Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Another Jake Gyllenhaal yearbook pic. Bless Khaila! She's as adorable as Jake.

Jake also appeared on the cover of a supplement to USA Today's weekend June 22 - 24, showcasing New Eyes for the Needy.

Random photo on Instagram from five months ago: "Jake #Gyllenhaal asked for some advice. I had to oblige. Nice guy through and through."

Finally: Do you think Bono donates his shades once he's done with them?


UltraViolet said...

Tweet from yesterday:

Oh, hello Jake G. in Yorkville! Just a tip tho - wearing a suit with sunglasses & a Blue Jays hat is actually MORE obvious.
6:44 AM - 9 Jul 12

Also, this is the kind of remark about Jake I was trying to explain yesterday. I know not everyone thinks this way. I know it's not fair. But it's out there.

The Irish-German hunk of cyborg (re: Prometheus) was the “first choice” for Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures; ”Michael (Fassbender) is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.” In layman’s terms, he isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal.

This view of Jake is steeped in anti-BBM sentiment, I believe. But PoP's lack of success exacerbated it. Because video game movies or super hero movies are inherently ridiculous, if they are perceived as flops, fairly or unfairly, the reputation of those involved takes a hit.

UltraViolet said...

On Facebook:

231 W. 39TH ST.
SUITE 1200
NEW YORK, NY. 10018

*Please note - All characters are English*



[ONE WOMAN ] (early-mid 40s) to UNDERSTUDY-FIONA. FIONA is Annas mother and her teacher at school. She is struggling to manage her sick mother, withdrawn daughter and often absent husband. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent.

[ONE MAN ] (30s-early 40s) to UNDERSTUDY GEORGE & TERRY. GEORGE is Annas father and Terrys older brother. A teacher writing his manifesto on sustainable living and locality, seasonality; and moving away from corrosive egocentrism. He is a workaholic struggling to connect with his wife and daughter. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent. TERRY is Georges younger brother and Annas uncle. He is a free spirit who does not always adhere to lifes rules. For some reason he is able to connect and get through to Anna. A bit of a wild card, his behavior can be crude at times. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent.

Monica said...

"Is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor."

Yeah, but that does not mean the movie will be good or he will be excellent in it.

Jake has these same qualities. And of course there is a sense anti-BBM.

Jake needs someone like Nolan, who put actors in roles that no one can imagine seeing.

Viv said...

Jake needs to make more movies.Just like Channing.People will see more different Jake,then their strange thoughts will change.
Jake only do one film in one even in two years.poeple still think he is the gay cowboy from BBM.
I saw some ridiculous comments form youtube(EOW trailer).someone said he can't take JG seriously anymore after BBM or why cast a gay cowboy to play a tough cop.He isn't Denzel Washington.Sounds familiar?

For now, we have to deal with it.....

UltraViolet said...

Monica, it's absolutely no guarantee the movie will be good. That's what has plagued Jake's career for the last few years. But his reputation has taken the hit.

Viv, I agree that Jake needs just to work more. I'm hoping WME sees to that!

But didn't either of you enjoy the new/old photos? :)

Viv said...

I LOVE these photos!!XD

Mary said...

thanks UV love the old pics he sure looks nerdy with those glasses:)

Sheba Baby said...

Playing catch up! He must be almost done filming the Enemy.

I love the old/new photos UV, he looked so adorable when he was a boy in glasses and a grown man I might add!

Never saw the pic with him and Bono and is that Lance Armstrong in that pic as well? What great finds UV, thanks so much!!

Eyes for the needy is such a great cause and I'm glad that Jake is involved.

The anti-BBM and even Pop is still out there unfortunately which isn't fair at all.

Daniela said...

Hi girls ! :)
We can stop speculating about whether EOW will succeed or not?
We can be pessimistic and think the failure of previous films
We can be optimistic and believe that will be critical success
or realistic and wait for the premiere, OK?

Daniela said...

Oh, I almost forgot, this very cute picture of him a child, and you can not understand where this photo was taken of him with Bono

bobbyanna said...

I love these new/old photos, and thank you, to New Eyes for running that ad. : )

I hate reading these random, gratuitous swipes some ass posts on his film news internet blog, especially when the source article in Variety made no mention of Jake or PoP. It's especially troubling on sites with some marginal credibility or a following. If I recall, I thought the gaming community was OK with PoP.

As for the comments on YouTube,I get the impression there are a few dedicated homophobes out here who "make the rounds." The only thing fans can do is post positive things when they can.

Absolutely, Jake needs to make more movies, but in the meantime, his Publicist needs to generate more positive Jake stuff, too, another reason to be glad to see the New Eyes ad. : )

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Dani, we're talking about his career and not if End of Watch will be a success or not.

I have that picture of him with Bono.

I love these new photos. Thanks!

bobbyanna said...

Some of us may recall an article from Vulture about Jake's career that was posted in their "Star Market" column in 2010, before LAOD. It's a good read, and a cause for Optimism...: )


UltraViolet said...

Right, Daniela. This isn't about EoW. I think we're all crossing our fingers for it and hoping for success. Reactions so far have been better than I expected, so I'm cautiously optimistic.

This is a broader discussion of the state of Jake's career.

I'll be curious to reread that post SC, Bobbyanna.

Hi Sheba Baby! Glad you and others are enjoying the new photos. The yearbook one is just precious.

That is Lance with Jake and Bono. I'm guessing it's from the Tour de France 2006 trip, but I don't know.

Monica said...

My tumblr

Anonymous said...

I loved the pics, UV. He looks so sexy in that cover shot and I love that he is involved in some very interesting charities I had never heard of before (like New Eyes for the Needy and Edible Schoolyard) both certainly worthwhile charities.

It seems that BBM shadows Jake. I just hope that some people will stop being homophobic or put some negative spin on it.

Heath and Jake made a wonderful movie, they had the guts to take on two challenging roles and make it their own. A movie that saw attention from the industry in so many positive ways. (Bafta, GG, Oscar, etc) I just hope Jake never regrets doing it, the movie had an impact on so many people's lives.

It will be interesting to see how WME handles promotions and what other projects they present to Jake.


Twitter said...

I've heard a rumour that Jake Gyllenhaal is going on a legit date with a regular person from Toronto.
Reply Retweet Favorite
51m Candice Best ‏@candicebest
@kevinjn is she a waitress at Terroni?
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48m Jen Kirsch ‏@jen_kirsch
@candicebest @kevinjn bahaha. good memory, candice.
Reply Retweet Favorite
45m Kevin Naulls ‏@kevinjn
@jen_kirsch @candicebest I can tell you her date outfit was purchased at Bicyclette.
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11:43 AM - 10 Jul 12 via web · Details
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22m Jen Kirsch ‏@jen_kirsch
@kevinjn @candicebest so basically, she's classy.
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Anonymous said...

This could be true, or maybe some girls were shopping at Bicyclette, and one joked she was getting ready for a date with Jake, so someone tipped off Toronto Life.

UltraViolet said...

Or, you know, she IS going on a date with Jake. It could be true or not, as many things that are tweeted.

I think we can all figure out that this info might not be 100% reliable, but it's funny how it's imperative to debunk the idea that Jake might have an actual date with someone!

From Gyllencrazy, the Roundabout posted ticket details:

Tweety said...

Let me give a shout out to Khaila as well, we was adorable!!!

I wish Jake would wear his glasses more, it really suits him and he looks realy sexy in them!

I had no idea Bono was with Lance and Jake back, then thanks for finding the photo UV.

A lot of tweets should be taken with a grain of salt but I have but if he does have a date with that waitress thsen good for him!

Tweety said...

PS: THanks UV and Gyllencrazy for posting the info about the tickets, I would really love and try and go to see it.

The response to the screenings to EOW have been positive, so I'm not worried about that. I agree that I lot of people still associate him with BBM. Nothing wrong with that, it's a beautiful movie and he should be proud to be a part of it, but I think it has hindered him in some aspects as far as roles and how the movie going public sees him.

Hagen said...

I agree that I lot of people still associate him with BBM. Nothing wrong with that, it's a beautiful movie and he should be proud to be a part of it, but I think it has hindered him in some aspects as far as roles and how the movie going public sees him.

I'm not sure if BBM is really the reason for Jake's image problems. Heath Ledger didn't seem to have them - or at least not to the same degree. I rather suspect that Jake's status as a crush object for women and gays and his pin-up pics have damaged his reputation with straight men.

Chica said...

I just wanna pinch those cheeks of his in that yearbook pic, how adorable!

It seems like forever since Jake hung out with Lance, I love how all these new/old photos pop up. Kudos to you and the rest of the Gyllenhaalics for finding them :)

I think that Jake's "Pin-up" stage may be the problem but lot's of other actors went through that stage as well so I do think that BBM may have something to do with his image amongst straight men IMO.

Anonymous said...

When BBM was in theaters and all the talk about it, it was always mentioned that Heath and Michele were a couple - this started when they were making the movie. Jake wasn't going with anyone at the time. Was making BBM right after his breakup with Kirsten.
So there wasn't a problem for the guy movie goers to think Heath was fine to be a fan of.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety. I hope we all get to see the play!

Lily, I do wonder sometimes if jake regrets having done BBM. At the end of the day, I don't think he will. But it could get frustrating at times.

Hagen, Heath got a lot of flak when it was announced he would be the Joker. Of course, that is all a distant memory now.

Also, Heath was the top in BBM. As stupid as it is, that makes a big difference. Just the other day, there was a rash of "You just knew Jake G would be the bottom" comments after BBM was shown somewhere. People are small-minded and ignorant.

Chica, the three amigo days seem like a long time ago, don't they? Lance is having some trouble, but MM is sure in a good place.

gyllencrazy said...

As sad as it is, I too think that Brokeback Mountain has got more than something to do with Jake's image problems.

And I agree with UV that Heath had less of those because he played the I-really-don't-want-to-do-this (top) guy.

Ridiculous and homophobic, but this is how it was and still is perceived.

I do really hope that Jake will never regret Brokeback Mountain.

Anonymous said...

Kyana♔ ‏@KyanaB

WHAT WHERE WHEN RT @meenanath Just saw jake gyllenhaal

bobbyanna said...

OT Trivia:

Today is the 52nd anniversary of the publication of "To Kill a Mockingbird."

I hope Jake's play is well received, and that a lot of people get to see it. I wish him a full house for the entire run! : )

Anonymous said...

boxnorions ‏@boxnorions

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal at New Balance on Broadway. We chatted a bit...ya know, fitness & stuff.

Twitter said...

Missed you at Ursa tonight @Troy_Gilchrist ...but Jake Gyllenhall was there, which was a close 2nd...
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11:46 PM - 10 Jul 12

Oh my gawddddd....just walked by jake gyllenhaal's dressing room and set!!! 😁😱❤❤ brb hunting him down
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7:55 AM - 11 Jul 12

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake might not make it to Comic-Con?

#EndOfWatch is coming to @Comic_Con this Saturday with director David Ayer & star Michael Pena! Stay tuned here for all the latest updates.
2:49 PM - 11 Jul 12

Perhaps filming won't be finished?

Bobbyanna, I wonder of TKAM will be on any movie channels tonight.

UltraViolet said...

Ridiculous and homophobic, but this is how it was and still is perceived.

Sad but true, Gyllencrazy. Right after I posted, there were more of the same ugly tweets.

I hope he never regrets doing the movie. I hope the benefits far outweigh the downsides. But some days, I wonder if I wish he didn't do it.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Khaila is sure a treasure trove of little Jake pics via her yearbook, many thanks to her. He was a cutie!!

It is sad UV, so much homophobia still exists :(

Hmmm, Jake name isn't mentioned so perhaps filming hasn't wrapped or he just couldn't get away.

To Kill A MockingBird is one of my favorite books. Maybe TCM will air it, I will have to keep my eyes out for it. Thanks for the news Bobbyanna and thanks for such great pics UV, never saw the one with Armstrong and Bono!

Anonymous said...

is that the only ticket price? Usually you get different prices for shows depending on where your seat is in the theater

Monica said...

Jeffrey Wells:

I've been wondering how another urban drama about L.A. cops cruising around in a black-and-white could be anything special, but a journo pal who's seen David Ayer's End of Watch (Open Road, 9.28) says it is. Found-footage genre, seemingly shot with iPhone. Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña, Anna Kendrick, Cody Horn (the older sister in Magic Mike) and America Ferrera. "Definitely" going to Toronto. Telluride? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jake would ever regret BBM. It is a work of art and will be just as good as time goes on.
It won almost every award given that year - I think there were 27 or so Best Movie. Of course the Oscar was not one of them. When you see list (and esp. as time goes on) of biggest mistakes Oscar has made, that is one of them.
You are going to get the stupid comments but everyone who is famous gets those..there are haters for everything under the sun. But as far as BBM comments & Jake - those will not be what people read about in years to come.
He did win a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor for Jack. That's not mentioned enough. And BBM won Best Movie. Unfortunately Heath did not win those two awards.


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica, I'm hoping EoW goes to Toronto in September. The buzz for it is consistently positive, too.

Anonymous said...

"I rather suspect that Jake's status as a crush object for women and gays and his pin-up pics have damaged his reputation with straight men."

Its not about damage, its about insecure bitter men who would kill to look like Jake. Why do women think men are any different than women who tear down gorgeous women? Its about Jake's all american look; tall, dark and handsome. Its what every guy wants to be just like every woman (whether she admits or not) will like to be the gorgeous blonde for one day. Lots of men have played gay roles, for instance Bradley Cooper famous "bottom role". But he's not seen as threat by straight men. Also I think straight guys have a crush on Jake and it scares them. What secure straight male still talks about another guy's ass in a film after 6years? I don't understand why those guys who make those homophobic remarks are not called about their obsession with BBM? They should be.

Anonymous said...

If I knew how, I would start a tumblr page asking why supposedly straight men are still obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal's ass in BBM?

Cute said...

I can barely deal with this. I am going to be 18 shades of envy after hearing about it in detail.

When asked if he was cocky, roomie said, "Not at all. So kind." Resume swooning.

I don't even know. I am just on the receiving end of starstruck texts.

Is he even single? Did I just ruin some super meaningful celebrity relationship with twitter?

Jake Gyllenhaal is in Toronto. Source: my roommate, whom he just approached and called cute. Whatta bitch. (Not really.)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for that, Monica. Nice to hear more good words for EoW.

In case you're wondering where Jake got the ice cream:

That was Jake Gyllenhaal grabbing a cone at neighbourhood shack My Favourite Ice Cream Shop on Roxborough Street the other day. Local sweetie Sarah Gadon — co-starring in the film that Gyllenhaal’s in Toronto to shoot — was also in on the dairy journey.

If There Is writer wins award:

Nick Payne, writer of the acclaimed London play Constellations, has been named the second recipient of the Harold Pinter Playwright's Award to support a new commission at the Royal Court Theatre.

Payne was a member of the Young Writers Programme at the Royal Court and made his debut at the Court in September 2010 with Wanderlust. His second play, Constellations, starring Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall, opened to critical acclaim in the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs in January 2012 and will transfer to the Duke of York's as part of the Royal Court's West End season.

He won the George Devine Award in 2009 with his play If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet. It was produced at the Bush Theatre in October 2009, directed by Josie Rourke, and will be produced by the Roundabout Theatre Company in New York starting in August, with Jake Gyllenhaal starring.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Fab, as always, girls night @ #Terroni on Queen. #Jake #Gyllenhaal was @ the next table--so cool!

At least he went to a different restaurant last night!

From Lainey:

Jake Gyllenhaal has been in Toronto shooting a movie with Denis Villeneuve. But what does he do during down time? Summer dating! He picked up a girl at the hotel for a drink a couple of weeks ago. And there’s a server from a popular Italian restaurant in town - with several locations - who went shopping the other day because she said she had a date with Jake. Can you imagine being that girl? You’re, I dunno, 25 years old. You go to work one day. He’s at your table. And smiling leads to laughing leads to talking leads to Jake f-cking Gyllenhaal asking what you’re doing tomorrow night and whether or not you want to get together...? Then you wonder - is it just me? Is there someone else from the Mexican restaurant and the Chinese one too? I keep hoping he hooks up with his co-star Sarah Gadon. She’s so sweet and pretty.

Anyway, if you’re wondering who Jake dined with last night it was Denis Villeneuve at Ursa on Queen West. (thanks Sarah!)

UltraViolet said...

Standing next to Jake Gyllenhaal. :)

Jake and I are both running late for the same flight so had a chance to chat while stuck in a long line. He's a bit smaller than I expected.
8:40 AM - 12 Jul 12

The tweeter was at Niagara Falls last night.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! UV, here's one last tweet from the airport:

"Aside from being upset (and very red cuz of it) cuz security gave him a hard time, he's a nice simple tshirt/jeans/baseball cap guy."

Hope they sorted things out and Jake made his flight. : )

That's GREAT news about Nick Payne winning the Pinter Award.

Don't know what to think about the San Diego appearance. It seems like Jake may stick around NYC while Ayers & Pena do the panel. Or not.

UltraViolet said...

Apparently, An Enemy has wrapped:

That's a wrap. V. sad this film is over..
11:17 PM - 11 Jul 12

That's from the second unit director, according to GyllenCrazy. There are some second unit scenes still being filmed, but I guess Jake is done.

Glad he got to go to Terroni's one last time, lol.

Here's another tweet from that 2nd unit director, from earlier in the shoot:

Having lots of fun on set - good old fashion filmmaking at its best ‪#lovingwork‬

That's good to hear.

Bobbyanna, I saw that tweet. I wonder what happened with security. Maybe they think Jake is running something between TO and NYC!

bobbyanna said...

"I wonder what happened with security..."

I bet there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind working aiport security when Jake is approaching.: )


This one, too:

Jill Carter ‏@jillcarter
Working with a Hollywood legend today.


Hi, y'all!

UltraViolet said...

Hi GC!

I assumed that was for Isabella R? Not that I don't think Jake should be a legend :)

She also tweeted this cool photo last month:


Rainbow leaving the studio!

Monica said...

So why take End of Watch for Comic Con if Jake will not be there? The film will be overshadowed by Superman!

I just saw the interview of Anne on Today Show and seems like yesterday that she and Jake were promoting Love & Other Drugs.

Chica said...

Fantastic news about Nick Payne! I was looking forward to Jake at Comic Con but it doesn't look like he will be attending:(

Tweety said...

Leander Jr. ‏@LeanderToney
Jake Gyllenhaal is on my flight. We just landed in NY. I'm about to sneak this pic like paparazzi. 📷


I was wondering about Isabella Rossellini this morning. Has anyone seen her on set? or did she only shoot indoor scenes far from paps and tweeps? The latter might be the case.

And I'm a hopeless case I guess since I assumed Jill was undoubtedly referring to Jake :-)

Hagen said...

Rehearsals for ITIIHFIY will have to start very soon, but Roundabout still hasn't announced which actress will play the part of Anna. I hope things will turn out well.

Hagen said...

I'm relieved. :-)
Annie Funke Completes Casting of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Twtter said...

jake gyllenhaal eating dinner behind me http://instagr.am/p/NAKZh5JMDO/
View photo
Reply Retwee

Anonymous said...

Unless i missed a comment USA Today (12th) had pictures and comments about "Hollywood actors" doing plays this summer and Jake got the main and biggest picture.

UltraViolet said...

Could that be a clean-shaven Jake? The photo is a little distorted, but if so, it's good to see!

Viv said...

His beard is gone???Woohoo!!!

UltraViolet said...

No Jake photo for the online of that USA Today story. Good to hear he got good placement in the paper.

Hagen, ask and ye shall receive! Congrats to Annie Funke. Don't know anything about her. Must do some research...

Monica, EoW will be overshadowed by most of theCC movies. But any publicity is good, I hope. I don't think it will do wonders, but it can't hurt.

The L&OD promotional tour was one of my favorites. I hope Anne has fun with the Batmania. I've heard only great things so far about her performance. And people were very skeptical.

Anonymous said...

That pic does look like Jake. glad to see his face again :D


Monica said...

I know it will be overshadowed, but with Jake there, the movie would call more attention.
I remember the success he did with the geeks when he was promoting POP.

L&OD is one of my favorites too.

Twitter said...

Just saw jake gyllenhaal dropping of a one night stand in his Mercedes. I love Brooklyn... #hipstertown
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bobbyanna said...

I'm glad they finally announced the casting choice for Jake's "niece" in the play.

Remembering Jake & Anne Hathway promoting LAOD made me go back to YouTube to watch them again. I love them together!

I'm looking forward to Batman, and I think with Anne's Catwoman, and with her role Les Miserables this is going to be a huge year for her. Maybe even an Oscar.

bobbyanna said...

I'm glad they finally announced the casting choice for Jake's "niece" in the play.

Remembering Jake & Anne Hathway promoting LAOD made me go back to YouTube to watch them again. I love them together!

I'm looking forward to Batman, and I think with Anne's Catwoman, and with her role Les Miserables this is going to be a huge year for her. Maybe even an Oscar.

UltraViolet said...

Jake appears to be back in Toronto, from a tweeter:

JUST BUMPED INTO JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!! Literally!!!!! So cute!!

Bearded or shaved?

Shaved!!! Filming a movie here in Toronto!

He's here in Toronto filming a movie....it wraps this weekend.

Yep!! Rounded a corner and there he was...walking a dog!!

UltraViolet said...

Not sure what it means, if anything, for Nailed, but David Bergstein has lost another court battle.

No idea where Jake is at this point, either. Which is probably okay with him.

bobbyanna said...

OT: I hate to change the subject, but I just read that today's Harrison Ford's 70th Birthday!
His 70th. Who knew.

Happy B'day, Indiana! : )

UltraViolet said...

Monica, I forgot to reply. I agree that EoW will be overshadowed. It's making me sad to hear all the news from Looper and Elysium and all the praise. It would be nice to hear from Jake and get some press for the movie.

UltraViolet said...

Happy Birthday to Harrison. It might be blasphemy, but I'm not a big fan. Never saw Indy or Star Wars. I did love The Fugitive. I just don't think he's a great actor. But he is certainly a successful one.

Hagen said...

It's not fair to compare "Elysium" (production budget: $120 million) and "Looper" ($60 million) with "End of Watch" ($10 million). It's already a success that a pretty small independent movie gets a wide release. (I'm rather skeptic if "An Enemy" will manage that.)

Open Road has chosen a highly competitive opening weekend for EoW. I wonder if that was a smart decision. "Looper" is one of the most anticipated movies in the upcoming months with a similar target audience as EoW.

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, I don't expect EoW to compete with Bruce Willis and time traveling criminals.

All I hope for Jake's sake, is that the movie does well, and is well received.

There is an audience for this genre, and while Looper and EoW may be atractive to the same demographic, EoW has it's audience, too.

Maggie's movie opens that weekend, too. It's about parents taking over a school, so I don't think it will blow up at the box office either.

The only other movie opening that weekend is a Clint Eastwood road movie.

Monica said...

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada
Sources tell us that End Of Watch will be screening at #tiff.

Empire Magazine ‏@empiremagazine
Here's our take on the End Of Watch panel, happening right now in Hall H: Comic Con #ComicCon

Rachel said...

ET Canada ‏@ETCanada
Sources tell us that End Of Watch will be screening at #tiff.

Though Jake is unlikely to be there. Of course he could go to promote it and have an understudy do his part that weekend.

Anonymous said...

New clip from End of Watch, shown at ComicCon earlier.

Hagen said...

Collider about Comic-Con: END OF WATCH Panel Surprises with Exciting Footage and Admirable Characters

UltraViolet said...

Well, EoW seemed to get a good reception, if low-key. That's how Jake's appearance would have made a difference. There definitely would have been more buzz.

I've been out all day. Will put a post together in a bit. Thanks for all the posts and links.