Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2010: Are we there yet?

Just reposting yesterday's pics, with some additions from IHJ. And some added detail:

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of Jake's latest movie "Prince Of Persia" filming in Morocco North Africa. Jake is pictured here with a very toned torso, and is bare chested so we can all see why Reese took the time and trouble to fly across 3 continents on commercial flights to spend some quality time with her beau. The happy couple spent the weekend at an exclusive luxury Moroccan hotel "Amanjena." They went for lunch on Saturday to a typical Moroccan restaurant in the Medina followed by a tour of the Medina.
They did not venture out of their luxury suite Sunday.

I can't imagine why not :)

With all the bling watch we've been doing, it's fun now to be on the lookout for Jake's accessories. Rings, bracelets, chains, belts, boots. It all requires careful examination.

I like the look. It's funky, tough and sexy. But it must take a long time to take it all off :)

Thanks to Stephanie and IHJ for the HQs, and to trinket and xqsmwa on
DC for the close-ups. And here's hoping we get some more set photos and some more of Jake and Reese on the town.


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pinky said...

The heat must be opressive. I wonder do they have the energy to make love.

Anonymous said...

making love...

I am sure we all have these thoughts

lawgoddess said...

No worries, I'm sure the luxury hotel is air- conditioned. Or if not, full of fans and water elements and cool breezes.

They probably have a private pool and courtyard, and the courtyard probably has a daybed. Need I say more?

"Funky, tough, and sexy" describes the look perfectly, those are the words I've been looking for.

Thanks, UV. :)

Anonymous said...

Jake and a daybed by the pool


well I just wrote a million words

suvee said...

bracelets and chains and belts...... Oh, my!

Thanks, UV (and the DCF posters) for those truly inspiring closeups! And I agree with LG...... "funky, tough and sexy" is the perfect description.

"Is It 2010 Yet?" Why do I see that as a bumper sticker? :)

bobbyanna said...

OK. I followed the suggestion of the Anon on the last thread and watched E! They showed The Torso with a big question mark where the face should be on the opening teaser and said guess who? Later, they showed Jake in all his glory, with Reese, walking hand in hand and some remarks about her flying to Morocco to visit him...as how could she not!

This is delightful! I am just tickled at what a stir a few photographs is causing. A guy without his shirt on. A little scruff. Longish,dirty hair. And people are hysterical. (!)

I think by 2010, there will be two zillion 15 year old girls screaming and chasing him, ready to rip his clothes off. Well. Some of them will be 15!

sheba baby said...

LOL bobbyanna! Yeah these pictures are causing quite the stir, don't blame Reese for flying over there!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for doing your duty, bobbyanna! It is funny how much of a buzz the pictures have caused. One hopes Disney is pleased, even if it's not all positive.

Peopleweighs in, with pretty much a retread of what we already know:

Jake and Reese Get Cozy in Marrakech

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have taken their romance overseas: The couple were spotted stepping out together in Morocco over the weekend.

On Saturday, the pair strolled hand-in-hand, checking out bazaar stalls before stepping into the shade for lunch in Marrakech, according to French Web site purepeople.com. On Sunday, the couple reportedly stayed back in their suites at the fabled 5-star Amanjena Hotel, a spring fed luxury oasis resort with a view of the Atlas Mountains.

Witherspoon's visit to Morocco, where a seriously buffed out Gyllenhaal is filming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, comes less than a month after the couple spent an extended Bastille Day holiday in Paris.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm... what is there to do on Sunday at a 5 star luxury resort??

I think it was magic makin' day *wink wink*

UltraViolet said...

Another blurb from the Mirror:

Brokeback Mountain actor Jake Gyllenhaal is an even bigger star these days... after beefing himself up for his latest movie role.

The Hollywood hunk, 27, has been hitting the gym to play the title role in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Jake, who also starred in Donnie Darko, was almost unrecognisable as he strode bare-chested on set in Morocco with girlfriend Reese Witherspoon, 32.
The Legally Blonde star flew to North Africa to spend some time with him as he took a short break from filming.

An insider said: "Jake has got himself in fantastic shape - and Reese certainly seems to like his new look."

Some real inside info there!

agent_krycek said...

No Reese, I wouldn't have let him leave the suite either, that boy needs his rest ;-)

So pleased that the majority of the fan boys seem to be in favour of Jake now, once I heard about the casting, saw pictures of Dastan I absolutely knew he could pull off the look, have no doubts about his acting abilities, the director is top notch, so, as others have said, is it 2010 yet?

FluorescentLamp said...

So the UK tabloids have picked up on these pics, eh?

*wanders off looking for the Sun and Mirror*

All the comments over these last two posts have been hee-lar-ious. I love our blog. I love our commenters. :-*

Anonymous said...

"All the comments over these last two posts have been hee-lar-ious. I love our blog. I love our commenters. :-*"

Thats why a love this blog.

smile said...

Love their interaction. See how he grabs her hand, now that´s sweet. Must have been a fine day at the 5* ;). Reese looks exhausted.
Even Lainey, yes, Lainey, I know, we don´t really treasure her here for good reasons, loves these two now.
Wanna wish Sass and Monica all the best to their upcoming birthdays and many years of all the wonderful things they would love to come to them.

agent_krycek said...

Even Lainey, yes, Lainey, I know, we don´t really treasure her here for good reasons, loves these wo now.

Knew she loved Jake, but she's always been increadibly rude about Reese (and Ryan for that matter) - wow, glad she's supporting them, still not going to give her any extra hits though :p

That Mirror 'insider' thing made me crack up, wow, just packed with exclusive, insider information *rolls eyes*

paula said...

Just adding my comments: The man is looking hot! Just knew Reese would arrive soon, and yes we called it, this blog rocks, LOL!!

Missed E, thnaks for the recap bobbyanna and glad the fanboys are coming arond to Jake playing Dastan.

Is it 2010 yet?? It can't get here fast enough!

agent_krycek said...

Just had a look at The Sun - the main picture they've used is hysterical, they've used the same one as on the online edition, but they've completely cropped Reese out of it to put the text in, and left Jake looking like he's strooling down the road carrying a decapitated hand.

Anonymous said...

I've just seen that pic Agent K, wished I had a scanner, it looks so funny.

agent_krycek said...

Sadly I don't have access to a scanner either, but it's flaming hysterical, if someone could scan it in it'll give everyone a giggle.

Anonymous said...

What I love about Reese flying over there to be with him, as she did in Columbia, and in London, is that she is really "claiming" her man. I never would have thought of Reese that way. But I guess Jake will do that to a girl!

extra said...

And don't forget her visits to the Brothers set in NM and his visits to the set of Four Christmases as well.

And you are right, I never thought of Reese in that way either, it shows how committed they are and how serious they are about one another, also they obviously can't stand to be away from one another for too long!!

agent_krycek said...

I do wonder extra if they've worked out a 'pact' between them, they don't work at the same time, so one or the other is able to travel regularly to meetup, which makes a great deal of sense - Reese has barely worked this year, whilst Jake has Nailed and then into PoP - I wonder if when Reese's schedule sarts filling up, Jakes will start emptying?

extra said...

Good question agent k. We know she is scheduled to start filming that movie with Ben Stiller in January, I don't know what Jake has planned after Pop is finished. The Untitled Moon proj. would be the next movie I guess, but I have no idea when that will start filming, maybe next summer??

Reese will be doing PR for 4 Christmases in Nov. and then filming in January, Monsters vs Aliens opens in May of 2009 and is getting great buzz frommthe fanboys!

Anonymous said...

If she starts to film in January, no little Jakes this year :P

I am anxious for some baby Jakes

gawd! what beautiful babies that man would make, and a father!
What a lucky child!

Anonymous said...

If Reese is making a movie starting in January, and Jake's Moon Project doesn't start until at least the Spring or Summer, there's plenty of time for babies, if they want them. I mean, how much time do you need?

I've also heard of actresses shooting while pregnant (Gwyneth Paltrow in Proof, Angelina Jolie in The Good Shepherd) and other actresses dropping out of films or postponing them due to pregnancy. So it's really not an issue.

Bet that ranch in Ojai is having all the out buildings and the guest rooms refurbished and done up, all pretty for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I was having some important thoughts, Jake looked really dirty in the all new photos.
I bet he required a lot of Reese's assistance to get clean in the shower, an extra hand in cleaning off all the dirt sure is nice

smile said...

Not really OT I hope, Cameron Crowes new project.
As a Reese fan and a big CC-fan I´m delighted.

nevertheless deeply sorrow that I have not yet learned to do the link, sorry!


agent_krycek said...

Examing those photos closely, errr, for scientific research and the benefit of mankind, or something, I have notice Jake appears to have a few pressure bruises and reddened patches round his shoulders, so I don't think we're getting topless!Dastan (boooo), but I do think the picture on your last post is very, very much the look they're going for (yay \o/ ).

UltraViolet said...

Agent K, you are so magnanimous! And yes, your keen observation is correct. It looks as if Jake was wearing some kind of armor. Hopefully, we'll get a good mix of naked and armored :)

Sky is trying to decide if Jake's too big. they have a fun retrospective of Jake pics through the years. Plus, you can revisit their old Jake pictorial features, including the hilarious Car Trip.

UltraViolet said...

Also, I quickly read through that review of the Cameron Crowe script, and it sounds dodgy. Then again, I'm not a big CC fan. I can't picture Ben Stiller in the role as described. Reese's role, or presumed role, wasn't described completely.

bobbyanna said...

Agent K, I'm thinking that Jake's costume is probably similar to the picture in our last thread, the drawing of Dastan with two swords and all that armour-ish "stuff" on top that doesn't quite cover the gorgeousness.

He does look a bit bruised.

Anonymous said...

he'll be naked in this movie!!!

One can only dream

lawgoddess said...

"a good mix of naked and armored."

That's why I love this place.:)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks UV! I LOVE Sky. And they sure love Jake. The car trip sequence is delightful.

josie said...

Thanks for the sky link UV, that was so funny!

Love all the close-ups for further, er examination, :LOL!!

UltraViolet said...

I love how Sky loves Jake!

I don't know if this means anything, but Brothers was not on the list of Special Presentations announced today for TIFF.

There definitely are a lot more movies that will screen at the festival. We'll get the full list on Tuesday.

gabbana said...

Thanks UV - I just checked the TIFF side from last year and "Rendition" was presented as a "Gala presentation" - not among the "Special presentations". Those different "presentations" are confusing....:-))

UltraViolet said...

Right, but we knew by now that Rendition would be there. I think we knew in July. I'm hoping that is irrelevant, and they are just saving the good news for next week!

sass said...

More Closeups, OMG! belts, chains, belts, and. and more Jake than my poor heart can take in one sitting.

UV, FL, you two have absolutely made my day... I just got in...love it. love it. love it. lOVE SKY NEWS
Yeah, those two sure know how to run a fauxmance...indoors all day long...just the two of them...:lol:lol

Lordy, Look at him.

For some reason Jake in belts, chains and half nekkid, makes me wanna go 'round soundin' like Gilda Radner.

Happy babbler here, happy to hear that my fav couple are hanging out with each other in Morocco.
Reese is one lucky girl and does she ever know it...staking her claim is putting it mildly:)

TY smile for my BD wishes.


enigma said...

I think Lainey has always been a fan of Reese, had her on her love list for awhile. She gets snarky about her promoting herself to get an Oscar win, but other than that, she likes her and her pairing with Jake.

That hotel they're staying at is amazing.

Anonymous said...

This place has the E video and a poll on Jakes new look http://weblogs.redeyechicago.com/showpatrol/2008/08/jake-gyllenhaal.html

MSN video with some shots of Reese and Jake heading to the Eurostar http://uk.truveo.com/Jake’s-buff-new-body/id/750557214

Sorry . I don't know the link thing.

get real said...

UV, Rendition was a premiere night Gala at TIFF. I would think Brothers would be the same. I don't believe they have listed all of those yet. They like to space out the big premieres and film listings can go up to labor day when you have to submit your requests for the lottery to get tickets. Don't ask but they don't make it easy to get tix for the movies up there. I have had great luck though just going to the theatre the night of the movie and getting a ticket. They sell them on the street and while it is not legal no one bothers you if you do it low key. Sadly, I don't think I will be making TIFF this year. :( It is my birthday tradition for the past few years, but I just don't have the money. :(

Btw, sending all here who have birthdays around now, a big happy birthday!

Love the Sky look back at Jake's bod, lol. :p


get real said...

Thanks for the J/R video, anon!

shondra said...

Thanks for the link to the J&R videos anon! And the hotel is incredible, he sure is causing all kinds of buzz with these pictures.

Dissapointed that Broters isn't listed at TIFF, I had my fingers crossed.

suvee said...

Loved both Sky News features, they were so entertaining..... thanks, UV!

Car Trip was a hoot. What a fun job that must be....... writing witty captions for Jake photos that also allows you to unabashedly indulge your love for Jake. :)

Happy Birthday to our Leo ladies, Monica and sass! Hope you both have a wonderful day, surrounded by those you love.

get real said...

Had to mention...damn the close up of these new pics....thud!!!

bobbyanna said...

I usually go to TIFF, too! I won't be going this year, either. Unless there's a miracle and I hit the lotto. ;) But I do think they will be announcing more and more films over the next weeks. I'm confident Brothers will be screened. I remember Ava had a b'day in September!

Maybe Jake will fly from Morocco directly to Toronto for the Brothers screening and then go straight to LA for his break. That's assuming Brothers is screened in the first four or five days. I think it will be screened sometime between the 4th and
the 8th. A hunch.

Then Jake heads for the UK to finish PoP in October(?) and comes back in time to promote Brothers. So Reese will be promoting her movie,Jake will be promoting Brothers...and Ryan has a movie coming out December 1st! My, my, my.

agent_krycek said...

I do love those Sky Girls, they're so completley shameless about their Jake fangirling, it's brilliant =D

I now desperately need some Brothers news - some confirmation of anything, a trailer - literally anything would be nice.

chica said...

The skygirls are such Gyllenhaalics, that was so funny!

I still have a glimmer of hope about Brothers at TIFF, and yes we did here about Rendition for that festival around this time this year, fingers crossed.

Love the Jake close-ups, looks even hotter if that's possible!!

Happy birthday sass and monica!

Lemon said...

Oh la la! Very hot and looking every inch the part. I like the costume.

This made me laugh, so I thought you guys might enjoy it

agent_krycek said...

That's hilarious Lemon, love how they started the piece off as well

When I first saw these very important photos of super-buff shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal, =D

The whole Jake look sort of explains the inexplicable crush I developed on SĂ©bastien Chabal during the last Rugby World Cup, I hadn't realised the whole caveman look does it for me :o

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me? What IS it about Jake? I have seen lots and lots of shirtless men. On TV. In movies. In RL. (I live in Florida!) Why does he give me goosebumps? I think he just radiates sexiness. I don't think he even realizes how sexy he is. I mean, he does, but...he really doesn't. He is different, that 's for sure.

agent_krycek said...

Oh, and another thing, the bloke in the black t shirt and baseball cap, indulging in a blatent bit of Gyllenbutt staring - don't try and hide it fella, we can see you :p (and indeed, who'd blame him)

Anonymous said...

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trent said...


"He’s massive … I dunno that I’m totally on board with the new look. After all, Prince Dastan isn’t really supposed to be this beefy a guy. That being said, I bet little Reese Witherspoon is having a grand ol’ time climbing all over Jake’s new massiveness … blah, I hate her ;)


bobbyanna said...

Jake's pictures are causing such a stir, everywhere, it wouldn't surprise me at all if he graces the cover of one of "the magazines" ASAP! If TPTB of PoP will permit.

I'd bet there are some serious negotiations going on right this minute with Reese and Jake's publicists to see if they will cooperate on a spread from Morocco.

I'm guessing here bcz we haven't seen anymore pictures. In the past, it seemed as if they agreed to a few pictures (Mexico) if they were left alone the rest of the time. Once an exclusive deal is reached no other magazine will pay for pictures they can't use.

My other guess is that someone on the set snapped those, not necessarily a regular paparrazzi. But who ever did it really,really caused a sensation.

Monica said...

Hello, Babblers!
Thank you to all the congratulations!

List of films that will be presented at Toronto Film Festival:
TIFF 2008

extra said...

bobbyanna, people think that was a pap shot but most likely it was an approved shot from Disney, to gage the reaction from fans on Jake's looks IMO. I remember the one shot we got last year of Jake on the set of Rendition in Morocco, I think that was a production/studio approved shot as well.

We may see J&R away from the set pics, but unless as you say they have some type off arrangement, then no, but that's just my opinion.

Thanks for the list monica!

Damn, no Brothers!

get real said...

Guys, they still have a few weeks of TIFF to continue announcing the Gala premieres and the special presentations. They announce the movies up until just before (U.S.) Labor Day. So we still have to have hope for Brothers.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

OT: I'm proud of my boss this week, it's about time:

Pelosi warns Lieberman for undercutting Obama

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blasted Sen. Joe Lieberman on Wednesday for making what she called "totally irresponsible" remarks about Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and warned that the Senate might retaliate by revoking Lieberman's committee chairmanship.


bobbyanna said...

I SAW that, OONP! I love her for calling Leiberman out!!! Honestly, though, I think the time is long past for the Senate to impose some kind of discipline on Joe.
He's been going steady with McCain for a while now.

Attacking Obama's patriotism is WAY out of line. But that is part of their strategy: To make him not "American." Goodness, and I wish someone would talk to Cokie Roberts and let her know Hawaii is a state!

Leiberman disgusts me. It doesn't help at all that he looks a lot like the dentist who did my very first tooth extraction when I was fifteen!

Extra, the reason I'm still not convinced it was a publicity shot done with Disney's support,is bcz Reese was in the shot. Jake is on set every day doing stuff and if they wanted to leak photos out, they could have done it any time.

I also was noticing the way Reese was trying to avoid the camera. She was covering her face, putting her head down, etc, sort of uneasy. If it had been planned she'd act like they weren't there and ignore them.

The thing is, that area is a very popular area for international films and Morocco has it's own film industry, too.

Some "freelance" photographer hanging around the set and figuring out a way in, is a real possibility. I thought the Rendition shots were taken deliberately, too, but not leaked deliberately.

I'm reading tealeaves, so I will tell you:Brothers will be at TIFF!!!! ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree with you bobbyanna i dont think its a publicity shpt approved
by disney because of reese in the picture they would of used jake by himself so i think a pap got a lucky shot that day hmm i wonder if my brother would know he works for disney allso curious there have been no mre pictures so maybe their will ba magazine spread lete hope

sheba baby said...

I remember that IHJ didn't have the full set of the Paris pics because of US magazine, they got them afterwards.

And there was that one shot of Reese by herself with a bathing suit on underneath a dress. It looked like she wandered off a bit from their hotel for some shopping because I don't think she would be wandering around town dressed like that, there is a dress code for women in Morocco even tourists and most respect that.

If we do see pics of them away from the set you can bet she will be a bit more covered up!

bobbyanna said...

OT, sort of. There are some other films I'm watching for on the TIFF schedule like Benjamin Button, the Fincher/Pitt movie; Doubt, with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman about a nun and a priest; Blindness with Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore; Revolutionary Road and The Reader with Kate Winslet; Milk, with Sean Penn and James Franco; Body of Lies, a Ridley Scott film with Leo DeCaprio and Russell Crowe; The Changeling, a Clint Eastwood movie with Angelina; Traitor, with Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, and Jeff Daniels; and State of Play with Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren. Burn After Reading might also screen, with Pitt/Clooney/Coen Brothers.

I know brothers spy didn't think Milk would be ready, but I think Sean Penn is working very hard to make sure it is.

My point is, the schedule is far from complete and I'm certain there'll be many more announcements. TIFF usually screens over 280 titles, I think. It's second only to Cannes in terms of size and importance, and is gaining fast. Commercially, as far as distributors and financing as well, it holds it's own internationally. And it's only 250 miles from my house! I'm going out to buy lotto tickets!

gabbana said...

Some of the movies you mentioned, Bobbyanna, are already getting Oscar buzz. I am sure some of them wil be showing in Toronto.

I am counting on your tealeaves...:-))

Honestly, I don´t see how they will create interest in a serious family drama without any buzz or presenting the film on some important film festivals.

I found the following on Jeff Wells blog:
"The final list of Toronto titles will be announced six days from now -- on Tuesday, August 19th -- so today's list of Special Presentations is not the be-all and end-all. The word from one Toronto insider is that TIFF is cutting down on the overall number of films being shown, which last year was around 300. Variety and others have complained that Toronto is a crap-shoot because they show too many films, so they're trimming the tally back to 280, give or take. But a whole lot of titles are going to be announced next Tuesday"

bobbyanna said...

gabbana, for some reason, Variety can be nasty when it comes to TIFF. They were nasty with som of their reviews at TIFF.(They were mean to Rendition! *sniffs*)

Loads of complaints about the way media/industry screenings were handled last year. They wouldn't seat people who had prepaid all inclusive passes, while the TIFF staffers waited for Press to show up many of whom did not come to 8:30 AM screenings!

There weren't enough repeat screenings to accomodate all the people who had prepaid passes, many, representatives from magazines like Glamour or Elle that aren't "film " magazines, or regular press. Not enough screens and not enough screenings.

The media center wasn't big enough with enough computers to accomodate all media. Scheduling press conferences was difficult. Too many! Some news conferences were rescheduled for other hotels like The Four Seasons.

So cutting back is a physical necessity. Not enough movie screens and not enough screening time. Since the Oscars are earlier and the deadline is earlier, more movies are stacked up for October, November, December release. It puts a huge burden on TIFF, now. The only other option would be expanding to a twelve day schedule which no other festival does.

With James Sheridan directing, Toby Maguire, Jake, and Natalie, they are sure to screen it! I do think not every film that wants a "Gala" will have one. I wouldn't want to be in charge of TIFF for anything! Juggling schdules and dealing with all that mess has to be ulcer-inducing! Lots of pressure from studios and so forth.

sass said...

Evening babblers,

TY for all the congratulations:)

bobbyanna, you just named the movies I'm waiting to see... hoping Brothers will premiere... Lucky you...please pick up a lottery ticket today:)

OT, sort of. There are some other films I'm watching for on the TIFF schedule like Benjamin Button, the Fincher/Pitt movie; Doubt, with Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman about a nun and a priest; Blindness with Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore; Revolutionary Road and The Reader with Kate Winslet; Milk, with Sean Penn and James Franco; Body of Lies, a Ridley Scott film with Leo DeCaprio and Russell Crowe; The Changeling, a Clint Eastwood movie with Angelina; Traitor, with Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, and Jeff Daniels; and State of Play with Russell Crowe and Helen Mirren. Burn After Reading might also screen, with Pitt/Clooney/Coen Brothers.[/quote]

Anonymous said...

A lot of movies that screen at festivals are looking for a distributor, especially indies.
Some movies that screen at Toronto won't open until next year. The New York Film Festival which opens in October, is rather small and it focuses on less commercial movies, but it might create another screening opportunity for Brothers.

BTW: The next Harry Potter movie opening has been moved to next July, instead of this November. They are blaming the Writers Strike saying there aren't enough "tentpole" movies coming out next summer.

UltraViolet said...

Nothing happening on the Jake-front today, but its funny how many sites are still popping up with the set pics.

EW listed its 20 most anticipated fall movies, and Brothers was sadly not on the list. But Four Christmases was.

As for Trent/PITNB, I'm over him. He used to be a fun Jake fan, but now he's little better than a hater.

baseball cap, indulging in a blatent bit of Gyllenbutt staring - don't try and hide it fella, we can see you

Hee. We see you and we understand!

Anonymous said...

I like this blog, but I'm afraid I have to say that I honestly don't care for Jake's look in this movie. I think he is just too big. He appears to be even bigger then he was in Jarhead. I don't like seeing him bulk up, and I don't like his hair either too short or two long. I adore Jake and I want to support him, but I don't think I will get used to this. I hope he will finish it soon.

UltraViolet said...

Glad you enjoy the blog, anon. This is just a look for a movie. So Jake's not going to look like this forever. Everyone has his or her own favorite looks.

As far as supporting Jake? It's not as if this is a personal style choice he's making. It's what's required for the role.

gabbana said...

Happy birthday Sass and Monica - I hope you have enjoyed / will enjoy a wonderful day!

"EW listed its 20 most anticipated fall movies, and Brothers was sadly not on the list. But Four Christmases was."

I am not surprised - many people do not even know that "Brothers" is existing.

Thanks Bobbyanna for the bit inside information on Toronto FF.

sag actor said...

Thanks for the updates on Brothers/TIFF bobbyanna and UV, hopefully it fill end up on the full list on Tuesday.

Surprised to hear about the Harry potter delay, one thing about that is Four Christmases won't have to compete with it!

I really like the warrior within/Dastan look jake is rocking!

lawgoddess said...

If PoP is the big hit I expect it to be, Jake will be rocking the Dastan look for a while. It is supposed to be a trilogy if the first one does well.

For everyday use, I like Jake a little less muscled, but the current look does something to me.

I imagine he'll go back to a less muscled look between PoP 1 and the next two films, though.

agent_krycek said...

For everyday use, I like Jake a little less muscled, but the current look does something to me.

That really tickled me for some reason - I'm another not that gone on muscles, or indeed long hair on a bloke, but that look on Jake is really doing something for me

sass said...

Morning babblers all 'round the world:)

Had to chime in before my doc visit...carrying recent pics of Jake as POP in my heart :lol:lol

Thanks again everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes.

I agree UV, PITNB/Trent was one of my fav fun places to visit because he was such a fun Jake fan. He posted with less venom than other bloggers and I liked reading snippets of his life with his SO...oh well...life moves on.
back soon,

bobbyanna said...

I normally do not like the bulky muscled look. And definitely not long hair. On anyone.(Except Brad Pitt in legends of the Fall and Troy) And I can't say I'm crazy about it with Jake (even tho Jarhead is one of my alltime favorite movies!, but I have to agree.

Something about the way he looks in these pictures REALLY "does something" to me too. There is a raw, edgy, dangerous look to him. A wild look. I'd never thought of Jake as edgy or dangerous before.

In some ways, I guess TIFF is a victim of its own success. One thing they have to address constantly, is trying to maintain a venue for innovative, interesting, independent efforts and upcoming filmmakers to show their work. They also have to reserve space for Canadian films, and documentaries. They cannot afford to let established directors and commercial efforts dominate and yet they are foundational to the success of the festival.

The Montreal Film Festival is smaller and a little bit more cutting edge. Not quite Sundance, but closer. Also much more emphasis on international as opposed to American.

chica said...

Thanks for all the updates everyone!

What I find odd about the Harry Potter film being pushed back to July is that there have already been so much PR for the film for November already including 2 EW cover stories and a calendar if i'm not mistaken.

Anonymous said...

If Brothers dosen't go to TIFF its not the end of the world. There have been several small budget films that either went to a couple of smaller film festivals or none at all. For example "There will be blood", that didn't get a whole lot of film festival exposure and look what happened with that film.

And another thing Jim Sheridan is one of those directors where his films just kind of creep up from out of nowherehe, he has a tendency to kind of steal the thunder from other bigger mainstream projects. I didn't hear anything about "In America" until that film opened and I believe that both djmon honsou and samantha morton walked away with nominations. And it could be the same with brothers we may not hear any significant oscar buzz until november or december.

I guess what I am trying to say is that you guys shouldn't get all worried just yet.

UltraViolet said...

No one is "getting all worried." I just want Brothers to be at Toronto because I'm eager to hear word of it.

extra said...

Regarding the Harry Potter push back and the EW cober, yeah theya re pissed!:


bobbyanna said...

(Sigh.) I just went to see
Vicki Christina Barcelona, and it is charming.I want to go there! Penelope Cruz and Scarlett are delightful. Iwould LOVE to see Jake work with all of them and Woody Allen too. I bet Jake would be amazing in a Woody Allen comedy!

Xavier Bardem was gorgeous, but he kept making me think of Jake! I have no idea why.

enigma said...

I'm with UV regarding Trent.

And thanks for the link to the EW article. It's nice to see a picture of Reese from FC.

sheba baby said...

Hey, bobbyanna, I will be seeing Vicki Christina Barcelona tomorrow!

Took a peep around the net at some hardcore fanboy sites and they are coming around to Jake as Dastan, great news!

sass said...

Happy Saturday morning peeps,
Glad the NYC tornado threat is over for now. YIKES!


I meant to comment on Nancy Pelosi's Lieberman comments. I wish I could understand what he is all about. Surely he can see how things are going in Iraq since 2003, how many of our young soldiers have died, and how we Have to let this country either govern itself as a unit, or allow it to split into three/four countries...we must get out of Iraq.

John McCain said last week in response to the Russian invasion of Georgia, "Countries don't invade other countries in the 21st century." I am so totally afraid he may win; that comment gave me chills. Did he forget what we did in 2003?
end of OT:)
Off to Macy's to exchange stuff:)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Good Morning!
bobbyanna and sass: I agree with your comments regarding Lieberman, the man is a joke. He is part of the swiftboating of Obama, he's disgusting.

Rumors are swirling that he is on the short list for McCain's choice for VP, he might as well join the Republican party, Independant my ass.

I forgot about the Montreal film festival bobbyanna, and we can ad the London FF as well for Brothers.

bobbyanna said...

OONP! I wish McCain would pick Leiberman!!! What an image it would make! sass, Bush's remarks were something right out of a Comedy Central script. And McCain mouths everything Bush says. So yes. The prospect of McCain winning the presidency is chilling.

Right now, my focus is the news coverage and the ruses they use to slant things and spin them. I hope people are using judgement when they watch. It isn't only Fox. They are all doing it. For those of you who want a good laugh with your politics, YouTube has some great videos.

I definitely think Brothers will be screened at TIFF. FWIW. I just do.

Today, in Southeastern Michigan is "Dream Cruise" weekend. People get in their cars...I'm serious... and drive around. It's like American Graffiti, alll day long!

There are dozens and dozens of vintage cars on display. All the big main streets are bumper to bumper. For hours. And oldies tunes are blasting away.

People get folding chairs and sit on curbs watching traffic and sucking up exhaust fumes. No. I am not a fan.

After I finish laundry,I will go for a bike ride away from it all, and end the day with some Jake movies. Zodiac, Rendition, Jarhead. I really need HOT!Jake. It's those damned pictures.

Anonymous said...

Is Reese still in Morocco or did she come home? I can't believe there has been absolutely no news since "the picture."

reese is a lucky woman! said...

Hi twitter/erin, absent during the Jake/Reese pictures, no comments, what a surprise, NOT!!!

Must have pissed you off to see them, but not to worry, Reese is still in Morocco with Jake, doubt she flew all the way there for the weekend only.

They are staying at an absolutely beautiful hotel, complete with private swimming pool, i'm sure they are keeping themselves busy.

That picture was just a leak/test for reaction.

Anonymous said...

Reese Witherspoon is not only woman to covet Jake Gyllenhaal
While Reese Witherspoon had no reason to fear that her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, would stray while he was in London working on Prince of Persia, the actress has discovered that she is not the only person to seek his affections.

Mandrake, by Richard Eden
Last Updated: 8:01PM BST 16 Aug 2008

Mandrake hears that a woman who was working at Ealing at the same time as the 27-year-old Hollywood actor has been banned from the celebrated studios for life after expressing her feelings for him.

The woman, who is said to be an employee of Slingshot productions, posted a Mills & Boon-type note on the wall in her office praising Gyllenhaal as an object of romantic passion.

A mischievous colleague took the note and slipped it under the door of one of the trailers for the film, allegedly sparking a major stalker alert.

It is even claimed that Jerry Bruckheimer, the film's producer, telephoned Ealing from Los Angeles to demand that the person responsible for writing the note be fired.

This is, however, denied by Bruckheimer, whose spokesman tells me: "No such phone call was made." The studio is said to have pointed out that it couldn't sack the woman because she didn't work for Ealing. Instead, she was allegedly banned for life.

A Slingshot spokesman says: "I am aware of the incident you are talking about, but we do not want to comment."

Ealing Studios also declines to discuss the matter.

suvee said...

In the spirit of our motto...... "timely, topical and totally unverifed information"..... I will share this from this week's Star.

All eyes were on Reese Witherspoon's sexy new body when she and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal went to an Aug.3 concert.

"The first thing I noticed was how gorgeous, fit and toned Reese looked", an eyewitness at the Brooklyn concert - featuring the Black Lips, Deerhunter and King Khan & the Shrines - tells Star. "She was wearing a short-sleeve shirt that showed off the muscle defintion in her arms. You could tell she's been working out."

OT..... I'm hoping to see the Woody Allen movie tomorrow. Bobbyanna, funny you should mention wanting to see Jake work with him. I was just thinking the very same thing yesterday. I also would have dearly loved for Jake to have had the opportunity to work with R. Altman. Alas, not to be. :(

bobbyanna said...

suvee, one of the things I noticed in Vicki Christina Barcelona, is that in one scene, Scarlett is wearing jeans that have rolled up cuffs. I will say no more...;)

Much as I love Xavier, and I do love him, I wish Woody would make a different version of this and let Jake play Xavier's role.

extra said...

When I read that sighting I thought that it was BS because Jake was filming, but maybe they were filming w/o him that weekend? Yeah I know t's the Star but that's not where the story originated, it was the NY Post.

Reese was seen that Saturday wearing the rolled up jeans and a shirt that was either rolled up or very short sleeves that showed off her buff arms.

Also, they failed to mention Jake's appearence, i know he was covered up but they don't mention his hair unless it was covered.

It was just an odd sighting to make up.

UltraViolet said...

Turned out to be a gorgeous day in Boston. I'm sitting outside, watching the world go by.

Very interesting story about Ealing, anon. I feel bad for the woman if it was just a joke and someone else made a bigger deal out of it.

The Star report is odd became as mentioned, wouldn't Jake's buff body rated a word or two?

Finally, Leiberman. Ugh. Just go away and become the hateful Republican everyone knows you really are.

suvee said...

The Star report is odd became as mentioned, wouldn't Jake's buff body rated a word or two?

I should have put the Star blurb in context..... it's from an article about how Reese has lost 20 pounds, and has really gotten into shape 'cause she has such a hot and hunky bf. ( A "friend" discloses that Jake never once said anything to R when she was "plumper" because he's too nice for that. ) Apparently "she doesn't want to be seen as Jake's frumpy girlfriend." Don't think she needs to worry about that..... frumpy, she's NOT! Anyway, maybe that's why they focused on Reese in the Brooklyn sighting. Who knows?

gabbana said...

Jeffrey Wells has a tidbid for "Brothers" on his blog (He mixes up Jakes and Tobeys roles, but ok...)


Aside from the truth of that sighting - Reese looks "frumpy" and lost 20 pounds? Are those people for real? Sorry, but this obsession with womens weight and body - especially those like Reese who is probably no more than
size 2 makes me sick.... I am so happy with Reese and Maggie looking good and healthy but not like sceletons...I am sure that Jake and Peter would agree -:))

bobbyanna said...

Well. Reese Witherspoon walked right past me at TIFF last year...me and seventy zillion other people... I was "this far" from her, and she had on that cute, strapless, short, black dress and there isn't one single thing frumpy about that young woman at all she is just a little doll. Gorgeous. Lovely figure, perfect really, beautiful, big blue eyes, charming smile. She had this really alive look about her. She really seemed to have "that glow." (How could she not!) Very personable.

I think that Star (Page 6)story is total BS. I still think they could have mixed up their Gyllenhaals and had to sort of create additional "narrative" to go along with Jake's buff new look.

Today was just beautiful here in Michigan, too. Really a perfect day.

shondra said...

Reese back in L.A. today hiking with the kids:


I don't believe that Star/NY Post sighting but her arms are toned, rocking the white shorts! Need to check out her jewlery, I think it's the same ring, not sure about the necklace. It looks like she and Jake spent the rest of the week in Morocco pap free, good for them!!

PS: Ava=Mini-Reese!

Anonymous said...

They probably didn't leave their suite!

Anonymous said...

Ava has bandage on her hand :(

Jake is in Morocco till Sept 5??
I read maybe first week in Sept, the back to England?

paula said...

I doubt they did, with the heat and the restrictions on dress for women there even visitors would make it wise that they stay close to their hotel for the week, the set pics are different.

School should be starting in Brentwood if not this week but the next if im not mistaken. If o I would think she would want to be back for that, Jake will be done by the 9/5 according to Brothers

Thanks for that link gabanna!

That concert sighting was bs, but ger arms look toned!And Reese never looked heavy, she looks healthy and has a cute shape, what rubbish.

paula said...

September 5th is the 1st week in September, then he has about a month off then back to the UK in Oct/Nov. to continue according to Brothers spy. So if everything is on schedule he has about 2 and a half weeks in Morocco left to film.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think there really is a strict dress code for women in Morocco. In sacred or holy places, there is, but not in general.

The Star article about Reese is bizarre. If anything, Reese was smallest at the beginning of her relationship with Jake. Those pics of her from the Golden Globes right after breaking up with Ryan - remember everyone talking about how living well/looking good is the best revenge?

Maybe we'll get some Jake and cast set pics?

UltraViolet said...

This site points out that all tabloids ran the onset Jake/Reese pic, but only Us had the good sense to make it a full page :)

I'll have to check that out tomorrow.

sag actor said...

OT: Congratulations to Michael Phelps on his 8th gold medal and breaking the Spitz record!!

The Telegraph story about the woman that posted the love note to Jake at that studio in the UK makes no sense. Even if true, being banned is a bit extreme isn't it?

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

OMG, they think that a woman will attack the Jake? If so you will have to "ban" whole world that is difficult not to fall in love with this man!

I still have hopes of seeing Brothers participate in any festival. In addition to an excellent script, there are great players and an excellent director in this film.

thanks to everyone for all the information and links!

Michael Phelps is a phenomenal athlete. It was a pleasure to see this talented young history.

sallykirkland said...

If it's true at all, about the Ealing studios/Slingshot Productions staffer, I think that person must have said something that was pretty outrageous, sarcastic, graphic, or disrespectful, to get banned from the studio. Maybe similar things may have happened before with other "objects of affection."

I would think that when a person works in that business, there is an expectation of professionalism. If a person can't maintain standards of behavior that reflect well upon them and by extension the company they are with, then it is a problem. Being a professional and acting like an out of control fangirl aren't compatible. At least, it demonstrates poor judgement.

Also, there's a question of trust and comfort. Can someone who expresses inappropriate things, and posts them on their walls, be trusted to respect boundaries? Do their peers and colleagues trust them or feel comfortable with them?

Maybe they have exhibited some behaviors in the past, that raise questions about their stability and their judgement. So who can really say what the full dimensions are of the problem. It probably has only a little to do with Jake, per se.
Perhaps the banning wasn't as extreme as appears. I'm glad it was addressed before anything embarrassing occurred for Jake.

gabbana said...

Since we do not know what kind of picture/letter exactly they are talking about it is difficult to comment on the "incident". I cannot imagine that someone will get fired just because she has something "fangirlish" on her wall. A strange story.....

Someone on Jeff Wells blog has seen "Brothers" last month - she/he describes Jake and Natalie as "sweet", Tobey the "revelation" of the film. Since Jake is supposed to play the "Bad guy" I am surprised to read him being called "sweet".....??? Ok just one opinion but I was surprised.

Narcissa said...

Jeff Wells has updated. Nothing new really, but he sounds somewhat sceptical of the reader's claims. Not sure if it might be considered spoilerific.....

< a href= "http://hollywood-elsewhere.com/2008/08/owned_by_maguir.php"> Well’s Brothers update< /a >.

Narcissa said...

Try again:

< a href= "http://hollywood-elsewhere.com/2008/08/owned_by_maguir.php"> Wells on Brothers< /a >

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that narcissa, I think you have a space between between the < and the a and at the end between the < and the / thats why the link does not work.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting take on Brothers. Thanks for the tip, gabbana. I was hoping more for sexy than sweet. But it sounds good so far.

I forgot to say yesterday, after the Wells report, that the lack of news was disheartening. Seems like one of those folks would know if the movie is going to be at TIFF.

It's also interesting that Sheridan screened the original and asked people what they did and didn't like. I wonder if he took many cues from that.

bobbyanna said...

If Toby's role is anything at all like the character in the original, I can see why they would call it a revelation. If Jake's character is anything at all like that character in the original, I can see why they call him sweet. I will say, I am also very confident he will be very sexy, without even trying... Absolutely...;) ;)

brothers spy said...

Hey guys sorry i've been away. I see a lot has happened since I was gone.

I have some information on Prince Of Persia you may be interested in...

First of all, Jake is working real hard. The shoot has been kind of tough and the weather is terribly hot.

This past week filming has included the use of several hundred extras. Many nerves frayed.

As i'm sure you all figured out, Jake didn't come home at all for his weekend off, but rather Reese went and met him in Morocco. She's probably still there, i'm not sure.

I just want to note that they spent the very weekend together (at that hotel) I was told he had off by my source, thus my guy has earned some credibility as far as i'm concerned.

Here's what I do know...

They are now filming on the two primary sets they built. One in the nearby Tamsloht (only 30k from Marrakeck), where they have erected a huge set which is supposed to represent the fortress of Alamut. They're about half done here.

Just as I predicted on the spoiler thread, they are filming the main battle sequence in the script right now. I predicted it would take two weeks to film the scene, and that seems to be the case since they are moving to Ait Ben Haddon in Ouarzazate on August 24th (which is two weeks after they begun in Tamsloht).

The shoot at Ait Ben Haddon is the last scheduled in Morocco and that should take two weeks to shoot as well.

So unless there are pick-up shots or some other last-minute change, Jake should be finished shooting in Morocco, on schedule, in early September.

Here are some miscellaneous factoids my source let me in on:
First, Jake has become a defacto leader on the set and is well liked and respected by crew and cast --- some people jokingly refer to him as Dastan; second, there was as much rumbling about director Mike Newell being up for the job as there was about Jake --- where Jake has dispelled much rumbling, Newell has not; third, the pictures you saw of Jake in the Prince costume sans shirt isn't his full costume, having been in a battle scene all day and it being scortching hot, Jake just took off his shirt; fourth, my source (who really doesn't seem to be a fan of Jake's) called him "kind of nerdy." That made me laugh.

As for Brothers, you all know how I feel about this. I imagine that if it is to be shown in Toronto at all, it will get a special gala (being a premiere and all) and thus won't be announced until this upcoming Tuesday.

We'll know on Tuesday one way or another if they show it in Toronto. I still have hope they will.

bobbyanna said...

Brothers spy you've just been an angel and I appreciate it SO much! When Jake is hard at work and there is no news and pictures are few to non-existent, it's really great to be able to chart his progress and get some idea of the challenges he is dealing with.

He looked sweaty and tired, but gorgeous, in those pictures with Reese from the set. Obviously working hard. I'd bet PoP is probably more physically demanding then anything else he has ever done.

I am really confident Brothers will be at TIFF. I just am! It might mean Jake flies straight from Morocco to TIFF and on to LA for his month's break. And well deserved at that!!!

Bette said...

Why am I not surprised your source described him as kind of nerdy Brothers Spy? I've always found Jake's sort of nerdy dorky side so endearing, and to boot he probably doesn't even realize how sexy he is just by standing there. I love men like that. And I have a feeling as confident as Reese seems she is a former nerd as well, I mean they both wore big coke bottle glasses as kids. They both love a good book. They both say some of the dorkiest things. Not that, that is nerdy in and of itself, but you know what I'm getting at I'm sure.

I can not wait for Brothers, and Brothers Spy thank you for the information! I love the insider info.

sass said...

Evening babblers,
Wonderful News brother's spy! I have my fingers xed for Brothers too. I can't imagine TIFF not premiering a movie starring three of our biggest actors/stars directed by Jim Sheridan.

I'm with you bette; I think nerdy/dorky Jake is wonderful. Though one of his former lovers thought he was too much of a stay at home guy-- and I'm sure that silly person's had second thoughts--I think Reese--a fellow coke bottle glasses wearer--suits him just fine. *big big grin*

UltraViolet said...

I've never really bought that story about Kirsten saying Jake was too much of a stay-at-home guy. I do know that she loved his dorkiness. It always made me smile to think she appreciated that about him, as we all do. And as I am sure Reese does :)

Thanks for the great scoop, Brothers Spy. You say that your source isn't a Jake fan, but it does seem as if he's coming around, at least as far as PoP goes, yes?

This must be a grueling shoot. I wonder why they didn't schedule the Morocco part for the fall. Maybe it gets too rainy or something.

re: Wells

I'll be curious to see if the poster comes back to give more info. Wells definitely seems skeptical. He can be kind of an asshole about Jake, so I was a little surprised at his reaction.

But Wells has been at the forefront of Brothers news - we first found out about Jake's role in it from him. I'm glad he's still on the story.

chica said...

Wow, thanks for your latest update brothers spy!

Love the description of nerdy Jake, i always loved his dorky side. Filming there now must be brutal with the heat and i too wondered why they didn't film in Morocco in the Fall instead.

I'm off to read the comments regarding Bothers on the Wells blog!

TIFF/or bust? said...

I beg to differ UV you may not be "worried" but more on the side of being overly concerned. If it goes to TIFF great and if it dosen't it dosen't.

agent_krycek said...

Jake has become a defacto leader on the set and is well liked and respected by crew and cast

Thanks BS - That's the kind of detail I love to hear about Jake - liked and respected. And yes, he is kinda nerdy as well, it's part of his charm.

So I was right, that was only part of the costume, I'm presuming some sort of armour on top

gabbana said...

Tomorrow will be the confirmation of the last gala presentations at the TIFF and it makes sense that Jim Sheridan and the TPTB won´t confirm or deny anything before the offical announcement... And yes, I admit I will be disappointed if it won´t be on the list.

Brothers Spy, thanks for your update! I have a question, you wrote
"there was as much rumbling about director Mike Newell being up for the job as there was about Jake --- where Jake has dispelled much rumbling, Newell has not" does that mean the actors/crew are NOT satisfied with Newells directing? That would be a surprise....and not in a good way.

Love me some "nerdy" Jake.....:-))

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, gabbana. I was wondering about that observation, too. They always reference Newell as the Harry Potter guy, but he's a BAFTA awaard winner, and he also did 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Love in the Time of Cholera, Donnie Brasco and Mona Lisa Smile. He did quite a lot with television, too. Young Indiana Jones stuff. This sounds like a really huge undertaking,so there's bound to be glitches, and being in Morocco in August doesn't help, I'd bet.

sheba baby said...

Add me to the list of the disappointed too gabanna if Brothers is not on the list for TIFF tomorrow.

I wonder if the comment about Newell was from brothers spy's source and not from the cast and crew. Newell has an excellent resume IMO so that would be distressing if that was the mind set from the cast.

Glad to hear that everyone has taken to Jake, i love hearing stories like that.

brothers spy said...

It wasn't a major comment re: Newel. It was just a passing observation, I only mentioned it because he had made a similar comment before.

The comment comes from the crew, and given the hot working conditions and long hours, I think it's just subordinate griping --- nothing too major. It's just the kind of stuff you'd expect from people in these situations. I don't think Disney and/or Bruckheimer don't like Newell.

brothers spy said...

That last sentence was just terrible. It should read: I don't think Disney and/or Bruckenheimer feel the same about Newell.

Monica said...

BS, thanks you for all the required information on POP!

I do not know if Brothers will join the TIFF, but still I think that will participate in a festival.
Regarding the fact that Tobey be a revelation in the film, I believe that for many it is an actor irregular and perhaps why he has called so much attention.

Five actors for a Michael Phelps movie

Jake Gyllenhaal

Have you taken a look at the recent pics of Jake Gyllenhaal for the upcoming Prince of Persia? It looks like Gyllenhaal’s been on the Michael Phelps diet and hitting the gym like an Olympic athlete. Whatever he’s been doing to get in shape, it’s making him look more and more like Michael Phelps (with hair) by the day. After embodying San Francisco Chronicle cartoonist, Robert Graysmith, in David Fincher’s Zodiac and going through sniper bootcamp for his role in Jarhead, Gyllenhaal would have no trouble diving into the pool to play Michael Phelps. As far as diving into the pool of Phelps’ life to accurately reflect the sacrifices one has to make to become an Olympic champion, Gyllenhaal is a near master at tapping into the emotional journey of a character since his role in Brokeback Mountain. Olympic athletes come from all walks of average life and one of Gyllenhaal’s best qualities is his ability to be an average Joe in larger than life situations.

josie said...

Wow, thanks so much for the lateat update brothers spy!!!

Meh, Jake attached to yet another sport bio, I know it's only speculation but still.

brothers spy said...

Reese is back in LA. There are photos of her with her kids from this past Saturday in Brentwood. So i'm guessing her visit to Morocco lasted just over one week: Wednesday/Thursday the 6th or 7th of August to Thursday/Friday 14th or 15th of August.

The pics are over at US Weekly. Ava has gotten real big, she's almost as tall as Reese now.

Be back later.

Anonymous said...

Weren't there pictures of Reese shopping in LA on 8/8?

Anonymous said...

August 8 buying hats with Ava

Anonymous said...

Hi brothers spy, I just want to add my thanks to you for all of your Pop updates!

Reese was seen shopping with Ava on Friday, 8/8 the last time she was seen in L.A. before the set pics on 8/11 with Jake in Morocco.

So I assume from that pics/sightings that she arrived in Morocco on Saturday, 8/9 and stayed until Friday the 15th. (I know I need a life, LOL!!)

BTW, that hotel that they syaed at is absolutely beautiful!

Reese looks like she lost a little weight, not that I thought she needed to, but she loosk really toned and fit and happy.

extra said...

Sorry, that was me at 3:25.

Got it covered too anon. 3:15/3:25!
She was shopping for the trip, the hat she bought/wearing in those pics looks like the one she wore in Morocco.

I must say that I'm more than impressed/Happy with the way they have managed to see each other during filming of all their movies, it shows a committment and seriusness about their relationship that other HW couples should follow IMO.

brothers spy said...

You're probably right about the 8/8 sighting. I didn't know about that one. I was off by only two days. Either way they seemed to have spent a week together in Morocco. That's pretty cool.

It seems they managed to spend a little time together despite Jake's crazy shooting schedule.

I find it cool that Jake had two weekends off so far on what seems to be a tough shoot (July 25th to 27th and August 9 to 11) and he spent both of them with Reese (July 25-27, the weekend of the comic-con, in LA --- according to People; August 9-11 in Morocco at some plush hotel --- and she spent the rest of the week with him there). I still don't believe the PAGE SIX sighting.

This after spending a month together between June 22 and July 20 in England and France.

I'm sure Jake is looking forward to the time off he has coming up. I think this is the most time they've spent apart since they got together. So let's hope production runs smoothly.

In other (more important) news...

Does anyone have any new information re: Brothers? That's the news i'm on pins and needles for, right now. I'm really hoping they show it at TIFF.

One final thing...

I'm kind of stumped on what to ask my source next. I'm certain he's giving me good information and is 100% on the up-and-up (now that three things he has told me can be independently verified --- the start date, the scenes they are filming/rehearsing and the movements of the key players during production; not to mention the one page of the new script he showed me). I just don't know what to ask him about next.

I have a pretty good idea of what is going on in Morocco. I know the scenes they have filmed, are filming and are about to film. I know the days off of various participants in production, and the start-end days for shooting at various locations. I know what the general feelings are on set and the conditions they are working under.

What else do you guys think is important to know?

I hope my guy goes to England with them. He has been a good source for us.

Anonymous said...

In all that heat working so hard, I hope Jakes health is ok.
I hope they let him rest during the film takes

FluorescentLamp said...

What else do you guys think is important to know?

I hope my guy goes to England with them. He has been a good source for us.

Ask him if he's going to London with the production. ;-) I know, it's almost too easy a question isn't it?

brothers spy said...


I don't think anyone is sure what is happening regarding England yet.

Anonymous said...

If your source can find out

If Jake is doing ok in the heat and taking a rest when he needs it.
How is Jake doing, is he tired?
Does Jake miss LA and home?

Anonymous said...

Theres a video of Reese on TMZ, they ask her how Jake is.

UltraViolet said...

BSpy, I'd ask about Jake's accent - is it good/is he keeping it steady/does he stay in accent all the time?

What else? I don't know how far you can push the personal stuff, but you can say you saw the pictures of Jake and Reese, and ask if she spent much time on set.

And any comments on the interaction between Jake and Ben Kingsley would be interesting. I saw Kingsley on a Letterman repeat the other night, and he was a great guest. Just that slightest hint of airs, but a great storyteller. And he told Dave he could call him "Ben." I'd heard rumors that he makes people call him "Sir."

office of nancy pelosi said...

I would like to know about Jake's accent too BS! Also his interactions with his co-stars like Ben and Gemma.

I watched that TMZ video of Reese and they are scum, kudos to Reese for not taking the bait, Yo Mama, LOL!! Go Reese!!!

bobbyanna said...

I was thinking...Just because the picture was released on August 8th doesn't mean it was actually taken on August 8th.
I thought she was great! "How's your mother?" ;)

Didn't hear a lot of clicking noises or chatter, so maybe she wasn't swarmed this time. Glad she had someone with her going to the car.

Think positive thoughts. Believe. Brothers will be screened at TIFF!

suvee said...

What a great and welcome PoP update...... thanks BSpy!

I'm interested in hearing about Jake's accent too. Does it sound natural? I'd also love any elaboration or details about him being the "defacto leader" on set. In what sense is he the leader? Thanks!

FluorescentLamp said...

Oh that's Jake's car she's driving in that TMZ vid. Hi Jake's car!

sass said...

Evening babblers,
I can't say this enough...please try to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
I'm not good with movie reviews, but I think you will enjoy the superb acting and delicious plot.
Thanks again everyone for all the Jake/POP/TIFF news.
back soon

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much filming break time Jake will get for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

June Cash said...

You might know more what to ask brother spy then the rest of us since you have read the script and all. Keep the questions professional and don't ask about his personal life (reese). I am very curious about his accent is it authentic or very hokey.

And also Brother Spy is it okay to ask what you do, to be able to get all this information do you work out there in LA. You may or may not have answered this question already.

agent_krycek said...

Can you ask about Richard Coyle being in the cast (sorry, I know I bang on but I love that man), the accent is interesting as well, I'd imagine he's keeping it steady, feeding off the other cast who seem to be mainly British, but I'd love to know.

(You could also ask if Jake is enjoying the cycling at the Olympics - which is my non too subtile way of working in a BRITIAN ROCKS AT CYCLING reference :p )

shondra said...

Hi brothers spy and thanks again for all of your reports!

I would like to know do they get the weekends off all the time? Also I'm curious about the accent too.

I think you answered already about the holidays: off from early Sept. - Oct. after Morocco and back to filming in the UK oct. Nov. and December off.

Good catch on Reese driving Jake's car FL!

brothers spy said...

Good morning everyone,

Hey June Cash, I never ask my sources about his private life. Sometimes they volunteer information as my last source (from Nailed) did when she told me about when Reese visited him on set and various rumors when he was going home to visit her, etc. She also would speculate about his workout regiments on account of his newfound buffness (I told you guys he was real buff now).

The only things my new source has disclosed to me thus far involves shooting times and locations, also some minor things here and there.

As for what I do professionally, I won't tell. No good spy ever would after all. But i'll say this:

1. I don't work in the movie business in any way. I'm just a huge movie buff.

2. I don't live in Los Angeles at all (have never even visited - the closest I came was visiting San Fransisco and the 10 months I lived in Seattle). I live on the east coast.

3. I am an analyst who once worked for the government.

I just like picking up information and sharing it with my peeps here, that's all. I remember first meeting UV at the old Gyllenspoon Cafe site and she always had these cool tidbits of information. So I followed her here and thought i'd reciprocate with my own.

I'm just wiley and clever, I guess.;) When I was a teenager I was always able to get backstage at concerts using my wits. After a while my friends began taking me to these concerts because i'd get them backstage to meet bands.

It's always been my thing.

bobbyanna said...

I was an expert "gate crasher" too, back in the day, Bspy! Life should be fun! This blog rocks!! Between UV/FL yourself and the rest of us, who at the very least provide "informed speculation" I think this is one of the most, if not the most up to the minute, accurate blogs in cyberspace.

I would love to know how Jake is getting on with Sir Ben, and anyone else for that matter. Also would love to know if he's had success with brandishing a sword or two while riding a horse. The idea of Jake galloping around out there in the desert is exciting.

sass said...

BrSpy you're a wonderful mystery...ex-spy/analyst? and all that..I met UV on DCF and have been happy to hang here with her since my days on DCF. Her powers of sleuthing...necklaces, precious stones and love are beyond compare:):)
I do love you all...I had a splendid BD thanks to everyone here, which I've decided to extend a few more days to counteract my chemo consult this Thursday...YUCK!
I love it here; my more serious forums are filled with brave women and some men, but pretty dismal sometimes with no chance to chat about Jake...and that is NO good for me so TY UV for GyllenBabble.:)

Monica said...

News from Toronto:
Toronto Film Festival adds to lineup

No Brothers!

agent_krycek said...

Brothers spy, just admit it, you are James Bond ;)

Can't get too upset about Brothers at the moment, a bit giddy about the Olympics here - flaming heck, the UK is within 10 golds of the USA and third in the table (we use most golds, then silver etc, not amount of medals, for our table) And we're beating the Aussies!

bobbyanna said...

I'm kind of stunned! I'm hoping there will be add-ons, a few stragglers. This cannot be the absolute final schedule. It can't! Last year they were stacking two or even three galas per night, this year only seven total? Same with Special Presentations. I don't know. There are some titles, besides Brothers that are missing. I'd hoped for more. I am glad about the public events, the music, etc. that's exciting. But ...OK...I wait and hope...

bobbyanna said...

Sorry to spam! Just wanted to add that if they submitted Brothers, I am really surprised it isn't there.

UltraViolet said...


I wish we had better news about Brothers at TIFF for you this morning. Once Wells had trouble confirming it, I had a feeling it wouldn't happen.

Maybe this will be a good omen for its fate. Rendition got its Toronto slot, and not much came of it. Maybe the opposite will happen with Brothers.

That rare attempt at optimism has tuckered me out...

sag actor said...

Wells take on Brothers and TIFF, also notes that Stone's W wasn't on the list:

"So much for my dream that Oliver Stone's W, Jim Sheridan's Brothers, Gerald McMorrow's Franklyn and Beeban Kidron's Hippie Hippie Shake might play the 2008 Toronto Film Festival"


Wells thinks that most likely Brotehrs and W were not submitted, W just wrapped in July and perhaps not ready, maybe it's the same for Brothers although that wrapped in february but I read a commentedn in the previous Brothers thread on thaat site and someone mentioned tha Sheridan had a screening at Cannes at the film seemed unfinished.

UltraViolet said...

Bobbyanna, Jeffrey Wells agrees with you. He surmised that Brothers' absence means it wasn't submitted.

Also, congrats to all your UK medalers, Agent K.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. I kept hoping there's been a mistake and it will be announced, (I know.) but the TIFF schedule is the final list. This is it.

I am waiting for later on today when they actually post the complete list of films on their website in order. Brothers won't be there, but there are so many other titles I expected to see that aren't there either, I just want to take a good long look at that list.

This means Jake gets to go home and get a good, well deserved rest before going to the UK for about three or four weeks to finish up.
Please don't think I'm silly, but I hope he is finished by Halloween.
I think his buddy, Deacon will be looking forward to it!

brothers spy said...

I'm so angry about Brothers, DAMN! I'm guessing it wasn't submitted either, there's no way it would have gotten rejected.

But I have to admit that I'm finding the entire approach to releasing and promoting this film baffling. There are no trailers, no set photos, no one is talking about it, nothing. I'm completely perplexed by the mystery surrounding this film.

We've heard two unofficial reports about the film, both from message boards, and both give the film (and its cast) glowing reviews and yet the studio seems to want to hide this film for some unknown reason.

sass said...

I see Rachel McAdams, starring in The Lucky Ones, is getting lots of buzz...NY Times Mag cover this past weekend...She plays a soldier home from Iraq ...maybe that's why Brothers lost out.
She's another of my favorite actors as is her on again off again bf Ryan Gosling...
linking for ya:)

Rachel's new movie

maybe another festival for him later... fingers xed.
Following Jake's career this closely is a new thing for me. Before BBM, I'd just go to any movie he was in and be happy because he never disappointed me ever...not even in BB. After BBM I fell in love with him and I want to know Everything he's doing.....arrrgh:)

brothers spy said...

To be more positive...

The NYFF will start in late September so it may premiere there.


My only guess, and this is just a guess, is that the producers don't want the film unfairly compared with the original and have decided that they don't want to show it at a foreign festival (Venice, Toronto) given the propensity to be more inclined towards the original film in another country.

So it's New York or bust...

Back to work, later y'all.

BTW, I was never a real spy. I was just making a joke regarding the user handle here.

I am an analyst and I did once work for the government.

Anonymous said...

When Jake takes a filming break, and coming back to LA or England
I wonder what his hair will be like, will he still be wearing the wig?

I am interested to see what he looks like now when he gets back in normal clothes.

chica said...

Not surprised to hear about Brothers not being shown at TIFF since Wells couldn't get any confirmation. There are other festivals and i have my fingers crossed for those.

Brothers spy, I was a gatecrasher too in my day, my friends and I used to crash the Daytime emmys here in NY for years, ahh the memories!

Love all your Pop reports, looking forward to hearing about Jake's interaction with his co-stars.

Silvana said...

I don't think it's a bad sign "Brothers" won't be shown at the TFF. There are many movies that weren't shown at festivals that still did great and got awards. :)

bobbyanna said...

I hope NYFF gets a look at it, BSpy, but I won't be surprised now if they skip festivals altogether and just start the buzz for it in early October. They'll most likely start running trailers in theaters off and on for a couple of months, along with the internet, then some well placed interviews in specific publications before release, along with the usual display ads. It isn't going to be a wide release film, I don't think.

I think your surmise that they didn't want it unfavorably compared to the original at these huge international film festivals might have some merit.

The important thing is that it will be released and we will see it in December! I'm also optimistic about Nailed next year! Yeah. I've said that before,
haven't I! ;)

Anonymous said...

Reese out for a run this week, the site makes mention of some ring bling on her hand


extra said...

The set of pictures are from that TMZ video from yesterday. The bling is the signet ring she has been wearing for the past few weeks, I guess that site never noticed it.

I had a feeling that Brothers wasn't going to be screened at TIFF but a lot of other films that I thought would be there aren't either.

gabbana said...

I am disappointed - not surprised but disappointed. Yes, there are other films which are also not listed for TIFF but most of them are already getting buzz. "Brothers" does get nothing.

I have also read on another board that "Brothers" is NOT listed on the EW fall movie preview issue, as far as I understand they are usually listing all films released in the fall/winter- is it possible that the film is delayed?

Not to mention that "Brothers" is also NOT on the list of EW "20 Fall Movies We Can't Wait to See"...

And this comment from a Jeff Wells reader: "I saw this in a rough cut before Cannes. A negative pick up, he took it to Cannes to tender bids. As far as I heard, no one nibbled" I do not know how reliable this person is but together with the non-existing buzz, the silence from the studio with no pictures, no teaser I am starting to get worried.

Anonymous said...

"EW "20 Fall Movies We Can't Wait to See"...

Some of the movies listed there probably won't be good anyway.

4:29 said...

If the poster at Portman's fan board wasn't lying, the movie was well received at the pre screeing.
Another one or two people who posted on "Hollywood elsewere" said the movie was ok and that Maguire was Oscar worthy.
That's all we know till now.

FluorescentLamp said...

Brother's Spy, if you're about, I have a question you can ask your PoP contact. What about the parkour? Early on we were all atwitter about Jake having to do parkour...or at the very least the character doing parkour, but I haven't heard a thing about it. Surely there must be some parkour being done out in the desert. That is, if it's still part of the plan.

So I guess that's what I'd like to know - has Jake done any parkour yet.

bobbyanna said...

Brothers has three stars in it with major clout,actors who have agents who could conceivably say, "They'll do your picture if you pick up distribution for their picture." I'm not saying that is the case at all. I am saying I am not worried about Brothers. I want to stay positive, so I think it will be released in December as planned.

All of this is making me think about "Penelope." Reese produced that independently, I think. I wonder how they set up distribution for it? I know it was dellayed for a time, too wasn't it?

One thing is sure. If you are looking for a distributor, one of the best ways to get one is at a major film festival. That is basically what happens at Cannes,Sundance, Venice and TIFF.

Tribeca is also becoming a player. The Los Angeles Film Festival is another that features edgy, indie stuff as does Berlin and Montreal. There are hundreds of film festivals now, but only the top tier ones have enough influence to "make" a film.

Another benefit of film festivals is the opportunity to connect with producers and try to package financing for a movie you want to make.
Brothers will be OK....Brothers will be OK...Brothers will be OK...

brothers spy said...


Don't forget there was that Oscar prediction site (I forget which one) which mentioned that Brothers had a fantastic reception in early test screenings, thus justifying their top-ten position, and also confirming that the screenings for Brothers did take place in Las Vegas and was received as well as proported on the Natalie Portman board.

That suggests that maybe the producers are going to bypass traditional festivals, and let the film just speak for itself.

I'm reminded of the route There Will Be Blood took last year on it's path to the Oscars. I remember feeling disappointed when it failed to make any of the festivals last year.

Paul Thomas Anderson just opted to have a grand premiere (for die-hard fans, friends, family etc.) at the The Castro Theater in San Fransisco; then he showed the film directly to the Guilds, going over the heads of most critics; then he showed it to the critics; then he opened the film in limited release and then finally he opened it wide two months after he began all of this.

He just let the buzz build up organically and rode that wave to critical and box office success.

Maybe the producers of Brothers have a similar strategy. After all, the film is being produced by...Michael DeLuca, who incidently was the producer, defender and good friend of Paul Thomas Anderson during the era of Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

Something to consider.

brothers spy said...


It's possible that the commenter on the Jeffrey Wells blog was being truthful, although I don't remember hearing the film being shown there.

Cannes was a long time ago. The film was probably not finished then, and like I wrote, this could be the reason that they refrained from showing the film at foreign festivals.

They may be more interested in promoting the American aspects of the film, including it's actors, which may not please the foreigners given the films initial origins.

One thing i'm pretty sure of is that the film currently has distribution, or they would be showing it at the festivals looking for some. Also, according to imdb, MGM own the domestic theatrical rights to the film. I'm not sure if anyone owns the foreign rights yet, but MGM is a pretty big studio.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Tom Cruise own MGM. now?

brothers spy said...

No, Tom Cruise has a controlling share of United Artists which is affiliated with MGM. (MGM distributes UA films).

Narcissa said...

I was astonished that "W" is not going to TIFF and think that Wells is on the money: neither W nor Brothers were entered. W is scheduled for (limited) release in October so it should be gearing up now.

Somewhat disappointing about TIFF but there are other routes which can be taken.

Don't understand the comment about Sheridan - "took it to Cannes to tender bids". It's not an indie looking for a distributor; it's a studio picture. Doesn't make sense.

FluorescentLamp said...

In looking over the Gala Schedule and the Visa Screening Room Schedule at TIFF this year, I'm very underwhelmed. To me, there doesn't seem to be many buzzed-about films showing at either presentation, save Burn After Reading and maybe one or two others.

I wonder if last year was just too overwhelming for the TIFF organization and Toronto as a whole.

Perhaps bobbyanna could refresh my memory, because I know she has had experience attending TIFFs in the past and remarked to us last year while in the middle of many a scrum there that she hadn't seen that many people, that many celebs ever before at TIFF.

It just seems to me they scaled down the Wow factor this year or something.

suvee said...

Have to say although I am crushed, I'm not surprised by the exclusion of Brothers at TIFF. For whatever reason, this movie has absolutely zero buzz.... I just don't get it. The few movie sites I visit have been completely absent of any mentions of Brothers. And it has nothing to do with release date....... several other December release movies are, and have been, getting lots of attention online.

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is their Fall preview issue.......highlighting what is being released in Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. They preview 13 movies being released in Dec., none of them Brothers. It's not even included in the calendar of releases..... completely missing. To put this in context, they mention another Dec. movie, The Secret of the Grain (a Tunisian movie) twice!

I'm truly baffled. Sorry if I sound a little negative..... but I can be something of a worrier!

paula said...

Same here suvee, i'm worried/puzzled as well.

I did here that TIFF would be scaling back and that would explain why Brothers and other films are not being screened, but the fact that Brothers isn't listed in EW on their calender for Dec. release is odd.

I know that last year I didn't start hearing about There will be Blood until later on but I thought there was some buzz on some of the blogs at least.

I'm just wondering if maybe Sheridan isn't 100% happy and it still needs work?

bobbyanna said...

FL, I looked thru the lists and I've gotta say. I'm very...puzzled? The Gala list is surprising,more for what isn't there then for what is. The list for the Special Presentations has some "interestng" stuff.

Not a Kevin Smith fan, so not too excited he's on the list. Atom Egoyan is a favorite of TIFF for reasons known only to him, I suspect.

Surprised to see Spike Lee has something. Guy Ritchie is premiering "RocknRolla" as a special presentation, which has been getting some good buzz. I think this will be a major event for the festival. It opens end of October too. Tom Wilkinson, Jeremy Piven, Ludacris, Gerard Butler, Thandie Newton and...ta dah...Gemma Arterton!

Ed Harris directed Viggo and Jeremy Irons in "Appaloosa" (horses?)so they will probably be there, and Keira Knightly is "The Ducchess." "Blindness" stars Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

Big American films aren't as dominant as in the past. I am really surprised that Fincher isn't there with "Benjamin Button." Nor are Russell Crowe with two movies, "State of Play" with Helen Mirren, and a Ridley Scott movie with Leo, called "Body of Lies." No Kate Winslet with either of her two movies, "Revolutionary Road" and "The Reader."

I guess the other really "big" thing, besides Guy Ritchie's movie, is Soderbergh coming in with his two part biopic on Che Guevara with Benecio Del Toro.

Earlier, I mentioned how disgruntled the media was and so were people who'd purchased special passes. Basically, not enough screens, not enough screenings. Too many lines. It was really a mess last year. Much bigger then I ever remember it. More people just hanging out. It's become a major tourist attraction as much as a business and industry event.

The only solution was to cut back the number of movies. They have a competitive category, but I think it's limited to Canadian films.

I remember TIFF in 2005. Brokeback Mountain and Capote, Walk the Line. I actually met PSH and Joaquin! Last year, America cast a huge shadow, and terrorism, the war in Iraq and political themes dominated. But you also had movies with Cate Blanchett. I didn't go in '06. I missed seeing Heath and "Candy."

bobbyanna said...

Personally, I think they might want to review some of the categories and break something off like the documentaries, into another type of "festival" at some other time like maybe in late March or early April.

enigma said...

Reese at the Four Seasons Hotel. Her legs are something else.

June Cash said...

Can't say that I'm suprised that brothers isn't going to TIFF. But as others have said on here films like There will be Blood didn't hit up any of the major festivals and looked what happened with that film or mostly to daniel day lewis. So never give up hope girls.

Thanks for your reponse special intelligence Brother Spy.

Anonymous said...

when it comes to ew magazine, i think one of the main reasons that they didn't mention brothers is that they in recent years have been scaling back there films much like what tiff is apparently doing now. if this were ew three years ago there would have definately been a mention of brothers. ew is focusing on what they think is important i don't know if any of you have read the articles but the writers seemed more excited about these films than i am.

gabbana said...

Narcissa & BS you are probably right about Cannes - "Brothers" is a studio movie and already has a distributor.....

But "There will be blood" is not a good comparison - there was huge buzz on this film last year at this time - especially about DDLs legendary performance.

"The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is their Fall preview issue.......they preview 13 movies being released in Dec., none of them Brothers. It's not even included in the calendar of releases..... completely missing. To put this in context, they mention another Dec. movie, The Secret of the Grain (a Tunisian movie) twice!"

This is very odd....:-((

Awards season is starting now and I just want Jake to be part of this...getting respect and people talking about his films and acting.

I had high hopes for "Brothers" - neither "Nailed" nor PoP will be awards material and we do not know when the "Joe Namath project" will be starting....

bobbyanna said...

One more thing. (Promise) Historically, TIFF is the launching pad for fall/winter awards season stuff. It's very important to the media. Print media from all over North America are there and most of the one on one interviews are set up at TIFF.
International media representing major markets is also there, especially from Europe. So from that perspective I am really disappointed. I'm assuming Natalie will be there because she is making her directorial debut. Wonder if Gemma Arterton will show up for Guy Ritchie? It's all very puzzling.

I love Reese's dress! And yeas. She has great legs!

sag actor said...

Reese looks great, thanks for the link! Reese will be participating in Just Stand Up on Sept. 5th for cancer research:

Divas stand up for research
What would it sound like if 15 of the hottest female singers joined voices? The answer will be revealed Sept. 2.

That’s when “Just Stand Up” hits airwaves and iTunes. The song features Leona Lewis (right), Mariah Carey, BeyoncĂ©, Mary J. Blige,Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, LeAnn Rimes and Carrie Underwood. All sales of the single will benefit cancer research.

All 15 singers will share the stage to perform the song live Sept. 5 during the “Stand Up to Cancer” television special, set to air simultaneously on ABC, NBC and CBS. Other stars expected to turn out for the hourlong program include Jennifer Aniston, Lance Armstrong, Katie Couric, Sally Field, Salma Hayek, Meryl Streep, Forest Whitaker and Reese Witherspoon.


Anonymous said...

This is the same TV special Cristina Applegate is doing, isn't it? I also thought Kirsten Dunst was lined up for that special.
I thought Reese might get involved because of Avon.

brothers spy said...

Can't talk...

The only thing I can think of is maybe the December 4th release date isn't water tight and MGM (or whomever makes these decisions) is considering changing the release date.

The EW thing is just too odd. It would have been mentioned there. Something is definitely up.


lol. I hate Atom Egoyan. I think he only has a job at all because Canada subsidizes their film industry and he's "in there" with those people.

Monica said...

Imdb revealed:

Natalie: Grace Cahill
Tobey: Samm Cahill

Anonymous said...

Hi! These pictures you posted on this thread? I keep thinking I should kiss them good night.

sag actor said...

Prince of Persia in 3-D?? They mention it as a possibilty because Disney has some films coming out that were shot in 3-D including the Disney/Pixar animated feature the Bear and the Bow, Reese is doing one of the voices:


agent_krycek said...

Prince of Persia in 3-D??

I'm not entirely sure I'd survive that experience, that body in 3-D *thud*

extra said...

BS from J. Jared via In Touch: The producers of the Untitled Moon Project is considering Abby Cornish as Jake's leading lady.

The script isn't even written yet, slow week:


Anonymous said...

I just read the premise for The Bear and the Bow, because I was intrigued by the title, and it sounds absolutely lovely:

In mythical Scotland, Merida (Reese Witherspoon), a member of the royal family, decides to give up her family name for her dream of becoming an archer. Merida makes some kind of reckless choice, resulting in the destruction of her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida then struggles to set things right.

I love the Disney and Pixar animated stories, the animation is truly art, like The Lion King, and the ones with female heroines are wonderful, like Mulan, beautiful animation too. Definitely looking forward to seeing The Bear and the Bow. :)

UltraViolet said...

Well, if it was in In Touch, it must be true :)

Like Agent K, I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of 3D Jake...

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