Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's V Day

If you're a U.S. voter and haven't already cast your ballot, this is the big day. Let this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal motivate you. It should be used as THE get-out-and-vote poster:

Jake's been out of the country for most of this campaign. But here are some pictures and video from Jake's 2004 efforts for Kerry and for voter registration.

Jake attends a Rock The Vote event 9/29/04

Jake at Kerry rally, Carroll College, 10/28/04

Sayonara W. It's time for CHANGE.

(Photos courte
sy of IHJ and WireImage.)


Nicole said...

Hello from Europe to our American friends ,
I am more nervous than with our election days.Okay , probably because our campaigns here are totally boring ;-)
I just think that Obama ist great , let's hope that he will win. And I'm quite sure that today history will be made.
America is a great country and it deserves a better president than the guy who screwed it up for eight long years!

lawgoddess said...

Love it.

I haven't watched the videos yet, but i love it when you post them. Seeing Jake in action is such a treat.

Thanks, guys. :)

chica said...

I voted this morning in my neighborhood in Queens NY, it was jammed packed. Coming to work via express bus to Manhattan I was amazed to see the size of the lines of people waiting to vote, more so than in 2000 or 2004.

This is truly an historical election, i'm going to be distracted all day at work.


Love the videos, I remember Jake campaigning for Kerry in '04.

agent_krycek said...

Ditto the GO OBAMA! from this side of the pond as well

office of nancy pelosi said...

I voted already, i'm going to be on pins and needles all day. Love all the Jake videos!

Yes we can, GO OBAMA!!

UltraViolet said...

Voted - yay! I was going to vote later in the day, but I couldn't wait. Crowded but not unbearably so. More people than usual, definitely.

It's a beautiful day here in Boston - hope it lasts through the night :)

bobbyanna said...

It is a brilliant, sunny day, with temperatures going into the
high 60's!!! I take it as a sign! :)
I voted last week, but I am a wreck, very nervous. Will be going out to help in a little while. I love the Jake!Vote theme.

Youngest Daughter voted early this morning in New Jersey, no problems. Haven't heard from Manhattan daughter yet.

I'll be map watching BIG TIME tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed for Virginia and Pennsylvania....maybe Florida. I pray we don't have major problems. I'm not at all optimistic about North Carolina, Indiana, or Ohio.

If I were a few years younger...(quite a few) I would be heading out for Chicago today. They are expecting a million people in Grant Park tonight. I'm very excited.

Bette said...

I just got back from voting! So excited.

josie said...

Voted this morning, the line was long but it was worth it. I'm both excited and nervous, FL, OH and Pennsylvania are close and those states are so important.

I won't be able to concentrate at work today and neither will my co-workers!

bobbyanna. said...

I went to CNN's website and I've been playing with the interactive map. I found that it calmed me SO I'm not so worried...welll,I am, it's just that I'm worried about different things! :) :)

UltraViolet said...

God, is it poll-closing time yet?

I was like a kid before Christmas last night - couldn't sleep but I couldn't open any presents, either!

From IMdb, someone says s/he ran into Jake:

in Harrods (London) last Friday. Poor guy looked lost. Just sharing.

A little short on details there! I've felt lost in Harrods myself, so I can believe that part.

Oh, and Bobbyanna, glad you finally got to see the Reese picture. I really covet that necklace!

verdeblusm said...

Hello from Italy to you all.
Here there is a true Obamania!Medias are having a complete cover of the event,and -I have to say-as Nicole I'm really nervous too...
I think that from now on we all could have the chance to build up a better history.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jake in Harrod's! Love it. I must say, it really makes me happy to see so much interest in our election; we are truly a global villiage, and that makes me feel very happy. :)

vote! said...

There was a little thought Jake would visit LA this week to vote.
ok maybe he cast his vote overseas already.

UltraViolet said...

Another Jake London shopping siting:

Sunday i am feeling slightly better so we take ourselves to Harvey Nichols where i look to my left at the sunglasses department and then none other Jake Gyllenhal is standing next to me. I turn round, walk towards the Gucci glasses and pretty much orgasm on the spot.

get real said...

Just voted...woohoo!! Felt so damn good to pull that lever for Obama. Go Obama!!

I am sure Jake and Reese would be glad. ;)

Ooh, thanks for those Jake sightings...love it! Harrod's and Harvey Nicks, very nice! Miss him...sigh...

Now I am chomping at the bit for tonight...oy, so anxious.

extra said...

Thanks for the Jake sightings in London! When I clicked on that IMDB link, i found this little tidbit about Jake and Reese on another thread. The poster is a extra on Pop and is a filmmaker. He has a MySpace and a IMDB page!


Reminds me of that other extra that said that he texts her during breaks.

Yes get real it felt good pulling the lever for Obama!! The interactive map on CNN is a good idea bobbyanna, i'm getting a little anxious here!!

sheba baby said...

I haven't voted yet, I will after work. It's going to feel so good pulling that lever. I don't just want a win a want a landslide!

So many emotions are going through me right now and watching the results tonight is going to give me panic attacks!

Thanks for the Jake/London sightings UV, poor Jake looking lost in Harrod's, same thing happened to me there.

Liked the comment from the extra from the Pop set regarding J&R extra, i love reading stuff like that.

Jake was so involved in 2004 with the Kerry campaign, i think that he would be involved now if he wasn't working. He will be anxiously awaiting the results like everyone else from the UK.

agent_krycek said...

I too have got lost in Harrods, more then once (mind you, I also got a bit lost in a Starbucks once as well, sense of direction not really my thing).

Really hope for good news waking up tomorrow, the thought of Palin in a position of power scares the living bejezzus out of me, that woman is deeply scarey, and not in a good way!

FluorescentLamp said...

I can't see why he'd feel lost in Harrods - it's America East [/sarcasm].

Nice to see he found his way to Harvey Nicks though.

I voted! said...

Reese out this week

I wonder when her and Jake will meet up again this month
She will be in Nashville on Nov 12

sass said...

Hi babblers,
I pulled the lever for Obama at 0630 took just 90 minutes to vote thank goodness...off to 30 Rock, if I can ...to watch returns
back soon to read all the posts I missed.
luv you all,

shondra said...

Hi Sass!
I just got back from voting for Obama too, i'm going to be so nervous watching the returns tonight.


suvee said...

I am soooooo nervous..... but I do have my Obama t-shirt on for good mojo!

Thanks to extra for the nice little Jake story. I remember reading in one of UsWeekly's J & R features that he found Reese "endlessly fascinating"...... even allowing for the source, that had the ring of truth to me.


Anonymous said...

Go Obama.

Script review for PoP Here
Major spoilers.

paula said...

I don't know if I can take it, i'm afraid I may have a heart attack before the nights over!!!


voted! said...

This just came out

Red carpet arrivals at the world premiere of FOUR CHRISTMASES
on Thursday, November 20th at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

chica said...

I don't know if my nerves can take much more but it's looking good so far!

MSNBC has the best coverage so far, CNN is annoying, they are the last to call certain states like PA and OH.

Anonymous said...

its over obama won yea

get real said...

I am crying right now, Obama won!!!!!

UltraViolet said...

Me, too, get real. :) This is a great moment for me and, you know, for the country.

chica said...

I'm in tears too, i never thought I would live to see this. I'm so proud and happy right now.

suvee said...

Yes We Did!

I cried watching that scene in Grant Park. It isn't often that I get emotional, in a patriotic kind of way..... but I am so proud of us.... as a country..... we did the right thing!

sheba baby said...

Yes we can and yes we did!!!!!!

we won!!!!!!!! said...

I wish Jake could have been in LA USA for this historic moment

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yesssss!!!!!! I'm so proud to be an American right now. And he just didn't win, he won BIG!!!

What an amazing night.

josie said...

I like the sound of President Elect Obama! He is making his spech now, powerful.

And I have to admit that McCain's speech was classy.

We did it!

bobbyanna said...

I could just hug everyone!!!! I started crying like a baby when they called it. I was flipping between CNN, MSNBC, and then to C-Span for his speech. I had a feeling the media already knew enough to make the call earlier, but they were holding back until polls closed, etc., but when they actually said it, and then the crowds in Chicago and NYC erupted!!!! I have no more words...

agent_krycek said...

Bloody fabulous - wonderful news to wake up to =D

UltraViolet said...

Wonderful news to go to sleep to, as well! The champagne has kicked in, so I'm off.

Before I go, a photo of Maggie and Peter in line, waiting to vote.

Happy New Day, all!

agent_krycek said...

They're just playing Nina Simone's Feeling Good on the radio, intercut with Obama speeches, and it's rather splendid :D

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Felicitaciones demócratas !!!

I am glad very much !!!


shondra said...

Good morning America and a very happy good morning! I am so filled with joy and pride this morning.

Thanks for the link to the pics of Maggie and Peter voting UV!

gabbana said...

Good morning and greetings especially to all our american friends.

And congratulations to the new president Mr Barack Obama. How wonderful is this?

The TV stations here in Spain and over in Germany reported the whole night - it was so exiting!

sag actor said...

V day for victory!!! And not just a victory but a blowout!

This is just so amazing, when they called it for him last night i wept.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like we'll be getting some press reports from the PoP set:

he most exciting thing I've done here at Disney so far...for two days I went on a set visit to Pinewood Studios just outside of London where they are filming Prince of Persia. I got to tour the sets, see the costumes and weapons, watch them film a couple of scenes and do some stunts, as well as conduct a group interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley, Jerry Bruckheimer and tons of other people working on the film! All the other journalists were cool and matter of fact, but it's my first time so I'm still pretty star struck and excited!

Being on the huge amazing sets, I really do miss filmmaking. It's a lot of sweating, waiting around, physical labour and all about playing a small tiny part of a really big machine, but still to be a part of such a project like this would be so great.

Oh and I got to hold the Dagger of Time for a good whole five minutes. I didn't want to put it down, I kept sidling back and picking it up again as discreetly as I could. It was the hero version, the proper heavy metal one used for closeups. It does look like the one in game and is absolutely gorgeous!

Narcissa said...

Congratulations America! Such a huge relief. I feared.... I don't know what. A rerun of 04 and other inauspicious dates I suppose. I'll react to other stuff tomorrow.

voted said...

In all the excitement, I want to tell everyone

Red carpet arrivals at the world premiere of FOUR CHRISTMASES
on Thursday, November 20th at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

josie said...

Wow thanks for that find UV!

Sounds like the blogger works for Disney and this group interview had other journalists there as well. And how cool was it that she got to see them film a few scenes as well! With this and the ET segment Disney is starting to loosen up a bit regarding information on this film.

I'm still on a high from the election results, thanks for the good wishes narcissa, gabbana and leonor, the whole world was watching this and are just as excited!

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

UV, thank you for all links, videos and photos of the post.
Your post is great.
Thanks to the other babblers for all links.

Thank you to all Americans who voted for Barack Obama. You put a smile on my face.:)

Congratulations Barack Obama.

GOBAMA08 said...

Is it possible Jake went back to Morocco?
I wish we could get a spy update

extra said...

I finally recovered from celebrating Obama's win last night!
What an amazing win, i'm so happy I could just burst!!

Thanks for the link to that blogger UV, sounds like they were on set while Jake was filming those scenes w/o Gemma, bothers spy said that they will film in London until 12/. Can't wait to catch jake on ET tomorrow.

chica said...

To anyone that bought today's NY Times newspaper with Oboma win/election coverage:hold on to it! It's being sold on ebay for $400! If I knew that I would have purchased more than ome copy today.

No way i'm parting with my copy!

get real and sass: keep your copies if you have them.

shondra said...

Just noticed we haven't heard from FL, I hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know but the Ojai speculation was posted on here if i'm not mitaken:

While Reese is understandably no stranger to marriage rumors surrounding her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, In Touch Weekly is claiming that the two are already planning their nuptials. A source tells the mag, "Reese doesn't want to have 500 people. She only wants to invite the people that matter to her." The source continues that Reese has expressed interested in holding the ceremony at the $6.9 million Ojai country house she recently purchased, saying, "The talk of the town is that Reese and Jake are getting married on the property. Reese has already inquired with town officials about blocking off the street and getting a ban on helicopters if they marry outside." Sounds like she's thinking of all the details! What do you think- any truth to this rumor


bobbyanna said...

Who knows! It's as likely as not that the gossip blogs and the rags get info by surfing fan sites. It's happened before. The one thing about the Ojai rumor and a wedding, is that it is "plausible." Not far fetched.

Now, they could not be getting married. Ever. OR: they could already be married, or they could be planning on doing it in London, Rome, Paris, Cannes, Morocco, Cabo, or Hawaii, or on Martha's Vineyard, or any one of a dozen other places...Or not.:) :) :)

My personal favorites are Ojai, MV, or somewhere in Europe. I believe they will actually marry. Some people don't think so.
I also think they will have kids. But I am a know nothing fan who just has fun with my fantasies. I probably was forced to watch too many Doris Day movies when I was a toddler.

I confess I get a kick out of seeing something out there in Gossipland that was probably generated here, whether it's jewelry or weddings or whatever. Especially since it is not mean-spirited, or destructive, or ugly.

Anonymous said...

"Especially since it is not mean-spirited, or destructive, or ugly."

Hear Hear Bobbyanna.

GOBAMA! said...

I think Reese and Jake will have kids, Jake has stated in interviews he wants kids

Anonymous poster said...

a mention of Jake in People airport style
Stars' Airport Style

Mary Hart said...

Reminder: Don't forget to catch Jake tonight on ET on the set of Prince of Persia!

Bette said...

haha Mary Hart, cute. Anyway, I hope Stephanie gets the clip of it up. I have to work tonight! Ugh. I want to see it. Anyway, Bobbyanna you know I completely agree. Ojai wedding for the win!

UltraViolet said...

Some more Torso talk:

Mechanic said that the two best parts are “the guy who leads you through the story,” and Elliot Ness. “It’s less about the ‘Torso Killer’ than the nature of a hero and Elliot Ness,” he said.

Could the square-jawed Damon be Ness then? Could Gyllenhaal be reprising his “Zodiac” fascination with the hunt for a serial killer as the story’s narrator? “Some of those rumors are true,” Mechanic said, “and some of those rumors are not true. But there are major people waiting to come aboard.”

Part of their attraction to the project, Mechanic said, is because of Kruger’s script — “It’s an Oscar-caliber script.”

Didn't Fincher sort of deny Jake's involvement at some point?

Enough with the teasing. Just tell us already!

Monica said...

I hope that the video of today has more than 30 seconds!

UV, David has never denied the involvement of Jake in the project. Nor denied the involvement of Matt Damon.
I would like to see Jake in this movie!

sheba baby said...

I wish they would stop teasing us too about Jake and Torso UV.

Thanks for the heads up Mary!

josie said...

It looks like Jake's segment is not airing tonight. I just hope that the segment on Sarah "Didn't know Africa was a continent" was the reason.

Anonymous said...

maybe it will be on the 10th like that blogger stated in his blog

chica said...

I think you are right about the segment being on the 10th. I forced myself to watch that crapfest so I could see the teaser for tomorrow and it doesn't look like he will be on tomorrow either.

office of nancy pelosi said...

No Jake on ET but a segment on Sarah, simple and dumb, why won't that woman just dissapear already?

paula said...

Still basking in the glow of the Obama win but angry that Prop 8 was passed in CA. I hope this is challenged, what a disgraced.

I saw that In Touch marriage in Ojai in my goggle alerts earlier this week and I do remember people speculating about that here along with MV. Grain of salt.

Thanks for all the links the links and updates!

PS: Love that IMDB mention about Jake talking about Reese on the set of Pop, and boooo to ET!!

suvee said...

The things my love for Jake lead me to do..... like watching ET. A crapfest indeed!

The 10th really may be the correct date for the PoP segment, but ET was preempted yesterday here for extended ABC News post election coverage. So maybe ET's schedule is simply off by one day. I'll probably check it out tomorrow, just in case.

The continuing Torso rumors are interesting..... hopefully we'll hear something definite soon.

bobbyanna said...

"I forced myself to watch that crapfest so I could see the teaser for tomorrow and it doesn't look like he will be on tomorrow either."

"The things my love for Jake lead me to do..... like watching ET. A crapfest indeed!"

I love you both! Honestly. This is the program that gave us non-stop Anna Nicole. Now they're hyping Jennifer Hudson's dead mother and her dead nephew with video clips.

These same people ran hyped up trailers saying they had Heath Ledger on tape using drugs, which was a total lie!

When Jake, Natalie Portman, and a bunch of people raised hell and threatened to boycott ET, they pulled the tape. They are a total sleaze fest. Too bad Disney owns ABC.

Monica said...

I think they will show the images of POP other day.

Reese and Ava sighting

Nevertheless, our Carrie still scored some star-studded support as Pop Tarts spotted Reese Witherspoon (with a beer), her 9-year-old daughter Ava

agent_krycek said...

Thanks for that Monica, plus I got a bonus David Cook sighting :D I'm on a book hunting mission in Central London tomorrow, shall keep my eyes peeled for Jake (obviously won't see him, but I live in hope)

The Heath tape did get played in the UK sadly, and no, he wasn't doing drugs in it, people around him were - ridiculous, horrible attempt to smear the father of a small child, sadly a fair percentage of the British press is like that.

get real said...

Boo on ET for not showing the PoP preview. That show is nauseating. Guess it seems it might be shown on the 10th.

Btw, is FL around? Haven't heard from her in a while. Hope all is okay. :)

get real said...

Chica, had to go to the NY Times offices to get copies of the Obama win edition of the paper. There was a line because, like you, no one could find a paper anywhere else.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yeah where is FL? Would love to hear her reactions to the election, hope everything is OK.

Damn ET!!!

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm around. Thanks for asking. Real world stuff has kept me fairly busy recently.

Re the election, well those who know me know I'm not a fan of the Obama, however, I'm excited by Rahm Emanual, I've always had a bit of a crush on him. With him on board it may make my coming around a little easier. Or not. We'll see.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Hi FL!
I was a Hillary supporter but I came around to Obama.

I remember Emanual from the Clinton Administration, Obama made an excellent choice.

sass said...

Afternoon Babblers, UV and FL:)

I've not landed since Tuesday night; I'm still circling our wonderful planet:) I have to pinch myself sometimes, I feel so free and happy. My son says random strangers, walking the streets of our city(NYC) smile and say hello to him.

I'm with all of you who engage in Jake-centric behavior. ("ET") arrrgh.
I read about Jake, am concerned only about Jake, his love Reese, his new little family, his sister's family and his parents...period.

I have a passing interest in most things Hollywood but Jake is my primary concern, especially since we lost Heath.
I also wish Michelle and Matilda much happiness and love...they deserve it.

I don't have money anymore to purchase and scan Jake snaps for us to enjoy via US, People or Star Magazine. :lol oh, well.

Speaking of money, one food bank in Brooklyn serviced 2500 people this month, 1000 more people than a year ago. Our unemployment rate is an unbelievable 6.5%.
Praying for us all; sending love and hugs and smooches to all my babbler friends.
I like Obama's choice for Chief of Staff...Go Obama!
It feels great to watch our President-elect still acting so lovey-dovey with his wife and so caring concerned and loving with his beautiful daughters. Michelle whispered, I love you to Obama after his speech Tuesday night. And let's not forget our other couple VP and Mrs Joe Biden; they are into spontaneous PDA'a as well and that makes me happy. happy.

chica said...

Hi sass, i'm still on a high now too! He is in the middle of his first news conference as President elect right now, sounds a bit nervous but other than that I like what he is saying. The econmy is in a shambles, there is so much for him to "clean-up".

Love his choice for Chief of Staff too!

I hate , if I remember correctly they did the same thing last year with a segment on Jake and Rendition, I don't think they ever aired it. I think everyone is right though about the blogger report about it airing on 11/10.

gabbana said...

Coming Soon and Cinematical were among some film oriented sides whose writers met J. Bruckheimer at the set of PoP.

They are obviously not allowed about to talk about PoP yet - could that be a reason why the ET segment was cancelled or postponed?

From Cinematical:

"Cinematical had a chance to chat up Jerry Bruckheimer earlier today while in London visiting the set of a really big Disney film that we can't talk much about ... yet"

Perhaps Disney/Bruckheimer do not want to build up the suspense too early...

"We'll have so much more from London and from this "really giganto Disney film" at a later date. (And trust me, you will definitely want to read that story.)"

Doesn´t that sound promising....:-)))

Anonymous said...

Yes it does sound promising gabanna, thanks fro the link!

I'm wondering to if Disney either puled that ET segment or it is being edited because maybe too much was revealed?

josie said...

Oops sorry, that was me, didn't have my coffe yet!

sag actor said...

And don't forget that the blogger also interviewed Ben and Gemma as well, so if there is any editing to do, it wil be for all 3 interviews.

Giant rabbit said...

Director's cut of Donnie Darko in Blu ray:


Check out the cool art on the cover!

hi everyone- said...

I wish we could get a spy update from the film source on how POP is going, and details from the film set.

If the source is correct Jake is nearly done filming, less then a month

shondra said...

Brothers spy's contact has been pretty spot on, so I think the Dec. 3rd date is a god bet.

This has to be Jake's longest film shoot so far.

extra said...

Reese makes #3 on ET/Parade magazine's favorite stars:


bobbyanna said...

They've been running Four Christmases trailers on TV and it looks like it might be fun. Tho, from the trailers, it looks like Vince Vaughan's is definitely the dominant character. I enjoyed his character in M/M Smith and I thought Wedding Crashers was hysterical...and I'm not an Owen Wilson fan at all.

extra said...

The trailers do look funny bobbyanna, and i'm surprised because those type of films aren't my cup of tea. This type of film usually does well around Thanksgiving, fun and not serious.

shondra said...

God bet=good bet, I need to stop posting so early in the morning!

The trailers do look funny, they showed it during Soul Men and it got the biggest laughs (Bigger than the laughs from Soul Men unfortunately).

Reese @ #3 is impressive, that was not an online poll.

Have my fingers crossed for Jake's interview on ET on Monday.

paula said...

I liked Vaughn in the Wedding crashers too. Four Christmases looks like a check your brains at the door movie, but I may be in the mood for that after Thanksgiving!

Bette said...

Check your brains at the door movies are my favorite Paula! I read the script for Four Christmases, and it actually has a cute surprise ending I didn't anticipate. Maybe I'm just a sucker, but I think there are some real laugh out loud moments in it. And I didn't expect to like Wedding Crashers, but I really did.

chica said...

It does sound like a check your brains at the door movie, but I read a few reviews from some people that saw a screening and you are right bette the ending is a surprise.

Al this talk about holiday movies makes me realize that they have snuck up on me again!

Anonymous said...

Reese is in the UK.

Anonymous said...

i wouldnt be surpised if reese is in london its been 2 weeks since jake was in la and they dont do more than2 weeks with out seeing one another

Anonymous said...

i meant to say they dont seem to go more than 2 weeks without seeing each other imo

UltraViolet said...

Unclear if Jake and Renee Z were together or if the person saw them separately:

I also got to hang out with my friends, east curry on Brick lane and sit next to Renée Zellweger and Jake Gyllenhaal while eating breakfast. It was great.

sheba baby said...

If Reese is in London than it was for the usual weekend visit, she is a presenter at the CMA awards on the 12th, that's this Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the blogger mistook Reese for Renee?.

agent_krycek said...

Perhaps the blogger mistook Reese for Renee?.

That was my initial thought as well

sheba baby said...

I doubt it, they look nothing alike besides Reese is pretty recognizable.

It is hard to tell if they saw them seperately or together, thanks for the link UV!

extra said...

On one hand there is the age and height difference: Renee is 39 and is 5'5 and IMO they look nothing alike, i would say that it was Renee, I think she and Reese are friends.

And on the other hand, Renee is filming a movie right now in Kansas and Louisiana with Forrest Whitiker, but she could be on a break right now.

Not saying that Reese isn't in the UK, she probably is but it's quite possible Jake was having breakfast with Renee who also happens to be friends with Reese.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was old information from when Renee was promoting Leatherheads in London, or maybe the blogger got the names mixed up.

FluorescentLamp said...

I'm going with he got them mixed up. He's not an American, nor is he even a Brit. He might not be up on his American actors.

agent_krycek said...

I just want to point out the huge unfairness of someone visiting from flipping Sweden gets to sit next to Jake in London, I bloody live here and did I find myself standing next to him in Waterstones on Oxford Street on Saturday, did I heck as like, was he in Molly Mogs having a swift pint when I was, was he hell. Seriously Jake, you and me will be having words soon!

My entire celeb sightings from last week comprised a plumb camp hairdresser from a rubbish reality tv show of about 4 years ago, who's name I can't remember :-(

FluorescentLamp said...

God bless his ambiguous writing style.

For all we know he could have sat next to Renee Z. while eating curry in Brick Lane and then at another time sat next to Jake while eating breakfast someplace.

Or while he was eating curry, Jake and Renee/Reese were sitting next to him having breakfast.

Or ...

Anonymous said...

People's Choice Award Nominations Announced
Jake and Reese on the list

Anonymous said...

That blogger does not make much sense, was Jake with Renee or did she see them at different times?. was it at the weekend (don't think it was) or some other time?, did she mean Reese and not Renee?, questions questions.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Tracy Morgan comments on Nailed, I had no idea the film was shut down SEVEN times??!!:

You’re working on the movie Nailed with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel. It had a pretty rough shoot. There were reports it was shut down. Yeah, it was one of those things, man. Unprecedented. The movie was shut down seven times. But it was incredible.


I just hope we get to see it in 2009 and that all the problems were settled.

Thanks for the sighting/link UV. It does sound like the were spotted at the same time and he may have mixed up the actresses but there is no time frame. Was it this past weekend? Earlier?

Monica said...

Good night, babblers!
Anon, thanks for the information about People's Choice! I already voted!:)

UV, thanks for the sighting!

chica said...

Well I didn't have to sit through the crapfest aka ET again to find out if Jake was on tonight because he wasn't on. The teasers were all about Pres. elect Obama at the White House, Palin, etc., which I already caught earlier on MSNBC.

I wonder if the segment was pulled because Disney looked at it and decided that it gave away too much? I remember last year they had a segment on Rendition with Jake that they promoted but they never aired.

Thanks for the sighting and the People's choice news!

Monica said...

Perhaps Disney has resolved to wait a little longer to launch any official image of POP.

Anonymous said...

yea i think disney didnt want it shown yet i thought it was a little too early to be showing any interviews or film clips i think they would at least wait till they are done filming or closer to a the release date

sag actor said...

Just a moment to remember and thank all the men and women that have served this country today, Veteran's Day.

Thank you.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, sag actor. I was 14 when a cousin I adored was killed in Vietnam. He was 20.

Somewhere out there this morning I saw a picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal attending a benefit at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC)last night for Baz Luhrmann and she looked gorgeous!

Short black dress, silver fur vest. Her hair looked especially good. She should wear her hair like that more often. I loved the total look. Peter was there too, looking like a very sexy professorial type.

UltraViolet said...

Echoing your sentiments, SAG and Bobbyanna.

Except on Maggie and Peter. Eek. They both look awful - IMO.

Maybe Jake will emerge and set the Gyllenhaals right in my mind's eye :)

bobbyanna said...

But didn't you like her hair at least? The fur did look a bit matted....

Peter has a beard for the play he's doing. He looks very...Chekov.

bobbyanna said...

I loved her shoes, too. And Peter's tie. :) :) :)

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, I know Peter's beard is for the play. But I'm one of the apparently few people who doesn't find him sexy. Or the world's greatest actor.

I mean, he's good, I know that. Just not as good as everyone says he is, IMO.

And honestly, I couldn't get past the hideous fur vest to even look at Maggie's hair.

I'm trying to think of something nice to say...

I'll get back to you ;)

Anonymous said...

But I'm one of the apparently few people who doesn't find him sexy. Or the world's greatest actor.

I am one of the few who agree with you UV.

sheba baby said...

These are the pictures that are floating around the net of Maggie and Peter:


I like Maggie's shoes and her hair, but that's it. The fur fake or real is fugly, it looks like a pelt that she threw on and belted, it does nothing for her. I usally like her style but not here.

I know the beard on Peter is for the play he is doing but it's really taken over his face. He is an ok actor and is getting great reviews for the play but IMO he is ok, a nice supporting actor.

Agreeing with your sentiments sag actor. Let's not forget not only on this day but everyday.

bobbyanna said...

OK. Peter's definitely not the Second Coming...but I really do like his acting. I think he's a fine character actor. I won't watch Boys Don't Cry, but I liked him very much in Shattered Glass and in Jarhead.
I think his characters are interesting, and I usually associate his being in a film with it's being of good quality. So far, I've enjoyed everything I've seen. But I can understand if someone wouldn't.

I think of him as a kind bohemian, intellectual, artsy type...like if he'd been alive in the 30's he'd have been a radical leftie artiste. :)

I saw Peter in person at TIFF and he's a very good looking guy... IMO. Even sexy in a very non-traditional way.

Of course Jake isn't part of that equation, bcz no one looks as good as Jake in real life...except Jake...who is indescribable.

UltraViolet said...

I think we've had this discussion before, Bobbyanna! I was not a fan of Peter's performance in Jarhead, and it was praised to the nines. That's the one that irritates me.

I did like him a lot in Shattered Glass. And I do like his voice and his sarcastic sense of humor. I think it would be fun to have a drink with him!

Narcissa said...

Arrrggghhhhh! Love Maggie's killer heels but definitely not the rest of the outfit, esp not the fur.... thing.

UltraViolet said...

New post, finally :)