Thursday, September 15, 2016

Watch out for Nocturnal Animals

From GQ UK: When Jake Gyllenhaal met Tom Ford

Jake Gyllenhaal is not just an Oscar-nominated actor with a legendary work ethic and a drop-dead smile. He is also a Jewish boy from LA, a Swedish nobleman, godson of Paul Newman, has studied Buddhism at Columbia with Robert Thurman, and is known for transforming himself physically and emotionally for his roles. Tom Ford is not just a fashion designer and film director, he is а 21st-century Renaissance man. After revolutionising fashion, he moved effortlessly into film with unprecedented success: his first film, A Single Man, was nominated for a raft of awards including the Best Actor Oscar nomination for lead Colin Firth. Now the two have teamed up for Mr Ford's sophomore feature, Nocturnal Animals, with Jake Gyllenhaal taking the dual role of Edward Sheffield, a writer, and Tony Hastings, the main character from Edward's book who suffers an unfortunate fate with his family while going on their summer holidays. Here, in an exclusive transatlantic telephone conversation, Mr Ford interviews Mr Gyllenhaal about the art of making movies, writing screenplays and being vulnerable.

Finally, the trailer!

And the teaser for the teaser:

And since Jake didn't get to go to TIFF, let's revisit Venice, in black and white:

#JakeGyllenhaal #NocturnalAnimals #Venezia73 #BiennaleCinema2016 #venice

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Jake Gyllenhaal arrives for #nocturnalanimals premiere at @labiennale. #venicefilmfestival #venezia73 #jakegyllenhaal #leicaq

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Daily Animals (step 2) 😁 #NocturnalAnimals #Competition #Venezia73 #Venice #Film #Festival #JakeGyllenhall

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likemonalisa said...

Love the trailer, Jake looks great in it!

UltraViolet said...

It is a very good trailer! The response seems good, too.

Jake in the London CZ last night, at the River Cafe:

When you have dinner at the same restaurant as Jake Gyllenhaal and Richard Hammond. #CelebSpotting #London #ShouldVeBeenFamous

A real treat! Love you @sockiebum ❤️#sisterdinner #sockdownunder 🇻🇬#rivercafe 🍽 celebrity spotting #jakegyllenhaal 👬 #jeremyclarkson 🏎#ralphfiennes 👳🏼 #goodluck 🍀

bobbyanna said...

I love the trailer! Visually stunning! Wow. And what a cast. This looks very strong.
UV, to me this is definitely one of those "prestige projects" we always hope to see. : )

BlueJean said...

Awesome trailer! I really can't wait to see NA.

Love the black & white pictures from Venice, too. Thanks for the new post, UV!

Ann said...

Loved this trailer! I can see this being one of my favorite Jake movies. They're handling the marketing for this really well so far.

BlueJean said...

Wait! At 1 minute into the trailer... is that Lou Bloom? ;) :)

I'll have to watch it again!

Tweety said...

I am really loving this trailer , really excited about NA! Jake look fantastic and I love Amy.

Anonymous said...

The Film Experience's Nathaniel hated this movie. It's annoying he gave this movie a D+. He is a Tom Ford hater.

I think a lot of people still have prejudice against Tom because he's a fashion designer.

Scott said...

Congrats to Tatiana Maslany for winning the Emmy best actress in Drama series. Who knows maybe next year she will add another award.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, that was very cool for Tatiana Maslany. The Emmys were fun to watch and seemed to do a good job doling out the awards. Except for Maggie Smith, lol.

Updated the post with some photos from GQ UK. There are some snippets of an interview of Jake by Tom Ford.

BlueJean said...

Sigh. He looks goooooood in those GQ pics. What's the right word? Rugged.

UltraViolet said...

He does look good :)

Tom Ford On Why Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Style Icon:

What Gyllenhaal has crafted over his two decades as an actor is a style of his own.

There’s a scene in Jake Gyllenhaal’s recent film, Demolition, where his investment banker character, Davis, leaves work and walks on to a building site, unannounced, to join workmen in destroying an abandoned building. Sledgehammer in hand, he hacks away at a wall, kicking, clawing at the wood panelling. He’s just lost his wife, by the way. Maybe his mind, too. But the thing that stands out is not simply the desperation of a man falling apart before your very eyes, but that even though Davis is now all but covered in dust, he still looks fucking good in a suit.

Gyllenhaal first burst on to the scene with 2001 cult classic, Donnie Darko. Since then, he’s scarcely put a foot wrong (we’re willing to forget Prince of Persia if you are) – something not even Ryan Gosling has managed in recent years. His film choices have been equal parts smart and successful, challenging both for him (slimming down, bulking up, slimming down again) and for fans – daring them to stick by him as Brokeback Mountain’s Jack Twist or as the immoral, ambulance-chasing cameraman Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler. ..

Monica said...

He looks great!

Chica said...

He does look great, very rugged and sexy��. Thanks for all the great pics and updates .

Anonymous said...

They all look good!

Mary said...

Looking good:)

Scott said...

too much fashion and style and way too much Ford.

Anonymous said...

jake is promoting a movie he made with tom ford there's going to be alot of all of those things over the next few months

Scott said...

Not sure how much Jake will be promoting NA with his schedule upcoming hence why the print promo is getting heavy. I think the movie needs Jake promo because he is really good at promotion. He works extremely hard at it.

Anonymous said...

When does Life production ends? Jake needs to promote the movie when it opens in November. He is the main character. It will make him look bad if he doesn't promote it.

UltraViolet said...

It would be very unusual for Jake not to promote NA. I assume his part in Life finishes in October, since he has Sunday in the Park with George the last week of that month. With some time off before that to prepare, I hope. After that, the only thing we know on Jake's schedule is Burn This, starting next year.

Scott said...

"He is the main character. It will make him look bad if he doesn't promote it. "

It's more of an ensemble piece. I don't believe Jake's characters are not the main focus. Based on the reviews, it seems as if Amy's character is the catalyst. Maybe UV can shed more light on just who is the main character if any. This story sounds kind of tricky in which all the character could be supporting.

Jake has the musical performance in October, not sure about when his film with Denis will start filming. I am thinking late after the new year but Jake has that play that begins in March. So he could have time to promote the movie but I don't think he will have to do the most promotion on this film because he has an equal co-star in Amy Adams.

BlueJean said...

"too much fashion and style and way too much Ford"

That's fine. It's his film, after all. A lot of people are looking forward to "Ford's new movie", it seems. With Jake being in it, who knows what it will bring for him (and ua.) And since Ford is in fashion, there's no escaping the "style" thing. Maybe the promotion for NA will even turn Jake into a new style icon - if he isn't one already! ;)

BlueJean said...

Typo: (and us.) Sorry! :)

Ann said...

Jake did LSOH during Southpaw promotion last summer so I'm sure he'll make time to promote NA. I can't imagine he wouldn't work to promote this film, especially since Focus is planning an awards campaign around it. I'm sure they'll push for him as well.

UltraViolet said...

No mention of the stars:

UK Production News@Uk_Production
'The Current War', a film of the 19th cent. story about Edison and Westinghouse in NYC, is finally shooting in December. Join the crew!

As for the main character in NA - it's definitely Amy Adams/Susan. But Jake is also a lead. It feels a little hard to gauge because Amy/Susan is in the present and Jake/Edward/Tony is in the story within the story and in flashbacks. It would be odd for Jake not to do promo for the movie, as he and Amy are the main characters.

BlueJean said...

With 'Prisoners', I remember I was also wondering at the time: how substantial is Jake's role? Is he lead or just supporting Hugh Jackman? And it turned out that Jake had (by far) the most interesting role and maybe even more screen time than Hugh. Detective Loki is (still) a character that intrigues.

Same for 'Brothers', I think. It's one of my faves, I watched it again yesterday. Tobey may have had the more showier role, but Jake's performance as Tommy was far more subtle.

Maybe it'll be the same for NA. The main character may be Susan, but I'm sure Jake's character(s) are a large part of the story. Hopefully, he'll be able to make his performance as interesting and, again, intriguing as always.

Don't have much "feeling" for 'The Current War' yet, I'm sorry. It doesn't appeal to me at all, not quite sure why.

Ann said...

Don't have much "feeling" for 'The Current War' yet, I'm sorry. It doesn't appeal to me at all, not quite sure why.

Me either BlueJean. I keep hoping Jake drops out of that movie, lol. Plus there are other films coming out with a similar story that I think are already in production.

Anonymous said...

Only Benedict Cumberbatch is listed in The Current War cast on IMDB now. If shooting starts in December, it seems unlikely that Jake would still be involved since rehearsals for the play start after first of the year (unless the movie has a really short filming schedule).

Anonymous said...

GQ interview. It's a decent interview, nothing special.
(I'm sorry, I don't know how to link it)

Anonymous said...

nothing special

Maybe if you expected juicy gossip or something. I for one think it's a good interview because he talks about all his current and future projects, stories, locations, Korea, New York, London. Tom asks him about Stronger, Life, Burn This, his production company and tells him he would be a good director. It's an insightful interview and the photoshoot is to die for.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is not what I meant at all! Yes, they talk about all those things, but in a very superficial way. They don't explore it. I understand why they don't - they probably wanted a relatively short piece and the interview was conducted over the phone. Overall, I think it's a nice piece, just nothing special. Not one of his best interview. It's fine and still interesting.

BlueJean said...

"GQ interview. It's a decent interview, nothing special."

That's exactly what I thought as well. It's nothing special. I wasn't expecting "juicy gossip" (what would Tom and Jake gossip about in an interview?), but I was hoping for a more personal conversation between the two men. I suppose it had to be edited for the magazine and maybe that's why it's fairly short and not particularly interesting.

Scott was right after all:... ("too much fashion and style and way too much Ford.") ;)

I agree that the photos are great - not overly stylish, though ;)

BlueJean said...

Jake and Carey Mulligan together in a Paul Dano movie? Sounds good! :)

Scott said...

It does sound good Blue Jean. Like Jake I also think that Paul Dano is underappreciated. Jake keeps right on acting and producing doesn't he? Excited about this when I read it.

Hagen said...

I like Paul Dano as an actor, but it's risky to star in his directorial debut. Dano doesn't have any experience as a script writer either.

But it's nice to see that Jake and Carey Mulligan can finally work together.

Ann said...

This project with Paul Dano sounds great. Also, Dano co-wrote the script with Zoe Kazan who does have experience as a script writer. Check out the movie Ruby Sparks.

Scott said...

"I like Paul Dano as an actor, but it's risky to star in his directorial debut. "

That's Jake, risk taker but same could be said for any director on any movie. Same will be said of Jake when he directs his first.

Anonymous said...

This sounds sensational. I'm very excited! I guess it also means The Current War is not happening with Jake. I'm not upset.


Monica said...

Dano doesn't have any experience as a script writer either.

Yeah, but Jake is producing, so we'll see. Also, he wants to help his friend.

Scott said...

Awwww, outtake of Jake with Leo for the GQ spread. Leo looks like he is smiling, a very happy dog.

BlueJean said...

"I guess it also means The Current War is not happening with Jake. I'm not upset."

LOL, Maura! Me neither.

I don't worry too much about Paul's first time directing. There are never any guarantees for success. Paul and Jake have worked together before, so I guess Jake knows what he's doing. Also, 'Nightcrawler' was Dan Gilroy's directorial debut, and we all know what happened with that one... ;)

That pic of Jake and Leo is too cute! *melts* :)

BlueJean said...

OK. Call me shallow if you like... A fun read, guys! ;) ;)

Scott said...

"OK. Call me shallow if you like... A fun read, guys! ;) ;)"

Saw that yesterday and was going OMG about the no manscaping below the waist but I couldn't figure out if he meant Jake or himself (Tom). LOLOL.

BlueJean said...

"I couldn't figure out if he meant Jake or himself (Tom)."

Same here, Scott! I guess he means Jake. LOL.

Was somewhat hesitant to post that link here, I must say. I mean, this is a serious Jake blog! But sometimes it's a good thing not to be too serious... ;) And I'm glad about the chest hair.

I'll leave now ;)

Anonymous said...

For something a little more serious (I'm NOT complaining)

The 12 Best Performances from TIFF 2016

Anonymous said...

Jake in London at the Young Vic Theatre, waiting in line for the last performance of "Yerma" with Billie Piper (28 Jul-24 Sept)

Lexicon ‏@alexiafrances 4 hours ago
@StarleeKine just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal at the theatre. First thought was to check his height...

Bj McNeill ‏@beejmcneill 4 hours ago
Waiting for a return #Yerma ticket in line with my pal #JakeGyllenhaal | mixing with the plebs #loveit
l hope you gave him my digits
I gave him mine

Roshni Brains ‏@RoloshniBarnes 4 hours ago
When @tegansteward was standing in front of JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!
tegan steward‏@tegansteward

Vanessa aka Moriarty ‏@HysteriaUno 52 m ago
So basically Jake Gyllenhaal was in the Young Vic tonight and walked past me two or three times. That was unexpected.

I was so shocked really. I probably scared him with my surprised face haha. Such an unexpected spotting.

Left absolutely speechless by @billiepiper's performance in Yerma. Intense and truly outstanding acting that left me shaking. All the awards

Scott said...

"The 12 Best Performances from TIFF 2016"

Saw that too, the thing with Jake's brilliant acting these last few years is that think no one is surprise about how good he is in NA and how he is able to always step up. He's has done dual roles before and brilliantly. In other words I think everyone expects Jake to be great but it sure is nice to read others single him out.

BlueJean said...

@StarleeKine just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal at the theatre. First thought was to check his height...

LOL!! I remember her! She was also on Conan once.

That TIFF thing was great to read! :)

UltraViolet said...

Late to the party, but I loved the Paste blurb on Jake in NA. We can only hope more people will realize how good Jake is in it.

News about Wildlife:

Ed Oxenbould has landed the role of Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Mulligan’s son in Paul Dano’s directorial debut, “Wildlife,” sources tell Variety. ...

Fairly new to the world of film, Oxenbould broke out as one the title character in Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” opposite Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. He followed that up with another starring role in M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit.” He was most recently seen in “Paper Planes” staring Sam Worthington.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Loving all the buzz on NA, I can't wait for it to hit the theaters.

I really like Carey Mulligan and I'm happy that she and Jake will be making a movie together.

Real Sal said...

Got my BFI tickets in the mail last night :) really hoping Jake will stay in London for the next couple weeks! (and that he shows up on the Saturday morning viewing...but that's probably wishful thinking).

UltraViolet said...

Ooh, fingers crossed, Sal! It's close to Sunday in the Park, so he should probably be in NY rehearsing. But I hope he makes it to the screening :)

Hi, OONP! I like Carey, too.

Jake got a shoutout on The Price Is Right. LOL.

Scott said...

OT: Michael Shannon is taking Jake's place in The Current War.

BlueJean said...

Oh, so he's definitely out of it? Good ;)

Monica said...

So it's a wrap on LIFE
Have waited a long time to work with this man
Jake gyllenhall you are one hell of an actor !!

source: facebook

Anonymous said...

It’s a wrap on "Life".


Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't notice Monica had already posted the picture. Sorry!


Scott said...

Jake's eyes are huge, he does look like Woody for Toy Story. LOL, love that man too.

Anonymous said...

New photo


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember Dan Gilroy joking, during a speech, that they could've called Nightcrawler "Big Eyes" if only the title weren't taken :-)

Now that LIFE's wrapped and the embargo lifted, people are posting photos. Here's a new one of Jake (still wearing the a.grace bracelet).

David Kingsbury‏@DavidKingsbury
Huge thanks to @VancityReynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ariyon Bakare, Rebecca Ferguson, Olga Dihovichnaya and Hiroyuki Sanada! What a job! #Fitfam

Off to New York to rehearse for Sunday in the Park... but no so fast. A tweet from this morning still places him in London at Sainsbury's.

Which goes hand in hand with a comment I saw few days ago about a London NA screening ("I believe he's doing a screening in monday") (not the LFF gala Oct. 14, and not the Tom Ford screening Oct. 13). Today I saw another one:

Nocturnal Animals Screening and Jake Gyllenhall q and a tomorrow
London, England

Both mentions are from BAFTA members, so it seems to be legit: Monday, London screening + Q&A with Jake (possibly for BAFTA members).

Anonymous said...

Overlap with Maura for the new photo. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

What embargo?

Scott said...

"What embargo?"

Seems to be a hush hush filming. No tweets from anyone during filming crew or fans.

Anonymous said...

Another London trip almost over. Flying over here for set visits are a crazy whirlwind. Looking forward to talking about LIFE when Sony lifts the embargo.

He's alking about the embargo during production (when producers don't want any details or photos to leak).

There's another type: the review embargo before release (usually, to avoid bad press from influencing box office receipts)

"An embargo is generally the trade-off a film reviewer agrees to in order to get early access to a film.

At heart, an embargo is an agreement that something won’t be published until a given time and day.

It’s only in rare cases that a studio would want set report coverage – or reviews - to run many, many months ahead of a film’s release after all.

A further exception, though: on smaller films, where any publicity is often gold dust, embargoes rarely apply.

In the days of websites, the embargo has become still more prevalent, though."

UltraViolet said...

I don't think we know that there was an embargo in place for people working on the movie. I don't think the Collier guy will be able to post yet. I assume the embargo for that will lift closer to the film's release. In any case, thanks Maura and anon for posting the links. I'm happy to hear about a screening for NA. The hype tapered off after Toronto.

It was also nice to read the comments on the FB picture of Jake. The poster had very nice things to say about working with him.

Anonymous said...

I especially liked the shout-out from Donald Mowat on the FB pic of Jake with the make-up artist. Since Prisoners, Jake brought DM and his make-up team to Nightcrawler, Nocturnal Animals and Stronger. He's always keeping an eye on Jake's work even when he's not involved in the production. Loved her answear too.

Hopefully somebody will post a photo (could we ask for a short vine?) from Jake's Q&A. For LFF gala, the website mentions only Tom Ford and ATJ. No Jake, no Michael, not even Amy. The final announcement will be made Tuesday. I can understand no Michael (filming in Canada, which is why he could attend TIFF but not Venice; just like Jake, London-bound, could attend Venice but not TIFF). I can understand no Jake (rehearsing in NY by then). But why not Amy? Looks like the Tom Ford starring show by design.
I don't mind, because I think Jake is comfortable with a low-profile for this one, with so many upcoming passion projects (SYTPWG, Burn This, Stronger, Wildlife, The Son), but it's unusual for a director to act like he's the star of the movie.

Jake Actually said...

Anonymous said...

Isn't Adams promoting Arrival too?

The Notting Hill Bookshop said...

bymuguet 1d ago
just a girl, sittting in front of a bookshop, asking to see Hugh Grant..Then then encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal 🤗 Nottinghill kitapçısının önünde Jake Gyllenhaal ile karşılaşmanın şaşkınlığı olsa gerek🙀 #jakegyllenhaal #thenottinghillbookshop

BlueJean said...

"I'm happy to hear about a screening for NA. The hype tapered off after Toronto."

UV, isn't it frustrating for you not to be able to talk about NA just yet, as (almost) none of us have seen it? Maybe that's why it seems the hype died down a little. I'm sure when we'll get closer to the release date and promotion starts to get going, the "hype" will start all over again! I hope so, anyway ;)

Isn't our Sal going to be at the London Film Festival? As far as I can tell from the LFF website, all NA showings are sold out already! :)

Hagen said...

Lainey Gossip: Jake Gyllenhaal out in London in plaid to promote Nocturnal Animals

The shirt would fit perfectly with his green trousers. ;-)

Real Sal said...

BJ, I am! I had to spend £45 on an annual membership to get early tickets, but it's worth it.

My best friend (who's going with me to the screening) works as an accountant for a film studio in west London. Her friend works at the sister studio that filmed 'Life' and said she saw Jake on set - the only information I could get was that 'he's shorter than she expected'. Lol.

UltraViolet said...

LOL at the Notting Hill references.

So sad to see a return to the Southpaw buttoned-up shirts. Paging Tom Ford!

BJ, this is easier than seeing Demolition last year. It took forever for that movie to come out. So waiting for NA isn't as bad. I feel like I under-reported. Feel free to ask anything. Sal and I will be able to answer any and all questions. And CoffeeCat, too! I can't remember if anyone else has seen NA on GB.

From today's Q&A:

Two films today: Into The Forrest (Dir Gilles Marchand) truly original, low budget at LFF and later Jake Gyllenhaal conversation about Nocturnal Animals ( new Tom Ford film) - film missed its mark but Jake didn't -what a completely humble, lovely man he is.

And a photo:

Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal after amazing Tom Ford movie, Nocturnal Animals.

UltraViolet said...

Another photo:

Amazing screening of #NocturnalAnimals with #q&a with #JakeGyllenhaal @BAFTA #mustsee

BlueJean said...

"So sad to see a return to the Southpaw buttoned-up shirts."

I was reading some GQ online last week and I think they called that style the "air-tie" LOL!

Enjoy, Sal! I'll try to think of some questions :)

Scott said...

More about Sunday in the Park; impressive cast. UV may have already posted it but there are a lot of Tony winners and nominees in the cast.

UltraViolet said...

I definitely hadn't posted, Scott. That's quite a cast. I wonder if it makes Jake feel more nervous or more secure to be surrounded by such talent. People seem very excited by the casting.

This was driving me crazy. So glad it's cleared up:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal is seen carrying a copy of Rep. John Lewis, Andrew Ayden and Nate Powell's great MARCH graphic novel. The MARCH team will be here on Oct. 8th for a now SOLD OUT talk at the August Wilson Center.

And from Nate Powell's FB:

Swiped from an E! News paparazzi photo--Donnie Darko hauling around a copy of MARCH: BOOK ONE!

The replies are pretty funny, including this one:

Why is he dressed like he's in Suicidal Tendencies?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, UV! I strained my eyes trying to gauge what it was, because it looked like a comic book. Nerdy Jake :-)

That's quite a cast. I wonder if it makes Jake feel more nervous or more secure to be surrounded by such talent.

Good question. Little bit of both maybe, but I think Jake is prepared for it and he will shine.
As a matter of fact, all these Broadway names will play small parts. SITPWG is carried by the lead actor playing Georges/George and the lead actress playing Dot/Marie. All others are the people in the painting so to speak, and during the big, hair-raising "Sunday" finale they all take a bow to George (look here or here). It will be a sight to see these established Broadway names taking a bow to Jake.

If Jake pulls this difficult role off (it's as much a singing as it is an acting part) the question on everyone's lips will be: why isn't he headlining a musical?

Anonymous said...

I meant a MOVIE musical.

Scott said...

"9:26 PM - get a brain, SITPWG IS A MUSICAL."

Harsh, there is a lot of dialogue in the play. I saw it with Mandy and Bernadette on Youtube. I was surprised at the amount of non singing dialogue but Jake will have to put great performances with singing. I hope there are costumes and more staging and no handy scripts nearby. Little Shop was fun and a bit more laid back. This one looks intense as far as the singing, Jake will have to keep up with the others. It's not a put down of Jake but this performance has become even more high profile in the Broadway world.

Hagen said...

Today I've received my copy of 'Wildlife" by Richard Ford. Is anyone else reading the book?

bobbyanna said...

good idea, Hagen. Thanks for the reminder.

I understand it from a discussion with some friends who are going, SITPWG is going to be presented concert style, which means no sets. But it is a very impressive cast, for sure.

It's been a real pleasure watching Jake work on stage, and build relationships and respect in the theatre community. He is going about it just right, IMO.

I am counting on all of you who are attending to give us a real sense of the experience...and hopefully You Tube will feature some of it, too. I did get to see If There Is...and LSOH, but I missed Constellations and won't make it to SITPWG. : (

UltraViolet said...

FYI, I deleted the troll who keeps purposefully misunderstanding Anon 9:26. Sidetone: Wouldn't it be nice if people would choose names? :)

If this is a success, I think people will wonder why Jake doesn't do a full Broadway musical, not just these brief appearances. But I think Jake has said that doing a show, week in and week out, requires a lot of training and dedication.

As for a movie musical - there really aren't that many. Who knows if he'll do one? I would have liked La La Land a lot more with Jake in it, I'm sure.

Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted about the concert:

Lin-Manuel Miranda ‏@Lin_Manuel

Playbill: All-Star Supporting Cast Joins Jake Gyllenhaal-Annaleigh Ashford Sunday in the Park

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that I won't be reading Wildlife, but feel free to discuss here. Just warn for spoilers and leave space so people can try to avoid. And try not to be too spoilers.

BlueJean said...

I'm planning on re-reading "Tony and Susan" first :) I read it when I first heard about NA, but I've forgotten so much details already... Must be my age ;)

Agree with Bobbyanna on Jake's SITPWG performance. I hope someone will put something on YouTube - even if it's just a little snippet.

Real Sal said...

Thinking of those affected by hurricane Matthew x

Scott said...

New pics of Jake in London shopping will make you long for the plaid shirt, what is he wearing? LOL, reminds of a bit of a Star Wars outfit without the cinched/belted waist. Or is that a free outfit from Kanye West?

Prayers with Florida as well.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious, Scott! I guess I'm not looking at those new pics.


Anonymous said...

I looked! I couldn't help myself. LOL, it's not great.


UltraViolet said...

It's an absurd jacket/poncho/smock/cowlneck. But until he starts wearing it constantly (and that will probably happen!), it doesn't rank lower than those green pants, lol.

Good luck to anyone in Matthew's path, now or in the last few days.

Anonymous said...

never thought i'd say this but i would rather see him wearing those green pants every day than see him wearing this nonsense ever again.

Monica said...

Is anyone else reading the book?

I haven't started reading.

Green pants >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

bobbyanna said...

Sending all good thoughts to all the people affected by Matthew.

There are already more than 300+ fatalities, in the Caribbean, mostly in Haiti.

UltraViolet said...

Jake is apparently back in NY. Someone posted on FB that he was walking behind Jake and his dog. And someone tweeted this:

um that was v rude of jake gyllenhaal to walk away so quickly after seeing me obviously recognize him in the 7th ave subway, BAD MOVE JAKE

Not sure what magazine this is from but :)

Jake Gyllenhaal and I only spent three days filming together, so we had a short time to develop chemistry, but it happened so naturally. It made my husband very uncomfortable.

Keep forgetting to post this, from FB:

Funniest moment at any BAFTA Q&A last night. An audience member described the behaviour of Jake Gyllenhaal's character as "petty". Gyllenhaal jumped to the defence of his character and jokey argument ensued, ending with the guy in the audience telling Jake, or his character, to "Grow up!"

1 Comment: JG was a delight!

BlueJean said...

"It's an absurd jacket/poncho/smock/cowlneck."

Happened to find the pictures on IHJ (I was searching for something else), but I was thinking... maybe he was still in a character's outfit and having a lunchbreak from filming or so? Otherwise I wouldn't know how to explain it :)

Imagine him wearing this ehm... shirt (?) AND his green pants! :) ;) Sorry Jake ;)

Hope everyone is safe! Take care.

Anonymous said...

LGBT For Hillary
@JakeG_Online Jake Gyllenhaal to perform at Broadway for Hillary

UltraViolet said...

BJ, you bite your tongue! :)

I'm so happy to see Jake openly supporting Hillary. I wish I could go, but it's hard to justify going to see Jake in NY a week before I'm going to see Jake in NY!

BlueJean said...

*casual* We're not envious at all, UV ;)

I'm happy to see Jake supporting Hillary as well. I honestly can't imagine Donald Trump as president - ever. That man is just *beep*.

Robert said...

“He’s a punk, he’s a dog, he’s a pig, he’s a con, a bullshit artist,” he adds. “A mutt who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, doesn’t do his homework, doesn’t care, thinks he’s gaming society, doesn’t pay his taxes.”

Anonymous said...

what Robert De Niro said about Donald Trump

Scott said...

Assuming Robert is not speaking about Jake. What's even more frightening is the people who support him and will vote for him and he could be the next President. That is what is vile, the people who support and vote for him and see him as their hope.

Just to be clear I am speaking about the "hair" running for President not Jake. And I wish his supporters would stop running the campaign against Mr. Clinton when in fact it is Mrs. Clinton who is running. Specifically not equally vile ex-mayor of New York City, clearing they only see women in one way.

Scott said...

meant "equally vile"

bobbyanna said...

Good for Jake!! I SO wish I could see him! And good for Robert De Niro!!!!

I get frustrated sometimes with the way the media covers the campaign, with all their false equivalencies, phony hype, and superficiality! So I just go to You Tube or Hillary's website and watch some of the videos they have.

If you haven't seen the Meryl Streep's video narrating an 8 minute biography of HRC, it's really a treat! There are so many other short ones that I find really inspiring. It helps me remember what this campaign is really about.

I also love C Span where I can watch speeches by HRC or Michelle Obama or POTUS, and others speak without the filter of these so called TV analysts "interpreting" what I watch and telling me "what it means."

So that's how I'm getting through it all. Some journalists are doing an outstanding job, but so many others are not, it really messes with my blood pressure! LOL! I just pray that every U.S. citizen who is eligible to vote will vote, and"do the right thing." : )

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

So happy to hear that Jake will be at the Broadway for Hillary benefit !
Trump is a vile pig and a disgrace.
Hope all are energized to vote in November!

PS: Trump is bombing again tonight and what's with his sniffling?

Real Sal said...

In the minority here, but I think Jake should cancel the Hillary benefit and come back to London for the NA screening on Saturday ;)

New photo from the 'Life' set.

BlueJean said...

"I think Jake should cancel the Hillary benefit and come back to London for the NA screening on Saturday ;)"

You never know, maybe he will ;) Fingers crossed for you, Sal! I hope you'll enjoy NA!

Monica said...

Netflix In Lead To Land ‘The Helicopter Heist’ With Jake Gyllenhaal

Scott said...

Busy Jake. Wish it was a short series but the way Jake is lining up projects is great.

Maura said...

Here is Jake in New York, taking Leo for a walk, wearing a decent outfit (minus the ring)

Anonymous said...

(...) Gyllenhaal’s production company Nine Stories has something else that has Netflix quite interested already.
Deadline reports that Netflix is looking to snap up the rights to “The Helicopter Heist.” Based on the forthcoming book by Jonas Bonnier, the movie will be based on the true story of the Västberga helicopter robbery in 2009, which saw a gang thieves pull off a $5 million robbery using a stolen Bell 206 Jet Ranger. The thieves were eventually caught, but needless to say, their methods certainly drew plenty of attention.
There’s no screenwriter or director attached just yet, but perhaps it speaks to the heat of the material that “The Helicopter Heist” has sparked an auction.
- Playlist

Netflix seems eager to grab this new Jake project, and they will need a director. David Fincher has an ongoing deal with Netflix, working with Charlize Theron on his second series. I mean.....with Fincher directing, “The Helicopter Heist” could be the next “Heat”.

Worth mentioning: "Here’s a hot deal going down as we speak. Netflix has the lead in an auction going on to acquire The Helicopter Heist, a fact-based drama that has Jake Gyllenhaal attached to star and produce with his Nine Stories Productions partner Riva Marker. It is based on a manuscript for a yet to be published book by that title written by Swedish author Jonas Bonnier. Bonnier will be exec producer with his publishing agent, Niclas Salomonsson, and the deal is being brokered by WME." - Deadline

Niclas Salomonsson is also Jo Nesbo's publisher and is listed as executive producer for “The Son”. His collaboration with Jake's company must be going well if he offered to Nine Stories the rights to a soon to be published book.

BlueJean said...

That's excellent news! :) Jake's a busy man indeed. Anyone else finding it hard to keep up with all of his new projects? ;) ;)

UltraViolet said...

I've always wanted Jake to do a heist movie, but I was hoping for a sexy, elegant romp through exotic locales! But this could be just as good. We'll see, I guess. I'd love to see Fincher take it on. Minus the whole Fincher is a controlling ass aspect of things.

Anonymous said...

Jake in a much better outfit (ugh about the shirt), while carrying a bottle of wine (that's what I'm talking about)

Monica said...

Jake will sing or just be one of the presenters of Stronger Together?

Scott said...

"Jake will sing or just be one of the presenters of Stronger Together?"

I was hoping for a Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal trio performance. LOL.

BlueJean said...

Me too, Scott! LOL.

I think he'll sing, Monica. Not sure, though.

London said...

Debbie Wythe ‏@wisebee 2h2 hours ago
Guys - I'm ill with a stomach virus & can't use 2 tixs for 'Nocturnal Animals' premiere tonight @ODEONLSq . Can anyone use?

Scott said...

Any news from the London premiere? I only care about Jake, I have had enough of Amy Adams and Tom Ford.

A new official poster for NA? It's at Indie Wire.

Anonymous said...

Jake isn't in London he's in NYC rehearsing for Sunday in the Park with George

Scott said...

Anom at 8:15PM, I was talking about the audience/critical reaction overall. Jake is more than likely rehearing for this Monday's benefit in NYC too.

BlueJean said...

"I have had enough of Amy Adams and Tom Ford."

I get what you're saying, Scott. I already feel the focus is on Amy (and her role) far too much. It's such a shame Jake wasn't able to go to London, especially since he also didn't get to go to Toronto :(

I do like the new poster, though.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for Amy and Tom promoting Jake's movie.

BlueJean said...

We are, Anon. But it would've been nice to see Jake at the London (and Toronto) premiere as well, that's all. He has a leading role in the movie, but right now it seems it's just about Amy.

I don't mind Tom Ford. He's the director. Technically speaking, it's Tom Ford's movie! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna stick up for Amy here but I don't know how the woman is doing it promoting 2 buzz worthy movies across the planet. Think about it one movie promo if its' buzz worthy takes it toll with all the interviews/promos and mingling you have to do. She's doing that x2.

Real Sal said...

Hi all. Just got back from watching NA, thankfully missing the heavy downpour.

I absolutely loved it! Everyone did an excellent job, especially Tom. Beautiful, stylish, slick...I really can't find anything to fault with it. Jake was amazing, as usual. Cinema was packed and had a strong applause at the end. My friend and I spent most of lunch discussing it. Definitely one of those movies that stays with you for a bit.

Unfortunately, I do think Amy will get more awards attention than Jake - I don't want spoil it for you, so I'll come back to why I think so in a few more weeks.

Anonymous said...

Be thankful for Amy and Tom promoting Jake's movie.

Let's not pretend NA is designed as Jake’s movie or that Jake has the luxury of a pre-awards free schedule.

NA marketing is built around Amy and Tom. "While promoting 2 buzz worthy movies across the planet", she’s relentlessly campaigning for an Oscar. It’s what the AWers call “thirst” but only in regards to other actors. I say, she has every right to do so, but blaming Jake for graciously letting Amy get all the industry attention that she wants is unacceptable. He’s the opposite of thirsty: when his participation isn't needed he steps aside. Jake will be doing his part in promoting NA, but his part is planned to be smaller than hers.

Michael is shooting a movie in Canada which is why he attended only 1 festival out of 3. Jake shot a movie in August-September, is currently rehearsing for his musical debut and will start another movie in November. Which is why he attended only 1 festival out of 3. Amy’s schedule is free during the vital awards campaign months.

Amy isn’t promoting Jake’s movie. She’s promoting her movies while pushing her awards narrative and campaigning for her Oscar. All during a free work schedule purposefully designed with no Fall projects.

Facts are indisputable. Everything else is cheap talk.

BlueJean said...

Interesting post, Anon 3:00 PM. "NA marketing is built around Amy and Tom." Yeah, that's how it seems, and also, what Sal said:

"I do think Amy will get more awards attention than Jake"

That's how I've felt from the start, since Venice actually. I've read several NA reviews that hardly even mentioned Jake (or Jake's performance), which is odd since he has a lead part. Most reviews I've read tend to focus on Amy's role, or even Michael Shannon's. I didn't want to complain too much, cos I haven't seen the movie yet and I felt I could be wrong, but it's fairly obvious by now, and quite frankly, disappointing how all is focused on Amy.

On a lighter note: I'm happy to report how many commenters on a Dutch movie website are looking forward to NA, referring to it as "a new Gyllenhaal"! He has a lot of credit amongst movie geeks around here - also in Belgium.

Glad you liked NA, Sal! I had hoped you would.

Anonymous said...

NA is also Amy's back I feel too. By all accounts reading the reviews of, Arrival is a great movie and her performance is arguably better. A lot more showy than what she get's to do in NA apparently.

Not hating on Amy if you've got a back up like NA then you go girl.

BlueJean said...

IHJ has the first NA movie clip :) Not sure if it's on YouTube yet.

UltraViolet said...

Not sure why on earth that discussion was started or escalated. This is Amy and Jake's movie. Am I irritated that her "narrative" is taking over? Yes. But that's nothing against Amy Adams. Nothing nefarious is happening here.

It's a shame Jake couldn't be in Toronto and London (especially for Sal!), but it's not part of some evil plot. Amy has emerged as a big story with both her movies. Maybe Jake saw the writing on the wall and decided to pull back. OR maybe he had other things already scheduled and couldn't change his plans.

In any case, enough with the veiled or outright slams against Amy for doing her job. It's silly and pointless and this is NOT the place for it.

Ann said...

Not sure why my post was deleted. I did have a legitimate question regarding NA, if someone could please answer I'd appreciate it.

For those who have seen NA: In the newest clip I noticed Jake has an accent, does he use that for both characters?

BlueJean said...

Having seen the clip, I now understand why UV thought his accent was like Jack Twist's! The way he said "Texas"... *hides* :)))

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, Ann. It's hard to see what you're deleting sometimes. I can't recall any major differences on the accent between the two characters Jake plays. Maybe Sal can answer with a fresher memory.

No reason to hide, BJ. As you said, it is reminiscent ofJack Twist.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think the main poster that was released for NA is similar to Gone Girl or is that just me?

UltraViolet said...

I don't remember the Gone Girl poster, anon. I was let down by the NA posters, really. I expected something better.

About tonight's fundraiser for Hillary Clinton: Her website will stream the show, apparently. And here's the line-up:

A Very Special Fundraiser. Tonight at 8.30pm.
Hillary Tonight – Billy Crystal & Adult Chorus
Oh What A Beautiful Morning – Hugh Jackman
Wilkomen/Cabarert – Joel Grey & Sienna Miller
Been A Long Day – Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker & Victoria Clark
While I Have The Floor– Ayodele Casel (tap dance)
Brave – Sara Bareilles
Origin of Love – Neil Patrick Harris, Rebecca Naomi Jones & Stephen Trask (ballet dancers: Stella Abrera, Leanne Cope, Marcelo Gomes, Clifford Williams)
No One Is Alone Reprise – Emily Blunt
Children Will Listen – Bernadette Peters & Children’s Chorus
Climb Every Mountain – Barbra Streisand & Jamie Fox (video)
Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again– Anne Hathaway & Kelli O’Hara
For Good – Stephen Schwartz & Kelli O’Hara
It Can’t Happen Here – Jon Hamm & Jake Gyllenhaal
Tomorrow – Sarah Jessica Parker & Andrea McArdle
Over The Rainbow – Josh Groban
The World Was Wide Enough (rewrite from Hamilton) – Lin-Manuel Miranda & Renée Elise Goldsberry
Battle Hymn of the Republic – Cynthia Erivo, Adult and Kids’ Chorus, full company
Alan Cumming, Angela Bassett, Ansel Elgort, Chelsea Clinton, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts, Lena Dunham, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Jones, Sarah Paulson, Uzo Aduba

Scott said...

Jon Hamm and Jake Gyllenhaal -Damn.

I wonder if there will be talk of manscaping?

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay!!! I'm so glad we'll have a chance to see it, UV!

Chica said...

Thanks for the heads up UV!

Anonymous said...

So It can't happen here is not a song?

Anonymous said...

I love the posters.:)

Between this comment and Adams's comment on developing chemistry with Jake. I think she really likes him. ;)

BlueJean said...

What was it like? Being on the other side of the world, I was asleep ;)

BlueJean said...

P.S.: Love Amy's quote! Thanks, Anon! :)

Anonymous said...

Well Amy and Jake both have said they've wanted to work with each other for a long time and they've had a couple of near misses. They were going to be in the PSH directed movie "Ezekiel Moss" before Philips' untimely passing. I do hope both of them can resurrect that project because the premise was very interesting.

BlueJean said...

"So It can't happen here is not a song?"

No, its not :( IHJ has the video. I'm slightly disappointed, they should've let him / them sing! Did any others sing? Hugh Jackman, probably? Anne Hathaway, maybe?

Scott said...

Hi BJ,

I watched it online, there was lots of singing. Not sure about Jackman but Anne sang with another Broadway actress. Both were great. Billy Crystal did acknowledge Jake as his son from City Slicers and that Jon Hamm could play his son now.

I was highly disappointed that Jake and Jon did not sing but was really surprised at the skit they did do. They should do a play together, great chemistry.

Scott said...

Oh Billy Crystal was the host and did a great impression of Donald Trump.

Scott said...

Jake had a very busy night in NYC. He also attended and participated in the Headstrong Project for veterans last night. I think he always supports that charity.

BlueJean said...

Thanks, Scott! :) Haven't seen the skit (yet). I'll search for it online. Maybe Jake's participation in Headstrong explains why he didn't get to sing (not enough time?)

bobbyanna said...

Jake and John Hamm recited a scene from a play about the rise of fascism in America, called It Can't Happen Here, by Sinclair Lewis, an American author & playwright. He was mostly known for his novels, a lot of them had a political perspective.

I doubt there was ever a plan for Jake to sing at last night's event. I hope he's been practicing and training for his Sunday in the Park With George recital. It's coming up at the end of the month. I'm hoping we'll get to see clips from his performance on You Tube, the way we did with Little Shop of Horrors.

BlueJean said...

I see. I thought Scott meant a different skit *blushes* Didn't know this was from a play, thanks bobbyanna! :)

Here's to hoping we'll see bits and pieces of 'George' online!

bobbyanna said...

BJ, no worries : ) Sinclair Lewis is pretty obscure not just by today's standards, but even when I studied high school English literature, but Lewis was popular in the 1930's. He was very political, and something of a hero to those on the Left in his time.

Maura said...

New trailer tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Great news:

BAFTA Los Angeles Verified account ‏@BAFTALA
Jake Gyllenhaal will present Ang Lee with the John Schlesinger Britannia Award at the 2016 #Britannias @GREATBritain

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles) announced today that British actor, writer, and comedian Ben “Doc Brown” Smith will host the 2016 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards. Joining him on stage will be superstars of stage and screen Tom Hanks, Brie Larson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christopher Guest, and more, who will act as presenters throughout the evening.

The annual gala celebration will take place on Friday, October 28, 2016 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. As previously announced, Ang Lee will be honored with the John Schlesinger Britannia Award for Excellence in Directing presented by the GREAT Britain campaign.

First of all, Jake handing an award to Ang Lee. How much would I like to see them working together on another movie? So, so, so much!

Second, this means that right after SITPWG performances, Jake will fly to LA for Nocturnal Animals promotion (ha!) - before he takes off for Montana to film Wildlife.

Suzieblue said...

Hello I've been lurking for a while but I thought I would join in. I found this on the Oklahoma Film Office site. I live in OK so when I heard they would be filming nearby I did some research


Feature Film
Producer: June Pictures, Ann Ruark, Oren Moverman
Director: Paul Dano
Writer: Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan
Casting Director: Laura Rosenthal, Jodi Angsteich
Oklahoma Casting Director: Chris Freihofer
Oklahoma Casting Associate: Tiffany Feese
Oklahoma Casting Assistants: Chantel Johnson, Bethany Bourland
Audition Date(s): TBD
Callback Date(s): TBD
Start Date: 10/29/2016
Rate of Pay: SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement scale ($933/day +10% agent fee)
Location: Oklahoma City, OK


Courtesy hotel and $75 travel allowance will be provided to out-of-area actors.


[JERRY] - Jake Gyllenhall

[JEANETTE] - Carey Mulligan

[RUTH ANN] Real 14 to 15 years old, all ethnicities female. A girl who is slightly different than the rest in her class. She is self-possessed but not a total extrovert, honest and smart, has a sense of humor/sense of irony. She connects with Joe. (supporting role)

[CARTWRIGHT] 45 to 65 years old, Caucasian male. A wealthy man in the oil business and member of the Golf Club, quiet patrician. Sociable, he enjoys his leisure time at the club. (2 scenes)

[CLARENCE SNOW] 45 to 65 years old, Caucasian male. Possibly physically domineering, President of the Wheatland Golf Club, very kind to the guests of the club, good customer service but has a sense of authority, ultimately fires Jerry from the club. (2 scenes)

[PHOTOGRAPHER] 40 to 50 years old, Caucasian male. Hires Joe to work for him at his studio, good voice, young Richard Jenkins, warm without being too warm, nice and helpful but still running a business. (2 scenes, only speaks in one, 12 lines, 6 are V.O., pg. 26)

[FEMALE EMPLOYEE] 27 to 38 years old, all ethnicities female. At the Oldsmobile Dealership, tells Joe that Jeanette doesn't work there after he arrives in search of her, pretty, Jeanette's age/vibe, maybe a little older. (4 lines, pg. 56)

[ESTHER] 36 to 49 years old, all ethnicities female. Receptionist at the YMCA. Ends up offering a job to Jeanette after she repeatedly asks if they're hiring, could be Jeanette's friend, good ol' local lady, late 30's-40's, not motherly, older sister/older friend. (5 lines, pg. 23)

[FEMALE RECEPTIONIST] 50 to 60 years old, all ethnicities female. Works at Joe's high school, Ann Dowd type. (11 lines in 3 scenes, pg. 9)

[OLDER POLICEMAN] 40 to 55 years old, all ethnicities male. In the police station, tries to help Joe, experienced, authoritative. (3 lines, pg. 1, 93)

[TEACHER] 30 to 50 years old, all ethnicities male or female. Joe's high school math teacher. (3 scenes, 6 lines)

Added October 18: Full-time stand ins are needed in Enid, OK to stand in place for actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan and Ed Oxenbould on the feature film WILDLIFE.

Filming begins October 29 and will shoot on 5-day weeks until early December (Thanksgiving holiday will be off). The stand-ins will be expected to work nearly every day of filming. It's a perfect way for actors to learn the filmmaking process, while watching some the industry's top actors at work.

Anonymous said...

so much for jake staying in la to promote nocturnal animals

Scott said...

"so much for jake staying in la to promote nocturnal animals"

I bet Jake can do 2 things at once. It's not unheard of the press to come to him or he go to them when not shooting. I am sure everyone involved in the new movie knew Jake would do some promo for NA. I am sure they know how work around his promo schedule. And he's not flying in and out of London England.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sure he will promote NA. No way he's flying from NY to LA for 1 day to present an award and next day he goes to Oklahoma. He will likely start filming a few days later, like he did for "Life".

His character, the boy's father leaves home for a while to fight a wildfire, then he comes back. There will be scenes without Jake in the movie.

BlueJean said...

"I am sure they know how work around his promo schedule."

Exactly. It happens all the time, doesn't it? Jake aditioned for 'Jarhead' in the middle of shooting BBM (I think he said he left the set for two weeks), he was working on 'Zodiac' while promoting Brokeback and so on.

Hi Suzieblue! Thanks for the info! I didn't think 'Wildlife' filming would start so soon.

Yay for Jake & Ang Lee! :)

Monica said...

ExtraTV ‏@extratv 46m46 minutes ago
Tonight on #ExtraTV: Your exclusive first look at the new trailer for @TomFord’s thriller #NocturnalAnimals!

Canuck_Cutie said...

Burn This has been postponed to the 2017/2018 season due to conflicts with jakes schedule. Not surprising. I think he's signed on for at least 4 movies that have yet to shoot.

Monica said...

New trailer: Nocturnal Animals

Jake during rehearsals for Sunday in the Park with George


Broadway Revival of Lanford Wilson's BURN THIS Postponed Until 2017-18 Season

Broadway World

Scott said...

Thanks Monica, I wonder if there is something else that has come up besides the movies we know about.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Scott, I was wondering the same, but I think it's because of that video game film. He will need months of training because of the action scenes, he will need to stay in shape, and probably months of filming, that must be why the play was delayed.

Anonymous said...

That would make the least sense. Could be a number of reasons but it has to do with recent developments, such as

(a) one of his upcoming movies going into production early/spring 2017 (maybe "The Son" needs to be filmed then and only then because of Villeneuve)
(b) one of the 4 movies made this year (Stronger?) planning a festival run starting with Sundance or Berlinale, maybe even Cannes. "Burn This" were scheduled to run all through June, preventing Jake from attending any of these festivals
(c) a new movie will be announced soon.

Usually the actors who are doing as many theater projects as Jake (4 productions in 5 years) don't have as many movie projects as he has. Whatever the reason, it must be an important movie for Jake to postpone theater.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed about Burn This. The Hudson Theater is reopening this spring. I'm sure having Jake starring in their return to Broadway would've been great business for them.

Wonder why Jake would've agreed to do this then taken on so many projects that were going to be filmed within the next year. I know he's said he wants to do a musical but this makes me wonder if he'll ever be able to take a break from films in order to commit to doing one.

Canuck_Cutie said...

I'm sure part of it is that so many of his movies now are being produced by his production company. I'm sure he's keen to get the company off the ground and be successful. Perhaps he overcommitted with the play not realizing how many projects the company would have on the go initially.

Anonymous said...

To me, the answear is obvious: in order to commit to "Burn This" for January-June 2017, he cleared his schedule. “We’ve been working on this for quite a while, hoping to find the right theatre, hoping to work it out with Jake’s dates and my dates,” Mayer told Playbill.

But film production schedules shift all the time. The case with Okja/Life, where Jake could do both movies, was a rare occurrence. Usually it's the studios' way or the highway (e.g. Into the woods vs. Nightcrawler). Jake doesn't have the clout to ask a studio to take his theatre plans into consideration. He might do it with the movies he's producing, but then the directors may leave the project.

Take "Mute", for example. Last year it was announced that Duncan Jones passion project will go into production Feb 2016. The leading part of Leo, the mute character from a Blade Runner-inspired society, went to Alex Skarsgard, although ever since Source Code Jake was slated for the part. Mute and Stronger's production dates conflicted. Lost opportunity for a brilliant noir SF. Sad irony makes it so that Mute started production... this month.
I'm not even touching the Blade Runner sequel. Different situation - same lost opportunity.
Worth mentioning that Dan Gilroy's new movie starring Denzel will go into production March 2017. Hypothetically, it could be the kind of project that Jake would be willing to make the choice of postponing the play for.

Movie business is cutthroat and moves so fast that if you miss an opportunity, somebody else will take it and run with it, sometimes all the way to the Oscars.

Scott said...

Hmm I believe Jake passed on Mute when initially asked. Ryan Gosling had always been attached to Blade Runner (studio decision) before Denis V was attached.

As for Dan Gilroy's new movie, I doubt seriously Jake would be involved. If no new project is involved than I would tend to agree with Monica about the Video game movie. Maybe the movie has been fast tracked not to mention Jake's movie with Denis V.

Monica said...

Division already has an actress linked to the film, so my bet is this film to start shooting soon. In addition to already mentioned, movies like that use a lot of special effects, ie months of post-production. And it's set to open in 2018.

Anonymous said...

Division didn't have a script or director thou does anyone know if that changed?

Anonymous said...

“Division” seems like a long term project, pending the success/failure of Assassin’s Creed. First: the play's delay is due to a change that came up recently. Second: “Division” doesn’t have a director, a script or a studio distributor. (We're not talking indies, often completed then screened in festivals before they find distribution.) Third: IMDB infos about movies in development and release dates are often so wrong it's not even funny.

More likely it has to do with either “The Son” (Villeneuve’s availability may be limited to early 2017), or the heist movie, or a new project.

In the latter category, Dan Gilroy’s movie could be an option if it has a co-lead or a compelling supporting character. Jake would like to do a movie with Denzel, and Gilroy was a great collaborator.

In a recent panel at IFP Film Week, Riva Marker spoke about Nine Stories future plans: They’re making Jeremy Saulnier’s next movie (he did Blue Ruin, Green Room). They’re also the production company behind Paul Dano’s directorial debut, Wildlife. They’re looking for movies in the $10-12 million range.

The lede here isn’t Wildlife (we knew about it), it’s Jeremy Saulnier’s next film. He’s considered one of the most brilliant new filmakers, with an unique style and quirky aesthetics. This could be the new project. We’ll know soon.

Anonymous said...

Back to what we are anxiously awaiting: Sunday in The Park with George.

Lauren Adler ‏@laurenmadler #Actor #AEA #SAGAFTRA
#sundayintheparkwithgeorge #rehearsal on a #sunday
the poster

backstage lights and shadows

and a lucky fan

Great article, worth reading: a "look back at how the show was written, how it revolutionized musical theater, and how it taught a generation of artists to move on".

The song has haunted artists ever since — and not just those who make musicals. As a teenager, Stephen Colbert read the lyrics of “Finishing the Hat” aloud to his mother “to try to explain why I wanted to be an artist.” Joss Whedon, the man behind pop-culture juggernauts like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Avengers, has said of the song, “That’s my experience of being an artist: what I would say, but better than I could ever say it.”

The notion of reviving the show at City Center occurred to her in the spring of 2015, when she began working with Jake Gyllenhaal on the Encores! Off-Center production of Little Shop of Horrors. Tesori had coaxed Gyllenhaal to star in his first musical by delivering a potted plant to his dressing room during the Broadway run of Constellations. The plant was strewn with bloody Barbie-doll parts, and a note tucked into the soil read, “JUST DO IT.”
“I thought he would say no,” Tesori says, “but it turns out that he really loves to sing.” During their first Little Shop session, Tesori was struck by the fact that Gyllenhaal’s “attention to detail, and his desire to work endlessly, matched mine. We could sit with the score and go for three hours.” (As Dot says of George, “He could look forever.”) One day, over kale salad and the sheet music for “Mushnik and Son,” Tesori mentioned Sunday in the Park with George. “I said, ‘That would be a great role for you someday.’ Then it just came together in his schedule that we could do it now, at City Center.”

As Sondheim waggishly put it, the plot of Sunday is simple: “Boy loves girl. Boy loves art. Boy loses girl. Boy gets both girl and art 100 years later.”

Scott said...

Break a leg Jake.

Anonymous said...
Actor Jake Gyllenhall joins Shaun this morning to chat about his new film 'Nocturnal Animals'. The film is written, co-produced, and directed by Tom Ford and is based on the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright.

Anonymous said...

New York City Center @NYCityCenter
“Look, I made a hat... Where there never was a hat” �� #JakeGyllenhaal at the final rehearsal before opening night of #SundayNYCC!

Joining Scott in wishing: "In bocca al lupo!" and "Merde!"
To all fortunate GBers: have a great night, enjoy it and tell us all about it!
I'm on pins and needles and waiting to read the glowing reviews tomorrow.

Scott said...

Broadway fans are slow with tweets if they ever post any.

Anonymous said...

The performance was about 3 hours. Now we have a downpour of tweets and instagram pictures, I can hardly keep up. Trying to compile them:

Sarah Howes ‏@Sarah_Howes8
1) Why did I not know that Jake Gyllenhaal is one of the greatest musical theater actors of our time? Because he is. He so is. #SundayNYCC

Michelle Farabaugh ‏@mefarabaugh theatrical publicist @BBBWay
Never in my life will I forget Jake Gyllenhaal launching into "More red! More blue!" #SundayInTheParkWithJake

Rebecca Milzoff ‏@rebeccamilzoff Senior editor @Billboard; culture writer @NYMag, @NYT
#JakeGyllenhaal singing Move On is something I am having trouble...moving on from. What. A. Voice. Mandy would approve. #SundayNYCC

Rebecca Milzoff ‏@rebeccamilzoff
Jake Gyllenhaal just literally killed me softly with his song, I'll be in a puddle in front of @NYCityCenter if u need me

Angela Matusik ‏@angelamatusik Known for: @instyle, @people,
From belting it out in #sundayintheparkwithgeorge to freaking out in @nocturnalanimal, few actors have the range of Jake Gyllenhaal.

Ryan McPhee ‏@rdmcphee NY Writer/Reporter at @broadwaycom, @backstage.
God damnit when they all bow to George in the Act II "Sunday"

Kevin Daly ‏@kevinddaly
I want another revival of She Loves Me starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Georg. #dreamcast

Aparnaa ‏@aparnaa_s NY |@NewDay producer
Holy crap, Jake Gyllenhaal can sing. (I mean everyone else was great but surprise!)

caroline ‏@carolinedearest
sunday in the park with george?
more like sunday in the park with the perfect casting of jake gyllenhaal and annaleigh ashford

anna hulkower ‏@annahulkower
love to partake in my favorite hobby, Going To Musicals And Openly Weeping

anna hulkower‏@annahulkower
this tweet brought to you by jake gyllenhaal's smooth crooning as the ultimate musical theater fuckboi georges seurat

Michael Finke ‏@mikefinke
I will always remember the day I saw Jake Gyllenhaal's George in "Sunday in the Park". Just perfect in every possible way. @NYCityCenter

Michael Klein ‏@boypoet
Man-- Annaleigh Ashford is a remarkable Marie. It may be definitive. And I am so in love with Jake Gyllenhaal it's illegal.

Jana Mallo ‏@jmallo
Jake Gyllenhaal sang Finishing the Hat. Now I'm pregnant. #sundayintheparkwithgeorge

ThatCoffeeGhoul ‏@ThatCoffeeBrat
Jake Gyllenhaal is the most perfect human being in all of existence. Don't @ me. #SundayInTheParkWithGeorge #Intermissiontweet

Alex H. Nagler ‏@Nagler
That was pretty #sundayintheparkwithgeorge
curtain call

Nikki ‏@nicvor84
Sunday in the park with Jake Gyllenhaal.
curtain call

Scott said...

thanks Anon for all your hard work.

UltraViolet said...

Wow, yes, thank you, anon! So fun to read all the tweets. Before I give a review of Jake's wonderful performance, here's a tumblr link to a couple of the songs from tonight:

Ann said...

After seeing SITPWG tonight I'm hoping Burn This doesn't happen and Jake does a Broadway musical instead of a play. He was spectacular as George. I had doubts that he could pull it off but he surprised me.

Thanks for that link, UV!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, UV and Scott! And thank you, UV, for the audio links: he sounds amazing! Better than I thought he could ever sing this really difficult score. He has clearly improved his vocal technique. May I say he's just as good as Mandy Patinkin but with a velvety, more pleasant voice?

Posted a second batch of tweets and instagrams but it got deleted. Good thing I saved them! Just a few telling ones:

richaffannato - Broadway, Film Producer
Sunday In The Park With George. City Center Encores. Opening night. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He is a revelation. Hands down the best George I have ever seen. His voice is glorious! (...)

Hearing Jake Gyllenhaal sing Sondheim... gif

When is Jake Gyllenhaal going to get tired of earning a good living and come do theater full time?

#JakeGyllenhaal bravo! So impressed by his voice @NYCityCenter tonight! Tough score on such limited rehearsal time! Great show

bobbyanna said...

Wow! I am loving the reactions to Jake's performance in SITPWG !!! Thanks for these audio clips. I am SO impressed with Jake's voice. What a revelation! It seems fuller and richer, less tentative, stronger, with real clarity,. So different from his first outing. He seems to have a lot more confidence. He hits the high notes with ease. This score is very demanding, not easy to sing. And imagine how it was to perform with the composer sitting in the audience! Oy! I'm really happy for him. He couldn't ask for a better reception! The tweets are so enthusiastic. :)

Chica said...

In a word Jake was amazing!Got home late and I'm off to work so my review will come later.

Scott said...

Glad to hear Jake did well.

Hagen said...

New York Times: Review: Jake Gyllenhaal Shines in a Joyous ‘Sunday in the Park With George’

UltraViolet said...

That NYT review - wow! Exactly how I felt but I'm a tad biased :)

Another ravefrom the NY Daily News:

Jake Gyllenhaal is a work of art in shimmering ‘Sunday in the Park with George’

Jake Gyllenhaal launched the week starring in “Sunday in the Park with George.”

So how was Monday in the dark with Jake?

One word: Bliss.

That sums up City Center’s exhilarating concert staging of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s 1984 musical. ...

But Gyllenhaal, who delighted last year as Seymour in “Little Shop of Horrors” on the same stage, made it look easy breezy while packing his performance with fire and longing. As he dabbed Seurat’s imaginary paint brush, the audience dabbed real tears.

He’s in wonderful company. ...

THR is less rapturous but still positive

So happy for Jake and everyone involved.

Hagen said...

A rave review from 'Deadline': Jake Gyllenhaal Fills The Canvas of Sondheim & Lapine’s ‘Sunday In The Park With George’ – Review

But the stunner is Gyllenhaal, who brings deep warmth and great passion to the role — along with a sizable wallop when needed. If it’s unlikely that his film schedule would allow a lengthier run, that’s all the sadder, because this was a performance for the ages.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the acclaim he's getting for the show.

Just saw something today that Amy and Tom are holding a talk (two separate dates) in NYC with NY Times for NA. Anyone know if Jake has one lined up?

Scott said...

Isn't NA opening somewhere on Nov 4th?

On a brighter note, it would be nice if Jake could do the musical on Broadway. I don't know how much interest would it be in a movie format but Jake seems so happy doing this gig.

Anonymous said...

November 4th in the UK. But US release is 18th-24th (Limited)release and Wide on 9th December.

Anonymous said...

"Just saw something today that Amy and Tom are holding a talk (two separate dates) in NYC with NY Times for NA. Anyone know if Jake has one lined up?"

Probably not, but Jake just had the most glowing review in NY Times from the most influencial and feared Broadway theater critic. Ben Brantley can make or break a show and some Hollywood celebrities hate him because he eviscerates their performances (James Franco, Alec Baldwin). Brantley gave Jake two rave reviews in two years. Jake is the winner in the long run.

bobbyanna said...

You're right about Brantley, Anon 7:31 The beautiful thing about these reviews is that they are so consistent; the NYT, the NY Daily News, Deadline Hollywood, and several others. They are all very complimentary. Raves really! This is a beautiful thing! : )

I'd love to see Jake do a Broadway musical, but here's the thing. Any Broadway production requires 8 performances a week. It's very hard on your voice. So the preparation and training would have to be done very thoroughly. Jake would have to really prepare in a way that would require a lot of time and focus. Of course if he started with a role that wasn't as demanding as SITPWG it would be great. For instance, I think he would be a perfect Nicky Arnstein, in Funny Girl. : )

UltraViolet said...

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were at the final performance, with Harvey Weinstein sitting behind them.


Jake wore The Shoes :)

He, Annaleigh Ashford and Phylicia Rashad got entrance applause at each performance.

Both Jake and AA seemed very moved in the show-stopping second-act duet (Move On) tonight.

I didn't know the show going in, but many numbers are very poignant. There are a lot of laughs, but also a lot of pathos. Many people crying, all around. And not just women. And that happened at every performance.

UltraViolet said...

Photo of Jake, AA and Zachary Levi from the post-show party.

I can't remember if I said that the entire cast/production/orchestra were amazing. I was not familiar with this material, and I adored it. Am thrilled that I got to see it, and I hope some more recordings emerge so other people can enjoy it.

Chica said...

I wasn't familiar with Sunday either UV , heard a lot about it and how,wonderful it was. Jake has been practicing with voice coaches since LSOH and it showed, he was fantastic and so was Annaleigh.
Moving and beautiful, Move On brought the house down, not a,dry eye surrounding me.

What a marvelous production , I wish it was more than a reading and the full show. If they do a revival Jake will be a knockout, I loved it!

Ann said...

There were lots of tears and sniffles around me as well. I hope some videos surface. Especially The Day Off, Jake's expressions during that were delightful, more people should get to see Jake sing as a dog, lol. It's a shame this probably won't transfer to Broadway, I feel lucky to have been able to see it.

Chica said...

I feel blessed to have seen as well Ann.
I don't know if they film special concerts/readings like they do for plays and musicals and this was for a benefit

The Library for Performing Arts has the original cast on film with Mandy Patinkin and Berendette Peter on tape.

bobbyanna said...

Chica, Ann, UV, so, so glad you all got to see it! My twitter feed has quite a few comments from people who were brought to tears.

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