Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take your child to work days

More pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal visiting the set of Very Good Girls, his mother's directorial debit. The photos are a few days old but are too good not to have a post of their own.

A fun photo I hadn't seen before, from the filming of An Enemy:


UltraViolet said...

Saw this on twitter and laughed:

Is there a feature on Google Maps to help me not get lost in Jake Gyllenhaal's eyes?

Nice article about Jake and others performing on stage:

At least until the Holmes announcement, much of the season's attention seemed destined for an off-Broadway play called "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet," by Nick Payne, a highly regarded young English writer who's barely known in this country. It begins preview performances late next month for a Sept. 20 opening.

What lifts its profile way above the

crowd is the casting of Jake Gyllenhaal, making his American stage debut. (He's done some theater in London.)

An appealing, sexy Hollywood leading man gives an enormous publicity charge to the production; to the not-for-profit Roundabout Theatre Company, which is presenting it; and to all of New York theater.

It's less evident what's in it for a popular entertainer like Gyllenhaal: The pay is meager, and his thriving movie career hardly needs the boost of an off-Broadway play.

In its announcement, the Roundabout said, "Jake Gyllenhaal loves this play, and the part." You could take that as the typical blah-blah-blah of a press release, but I would guess it's true, and it's the reason he's doing the play.

Mary said...

Lovely pics especially the one where he is standing there with Dakota F.and looking up toward the sky.

Monica said...

UV, I sent a message to you!

gyllencrazy said...

From Facebook:

Emily A. C. Osborne
Yesterday at 01:04 near New York, NY ·
Fun day! Rockaway beach and I got to walk a few blocks right behind Jake Gyllenhaal.

Todd Weber Stalker :) I love him, I would too..

Yesterday at 04:29
Emily A. C. Osborne Ahahaha yeah it was a nice view. He had a little kid on his shoulders. Turned around and glanced right at me and my beach umbrella.

Chica said...

Haven't seen him and with a bike in ages, love the set pics too! The one with him and Dakota is striking.

Thabnjks for that article UV, I really want to see Jake on stage if my budget will allow it!

Far Rockaway? That's "my beach"! It's in Queens, bordering Long Island. I have a ton of cousins that live there near the beach,my father was born and raised there. I was just there a few weeks ago.

Monica said...

Mary, I also liked the photo, but I think Dakota would be in another position in the photo. The image would have been more beautiful.

Extra said...

He looks like a little kid sitting like that, LOL!! I love the Dakota pic too, very dramatic.

UltraViolet said...

Tickets are now on sale for If There Is...

Funny tweet:

Seeing Jake Gyllenhaal on stage in Sept- do you think my underwear will reach the stage if I throw them from the rear mezzo?

Chica, you need to go to the beach!

Hagen said...

Apparently Comic-Con was very helpful promotion for "End of Watch":

Best Movies Ever Entertainment News: "The ‘End Of Watch‘ trailer with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña wasn’t so great, but the clips shown at Comic Con definitely changed many people’s minds on the film, and here’s some new images to check out below."

The facebook page of "End of Watch" has now more than 10.000 likes. The number has risen in the past few days; I guess the trailer was shown in cinemas.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love the new pics, he looks so much younger shaved.

Yes you need to go to Rockaway beach Chica, especially if Jake is hanging around there:)

Glad to hear that EOW made an impression at Comic Con Hagen.

bobbyanna said...

Chica!!!! The beach! LOL!

Love the photos love the title of this post,too, UV.

For whatever reason, the photo of Jake with Dakota reminds me of the movie Signs! Or maybe War of the Worlds? I know.

Hagen said...

Variety: QED International is financing "Ten," which will be distributed stateside by Open Road Films, the company distributing Ayer's gritty police pic "End of Watch." Studio just moved up the release of the Jake Gyllenhaal/Michael Pena police drama one week to Sept. 21.

Good decision. "Looper" would have been very tough competition on the opening weekend.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, yay. I posted that review from the teen reviewer who had the date as 9/21 and hoped he knew something we didn't. Much better to go against Dredd than Looper.

Chica said...

That is good news, looper would have definately cut into EOW.

UltraViolet said...

The Toronto FF movies are announced tomorrow. Variety has this to say about EoW:

•End of Watch -- David Ayer's police drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena has been picking up strong buzz along the pre-release screening circuit. Open Road Films just moved up its U.S. release by one week, to Sept. 21.

Hagen said...

It's official, "End of Watch" will premiere at the Toronto Film Festival (Variety).

Tweety said...

That is fantastic news Hagen , thanks!! And I'm so glad the premiere of EOW was movued up, too much competition on the orginal date IMO.

Love the name of your post UV and so glad that he visits his Mom on set. I hope he and veryobne else here is keeping cool.

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! Glad they have a better opening date for EoW, and that's really great news about the Toronto Film Festival!

This is a good time for Jake, getting ready to open a play and a movie, with another movie in post-production. Hopefully we'll read about a new project soon, too.

Tweety, it was 94 here yesterday. My lawn is a sort of "golden brown." : (

Mary said...

Yea glad for the new release date for EOW.

Its beenvery hot out here in Ca too where I live high 90 to low 100 and my air just went out hope it doesnt take too long to get it fixed.I live in an apartment and it takes forever at times to get anything repaired.

Monica said...

Yay Toronto! so happy!

UltraViolet said...

Oh, Mary! I hope the AC is fixed posthaste!

Tweety, I couldn't resist on the title :)

Thanks to Monica for the tip that led to the new post :)