Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jake's back

I wonder if Details will tell us where he went?

That's the September issue of Details.

We know Jake was in Berlin in February. I don't remember this video from the red carpet:

Monica uploaded it in February, but I think I missed it in the frenzy. It's fun to see Jake interacting with the other jury members. Thanks, Monica!


UltraViolet said...

More details on that alleged movie Jake is doing here.

You need to translate it.

And from twitter earlier:

Glad to say that Jake Gyllenhaal is as attractive in person as in movies. Also, that he rides the 6 train. #swoon10:11 AM - 26 Jul 12

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV. When is this Detail's mag available?


Anonymous said...

Picking up from the comments on the last post, I don't want Jake to be the next big thing, please what he's only 31 for goodness sake. Jonah Hill has been lucky, Tatum has made his own luck. Neither one of these guys will be around when they are 40, Jake will.

bobbyanna said...

Interesting link, UV. Don't know what to make of that project. I'm still doubting.

I enjoyed the footage from Berlinale. He looked so good!

(I was also happy to once again drool over Charlotte Gainsbourg's shoes. Which I could never wear, because I'd break my neck.)

bobbyanna said...

Guess Jake's watching Frank Ocean, according to Twitter.

UltraViolet said...

Lily, it's the September issue. Michael Phelps is on the August magazine, which looks like it came out around July 9 or 10.

I'm still doubting, too, bobbyanna.

Some tweets from the concert:

Oh that boy with the hat is fiiiiine ... Lmfao.. Oh it's Jake Gyllenhal... #ihavegoodtaste

Omg I just touched Jake Gyllenhal!! Cool to know he's a frank ocean fan!!/Now I can't be mad about white folks getting black celebrities mixed up bc I def almost called him someone's else! Ctfu!! 😂

Oh hey Jake Gyllenhaal just walk right in front of me no fucking doubt

Also why did Jake Gyllenhaal and K'naan get into the same car after the concert? they hang together?

And from earlier:

Jake gyllenhal is pretty tall in person...who would have known #NYC #chipotle
4:46 PM - 26 Jul 12

Just on the subway with jake gyllenhaal #jarhead
4:14 PM - 26 Jul 12

UltraViolet said...

Some funny comments on the Jake "Man of the moment" fashion article:

dah Its Jake Gyllenhaal
next week he could be in an old wet Macy's bag and it would work!

Step 1. Be a movie star...

$310 for a pair of cargo shorts. More than the iPod. Do they come with Jake Gyllenhaal?

Anonymous said...

I agree with what anon said on July 26, 2012 8:04 PM. Jake is on the way of being a serious and respected actor instead of a star. Although he has the whole package to be a superstar


Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Love the Details cover, just wish that he was smiling :)

Back from where? I guess back on the cover of Details!

LOL! At the tweets about Jake at the Ocean concert last night, I bet they were about to call him Toby McGuire!!

Jake is having a career similar to Maggie IMO, a serious and well respected actor that does both small indie films and blockbusters like The Dark Knight.

UltraViolet said...


OMG!!! I just took the same elevator with Jake gyllenhaal.
Can't believe it just happened...
This is why I love NYC♡
56 minutes ago near New York, NY ·

Dang didnt ask for his number?

My class mate said "can we just take a picture?"
And he said "no, not right now"
Lol. He was nice and cute:)

And a confirmation from last night:

He did look great RT Oh that boy with the hat is fiiiiine ... Lmfao.. Oh it's Jake Gyllenhal... #ihavegoodtaste

Anonymous said...

"does jake gyllenhaal still have a career?

This comment from a Karsdashian fan makes me wish I had a twitter account just to reply yes bitch he does and he doesn't have a porn video that was created by his mother to make him famous, if thats what you mean by a career.

Hagen said...

Boxofficemojo: Long Range Forecast: 'The House at the End of the Street', 'Dredd' & 'End of Watch'

End of Watch

- Police dramas have a habit of performing better than expected, especially on opening weekend.
- Could prove to be the mainstream option between it and Dredd.
- Americans love patriotic films, as evidenced by the breakout status of this year's Act of Valor.

- This doesn't have the same level of star power that many previous police dramas have had.
- The level of competition from the weekend's other openers could prevent it from getting noticed upfront.

Opening Weekend: $14 million
Cumulative: $39 million "End of Watch" is expected to gross roughly $30 million in the U.S.

bobbyanna said...

Jessica Calzi‏@JessCalzi

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhal (sp?) #newyorkcity #celebrity

2 hrs ago

Chica said...

I like that cover shot of him on Details, can't wait for it!

Boxofficemojo has EOW opening in at #2 opening weekend, it would be great if it came in at #1 instead.

I saw that video when Monica poated it last time but it was fun watching it again!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting that, Hagen. I hope EoW does better than that prediction. Fingers crossed.

They need to take another promotional step. Maybe a new trailer or something.

A few tweets of Jake last night. I think he was at ABC Kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Joanna Davis ‏@JoannaMSU

Just rode the subway with Jake Gyllenhaal :) #heyyooo

Anonymous said...

Miguelon ‏@miguelabarca

Hoy servi comida a Matthew McConaughey y Jake Gyllenhaal super increibles personas!

UltraViolet said...

Watching a 60 Minutes story on Van Gogh. Fascinating.

From twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal and date at dinner at Prune in the East Village. Second Jake sighting in recent months; clearly he's stalking me.
7:23 PM - 29 Jul 12

His hair looks so amazing, I just want to run my fingers through it.

And from FB:
Jake Gyllenhaal stopped me on the street last night to talk to the dogs I was walking.
I ♥ NYC!

ps. No, he did not stop me to talk to ME, but I am not NEARLY as cute and cuddly!! lol
4 hours ago near New York, NY ·

holy moly...I would've passed out!

That's amazing!! Yummilicious ;o) x

Oh he was looking at you....just disguising it by using the dogs! :)

Hello jake!! Him and Dave Matthews. Swoon

Ooooh! He is easy on the eyes! Lucky you;)

SO funny Clara and I are in the city & just ran into Maggie Gyllenhaal!!!

The rest said...

No one famous. Normal looking, lots of curls! RT @katiewelch: @eye4style and who's the date?
Reply Retweet Favorite
6:33 PM - 29 Jul 12 via Echofon · Details
Tweet textImage will appear as a link
50m Katie Welch ‏@katiewelch
@eye4style there's hope for the rest of us then! ;)

UltraViolet said...

From Facebook:

Just saw jake gyllenhaal in Ny freaking city! He said no to pics but we got some of his back hahaha! So cute
about an hour ago

And this made me laugh:

Dude next to me on the plane: mid 40s, balding slightly, tucked in polo shirt with jeans... Total typical dad-type. pulls out his iPhone, BAM: sultry picture of Jake Gyllenhal as his background. (not that there's anything wrong with that)
3 hours ago

Two more:

Just saw Jake Gylenhall. He checked me out. Just sayin...
7:02 PM - 29 Jul 12

Jake Gyllenhaal is sexier in person #starsightings 5:20 PM - 29 Jul 12

Tweety said...

I like thw Details cover too!

So glad that others here are a lot quicker in poating the tweets, LOL!! Sounds like he was having dinner with that curly head brunette again:)

My fingers are crossed that EOW does a lot better than the mojo and HSX predicts as well.

bobbyanna said...

The $30M for opening weekend isn't too bad. I guess they base it on tracking polls, so if the marketing people generate more interest, maybe it will go up.

I get a kick out of the tweeters who say Jake's even better looking in person.: )

Viv said...

Is HSX prediction for opening or total?
Anyway,I know EOW isn't a blockbuster film,but I have a good feeling it will perform well.:)

Hagen said...

Is HSX prediction for opening or total?

It's a prediction for total box office gross in the U.S.
$ 30 million would place "End of Watch" between "Brothers" and "Love and Other Drugs".

Viv said...

EOW will no doubt gross over LAOD.:)

bobbyanna said...

I always think of LAOD as grossing over $100M, but that's because I include the international BO.

I do feel/hope like EoW will do better than $39M total gross.

UltraViolet said...

I fear a classic Jake issue - this will do better domestically than internationally, and that will be noted. Whereas now, Jake doesn't get credit for his international value (See Vulture article from last week).

Yes, I am a pessimist.

From twitter:

Mozarella sticks at #burgerheaven UES with @theihlest as Jake Gylenhaal goes for a shave
12:43 PM - 30 Jul 12

Jake Gylenhaal is studying for new role as bike messenger RT

New photos on IHJ. Pre-shave, if that actually happened.

UltraViolet said...

New post.