Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Jake pic - leaving a Thanksgiving party in London. Thanks to Stephanie/IHJ!

We didn't quite get it together for a Thanksgiving-themed post, but here are a couple of favorite Jakes to be thankful for:

There's a fun poll on which celebrity couple you'd want to spend the holiday with. Current standings:

Jen and John — They're so funny, I'd probably laugh my way through dinner.
22% (236)
Reese and Jake — Even overseas, I bet they go for a traditional holiday feast.
45% (476)
Fergie and Josh — I'd love a cozy turkey day in North Dakota!
6% (67)
Heidi and Spencer — I want to hear all about the wedding!
2% (16)
Beyonce and Jay-Z — Maybe B can teach me the "Single Ladies" dance.
17% (181)
Ashlee and Pete — I want to meet the baby Bronx!
8% (89

A couple of People tidbits:

Most Romantic Vacations

They've cozied up in Morocco and watched fireworks in Paris – and in October, Gyllenhaal (on a break from filming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time) accompanies girlfriend Witherspoon on a very intimate London shopping trip. The twosome stopped in Myla, the chic lingerie store that created Sex and the City's infamous pearl G-string.

Shh! Not-So-Secret Couples Who Intrigued Us

Just five months after she split from Ryan Phillippe, Witherspoon quietly stepped out with Rendition costar Gyllenhaal in March. And while they haven't made public declarations of love, the two have traveled the world together, getting cozy in London, Morocco and in Paris, where they spent Bastille Day with her kids. "He's very supportive," she told Vogue. "I'm very happy in life."

Thanks to Jake for being Jake, to FL for being a great co-conspirator and to all of you, regular posters and lurkers alike, for making this a fun, safe place to be a Jake fan.


Vicky said...

"Thanks to Jake for being Jake, to FL for being a great co-conspirator and to all of you, regular posters and lurkers alike, for making this a fun, safe place to be a Jake fan."

Everything you said UV and a big thank you to you.

agent_krycek said...

Okay, Reese is up any moment,

Reese looking stunning, simple black dress with a lovely back, love her shoes.

Paul and Reese bonding over being farmers, she just got very over excited about the worlds smallest horse, just spotted the ring BTW :D

She's getting a bit lost on some of the references, but seems to be having a ball.

Strangely two overweight gay Americans have just turned up to sing Country and Western to Reese about their Barbie Doll collection

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the G.Norton review Ak, can't wait to see it on BBC America next week!

Still looking for her Kimmel and Regis and Kelly video to pop up, missed those.

Well I officially made a pig of myself yet again, good thing I took off from work tomorrow to ecover.

Thanks for the links UV, voted for J&R, hope they are enjoying Thnaksgiving away from home!

office of nancy pelosi said...

I of course should add that i'm thankful for my health, my family our new President, Jake and this blog. Thanks UV and FL for making this a fun place to discuss all things Jake.

Google/Blogger said...

Reese interview about holiday;_ylt=AlPX0uq2Le9prmpVcXrvSs08txx.;_ylv=3

lawgoddess said...

Thanks to you two for maintaining this place, it's terrific.

Maybe Jake and Reese will be photographed in London.

I'm a little surprised Reese flew over since Jake gets done filming very soon, right? But it's nice they have the holiday together.

Anonymous said...

At last a new pic of Jake.

Gwyneth, Reese, and Jake: Thanksgiving in London

extra said...

Thanks for the link anon! Sounds like they had a great time. I know i'm not going nuts but when I clicked on that , there was a video playing describing the party and I swear it said that Maggie and Peter were there too but I can't seem to find the video to play again?????

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I for one am grateful for Gyllenbabble, it's my favorite Jake site!

Narcissa said...

Hope all you Yanks had a great Thanksgiving. And thanks to UV and FL for this excellent, friendly blog. Nice to see J&R have managed to meet up. (I can't stand Paltrow, but obviously they know her - I don't :D)
In other news - 4C has made $15m already and is set to "overperform" despite its mediocrity. :D So says the always-reliable Nikki Finke:

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the heads-up, anon! I edited the post with the pic. I hope we get more!

And thanks for the Graham Norton play-by-play, Agent K! I guess there was no overt Jake mention?

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving/Thursday! I guess we were all good, rewarded with a new Jake pic :)

And thanks to everyone for the nice words abut the blog :)

agent_krycek said...

No, sadly no Jake mention, I thought we might get one at one point, but no. She was very funny though, especially when she refused to believe Paul O'Grady became famous being Lily Savage (a drag stand up comedy act).

UltraViolet said...

Looking forward to seeing it when it airs here, AK.

And Extra, I don't see that video you mentioned, but I'd like to :) Is it in your history?

Google/Blogger said...

dinner with Salman Rushdie! now this is a holiday to remember

chica said...

Thank you so much for this blog UV & FL, it's the only Jake blog I visit, love all the posters here!

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving with friend, family and loved ones.

I think it's wonderful that Reese and Jake spent Thanksgiving together. I wonder how long she will be in the UK? He's suppose to end filming on Wednesday, 12/3. I wonder if she plans on staying there till then and then both come home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Graham Norton report. That sounds like a must-see.

For those who missed the episode and live in the UK, the Graham Norton website has the full episode (6 days left to watch it). The video isn't playable outside the UK.

agent_krycek said...

Okay, not sure who the bloke in the blue trousers are (and nasty crocs!), he looks annoyingly familiar and I thought it was Steven Berkoff, but it isn't, but the bloke in the lighter suit posing with the woman in the yellow jacket is Alan Yentob, an Executive with the BBC, does lots of arty programmes as well, and the man with the child is Salman Rushdie. The bloke in the blue trousers is annoying me though - I know that face

Quite a heavyweight gathering

agent_krycek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
josie said...

Ak, according to Just Jared, the guy in the green shirt and crocks is architect Richard Rogers who threw the party.

A big thank you to UV, FL and all the posters here for making gyllenbabble such a fun place to visit.

Nice increase for 4C for Thanksgiving, I may check it out over the weekend.

PS: Jake and Reese are winning the popsugar poll!!

Bette said...

Aww, I am hoping there will be pics of Reese and Jake out in the day. I'd love that! Jake looks exhausted in that one pic we got of him, not looking so hot, but either does Reese really.

It sucks that the video isn't working outside the UK. I'd love to see it! She looks good anyway, and I am glad Four Christmases is doing great. They released it during the right time then, gave Twilight it's first weekend box office, and then came in right after when they knew people would want to see a fun lighthearted flick for Thanksgiving. Awesome. It's really good too. I mean it's your standard romantic comedy popcorn flick, but Vince and Reese really do have chemistry.

Anonymous said...

How does Reese walk in those Heels

gabbana said...

"How does Reese walk in those Heels"

A famous lady once said: "You feel sexy for the first 10 minutes then they are starting to hurt and you want to loose them"....

Good to see Jake is still alive - perhaps Reese can stay until they are finished with filming (if the date 3/12 is correct)

Despite of the bad reviews 4C is doing really good at the box office. A great success especially for Reese, who promoted the film and acted professionaly - in contrary to her co-star Mr Vaughn....(it is good to see that on some film related sides people also are aware and calling him "unprofessional")

It will be interesting to see her working with Ben Stiller and especially with Cameron Crowe - hopefully a comedy with a bit depth and intelligence.

With Jakes "Namath" project and the "Moon" film it could be a hard working year for both.

paula said...

It's been a very busy week for me and of course everyone here! Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was full of family, friends and good food!

I agree with you gabanna regarding Vince, and yes unprofessional is just one of the names being used to describe Vince on film sites.

Glad to see that 4C is doing well despite the reviews, I saw it and liked it more than I thought I would. I didn't Care for the ending, but overall I enjoyed it.

Need to catch up on all of Reese's appearences, glad to see that she and Jake spent Thanksgiving together and what an impressive gust list at that party!

And thanks to UV, FL and the posters here for making GB my favorite Jake site.

extra said...

Ok I knew i wasn't going nuts! The video I mentioned above on that gossip site regarding Jake, Reese and Thanksgiving in London. On the right side of the site, there is a loop of videos. The one up now is from E but the one I saw earlier was from

The woman was talking about Thanksgiving and how some celebrities spent them. They mentioned that Reese spent it with Jake but didn't mention London. Then she said that Ryan brought the kids over and Maggie and Peter stopped by, I think.Anyway after listening to it again, i realized that it was maybe info from last year or made up since we know Reese was in London and there was no sign of Ryan, the kids or Maggie and Peter in the pap pics unless they were talking about earlier in the day.

I linked to it but it doesn't stay up because it's on rotation with other videos. There is a review of Austrailia at the end of it.

No wonder I couldn't find it on my history!

kaf said...

oh no I hope Reese doesn't see this in The Times. It will ruin her romantic reunion with Jake for sure!

This crass comedy extinguishes any seasonal goodwill within minutes – it may be the least festive Christmas film yet made. Vaughn and Witherspoon are supercilious, self-satisfied yuppies forced, for once, to visit all four divorced parents on Christmas Day. Their families are even more obnoxious than they are, which doesn’t stop Witherspoon from peeing on her sister’s pregnancy test (as you do). Sloppy and senseless, this is the coal in your cinematic stocking.

ker ching! said...

Ha, Reese has seen that review and all the rest!

Nothing better that good BO
to take the sting off of bad reviews.

15 mil in two days, i'm sure they are having a good laugh over in londodn!

suvee said...

Strangely two overweight gay Americans have just turned up to sing Country and Western to Reese about their Barbie Doll collection

LIke I wasn't going to make a point of watching G. Norton when it airs here in the U.S. anyway, but you've provided extra incentive, ak!

Maybe the horrific events in Mumbai have put me in a certain frame of mind, but after my initial joy at seeing the new Jake Thanksgiving pic, it dawned on me...... J & R were at a party with Salman Rushdie? Doesn't he still have a "death warrant" hanging over his head..... as in, he's a bloody target?! :-0

Google/Blogger said...

Reese Witherspoon "Four Christmases" on Jimmy Kimmel

agent_krycek said...

J & R were at a party with Salman Rushdie? Doesn't he still have a "death warrant" hanging over his head..... as in, he's a bloody target?! :-0

I think that's quietly been forgotten by all concerned, hasn't had police protection for years.

Richard Rogers - right, bloke who did the Millenium Dome (now the O2 arena) which is where I know him from - he's also doing one of the new towers on the WTC site. The Brits seem to have outnumbered the Americans at that Thanksgiving dinner :D

sheba baby said...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, i'm still recovering! Glad to see Jake and Reese spending Thanksgiving together in London. He should be done with Pop by next week.

Saw 4C and it was a lot funnier than I thought it would be, Vince and Reese were really funny. The supporting cast were great too, not surprised that it's doing well.

extra said...

Joe Jonas wants Jake to play
him in his bio! Cute but I think Jake may be be a bit too old:

blogger said...

It must be a rule that everyone named Jake and Reese must be adorable!:

sag actor said...

These numbers are estimates for the 5-day weekend. 4C is on track to make 47 million according to this site, amazing considering the reviews. I haven't seen it yet:


1 FOUR CHRISTMASES Warner Bros. · 3310 · $32,000,000 · $9,668 · $47,000,000

2 BOLT Walt Disney · 3654 · $26,500,000 · $7,252 · $66,500,000

3 TWILIGHT Summit · 3425 ·
$25,500,000 · $7,445 · $119,000,000
4 QUANTUM OF SOLACE Sony · 3501 · $19,500,000 · $5,570 · $142,000,000
5 AUSTRALIA Fox · 2642 · $14,500,000 · $5,488 · $20,000,000

6 MADAGASCAR: ESCAPE 2 AFRICA Paramount · 3709 · $14,000,000 · $3,775 · $158,500,000

7 TRANSPORTER 3 Lionsgate · 2626 · $12,000,000 · $4,570 · $18,000,000

8 ROLE MODELS Universal · 2195 · $5,000,000 · $2,278 · $57,500,000

9 THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS Miramax · 582 · $1,700,000 · $2,921 · $5,200,000

10 SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Fox Searchlight · 49 · $1,300,000
· $26,531 · $3,500,000

11 MILK Focus · 36 · $1,250,000
· $34,722 · $1,750,000

12 CHANGELING Universal · 1010 · $1,200,000 · $1,188 · $34,000,000

I hope everyone didn't over eat on Turkey day!

josie said...

Reese shopping in Notting Hill today:

Love her boots! The caption says that she is taking a break from promoting 4C, but I think she is done and plans on coming home with Jake on 12/3 IMO. I bet he is working through the weekend to finish up and only had Thanksgiving off.

We need an update from brothers spy!

suvee said...

Thanks for the link, Josie. Love Reese's boots, too, and really love her earrings.

I agree...... Jake is probably working like mad to finish up PoP. And although I don't mind his long hair, I will be happy to see the woolie cap go away.

UltraViolet said...

Ah, shopping in Notting Hill. That's a nice way to spend your Saturday!

Here's a very brief clip of Reese on the Grah Norton show, discussing the world's smallest horse. It's cute.

I can't believe tomorrow is Sunday, and our long weekend (for USers) is almost over. Boo! I hope we get some new Jake pics to ease the pain.

shondra said...

Thanks for that clip UV, that was so cute/funny, Reese is adorale!

Been away for Thanksgiving, enjoyed getting together with family and making a pig of myself, I hope everyone here that celebrates had a great Thanksgiving.

Looks like Reese is still in London, I bet she comes back to the states with Jake who is due to wrap Pop midweek. Glad they got to spend Thanksgiving together but i have a feeling that he prolly had to work that day (early) Friday and through the weekend to finish up.

bobbyanna said...

I had a wonderful visit. I wish I could get myself to walk as much here at home as I did in NYC! Oy!

Reese looked like a doll on Graham Norton. I can't wait to see the show when it hits BBC America later this week. Now there's someone I'd love to see her do a movie with.

Google/Blogger said...

Reese on life in the public eye
cute interview

Anonymous said...

OK Magazine has a Reese and Jake spread. Synopsis: They're happy and in love! I guess Reese is real sensitive to all this stuff, because her parents and family read those tabloids. Thanks for the clip Google/Blogger.

sag actor said...

Wow!!! 4C made $46 million over the 5 day weekend despite the reviews. It will be interesting to see if it will hold up next weekend.

1 N Four Christmases WB (NL) $31,680,000 - 3,310 - $9,571 $46,710,000 $80 1

2 3 Bolt BV $26,596,000 +1.4% 3,654 +3 $7,279 $66,862,000 - 2
3 1 Twilight Sum. $26,370,000 -62.1% 3,425 +6 $7,699 $119,688,000 $37 2
4 2 Quantum of Solace Sony $19,500,000 -27.0% 3,501 +43 $5,570 $142,056,000 $200 3
5 N Australia Fox $14,815,000 - 2,642 - $5,607 $20,000,000 $130 1
6 4 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa P/DW $14,500,000 -7.4% 3,709 -298 $3,909 $159,511,000 $150 4
7 N Transporter 3 LGF $12,330,000 - 2,626 - $4,695 $18,500,000 - 1
8 5 Role Models Uni. $5,284,000 -27.9% 2,195 -538 $2,407 $57,896,000 $28 4
9 8 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas Mira. $1,690,000 +2.6% 582 +176 $2,904 $5,160,000 - 4
10 N Milk Focus $1,381,000 - 36 - $38,361 $1,866,000 - 1
11 11 Slumdog Millionaire FoxS $1,367,000 +44.2% 49 +17 $27,898 $3,565,000 - 3
12 6 Changeling Uni. $1,207,000 -55.2% 1,010 -729 $1,195 $33,859,000 $55 6

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clip UV. I did a search on YouTube and found another Norton clip of the Country/Western singers segment. Both clips are hilarious and I love Reese's reaction to the last singer.

It's good to see FC do well. I hear it's number 1 in the UK too.

josie said...

Thanks for the clips of Reese on G. Norton UV and WTL, that was so funny!

Glad to hear that 4C is doing so well here and in the UK.

UltraViolet said...

New post.