Sunday, July 15, 2012

Con End

End of Watch was part of the Comic-Con slate today. Jake Gyllenhaal didn't attend, as he is apparently still filming in Toronto. Director David Ayer and Michael Pena were there, and Jake did a taped intro for three clips from the movie, including this one:

According to Ayer, cops develop a bond stronger than marriage. From Ayer and Pena's remarks and that clip, which is really funny, it seems Michael and Jake have great chemistry. They worked hard to portray realistic partners. Looks like they succeeded.

It's a shame Jake couldn't make it, as Comic-Con is a huge buzz-builder for movies. Plus, we could have gotten new photos. But the movie did seem well-received. And there's news from ET Canada that EoW will play the Toronto Film Festival in September.succeeded.

You can read a recap of the panel on Collider. Screen Crave has a summary of the three clips.


UltraViolet said...

Nice words from Empire Online

Ayer and Pena brought some footage from the film, and it looked impressive, from a very funny ridealong scene where Pena's frequent cursing is bleeped out, to a much more intense sequence where he and Gyllenhaal are called to a burning building, and endure a close shave with some falling masonry. It doesn't feel like a found-footage movie, it feels fresh and new and vibrant.

Most tweets I saw were positive, but there was also one that said a lot of people got up to use the restroom when the EoW/Open Road panel began.

Paula C. said...

I can´t see the clip, it's not available in my country :( !
I think it's hard not to have chemistry with Jake, he is so funny and engaging.

UV, it would be so nice to have new pics of a beardless Jake in Comic- con but the longer we suffer the better it gets! It's really nice to see that EOW is getting some nice buzz and people are enjoying the movie and that one tweet most be one of those people who love to hate.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the clip, UV!
Maybe some people left when they saw that Jake wasn't there, but generally the reactions from ComicCon are very encouraging. I agree, Paula, some people need to be negative, but the majority are a lot of positive tweets.

I'm glad they had the EoW panel in a room with a "full house" with the other movies.

Monica said...

People left because this is not a comic book movie, science fiction or something else related to the geek world.

Mary said...

Video didnt work for me either Paula.
Glad I decided against going to Comic Con.

bobbyanna said...

monica, in some cases, yes, maybe a some people walked out for that reason, but EoW was sandwiched in between Django and Resident Evil, and both highly anticipated movies from that crowd especially.

This was also a good opportunity for Ayers to generate some positive buzz and gauge reactions from the film bloggers, and media types who were there en masse. It was a promotional opportunity, and I haven't read any criticism about the legitimacy of David Ayer for being on the schedule.

I don't think there was any big "walk out" at all. I've seen one snide comment to that effect, comment and while maybe there is some basis for the comment, I doubt it was a very big deal, certainly not worth highlighting it.

I got the impression this at year Comic Con they have other movies that weren't strictly from the comic books, and still, people attended the panels with enthusiasm.

Yes, mary, you saved yourself a disappointing trip. : )

Chica said...

Thanks so much for the Comic Con recap UV! Channel G4 covered the convention live but there was no mention of EOW, they stuck strickly with usual fare wit The Hobbit getting the most buzz.

Too bad Jake couldn't attend due to filming but I think overall itwent over well based on the responses online.

Anonymous said...

People left because this is not a comic book movie, science fiction or something else related to the geek world."

Geez you seem to think is was a mass walk out based on one tweet who for all you know was not in attendance or just doesn't care for Jake or David Ayers' movies because its not about robots and comic crap. I trust David Ayers to know what he is doing. I hate twitter because just one discouraging remark can cause stir up negative reaction.

Anonymous said...

Jake seems to have disappeared.
His mother's movie is being filmed in New York, and Adam Levine is in New York, too, making a movie with Keira Knightly.

Anonymous said...

Love the trailer. I wonder why he shaved if he still had filming to do, unless one of his characters shaves.


Anonymous said...

"Glee" was there and I'm sure other shows that aren't exactly in the genre of the Comic-Con name.
Many years ago that's what it was, but it has now become the big deal to go to, to show something from an upcoming t.v. movie or show. And a chance for people to see the actors and ask questions, etc.
It's just a big movie-tv convention but will probably still stick with Comic-Con as its name.

Extra said...

The Big Bang Theory was another show that was at Comic Con Annie so the Convention has changed over the years.

The buzz has been generally very good, thanks UV for the links. Jake is still filming so he didn't "disappear" anon, just some filming indoors I would assume.

UltraViolet said...

What did folks think of the clip, which was apparently improvised. I thought they were both great in it. You can really feel their chemistry.

Back in NY:

In a city that crawls with almost 11million ants the chances of running into a well known actor are slim. But just a few moments ago, whilst I'm getting my morning coffee fix in the very trendy neighborhood of TriBeCa along comes a darling of a man up close and personal who appears to have stopped from his morning run turns to me and says "Boy, it's gonna be a Hot one today" - Jake Gyllenhaal. Not bad way to start a Monday...
15 minutes ago

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Luv the clip UV and they do have great chemistry. Love that they improviswed it and that David gave them that freedom.

I'm very happy with the response from Comic Con to EOW.

It's a scorcher here in CT too, keep cool Jake!

Monica said...

Yeah, I know there are other things besides comics at comic con, but EOW was the same day of movies to comic books, fiction, tarantino and hobitt.

But the positive reaction was good and that's what matters.

Hagen said...

Stephen R. Hart who's not quite as beautiful as Jake has been added to the cast of "An Enemy" as 'Bouncer'. Obviously a minor role.

Hagen said...

The correct link: Stephen R. Hart

Tweety said...

I'm going to miss the Toronto tweets now that EOW wrapped , even though I was too slow to post them here most of the time, LOL!! Hopefully I will be on the ball now that he is back in NY.

Comic Con has sure changed over the years. I was surprised to see so many different genres represented there.

Improv works really well with a movie like this and Jake and Michael seem to click on screen which is great!

Love all the positive reports from the Con for EOW!!

bobbyanna said...

Loved the improv scene of Jake and Michael Pena.

The Dark Knight premiered in NYC tonight. Twitter says it's awesome.

Monica said...

Loved the improv scene of Jake and Michael Pena.

It seems they have great chemistry!

You will see Batman this weekend, bob? In Brazil only on 27(next week), but already bought my ticket.

UltraViolet said...

Paula C, the clip seems to be all over the net now, unless it's just people retweeting the Hulu link. I hope you can see it soon.

Mary, I forgot to say that I'm glad you didn't try to go to Comic-Con. Even if Jake had been there, the wait to get into that hall was insane.

I wish someone took a stealth video of Jake's video. He was described somewhere as "beaming."

Tweety, it gets too hard to keep up with the tweets or sort through them all!

I think I'll be skipping TDKR. Never saw the first Nolan one, didn't like TDK even though Heath was amazing in it. I found it boring and overwrought. And Christian Bale was just annoying. I don't get the love.

Somehow, I think they will survive without my ticket $$.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Donnie Darko!!!

Anonymous said...

Guillian Piñón ‏@psychoguiller

jake gyllenhaal was apparently at ray's deli on hudson. right by gho. uhhhhhh

Paula C. said...

UV, I saw the clip today, loved it!

Monica and Bobbyanna, here in Portugal The Dark Knight Rises premieres on August 2nd and I can`t wait to see it ,Nolan direct two of my favorite movies, Inception and the Dark Knight and I have great expectations for this one.

bobbyanna said...

I'll definitely see it this weekend! UV, for me, the first one, with Liam Neeson, was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting much, since all the other Batman movies were so cartoonish.

I just really love the cast Nolan's assembled. Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and the incomparable Michael Caine. I think they give the franchise class.

Christian Bale's OK most of the time.: ) The way Nolan's structured the character, he really doesn't have a lot to do. Not a whole lot of "acting." The first Batman was Bale's strongest, IMO. But I agree, it can be annoying and one dimensional.

I'm looking forward to Anne, Tom Hardy, etc. I also am a Christopher Nolan fan.

Today it's supposed to hit 102 degrees. It's already in the 80's here.

Sag Actor said...

I agree that EOW was overshadowed at Comic Con but it still got some positive buzz and reviews.

I plan on seeing The Dark Knight Rises this weekend too. I van take or leave Bale at times but I do like him as Batman.

Monica said...

My history with Batman is old. I am a fan since the age of five, I saw all Batman movies in the movie theater, yes, also Burton Batmans.
I like the Nolan Batmans because they are closer to what the character really is and his movies are not just silly stories and explosions.

Sag Actor said...

I agree Monica, Nolan has come the close as he can be with the true characterization of Batman IMO. I did like Batman Returns by Burton and Keaton and Michelle P. was the perfect Catwoman.

Monica said...

Paula, you can see the video of End of Watch here: trailer addict

Steph add new stills: IHJ

Sag, I also like Batman Returns. Keaton was a great Batman.

Hagen said...

Via Twitter: Productivity suffers

Anonymous said...

Nolan destroyed the Batman I grew up with, kids today actually think he created batman. I'm sorry but I think Nolan likes the dark side and takes his actors there with him. While he is not directing the Superman, he is the producer and Henry Cavill looks horrible as Superman.

Monica said...

I'm sorry but I think Nolan likes the dark side and takes his actors there with him.

What are you talking about?

Batman has always been dark!

UltraViolet said...

Brutally hot here, too, Bobbyanna. Can't wait for it to break.

Hagen, I forgot to say thanks for the casting info. Definitely not Jake's double :) And I wonder what set those poor Torontonians were watching.

Leonor, did you get to watch Donnie Darko? It's amazing how loved that movie still is.

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

Just need to throw this out there that Jake Gyllenhal casually strolled by me last night in the west vill. Can't deal.
9:16 AM - 17 Jul 12


it happened too quick! Him and his gf walked by me and my bf. only 4 people in the vicinity!
8:19 AM - 17 Jul 12

Monica said...

Today it's supposed to hit 102 degrees. It's already in the 80's here

in Brazil is measured in Celsius.
80°F means 27°Celsius. For me it is not hot.

Paula C. said...

Monica, I can imagine that for you 40º Celsius is almost normal :)

Here the temperatures have been 35º and I can not leave my house during the day especially with a big belly!

Chica said...

I'm melting here in NY, hot as hell! They said that this will be the last beastly day here in NY.

A friend of mine lives near the Lowes theater at Lincoln Center in NY and saw some of the cast for The Dark Knight Rises at the premiere, she said the crowds were huge desite the heat and went nuts. This is going to be a huge.

Monica said...

End of Watch ‏@EndOfWatchMovie
Want to win an all expense paid trip to LA to catch the premiere of ‪#EndOfWatch‬? Enter to win courtesy of @AMCTheatres.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Monica! I hadn't seen that.

From twitter:

Jake Gyllenhaal just chilling outside @campfirenyc building entrance. Dying to tell him that I named my son after him.
8:53 AM - 18 Jul 12

UltraViolet said...

Glad to see some promotion starting for EoW.

I don't think anyone has used this headline, but they should: Jenny Lewis scoffers another Gyllenhaal

First, the movie: As Indiewire reports, Very Good Girls marks the directorial debut of Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, who wrote the screenplays for Bee Season and Losing Isaiah. Lewis' dual role as composer and music supervisor suggests the soundtrack might feature some of her musical kindred spirits — maybe fellow Saddle Creek vets Bright Eyes? The movie's star-studded cast reportedly includes Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard Dreyfuss, and Demi Moore, but no release date is listed just yet.

UltraViolet said...

Jake visiting Mom's set?

Outside the office today. Gyllenhaal, D. Fanning and the littlest Olsen.
10:32 AM - 18 Jul 12

bobbyanna said...

I wonder if it was part of their contract that Dakota & Elizabeth get to spend quality time with Jake? LOL! (kidding!)

We're getting a weather break (mid-70's) and some much needed rain today.

Anonymous said...

steven grillo ‏@stevegorilla

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal almost beat up some paparazzi this morning.. That was kinda cool...

Hagen said...

Pictures of Jake on the set of "Very Good Girls" on "I heart Jake". The beard is gone.

Anonymous said...

lily kane ‏@lilykane

Getting coffee at La Colombe I saw Jake Gyllenhaal & also a trashcan on the corner burst into flames. He’s *that* hot. It’s *that* hot out.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, anon. And thanks, Hagen. Weird weather in the area. Put up a new post while I could. Hopefully, it will cool off in the aftermath.

Also, I see why no one laughed at my headline, lol. That was supposed to say "Jenny Lewis scores another Gyllenhaal," not scoffers!