHO's" because that's how they/we feel. You're right about apples and oranges (and even mangos)- to each his/her own.

Many events over the past year has made me realise how important movies are to my life and many other people. I have such a real appreciation for them and the process. To have the talent and creativity at all levels to bring characters to life and made them so real that it's ripples and reflections translate into real, everyday life (eg news items, legislation, etc) is something fantastic. To enable us, the movie-going public to believe in possibilities is amazing. Even to examine our own moral compass once in a while because of a movie could change someone's life forever - that's pretty powerful.

I have so much admiration for such a young man who has done so much through his work and movie choices alone. I now look forward to fun and romance and sand.... lots of sand.... and swords.... ummmm, yummy... I know some day my prince would come and sweep me off my feet. How the heck are we supposed to be patient until May 2010? Someone tell me how... and don't say 'one day at a time' ;DD

Anonymous said...

I post here frequently and I have a name that you would be familiar with but I'm not using it because I knew making any sort of statement that Jake is not amazing as an actor might upset someone. I am obviously a huge Reese fan and if you look at Freeway, Election, Pleasantville, Vanity Fair and even Man in the Moon you will see a huge range and consistently stellar performances. I just think in comparison Jake has more opportunity to grow as an actor. Generally men develop acting skills later as they get more challenging roles. Just my opinion I don't mean to be negative. I think it's great there together and I do think she will help his career more then he will help hers but again jmho.

chica said...

It is like comparing apples and oranges talking about Jake and Reese and their acting ranges.

From BB, DD to BBM and Jarhead I think he has exhibited quite a range and he is only 28. Rendition and Zodiac were more of ensemble movies, and although I like his performances in those movies, he shined more in Jarhead and BBM.

I have been a Reese fan for awhile and I loved her in her early films like Fear, Freeway and Electon and of course she was amazing in WTL, but I wish she would do something edgy again like Twilight, rom-coms are fun but I just hope that she doesn't plan on doing those films only in the future.

Jake and Reese can learn a lot from each regarding acting and acting choices IMO.

suvee said...

All art is subjective. There is no such thing as a Universal Truth...... art, by it's very nature, is a personal experience, seen by each of us through our own lens.

I have my own opinions regarding Jake and Reese as actors. I prefer to keep them to myself, other than to say they both are immensely talented, and each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. They both seem to be artists that take their jobs seriously, making every effort to give us, the audience, our money's worth. That's enough for me.

UltraViolet said...

I post here frequently and I have a name that you would be familiar with but I'm not using it because I knew making any sort of statement that Jake is not amazing as an actor might upset someone.

If you post here frequently, then you know people don't agree on everything. And that we've managed to survive opinions far more incendiary than "Reese is better than Jake."

You also must know that trolls often use anonymous posts as a way to foment discord.

And if you post here often than you know posts aren't deleted merely because "someone might get upset."

bobbyanna said...

"...they both are immensely talented, and each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses."

Thanks, suvee. That's how I feel too. I think Jake's a real risk taker who loves to test himself. I admire that.

"I knew making any sort of statement that Jake is not amazing as an actor might upset someone. "

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Most people here aren't shy about their opinions. I took exception with the way it was stated. As a fact. When it's one person's opinion.

IMO, by posting anonymously, it makes me doubt it's for the reason you stated: The "I was afraid you'd get mad" thing. I think the way you stated it was provocative. Plus, you come on "Gyllenbabble" to say this. So, yeah. I question your motive.

I am not blinded by my affection for Jake. And I don't like it when someone tries to marginalize my judgement because I am "a fan."

It took three attempts for me to get thru Bubbleboy. I'm sure there are other posters who have movies they love and other movies ...not so much. But the work that came after it certainly speaks to his abilities better then any poor words of mine.

I do know an artist when I see one, tho. I've even been known to appreciate actors, like Mel Gibson, I can't stand in real life.

bobbyanna said...

One last thing, Anon. I've seen all the Reese movies you've mentioned and I enjoyed them very much.

UltraViolet said...

mooches, bobbyanna :)

One thing that I think is funny is that Reese and Jake are often rated in the same lists of memorable or iconic high school characters, for Election and Donnie Darko.

Could anyone have imagined Donnie and Tracy getting together?!

It's also funny that their most critically acclaimed roles were in movies that came out the same year and were feted at the same awards.

I do wish that Reese had been at the BAFTAs in 2006 because maybe there would have been pictures!

Oh, and one more thing - if you post here frequently, anon, some folks probably can figure out who you are.

Lemon said...

He has dimples? :o)
Hehehe, well that works for me. I have no knowledge of sports biopics, but if it gives Jake an interesting role, why not?

I can imagine Jake and Reese having this conversation about who's the "better" actor. You just know he teases her about it and even gets the kids involved.

Anyway, I'm sure they are both very proud of each other. Jake's been involved in some interesting projects and we all hope that PoP will open up even more doors for him. I don't doubt that Jake will become one of the greatest actors of his generation. He's already well on the way.

Could anyone have imagined Donnie and Tracy getting together?!

Sounds like an interesting science experiment. There's crazy of two kinds involved there.

agent_krycek said...

I'm not getting into Jake v Reese as actors debate, it's pointless (plus I haven't seen that many of Reese's films in the first place), but I honestly think Jake is the leading actor of his generation, many of his choices have been so much more interesting and very few, if any have been lightweight, or traded on his looks. Thinking about it, the only role that I could remotely describe as bland is TDAT, and that's really down to an appalling script (even if the film does have me in hysterics a lot of the time, and probably for reasons the Director wouldn't appreciate).

Anyhoo, back to the rugby, supporting Ireland, but can't help, errr, admiring the French No 5, Sebastien Chabal, he's so very grrrrrr

office of nancy pelosi said...

I was going to mention Donnie Darko and Tracy Flick too UV, those two movies made me fans of both Reese and Jake!

sheba said...

Donnie and Tracey - definitely iconic great performances. Only got to see Election last year for the first time and it was great, plus Matthew Broderick is amazing.

It would be funny if Jake and Reese got their awards out and do a play. eg. Reese could get her Oscar out, dress it up as say Scarlett O'Hara and Jake could get his BAFTA out and play the Phantom of the Opera or something like that. That would be hilarious and I wonder if he's ever been asked that question.

agent_krycek said...

Speaking of the BAFTAs I'm holding out hope they've got Jake presenting again (and YAY Ireland, fab victory!)

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Ireland!

As soon as I saw the sensationalized TMZ headline about Jake on jury duty, I knew this was only a matter of time:

“Brokeback Mountain” star Jake Gyllenhaal, who was arrested for alleged misdemeanour and battery earlier, has now been waiting to know when he would be called to trial. Jake has been mingling for a few days with other potential jurors and court officials as part of the trial. Sources say that the actor was in fact allowed to go through court questioning to enable juror suitability in a private room.

Wow, you get to be a juror at your own trial - cool!

Most people have probably seen this, but I thought it was cute:

From Ugly Betty the other night, on why one of the characters (Marc) is moing in with another:

“But what about your place?” —Amanda
“Oh, they raised my rent again. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal runs shirtless in the park across the street. Take that, restraining order!” —Marc

There's a video at the EW link.

UltraViolet said...

Found this video on NataliePortman.com. It's a lenghty interview with Carey Mulligan, who starred with Peter Sarsgaard in The Seagull and who is the star of "An Education," also with Peter. That movie and another made Mulligan a Sundance It Girl.

She also has a role in Brothers. And in this video, she talks a little about Brothers. It could be considered very minor-ly spoilery. She doesn't mention Jake at all. But she talks a lot about Peter.

It's an interesting interview; she's very appealing. The parts where she talks about Brothers parts are at about 02:21 and 08:02.

Thanks to the NP.com poster.

extra said...

I saw that UV and laughed my ass off! Of to watch the Natalie video, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

New pics of J&R on IHJ, Like the shorts Jake.

UltraViolet said...

New pics, new post.