Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lego Land

By now, everyone has heard about Disney's plans to launch a Prince of Persia Lego series.

Great idea, but I think someone beat you to it, Mr. Bruckheimer:

The Vertical Wall-Run

Column Jumping

Fighting, using the Dagger of Time

ShadowViking, call your lawyer!

IHJ added some new pics of the Prince returning to L.A.


UltraViolet said...

Sky News has a Buffest Body poll. Inexplicably, Kiefer Sutherland is winning. Jake is in second.

Does not compute.

Sorry for the late, somewhat lame post, folks, but I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Maybe we'll get some fun pics or sightings or Brothers news to lift my/our spirits!

Anonymous said...

It must be the time of year I think everyone needs their spirits lifted, some Brothers news would definitely be good.

Feel better soon UV.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Ha, ha! I rememberd this and the post when this news came out. Some definate news on Brothers and Nailed would be great.

Second place? That has to be wrong!

Feel better UV.

bablefish said...

I think this German gossip site sats that Reese is pregnant and she does not have any movies lined up and they are moving to London, i think.


15. February 2009
Reese Witherspoon & Jake â € "RÃ ¼ ckzug from LA?
View comments - Write comment (HGM) The turtledoves Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have a love nest in London's Notting Hill district of Nobel fà ¼ r ¶ would around $ 5800 weekly rental. Mà ¶ maybe you can with the â € žBrutstà ¤ tteâ € œ ¶ Local would take, so Reese is pregnant (Viply reported). To create a professionally-related move, it seems, in any event not to act. Although Jake had for the filming of â € žPrince of Persiaâ € œ (film starting 2010) between England and Morocco commute, however, is the film already in post. Reese is fà ¼ r two still not notified na ¤ her film projects in the future - because if you do not Babybauch times comes in between. Whether it be from Los Angeles Return ¼ ckziehen want? Reese and Jakes new shelter verfà ¼ gt à ¼ ber three bedrooms and as many bathrooms, a reception and a dining room and a kitchen with access to the terrace. This villa is located in the popular Artesian Village, small boutiques are located in the immediate vicinity. Are the two là ¤ nger remain, they have the option, the house fà ¼ r approximately 4.5 million U.S. dollars to buy.
German > English swapTranslate
Suggest a better translation

josie said...

Shadow Viking should sue, thieves! lol!!!

Sounds like a lot of recycled gossip babel but thanks for posting!

And speaking of gossip, i was thinking about the Egypt trip and it sounded more of a family trip to me. It's Presidents week and a lot of schools have the week off including CA. The story claims that they will be traveling by private jet, that would explain why he returned to L.A. on Friday.

2 weeks in Egypt, one week with the kids and the 2nd by themselves (The nanny takes them back home for school). Just thinking out loud!

Hope you feel better UV.

bobbyanna said...

Somehow, they've missed something with this PoP Lego!Jake! I think any one of us could have done a better job designing that figure. :)

Thanks for the link to the Buffest Body poll, UV. Sorry you aren't feeling well. (((UV))).

Do you really think they've left for Egypt already?

chica said...

Kiefer Sutherland again? I like him and all but he sure seems to be showing up a lot in thes eBritish polls!

Love how someone else came up with Lego Pop before Disney (or maybe they were working on it already).

Can't wait to "play" with Lego Darstan/Jake!

Concrete news on Brothers will be welcomed. I was wondering if they were in Egypt already too bobbyanna after dismissing that story, hmmm.

Feel better UV!

agent_krycek said...

I can only put the Kiefer stuff down to us lot having plain weird taste at times, hey, some of us consider Jeremey Clarkson a bit of a sex symbol - just wished they'd put a health warning on it, suddenly clicking on a link and finding yourself stareing as Simon Cowell's torso is not a good thing!

I was pondering Egypt as well - maybe there is something behind that story, hmmmmm

If I get very bored at work this afternoon (or just need a break from various lunatic clients phoning in and annoying me) I might have a play with that German article.

agent_krycek said...

Sorry to spam, but I do love babblefish

The Turteltauben Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal rented themselves a dear nest in London Nobelstadtteil Notting Hill for weekly approximately 5800 dollar. Possibly one can take with „the breeding place “literally, Reese should be more pregnant (Viply reported). In order it does not seem to act a vocationally caused removal anyhow. Jake for the shootings of „Prince OF Persia “(kind of filming 2010) had to oscillate between England and Morocco, however the film already is in post office production. Reese is intended for two more near film projects not designated yet in the future - if you times no baby belly between them come there. Whether they from there from Los Angeles to withdraw itself want? Have Jakes and Reeses new lodging three bedrooms and likewise many bathrooms , a receipt and a dining-room as well as a kitchen with entrance to the terrace. This mansion lies in the popular Artesian Village, small fashion shops is in the direct surrounding field . If the two want to remain longer, they have the option to buy the house for approximately 4.5 million dollar.

I would just like to point out, if visiting London most of our shops are not actually in fields =D And exactly how many bathrooms do J&R need.

bobbyanna said...

I'm thinking. From recent past history, last year, the kids had a Spring break in March and went to Cabo with J&R for five days. Then, the nice long vacation with the kids, this summer in London and Paris. When Ryan went to Australia with Abbie, the kids stayed with
R&J, around the Xmas holidays.

So I'm just figuring the kids would probably spend Spring break with their dad, and maybe have a nice vacation with him this year.

I'll be really surprised if they take the kids to Egypt. The sight-seeing is a bit more challenging for little kids in Egypt,then in London or Paris. But you never know...plus, these parents seem like they'd not want the kids to miss school, unless it's really necessary.

But the trip does sound kind of honeymoon-ish...

shondra said...

LOL!!! Love this post, can't wait for Pop PR to really kick into gear.

Josie is right, school is out all this week in CA (If they are going this wek) and there are plenty of kid friendly tours to Egypt.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Shondra. I didn't know school was out. There are some kid friendly tours out here. I guess I worried Deacon might try climbing The Great Pyramid at Giza! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a promotional trip, so you'll probably get plenty of pictures and plenty of notice. Very likely won't cost them a dime! There's probably some magazine deal thrown in, too. That's likely why Abercrombie&Kent announced it.

extra said...

It's a promotional trip if it's true anon., we will find out soon enough.

Lego Jake/Dastan, action figures, bring them on!!!

Very interesting German translation....

extra said...

Reese and RDJ in new Sci-Fi film?


Reese has said that she would love to do an action flick and this would be it! Man, would I love for Jake to join this, I loved him and RDJ in Zodiac.

gabbana said...

The german "report" is very strange. I did not know this side, but they don´t have any exclusve news only second hand, hear-say and rumours. But it is fun to read - especially some of the comments. Unfortunatly some people do not know Jake but I hope this will change after PoP is out.

Extra, I saw those reports about Reese and RDJ, some more infos from Slashfilm
The days before

That would be a great opportunity for Reese - if this one and the Brooks film will be realised, she has two excellent projects ahead.

Next sunday the Oscar night will be shown on one of our TV channels live. Every year they are showing a special film before the show starts. This year their film will be "Brokeback Mountain". It is the first time it will be shown on our free TV. Today I saw a first advertisement - it will be in german and the film ill be interupted with ads but I hope they won´t cut any scenes. (Like they did in Italy)
My TV magazine has recommend the film and calls it a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

I agree gabanna, this sounds like a great role for Reese, and I'm a big fan of Robert. Thanks for the links extra and gabanna.

gabbana said...

Has anyone read the article on U2 new album, which includes one song for "Brothers"?

White as snow

"After watching Sam Mendes's film, Jarhead, Bono decided the song should evoke the thoughts of a soldier dying from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan"

I have read some first possible line-up reports for Cannes, but "Brothers" was not mentioned.
I really hope we will get some information soon.

Anonymous said...

I do not suspect Brothers will be screened for Cannes.

sag actor said...

I have not seen that U2 article, thanks for the link Gabanna. How cool that Bono got the idea for the song from Jarhead, a Jake film!

I really hope we get news on Brothers and Cannes soon, I'm looking forward to seeing this film.

I have heard about the Days Before, it's been floating around. If this gets off the ground it will be a fantastic role for Reese and RDJ attached to it makes it even more interesting.

extra said...

If Reese and RDJ do this movie it won't be this year. Reese has 2 films lined up and RDJ has 2 Iron man sequels lined up and i assume he will filmed those back to back.

sheba baby said...

I loved Legos when I was a kid, I'm looking forward to not only the movie but all the Pop merchandising as well.

I'm really getting concerned about Brothers, so far we are getting all these dates for the movie openings overseas, but no firm date here and nothing solid on Nailed.

I'm wondering about that trip to Egypt as well.

It looks like Reese may get a chance to star in that action flick!

suvee said...

A little more news on Reese's next project (from the LA Times):

Rudd, Wilson in talks for Brooks film
Duo may costar with Witherspoon in comedy


Owen Wilson and Paul Rudd are in talks to star opposite Reese Witherspoon in James L. Brooks' untitled romantic comedy for Columbia Pictures.

Brooks, who is directing and producing, wrote the screenplay, which involves a love triangle. Rudd would play a white-collar executive vying for Witherspoon's affections, while Wilson would portray a professional baseball pitcher who is also a love interest.

As is customary with Brooks' projects, logline is being kept vague for the film, which has the working title "How Do You Know?"

Paula Weinstein ("Blood Diamond") and Laurence Mark ("Dreamgirls") are also producing.

Studio is eyeing an early summer start date.

josie said...

Thanks suvee, I saw that earlier. It looks like the Brooks film is coming together.Yes it's another rom-com but it's directed by James Brooks. Sounds like they are looking at a summer filming schedule. The sci-fi film with RDJ sounds intriguing, I hope that pans out. I just wish we could get a definate date for Jake's movies: Brothers and Nailed.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Reese ever get tired of grinding this type of movie out?
Halle Barry just signed to play a jewel thief in a movie!

extra said...

Hey! Paul Rudd is one of the voices in Monsters vs Aliens and starred with Reese 10 years ago in Overnight Delivery!

Yes anon. this is yet another rom-com but I hope that with Brooks directing that it will be better than the usual run of the mill rom-com.

The sci-fi film is definately a new genre for Reese though, I hope this gets made, Robert is really busy so it may not happen until next year.

Anonymous said...

I had to click on the blog archive to access!

FluorescentLamp said...

Why is that, anon? What are you seeing or not seeing in order to access comments? How do you normally access the comments page?

Anonymous said...

It must have been my computer, sorry!!!

PS: Love your blog, the Lego post is funny!

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!

I love the Lego toys.
My brother had a collection, but he donated to a charity.

I hope the poster of POP is released soon. Maybe in March!:)

Gabbana,Thanks for the info on U-2.
I would like to see the first official pictures of Brothers.

Feel better UV.

Thank's for all links and information!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the good wishes, folks. I still feel like crap, but will have to drag myself into work tomorrow anyway.

And that Jake is so inconsiderate - not emerging to brighten my day!

I'm happy for Reese's new projects, but I'd much rather hear about JAke and RDJ working together.

us magazine said...

Jake buys Reese earrings in NY last Thursday:

- 218 aa ak.jpg

us magazine said...


Scroll down :


And who says that she doesn't already have a ring?

extra said...

In Touch has the same story, but it just syas that he was shopping for jewelery.

We need the final word from People!!

bling, bling said...

Four hours is a long time to be looking at earrings, but a ring....

bobbyanna said...

SO I've discovered that Fred Leighton's is very big on estate and antique jewelry and Nicole Kidman and Katherine Zeta Jones are clients. Also, they filed for bankruptcy protection last year about two seconds before Christie's auctioned their stuff!

I was "browsing" and could easily spend a few hours there :)

I am almost ashamed to admit I'm having withdrawal symptoms. After seeing pictures almost daily since December, it's been six whole days...(I said "almost" :) )

Feel better UV...and everyone else who's under the weather. It's rotten to have to work when you're sick.

extra said...

I did a bit of researching too bobbyanna and discovered that a lot of actresses love Leighton's jewelry in cluding Reese who wore his earrings to the 2006 AA's and the GG's!

Sorry you are not feeling any better UV, get well soon.

UltraViolet said...

OK has the story, so you don't have to give that horrid site any more hits:

Jake Gyllenhaal Shops For Bling...

Late last week, Jake Gyllenhaal spent four hours at Fred Leighton, his favorite NYC jewelry shop, and, well, you get a feeling he wasn’t there to get his watch fixed!

Was it a Valentine’s Day buy for Reese Witherspoon, his girlfriend of a year and a half? An early birthday present? (Reese turns 33 on March 22.) Or is he about to get legal with the Legally Blonde star?

“Jake spent most of his time in the room where they keep the rings,” a source tells OK!. “He looked really serious and was taking his time.”

Jake, 28, has been with Reese since she split from now ex-husband Ryan Phillippe in October 2007. “Everyone needs love,” she told OK!. “Everyone deserves it.” ...

FluorescentLamp said...

Why do mags not do any research anymore?

She and Ryry split October 2006.

I'm sure she's been with Jake a lot longer than the party line, but whatev.


paula said...

Thanks for the link UV! Whatever Jake got Reese for Valentine's day I'm sure that it was something beautiful.

I was still thinking about that supposed trip to Egypt. If they do go (I don't think they are there now) but maybe later on like spring break so they can take the kids. If it was booked through a UK agency then it's possible the plans were made while he was still filming POP in the UK.

josie said...

It always amazes me how fast google picks some things up. My e-mail is stuffed with Jake and Reese engagement rumors yet again!

It's quite possible that the Egypt trip was used to pimp that travel agency or the trip will be down the road (the article made it seem that way) but the usual rags didn't pick up on that like this rumor.

Anonymous said...

I Googled Reese and Fred Leighton, too. She is definitely a fan.

lawgoddess said...

Don't know if the sighting of Jake in the "room where they keep the rings" is accurate, but I'm smiling anyway.(and picking out baby names for my vicarious grandchildren).

Anonymous said...

popsugar has a picture of reese taken yesterday in la so it looks their are still in town

chica said...

I never thought they left! Some thought that a few days of no pics and the Egypt rumor that he whisked her away, LOL!! Figured they were tucked away for the Valentine/weekend.

Don't know what to make of the Egypt story at this point but it read like it was an upcoming planned trip. Maybe next month for her birthday?

More engagemnet rumors, if it's not that it's the pregnant rumors. As much fun I get at speculating, I would rather hear some news on Brothers and nailed.

Anonymous said...

new pics of jake on ihj visiting a school for going green

suvee said...


FL, you are a girl after my own heart. I know it's probably silly of me to expect much in the way of.....you know, journalistic standards, from these publications, but.....
I cannot understand not making the most simple attempt at fact checking. UsWeekly, in virtually every J & R feature article, consistently reports that they met during the filming of Rendition. I can't help it...... drives me nuts!

UV, having to go to work while still under the weather sucks! Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Reese is a voting member of AMPAS, and a past Oscar winner. She might be presenting. She didn't present last year. I doubt she'd leave town right now for more then three or four days.

Jake is probably keeping a low profile. This might be a sensitive time for him, because of Heath. I think he misses his friend.

extra said...

Thanks for the heads up anon. of the new pics on ihj!

OK has a pic of jake shopping for jewelery in NY last week:


UltraViolet said...

Extra, I swear that pic wasn't in the story when I posted it earlier, right? I just saw that, too, and wondered if I'm on too much cold medicine!

extra said...

Not too much cold medicine UV, they must have just added it because it sure the hell wasn't there before!

FluorescentLamp said...

New pics? New post. :)