Friday, September 2, 2016

Andiamo, Venezia

It's the day for Nocturnal Animals at the Venice Film Festival.

Video interview with Amy and Jake:

Snippet from the press conference:

I don't know if this will load: "Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, Jake Gyllenhaal explains why he couldn’t say no to a role in director Tom Ford’s new film, “Nocturnal Animals,” while Amy Adams talks about her fear of "walking the wrong path" in her life." (Spoiler: It's because the paper was red.)

(Venice photo from Business Destinations.)


First reactions said...

Peter Bradshaw ‏@PeterBradshaw1 3m3 minutes ago
There's a double-shot of horror and Nabokovian despair in Tom Ford's outrageously gripping meta-thriller Nocturnal Animals #Venezia73

Magdalena Miedl ‏@mmiedl 4m4 minutes ago
The opening moments were promising, but Tom Ford's immaculately filmed #NocturnalAnimals is cold and overwritten at it's heart #Venezia73

Dave Calhoun ‏@davecalhoun 7m7 minutes ago
God the Tom Ford film NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is awful. #Venezia73

Andreas Wiseman ‏@AndreasWiseman 8m8 minutes ago Venice, Veneto
Just seen Tom Ford's #NocturnalAnimals at #Venezia73. It is absolutely stunning. Plenty of awards coming.

Robbie CollinVerified account ‏@robbiereviews 43s44 seconds ago
Nocturnal Animals proves once and for all that the essence of cinema is Michael Shannon in a stetson coughing beside a police car #Venezia73

Nocturnal Animals: Tom Ford click on the exam. No punch, failed in coupling dramatic fronts; to take advantage of its potential. #Venezia73

Nicholas Barber ‏@NicholasLBarber 2m2 minutes ago
#Venezia73 becomes Amy Adams-fest for Tom Ford's ridiculously stylish, funny, gory literary thrill ride, Nocturnal Animals. A blast.

Today #AmyAdams #NocturnalAnimals: just seen with #JakeGyllenhaal. Raw, loud, violent emotionally and visually. #Venezia73

Crème Brûlée ‏@kambolecampbell 47s48 seconds ago Venice, Veneto
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS: Gripping meta-thriller that makes some bizarre choices, but remains entertaining throughout. #Venezia73 @1RoomWithAView

Crème Brûlée ‏@kambolecampbell 45s46 seconds ago Venice, Veneto
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS (3): Tone is somewhere between The Neon Demon, a Cormac McCarthy novel and a romantic drama #Venezia73 @1RoomWithAView

Simon Popek ‏@SimonLiffe 1m1 minute ago
Michael Shannon, a treasure, lights up (another) bad film. #NocturnalAnimals #Venezia73

Dave Calhoun ‏@davecalhoun 42s42 seconds ago
Masterly photography from Seamus McGarvey in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, but that script, terrible...and Ford's direction of actors all over shop.

CineVue ‏@CineVue 1m1 minute ago
Nocturnal Animals: Imagine The Hours if Julianne Moore read Lee Childs instead of Woolf. #Venezia73 @drjonty

elisabeth sereda ‏@elisabethsereda 1m1 minute ago
Liked #NocturnalAnimals a lot. But afraid some people might not understand it. Undeniably though, #TomFord is a talented director #Venezia73

The second film to #TomFord try to charm but eventually gets buried by cliches #NocturnalAnimals #Venezia73

Less subtle than the novel that adapts, #NocturnalAnimals seems too concerned to clarify the motivations of its characters.

Sleek and smug, tense and minimal, sometimes grotesque but charming. It's the vengeful #NocturnalAnimals of #TomFord #venezia73

First review said...

Thanks, Hagen!

Alonso Duralde's review is very positive (The Wrap): ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Venice Review: Tom Ford Gambles Big and Wins on Second Feature

The performances here are consistently superb, from Adams and Gyllenhaal (playing two very different roles) to Michael Shannon (as a Texas lawman), Laura Linney (getting an unforgettable scene as Susan’s mother, a monstrous Manhattan society matron) and Karl Glusman (“Love,” “The Neon Demon”) as one of the kidnappers. The real standout is Taylor-Johnson.

The somewhat enigmatic ending of the film annoyed some of the people around me at the press screening — and I confess I’ll probably need to sit with it for a while to fully understand what Ford was going for with it — but “Nocturnal Animals” packs a real punch and confirms that “A Single Man” was no fluke.

UltraViolet said...

Just in time for the premiere, Focus finally has an official site. In true Jake film tradition, it doesn't have much so far.

AW poster reactions:

Don't know what the critics will say but believe me: this is a masterpiece and Amy and Jake together are fire. Best in competition so far. Sumptuous.


Quick things and I'll expand later:
1. I think this is a perfect example of ensemble piece and SAG may like it alot
2. It may play better in NA.
3. It's much deeper and reflective than La La Land. Depressing, sad, deep, reflective and not so happy go lucky but it stayed with me a lot more than La La Land's follow your dream message.
4. Amy's role can totally go supporting. She's a co-lead with less or almost same scenes like Fikander in Danish Girl. If she goes supporting, her chances are very good! With her Arrival notices, am not sure what Focus will do, but it is a possibility.
5. All 3 leads are perfect. Isla's role too small. Liked the screenplay a lot. Linney is in 1 good scene but no noms for her.
6. Technically great. The editing was ::
7. Liked it a lot.
8. It is not cold, or dty but not too "OMG am CRTING on the street' because that's the whole point of this film. Regret, choices, decisions, weakness. And ultimately, being UNHAPPY.
And let's wait for reviews I think this may be another Spotlight scenario at Venice.
And yes it can be a player in acting especially. Can we please not dismiss films so quick? Gosh, that dismissive attitude about every single film made me think of not posting on this site during Venice, really annoying, if a film doesn't get a RAVE every single tweet, then it's out?
There are other good films out there than La La Land you know. Not every film has to get the gosh reactions.

Jake's role is more flashy, several crying and extrovert scenes and he nailed the weakness of the character.
He's the lead though, no way supporting. Her role is tougher because it's 50% silent with eyes but his role is flashier.

UltraViolet said...

Deadline review:

Tom Ford’s sophomore feature effort, Nocturnal Animals, positively drips with the fashion designer cum director’s flair — and what better place to debut it than at this most glamorous of events? The revenge tale that has substance to spare underneath that style, screened for the press this morning at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival. From the opening sequence of the Amy Adams/Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer, the packed Sala Darsena was instantly hooked during a slo-mo burlesque sequence that features a series of obese older women sporting only red sashes, tiaras and gloves. From there, it might be anybody’s guess where the movie is going, but it’s clearly Ford’s world and the room was rapt through three interwoven time- and storylines to an ending, which I won’t spoil, but which certainly may stir debate. Applause was sustained and enthusiastic.

5/5 The Guardian:

There’s a double-shot of horror and Nabokovian despair in this quite outrageously gripping and absorbing meta-mystery-thriller from director Tom Ford, adapted by him from the 1993 novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright. It’s a movie with a double-stranded narrative – a story about a fictional story which runs alongside – and it pulls off the very considerable trick of making you care about both equally, something I think The French Lieutenant’s Woman never really managed. Clive James once wrote that talk about “levels of reality” never properly acknowledges that one of these levels is really real. That probably holds true. But in Nocturnal Animals, both these levels are equally powerful, and have an intriguingly queasy and potent inter-relation.

As I say: some of the scenes in the LA art world are a bit broad. But this is just a terrifically absorbing thriller with that vodka-kick of pure malice.

UltraViolet said...

A link to watch the press conference live.

Scott said...

Not surprised by the mixed reviews. I haven not been feeling this project for awhile now.

Hagen said...

Owen Gleiberman for "Variety":
Venice Film Review: Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Nocturnal Animals’
Tom Ford's first film since 'A Single Man' is another winner, an ambitious high-wire noir thriller with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal in an explosive tale of love, violence, and revenge.

Ann said...

Jake looks great, reminds me of his Demolition look :)

Seems the actual reviews are better than the tweets. Only 6 reviews posted so far but it has an 83% on rotten tomatoes which is a good start. Hope it stays there or goes up. I'm curious to see how it's received at TIFF next week.

And are we ever going to get a trailer? :P

Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter:'Nocturnal Animals': Venice Review
The bottom line: A graceful leap forward for the former Gucci style guru.

Extra said...

Thanks for all the round up the reviews so far, the actual reviews are more positive than the tweets.

Hopefully NA will be a art house hit, looking forward to seeing it!

bobbyanna said...

I'm really excited by the reception! I think the film will do well! Jake's work is getting a wonderful reception. Again. : ) I'm really looking forward in particular to his scenes with Michael Shannon and with Amy.

Anonymous said...

Jake looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Greta is there!

BlueJean said...

Mixed reviews / tweets - again... (remembers 'Demolition'). Hmm. I've decided not to rely on reviews too much anymore, as I loved 'Demolition' and have absolutely no clue why it did so poorly. So I'm looking forward to NA and that's that! :)

When will you see it at TIFF, UV?

P.S. Jake looks great!

Monica said...

So far the film is being well received by critics. Let's see how it will be received in Toronto and perhaps in Telluride this weekend.

I'm not surprised with the praise to Shannon. I knew when I read the book that his character would draw attention. Happy the whole cast is being praised!
I didn't know that Jena Malone and Michael Sheen are in the movie!

Jake looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Nocturnal Animals has better reviews and metacritic score than Arrival so far, a pleasant surprise!! Excited for Jake and co. :)

bobbyanna said...

Yes, Monica,that was a pleasant surprise for me too! Jena has been a sentimental favorite of mine ever since Donnie Darko and Michael Sheen is usually brilliant. The entire cast is impressive. I read one review that wished Sheen and Jena had a little more screen time because they were so good.

UltraViolet said...

I updated the post with some videos and photos.

BJ, the reviews are decidedly positive. It was just the first tweets that were mixed. It's not unanimous, but it's certainly not Demolition!

Jake and the movie were trending for much of the day in Italy :)

Wish I knew what Jake says at the end here.

Anonymous said...

Greta was his date. She has awesome hair.

Anonymous said...

Only 1% more. Arrival's RT is 100%. I think people's expectations for Arrival were too high.

Scott said...

"I think people's expectations for Arrival were too high."

It got raves reviews and teary reaction from non critics. It's at 100 on RT same as LA LA Land. Both have more critic reviews than NA but that still pretty darn good for both of those films to have that high of critical acclaim with double digit reviews already. So far expectations for Arrival are hitting the high marks. I love Tom Ford but some critics will dislike the film because he's Tom Ford the designer. Critics can be petty, most are human.

So far for NA, it seems to be the Amy show pushing her for the Oscar win for with either film (not nomination but win) because she is over due like Leo. Same could be said for Jake for noms and wins.

Jake is the only actor from BBM with only 1 nomination, saddens me.

Monica said...

"Amy show pushing her for the Oscar win"
She was praised, but it's early to say that she will win. This for example could be the year of Viola Davis, who reprises the role in Fences for which she won the Tony. With all Oscar so White, I can't see them snubbing Davis next year if she's superb in the film, even if the film is not good. If the film is good and successful, she will become the favorite.

Anonymous said...

BlueJean said...

"Jake is the only actor from BBM with only 1 nomination, saddens me."

Me too, Scott. It's sad and it's puzzling and it's so undeserved. Jake is so underrated in "Hollywood"... I'm a huge BBM fan (it's how I discovered Jake), but I don't necessarily think that Michelle Williams is a better actor than Jake - and she has three nominations. Sorry, Michelle! ;)

I'm already a bit cautious with (some) Oscar talk for NA, whether it's for Amy Adams or for Jake. We don't even have a trailer yet. And it's all so unpredictable... I don't want to get my hopes up too high and then be all disappointed again - that has happened quite a few times in recent years! ;)

"BJ, the reviews are decidedly positive."

Yeah, I got that. Let's hope for the best - fingers crossed!

I love the new photos you added, UV. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

not Jake

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I did a HUGE double take on that photo too! But then a friend told me it's Tom Ford. Who is married. If you notice in all Jake's photos, there's no watch. And with that wristband the watch is hard to miss. Jake does wear a pinky ring...on his pinky. : )

( I do have a personal "theory" about Jake. I think if/when he finally gets 'permanent' with someone there will be no announcements. It'll be very subtle. Like, "Oh, yeah, I got married last year!" LOLOL! )

Monica said...

It's Aaron Taylor-Johnson

We don't even have a trailer yet.
I thought the trailer was going to be released yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Lol I also did a double take! Although, I do think if he and Greta are an item, that it would be wonderful news. Seeing an old friend in a different light is a special experience.

P.S. Venice is beautiful. On my bucket list.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. I stand corrected Monica. : )

Anon 2:05 I agree. Very much : )

Anonymous said...

"I do have a personal "theory" about Jake. I think if/when he finally gets 'permanent' with someone there will be no announcements. It'll be very subtle. Like, "Oh, yeah, I got married last year!"

I have the same theory but slightly different: I think he will have a child first before getting married. I think he wants to protect Greta from becoming a victim of not so much the press as the internet hate culture. Look what's happening to the wives of other actors objects of paranoid obsession. Sick fans are vicious when their fantasies are ruined so I think Jake wants to protect Greta or any other woman for as long as possible. But it's nice seeing them together in Venice, Amalfi, London, NY.

Ann said...

Greta has been with him a lot more lately, especially in other countries where he's working. I'd personally love to see them end up together :)

BlueJean said...

"LOL! I did a HUGE double take on that photo too!"

Same here *blushes* And I'm usually the one who goes on and on about how Jake's private life should be private and stuff... :)

I hope he's happy. I hope he's living his (private and public) life the way he wants to, with the people he loves. That's all I want for him. To be happy and successful, on his own terms. No matter what.

Real Sal said...

I too would be happy if they end up together :) And she's a lucky woman to go to all these places! I just went onto her Instagram and she's been to some wonderful cities recently (with Alice Waters' at Jake surrounding himself around 'foodies'!)

Thanks UV for the update :) he looks good!

Anonymous said...

He looks gorgeous and so young sans beard and the short hair! Pretty curious about him and Greta now. Can't wait for NA trailer - isn't it odd that it's not out yet?


Anonymous said...

I like observing quietly, from a distance. Both of them are pretty camera shy and very private. Who knows what this relationship is about. Her mother is an actor, her father is an actor, her stepfather is an actor. Her mother worked with Stephen years ago. She certainly understands the business. They have many other points of intersection. If she has an instagram account and it hasn't been locked down to private, you won't find me posting on it, that's for sure. It would be an intrusion and not welcome. One thing is for sure. Time will tell, if we are patient.

Real Sal said...

Concentration lol. Not feeling the pinky ring, tbh!

Anonymous said...

"Who knows what this relationship is about."

Jake is gay.

Anonymous said...

Love the BTS photos taken by Greg Williams at the Venice Festival. He gave us this one and especially this one! And since the new one garnered 11.300 likes in just 5 hours! (Kate Middleton’s made 15.000 in 10 hours, Brangelina's made 24.000 in 2 days), maybe Vanity Fair could finally, finally give Jake a cover, Tom Ford movie and all. I know we'll end up with another cover of Amy, I'm just sayin'...

The ring is more like an amulet. IHJ's photos come in HQ so I saw the inscription on the ring and recognized the Hamsa hand symbol, a protective sign. It symbolizes happiness, harmony and protection against the "evil eye", against bad thoughts or bad intentions from other people. Though it stems from pagan cultures, it has become a Jewish and Israeli symbol.

Also the bracelet he's wearing with his Tom Ford tux is the one that was made by this girl for him and Jeff Bauman for the Boston marathon in April and he has worn it ever since. It's from, a nonprofit organization for children's hospitals in the battle against cancer.

UltraViolet said...

I didn't know about the bracelets. That's cool. As for all the speculation about Greta Caruso, none of us really knows anything. So let's not get carried away.

I've always wanted Jake to do a VF cover story. It's funny to remember that they wanted Jake to be on the cover with Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, who were naked. But Jake declined, so Tom Ford (whose idea it was) did it instead. Kind of gross. And Rachel Macadams was supposed to do it but bailed when she heard the idea.

So many nice photos from Venice, we'll have to do another post. (I adore the one in the post, the very close-upphoto at the top.) There was a tweet of Jake at the same Waitress today, so he may not have stayed long in Venice. What a pity.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to post this:

The premiere of Tom Ford’s film “Nocturnal Animals” got off to a rocky start, but still won over the audience at the Venice Film Festival on Friday.

A source tells us that 25 minutes in, the flick had to be restarted due to technical difficulties with the audio. We’re told that while technicians worked to fix it, Ford and stars Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal left their center balcony seats and mingled with the crowd.

“They ­graciously took selfies with fans, which people loved. And it killed the five-minute lag time,” says the source.

The snafu was forgotten by the end of the flick, which has gotten rave reviews and received a standing ovation.

Chica said...

I'm really excited about NA and the reviews so far! I loved A Single Man

Jake looks great!!

Scott said...

anom at 11:43pm, that is cool information and thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Indeed, all of the film’s actors are on top form. It’s becoming a cliché to say that films which premiere at the Venice Film Festival go onto win Oscars for their cast and crew, but Adams and Gyllenhaal have got to be in the running."

From 5-star BBC review:

BlueJean said...

Still no trailer yet? Why not? I need it. Now!

I'm not impatient or anything, but... ;) :)