Friday, August 22, 2008

Other people's cars

My car has been quite unwell recently. While I wait for it to be made whole again I drive someone else's car (a rental).

To cheer me up during this stressful time I thought I'd post pictures of Jake driving someone else's car.

Okay, I feel a little bit better now.

Pictures from IHJ.


Lemon said...

A hot man and cars...this is my heaven. Thank you oh so much ;)

Agent_K, as embarrassing as Boris is, I'm extremely proud that we get to host the Olympics next. I shall be watching the closing ceremony with the keenest of interest...and praying that Boris doesn't mess it up.

chica said...

I would like to be sitting next to Jake in car #1 please!!!

To pick up on a post in the previous thread regarding Pop in 3-D: I can see Disney thinking about that since it's based on a video game, not a fan of it though.

agent_krycek said...

Lemon, don't get me wrong, I'm increadibly excited about the Olympics (and will sell a kidney to get tickets to the velodrome!), it's just you know Boris is going to do something that makes you want the ground to swallow him up.

That first photo is one of my long standing favourites :D

Narcissa said...

Does anyone remember (silly question!) the pic of Jake draped over the bonnet of a car with a CFM look? It's silly but I like it. :)

Lemon said...

Agent_k, we need to formulate a plan that involves the disappearance of Boris and us getting tickets to London 2012 ;)

UltraViolet said...

A new post - yay! Hot cars - yay! Car troubles - boo!

Glad this made you feel a little better, FL!

Narcissa, I love those shots and could have sworn we got bigger versions of them. But the non-HQ shots are here. I love that whole shoot. Jake lying in the road is one of my all-time favorites.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, here are some of the bigger ones, but not the pictures where Jake's leaning on the car. Sorry!

About the Olympcs: There's been so much talk about how embarrassing Boris Johnson will be that now I want to watch ;)

bobbyanna said...

"Does anyone remember (silly question!) the pic of Jake draped over the bonnet of a car with a CFM look? It's silly but I like it. :)"

narcissa, whenever Jake has a CFM look it's not silly at all, fear not!

On the last picture,he's shooting a scene and starts clowning around, right? It's from a movie?
Not a pap shot, ...right?

FluorescentLamp said...

On the last picture,he's shooting a scene and starts clowning around, right? It's from a movie?
Not a pap shot, ...right?

That's correct, bobbyanna. It's from the IHJ screencaps of the Zodiac extras - I believe the 3 second scene showing Jake sitting in traffic sketching in his sketchbook but which evidently took about 6,000 takes for Jake to toss the sketchbook just so on the passenger seat next to him. Ohhhh that crazy Fincher.

sheba baby said...

Hot cars and a hot man!!!

That's my favorite Jake shoot UV!

brothers spy said...

Hey all, I just got a cool little surprise from my source in my inbox.

So here's the new Prince of Persia update...

First off, there is no new word regarding England and when they begin filming there. There's talk that they may begin filming in September, or they may just be setting up, no one really knows. So that's all still up in the air and very much subject to change.

It's been VERY HOT in Morocco. My source says 49 degrees today (i'm not sure what that is in farenheit). Everyone is sweating their asses off, which makes the fact that, on most days, they film long hours unbearable at times.

Jake DOES speak in a British accent, even when he's not filming. He spends time chatting with the crew, most of whom are from England, and they say his accent is good and very natural. So natural that they forget he's American sometimes.

There will be "parcour" (i'm not sure about the spelling) and other very physical type of stunts --- jumping off walls, walking on walls and flips, etc. Jake does some of his own stunts, but does have a double.

The crew and cast all seem to get along well. Yes, you have to call Ben Kingsley "Sir Ben Kingsley" and Jake does as well calling him simply, "Sir Ben." But Ben Kingsley isn't a prima donna or anything, and is actually very nice, according to my source.

Today (August 22) is the last day for filming the battle sequence (Alamut). They have tomorrow off and will begin the final phase of production in Morocco on Sunday night. Most of the crew is already en route to Ouarzazate (Ait Ben Haddon) as I write this. Jake, and the rest of the cast, will leave either tonight or tomorrow morning. The end is in sight and everyone is very grateful for that given some of the harsh conditions and long hours they've endured.

Jake has next weekend off completely (August 29 to September 1). He has at least three days off, maybe four. I don't have any definite information, but I suspect he may fly back to the US that weekend. A possible Labor Day rendez-vous on Martha's Vineyard? Meeting each other half way possibly? If I were you guys, i'd keep my eyes open to that possibility. My hunches have been pretty good so far in this regard.

Finally, I admit I broke my rule and asked about Reese. My source didn't know very much, and didn't meet her, but others said she was nice. She was there for a week (as we already knew) and she and Jake were at some hotel for half that time. When he returned back for filming, while she was there, he would only film his scenes and then go back to her. She stayed in the production offices while he filmed and, according to my guy, Jake wasn't really around that week (typically he hangs out with the cast and crew). He and Reese basically sequestered themselves, first at the hotel and then at his apartment there.

That's all I got. I'll probably be back later. If not, have a good weekend.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, brother's spy! You're a star. And so is your source! Good stuff there. And actually coincides with the little new info I've received about Jake's co-star's filming/finishing schedule.

brothers spy said...


What did your source tell you?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks bs!!Love to hear that Jake is "in" accent when not filming, practice makes perfect!

It sounds brutally hot there, I know they can't wait to finish shooting there. If they start filming in the UK in September I would think that they would give cast and crew at least a few weeks to recover from the shoot in Morocco.

Glad to hear that the crew that met Reese said that she was nice. Hope he gets a chance to stop back in the States for a bit.

Love the car/Jake theme, he looks yummy in all the pics!

brothers spy said...

nancy pelosi,

I totally agree. I get the impression that they don't know what to do yet in England, they're just focused on finishing in Morocco.

Given the heat, long hours and many work days (after all, since they started filming Jake has had a whole 5 days off --- including tomorrow, which is a moving day) that's an average of working 6 days per week. 14 to 16 hour work days times 6 is like 90 hours per week. Imagine working 90 hours per week in that kind of heat.

My guess is they'll give everyone some time to recover.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll meet in Spain or France. I say that bcz it's a short trip for Jake, and Reese could be enroute while he is finishing up. Maximum togetherness.
If he flies back here after he finishes work, that's a whole day's worth of flying, and less togetherness. Love it that when she was around, he'd do his scenes then split. Clearly, they have a "thing" for togetherness.;)

Anonymous said...

Jake DOES speak in a British accent, even when he's not filming. He spends time chatting with the crew, most of whom are from England, and they say his accent is good and very natural. So natural that they forget he's American sometimes.

Glad to hear it - he seems to be more than meeting any and all challenges this role presents, which is great. Sigh. It would be nice if they could be on the Vineyard, sailing, swimming, sunning, etc. ;)

get real said...

Wow, thanks for all that info, BSpy!! Really appreciate it. Sounds like things are going very well with Jake keeping up his English accent, doing some stunts, etc. Very nice to hear. I hope he gets all the time off he can, sounds like he (and the whole cast and crew) have been working their butts off.

Just am curious, BSpy, you said before that your source wasn't a fan of Jake. Have they come around at all having spent time with him, seen him work? Were they just not a fan of his acting or did they not like him?

Jake and cars....yeah, baby! ;p

Monica said...

Hello everyone!
UAU! Jake is so hot in the first picture!
FL, I hope that your car is better!

Reese will come to Brazil on 28, according to information that site


The missions of Reese in Sao Paulo
The actress Reese Witherspoon, the largest cache of Hollywood (U.S. $ 20 million per film), will come to Sao Paulo at the end of the month to commemorate the two years of approval of Law Maria da Penha, which defends women from domestic violence. On 28, she will make a pronouncement on the rights women. Famous for its role in the comedy Legally Loira, a girl of 32 years guaranteed their rights to such travel. It comes one day before the city, hosts in a five-star hotel and wants to get out for shopping. You made two demands: riding a helicopter and no word on his dating with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Monica said...

Correcting: it is not Legally Loira, but Legally Blonde!

Unfortunately I do not live in the city of Sao Paulo!

UltraViolet said...

I forgot to say earlier - Yay for a new post, too!

And thanks for that great report, Brothers Spy. Love the accent info. And it's good to get a little glimpse into what happened when Reese was there. Thanks for breaking your rule to ask :)

I'm curious about what Get Real asked also, re: your source's opinion on Jake.

With the paucity of news and pics, we are so lucky to get this info from you and your source.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Monica, I was going to ask if you lived close enough to check Reese out. Reese is having a well-traveled year. She needs to visit Australia and Antarctica for a continental sweep!

brothers spy said...


What a great find, well done.

Then I guess Anon may be right, she'll probably just meet Jake in Europe or again in Morocco because she'll be flying abroad just prior to that weekend (it's obvious that Ryan will have the kids that very week).

Her responsibilities for Avon have typically lasted one or two days in the past. That would give her the same weekend off as Jake.

Hey UV/FL, I think this may be another Gyllenbabble exclusive here.


My source initially didn't like Jake. Like some of the fanboys, he couldn't picture Jake as the Prince. He still finds Jake kind of "nerdy" which I find very funny. But he's definitely warming to him and he is convinced the film will be a huge hit. He always mentions how awesome filming this scene was or that scene. (I tend to leave out some of the scenes he tells me about filming to avoid spoilers, with the exception of that little report I wrote on the spoilers board).

He says Jake is a true Prince, both on and off camera. He's been impressed with his acting.

FluorescentLamp said...


What did your source tell you?

Just that Jake's co-star's part in Morocco ends today, back home to the UK this weekend. That's all I got.

She needs to visit Australia and Antarctica for a continental sweep!

There's still time!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh and thank you, Monica for inquiring after my car. It's better. Not as spry as she was when she was a new thing, but then none of us are.

suvee said...

Wonderful PoP update, BSpy. Like many others, I am so grateful to you (and your source) for providing us with much needed info...... it really makes the scarcity of Jake news and pics tolerable. Thank you!

I can't decide which made me happier to hear.... that the British crew sometimes forgets he's an American, or that he and Reese "sequestered" themselves when he wasn't filming (sigh). But I especially loved this:

He says Jake is a true Prince, both on and off camera.

Cool news about Reese going to Brazil.... many thanks Monica for sharing it with us.

Loving all the "exclusives" here at GB!

lawgoddess said...

"a true prince." Aww!

The prince of our hearts, for sure.

get real said...

Brothers Spy, thank you so much for answering my question. Wow, that is huge to hear your source has come to appreciate Jake and call him a "prince both on and off camera"!!! Not to mention what Suvee said about the British cast forgetting that Jake is American with his English accent. All awesome news.

Monica, thank you for that Reese info. Makes a romantic European meet up for J&R very possible! :)

FL, thank you for your sources and sorry to hear your car is not doing well. Hope it gets fixed and back in working condition for you very soon.

Btw, I call the Jake/Abbie working together on the Moon movie BS.

Thanks to everyone here... all this news is putting a huge smile on my face. :D

Have a great weekend.

bobbyanna said...


BSpy you are just amazing. No other words! I love your reports. Thank you!!!

And Thank you, Monica! I agree, tho. Unless Jake is getting more time off then we know of, Reese will probably "stop off" in Brazil, then head for a heat-seeking missile !!! ;)

Gyllenbabble rocks!

josie said...

Thanks for your latest update bs, you rock and so does this blog!!!

So happy to hear that your source has come around regarding Jake and yes he is a prince!

And thaks for the tdbit on Reese monica, Brazil on the 28th?? Yeah a meet up sounds about right.

verdeblusm said...

Due the lack of J&R pics I have time to think and I made two speculations:
1)From march 2007 they were spotted often leaving a Medical Center in Beverly Hills: for my thought they attended to a psychologist or a family consultant, because they wanted to find the better way to prepare Reese children to their history (and Ryan & Abby history).
2)I think there will be an official engagement/secret marriage any day soon from the end of POP ,when Jake will cut his hair (I don’t think they could love wedding photos in POP way even if –personally- I loves Jake in any way) and after Brothers promotion.

I hope not to have made big mistakes in my English(I’m Italian) if so please excuse myself in advance.

agent_krycek said...

verdeblusm - your English was fine, nothing to worry about.

Wow, BS, thanks for the updates, glad Jake's English accent is shaping up so well - I'm imagining a very 'Home Counties' accent - similar to Palthow's in Sliding Doors :D Mind you, Reese has done a very creditable one before in a couple of films - maybe she helped?

agent_krycek said...

My source says 49 degrees today (i'm not sure what that is in farenheit).

Yikes, its 120 degrees :o - Being British (and of Scottish extraction) I can't even contemplate such hotness

bobbyanna said...

I hope Jake is taking very good care of himself in all that heat. That is no joke!!!

I'd forgotten, Agent K, but you're right. Reese did Vanity Fair, with the divine James Purefoy,...which I really liked...and The Importance of Being Earnest, with the divine Colin Firth, which I also liked a lot!

shondra said...

Thanks bs for your update, this is the place to visit for Pop updates/news, you have been great!

Forgot about Reese and Vanity fair, i'm sure she gave Jake some pointers.

office of nancy pelosi said...

OT: Obama/Biden in '08. Meh.

And yes I was naive/hopeful enough to hope for Obama/Clinton.

brothers spy said...

Nancy Pelosi,

I think Obama-Biden will be good, but I was hoping for Obama-Clinton as well. I think it would have been the strongest ticket. I think Obama let personal feelings get in the way of making a sound decision here. That's all i'm going to say about that.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday...

With my new update yesterday I had some news that had slipped my mind. On the Academy Award prediction site The Awards Circuit, Brothers has improved its standing and is now 15-20. There seems to be some buzz for Tobey Maguire as well (do you guys see how far a little bit of publicity will go?).

Also, according to Nikke Finke today, MGM is up for sale. I wonder if that might have something to do with the complete inept marketing of this film so far.

I'm beginning to fear that MGM may just push it back a couple of months. This is beginning to remind me of Zodiac. That was a brilliant film whose box office and awards consideration was undermined by idiotic decisions made by its studio (I think most people would agree with that). I really hope that Brothers won't share the same fate.

suvee said...

Premiere magazine (which only exists now online) just added their Fall 2008 Movie Preview. They feature 51 movies..... no mention of Brothers at all. Bad sign, I think.

paula said...

Love the first picture of Jake in the car, he looks so sexy!

Savoring all of the updates from bs, thanks so much and glad to hear that his accent is impressing his co-stars. Thanks for the tidbits about Reese on set too, and to monica about her trip to Brazil next week.

Agree on the Obama/Biden ticket nancy, a double meh from me, sigh.

The lack of buzz for Brothers is distressing and the non-mention from Premiere is not a good sign like you said suvee.

I think you may be right bs about the MGM scenerio, and I remember the realy bad marketing of Zodiac.

bobbyanna said...

OONP, I thought nothing could be worse then Bush/Cheney and what their actions and policies have done to us all, especially in the USA.

But the thought of John McCain actually getting elected President of the United States, that such a thing is possible, scares me to death.

Biden will do. After 35 years, he knows how to navigate his way thru Congress, and the State and Defense Departments. He served as Chairman of Judiciary for years before Foreign Relations, so he'll have an eye on the federal courts and the Department of Justice. We have to win this. We just have to.

I feel very bad for Hillary. And that's all I will say.I think Hillary was not well served by her inner circle, her closest advisors. All of them failed her. Atlantic Monthly magazine had a very interesting analysis of her campaign and it made me feel bad.

I sure hope Brothers doesn't get screwed because of MGM! That sounds like it could be a real mess. Thanks for the heads up, BSpy! I remember what a time they had trying to market Candy, Heath's movie. Think Films. Sound familiar?

With Zodiac, Paramount didn't budget suficient marketing dollars for Zodiac, electing to pour a bundle of money into Dreamgirls with an eye towards the Oscar race.

Fincher decided the film "wasn't ready yet" with the expectation of more money to do better marketing after the first of the year. Hah!

I just have to believe the combined clout of Toby, Natalie and Jake, along with James Sheridan, will shake things loose.

Anonymous said...

Posted on August 23, 2008

Reese rides
The American actress Reese Witherspoon could buy any number of ranches in her native California, but these days the Legally Blonde star is doing her riding in London's Hyde Park.

Mandrake hears that she recently booked in there for riding lessons with her two children Ava, eight, and Deacon, four.

"She booked under her own name and it was all very low-key," Richard Briggs, the owner of Hyde Park Stables, tells me.

"I understand they had a very good ride but no one really recognised her. I was only told about it the following day."

Miss Witherspoon, 32, isn't the only person of note frequenting the stables, however.

"We have a member of the Government who is a regular at the moment, too, but I am sworn to secrecy about his identity," Briggs adds.

Funny, isn't it, how keen members of the Governement seem to be to keep low profiles these days?

Anonymous said...

That sighting is from here:

Since Ava rides I believe that she did book the stable for a ride but how old is this? She and the kids were in the UK with Jake at the end of June so this sighting is around 2 months old.

brothers spy said...

They were actually in England together in early July (Ava was in school until late June and she and Deacon were staying with Ryan for that last week while Reese was in England --- Reese and Ryan have a 50-50 custody arrangement during the summer), but yes it seems like an older sighting.

The story seems to be about the stables though and not about Reese per se. They only seem to mention that she had been there "recently." Just like the "member from the government" had been. I don't think they are trying to announce a scoop, only advertising this horse stable.

Ava's been taking horse riding lessons in America since last year, so it doesn't surprise me that she would take them in England as well, while she was there.

agent_krycek said...

Hyde Park's lovely for horse riding, and fairly massive as well.

*Goes back to preparing to die of embarrassment at the handover - seriously, a London bus, David flaming Beckham booting balls into the crowd and Boris Johnson*

office of nancy pelosi said...

Even though I still feel that Clinton was the stronger choice for VP, I feel a little better after watching the rally in Ill yesterday.

Reaaly good article srom Salon:

Joe Biden steps up for Obama
The energized vice-presidential candidate uses Saturday's rally to chain John McCain to George W. Bush and propel the Democratic ticket toward the convention.

agent_krycek said...

Well, that was even worse then I was expecting - and Boris was the least embarrasing bit of it :o

FluorescentLamp said...

Awwww, A_K, you make me feel bad that America probably won't get to see your trainwreck. What I've read is we're going to get a couple of 8 minute clips from/about London during the Beijing closing ceremonies tonight (we have to wait until 7pm to see the show).

extra said...

Love this post! The 1st picture is from my favorite Jake shoot.

Thanks for the Pop updates bs!!!

I wonder if Reese's name mentioned in this article means that she will be at the Democratic convention this week on her way to Brazil maybe? Thanks for that find monica:

democratic national convention

Things to do in Denver when you're Dem
How to get the most out of the Mile High City:

Avant-garde artist D.J. Spooky picked up some old-school garb at Rockmount Ranch Wear. He headlines a free concert tonight. . . . Haircut candidates for Denver's über-salon Antoine Du Chez: Barbara Boxer, Judy Wood ruff and Reese Witherspoon. Stylists with Octavio Molina and Todd Putman are the cutters.

sass said...

Afternoon babblers:)
UV, I hope your car gets well soon:)
I'm loving this post..hothothot Jake...*whew*...and I'm looking forward to closing ceremonies and passing the torch to my fellow UK babblers:)
And as excited as I am about Obama/Biden, Hillary's primary run, and the Democrats reclaiming the WH, I don't like the way Hillary was served by anyone. How dare them tell her to stop campaigning. I've been around since John F. Kennedy's time and I have never heard of a candidate being told by their party members to step aside.

Narcissa said...

new Reese photoshoot

Love the full length shots in the black dress.

Narcissa said...

Blogger claims to have snapped Reese

Dunno about Reese, but that definitely does look like Atticus!

Anonymous said...

Just saw that narcissa, and that is definitely Atticus and Reese.

chica said...

Yeah, that's Reese and Atticus, nice to see him taken well care of while daddy is away!

suvee said...

Help, please! Why do I get an "error" for both the Reese links? I really want to see Atticus..... it's been a while.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

try here

suvee said...

Got it! Thanks so much, anon(s)..... appreciate the help!

extra said...

More pics of Reese and atticus here:

FluorescentLamp said...

Links made easy.

Blogger who took cell phone pics of Reese and Atticus

HipCelebrity Blog with Splash pics of Reese and Atticus, same day as above

More Reese and Atticus

shondra said...

I always love seeing pics of Reese walking Atticus, thanks!

petlover said...

Is that a little bit of grey in Atticus' coat? Anyone know how old Jake's dog is? I guess I'm just thinking/worried...Jake's had so much loss lately that I hope his dog will be around for him for a long time yet.

Anonymous said...

I know that Atticus, goes back to the days of Kristen and Jar Head

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the links, FL. I had the same problem as suvee. Couldn't access them at first.

I think Jake rescued Atticus from an animal shelter, and you're right, he had Atticus when he was with Kirsten, so I'm thinking Atticus has to be around 8 years old?

brothers spy said...

Any of you guys watch the HBO series "Generation Kill?"

Well, at the end of every episode they don't have music or anything during the credits, instead they have marines talking frankly about things.

Well tonight they aired the final episode, and they had a marine mocking how people thank him for "keeping them safe," etc. Then he went off on a tangent about how people are now safe to go on "not giving a f@ck." Then he said how people are obsessed with "US Weekly" and "People Magazine" because they want to know important stuff like, "what Jake Gyllenhaal did last Tuesday."

I thought that was funny.

If any of you have HBO they'll probably be running the episode all week. It's at the very end, during the credits.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - that's a funny Generation Kill tidbit, Brothers Spy. I've been meaning to watch that, since Lee Tergesen is in it. My Beecher/Keller devotion makes me watch anything LT is in. I just plain love Christopher Meloni, as a side note.)

And I love seeing pics of Reese with Atticus. It makes me smile and smile.

In non-smiley news, the LA Times has an article about ThinkFilm and David Bergstein. The guy has made a lot of people unhappy.

It's unclear what the Nailed situation is, though there is a mention of new marketing money coming into the company.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to add a big old "meh" to the Biden announcement. Even though I knew it wasn't going to be Hillary, I still hoped!

In other voting news, Hello is still running that monthly poll and somehow, Colin Firth has pulled ahead. Despite my love for CF, I suspect foul play!

Helena said...

I'm not trying to rain on anybodies parade but I gotta say I find it a bit disrespectful to ask about reese. Brother spy I'm glad you asked about shooting and all but asking about his personal life is going too far. I know I'm the only person that feels this way and thats fine. This site is here so you all can endlessly speculate about what is going on with them. Did you really need someone to confirm what you all already knew. I gotta say I have lost some respect for this place and some of you posters. I just though you were better than that I guess not.

helena said...

one other thing a lot of you sit here and complain or feel bad for the two of them whenever the stalkarrazzi are around invading their privacy when basically you guys are no better. Only difference is your not apart of the mainstream media just some random site. So I don't wanna hear any complaints the next time these paparazzi get a bit to close and all in their business cause well yo all do the same thing.

enigma said...

Sheesh, preaching much?

Cute pictures of Reese and Atticus.

sheba baby said...

Thanks so much for your and "concerns" helena, and for the record the info about J&R was nothing new, just the hanging out in the production office which I thought anyway since he was filming.

Love the pics of Reese and Atticus and a double meh from me regarding Obama/Biden as well, hopefully that will change for me after the convention.

bobbyanna said...

I wasn't real thrilled about Biden. For a few fleeting days I actually entertained the possibility of Hillary. But in my gut I knew it wasn't gonna happen.

Especially after Bill's Rwanda remarks. I think that was a signal that he knew it wasn't going to happen. If his wife were going to be on the ticket, I think he'd have responded differently then he did.

I really wanted a "Wow!" but that might also be partly because I let myself get swept up in all the hype. When I looked at the alternatives: Evan Bayh or Governor Kaine, I sort of prepared for Biden. I thought he gave a good speech Saturday, but the "Wow!" just wasn't there. Now, I just want them to win this thing. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

chica said...

Thanks for the link to the L.A. times article UV, I just hope Nailed gets to see the light of day.

Same here with the lack of "wow" bobbyanna regarding Biden, I was too hoping for Clinton as well.

UltraViolet said...

Video of Reese and Atticus

Don't look, Helena!

agent_krycek said...

I love Atticus's ears, they never fail to make me smile :D

UltraViolet said...

I know, A-K! Atticus is just cool.

Sorry to hear you were embarrassed by the Beijing to London proceedings. But you guys have four years to come up with something cool :)

brothers spy said...

Get a grip helena.

I just asked if he (my source) met Reese while she was there. That was literally all I asked. 99% of the things I asked had nothing to do with her, and likewise with 100% of the things I asked in other emails.

No one was offended, and he was kidding around with me about it.

I don't think I did anything inappropriate and will continue to use personal discretion about such matters when I see fit.

Thanks for your concern.

UltraViolet said...

Brothers Spy, we all know you didn't do anything wrong or ask anything inappropriate. Helena's self-righteous indignation would be more compelling if:

A. We'd ever heard from her before.
B. She spread it around to other places where discussions of Jake go far beyond merely inappropriate.
C. She weren't a troll.

Most of us are grateful for your reports from the source. Those who aren't can stop reading anytime!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you wrote UV.


Anonymous said...

I really don't think Brothers will be released on the 4th Dec, it's not so much as there are no pics of a trailer, Reese's Four Christmas's only has 1 pic and no trailer yet,but it is not on any of the fall season films to watch on various sites.

Anonymous said...

quick question

Is this Jakes last week or 2 in Morocco??

UltraViolet said...

We think this is Jake's last week in Morocco, anon.

Splash has an Atticus retrospective. If you go to the home page, they have pics of Reese/Atticus and Kirsten/atticus next to one another, lol.

I just said to FL, "I wonder if Kirsten ever sees these pictures and thinks, 'That's MY dog!'"

I don't know who the blonde friend is in the pics. But that set on IHJ includes this old favorite. As well as this one, which deserves some captions!

UltraViolet said...

That last link for the captionable pic didn't work. Here you go!

These great Jake/Atticus pics make me want to see Jake again!

brothers spy said...

Actually UV,

I think next week is his last. They will be filming up until September 11th or 12th, but Jake is scheduled to film until the 5th or so. He seems to have this weekend off though which will be a nice respite for him.

Of course things are subject to change, but that was the initial plan.

Monica said...

So much information! OMG

I was so happy to see the photos of Atticus with Reese!
It was to miss that dog!!
Reese love this dog!
Uv, the link with the video will not open!

BS, forgot to thank all their information on POP. Thank you!
I am crazy to see Jake in action!
Do not worry. You have not offended anyone!

All the news about the brothers left me a little sad. Even so, I hope that it will be a good movie!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the Atticus/Jake link UV.It occurs to me, Jake and Atticus are very ...sympatico...they have similar...somethings. There's an "attitude" they share.
Never mind.

office of nancy pelosi said...

OT: I hope that everyone if you can are watching day one of the DNC, Caroline Kennedy is speaking now talking about her uncle.

get real said...

Wow, what an incredible speech by Ted Kennedy. Bless him, he sure gave his all...I'm still tearing up...

bobbyanna said...

I agree!!!! I'm all teary-eyed, too. What an amazing person! The short film of Teddy's career was so impressive. He has passed so much really important legislation! I love Caroline. I keep switching between C-Span and MSNBC.

bobbyanna said...

Just finished watching Michelle Obama. What a beautiful speech, it sounded poetic at certain points; and a wonderful tribute to her parents. I thought she did a tremendous job!
Going to bed. I'm speeched out!!!

UltraViolet said...

Yay - we haven't had one of these for a while. A Jake sighting in Marrakech:

Major highlight of the trip so far: I saw Jake Gyllenhall!! He was entering Jardin Majorelle as we were leaving. He's been filming in Morocco and is looking very, ahem, hot.

And from a reply:

You look too cute. And I just bought those sandals (I think, if they are the birkenstock sparta). And I saw Jake too, at a coffee shop with Reese. Yep, first name basis. Ha! Continue having a great vacation!

UltraViolet said...

I loved Michelle Obama's speech. Very moving. And very well done. I like her a lot.

I teared up, which I didn't need, since I was crying like Maria Shriver during Teddy's speech.

Also, from my post above: Jardin Majorelle.

lawgoddess said...

Jardin Majorelle looks lovely, although the translation of the web page is kind of funny.

"very, ahem, hot" Uh-huh!

I miss Jake, I really need some new photos. (whines). How can he be a "consoling" factor in my life if he's never around?

Just kidding ( I think).

UltraViolet said...

Hee, LGB. The translation is just a notch above babel fish quality!

Oh, and belted thanks, Brothers Spy, for correcting the info about Jake's work schedule.

Any left coasters or mountain zoners interested can watch Tracey Morgan on Letterman. He mentions working on Nailed with Jake, and tells a little anecdote about James Caan.

Tracey's his usual wacky, sometimes incomprehensible self. I'd love to know how/if he and Jake got along.

UltraViolet said...

Keep forgetting - Monica, the link works for me. Try again and let me know if it still doesn't work.

agent_krycek said...

Sorry to hear you were embarrassed by the Beijing to London proceedings. But you guys have four years to come up with something cool :)

I'm looking on the brightside, instead of Leona Lewis it could have been Amy Winehouse and the world would have been treated to 8 minutes of her babbling on about her poor imprisoned Blakey, and then her falling off the bus :D

And Brothers Spy, you didn't do anything inappropriate, you asked a very general question about Reese visiting - all your info is much appreciated and welcome

office of nancy pelosi said...

What an amazng tribute to Ted Kennedy last nigbt at the DNC.

Loved Michele's speech, a lot of people really don't know too much about her and this was an excellent introduction.

Was not impressed with my boss Nancy's speech but Dean was on fire!!!

Thanks for that sighting UV, that looks like an incredible museum he was at. I asume the J&R sighting was when she was there the week of the 8/11.

Paula said...

Maggie at the Democratic Convention:

chica said...

Michel Obama, behind the scenes video:

bobbyanna said...

OONP,....I saw it, and was too bad. I mostly blame the speech writers. That speech read like a Congressional resolution. She looked good! She has a very demanding job. I enjoyed seeing her backstory.

I'm enjoying the convention on C-span.No adverts, and no bloviating by pundits, who "interpret" what the speakers "meant" for you. I switch back to MSNBC now and then.

The video of Jimmy Carter in New Orleans' 9th Ward, was effective. Katrina should be highlighted. How can anyone in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi support the Republican ticket after what they went through!

Carter focussed on volunteers (from the Democratic Party) and residents working together to clean up, and rebuild housing...bcz the federal gov't hasn't.

Actually, since McCain is so obssessed with celebrity, I'd love to see a real one, like Brad Pitt, cut a commercial about what he is doing in NOLA!

Glad to hear Maggie's in Denver! Bet Naomi is, too!

get real said...

Agree, Michelle Obama's speech was wonderful last night. I was choked up by her and by Teddy K. I watched CNN and ugh they annoyed me so. Unfortunately I missed NP and Dean. Hope tonight kicks into high gear on why we need to get these horrible idiots out of the White House asap!

Thank you for all the great pics and video of Jake and Reese with Atticus! So sweet that he stays with Reese when daddy Jake is away. :) Atticus is a very cool dog and is very loved by his daddy and family.

Great Jake and J&R sightings in Morocco! Hope things are going well there.

Now that Brothers is not at TIFF (very unhappy about that to say the least :() here's hoping things go very well for PoP.

Very glad to hear/see Maggie at the convention. Always apprecited the Gyllenhaal's commitment to politics.

bobbyanna said...

OONP, I meant I saw it and Nancy's speech WAS N'T too bad! ^^

get real, I know what you mean about CNN!!! Ugh! Lately, Anderson is the only one I can stand. I don't even like the pundits they hire...with the exception of Carl Bernstein and Dave Gergen.

BTW: Anyone hear about or see McCain on Leno? Leno was joking about "how many houses do you really have?" and McCain got all serious and started talking about being a POW who had a prison cell not a house, and no table at all let alone a kitchen table! I mean...

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I know bobbyanna, i'm a bit hard on her these days, i had such high hopes for her when she became House speaker, but the blocking of impeachment hearings against Bush really did it.

She has had her moments, and I will still use OONP when posting!
She did look good though and as did Michelle and the girls are adorable.

I really can't stand CNN and prefer C-SPAN.

get real said...

Bobbyanna, Anderson is the only one I can tolerate at this point. He is after all a silver fox. ;)

OONP, I was talking to my dad today and since he can't stand the "commentary" from the other channels he watched the DC coverage on PBS last night. I think I may do that or C-SPAN. I still get upset that NP didn't go through with impeachment hearings but I still like her.

don't know don't care said...

For us from other countries, other party affiliations, or a general apathy toward the political process can we slow down with all the political talk? It's really a drag.

josie said...

Whoa!!! Simmer down anonmouse, you actually sound offended! The political talk is normal with the Convention going on, no harm just scroll past the comments. Thanks for the reminder about PBS get rea, another alternative.

I love how Reese takes care of Atticus while Jake is away. Jake will finis filming in Morocco around 9/5 according to BS, I know he and Reese can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Jake will be taking a break this weekend to I believe, then back to finish in Morocco??

Anonymous said...

There was a report Reese was going to Brazil this week, probably will be back to see Jake over the weekend

UltraViolet said...

All these pictures of George Clooney and Brad Pitt arriving in Venice make me sad that Brothers and Jake aren't there. Boo!

sheba baby said...

I saw those pictures UV and thought the same thing.

Brothers spy speculated that it's possible that Brothers may be pushed back because MGM is up for sale, that would explain the lack of buzz and the no mention of it in EW and other magazines.

I had to go back and read those comments again on the Jake spotting in Morocco blog you linked to.

At 1st I thought one of the commenters said she saw Jake and Reese at a coffee shop in Morocco but then I realized that the sighting was older and in the states, DUH!!!

gabbana said...

Please - drooling over Jake does not mean we are brainless idiots not interested in anything else.

Bobbyanna, Get Real and everyone else don´t stop - I find these political discussions very interesting. Over here in Germany the US presidental elections are also discussed and an important part of the news - most people here are also hoping for a "change".....

Yes, UV the non existing news on "Brothers" are heartbreaking.... and Jake won´t have a movie for the Film Festivals next year either....I created an IMDBPro account but it is disappointing - no news also, the only difference is that they have the Joe Namath project listed....

BTW, MGM is denying the rumours that they are up for selling.

FluorescentLamp said...

I appreciate that this an election year. And I know there isn't much in the way of current Jake news or pics - believe me I know. But when one-off political comments turn into semi-lengthy political discussions on the blog it makes me really uncomfortable.

In a move that surprises even me, I have to somewhat agree with the earlier anon(?)(don't know don't care) poster - there are people who read our blog from other countries, there very well could be people who are from other political affiliations who read our blog, and lastly I'm sure there are those who read our blog who don't care one iota about politics.

Gabbana and others, we'll have to agree to disagree on this point. Thanks for understanding.

UltraViolet said...

I enjoy the political references and discussions. Not everyone does. And there is a real danger of them turning unpleasant. So though I'll miss hearing people's reactions to current events, please leave it outside GB.

We've agreed not to discuss spoilers because I don't want to know them, despite the fact that FL LOVES them. Please do the polite thing and refrain from political discussion here.

get real said...

Sorry guys for being so off topic. I do realize not everyone has the same political feelings or interests. So no more political talk here from me. ;)

As for Jake, have either Brothers Spy or FL heard from their sources about Jake surprising the cast and crew of Pop by crying over a conversation he had that Reese couldn't bring the kids to see him in Morocco. I know it is ridiculous but I am a fan of Howard Stern (I know that is another topic/person many people don't like) and every week he does does a silly gossip game with Mike Walker from the National Enquirer (again stupid rag mag) and he lists four gossip stories and one is fake and the rest are supposedly true. Anyway, this past week Mike did that "story" on Jake (which I only just heard myself) and I was like wtf? So if you have heard anything about that I am curious because it sounds like total bullshit to me. Not surprisingly the NE

If anyone wants to hear the conversation I can post a link.

get real said...

That should be: Not surprisingly the NE claims the story is true. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

i read that article in ne and just had to laugh about it doubt if its true

UltraViolet said...

I'd like the link, please, get real.

We know the NE can get some things right. This doesn't sound like one of those times :)

chica said...

I think I saw that in one of my google alerts get real, I thought it was a joke, LOL!!!

Wasn't Mike Walker the same guy who claimed that Jake and Reese were engaged in January??

I'll miss the political thoughts here but I understand.

gabbana said...

Sorry UV & FL - I understand that political comments might cause some trouble...

The H. Stern story sounds strange- Jake crying in front of cast and crew??

Reminds me of Atticus being the "ring bearer" at the marriage.....:-))

What were the other stories about?

brothers spy said...

Get Real,

That story is totally false.

My guy is in the crew, and like I mentioned in my last update Jake does talk to the crew all the time, and this wasn't mentioned and would have been since we discussed Reese being there, as I had previously stated.

The last time we spoke (my source and I) was on Friday after they finished their last little sequence (or whatever they were doing) and preparing to travel to Ouarzzate (or however it is spelled) for their final bit of filming and Jake, like everyone else, had Saturday off (which explains the sighting of him over the weekend).

They didn't even begin work again until Sunday night and then again yesterday.

I guarantee you that this didn't happen.

chica said...

I found this from a site that archives Howard Stern's shows, i believe that yes he has fallen in love with the kids, but the rest is BS. It wasn't on their site so I assume it's on the stands:

Howard had Mike get to the game so here's how it goes... Each week Mike Walker calls in with four gossip stories. Three of the stories are from his National Enquirer gossip column. One of the stories is false. Everyone tries to pick out the false story. The stories will appear in Mike's gossip column each week after he plays with Howard. Here are this week's stories:

1.Jake Gyllenhaal broke down in tears after speaking to Reese Witherspoon because she wasn't bringing her kids to visit him on the set of Prince of Persia. He's fallen in love with her kids and was upset he wasn't going to see them.

2.Katy Perry got into a cab and heard her song come on the radio so she stated to sing along. The cab driver eventually pulled over and told her to get out.

3.Jenny Garth demanded that she and Shannon Dougherty get paid as much as Tori Spelling in the new 90210 show since Tori used to get more on the old 90210. Jenny put out a press release about the issue and said that she thinks that Tori should be paid the same as she and Shannon.

4.Cher took a shuttle bus to a show she was going to and no one bothered her for an autograph or even recognized her. She later said it was the most fun she had that night.

Howard, Robin and Artie all went for story number 4. Fred and George picked story 2 as the fake one. The actual fake story was number two.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that, chica. It doesn't sound quite as bad, since it doesn't say Jake broke down on the set. I still don't buy it, however. I'm sure Jake knew a Morocco visit from the kids was unlikely.

We need some real news! Or another sighting. Of course, a new picture is always welcome!

get real said...

Thanks for the answer, BSpy. I thought it was complete bs when I heard it and I only paid attention because then Howard made an annoying comment about how he is suspicious of Jake because of stories like this, etc. I love Howard but that kind of crap is ridiculous.

You can download and listen to it here. It is an hour segment but the Gossip Game thing is exactly at the 30 minute mark if you want to fast forward to it.

brothers spy said...

I guess that's actually not as bad as originally mentioned. The "broke down in tears" was probably an exaggeration, but I could see him being upset about it if he's grown close to them. He hasn't seen them in over a month and probably misses them somewhat.

The original story made it seem as if he was going around crying to all the crew members, etc. That's what I found unbelievable.

But, on the flip side, doesn't this suggest that Reese is about to make another visit to Jake in the near future? (I say she's probably en route to Brazil right now or will be soon, and will leave for Morocco after that). Ryan probably has the kids right now for the whole week.

Also, I'm still saying that we have a major Gyllenbabble scoop here, regarding her visiting him next weekend, that the tabloids will probably be two weeks behind in following.

UltraViolet said...

Get real, that does sound like an annoying Howard Stern reaction.

BS, I assume like most tabloid info that this is an old "scoop." So I figured it was about Reese's early August visit.

Reese could very well visit Jake again, but LA -> Brazil ->Morocco is a long way to travel in just a week. With the kids probably in school and with Reese having to be back for that cancer benefit, I'm not sure she'll be traveling all that way again.

If she doesn't go to Brazil, then yeah, I could see Reese going to Morocco again.

get real said...

I guess what I didn't like how it was said and how it made Jake seem "suspicious" for caring about Reese and her kids as if that is not "manly", etc. I guess it gets tiring to see everything Jake supposedly does as being "weak" or something to make fun of by gossips.

You can hear it for yourselves and decide.

UltraViolet said...

I don't need to hear it to agree, GR. The inane/spiteful gossip sites have set the theme: Reese is a controlling bitch; Jake is a whipped wimp. It's warped, outdated thinking. I now you're a fan, but it's the kind of stereotypical view of the world Howard Stern thrives on.

He can be surprisingly progressive, I know. But he also panders to certain outmoded conventions that some of his listeners still hold.

sass said...

Evening babblers,
No politics but had to share that I was teary last night too:)

shondra said...

I think they got the story because they knew that the kids didn't join Reese when she went to Morocco to see Jake, they were all together for London/Paris, so they made up that he was upset that they weren't in Morocco.

Jake could always go to Brazil for the weekend if she is still going, that would be a lot easier IMO.

Narcissa said...

I don't know who Howard Stern is but I doubt the tale. It's one thing for Reese to make the long journey from the West Coast to Morocco, another to take two children, one only 4 years old, for just a few days stay, in the baking heat as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the story, however Jake probably just got a little misty eyed talking about his family and he missed them, the story got blown way up to "crying"
He probably did tell the crew his missed his family, but the crying part probably not.

Jake is going to be an excellent loving daddy one day ;)
I bet he can't wait for his own son or daughter

get real said...

I agree with you, UV re: the gossip "stance" on Jake and Reese and about Howard. I do love Howard because he has a twisted sense of humor and is extremely intelligent and surprisingly progressive but I really hate when he does pander to some of his audience with outdated, stupid comments like that.

Thanks for that synopsis, Chica. And thanks for the scoop, BSpy.

bobbyanna said...

FL/UV, I truly understand and fully accept your decision about political discussions...but can I just say: ;) I, too, sometimes got nervous about political discussions on this blog, but I was also very, very much impressed at how restrained and how respectful to each other people have been while expressing their views. Having said that, I will say no more on the subject. ;)

I definitely think this blog is stellar when it comes to scoops. Our ability to ferret out information, our incisive analytical deductions, our secret onsite sources, I mean we are the most awesomely resourceful speculators around! ;) ;)

Monica said...

Uv, the link worked!
Thank you!

I never found a problem seeing the political debates of the blog, but support the decision of the UV / FL.

If it is true that news about Reese coming to Brazil, she should arrive here tomorrow. I will keep them informed.

suvee said...

Reese could very well visit Jake again, but LA -> Brazil ->Morocco is a long way to travel in just a week.

Yeah, I really do not expect Reese will visit Jake over his break this weekend for that very reason. Especially if he really will be done with Morocco filming Sept. 5. They will be together soon enough. And if I'm wrong, and Reese does squeeze in a quickie (visit, of course!)...... then, these 2 really have it bad for each other! :)

But when one-off political comments turn into semi-lengthy political discussions on the blog it makes me really

Same here, FL. Although I was tempted to post that I read in TV Guide that Maggie would be at the convention. (Thanks, Paula, for the confirmation.) I wonder if Naomi is there, too?

brothers spy said...

UV and suvee,

I think you might be right. I hadn't thought about her kids starting school next week. That probably has priority. But I think it's still a possibility and would recommend that everyone keep their eyes and ears open just in case.

Anonymous said...

If in fact she doesn't visit him this weekend, she will see him on or around Sept 5

wow, I bet they really really miss each other

Anonymous said...

I have a question, if Jake is done in Mo. on Sept. 5
I wonder where he will go after Mo.
maybe a break or back to England?

agent_krycek said...

Having far too much knowledge of gossip rags, and the NE in particular (I am suitably ashamed), I would place good money that Jake being a bit down about not seeing the kids and Reese in so long has, by the time it reaches the printed page, become him breaking down in tears, it's the chinese whispers effect.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I'll refrain from talking politics and about my boss I promise!!

If Jake is on schedule then he will end his Morocco filing on 9/5 so there is no need for her to go to Morocco from Brazil unless he goes to Brazil.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I forgot to add agent k that I agree with your take on the NE J&R story!

bobbyanna said...

"No way, no how" will I talk politics either, OONP! (Pssst! OONP! Can I make just ONE OT comment about Fashion? Certain styles of orange/mango pantsuits can look so absolutely brilliant and so beautiful! I saw one very recently that was so gracefully presented it brought tears to my eyes. Also a personal commitment to embrace diet and exercise more fully!)

I'd bet if Jake gets two or three weeks off starting September 5th, He and Reese will be "invisible" for much of it!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

LOL Bobbyanna!!
Loved the orange/mango pantsuit as well!

I agree about J&R being invisible when he finishes the Morocco shoot, i'm sure they have a lot of catching up to do......

Monica said...

Good morning!

Someone posted in imdb:
The awards circuit: best picture

supporting actor

adapted screenplay

sag actor said...

Thanks for posting that monica! Too bad there isn't a poster yet for Brothers.

bobbyanna said...

I'm actually getting distressed that there isn't even a poster for Brothers yet!!! That signals a much larger problem to me! It is just my opinion, but maybe the sale of MGM, or something else is really interfering with the marketing of this movie in the most basic ways. Not having it in any festivals, to create buzz among the critics, no preliminary trailers on the internet, etc. Something is definitely not right. Sorry if I sound paranoid, but if they are going with the December 4th date, they ought to start rolling stuff out by now. Even the most modest marketing budget would have art, even if it was just a still from a scene in the movie with some graphics, or headshots of the lead characters.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say thank you , monica!!!
Just thinking. Wonder if Jake will be doing some work on Brothers while he is on break. You know; not talk shows, but maybe those 'studio interviews' they put in the can to release when the movie comes out? The ones they usually do at festivals...

Anonymous said...

Think maybe Jake will stay in Morocco for his break from Aug. 29 till Sept 1. ??

I hope we get to see some pictures of Reese in Brazil

UltraViolet said...

This is a fun video. It's in French, so I'm not sure exactly what is being said. My high school French only gave me a few clues. But there's some video footage of Jake I've never seen. And a repeat of the shots of Jake/Reese heading for the Eurostar.

Anonymous said...

That was a fun video UV, Thanks!

I haven't seen the video footage of Jake before but the one with the white t-shirt I think may have been from '04 based on my memory of pics from IHJ and the other one look like it was from '05 because of his hair (It looks like it was growing back from Jarhead).

My French is bad as well!

Never get tired of seeing them happy, smiling and holding hands, that was a cute one!

Paula said...

That was me @ 1:43PM!

lawgoddess said...

Adorable video, UV. Thanks for finding it.
I don't speak French at all, but I think I picked out the word "marriage."

Jake was so cute in the bit with the growing out hair. They are both a delight, more so together.

A mid-week smile from this.:)

Monica said...

More news about Reese in Brasil:
Site EGO


Reese Witherspoon will move quickly in Sao Paulo

The visit of the Hollywood super star Reese Witherspoon to Sao Paulo to disclose the campaign "Talk without Fear - not to Domestic Violence," the mark of Avon cosmetics, is surrounded by mysteries. Nobody's production of the event is allowed to say when and how Reese arrives in Sao Paulo, much less a hotel that will be.

EGO investigated and discovered that Reese arrives in Brazil for private jet. And according to the source, the darling of America will not be any night in the city. She participates in the event and return to the United States. Reese is accompanied by staff personnel, including hairdressing, ensured the source.

During the hours in which staying in Brazil, Reese must be presidential suite at the Hotel WTC, in the south of the capital of Sao Paulo, which has daily to 14thousand R$ and is reserved for the Avon until Sunday, 31. Other hotels in the region - as the Hyatt and the Hilton - are also quite crowded because of the event.

Anonymous said...

Thanks monica!!
Odd that they say she will be there for only "hours" and fly back to the US but says that Avon reserved the hotel until Sunday, are the rest of the Avon staff staying around until then while Reese flys back home? That's a lot of people to be traveling with her just for one day!

Anonymous said...

I hope we get to see some pictures of here there, I bet she will look beautiful all dressed up, maybe in a dress!

extra said...

I hope that it's just not pictures, the reason that she is going is quite serious: domestic violence .I hope we will get some information on that, when she went to Japan we just saw a lot of pretty pictures, yes she looked beautiful in the kimono but I hope this time there is a bit more.

sass said...

Evening all babblers:)

TY UV. The Jake and Reese French video made me smile from ear to ear. They look really happy together.

I have so much admiration for Reese and her work with Avon. I know that her work with Avon is from the heart and I am grateful for it.

I've received loads of material from Avon recently; I was referred by them to an, which I knew nothing about for free counseling...45 minutes every other week...with a MSW counselor specializing in my diagnoses and any particular problems that might occur as I traverse this new terrain.
I was advised by Avon of services provided on line, in particular I have utilized the huge online BC forums financed by Avon via John Hopkins Medical Center.

Kudos to you Reese. You and your lovely family deserve much happiness, good health and good fortune.
back later babblers :)

A belated thanks to my fellow babblers for mentioning CSPAN; I had forgotten them and had been struggling with overly verbose pundits to my great displeasure. I am enjoying the roll call without commentary right now...reminds me of days gone by...for a minute.


Narcissa said...

Good luck to you, sass!

chica said...

Good thoughts and hugs your way sass.

Reese being involved in such an important cause is great.

josie said...

Thanks for the Avon information sass, I had no idea how extensive the program was. I have a friend whose Mother would benefit from counseling, i will let them know about

I love that Reese is involved in this and that it's coming from the heart, she will be involved in the fundraiser for cancer telethon next friday as well.

Best of luck with you sass, so glad that Avon was able to provide you with so many resources.

PS: And yes, C-span's coverage has been kick-ass!

extra said...

More on Reese's trip to Brazil here:

Reese Witherspoon Visits Brazil to Spread Message of Female Empowerment as Avon's Global Ambassador

Lemon said...

Bonne Chance with everything Sass!

That French video of Jake talks about Atticus. Then about Reese and Jake. Jake proposing to Reese, Reese saying no because the kids need more time to get to know him. Then something about the report of the chick who was banned from the studio.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the French summary, Lemon. Or should I say précis? :)

Glad folks enjoyed the video. I love to see Jake in motion. And that first old clip of him was from a day when much-loved photos were taken, so that was fun.

Can't wait to see Reese in Brazil.

I hope we will get some information on that, when she went to Japan we just saw a lot of pretty pictures, yes she looked beautiful in the kimono but I hope this time there is a bit more.

I doubt we'll get much more, extra. I hope that the coverage in Japan and now in Brazil goes more in depth. But we'll probably have to make do with the surface level stuff.

Monica said...

According to this site:
Last night, Reese was the Disco nightclub in Sao Paulo. She arrived and left early, but was lively.

Today she will give a collective of the press.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica. I knew Reese wouldn't go all that way just for an afternoon! I hope she enjoys her visit.

Anonymous said...

Ya! she looks very pretty in that black suit, and happy!

Hope she gets to see her Jake soon!

FluorescentLamp said...

Ya! she looks very pretty in that black suit, and happy!

That's an old pic, anon. From her appearance on GMA last March.

sheba baby said...

I was going say the same thing FL, that it was an old picture.

We will see pics of her at the news conference later. I knew that she would be staying there longer than an afternoon. I can't read Portuguese but the list of names with her at that Disco are the same women that will probably attend the news conference as well.

Thanks monica!

Anonymous said...

silly me!
She looked so pretty in that picture, beautiful smile

extra said...

Yeah, you can tell by the hair that it's not a new picture.

Last March, that's when she was in NY for International Women's day at the UN where she introduced the empowerment bracelet.

Monica said...

Site EGO

Reese Witherspoon says the fame helps to promote social causes

In quick passage by Sao Paulo, actress participated in collective on domestic violence and not talked about his personal life

It was the same swift passage of Reese Witherspoon by Brazil. Avon Foundation Ambassador of the actress from "Legally Blonde" participated in a collective to the press this Thursday, 28, in Hotel World Trade Center in Sao Paulo.

The whole event lasted less than one hour and Reese responded to four questions from the press, which could only ask questions related to the theme of the interview - domestic violence in Brazil.

During his official speech, which began and ended with a "required", she said that this was their first time in Latin America and he was very happy to be here.

"Even though personally never experienced any type of violence, in the world today is impossible not know someone who has already spent close hence, then I feel privileged, as a famous woman, can contribute to the cause. The media is interested in me and in my life and so I can contribute to the campaign, "he said.

The actress also delivered a bracelet of Attitude to Maria da Penha Fernandes, pharmaceutical linked to the fight against domestic violence which served as inspiration for the creation of Law Maria da Penha, increasing the severity of the punishment for assaults against women. Reese, who came on the night of Wednesday, 27, the Sao Paulo in their particular jet, part today to the United States.

enigma said...

Thank you for the link monica. It's great to see how involved Reese is in this campaign.

And to be shallow, yowza, she looks incredible. There are more pictures on GettyImages.

Monica said...

The dress it is beautiful and sexy!

She came to risk a few steps of samba! Hehehehe (I hope to see it on television!)
And yet won a flag of Brazil!

More pics:
Reese 1
Reese 2

UltraViolet said...

She does look great! Thanks for all the links, Monica. And as enigma pointed out, Getty has a bunch of pics.

Anonymous said...

She looks great, but her eyes look different.

chica said...

Wow, she looks great! So glad to see her involved in this, thanks for the links!

FluorescentLamp said...

She looks fabulous. Her legs look fabulous. But that white Arne Jacobson Swan Chair she's sitting in? DE-vine! I just got a little swoony looking at it. Love! <3 <3

chica said...

This is about as political as I will get here: I'm watching C-Span right now and I am so proud at the moment.

get real said...

Chica, I am crying I am so proud.

No more will be said.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Amazing Chica and Get real, my eyes teared up watching, what a historical moment, ok, no more on that!

And speaking of amazing, Reese looks AMAZING!!! Wow is all I can say!

suvee said...

Even I will break my own personal "rule" about avoiding political posts...... what an amazing speech (and man). I am so glad I was here to watch history being made!

bobbyanna said...

This has been an amazing night. There are no words to describe how I feel right now. I've been tearing up all night.

I think Reese looks just beautiful!
I love that hair cut. I think it really works well with whatever she's up to, casual, informal, dressy, whatever. She is a very pretty woman.

UltraViolet said...

Definitely a historic night on a historic date. Very moving.

On a much more mundane note, this is a link to a translation of a news story about PoP filming. Not really anything new in there, but hey, it's something!

I don't speak Spanish, but if you do, you can see the original Spanish by mousing over the text.

get real said...

Historic indeed, UV.

On topic ;)

Reese does look fabulous in those pics. Thanks UV for the PoP link.

Night all.


brothers spy said...


Your post made it seem like you were tearing up and proud because of what Reese was wearing, lol.

I know what you meant but I thought that was funny.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Brothers Spy.

bobbyanna said...

Oops!!! No, BSpy.;) While I'm very fond of Reese, she wouldn't cause me to be speechless or tear up...unless she was doing something with Jake that caused me to be speechless. In fact, I think Jake, all by himself, just being Jake, has caused speechlessness a time or two.

I was talking about watching history being made. I love C-Span.

sheba baby said...

Ha, ha! As incredible as Reese looks, she doesn't leave me speechless, but Jake does!

What an incredible moment last night, I am so proud and excited this morning.

extra said...

A mention about Reese in Brazil and her with a picture of her at the disco that was mentioned (I think). We need Monica to translate!

Anonymous said...

I just put it on a translator page and this is the translation, I could be wrong but I think somebody is trying to make something of nothing.

"Last night, after complying its commitments of work, Reese, without its boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal that it is not accompanying, went to a nightclub called Disk and spent all the night in the pick-UPS of the DJ Davison Lemos. It abandoned the club at 2 in the morning.

The Bracelet of Empoderamiento of the Woman, that was created to enlarge takes it of conscience on the need to denounce the violence that affects the woman in the world, already sold 1.5 million units since its launch in March.

In endorsement to this mission, the profits originating from the new product Iran to the Fund of Empoderamiento Avon, which will contribute with the Fiduciary Fund of the United Nations, administered by UNIFEM, in order to finishing with the violence against the women."

shondra said...

NY Post story on Reese in Brazil:

And i'll add to the chorus of she looks fabulous!

UltraViolet said...

Another picture of Reese in Sao Paulo. Monica will have to translate but I think she's at a club.

extra said...

This is what I got when i put it in Google translation UV:

In his rà ¡pida passage by Sà £ o Paulo, Reese Witherspoon - Ambassador of Avon Foundation - participated in a collective of the press in this Wednesday, 28 (see the link below) and is played in the ballad. The actress, â € œLegalmente Loiraâ was € à nightclub Disco. In the photo, it appears talking to the DJ Davison Lemos.

. Reese Witherspoon says that fame to help promote social causes