Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Planes, trains and automobiles

Thanks to Stephanie for the sneak peek of Jake on ET tomorrow night:

You can also download the video at IHJ. Thanks, Stephanie!

Some new/old pictures gave me an idea for a theme: Jake Gyllenhaal in transport.

I'd know that ear anywhere!

Whatcha hiding, Jake?

Caught in the act!

Fly the friendly skies.

For the purposes of this post, standing next to a car, especially standing without a shirt on, counts as "in transport."

So happy!

Venice! Sigh...

Shirtless rule also applies to see-through.

Let's photoshop more things into Jake's hands!

How are you, Knot's Landings' Ted Shackelford?

What a cruelly misleading sign.

Hey, Jake, Reese - watch out for Edward Scisshorhands!

"Stop. STOP IT!"

We see you!

"stndng n/jake gillenhall rgt now OMG must sty cool"

Insert caption here.

Casual, classic Jake, circa 2006.

Scarf? Check. Toothpick? Check. Pap check? Check.

Toronto, 2007. Best. Airport. Pics. Ever.

Back seat, black tie Jake.

Jake's on a train!

(Photos courtesy of


Anonymous said...

New post at last and a great post at that UV, thank you. Love the first pic, never seen that one before.

suvee said...

What a cruelly misleading sign.

That's the best giggle I've had so far this week!

And yes...... those Toronto photos are the best airport pics. Ever. He really needs to wear that grey sweater more. :)

Thanks for the great post, UV.

UltraViolet said...

It's one of the new olds at IHJ, anon, and I agree - it's stunning. I'd already found the "back of his head" airport picture, so that one just kind of gave me a theme.

And thanks for laughing, suvee - it cracked me up, too!

I remember those Toronto pics like it was yesterday. Jake just looks so good in them. And the partner of one of the DC mods was a flight attendant on Jake's plane, so we got a little inside scoop. And of course, FL and Bobbyanna were already in Toronto, waiting to get lucky!

UltraViolet said...

I found this adorable old anecdote about Jake. Didn't really fit the theme, so I didn't include it in the post. But it's too cute not to share:

About three years ago met Jake Gillenhaal (sp.) filming here in Massachusetts and had lunch with him on location set - nice kid - very friendly - I didn't know who is was and I embarrassed my daughters by saying have you ever been in a movie before (DAddddddddd.....)! Seriously a really nice kid who took pics with my daughters and get this, when my then 8 year old daughter asked for his autograph he gave it to her and he asked for HER autograph and then put it in the top pocket of his shirt and told her that he would keep it there while filming the next scene with Dustin Hoffman and that she would always know that during that scene in the movie her autograph would be in his pocket - cool thing to do for a little girl and I will always think kindly of him for it!


bobbyanna said...

Can I just give a big Awwww! too for the anecdote and all these great pics?

"cruelly misleading" indeed!!!
I think the airport pics are delish, but honestly, my pick for Hall of Fame Jake has to be that see thu shirt one...damn! And he's smiling like he knows it's having an effect!


Is that Reese in the Mercedes kissing picture? I don't remember that one.

UltraViolet said...

That's Kirsten, Bobbyanna.

And yes, the see-through shirt pic is in a class of its own!

That whole "nicest/meanest celebrity" thread is kind of fun, though the site itself has an odd bent!

We should do that here - who is the nicest and who is the meanest celebrity you've met?

I have to think about nicest, but meanest is Adam Clayton from U2. Or as I like to call him, the Luckiest Man Alive. Met him at a bar once as I was stalking, I mean seeing U2 in NYC. And he was just a complete jerk.

My friend got him back by hitting him with his car years later, when we stayed at the same hotel as the boys in SFO. Hee. (He just grazed him, and it wasn't intentional - I swear!)

I did have a fan-friendly encounter with Bono, who was pretty cool. But I'd have to think about other celebrities I've met to pick the nicest.

UltraViolet said...

Forgotto say - I'd love to see a similar J/R pic.

chica said...

What a great post! Love all the new/old pics.

I needed this today, i just got back from a wake and I was thinking about my Niece's husband on Veteran's day who is doing his
2nd tour of duty in Iraq.

Thanks for putting a smile on my face tonight.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, chica - glad the post made you smile. It was fun to put together. And all good thoughts for your niece and her husband, and all the troops.

UltraViolet said...

One more post before bedtime. From IMDb. If true, I guess it explains the British accent:

BTW, this movie isn't that all-out american as you think it is. I just got an update from Yuri and he says he's been in touch with the casting director, and the reason they can't hire him is because they have some union thing or something that prevents them from casting ANY NON-BRITISH actor (apart from Jake) in any (probably speaking) role in the movie. So the cameo's out.

Yuri is the voice of the Prince in the video games. There was a petition to get him a cameo in the movie.

extra said...

Brokrback Montain the Opera, kauput.Good news to my ears, bad idea:

Variety is reporting that due to the recent departure of City Opera Artistic Director Gerard Mortier, some upcoming opera projects will be shelved. Among them, the adaption of the film "Brokeback Mountain"


Love the first picture two, absolutely stunning!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
I love the first photo. She is fantastic!
Thank you, UV!
Variety is reporting that due to the recent departure of City Opera Artistic Director GĂ©rard Mortier, operates some upcoming projects will be shelved. Among them, the adaption of the film "Brokeback Mountain"

Extra, this is good news. I never imagined Brokeback as an opera.

In National Enquirer:
Reese Witherspoon is finally ready to get married, but now Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t

josie said...

Don't you have to be actually engaged to someone to tell them to stop making wedding plans or did I miss the In Touch, NE, Star, People, Us, Ok story where thet are actually engaged?? LOL!

And how can he be so upset over his parents divorce, it didn't come out of the blue and it came as no surprise, his online fandom has been aware of it fo about a year now, sheesh. Also I guess he had a delayed response to the divorce because the story was at the time of the divorce announcement was that he wanted to get married right away because of the divorce, oh boy.

That intern who wrote that should have been aware that he came home on the eve of Deacon's birthday and I assume that was why he was in L.A. the last week in October, it wasn't a concidence so I doubt he would tell her something like that then, besides she looked happy and beaming in the pap pics they showed of her after he went home! NE, the same rag that said that Jake and Reese were engaged back in January.

In Touch: small wedding in Ojai, NE: lavish wedding next Summer, oh boy.

Love all the new/old pics that IHJ are finding and I especially love the 1st one!

PS: Reese will be a presenter at the CMA awards tonight on ABC.

lawgoddess said...

What a great post to wake up to, it made me smile big.

Very clever- my favorites were shirtless Jake and the text messaging.

I am so hoping that Jake and Reese will attend the premiere of Four Christmases together- I'd love to see them all dressed up.

National Enquirer- consider the source. :)

Anonymous said...

Save the Date: World Premiere Of FOUR CHRISTMASES Thursday, November 20

sheba baby said...

I don't think Jake will be in the US on 11/20, he will be in the UK until 12/3 filming unless they give him time off for the premiere which I doubt since it's not his movie.

If there is a UK premiere maybe.
Love all the pics in this post especially the Toronto pics!

I guess Atticus is a bit disappointed in the delay since he was supposed to be a ring bearer at the wedding or was that the Star?

And who knew that they were engaged all this time, no mention in the article but one would assume they were if he told her to cool off on planning (eyes roll).

office of nancy pelosi said...

Jake and Gary Ewing aka Jeffrey on the Young and the Restless, I love it and the first picture as well, never saw either of them before.

More sillines from NE, yes one needs to be actually engaged to be told to put a hold on making wedding plans.

UltraViolet said...


A lethal scorpion brought panic to the set of a multi-million pound Disney epic after it was found scurrying across a studio floor.

Shooting of Disney movie Prince of Persia starring Gemma Arterton and Jake Gyllenhaal was disrupted after after the poisonous creature was spotted by a horrified member of studio staff with its sting aloft.

Staff raised the alarm and the black scorpion was trapped in a bucket by a member of studio staff, and then taken away by a volunteer to the Animal Reception Centre (ARC) at Heathrow Airport. ...

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh for the love of...!

The wedding is off? What am I going to do with this tent or this hat?? Jeez, give a girl some warning wouldja!

Also, [small voice] Ted Shackelford is the husband of Jake's former publicist, Annett Wolf...said pics always led me to believe that Annett herself took them. [/small voice]

UltraViolet said...

Hee - maybe you'll find some other use for them, FL. The hat is actually a very pretty color!

Ted said...

I bought Jake and Reese a wedding gift for their home in London

bugger! I'll return the vase

shondra said...

I guess she didn't have to return the engagement ring since the "story" didn't mention that, oh I forgot, they aren't engaged! Thye left out that little nugget.

First he was begging her to marry him, then she agrees, sans a ring and then a month after his parents officially announce their divorce, he realizes that he is devastated and has soured on marriage because of it and that he was blindsided even though they have been seperated for over a year, ok.

This stories are entertaining but it's stuff like this that makes them look like 2 high school kids complete with him pouting about his parents divorce. I know the rags think they are boring but they need to come up with better material, even Atticus as ring bearer was better.

Like L.A. wouldn't be buzzing if she was actually planning.

Grat bit of info on Shackleford's wife FL, and the hat is pretty, LOL!!

Eek!! A Black Scorpion??? How odd, be careful Jake!!!

shondra said...

Ok, I went back and re-read that scorpion story you posted UV and I see that it probably was shipped accidently with the props for Morocco, so it'a appearence at Pinewood isn't odd at all, just dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found any pictures of Reese at the Nashville awards yet, there have been party pictures and I haven't seen her.

Anyone have any Reese sightings in LA last week?
I got a hunch she was in London for a few days

extra said...

Some anon. poster on the previous thread claims that Reese was in London over the weekend, who knows. There haven't been any pap pics of her in L.A. since last Monday/Tuesday. She hasn't been spotted at any pre-parties in Nashville, no surprise since she usally doesn't do stuff like that.

We should see pics of her tomorrow from the CMA awards airing tonight because she is a presenter.

Black scorpions!!! Ewwwww, I hope it didn't spawn little scorpions at Pinewood and LOL at the latest marriage story from NE.

agent_krycek said...

I see that it probably was shipped accidently with the props for Morocco

Bloody hope so, if we've suddenly started getting scorpions over here I'm leaving the country for Alaska! the flaming hoards of parrotts in some bits of London are weird enough - and I don't even want to get into the various big cats that are meant to roam various moors etc

bobbyanna said...

FL, that hat is to die!!!! It is lovely. I love the tent a lot, too. I've been dieting down to the size of my prom dress...it's going very slowly, and I was thinking tiara, but you have given me pause...

I'm convinced they will definitely marry. Of course Spring would be better for me, but I'll make do it it ends up being sooner.

bobbyanna said...

Eww! Scorpions. I'll bet Jake was traumatized. Who wouldn't be.

Monica said...

I'm very afraid of scorpion.
I am also scared of spiders and snakes.

UltraViolet said...

Set those VCRs - Jake/PoP on ET tomorrow night. And if it hasn't been seen in your area, catch it tonight, since there's a sneak peek. But no accent - he actually says he has to use his American accent.

He looks really good!

walktheline said...

GettyImages has images of Reese on the red carpet for the CMAs. She looks lovely and youthful.

UltraViolet said...

She looks good and happy. Not sure I like the dress, though.

I updated the post with a screen cap of Jake on ET. Stephanie also has the download of the preview at IHJ.

UltraViolet said...

Variety reviews Farragut North and makes me wish Jake had done it.

FluorescentLamp said...

- he actually says he has to use his American accent.

Jesus, you scared me to death with this. I thought that meant he has to use his American accent because his English accent sucked donkey balls and they scrapped that idea.

Whew! Nice to see him explain that he has to give Entertainment Tonight his American accent and not the movie-going public.

I love Reese's dress. Very couture.

FluorescentLamp said...

I must amend. I just had a good look at her dress on CU. Yeah, not so much. The sequins on the bodice and the lace skirting scream Country Music Awards. Oh wait...

bobbyanna said...

"... I just had a good look at her dress on CU. Yeah, not so much. The sequins on the bodice and the lace skirting scream Country Music Awards. Oh wait..."

(blows kisses!):)

Bette said...

I don't think it was a coincidence they talked about Four Christmases, and then featured a clip on PoP. JAKE LOOKS GOOD! So does Reese. Aw.

bobbyanna said...

I didn't realize it, but Tim McGraw and Dwight Yoakam are both in "4 Christmases." So there's a connect with the CMAs right there. I'm not a CM fan per se, so there might be some other CM names I don't recognize on the cast list at IMDB.

OT: BTW, in 4 Christmases, Vince Vaughan's character's name is Brad.

chica said...

Finally the ET segment will air tomorrow and he does look good!

Not too crazy about Reese's dress, but i love the rest especially her hair, she's glowing!

Debbie said...

I can't get the POP file clip to work :(
Maybe someone will repost it

paula said...

Thanks for the link to that review UV, I wish that Jake would have done it too. I hope he still has plans to do a play real soon.

Although the ET clip of Jake is probably brief, I sill can't wait, he looks amazing!

I like Reese's dress it's just a bit overwhelming for her frame, she looks great. Surprise no one has mentioned the beautiful emerald ring she is wearing on her middle left finger, yeah i know it's just a ring but it's always fun to speculate!

That first picture of Jake on this post made my toes curl, stunning.

Bette said...

Oh shit I didn't even notice the ring! That is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

justjared has some great pictures of Reese, but I didn't notice a ring on her left hand...

Anonymous said...

I believe the ring and her bracelet are a matching set and she's wearing some incredible diamond earrings. These were probably part of the red carpet/awards show presentation fashion along with her very dramatic gown.

Debs said...

one-shoulder lace Marchesa full-skirted gown, Bulgari jewels

josie said...

I think she looks stunning and happy!!! Looks like we are finally going to see the ET clip of Jake from the set of Pop, thanks for the heads up!

get real said...

Wow..YES on the PoP preview!!! Jake looks sooo good!! Can't wait to see the full clip tomorrow.

The reports of scorpions...yikes!

Reese looking very country for the CMA'S. ;)

Great, great pics and as usual great captions!

suvee said...

Yippee! Looks like we may actually get to see ET's PoP segment. Thanks for the heads up.

I think CMA Reese looks beautiful..... love her hair and make up, she looks glowing and young. And the dress doesn't bother me.... it is a lot of dress for a small woman, but I've seen far worse Red Carpet outfits (not on Reese).

brebre said...

I liked reese's dress it was a dress that fit the theme of the night some of you girls need to stop hating, at least she wasn't wearing cowboy boots underneath

Monica said...

My God!! He is so beautiful and sexy!
He is fabulous as Dastan

I'm anxious to see the full interview.

Anonymous said...

She looked beautiful, loved her hair, love the dress too. More power to her if she did wear her cowboy boots underneath! Didn't get a good look at the bling, but I'll take another look. I know she has them because I think she was wearing them in other pics. ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this the whole segment but it is on the ET website now

sheba baby said...

Thanks anon! He looks and sounds great, they interview Bruckheimer as well. I hope there is a bit more tonight though, that felt like a teaser and that it was edited.

I remember the blogger saying that they interviewed Gemma and Ben as well.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the clip! Poor Jake! "I'm gonna get fat and be happy!" I think he's had it with egg white omelets! :) He looks gorgeous and I'm very excited to see the action sequences.

extra said...

Thanks for the clip, poor Jake! You know he must be suffering since he loves to eat. He looks great and so does Reese!

If that woman that is interviewing him is the same one here:


Then this interview took place on October 10th.

UltraViolet said...

Eek - and a little bit of the accent. Dead.

I hope there's more on the show tonight and over the next few months. You know they shot a otn of stuff, so they can use it forever.

It's really nice to hear him and see him after all these months of "just" photos.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I think you are right extra, I bet that's when the interview was done, love when he stuck his tongue out, LOL!!! He looks and sounds great, I hope there is more to the interview tonight.

Reese looked amazing at the CMA awards. And no Bette I don't think it was a coincedence they talked about 4 Christmases and showed a clip from Pop, want to bet they do the same tonight when the mention the CMA awards as well!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say how creepy Jerry Bruckheimer looks in that clip. Something's not right there.

I wish I weren't at work, so I could play that little bit of accented Jake on a loop.

agent_krycek said...

Well the tiny bit of accent I heard sounded fine, and he's looking fiiiiiine :D

Hopefully the whole clip will appear somewhere

I nearly like the dress, it just goes a wee bit too far for me, but Reese looks lovely, very happy, very relaxed

office of nancy pelosi said...

Ditto on Bruckheimer UV, beyond creepy. Love the bit of the accent as well!

UltraViolet said...

Not that I've replayed the "accent" bit a hundred times or anything, but it looks like Jake has a bandage on his thumb.

Watch those digits, Jake!

josie said...

Lainey on Reese/CMA and Jake. Yeah I know but I have to agree with her that Reese looks happy and healthy, just ignore her comments about Vince and her comments on the marriage BS which we all knew was BS:


shondra said...

The ET segmment online should be different than the segment that airs tonight.

I saw the Reese and Vince Four Christmases segment on ET last night and checked out the one online and it's different.

Jake looks like Jesus in the clip!He looks relaxed and playful, reminds me of Brothers spy's contacts description of Jake on set: fun, goofy, nerdy!

Reese looks stunning, the dress is a bit much for her body but I think she pulls it off.

FluorescentLamp said...

So it looks like we can add "massive" to the lexicon of Gyllenspeak.

Even without the English accent in this clip I'm tickled to see/hear oft-used English words slip into his vocabulary. Personally, I'm looking forward to "brilliant" in every sentence. :-)

agent_krycek said...

Isn't Prince of Persia brilliant!

Okay, I've now got a weird Jake/Paul Whitehouse image in my brain

Well, lets hope he thinks PoP is pukka and not pony in any way ;-)

Lemon said...

Cockney doesn't class as English agent_k :P

I did love Jake's English accent though! I was a little scared about it, but he seems to have pulled it off. Plus he looks good, which helps.

I have to admit, I'm actually not too sure about hugely buff Jake. I think I'd like to see him with a bit of podge.

agent_krycek said...

Cockney doesn't class as English agent_k :P

Oi, behave, or I'll come round your drum, nick all your tom and have a nice ruby with the proceeds :P

*Just to point out I don't actually talk like that*

I've good hopes for his accent, he's surrounded by Brits, he's done accents succesfully before and he's a bloody good actor - sure it's not going to be a Dick Van Dyke Marry Poppins rerun :o

gabbana said...

The project looks really better every day - I have to admit I was a bit worried with the first pics of Jake as the Prince, looked a bit cavemanish to me....(sorry Jake!!) but now he looks great. As a german I was not able to recognize the bit of "british accent" but I am sure he will do fine.

In other good news - it seems that "Nailed" is back on track according to Variety


"Russell just completed "Nailed," the Jessica Biel-Jake Gyllenhaal film that had halted production several times because of the cash crunch experienced by financier Capitol Films. Pic is in post-production"

Jessica Biel was also seen at a studio some days ago doing the voice-over for "Nailed".

about to faint said...

omg! I just watched the interview

*fans flames*
that peak of his chest, his ass in those tight pants, his voice, his eyes!

I need fan

chica said...

Boy that segment was quick! The only extra footage was some scenes from Moroccoand they showed a still from the set in August where he looked really massive. It was good to hear him and it looks like he is having a blast!

PS: They showed a bit on the CMA's and said that who had the most fun? Reese! They showed her and then went into Jake's segment by saying: Reese's BF Jake on the set of Pop, i had a feeling they were going to do that if they mentioned the CMA's!

Debs said...

his chest hair looks trimmed down

I really liked the way his long hair looked in that interview

UltraViolet said...

Bless HD and widescreen televisions! I cannot wait to see this movie on the big screen. And I can't wait to see Stephanie's caps of those Moroccan scenes.

Off to rewatch...

suvee said...

I am so glad I decided to add that extra $5 to my cable bill for DVR....... money well spent!

After watching the ET interview, I realized I had almost forgotten what his voice sounds like..... what a natural flirt he is..... what a goofball he can be..... what a calm, confident self assurance he has......

But mainly, I was reminded what a poor substitute pap pictures are for live action Jake.

lawgoddess said...

I thought Reese looked very glowy too.

And Jake as the Prince in action is to die for.;)

FluorescentLamp said...

New post. See you there.