Sunday, February 1, 2009

More stageside and courtside

The Santa Barbara Independent has a photographer covering the SBFF. And there are some Jake Gyllenhaal shots from the Fincher tribute:

This actually looks like it could be a shot from a Fincher film.

And this looks like a poster for a Fincher film. Eliot Ness, anyone? The Shadow, maybe?

Ol' Blue Eyes

It's a shame Jake is so sad these days, isn't it?

"So I say: 'You couldn't get it in the first 90 takes?'"

"You know it's true, Fincher."

And Sports Illustrated had some Jake and Reese shots from the Lakers game. Haven't seen these anywhere else.

Someone's looking pretty proud of himself!

(Photos courtesy of the
Santa Barbara Independent/Paul Wellman and Getty Images/Sports Illustrated.)


UltraViolet said...

Here's an account of the red carpet and a new stage picture of Jake. It's small, but nice.

And a cute flickr photo.

Boo - Federer lost!Gotta give props to Nadal, though.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

E' vero, troppo che gli occhi di Jake siano molto ma molto tristi...
ed รจ un vero peccato !!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

Jake was so elegant and beautiful in the Santa Barbara Film Festival!
It would be wonderful to see a partnership between David Fincher and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ness is not the only one in the list of David Fincher. He will film the biography of American civil engineer Wendall Fertig, who became a fighter during the Second World War. The script is by Robert Towne (Chinatown).

I am not a fan of the music of Jamie Foxx, but I'm anxious to see the clip.

UV, I am very happy for the victory of Rafael Nadal!:):):)
Thank you for all links and pictures!

Office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for all the new pics and links! Jake looks so cool and elegant, I cNa get used to this look!

Always happy to see more pics from the Lakers game, they look adorable!

isaure said...

When you say "it's a shame jake is sad these days, isn't it?"
It's ironic no ? lol

He looks so good , he is fantastic and really "old hollywood" , that make me dream!!!

Anonymous said...

I really do not understand were people see sadness in Jake's eyes?. To me he looks fine.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for these pictures!! I'm still stuck on the Lakers' game.:) That grin on Reese's face. And yes, he does look proud of himself. I love seeing all those people looking up at the screen and smiling. (sigh.)

From certain camera angles, the fedora looks great. From others...not so much.

I like it that David Fincher seems to be really close to Jake during what has to be very exciting time for him. Does anyone know if any other Fincher movies were ever nominated for all these awards?

Even for a director as seasoned as Fincher, it has to be a pretty daunting experience. I know it was a very long shoot. Cate Blanchett talks about it a bit in the February Vanity Fair.

verdeblusm said...

I dont think Jake was sad...maybe someone miss him...Maybe sometimes you would like to share red carpet moment or public moment with someone special...During Laker's Game he seemed to sparkling happiness...Soon or later we will see them together (I'm crossing my fingers for the Oscar night...)

suvee said...

Someone's looking pretty proud of himself!

Yeah, and that someone's girlfriend looks pretty damn happy, doesn't she? : )
Love seeing another photo of The Kiss (some things never get old). Thanks for finding it, UV!

I would like to see and hear Jake's Fincher speech at the SBIFF...... doubt we'll ever see it on YouTube. But I did appreciate the links from sag actor and UV about the evening. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

anon 1013 i think uv was being sarcastic when she said that about him being sad with a question mark

Anonymous said...

10:13 here, I was actually replying to rosadimaggio.

Anonymous said...

okay i didnt know that as i diidnt know what that person was saying thanks for clarifing that

sass said...

TY UV and FL:)
Afternoon babblers,
More Jake is wonderful. I love the hat but I love bare-headed Jake more. His Hair is so beautiful. *swoon*
Jake's eyes are really windows to his soul...he hides nothing...he has had sad eyes and happy eyes in the same photo set. I think his emotions are always readily available to him...other wise he'd be a banker... plus we get a chance to look deep into that ocean of blue.
love ya
Off to watch the Superbowl with my brother..

sass said...

OMG, I missed the kisses...the shot one without Jake's hands on the side of Reese's face is swoon-worthy...UV love ya to pieces:)

lawgoddess said...

UV, I love the way you caption the photos.

And new Lakers game pictures are a treat!

Lemon said...

Bonsoir all! And I believe I owe a very late hi to UV.

I seem to have missed a lot. Its nice to see Jake much more these days. He looks very content and relaxed to me (much like one Miss Witherspoon). And what an incredibly gorgeous man he is. I'll admit though, I am not a fan of that hat. I'm with Sass on this, Jake's hair is far too gorgeous to be covered up.

I love Reese's face in that last picture. It just made me laugh so much!

chica said...

Just got back from seeing Rachel Getting Married and Anne is amazng, she deserves all the praise she is getting.

Jake doesn't look sad in these pics, just serious in some and quite happy in others. I love the look and love seeing jake on stage with Fincher.

Thanks for find that Laker's pic UV, I'll never get tired looking at them!

Like you sass,i'm off to watch the Super Bowl!

paula said...

I love this look on Jake, he looks so sophisticated and cool and no he doesn't looksad to me. Thanks for the links and updates on SBIFF and the new pics of Jake and Reese at the Lakers game!

chica said...

I have to go for them since the Giants didn't make it and the Cards are the underdogs.

Caught the promo for Monsters vs Aliens,I didn't have the 3-D glasses for the full effect but it looked funny/cute.

The Boss is on!!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

I love Bruce.

That is all.

bobbyanna said...

Me too!

UltraViolet said...

Bruce was great. And congratulations to the Steelers. Bad rooting day for me - I was cheering for the Cardinals and for Federer!

That was one of the best Super Bowls I've seen, though. And without the Patriots, it was much easier to watch.

UltraViolet said...

Sass - good to see you!

I had a feeling people would enjoy the kiss picture :) I think it's the only one of the kiss from that angle, yes?

Oh, and belated kudos to Agent K for those Juror excuses the other day. I liked those, and kept forgetting to say so.

And thanks, LGB, for the captions compliment. I make myself chuckle writing them, so I'm glad other people laugh, too!

chica said...

Congratulations to the Steelers (even though I was pulling for the Cards). That was one of the best Superbowls ever!

gabbana said...

Jake looked very old-fashioned (in a good way) and stylish at the Fincher event.

Review of "Confessions..." on Criticalfilmcondition

"And since this is after all a Bruckheimer movie, a special shout-out for the special effects. These mannequins were just superbly done and they really scared the guys. Yes, I saw this movie with 3 guys. They were very impressed with the Prince of Persia poster. I mean, very, very impressed. They’ll tell you all about it, I’m sure."

Confessions of a shopaholic

And over on WDWs blog a poster named "Guddy" (I don´t know whether it is the same person as the reviewer) wrote this:

"I'm from and we've been to a press screening of "Confessions of a Shopaholic"... Let me just say: THE "PRINCE OF PERSIA" POSTER LOOKS BADASS, as does Jake on it."

"Confessions..." will be out on the 13th of february....:-)))

josie said...

I was hoping Federer would win too UV, oh well congrats to Nadal and to the Steelers!

Yes, gabanna, Jake looked old fashioned in a good way for the event, very classic look. Thanks for the link, I may have to see Confessions of a Shopaholic just to see the poster!

bobbyanna said...

Once the publicity roll out from PoP really starts, poor Jake will be more famous then a Hobbit! :)

Enjoy these "peaceful days" Jake!

sheba baby said...

I agree bobbyanna, I thing Pop is going to be huge!!!

Jake really carries this look off very well, I prefer the fedora to that woolie beanie if he insistsb on covering his head!

I never get tuired of looking at the set of Laker pics UV, thanks!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the info, gabbana! Shirtless Jake on the big screen. Am I really considering going to see what looks like a bad movie just for that.

You bet!

This video has a brief snippet of Jake at the end, discussing Fincher's style.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

UV, thank you for video.Jake is so hot.:):):)
Benjamin Button is a great movie.

Very good to see you here, sass!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video link UV, love to hear Jake talk and my doesn't he look "sad", not.

shondra said...

Thanks for the video link UV, sad indeede, LOL!!!

extra said...

Love the snippet of Jake at SBIFF, thanks for finding it UV! And thanks for finding a picture of the kiss w/o his hand ion the way!!

UltraViolet said...

It was good to hear him speak! Other than that ET thing, we haven't gotten to hear Jake for a long time.

Monica, I was surprised that I liked Benjamin Button. I sort of half-hated and half-liked it. But it made me sniffle and sob! And many others in the audience also cried.

I wonder if Jake cries at movies?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the clip UV, with the exception of that ET clip we haven't heard him speak for awhile!

It looks like I may be forced to go see that Shopoholic crap just to see Jake/pop poster!

I like Benjamin Button too UV, although I thought that it was a bit too long.

extra said...

I had to post this: Jared thinks that woman shopping with Reese is her mother:

Her mom sure has changed since the last time we saw her, LOL!

Anonymous said...

gossipgirls has the pictures too and says its her mother also

UltraViolet said...

I saw those on gossip girls, too. The poor woman with Reese! I hope she can laugh when she finds out she's been identified as Reese's mother.

extra said...

gossipgirls too?? Where are they getting their copy? I don't remember them making a mistake like that before, they always ID'd Reese mom. All I can think of is that they didn't know who she was and thought she looked old enough to be her mom which doesn't make sense since she doesn't look that much older than Reese.

Why didn't they just say friend like they usually do? Oh well just another case of lazy bloggers copying mistakes.

PS: I love her boots!

sag actor said... has a live stream from the Oscar luncheon today. Don't know if Fincher is scheduled:

suvee said...

Oh thank you, UV, for finding the Jake at SBIFF video clip! It's been way too long since we've seen and heard Jake in working mode....

I loved his assessment of Fincher's ablility to make everyone, especially "extras", look and feel totally integrated into the fabric of his movies. Never thought about it myself, but Jake's right.

And I liked Benjamin Button. It was a tad too long, and I didn't think there was any chemistry to speak of between Brad and Cate. But I thought it was a gorgeous movie, and I cried like a baby (how appropriate) through the last 20 minutes or so.

UV, now you've got me wanting to know if Jake cries in movies. Good question for his next big print interview!

sag actor said...

I forgot to thank you UV for finding that clip of Jake at the SBIFF, i'm going nuts trying to find at least a transcript from that event!

bobbyanna said...

I think it's one of the results of Fincher's obssessive attention to every detail, suvee. I think another director who did that well was Robert Altman.

Is it me, or does anyone else think David Fincher and Jake kind of sound alike. That was the first reaction I had to that video clip.

sheba said...

Hey Bobbyanna, you're not alone. Fincher and Jake is always a great combination. I have most of David's films in my dvd collection and I didn't even know it. Now to seek them out and update the rest of them.

I just asked my 9 year old son how Jake looks in his Fedora.. he said... "meh... he's looked better.." silly me to open myself up to wound so easily :DD

OT: Tears sprang to my eyes for Federer, I hope he comes back. As for Jake crying in the movies over his popcorn - I would imagine that would happen on a regular basis and he probably wouldn't care who sees him.

Thanks for the vid UV. Now Jake's clean shaven he sounds even younger, in fact he sounds even younger than he did in 2006. And that little boy smile in the video.. Jake .. you're making me feel like a cougar.

chica said...

I thought it was just me bobbyanna, I noticed it too.
Thanks for the clip UV!

sag actor said...

From Pete Hammond who hosted the Fincher Q&a on Friday along with most of the other events at the SBIFF. I agree 100% with this:

"Zodiac," a March 2007 release that Oscar voters seemed to forget. Paramount didn't spend a whole lot of money reminding them either. Had the winds blown differently and the film was released at the end of the year rather than the beginning, I would bet it would have rivaled "No Country for Old Men" all season long. His "Zodiac" star Jake Gyllenhaal made a special appearance to praise Fincher as did "Button's" Oscar-nominated Supporting Actress Taraji P. Henson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that sag actor, Zodiac the best film never to be nominated for any major awards. I read an interview with Fincher once (Empire I think) and he was a bit "offish" with Paramount and how they treated Zodiac.

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that Paramount's decision to push Dreamgirls as their Oscar vehicle, resulted in a smaller promotion budget for Zodiac. That's why Fincher delayed the release.

paula said...

I remember that too anon. regarding Zodiac vs Dreamgirls. I never understood why a major studio like Paramount couldn't conduct Oscar campaigns for both movies, i'm still pissed off at them for that.

Just watched the clip of Jake talking about Fincher, he is so passionate when he talks about making movies, I love it, thanks for finding the clip UV. And yes bobbyanna, I think they sound a like as well.

ihj said...

New pics of Jake from yesterday:

UltraViolet said...

Already posted, anon - thanks. New post.