Monday, October 31, 2016

The Life of an Actor

In the good kind of October surprise, Sony dropped the first official trailers for Life, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds. First up, the U.S. version:

And the international trailer:

There was also, apparently, a commercial during The Walking Dead. Sony is getting the party started!

NA promo interviews:

Jake presented Ang Lee with the BAFTA John Schlesinger Britannia for Excellence In Directing award on Friday night. Some tidbits:

“Ang knows that to tell a big story, you have to keep it small.”

“Standing here tonight, I can’t help but think about Heath and how much he would have loved to witness all this incredible change that has been effected in the LGBT community in the intervening years. He would be proud to know that he had played some small part in it. I know I am."

Gyllenhaal then cracked that Lee's first English-language film, 1995's Sense and Sensibility, "is one of the most British movies ever, which is extraordinary when you remember that Ang grew up in Taiwan."

"What makes him so unique and so deserving of our highest honor is that Ang realizes that each film is elementally different. Look at his body of work. How is it possible that Brokeback Mountain and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon were made by the same man? That Ice Storm and Life Of Pi sit at opposite ends of the spectrum too?”

Lee, for his part, said that Brokeback Mountain "brought me back to life" and was "the one time I had a strong sense there is a movie god and he loves me."

Video from the Broadway for Hillary event. Jake and Jon Hamm doing an excerpt from Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here," a satire about a populist demagogue who becomes president. Shudder.

This last part of the post is going to be a work in progress. I want to add the reviews for Sunday in the Park and some photos, but I'll have to do that later on today. I never did it for Little Shop, and I regret not having collected them all. For now, the music will have to speak for itself.

Finishing The Hat

Move On

Oh and a couple of candids from/with SITPWG costar Philip Boykin, who played Boatman. And Phylicia Rashad. They were both wonderful.

Jake at the City Center gala honoring Adrienne Arsht, philanthropist for the arts:


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UltraViolet said...

The reactions are good for the trailers. Fingers crossed for a great movie. Looks like Sony is going to market it aggressively, which is nice for a change!

Not related to Life, but this tweet made me laugh:

Gregory Ellwood ‏@TheGregoryE
Nothing makes you feel less sexy and than talking to Tom Ford and Jake Gyllenhaal back to back in the span of an hour. Great guys though.

And from tonight:

the 5 seconds of jake gyllenhaal in that one trailer were more interesting than this entire episode of two

NA promo is starting, as well. Will add links/vids to the post as the week rolls on.

Monica said...

I liked the special effects, but the story is "I've seen it a thousand times". And RR still wood.

UltraViolet said...

Photos of Jake with Nick Grimshaw from BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

BBC Radio1 BreakfastVerified account @R1Breakfast
Jake Gyllenhaal is welcome back any day. Tomorrow? 😍😍😍

And some tweets:

Jake Gyllenhaal and @grimmers for True Detective Season 3, please.

Best way to start a Monday - #JakeGyllenhaal on @R1Breakfast ❤️

Jake Gyllenhaal has such a lovely voice. Enjoyed listening to him chat to Grimmy this morning on my drive to work.

@grimmers do you have to play music? Can we just not listen to Jake Gylenhaal speak a little bit longer?@R1Breakfast 😍😍

I wonder how happy @grimmers is shamelessly flirting with #JakeGyllenhaal... I can actually hear it through the radio! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜❤️

Listening to Jake Gyllenhall on @BBCR1 is pretty great on a Monday morning

Jake Gyllenhaal's voice is something else

Jake Gyllenhaal was brilliant on @R1Breakfast! What a nice guy, seemed really down to earth. Great interview.

Listening to @grimmers flirt with jake gyllenhaal on @R1Breakfast is probably the highlight of my Monday so far πŸ˜‚πŸ’žπŸ†


How did I have no idea how hilarious Jake Gyllenhaal is? πŸ˜‚ @R1Breakfast

@BBCR1 Gyllanhaal has the British sense of humour down. Live him even more right now.

Jake has a really nice voice. <3

Jake can rent my spare room if he wants to move over here. Provided Leo doesn't eat my chihuahua.

made sure I got to work early just to listen! ❤️

I'm so stressed because everyone in the office is talking loudly and the printer is loud. I cannot hear Jake Gyllenhaal on the radio

He was on a couple of other shows, as well. IHJ has the audio for the Radio 6 interview.

Tweet from NA screening:

Just watched a pre-screening of #NocturnalAnimals followed by a Q&A panel with #AmyAdams, #JakeGyllenhaal & #AaronTaylorJohnson - wonderful!

UltraViolet said...

I have to watch it again, Monica. The story does seem very familiar. But there was a fun vibe, I thought. Sci-fi isn't really my thing but I am hopeful.

I like Ryan Reynolds.

Oh, and I added the video of Jake and Jon Hamm from the Hillary event.

Anonymous said...

When does BBC Radio 1 the interview start? I keep looking, can't find a thing.

UltraViolet said...

It's about 90 minutes in.

Scott said...

" but the story is "I've seen it a thousand times".

There's a twist or else I don't believe Jake would be involved, I noticed that the trailer had a lot Jake facial expression shots and not a lot of dialogue from him. I have never seen Alien, Predator, Moon or any other space sci-fi because I just was not interested. Now I am because Jake, Ryan and the writers of Life who like UV had said have a history of serious mixed with humor.

I just get the feeling the trailer really doesn't tell the whole story for once.

Monica said...

"I have never seen Alien, Predator, Moon"
I saw all these movies, I love Alien, Life trailer begins with the sound of Alien and a similar story.

BlueJean said...

I can't believe the LIFE trailers are here so soon! :) Not much into sci-fi myself, much like what Scott said, but since it's Jake... ;) I like Ryan Reynolds as well - although I get him mixed up with Ryan Gosling most of the time ;)

Thanks for the new post, UV x

Scott said...

While I respect your opinion Monica unless you have it in good with Sony, you don't know how the plot of Life will turn out. IMO, every romantic movie is the same but I like them anyway. Maybe audiences want to see something like Alien that excites them.

Source code's plot was similar to Groundhog's day but it was still a good movie. Tom Cruise movie was the same premise as Source Code but still a good movie.

Just because you don't want to see the same thing (which has not been proven yet by Life) does not mean other people won't either. Or else sequels would be non-existent. Sci-fi seems to do well as long as it doesn't get too philosophical or sexual.

Hagen said...

It's probably a sign of confidence that Sony has released the trailer(s) for 'Life' that early. I actually hoped that 'Life' would only be the working title.

Monica said...

Scott, I don't know if the story is the same as Alien, the trailer that shows it. I'll see because Jake.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I've seen all the Alien movies even,I'm ashamed to say,the Alien v. Predator ones. I've seen the first two Predators, 3 Terminators, Moon, Gravity, Martian, District 9, War of the Worlds ( both versions) and dozens more.(Last night Godzilla and the Incredible Hulk-Edward Norton version were on! IMO, Ang Lee's Hulk with Eric Bana was awful.) )

Alien is one of my top 3 favorite Sci Fi movies,along with Martian & District Nine. I loved Close Encounters & E.T. Then there was Red Planet with Val Kilmer, Mission to Mars directed by Brian De Palma, Last Days on Mars with Liev Schreiber, Signs, etc. etc. I could go on & on.

I even love the old 50's movies, the really bad ones with giant ants and spiders, and aliens with huge heads too! LOL! I've only watched one X Men, and one Matrix. But not sure if you consider those Sci Fi. I never liked scary slasher type movies, so I guess Outer Space is my comfort zone! : )

I have to admit, when I saw the Life trailer it reminded me of Apollo 13 at first, but I'll happily see it anyway. I'm not a huge RR fan, but since he tweeted such a nice comment about Jake's singing, I'm willing to reconsider... LOL!

This movie does look like fun, UV.
All this stuff is great fun if it's done well. I'm philosophical. It's like the Boxing genre. There's only a few basic plot lines they can use, and they put a twist in to make it distinctive. There'll be something that sets this apart.

Great post UV. Jake's voice is beautiful. Wish we could get video... (sigh.)

Hagen said...

That's the synopsis from the official 'Life' website: Life tells the story of the six-member crew of the International Space Station that is on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries in human history: the first evidence of extraterrestrial life on Mars. As the crew begins to conduct research and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find the Howard Stern interview? I didn't listen to it at the time and now I can't find it. I've been looking for months. Please help!

Anonymous said...

Anon, Here is a link for the stern interview you can also download it on that site under audio files

Anonymous said...

Thank so much, but I meant the full interview. Can't seem to find it.

UltraViolet said...

I'd love it if someone popped up with the whole interview. It seems to have been lost to the internet winds.

Some NA promo:

Jake on ET Canada. The interviewer tells Jake that Ryan tweeted about Sunday.

Jake talking about sequels.

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of youtube videos/NA interviews to the post, as well.

Sag Actor said...

The trailer for Life reminds me a bit of The Thing. I love Sci-fi films and I can't wait to see it !
Thanks for all the updates, good to see Jake on stage with Angels Lee.

BlueJean said...

Jake on 'Ellen':

UltraViolet said...

Autocorrect, SAG Actor :)

Anyone in the UK? This won't play outside the UK: #MoviesThatMadeMe (There is a clip on youtube but I want the whole thing.

NA featurette

Also added the extended version of the ET Canada video.

Ellen videos: 1 and 2.

BlueJean said...

I was wondering who or what Angels Lee was as well. LOL :)

Suzieblue said...

UV if you use Chrome and download the Hola plugin you should be able to view it. I have watched several things on the BBC iplayer that way.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Suzie! That sounds familiar - I'll give it a try.

Oh and following up on an earlier comment: When I mentioned "the shoes," I meant these.

Scott said...

Jake seems genuinely happy, good to see.

BlueJean said...

Has anyone found the complete Ang Lee award video already? All I could find was this:

Sag Actor said...

Whoops, thanks UV!
Yes, Ang Lee.

UltraViolet said...

It made me smile, SA :)

BJ, I haven't seen the full award presentation. I think the awards are airing on a US cable channel so maybe well get the whole thing.

Short clip with Jake and Tom speaking.

Jake on BBC Radio 2, at bout the two-hour, thirty-nine-minute mark.

Anonymous said...

PopTV will air Britannia Awards tonight at 8/7 PM.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about NA with my cousin and telling her about the movie and she said wasn't Amy and Jake gonna do anther movie before this? It got me thinking is there a chance both could resurrect the Ezekiel Moss movie they were going to do? The story sounded really good.

Scott said...

Wow Ang Lee was more like Ricky Gervais and I am not so sure he was kidding during his bit about BBM. LOL.

Anonymous said...

What did Ang say?

Anonymous said...

Ang was fine. Uncharacteristically funny and irreverent. I thought it was just right for the occasion.

BlueJean said...

IHJ has the full video! :)

UltraViolet said...

Bless Stephanie!

Someone also uploaded the BBC Movies That Made Me segment with Jake. It cuts off at the end, unfortunately. Still nice to see almost the whole thing.

Maura said...

I love the way he talks about Fincher. He gets so much hate, yet he's absolutely talented and incredible. I might love him a little more than I love Jake, but I think they're so similar.
All this to say I think they sould work together again.

Anonymous said...

Live Q&A tonight

UltraViolet said...

A few little tidbits from the past week:

Manny The Movie Guy
October 29
In times when I'm down, I'll remember fun events like today when I had great interviews for the fantastic film #NocturnalAnimals Fashion icon and excellent storyteller, Tom Ford, joked and quipped "Manny from Palm Springs, you look like you're from Palm Springs," to which I retorted "Are you judging me Mister Tom?" And then he laughed heartily and we proceeded to have a thoughtful dialogue about his film. After my interview, his handlers and some studio folks told me that he said "Manny asked a lot of great questions, he really got the movie!" And went on by saying, "We need more Manny!" Awwwwww ��

But wait there's more! Jake Gyllenhaal, as I was walking to the interview room, told me that there were many Palm Springs news stories lately, referencing the tragic shooting of our heroic cops and the tour bus crash. My heart skipped a beat because he remembered me and our great city ��

Robert Hanashiro USA TODAY photographer
She is a sweetheart! I've photographed her 3 or 4 times and is always easy to work with. Same with Jake, funny and personable ---cool to work with.

A Week in the Life of New York Theater: Nathan Lane, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Matthew Morrison:

On Wednesday, we scored tickets to the last performance of the sold out concert version of Stephen Sondheim’s personal reflection on creativity, Sunday in the Park with George. Inspired by Georges Seurat’s previously misunderstood pointillist masterpiece, the musical revolves around a man (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) obsessed and cold, passionate yet remote, keenly observant of life but refusing to participate because he is, like any blindered artist, always “finishing the hat.” The cast is large, the music intricate as a shawl of AlenΓ§on lace, the staging deliberately rigid, and the love story ends in memories. City Center is a vast converted mosque, seating nearly 3,000—twice the size of most Broadway houses. Because this was a concert version, actors carried around scripts in large notebooks, which should have proven distracting.

Then why did Gyllenhaal’s pain sting my eyes, make my hands shake? Why did I hate everyone else for not seeing what he wanted them to see even though I knew they couldn’t? And when he finally cried out to rhapsodize about the beauty of “the light” as the lovely Annaleigh Ashford as his former love Dot insists he must “Move On,” how did the majority of those in a theater so cavernous sniff, and snort and weep?

This sparkling production of Sunday will be long remembered by everyone lucky enough to have caught it (I pray it was taped), but on stage Gyllenhaal proved that when you are surrounded by others who support your sense of wonder and you believe in the magic you can conjure, no matter where you are, you can catch lightning in a bottle and electrify us all.

UltraViolet said...

Mark Shenton’s week: Gyllenhaal sings Sondheim in New York:

... At a packed City Center last week, this was sung with intense fervour and passion by the magnificent Jake Gyllenhaal, who has already proved his stage credentials in Broadway's Constellations, but here revealed the stunning abilities of a serious singer. Who knew he could do this?

I never saw him perform in last summer's City Center production of Little Shop of Horrors, but Seymour and George are very different sings. And what was especially impressive was that, even though this staging was done for only four sold-out performances , he was off-book for most of his songs – though all the company had the reassuring presence of their scripts in folders.

So this was not, fortunately, stunt casting of the sort we see all too often, where someone of limited skills is parachuted into a role on the basis of their name and fame, but fails to deliver. And this truly transcendent musical that celebrates art as no other also revealed its performer's own supreme artistry. ...

Nick Grimshaw teased about flirting with Jake.

BlueJean said...

"... Movies That Made Me segment with Jake..."

That was nice! I was hoping he'd ask Jake about Enemy / Prisoners / Denis Villeneuve, but that'll probabaly be next time, when Jake's promoting 'The Son' ;)

Makes you realize what great choices Jake has made overall (OK, and a few not-so-great), and he's still pretty young, which means that (hopefully) we have a lot to look forward to. I must remember to re-watch 'End of Watch'. Haven't seen it in a while. And 'Prisoners'.

Scott said...

Enjoyed the Variety Q&A. It was the right amount of time and the questions and moderator were good.

UltraViolet said...

Jake breaks his social media drought with a Vote for Hillary post.

The Variety event was pretty good. I always feel a little for Jake at these Q&As. He seems to sense that you need a little humor and tries to make jokes, while his colleagues tend to be very dry. He and Amy id seem to banter well.

Don't be fooled by the title - there's no Jake/Amy shower scene:

Monica said...

There are hate messages on his post.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, that is inevitable on any political post these days. But the likes are greater than the negative reactions. I doubt Jake will pay much attention to the haters. Good for him for making a stand.

Ann said...

Sadly, I'm not surprised Monica. This election is bringing out the worst and facebook is known for being full of nastiness over politics. I'm sure Jake isn't checking the comments.

Good for him for making a stand.

I agree, UV. I was happy to see his post.

Monica said...

Good for him for making a stand.

Surely. It is that when I saw the hate I was oh no.

Anonymous said...

"There are hate messages on his post."

Please, it's nothing compared to the 11 years of mockery, nastiness and garbage he has endured for playing a certain gay character. Jake is used to far worse insults and cruel jokes from bigots or plain idiots, does anyone think he's fazed by a bunch of political nuts?

Good for him for staying true to his democratic political opinions and expressing them firmly but politely. It's admirable and classy.

BlueJean said...

"Good for him for staying true to his democratic political opinions and expressing them firmly but politely. It's admirable and classy."

Agreed. And it's for a good cause. I hope America will make the right decision in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Jake, Amy & co. did plenty of press this weekend, lots of videos in the pipeline, but this may be it for Jake since "Wildlife" starts filming in Oklahoma Sunday, Nov. 6 (they filmed background scenes in Montana this week). Still holding hope for maybe another late night talkshow and possibly the premiere.

From the already taped interviews, these sound promising:

- Sunday at 9 AM on BBC1, The Andrew Marr Show
And as if that wasn't enough #marr speaks to actor Jake Gyllenhaal about @nocturnalanimal and @NorahJones will play us out - 9am Sunday BBC1

& we have the arts covered too with one of the stars of @nocturnalanimal Jake Gyllenhaal & with #marrmusic @NorahJones playing us out #marr

- next week, a podcast with Kristopher Tapley for Variety
Check back next week when I’ll be talking to “Nocturnal Animals” star Jake Gyllenhaal

- next week, an interview with Gregory Ellwood (ex-HitFix) for Playlist

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Just As Excited About ‘Okja’ As Tilda Swinton Is

Gyllenhaal says that he and Bong have been friends for years. The Korean filmmaker had seen Gyllenhaal’s breakout role in “Donnie Darko” and sat down with the then young actor before he shot “The Host” intent on eventually working with him.
“We tried for a decade to do something and then we were meeting up about another project, another thing he was producing,” Gyllenhaal explains. “We were sitting in New York maybe a year and a half ago, maybe a little more. And I said, ‘What are you working on?’ And he tells me, ‘I’m drawing these drawings for a movie I’m thinking about doing’ and he shows me this picture of this…creature and this little Korean girl next to the creature. I asked, ‘What is that?’ ‘I’m thinking of making a children’s movie.’ ‘Is there a part for me?’ And he was like, ‘Hmmmm, I think maybe. Let me get back to you.’ And then he was like, ‘There is a part for you.’ I said, ‘I don’t care I’ll do it. I don’t even need to read it.’ And then I read it and it was so great. He’s like, ‘It’s this doctor and he’s a mad man and he has an animal show.’ And I was like, ‘I’m already in!’”

Look for more on Gyllenhaal’s thoughts on “Nocturnal Animals” next week.

The other project, I think, was "Snowpiercer". I've heard Jake was Joon-ho Bong's first choice to play the lead.

prairiegirl said...

Please, it's nothing compared to the 11 years of mockery, nastiness and garbage he has endured for playing a certain gay character

The "certain gay character" was named Jack Twist. Yes, there were and continue to be taunts and uneducated criticism, but Jake received a ton of praise and recognition for his as yet unmatched role of Jack.

I found this comment very offensive even though the anon tried to come off as "understanding". It is this narrowed view of Jake having to "endure" while taking on the BBM role which only contributes to backtracking stereotype.

Anonymous said...

...And we have the clip for the BBC Andrew Marr Show interview. Watching it, these tweets make a whole lot of sense:

"I do have craft; it still exists."
Jake Gyllenhaal slaps down the #marr vacuity.

@MarrShow lovely surprise seeing #JakeGyllenhaal on this show. Great actor, articulate man.

What's interesting is that Marr's talkshow is political, he doesn't interview just any actor. Therefore Jake's answears are embedded in a political and social context, stating that "capitalism has run amok" yet cleverly facing baity leading questions about the peak of violence in America. Marr clearly admires Jake's recent choices in arthouse films, especially Nightcrawler (listen to him calling Lou Bloom "Louie").

I love how Jake's evolution as an actor and a man, his choices in the last 5 years have taken him to a place where he may not be commercially bankable (yet who knows what the future holds?) but he's gaining the respect of journalists and academics. Jake's maturing process is a sight to see.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks all for all your reports and links of Jake's performance of SITPWG, he has a beautiful voice and hopefully he will get to start in a Broadway musical real soon!

Good to see Jake and Ang Lee, BBM was an incredible film and Jake was wonderful in it.

Happy to see Jake's post on his FB page regarding the election. The comments on the post are mild compared to what I have seen elsewhere including the FB page of Sean Astin when he endorsed Hillary, they became unhinged

Anonymous said...

Even in this day and age, Jake is still mocked and belittled for the Brokeback Mountain sex scene. Not a day goes by without a BBM sex joke aimed at Jake on twitter. The denigrated one is always Jake, because Heath played the top and people are stupid and uneducated.

The "I can't take him seriously because..." jokes start flowing every time he plays a more action oriented character.

The "BBM 2" jokes run rampant every time he stars along another attractive actor, every time he makes a movie on a mountain, every time the word "tent" is uttered.

It's 2016 and the dehumanizing BBM jokes are still being made, even in mainstream movies, and yes they had and still have an impact on Jake's career.

Jake took a risk by playing Jack Twist (as opposed to playing a non-specific gay character) and along with accolades and nominations his career has been plagued by crude jokes and people's altered perception that he's "weak" and he can't play "manly" roles. He's undervalued because of it.

It is his cross to bear, and he does it with grace, generosity and understanding, but it's an undeniable cross for his career.

BlueJean said...

Every time the BBM / Jack Twist / gay character discussion comes up (and that's often!), I'm not sure what to think. Maybe it's because I wasn't around in 2006 when BBM was released and (thus) missed all of the hoopla surrounding it (gay jokes, controversy etc.), but I just don't understand why some people aren't able to see a. Jake (the actor) and b. Jack (the character). It's a role he played - a role!

I love Jack. I love BBM. It's a heartbreaking movie, existing in its own universe by now - simply because of the magic Ang Lee created. And yes, also because of Heath's passing, there's no denying that. But I'll never get why both actors (and their performances) are viewed do differently. So Heath's a hero and Jake is "weak"? Yeah, right. To me, Jake's performance is just as epic as Heath's - maybe even more so, since the role of Jack required a certain ambiguity, which Jake played so beautifully. In some scenes, I found Jake's acting much more intense than Heath's - it was Jake who drew me in (no disrespect to Heath of course). But why people tend to forget it was a ROLE is beyond me.

It's good to know Jake's still proud of Brokeback - as he should be. I'm sure he'll continue to be proud. Even if that means he'll have to "endure" many more years of crude jokes and stupid rumours and accusations.

Scott said...

People will believe what they want about anyone and you can't change their opinions. So why bother. BBM is a classic so you should expect jokes about it as jokes are made about other classic movies.

As for BBM's effect on Jake's career, he did better than alright after BBM, he worked with quite a few Oscar winners. I think POP had the negative impact (although not justified) on Jake's opportunities.

"It is his cross to bear"

I am sure that is not how Jake's sees it. Getting past POP I would think would have been more of a burden. Jake is a millionaire actor who gets to play make believe, his life isn't that hard.

Now can we move on to NA's release in Great Britain this past weekend.

Anonymous said...

BBM is a beautiful, elegiac, haunting movie, but I think that sex scene and people's perception of it is a "cross" for his career because it limits the projects he's offered based on the public's expectations.

The distorted perception of Jake playing the "weak" character in BBM, translated to the actor himself being "weak", had an impact. I happen to think part of POP's failure to attract american male audiences is due to that skewed perception: we can't buy him as an action hero because we've seen him... They blindly refused to give him a chance.

Audiences response is tracked nowadays through social media. When every time Jake's choice to play a boxer or a cop is met with BBM slurs and dirty jokes, even if he looks every inch like a boxer or a cop, the studios will back off.
If the studios keep the good offers away from him (Blade Runner, Dr Strange), he can't have a hit.
If he doesn't have a hit, he's not bankable.
If he's not bankable, he's not offered the best prestige projects.
It's a catch-22.

Speaking of Nocturnal Animals, I wonder if Jake's performance going somewhat unnoticed (or not acknowledged enough) has something to do with him playing, again, the "weak" character. Tony/Edward are outpowered, their manliness stripped away by the other characters. Edward by his wife and her mother; Tony by the three criminals with their psychopatic leader and by the sherrif, the epitome of Western masculinity. Jake seems to have the most complex but also the most thankless role in NA.

I think the same wrong perception of weakness and lack of masculinity stamped on Jack Twist is being applied by the public to Tony/Edward. Hence the "he's good but the crazy bad guy and the tough sheriff are awesome!".

Scott said...

In respone to anom 4:37PM:

You cannot blame Jack Twist for Jake not getting Dr. Strange or the other film. Jake had a lot of high profile roles right after BBM due to that movie's success.

Again POP IMO had more to do with studios being a little hesitant. Cumberbatch had a worldwide television presence and he can act. The other movie I have no idea why they went with that actor but he will be getting his second nomination for Oscar.

We all know Jake can play crazy and tough; Nightcrawler (crazy) Jarhead, Prisoners and Southpaw (tough). I am sure studios are aware of those movies hence Life next year.

Jake is a hot commodity on stage and in film, so BBM has not done him any harm. It's his choices that may not be mainstream appeal. Also maybe other actors play the game better or will do anything to get those high profile roles or have agents who will do anything. Matt Damon didn't get a lot of high profile roles until he fought for the Bourne series, he said himself he had to fight for it. Ryan Reynolds fought for Deadpool and pretty much marketed that film himself. He fought hard and it paid off. Brad Pitt was not a box office success on his own until his late 30's.

It's not Jack Twist, its been 10 years. Stop blaming a role. If Jake doesn't get the high profile roles, the blame rest solely on Jake Gyllenhaal. He seems to do his own thing, he has a decent box office record for the size of films he does and he is certainly not a box office failure.

I think Jake thru his production company is trying to find that one project that will get him on those high profile lists. I see more tweets about man crushes on Jake and what a great actor he is as he never disappoints. I rarely see the BBM jokes in relation to his newer films if at all. I see more POP and Bubble Boy tweets.

I just don't think it's fair to blame the character of Jack Twist because you are unhappy that Cumberbatch and the other actor were given high profile roles. It wouldn't hurt Jake to be more of a social media participant

Anonymous said...

Way to Twist somebody's words into a pretzel! I never "blamed Jack Twist for Jake not getting Dr. Strange".

I "blame" the general public's perception stemmed from that sex scene (the reason all the other actors turned down the role), a perception unfairly brought upon Jake himself, for years. The idea that the public won't accept him as the Man, the Lead.

Jake was cast in Jarhead and Zodiac way before his Oscar nod and BAFTA win. After BBM's success, he never got the high profile roles he deserved. (Maybe his agents mishandling his career had something to do with it, which is why he's with a different agency today.)

"I just don't think it's fair to blame the character of Jack Twist because you are unhappy that Cumberbatch and the other actor were given high profile roles"

When did I say this? BR and Dr Strange were just examples of big studio movies with success written all over them, that could have been offered to Jake in different circumstances, if the public and studios would see him more as The Hero.

Nowadays, due to Jake's choices and raw performances, people are starting to appreciate him more and acknowledge his talent, but twitter is all over "Jake for the Joker" because he's so good at "playing crazy and creepy".

How many people know he's musically gifted, how many campaign him for the next big Hollywood musical? How many HW people support him? In this interview, judging by her response, Amy Adams has no idea that Jake can sing Sondheim, let alone his glowing reviews.

I applaud Jake's evolution. He's building a solid career based on solid choices, making his movies (and plays) on his terms. But it's a slow process and if he isn't offered the chance to headline a hit, it will take time.

UltraViolet said...

There's no way of knowing what Jake has been offered, what he's turned down or what he has never been considered for. I think he probably could have had a Marvel or DC role but the right one - in his opinion - hasn't been offered.

Playing Jack Twist obviously brought Jake so much more than just accolades. I think it did also mark him, in some way, for a lot of idiots. But I don't think it has any material effect on Jake's personal or professional life at this point. There will always be people who make fun of him for it. There will always be people who love him for it. And there will always be people who can't let go of it.

Jake has the career he wants now. And it's going pretty well, I'd say.

Ian Sandwell ‏@ian_sandwell
Nocturnal Animals enjoys estimated £700k bow in the UK from 242 screens.

From what I can see, that's okay. But not amazing.

UltraViolet said...

Never knew Jake and Bong Joon-ho are friends. Would have been interesting to see Jake in Snowpiercer. I didn't love the movie but it is unique.

I can't believe Jake is about to film a new movie. I'm still stuck on him as George! So happy that recording exists. But I wish we'd get video.

Scott said...

"Nocturnal Animals enjoys estimated £700k bow in the UK from 242 screens"

I would say that's pretty good considering the Accountant had 1.5 in more than double the screens at 569.

Thanks UV for the information.

Monica said...

I haven't seen many jokes about Jake and Brokeback Mountain. There are one or two people who mention his role as Jack, but I have seen more respect for him than anything else.
Heath received negativity because it was one year after Brokeback, today most of people don't care, there are so many actors playing gay characters. Heath and Jake opened the door.

Maybe his agents mishandling his career had something to do with it
Probably this, his agents thought that POP would be the movie, but they were wrong.
In my opinion, POP is the most damaged his career. Then Love and Other Drugs. Two flops in the same year.
I remember his name was linked to a few projects that went to other actors in a better situation.

"Jake for the Joker" because he's so good at "playing crazy and creepy"

This is good and bad. Good because of the recognition of his performance, bad because people just love to see actors playing the same character always.

Amy Adams has no idea that Jake can sing Sondheim, let alone his glowing reviews.

She is busy promoting two movies. This was a three-day musical in NY. If you want people to know that he is good singer, put Jake to sing live at Tony or Oscar, or star in a musical.

Jake has the career he wants now. And it's going pretty well, I'd say.
Yep. As much as I would like to see Jake working with big names, I really want to, he's going better than most people expected. He's building a great career, he has respect, not only in cinema but also on stage, few actors can do both. And now he's becoming a producer. I wouldn't change what he has now for a hero role in a comic book movie.
So, between Jake be DS and Louis Bloom, I get Louis Bloom.

Ryan Gosling starring BR is a choice of studio as part of a deal he made years ago. Warner distributed Ryan's directorial debut with the condition of him star in one of the next big films of the studio. In all honesty, I still think this sequel is a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

"If you want people to know that he is good singer, put Jake to sing live at Tony or Oscar, or star in a musical."

I can't make Jake sing live at the Tonys or the Oscars, I'm not his agent, nor the producer of these shows.

Of course Amy Adams wouldn't know that Jake can sing. My point exactly: in spite of the amazing Broadway reviews, Hollywood is turning a blind eye. Or, in this case, a deaf ear. No one reads the New York Times in LA?

And Focus could have used the NY Times reviews to prompt Jake. If it would've been Bradley Cooper's musical success instead of Jake's, it would have been the talk of Hollwood by now.

Monica said...

That's just Amy Adams. We don't know what Hollywood knows about the musical and the praise he received.
Why Focus would use it? Nocturnal is not a musical, Jake is a respected actor, who has been receiving rave reviews for years. This can be used in a future Oscar campaign, but would do nothing to Nocturnal Animals at this time.

Bradley Cooper is desperate for awards, he will do anything to win an Oscar. Jake never showed desperate.

Scott said...

NA is Tom Ford's movie and he is apparently directing marketing. Jake is the talk of Broadway and that will go a long way in his success on Broadway. Jake apparently has management who relies on his talent instead of stunts.

Don't forget Jake was up for the lead in Moulin Rouge and turn down Into the Woods for that low profile movie that only brought him success and more opportunities. At a couple of casting directors in HW know Jake can sing.

Choices and timing. My last word on this subject, can't change your opinion but I have been there with the same frustration (still do at times) and have come to the conclusion if Jake is happy than I as a fan should be happy for him.

Anonymous said...

Wiki has NA's box office listed as 876K.

Check out Adam Shankman's twitter. He is the director for Enchanted sequel. He retweeted Jake's interview with Amy.

I am sure Amy Adams knows Jake can sing. But she has been hush hush about Enchanted sequel. She said she's not officially signed on yet. That may explain her reaction during the interview.

J said...

Official opening BO for Nocturnal Animals in the UK:

$937,000 (£755,427) in 242 theatres.

PTA of $3,871

Pretty good start considering it opened against The Accountant (similar PTA - $4,022), The Light Between Oceans (although it opened Tuesday to avoid competition, I presume), A Street Cat Named Bob and the second weekend of Trolls and Doctor Strange. I think it has the highest PTA They changed the release from Saturation down to Wide (a small one too), which I think was the right strategy. Reactions on Twitter were fantastic, so hopefully this has good WOM, and we'll see how Universal handles the rollout during the next few weeks.

J said...

^^Typo there, apologies!

Meant to say: I think it has the highest PTA they could've hoped for.

UltraViolet said...

Nice bump up. Still good but not great. Tough weekend, though, so WOM could help.

Someone on FB posted that the Stronger trailer is "coming soon." No idea if that's true or not.

Someone else who worked with Jake this week posted this on FB:

You had me at Jake Gyllenhaal.
Like · 1 · 1 hr

Ha! No kidding. He has this way where everything he says, just seems believable. It was great watching him work.

Jake talking a bit about Okja and Life.

LOL at Adam Shenkman retweeting that. I don't think Jake was being serious, but it's cute that everyone wants him to be Prince Charming.

Maura said...

I'm so excited about Okja. It just sounds like a really interesting story. Can't wait.
We're so lucky we get Life, Okja, Stronger, and Wildlife next year.

Anonymous said...

Where is all of the nick grimshaw info coming from? I haven't been able to find the article or interview recording but people have talked a lot about it and now how jake emailed him?

UltraViolet said...

Probably have to listen to the show to hear the story. I haven't had a chance yet.

Loved this NA description:

Adams glides through the film, all pent up emotion and serene beauty. Gyllenhaal is the passion and raw emotion. Both are moving.

Filming tweet:

I can see Jake Gyllenhaal and it's taking everything inside me not to run up to him and hug him

UltraViolet said...

Getting emotional watching Michelle and Barack Obama.

Some fun tweets:

Loved @nocturnalanimal Beautifully shot meditation on love violence & revenge. Stunning performances from Michael Shannon & Jake Gyllenhaal

Nocturnal Animals stolen by Jake Gyllenhaal's watery eyes and furrowed brow.

Jake gyllenhaal being on the andrew marr show made me happier than ive been in YEARS

#NocturnalAnimals was odd, enjoyable, weird, thought provoking. Adams & Gyllenhall were superb. Moral of the story - life sucks

Could have quite easily labelled it as 'arty' and skipped it - but so glad I didn't. #NocturnalAnimals

#NocturnalAnimals is a tremendous piece of cinema. Engrossing and absorbing. Definitely doesn't qualify as a feel good flick though.

You know a film is quite something when you have a full house (Barbican tonight) not moving a hair, glued to the screen. #NocturnalAnimals

#NocturnalAnimals... no country for old men meets eyes wide shut. Phenomenal.

Reeling from the brilliant #NocturnalAnimals. Beautifully written, directed and performed. The best film of 2016. So far!

Such a good movie.. @nocturnalanimal #nocturnalanimals #tomford #stillprocessing #disturbing #relief

#NocturnalAnimals was odd, enjoyable, weird, thought provoking. Adams & Gyllenhall were superb. Moral of the story - life sucks

Do see #NocturnalAnimals a jaw dropping opening & mesmerising, sharp film all through. Food for thought & aesthetical delight. Perfection.

Violent & vulgar, decadent & disturbing, beautiful & brutal, seductive & sinister I loved #NocturnalAnimals

#NocturnalAnimals - Great movie! Definitely worth the ticket price. Subtle and sinister without having to rely on shock tactics. Go see it!

#NocturnalAnimals has breathed life back into my life. Stunning

Enjoyed watching and deciphering the meaning of #NocturnalAnimals so much that I'm now sat in the cinema watching it for the second time

Holy wow, #NocturnalAnimals disturbs in gorgeous ways. Stylish, underhanded and utterly immense. Must see.

Saw #NocturnalAnimals on Fri and all I keep thinking about is how I can get a #Jeffkoons sculpture by my pool...I don't even have a pool

Loved this:

Tomris Waffly Verified Account Film person.
Wowed by #NocturnalAnimals, esp. by Jake Gyllenhaal's performance. The film's an intriguing blend of genres; tense, thrilling & gorgeous. After #PersonalShopper, #NocturnalAnimals makes a strong case for body harnesses. Also, brick-brown lipstick shade is back, baby.

In any case-Gyllenhall is a goddam movie star AND a fantastic actor. If Brokeback or Nightcrawler didn't convince u, #NocturnalAnimals will.

bobbyanna said...

So excited! Today here in the USA we're making history!!!!

BlueJean said...

According to IHJ, Jake was spotted on the 'Wildlife' movie set today.

I can't keep up with him. I really can't. And I'm quite sure I'll often confuse 'Life' and 'Wildlife' ;)

UltraViolet said...

It's very had to keep up these days, BJ!

Photo of Jake and Paul Dano set today.

And here's Jake.

New look :)

Anonymous said...

Why is Amy Adams always touching Jake? ;)

Anonymous said...

Because Amy is blessed.

Scott said...

America is out of its collective minds.

Ann said...

I'm baffled, sad and scared for my country and the future of the world right now.

Scott said...

Sometimes Ann I think America should be careful what it wishes for, the Republicans now have the Whitehouse, the Senate and the House. Who are they going to blame now? I hope the Dems sit back and let the Republicans deal with Trump.

Anonymous said...

The election result makes me sad.

Watching Jake's interview makes me feel better.

Maura said...

I'm not american, but I am truly sorry for all americans. There are no words for what happened.

BlueJean said...

Same here. When I heard the news this morning, I was shocked.

The unthinkable has happened.

Scott said...

So where do you live Maura and BlueJean? I work from home and my company is international and I can bring my job with me.

BlueJean said...

I'm from The Netherlands, Scott.

Maura said...

I live in Portugal, gladly

Monica said...

A hug to all of you my American friends. Stay strong!

Scott said...

Really scared and angry for women and every minority (including myself and my family) who have been targeted by Trump and his supporters.

Chanting "We hate Muslims, we hate blacks, send Hillary to jail" while your candidate is at the podium after his win and he says nothing to unite the country but encourages more hateful chants is not presidential or American. Men in the streets shouting "I guess we can grab female gentiles now" is not change its sexual assault.

I refuse to support this man and his policies. I refuse to fight hate with hate though. I will however do what I can to protest through by dollar. I will not shop at big chains any more grocery or clothing wise. I will shop online through other countries for clothing (or learn how to sew) and buy food from local farmer markets. What little I had in the stock market was sold this morning and I will not return there until someone who really loves this country and represents all its citizens is in office. I will try really hard to be finically absent from the USA economy because if you do not like me because of the color of my skin then you don't need my dollar.

UltraViolet said...

Tuesday was a very sad day for the U.S. And yesterday and today, no better. We have to somehow get used to this and also not accept it as normal. Four years is a long time, and Tump/Pence can and probably will do immeasurable damage. All we can do is fight it, each in our own way.

Maura said...

Very well said, Scott.

To lighten the mood... Playback with Kristopher Tapley just released an interview with Jake. Maybe it'll make you feel better for a few minutes.

Scott said...

Thank you Maura, it was nice to hear Jake be so joyous about his career especially his production company. I like the bridging of the old with the new attitude that he has for his production company. Sounds like he is going the opposite direction of HW and respecting the older generation of actors.

bobbyanna said...

Haven't checked in since Nov. 8th. I don't think I have ever been so upset with an election result. What's even more wrenching is that Hillary won the popular vote! With about 97% OF ALL VOTES COUNTED, She has 228,000 more votes than that animal.

Unfortunately under our system, each state has "Electors" awarded based on the number of Congressmen in each state. In December, once the election is certified, the electors from each state, who are selected by their STATE political party, will go to Washington DC and vote in the Electoral College.

The electors always vote according to how their state went. So in Florida for example, there are 29 electoral votes. Trump was awarded those because he got more votes in Florida than Hillary. This will be the second time in our history that a Presidential candidate won the popular vote, but lost the electoral votes.

Hillary was awarded 228 electoral votes, and Trump got 290. You need 270 to secure the Presidency. I sit here, still in denial, hoping that somehow they will find 42 more electoral votes, or that the Electoral College will decide to elect Hillary. Legally they could, but this never happens. Maybe this is too much information for our GB ers who aren't in America, so I apologize.

I'm not going to be a good sport about this. I'm going to do as UV and Scott and others suggest. Push back hard and insist members of Congress do likewise. He still has lawsuits pending in NYC, for fraud and sexual assault, and now we learned hs has been colluding with the Russians confirmed by the Russian Ambassador to the US no less.Sounds like a genuine national security risk, IMO.

I know Paul Ryan doesn't believe Trump is a true Conservative. Not extreme enough for him. But Trump simply says out loud what they all believe. This is an evil man, and the fact that he is going to undo President Obama's legacy makes me sad & angry.

The fact that women and Latinos voted for Trump at the 30% and 40 % levels is disheartening. So yeah. I'm still in a really bad frame of mind. I will probably be pissed off for the next few years. : (

Suzieblue said...

According to the Focus Features twitter the LA premiere is tomorrow night and I believe Jake will be there.

Anonymous said...

I love Jake but I bet even he's not feeling like a premiere. We have to remember that Trump can't undo President Obama's legacy without Congress which is what those hateful men have been waiting 8 years now. Why does evil always win? I am boycotting America. I am afraid its going to be like the 60's again for all minorities and women in the USA. When Russia and extremist Islam are Trump biggest supporters, America can only lose.

The judge in that lawsuit has advised the plaintiffs settle which basically means Trump is guilty but won't be held accountable. I am so sick of this, something has to give one way or the other,

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I've been sick to my stomach since Tuesday. Hate won on election day and now we have monster in the WH. The mainstream media is as fault as well by not reporting the numerous court cases hanging over his head and his ties to Putin among other things.

I'm so angry now, he is NOT my President and I will not except him. He is vile, a sexual predator a liar and insane.

Hagen said...

'Nocturnal Animals' will open in 36 theaters on Friday. Actually I thought it would be just a platform release in New York and maybe Los Angeles.

Scott said...

Did Jake walk the "black" carpet at the LA premiere? I guess I missed a lot on the live, I saw Amy, glimpses of Tom Ford and Aaron Taylor Johnson. The host had said that Jake was already inside but the feed had just started 20 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

Pics at IHJ, he looks so handsome but intense but more tensed.

Hagen said...

Jake looks dapper in these pictures from the LA premiere.

Clinton now leads by more votes than Al Gore in 2000. *sigh*

Mirchi said...

Jake looks gorgeous in the new premiere pics. Maybe a tiny bit of consolation as we're all still reeling from Trump's win.


Anonymous said...

Love what he says at the end of this video

Scott said...

Amen Jake, Amen.

BlueJean said...


Well done, Jake! :)

Anonymous said...

Infos on Jake's scene scheduled for tomorrow:

"Jake Gyllenhaal’s Wildlife open casting call in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Casting directors are now casting background extras to work on a the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie, WILDLIFE. Set in 1960, WILDLIFE is based on the 1990 Richard Ford novel of the same name.


Enid, OK – (Projected call time 7:00 am)

GOLFERS – Caucasian males, 30-70. Slim, clean-cut, short hair. Golf experience not necessary"

Mild detail from the very first page of the novel (not a spoiler per se, doesn't give anything away):


Jake's character, Jerry, is a golf instructor with unfulfilled dreams, struggling to keep his family afloat in '60s rural America. (Not that the future looks brighter for current America, unfortunately.)

As seen through the son's eyes, his father is handsome, "a natural athlete with delicate hands and a short fluid swing that was wonderful to see but never strong enough to move him into the higher competition."

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jake has ever played golf? He doesn't seem like the golf type to me, boring that is.

Anonymous said...

Probably not, but he may learn the swing move for the movie. He will learn a thing or two about firefighting, too.

Between Stronger, Okja, Life and...Wildlife, Jake will have so much to talk about next year.

UltraViolet said...

Worth watching ;) Ryan Reynolds interviewed by his twin brother.

This is hilarious: Nick Grimshaw got an email from Jake Gyllenhaal

Peak at Jake and company in the theater in Venice for the NA premiere.

Gary Michael Walters ‏@garymwalters Nov 10 Los Angeles, CA
Working on the cut of Stronger with our amazing actor-producer #JakeGyllenhaal #BostonMarathon #bombing

Some NA tweets:

Ciara KingVerified account ‏@iamCiaraKing
Broadcaster with @RTE2fm on night time show called Chris and Ciara
Can someone please for the love of god explain Nocturnal Animals to me? Bar the fact that Jake Gyllenhaal is the best actor EVER.

It's brilliant but I don't really understand what the fuq happened?!
Jake Gyllenhaal is incredible in it, it's very Tom Ford, stylish etc but genuinely I can't explain it to you!

Empire gave it 5 stars, Ellen Degeneres interviewed Jake about it & said he deserved an Oscar. Is it worth a watch?

It is for Jake Gyllenhaal's performance alone.

Monica said...

Jake and Ryan have become friends or this is all because of Life (please tell me it's because of Life)?

Scott said...

I think Jake and Ryan have known each other for years but maybe friends since Life. Jake speaks highly of him in an affectionate way. Don't you remember the famous Anne/Ryan/Jake/Franco cover for the Hollywood cover of Vanity Fair?

But that was hilarious. For anyone interested there is a recent article where Jake actually talks about the Marvel and other comic universes where is doesn't think he fits anymore and it was good to read. Although I would love to see Jake be the villain in Deadpool sequel but I don't think Ryan's ego could take that. LOL.

Monica said...

Lol I didn't remember he was on the cover of Vanity Fair!

I didn't like Deadpool, so it's good that Jake is far from it.

Anonymous said...

Maura said...

New clip!

Anonymous said...

Love the new clip. Jake and Amy's chemistry is just too much.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen these? I don't recognize them.

Anonymous said...

The answear to the first question is: these gleaming photos are from Jake's newest interview for DuJour Magazine (he's "the reluctant cover star" of the Winter issue).
Elle photos were my favorites in recent years - now I have two new sets of favorites (DuJour and GQ Style photoshoots beautifully contrast and complement each other).
And the article is really good:

It’s a blustery Saturday afternoon in October and we are in a room deep in the bowels of the New York City Center theater in midtown Manhattan, where the actor is rehearsing for a benefit performance of James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s musical masterpiece Sunday in the Park with George (in which the New York Times will later declare he “shines”). Jake sings the lead, which is known as one of Sondheim’s most difficult parts for a man. I commend him for taking it on, and remark how, with such a short rehearsal process, he must not even have had time to doubt himself.

He is head-to-toe Actor-as-Artist. During our chat he will quote Shakespeare’s “Sonnet 29,” praise the text of Lanford Wilson’s “Burn This” and extoll the under-sung musical theater actress Ellen Greene as “a national treasure.”

“Jake managed to find the humanity of the character,” says Nightcrawler’s writer and director, Dan Gilroy. “That was a worry I had with the script. I didn’t want this to be another study of a sociopath. Jake found a human quality not easy to find.”

“Honestly, for me, there was no other choice than Jake,” Ford says of his leading man. “The arc of his character(s) demands a huge range of emotion and performance. He starts off as a young, idealistic and pure 24-year-old, and ends up as a 44-year-old who has literally had everything he values stolen and destroyed. Jake is heartbreaking in the role.”

Gyllenhaal’s performance is perfectly calibrated. He eeks out just enough emotion in certain scenes; in others, like one where he breaks down crying in the shower, he embodies anguish. His co-star Shannon agrees. “Jake is, uh, he’s an animal,” he says. “Very fiercely devoted to the craft—relentless. He’s really searching. He doesn’t let himself off the hook. He’s never satisfied. He’s really tenacious. He’s a beast.”

— “but I think my heart has always been on the stage.”

He isn’t lying when he says the theater is his greatest love.

After spending so much time in the “lonely place” of film, it seems branching out into Broadway is giving Gyllenhaal some much-needed connection and community. But, to play armchair psychologist, I get a sense of solitude from Gyllenhaal.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think Jake is attending the NY premiere - he had “Wildlife” scenes scheduled for today at 2 PM. The casting calls for extras are very specific:

A female featured extra is needed in Enid, OK this Thursday, November 17, to appear in the major feature film WILDLIFE. The female needs to be a Caucasian brunette with shoulder-length or longer hair, between 25-35 years of age, 5'3" - 5'5" tall and have a thin build. The scene will be with Gyllenhaal and actor Bill Camp.

The calls were for November 14 (GOLFERS). They filmed for 12 hours at the golf club
David North ‏@davidnorth1923
#wildlife #JakeGyllenhaal , great day watching the process of making magic. Crew filmed 12 hrs at Oakwood Country Club.
November 16
November 17 (call time 2:00 pm, scene with Gyllenhaal and Bill Camp)
November 19 (FIRE FIGHTERS - Caucasian or Native American males 20-60. These are more rough-looking individuals, or at least more down on their luck, working to fight the forest fire outside of town - a vital point in Jake's character story arc)
November 22

No extras needed for tomorrow - maybe Jake can attend the NA celebratory dinner in NY, at least (if they don't film interior scenes).

Anonymous said...

Someone took a pic from today’s shot.

Ann said...

From dujour:

“And then,” he adds, “I’m doing a movie with Carey Mulligan that Paul Dano wrote and directed, called Wildlife, which [Riva and I] are also producing. And then I’m having some time off.”

Wasn't he supposed to do Burn This after wildlife but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts? Of course he deserves to take time off, and who knows how long that will be but I just thought that was interesting.

Anonymous said...

He was supposed to do "Burn This" for 5 months, start rehearsals in January and previews in February, run until June.
"Time off" could mean mid December-January.
It could also mean he can't talk about his next projects until the official announcements will be made.

I think it's the latter because:

- Bold Films guy is teasing a big announcement soon.

- Jake confirmed "The Son" in Variety podcast. Tapley asked him about producing, mentioning Division (Jake’s answear was a short “yes”), and unprompted, Jake noted that “we have the adaptation of a book we bought that will be directed by Denis Villeneuve”.

- A recent Deadline report mentions the screenwriter for "The Son": ....Patrick Radden Keefe. A contributor for The New Yorker and author of The Hunt For El Chapo and The Snakehead, Keefe’s screen work includes The Son, which has Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal attached.

- There's also the possibility that Jake and Ryan Reynolds will work together again: in Deadpool 2. The thought crossed my mind when Jake started praising Deadpool in several interviews. The feeling got stronger when I read: "I'm friends with Jake Gyllenhaal, and this was our first working experience together." It's the phrasing. IF so, this "special guest star" casting is usually kept under wraps. Depp's involvement in Fantastic Beasts was announced last month.

J said...

Yeah, I think "time off" means Dec to Jan/Feb.

The way he mentioned The Son on Tapley's podcast did sound enthusiastic, like they were ready to go (I hope so!). The only thing that gives me pause is Villeneuve. When would he be ready to start production? Also, I can't remember where I read it, but I thought I saw him mention that he's also looking for time off after BR2, after making his last 4 films right after each other.

Anonymous said...

Yes I've heard it in an interview too. Denis said he's looking to take a break after post production/press on BR2049 because he's basically done 4 movies back to back (Prisoners/Enemy/ Sicario/Arrival.

Hagen said...

Deadline: Focus Features’ Tom Ford thriller Nocturnal Animals launches with close to $11K per screen or $395k at 37 houses.

Anonymous said...

Jake's future wife Alicia Malone

Anonymous said...

Having seen a couple of tweets crop up on my timeline of Amy saying she would love to work with Denis Villeneuve and Jake again don't be surprised if she's cast in THE SON.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: would you mind post the videos of Amy's interview? I would love to see her and Jake work together again with Denis.

Anonymous said...

I hope Nocturnal Animals does better in wide release. I heard they switched the strategy of opening to 2 cities (NY/LA) to 37 cities the last minute.

I'm already seeing some online haters (on Jake and Amy haters on Awardswatch) being happy the "so-so" boxoffice in limited release. I need this movie to do well!

Anonymous said...

Did they say anything about Jake?

Anonymous said...

(Amy hoping to work with Jake again)

(Amy hoping to work with Denis again)

Monica said...

Most of people on awards foruns like awards watch are stans of other actors. If NA is not a success, it opens possibilities for their favorites to be nominated for an Oscar. Plus, Jake is in a really good time, better than many actors, that makes people feel jealous of him.
I hate to use the jealous argument, but I see no other explanation to why fandons of other actors spread bad comments about Jake.

BlueJean said...

Ever since the 'Nightcrawler' snub, I'm trying to ignore all the (early) awards talk.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the videos.

I saw Nocturnal Animals today. I loved it. Jake, Adams and the entire cast are brilliant. I think this is not a film for everyone. Some people will not like it because it's too dark and too cold.

My favorite part was Jake/AmyAdams. These two have great chemistry together. I do want to see them work together in romantic drama in the future.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Anon @ 5:38. I've been Awardswatch and most of them seem to have loved the film and Jake in it. It's just an unfortunate fact that NA doesn't look to be an awards film due to its divisiveness (particularly in the US).

Monica said...

e.oxenbould That's a half wrap. Thanks to Jake G and Paul D for keeping it real and teaching me so much. Its been a crazy journey and its not even over....

Monica said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chica said...

Thanks for all the updates! Going to see NA this weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

NA already made 5 millions overseas. Budget is 20 millions. I'm nervous how it wil in the US. I hope it will make at least 20 millions for US and another 15 millions overseas.

bobbyanna said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow GB'ers!

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about NA's box office too. It's not getting good word of mouth. It's not an awards movie. Too dark for the audience.

Anonymous said...

NA will be fine. Looking at its box office this week, I'd expect it to make 15-20 in the end, unless the wide realease really doesn't go to plan.

Anonymous said...

Reading Awardswatch's latest review, a lot of them really hate the movie.

They are free to express their opinions. But I feel sad that people do not understand this movie.

BlueJean said...

Come on, Anons 5:52 and 2:35. Lighten up! NA has yet to premiere in my country (next week) and your posts already make me feel kinda depressed :(

Nocturnal Animals settles it: noted weirdo Jake Gyllenhaal is the best actor alive said...

Awardswatch who?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, BlueJean. I think I'm disappointed by some peope's reactions because I loved the film. I understand Tom Ford's direction and the story. I'm buffed by how some people hated the movie. They completely misinterpreted. Sigh.

Anyway, fingers crossed this will do well when it goes wide. :)

BlueJean said...

Anon 5:15: no problem! :) It's just that the same thing happened with 'Demolition' and I looooved that one - I also felt it was hugely misinterpreted. I'd be utterly disappointed if the same thing would happen to NA. 'Enemy' was totally misinterpreted as well, by the way. It seems to be a pattern that repeats itself throughout (recent) history ;) :)

The poster at 4:45: thanks for that link! Cheers me up :)

Monica said...

I think the NA promo was a little lower than I expected, I expected a lot more especially seeing that there is a thriller side on it, which should have been more explored in the promos.
I think it should have hit theaters in October.

Anonymous said...

Scott said...

How about with Jake's next movie, no one speak about box office and then see what happens? I have been there and it will drive you crazy. I was obsessed and decided me worrying about it will not change things and Jake doesn't seem to be worried. But that could change as he produces more stuff.

Besides I don't think Jake is in danger of losing work as he is making his own stuff and he does not seem in short supply of investors either (knock wood).

And be thankful that your life does not revolve around predicting Oscar nominations 12 momths a year. How depressing of a life that must be.

Anonymous said...

Additional projects in development include Theater of War, based on an episode of “This American Life,” which will be directed by Alex Timbers; and Ubisoft’s film adaptation of the Tom Clancy video game “The Division,” in which Mr. Gyllenhaal will also star.

Anonymous said...

He recently formed Nine Stories, a production company acquiring and developing new material. The company is in development on a number of titles, including Denis Villeneuve’s The Son, which is based on Jo Nesbo’s critically acclaimed novel of the same name

Monica said...

He will not lose roles, he is a producer and very respected actor.
We just want the movie to be a success.

Anonymous said...

Jake won't lose roles. I just want NA to do fine because I love the cast and Tom Ford. Ford put a lot of efforts into this movie. It seems the story is very personal to him. He's a big fan of Jake. All I want is for the movie to have a good box office run.

BlueJean said...

"How about with Jake's next movie, no one speak about box office and then see what happens? I have been there and it will drive you crazy. I was obsessed and decided me worrying about it will not change things and Jake doesn't seem to be worried."

Well said, Scott. I used to worry about (bad) reviews and all that, up until 'Demolition' in fact, but I've made a pact with myself not to do that anymore. There's nothing we can do about it and as long as I like the movie (or not!) it shouldn't matter what others say.

I've even avoided reading too many reviews for NA. Mostly because I'm in the process of moving house right now (not much time to spend online), but also because I'd like to be surprized this time. Reading far too much on 'Enemy' and 'Prisoners' before seeing it ultimately ruined some of the fun for me.

Anonymous said...

Nocturnal Animals made $816,000 from 126 theatres this weekend, according to BoxOfficeMojo estimates. That's a fine expansion. Now, stop worrying!

Scott said...

"Jake won't lose roles"

I don't think my comments alluded to Jake losing roles, quite the opposite that Jake has taken on his own destiny. My point was that fans will lose their minds worrying about box office and AwardsWatch comments.

But anon at 12:00PM put it perfectly, so thanks anon.

Anonymous said...

Chris HardwickVerified account ‏@hardwick
Questions for Jake Gyllenhaal? I know someone about to podcast him.

BlueJean said...

What is this??? Genius! Warning: it'll make you dizzy! The Gyllenhall! :)

Maura said...

That's so weird!

Anonymous said...

Jake will be on Good Morning America December 9 promoting Nocturnal Animals.

BlueJean said...

Just saw 'Nocturnal Animals'. What a rollercoaster that was! I think I need to lie down now ;)

Maura said...

Do you know if the SAG-AFTRA conversation will be on youtube?

Anonymous said...

Yes it will. They upload the videos in a couple of days or a couple of weeks.

Lauren Graham’s conversation was taped November 30 and uploaded in a couple of days.
Adam Driver’s conversation was taped November 12 and uploaded December 2. Three weeks.

Hopefully less than three weeks for us.

Anonymous said...

Stronger is screening?

I just got tickets to a screening of tat's new movie with jake gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Canuck_Cutie said...

Life has moved released date

Sony's sci-Fi thriller, LIFE, springs into theaters 2 months earlier than expected, dropping 3/24/17 instead of 5/26/17.

Now opening against King Arthur (which has been long delayed), Power Rangers and a horror movie instead of Pirates of the Caribbean and the new Alien movie which opens the week before.

Scott said...

And the new Baywatch movie which was just moved to Memorial Day weekend. I don't think Pirates will do well and Dwayne Johnson has become a bigger draw than Depp. A beach movie with male and female babes is more appealing for the summer.

Hope this is a good move though for Life. March is spring break time in the USA.

Anonymous said...

It actually moved back to its initial release date, March 24, where it competes with the bad buzzed King Arthur, and Power Rangers (different audience target). The horror movie, also distributed by Sony, is out of the March 24 slot.

"What happened to Sony’s sci-fi thriller Life? Due to great audience reactions, that Ryan Reynolds movie has now flown to March 24, leaving Baywatch all alone to battle Pirates 5. On its new date, Life faces off with Lionsgate’s Power Rangers and Warner Bros.’ King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. The Bella Thorne horror pic from Sony, Keep Watching, which was originally on this March date, is now undated temporarily." - Deadline

Ever since Alien Covenant moved to May 19, I expected Life to move up a few months. From the trailers, the story seems too similar to Alien (not exactly, the creature is quite the opposite of "Alien" - but anything more than what the trailers revealed would be spoilers). And Baywatch is a behemoth now, headlined by the new sexiest man alive The Rock. It's a good thing "Life" moved to March. Less competition + 2 months before Covenant.

Anonymous said...

In other news, for the first time Villeneuve confirms "The Son" to an american reporter:

Is it true that you might do another movie with Jake Gyllenhaal? Is that down the road or your next movie?

Oh, yes, yes. I was totally focused on the shooting of Blade Runner, so I’m just out now about a week, coming back to life, so I haven’t started to work with Jake on that yet.

Why it had to be Den of Geek and not Variety or THR to ask Denis about doing the movie with Jake... is anybody's guess.
Why no one asked Jake about it, even when he, umprompted, confirmed it for Tapley... is anybody's guess.
My guess is that Villeneuve had not only his time restricted, but also his freedom to publicly speak about anything other than BR and Arrival. Now, with BR completed, the answear to future plans question changed from "I don't know, I need some rest" to "Oh yes, I'm doing a movie with Jake".

Another confirmation, from SAG Foundation about Jake’s conversation from December 1st:

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Verified account ‏@sagaftraFOUND
We'll be uploading the #JakeGyllenhaal Q&A to our YouTube channel. We'll post when it's available

Anonymous said...

Apparently, "Stronger" screening really happened. Jake sightings in NY today:

Matthew Minor ‏@MatthewMinor 8 hours ago
Actor who struggles. Not a struggling actor. New York City
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal riding a bike and both bikes and Jake Gyllenhaal got cooler.

Jaz‏@JazGarner 5 hours ago
When Jake Gyllenhaal is standing in front of you on the train.... just remember not to propose to him on site.

Fucking STOP. Seriously???

YES! finally! he apparently always on the train.

noctivagant ‏@bailey_baptista 4 hours ago
not like it's a big deal but I totally just escorted jake gyllenhaal into a theatre

The person who tweeted about the screening came back with Omygossh Tat, Oscar nom for best supp actress. A fan conversation ensued. Not one single word about the movie or Jake because they don't care, they're Tat stans and OB fans are intense. Frankly we've had enough of this, hopefully a levelheaded, unbiased person will report. I'm sure that Jake is extraordinary in "Stronger", the most dramatic, traumatic and terrifying scenes are his. Let's hope this time he will also have the press on his side, and no more overplaying the co-star card in order to downplay his performance. Fair treatment of both.

BlueJean said...

Whoa! This is going too fast! I'm still in my NA bubble! ;)

Anonymous said...

The Son might mirror Prisoners' production schedule, assuming they begin filming early next year. If so, we could have all of Life, Okja, Stronger, Wildlife and The Son released next year.

Anonymous said...

Do you think that's possible? Denis has Blade Runner 2049, which will be released October 6, 2017.

Let's pray, I guess...

UltraViolet said...

Whoa - news everywhere.

I think that would be way too many Jake movies. There's no reason for them to rush The Son, especially when Denis has Bladerunner and Jake has so many other movies.

BJ, I'm so glad you saw and loved NA. I'm waiting for it to be released here widely, and then I'd like to chat with people about it. There are some things that really bother me. And I was afraid it wouldn't be one I'd want to see again, because so much of it is unpleasant. But I went to see it over the weekend, at a surprisingly crowded late afternoon showing. And while some of it is painful to sit through, it was definitely worth seeing again.

BlueJean said...

UV, my showing was sold out! I had the last available ticket! And it also was a late afternoon :)

I'd love to chat with people too - hopefully before I start to forget certain elements about it. During one particular scene, I had to think about what you said: how Tom tips his hat to Jake as a gay icon. He did, didn't he? Or that's what I like to think anyway :)

I have a lot going on in my personal life at the moment, but for two hours I was able to immerse myself in the story (or stories) of the film and just well... "enjoy" is not the right word, but... let's say: "appreciate" the film for what it is. Very well made, with some great acting. Jake was spectacular, as always.

Would you care to say what bothers you about NA? I'd love to know :)

Canuck_Cutie said...

King Arthur has now moved release dates yet again - now going to may and a movie version of the tv show CHIPS is taking the march 24th spot.

Anonymous said...

Ahoy! New Interview

Maura said...

Wow, that was fascinating. I really enjoyed it.

BlueJean said...

Jake's a joy to listen to. A joy! Made my day. Thanks for posting it here :)

Anonymous said...

Nocturnal Animals opens wide this Friday, 12/9 in the US. Let's all go and support Jake's new movie. I encouraged all of my co-workers to watch the movie. :)

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal gets ready to chat with one of the original Nocturnal Animals, #Conan.

Anonymous said...

Nice surprise: Jake will be on Conan tonight (I think) This was posted on Conan O'Brien's Facebook (Jake looks so good and birthday girl Denise is lucky).
So unexpected. It's great that he managed to do some NA promo these days he spent in LA working on the first cut of Stronger.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Monica's post. She beat me to the punch :-)

UltraViolet said...

It's hard to be faster than Monica :)

Loved the surprise Conan appearance. And the Nerdist podcast. I have to listen again because I couldn't give it my full attention. Loved Jake's rant about the current state of affairs, and how he ended with: Why are you giving me this platform!. It's adorable that he's a Van Jones fanboy. I love Van, too.

Blue Jean, I don't want to say what bothered me until after this weekend, so more people can go to see it. Fingers crossed that it does well in expansion.

Anonymous said...

Basterds, they bumped Jake for Ryan Gosling on Good Morning America.

Neither Jake's nor Jennifer Aniston's scheduled interviews on GMA's website or twitter account. Only Brett Eldredge's musical performance and Gosling, whose movie is released today. Granted, LLL is much more of an awards contender than NA, but... basterds. Even SAG Foundation uploaded LLL's cast interview today.

A similar thing happened with Jake's appearance on Today Show for "Demolition". He taped 2 segments (individually and with Judah Lewis) scheduled to air on different days. Eventually, they aired only one segment later on.

Good thing Jake has 4 movies next year and all 4 of them are on Playlist's Most Anticipated of 2017: 88 Life, 67 Stronger, 60 Wildlife, 7 Okja.

Scott said...

I thought Jake was scheduled for the 8th same as Jennifer A because that is when Jennifer A was on and it was a group interview and it was very short. I was watching this morning but then one of the male hosts said something they made me vomit in my mouth and it wasn't that they had exclusive details of Trump's inauguration either.

Jake should just do the CBS morning show where he is loved by all and the journalists are actual journalists.

Or could be Jake did not tape an interview and was going to do it live and his scheduling got in the way because there were sightings of him in New York.

Anonymous said...

The line-up for Friday was: Jake Gyllenhaal; Jennifer Aniston and the cast of “Office Christmas Party”; Brett Eldredge (N) 7 a.m. Didn't know that Jennifer and the cast were interviewed yesterday. Gosling wasn't scheduled for today but LLL is slated for awards, SAG committee and HFPA members were still voting - TV appearances were important. They shift guests, and NA's buzz is minimal.

From NY, Jake called Ryan Seacrest's show. Not the best interview, Nerdist podcast was better, more diverse. He did tell Seacrest he's "fortunately busy" working and I remembered a french interview where Denis said he's going to meet with Jake early December to start working on "The Son":

Premiere: "Il y a aussi ce projet d’adaptation d’un roman policier de Jo Nesbo avec Jake Gyllenhaal, Le Fils. Jake et moi on se rencontre dΓ©but dΓ©cembre pour travailler dessus."

There is also this project to adapt a thriller by Jo Nesbo with Jake Gyllenhaal, The Son. Jake and I will meet early December to work on it.

On to a very busy year for Jake.

BlueJean said...

I'm not counting on any major awards for NA, to be honest. It's dark, violent, very intense etc. etc. Take 'Prisoners' and 'Nightcrawler' - just as dark, and we all know what happened there, unfortunately. If anyone is going to be nominated for NA, it'll be Michael Shannon. There's been buzz for him since the start.

I'd love to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson get nominated, though. He was great (better than Michael Shannon IMO). But I don't think it'll happen sadly, just like Jake and Amy won't get nominated.

Oh well. Let's just wait and see. I'm hoping more people here will be able to go see NA this week(end). I'm looking forward to more reviews :)

Good news about 'The Son'! :)

Not too sure about those four Jake films in 2017. Four! It's a lot. But I guess 'Okja' will be a supporting role. I'm most looking forward to 'Stronger' and 'Wildlife' myself.

bobbyanna said...

There's some speculation that Jake may be a Golden Globe nominee. It seems possible simply because the GGs divide the categories into Comedy/Musical and Drama. I agree about Aaron Taylor Johnson. Michael Shannon is a fine actor, but Aaron really was exceptional in NA.

Not going to let myself get worked up about awards season. I just hope Jake gets to present so we can see a lot of him. I've had enough disappointment this year to last a lifetime...

I'm taking the Denis Villeneuve comment about starting to work on The Son with a grain of salt. There is so much to do in pre production, maybe he only meant that they would begin discussions about how to develop the characters, etc. I'm thinking this is earliest stages. I just don't see how either of them could wade into the deep end. I find just reading about Jake's schedule is exhausting. said...

2016 San Diego Film Critics Society’s Award Nominations

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Actor, Male

Best Supporting Actor, Male
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

Best Adapted Screenplay

and more.

Scott said...

San Diego critics seem to love Jake. As for the Golden Globes I can see that happening since the foreign critics took more kindly to NA than the stuffy American critics. It would be nice but not counting on it. I think NA will get some GG and Oscar nominations maybe one acting for Michael (Oscar), Aaron deserves it more. He frightens me still.

BlueJean said...

Well, yay for San Diego then :) No nomination for Amy? Not even for 'Arrival'? ;)

"just reading about Jake's schedule is exhausting."

I agree, Bobbyanna ;) I don't know how he does it.

Chica said...

It took two viewingfor me to really "get" NA. Intense and intriguing, Jake is excellent and the cast is good especially Shannon. Surprised that Amy was looked over for BAM for the San Diego awards since they went with the movie in the other categories.
Definitely not for everyone, curious to see how it does with a wider release, seeing a lot of commercialsense for it this past week.

Glad to see that Jake is so busy!

Anonymous said...

I loved NA. I read the book and enjoyed the movie so much more. I found I skimmed through most of susan parts in the book and was a lot more invested with the novels story than her's and my feelings didn't really change in the movie. Michael shannon was the strongest character for me in the movie(but I feel that way about michael in every movie he is in).

bobbyanna said...

So the GG noms are out and NA got two, Best Supporting for Aaron Taylor Johnson, and Best Screenplay for Tom Ford. I'm disappointed, but glad the movie got some recognition. The aggressive campaigning for LaLa Land and Manchester seems to be paying off. : /

BlueJean said...

You beat me to it, Bobbyanna!

Aaron!!! :) Other than that I agree completely.

UltraViolet said...

Sigh. And so it begins. Months of movies and actors being awarded, and Jake will be shut out again. I expected it but it's always disheartening.

I think ATJ was good in Nocturnal Animals, but he certainly wan't better than Jake. If you didn't read so many good things about Jake from people who've worked with I'm, you would have to wonder if he's not liked.

I hope Jake doesn't get discouraged by these things.

UltraViolet said...

Also, Bobbyanna: Tom Ford was also nominated as Best Director. So they got three. Maybe that will help the box office.

BlueJean said...

Best Director (Tom) too, by the way. That's good.

BlueJean said...

Oh, hi UV! :)

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