Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More toys

It's like Christmas in January. Except that we can't actually play with them yet. But we can take a look at the Prince of Persia toy line-up and see what Jake Gyllenhaal looks like in miniature.

So, how do you like the likeness?

This post has specifics for some of the toys, as well as the usual funny commentary. It also says these are prototypes, so let's hope they work on Jake's face a bit more. He has such an expressive face:

I know it's impossible to copy perfection, but they can get a little closer!


JF said...

Thanks for the new post! :)

I like the body of the action figure, but the face needs improvement.
The real Jake looks absolutely yummy as the Price.

I'd love to see Jake make a movie with Scorcese.

Would be awsome. Maybe one day?

UltraViolet said...

I'd love it if Jake could establish a relationship with a great director the way DiCaprio has with Scorsese. Thoguh Marty isn't quite in his prime. I wasn't a fan of The Departed, really. And as I said, Shutter Island looks a little iffy to me.

Anonymous said...

It looks very much like Jake could be filming in the same city at the same time as Kirsten Dunst.

Monica said...

I hope that the product will reach the stores is much better!

Apparently yes, anon. I don't like Dunst, in my opinion she's a bad actress, but this movie seem to be promising.

The 75-Plus Most Anticipated Films Of 2010:
"Source Code" - Vendome Pictures- dir. Duncan Jones
Synopsis: An amnesiac soldier wakes up aboard a train and finds himself reliving a bombing in order to solve it.
What You Need to Know: Director Jones proved himself an able hand at the thoughtful reimagining of the sci-fi genre with his debut, 2009’s "Moon," and for his follow up he’s staying within the futuristic, sci-fi realm, but adding some action to the mix. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in what sounds like a mashup of "The Matrix," the "Bourne" films, and "Groundhog Day." Our review of the script by Ben Ripley shows it to be a fresh twist on its influences, with a killer plot. In the deft hands of Jones, who clearly understands the ins and outs of the genre, it's sure to be one of the most exciting films of 2010/11.
Release Date: 2011/TBD

Anonymous said...

I also think the action figure's face needs to look more like Jake's face. The body is fine.

lawgoddess said...

Jake's face is a lot prettier than the doll's. Sorry, "action figure's."

I'm starting to get excited about Source Code.

bobbyanna said...

That "action figure" needs a lot of work!...Altho,they might want to use it if they decide to do action figures for Pancho Villa or Jesus.

UV, and anyone else who hasn't seen it, "Revolutionary Road" was directed by Sam Mendes, and you have to be prepared, because Leo rips your heart out.

I've never seen anything like it. IMO, it's his best work ever. I agree about Swoff. Another career high for Jake. Also directed by Sam Mendes.

If I had to guess, Jake probably likes the idea of working collaboratively with Sam, David Fincher, and Doug Liman. But, I would also love it if he could find his artistic soul mate like Robert DeNiro and Leo have.

I think Martin Scorcese is genius. I'd love to hear him lecture on film history. He's amazing. He and Robert Altman are my
personal " all time greatest filmmakers."

bobbyanna said...

What a coincidence. Talk about Sam Mendes and there he is! justjared has it that Sam's going to direct the next James Bond movie! Well.

FluorescentLamp said...

What does it say about me that my favorite Scorcese film is The Last Waltz?

I think 6" of Jake is far better than 4" of Jake. ;-)

Monica said...

What does it say about me that my favorite Scorcese film is The Last Waltz?


I don't have just one favorite. I love Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, The Color of Money, Casino, Cape Fear.

FluorescentLamp said...

I always wanted to like Raging Bull - even more so now since it was released on Jake's birthday - but it's just soooo depressing, sooo violent. I remember coming out of the movie theatre the weekend it opened - happy BIRTHday, Jake - and felt ill. So, not one I'll ever watch again.

bobbyanna said...

I LOVED the Last Waltz! In fact I loved all the ones you have mentioned,too, monica. Then consider MS made Age of Innocence, which was so different from those others. FL, Raging Bull was really depressing. Revolutionary Road is even worse.

"I think 6" of Jake is far better than 4" of Jake. ;-)"

I wouldn't argue with that!

FluorescentLamp said...

Revolutionary Road is even worse.

My mother recently saw that and said the same thing.

Other than the odd deep, depressing Jake films, because hey it's Jake and I have to see them, I'm not one that likes my movies "heavy".

Anonymous said...

I found a tweet!

Melomystik: just saw Jake Gyllenhal @ Urth cafe on Bev drive and had a brief encounter w him + hugged him. he's so cute!!:) props to Reese Witherspoon
about 2 hours ago from mobile web

(hmm, not sure what she means about Reese, I guess she doesn't relaize they broke up)

Monica said...

Favorite 100 Movies of the Decade (#100-76):

77 Zodiac dir. David Fincher (2007)
Fincher's obvious affinity for obsessive haunted analytical men makes me worried for him. Do you think he'll be tearing his hair out while drinking himself to oblivion for years trying to solve the mystery of Benjamin Button being his most popular film and the only one Oscar ever cared for (even though it's nowhere close to his best)?

Agree. BB was a good movie, but never come close to what was Zodiac.

bobbyanna said...

Aww! I'm glad that girl had a nice "encounter" with Jake and gave him a hug! That sounds sweet.

Zodiac is quite something.It stays with you. Glad they acknowledged it.

Chica said...

I like the body but the face definately needs work!

I would love for Jake develop a relationship with a great director like Martin and Leo as you mentioned UV. He has worked with so many great direcror's, would love for him to work with Mendes again.

I saw Revolutionary Road and Leo surprised me. I was more effected by his performance as Winslet's husband than of Kate. Too bad his performance wasn't recognized and praised at the time.

My favorite Scorsese movie is Raging Bull, I wasn't impressed with The Departed, they gave him that AA for that to make up for losing for Raging Bull IMO.

bobbyanna said...

Yay! I just found a tweet, too!!! Guess you just have to be really creative in spelling Jake's name! LOL!

"Oooh sitting near Jake gylenhall (sp?) at Shima in Venice. Cutie!!
3 minutes ago from Echofon"

UltraViolet said...

Yay, Bobbyanna and yay, anon! And yes, BA, you have to do all the variations of Jake's name to cover all the bases. But it can pay off :)

I'm not a big Sam Mendes fan. I love Jarhead, but I really did not like American Beauty, a very overrated movie IMO. Didn't enjoy Road to Perdition, either, really. Maybe Bond will loosen him up.

I'd like to see Jake develop that Leo/Scorsese or De Niro/Scorsese relationship but I don't know who should his director.

I think 6" of Jake is far better than 4" of Jake.

Hard to argue with that :)

Thanks for all the links, Monica. If I ever get a spare month, I'd love to compile all of the Jake mentions in these Best of decade lists.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The Dastan action figure is cool, but yeah the face needs major work!

It's great that a lot of Jake films are turning up on the best decade lists like BBM and Zodiac.

The Last Waltz to me was one of the best concert films ever, glad to see that there are fans here as well!!

My favorite M. Scorcese films are Mesn Streets, Alice Doesn't Live here anymore and Raging Bull

Paula said...

Hmmm. The figure looks a bit like Colin Farrell. I like Colin but he isn't Jake!

What a nice tweet and what a lucky woman. You have to search Jake tweets using so many spellings, Jillinhal is one that a stumbled on once!

I run hot and cold concerning Sam Mendes. I liked Jarhead and Revolutinary Road, but I never understood the Americsn Beauty hoopla at the time although I did like Spacey's performance.

Interesting that he will be doing Bond next. I would like to see Jake do another movie with Fincher, I loved Zodiac.

My all time Scorsese film has to be Taxi Driver hands down.

Carla said...

The face of the action figure looks a bit.....mmh they should work on it a bit more...:-)

Mendes can be good - I liked "Jarhead" (Surprise!) and "American Beauty" but RR was too depressing for me and - in contrary to some others here - I thought Leo was miscasted.

Scorsese was a genius with films like "Raging Bull" or "Taxi Driver" but I think his films during the last decade are not so impressing (at least not for me) and I am also ambivalent on his permanent working with DiCaprio. Not sure whether working with the same actor over and over again is always an advantage. The same with Burton / Depp.

Doug Limans has updated is blog and the "Untitled Moon Project" now has a title:

"When it comes to visual effects, there are certain tones in movies where it’s ok that you can tell it’s fake but in my Moon project, (now called Argonauts) I need everything to look 100% real...."


The title reminds me a bit of the greek mythology....sounds interesting.

mary said...

i agree the face could be a little better likeness but the body looks good

Sag Actor said...

Well I do like the dagger, the action figure is so-so.

Jason and the Argonauts, I remember that film, at least UMP now has a title! So happy to see Zodiac making so many lists, it's one of may favorites for the decade.

Martin hasn't done any thing recently that I was impressed with, I love his older films like Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy when we get tweets about Jake. I hate it when we don't here anything for ages. I know when he's busy working we don't, but during his down time I hope he's getting out, seeing friends, keeping busy.

He's such a classy guy! I love him and I wish him only the best! That girl who saw him and gave him a hug, I hope she knows she was giving a hug from me, too.

Monica said...

Empire: Review of the Decade
The Films Of The Decade:
2002: 7)Donnie Darko

2005: 7)Brokeback Mountain

2007: 6)Zodiac

50 Great Movie Posters: Donnie Darko

10 Most Memorable Character Names: Donnie Darko

10 People You'd Never Heard Of Before 2000: The Gyllenhaals

10 Most Quoted Lines:
"I don't know how to quit you" - Brokeback Mountain (2005)

I think the quote from BBM is wrong!

UltraViolet said...

They did get the quote wrong, Monica. Kind of embarrassing!

I wish I had saved the link, but I did see one Top 10 of the decade that had Donnie Darko, BBM and Zodiac all on it. Pretty cool.

a very disgusted bobbyanna, said...

I think when a person uses phrases like "reeks of gheyness" or describes someone as a "pillow-biter" they're telling on themselves. The people promoting these delusions aren't gay friendly,or supportive of gay rights. They like to give offense.

Whether straight or gay, they're definitely homophobes. If they're gay, they've just internalized their homophobia. The end result's the same.

They're leveling ACCUSATIONS with the intent to do harm. That's key to understanding them. They believe there's something wrong with being gay.

"Reek" is a negative term, and "pillowbiter"'s a term of ridicule,derogatory and demeaning when used to describe gay sex.

Certain people have made it their crusade to "get" Jake. They're misguided enough to think they're smearing him. Whatever their twisted reasons,they've made Jake a focus of their anger. If he were actually gay, they'd still say the same things.

No one's going to guilt Jake or his fans into cowering, when this ugly behavior oozes from their sick, twisted minds. I see it for what it is, which is the hateful act of a coward. How pathetic.

I love Jake because I admire the kind of person he's shown himself to be. I'd feel the same no matter what his sexual orientation were. It's his humanity I find attractive.

(OK to delete this. I just needed to vent.)

Anonymous said...

Very well put Bobbyanna!.

Tweety said...

Very well put Bobbyanna, sometimes it's really hard being a part of Jake's fandom. Such nastiness and all-around shitty and juvenile behaviour by so-cslled adults.

You hit the nail on the head: I don't find thier behavior and actions gay-friendly, they are just too clueless to figure it out themselves.

On another note I was going to link to the IHJ pics of Jake at that medical building in BH, but I didn't like the pics, it's obvious he didn't want to be bothered.

Let's hope this tweet is true and he is in Montreal:

outsideorg: @EmmaK67 Great taste! Mr J is a big time director now, you looking to be whisked off to erm Montreal? He's there now with Jake Gyllenhall.
about 3 hours ago

PS: Love the body on the doll but the face, meh!

Anonymous said...

If there are photographers around you never know what they may be saying to him - and you know Reese will be mentioned by some. It has to be very uncomfortable for both of them at the moment.
As for the other stuff - there are just people who hate. They are jealous or they are angry at an actor or actress for whatever reason, where that person has done nothing to them.
There isn't an actor out there - would imagine if we looked on every site where people talk about actors everyone of them have the - but he's gay. Rem. reading Hugh Jackman's wife saying after one of his performances on stage she had gone to the restroom and there were two ladies in there talking about hearing that Hugh was gay.
Of course his wife said - No, he's not.
For some gay fans they are hateful toward him because he hasn't turned out to be Jack Twist in real life and are upset he has been involved with women.
For others who just are homophobic, they want to hurt anyone who is popular.
It's weird.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Absolutely in agreement Bobbyanna!!!

Monica said...

Duncan Jones twitter:

Thanks for the Montreal ski tips, everyone! Now just need to find time to go.. LA tomorrow. More meetings! Grrr.
about 3 hours ago from TweetDeck

@digitalmaverick not entirely sure, to be honest... will be in Canada shooting for a good few months, then in post in LA for a while
about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to digitalmaverick

Great, bobbyana!

agent_krycek said...

Major excitement - during my horrendous journey into work (we Brits, especially Londoners, don't do snow) I saw a Brothers poster in the tube station - presuming I don't die of hypothermia or get eaten by a polar bear in the near future I shall finally see it this month!

Extra said...

The UK will finally get to see Brothers soon, that's great! Would love to hesr your review AK.

Like everyone else has said, the face on Dastan needs work!

If Jake is in Montreal, that is a bit early, I thought that filming starts in March?

Thank you so much bobbyanna, I think you have summed up a lot of feelings of fans of Jake, sometimes it's not fun at all, that's why I love this blog.

Anonymous said...

Jake's not in Montreal. Duncan is heading to LA.

Extra said...

Thnaks, anon! I should have read the tweet that Monica posted more closely! That would make sense since Source code is still in pre-production.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


"In a piece titled, “Jake Isn’t Giving Up On Reese,” Perez Hilton, picking up on a story from In Touch Weekly, reports that in an effort to win back Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal “sent Reese $75,000 worth of vintage dinnerware from France for a Christmas present as well as [has been] sending e-mails and flowers in hopes she’ll change her mind.”

A “friend” is even quoted as saying, “He isn’t giving up without a fight.”

Gossip Cop is here to bust this bad dish – or dishes, as it were. A source close to Gyllenhaal assures us the vintage dinnerware story is entirely “not true.”"

Slow news said...

I don't think we or anyone else needs to inform via gossip cop that the story was false.

It took Gossip cop almost 2 weeks. LOL!! A source close to Gyllenhaal are probably the same source In Touch used for their story=both made up!

If Jake is doing any wooing to get her back, I would assume thst it would be something more romantic than dinnerware.

But thanks for stopping by and playing even though you are just as late as Gossip cop with thie "revelation".

Monica said...

These gossip sites are a disgrace! Since the death of Heath and recently with Jake, I want to stay away from these places.
Nobody had ever heard of Gossip Cop and now it comes to sources close ... Who is this site to tell if someone is lying, if they themselves lied twice? Remember? Jake was in a resort with friends!

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL I didn't need GossipCop to tell me that story was hooey. But thanks, GossipCop.

Monica said...

Something more important:

ManMadeMoonOn: plane again. Montreal to LA. Going to do some script Reading in flight and maybe catch up on sleep. Be good while I'm gone!!
about 3 hours ago from Echofon

I am enjoying reading the post by Duncan Jones on twitter. He seems to be a person in love, fun, nice, ...

sonata said...

I think I finally figured out what is wrong with the face on the action figure, why it doesn't look like Jake. The eyes are all wrong! Jake has very large, expressive eyes, with a lot of white showing (especially the white of his left eye) and this action figure has small beady eyes. I think fixing that would go a long way to looking more like Jake.

Sheba baby said...

I think you got it Sonata, the eyes are all wrong. I'm sure the kids don't mind but the grown-ups like me sure the hell do!

Thanks so much Monica, Duncan is fun to read, I hope Jake has a blast filming Source code.

I agree with you 100% Bobbyanna.

No comment on "gossip cop"!!!

Extra said...

Jake on competeing with Maggie:


Tweety said...

I think Jake will be involved in Source code, filming and or pre-production. He had to drop out of the ping-pong tournament next week:


gossip center said...

I know that Jake became a Steelers fan and is probably a fan of the Patriots as well but this pic of Reese wearinga Longhorn hat reminds me that Jake went to a few Longhorn games back in '06 when he was hanging with Lance and Matt:


The are playing Alabama tonight.

Monica said...

Asking James Cameron Who Else Could Have Starred In 'Avatar'

Monica said...

Two Steps From Hell - Blade Blade (Prince of Persia Trailer Music):

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Monica, I can see Jake in that role but not Matt Damon.

Love the music video, never heard of the group but they sounded really cool.

Too bad that Jake had to drop out of that charity event, but it sounds like he may be busy preparing for Source code.

(((Bobbyanna))) Vent away, I feel the same, too many creepy elements in this fandom. I try to block all that crap out and focus on the man and his movies. Some obviously could care less about that and get off on gossip and other bullshit. The hell with them,don't let them get to you .

bobbyanna said...

This is such a great place to hang out! You guys are the best!

Don't you love it that Duncan Jones is such a dedicated tweeter! Too bad about the ping pong!

Thanks monica! I had no idea Jake was considered for Avatar. I'm glad he didn't do it!Most of chatter is about the visual effects. James Cameron has "revolutionized" special effects, and film making techniques, etc., etc., etc.

Not surprising, no one has much to say about the actors, or the "plot.":)I intend to see it, but I think I'm definitely not in the right demographic. Altho,my youngest daughter was really ambivalent, and my brother really loved it!

We're having snow!

Chica said...

It's snowing here too, not as much as before Christmas but enough to make going to work a mess!

I actually enjoyed Avatar more than I thought, very heavy on CGI and light on plot but a dazzling film experience. I remember reading about Jake being one of the actors being considered at one point.

This place is great Bobbyanna and one of the reasons are posters like you, you expressed yourself well in your previous comment and agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Will we be able to see Prince of Persia:the Sands of Time in 3D?

I wonder how it works, because you can see Avatar with or without 3D.

Monica said...

Between Avatar and Prince of Persia, I choose Avatar.
It is the second highest box office film and is one of the films that will be on Oscar.
Of course it will not have nominations for the cast (POP as well), but would have been great to see Jake in a movie revolutionary.

Extra said...

You should be able to see Prince of Persia in both: 2D and 3D.

Anonymous said...

Avatar in 2D may lose some of its oomph .. they say the 3D is the best so far and really makes you feel you are there. Without that the story and acting may show up even more. Tho am sure it will still be enjoyed.
Prince of Persia has CGI of course, but it's also got real live looking people. I like that.

UltraViolet said...

I adore Duncan Jones for tweeting. I hope he will continue as the movie unfolds.

Going back to Sam Mendes - one of the reasons I wouldn't want Jake to have a Leo/Scorsese relationship with him is that I don't think Mendes understands America quite as well as he thinks he does. Both American Beauty and Road to Perdition were underwhelming for me, and I wonder if I'll have the same reaction to Revolutionary Road. The combination of pretension and presumptuousness puts me off.

This story has a couple of interesting new tidbits - about continuing to work for love if you believe in it and about Maggie and Ramona/family.

I'm looking forward to more tidbits from the British Brothers promotion.

sonata said...

Hmm....am I the only one a little disturbed that twice Jake got so lost in a role that he physically hurt someone? God knows I love Jake, but man, step away from the Method Acting, 'kay?

Monica said...

I would love him to be a method actor, but he is not. I do not know what happened in those days in Jarhead ...
Christian Bale is a method actor.

Anonymous said...

I do not know what happened in those days in Jarhead

I read a co-star accidentally chipped Jake's tooth during a scene and Jake, understandably so, got angry about it.

Anonymous said...

Other way around. Scene when angry Swoff points his rifle in the other guy's face inside the tent. Jake chipped other guys's tooth.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks so much for that article UV. I remember reading about the tensions on the set of Jarhead, he delivered a great performance because of it IMO.

Interseting comments on Tobey that there were tensions between them before filming.

Love what he had to say about him and Maggie tring to make family the #1 priorty.

The continuing to work for love and everything should work out if you truly love one another was interesting as were his comment about them being followed around, something his parents didn't have to deal with.

A lot of stuff was swirling around during this interview, he chose not to discuss it directly of course but he did manage to make certain things clear (to me anyway) while maintaining privacy.

Bottom line: I now have a different "spin" on what happened between J&R and still may be going on but I won't speculate, especially if i'm wrong!

PS: Even if a rag cover is PR approved, it may not be what's really going on, although things may have yet "changed" again since that interview he did.

Office Of Nancy Pelosi said...

I forgot to add that " a couple that is going through hard times should be able to figure things out if they truly love each other" comment was intriguing.

Also his comments on visiting the prisions while doing research for Brothers, it really effected him.

I think Jake really "grew-up" while making this film.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Anon 8.44pm Jake chipped his own tooth by pulling on the rifle and pointing at his face while the guy was holding on too tight. He yanked it towards him and chipped his tooth. Then in a rage he lashed out at Brian. Its on the dvd extras. He showed it on camera and it was only a tiny chip anyway but must have cut his mouth.

I don't know about method acting. Does that mean immersing yourself fully into a part so that Jake disappears and Swoff takes over? So then is that acting or being? Or is acting practice and improvisation. All I know is that the process is fascinating and glad I don't have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Sun Times item says Reese is over him, but he thinks she's his soulmate. Hope his head is in a better place now then it was for the interview. Some people have a hard time accepting changes. Jake's parents problems have affected him deeply, judging from this article.

Anonymous said...

Although I don't believe the fanfiction posted in the Chicago Times no more than I believe the tabloid crap, I do believe that his parents split may have an effect on him. He was in a stable relationship for over 2 years with someone who is grounded and has children, I think Jake thinks that is the ideal life for him and he doesn't want to let go, JMHO.

Sorry for the speculation again but it's not uncommon for people to try and win back someone. Also, I doubt that Reese is 100% over him.

Monica said...

Its on the dvd extras. He showed it on camera and it was only a tiny chip anyway but must have cut his mouth.

In my DVD of Jarhead doesn't have that extra.

sonata said...

Yeah, I know the speculation is frowned on here, but I like hearing other's thoughts on it anyway because I for one can't make any sense of the split. We know it's just fans ruminating and that none of us has the inside scoop. But nothing adds up for what's been reported and the crap tabloid reasons don't make sense (Reese doesn't want marriage and Jake's not good stepdad material? huh?!?).

I wonder if it's simply a more ordinary reason...disagreement over holiday plans. Jake wanted to visit his family, Reese wanted to visit her family, Ryan wanted the kids with him. Something going on with Jake's dad (as he referenced in his own blog, mentioning family problems at the same time as J/R's problems, coincidence?) anyway, this all putting pressure on the situation. Jake and Reese have a big ole fight, probably the first big fight of their relationship (since they seem so compatible otherwise). Reese, feeling overwhelmed since she's the one trying to keep everyone happy and the one caught in the middle, pulls the plug on the relationship or maybe she just needs a breather. *shrug* makes as much sense as everything else that's been bandied about.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Why will they have disappeared + or - 3000 Jake's videoes in youtube (Only there are 71) and your web site officially? About November...

Anonymous said...

Monica, it's on the two disc US version when they were given camcorders to do a video diary while filming.

sonata said...

Oh wow, Jake's official site *is* gone! Not that it was much of anything to begin with, but interesting that it's gone now. Happened about November you say? Maybe Jake is attempting to have less of a web presence, and if he wanted his dad to do the same, maybe that's been causing conflict there.

Anonymous said...

No matter what happened on Jarhead - and i'd be upset too if i chipped a tooth and in the tension of making a movie it could of happened the other way with the other actor. Anyway, the main thing i rem. that Mendes said about Jake was he held him in the highest regard. It's on the extras.
Whoever writing about how Jake and Reese in the Chicago paper. it's still the poor little Jake - and strong Reese who doesn't care about him anymore. i think both of that is baloney.

suvee said...

Yeah, I know the speculation is frowned on here, but I like hearing other's thoughts on it anyway because I for one can't make any sense of the split.

Thank you, sonata...... you expressed my feelings exactly. This split just seemed to come out of nowhere so suddenly. They were ostensibly together and happy in September (those wonderful MV race photos), and then, BAM...... they are done in November. Not saying it couldn't happen that way, it just doesn't make sense to me.

But I do appreciate hearing other Babbler's thoughts on the subject.

Monica said...

Monica, it's on the two disc US version when they were given camcorders to do a video diary while filming.

Mine is just one disc!
I have two discs of Brokeback Mountain, with two special covers!

Maybe Jake is attempting to have less of a web presence

It would be nice if that happened.

sonata said...

I don't know about method acting. Does that mean immersing yourself fully into a part so that Jake disappears and Swoff takes over?

Yeah sorta. I think method acting is drawing upon your real-life emotions and bringing it to the scene. I think it's either trying to remember similar emotions from incidences in your own life, or immersing yourself so much into the character that you really feel what they feel, you aren't just pretending to act it. Personally, I'm not a big believer in the technique...it is acting after all, and I think actors should be able to act without needing to truly feel. I also think it's a bit dangerous since the emotions are very strong/hostile/angry. I often think of all the troubled method actors too (Brando, Dean, Clift) and don't think it's a particularly healthy approach to the craft.

That said (and after chastising Jake for engaging in it) I now remember a scene where Reese did it too...in Cruel Intentions, the scene where her character breaks up with Sebastian, it was an angry emotional scene and Reese slapped Ryan (her co-star) and that wasn't called for in the script, she just got carried away.

sonata said...

I don't know about method acting. Does that mean immersing yourself fully into a part so that Jake disappears and Swoff takes over?

Yeah sorta. I think method acting is drawing upon your real-life emotions and bringing it to the scene. I think it's either trying to remember similar emotions from incidences in your own life, or immersing yourself so much into the character that you really feel what they feel, you aren't just pretending to act it. Personally, I'm not a big believer in the technique...it is acting after all, and I think actors should be able to act without needing to truly feel. I also think it's a bit dangerous since the emotions are very strong/hostile/angry. I often think of all the troubled method actors too (Brando, Dean, Clift) and don't think it's a particularly healthy approach to the craft.

That said (and after chastising Jake for engaging in it) I now remember a scene where Reese did it too...in Cruel Intentions, the scene where her character breaks up with Sebastian, it was an angry emotional scene and Reese slapped Ryan (her co-star) and that wasn't called for in the script, she just got carried away.

sonata said...

oops, sorry for the double post.

Sherlock Holmes said...

I noticed that Jake's official site several months ago was gone. I think Jake's handlers decided not to pay that idiot to run it anymore and he just let the domain expire.

The site was an embarrassment anyway. Funny thing is back in 2006 during the infamous babygate incident, Jake's father trashed all the Jake fan sites as being stalkerish, among other things and said that Jake already has an official site and there is no need for unofficial sites.

Now we have Jake's father blogging on his own site and Jake's site gone and him commenting on the pressures of the paps on relationships.

It's like Jake now wants the privacy his Dad was talking about back then.

Suvee, you have also have to add the sightings of them together in PA, NY a side trip to SF as well up until early November. Also comments on ontd of Jake taking Reese to visit his extended family in PA. I thought there was a sighting of them togehter after the break up, or I may be mistaken.

Also, there was some speculation about Jake having a place in Venice, CA because he is frequently spotted there.

Remember the sighting of Jake at that NY airport on Christmas eve leaving NY and Reese leaving Christmas day and thought that was odd even if Ryan had the kids that day?

My theory: They have taken a break but they had plans involving the kids so they spent part of Christmas day - Sunday together. The next sighting of them after that was Sunday: Reese in Venice with her kids and Jake later on in NY ( there was a tweet of him on a flight, and he was on his way to NY based on the tweets of him there).

She then was tweeted in Park City Utah with her kids Mon. - Wed. skiing with her kids. He obviously wasn't involved in the skiing trip and he could have gone some place else for Christmas but I think it adds up for me also There was a tweet of Maggie in L.A. on Christmas eve, if true then she, Jake and probably Peter and Ramona chose to fly seperately, like Reese.

I think Reese and her kids flew to Utah that Sunday from Venice since they were spotted in Pc the next day. Venice is near LAX, but she lives in Brentwood, odd if she would go out of her way to fly from there if that was the case. Or some after Christmas shopping in Venice.....

bobbyanna said...

I forgot about the chipped tooth, etc. during filming Jarhead! Alas, I don't have the two disc version.

Between Duncan Jones' tweets and his blog, and Doug Liman's blogging, hopefully we'll get good stuff on the "making of."

I liked that interview, UV. Foreign press interviews seem more interesting. Our media's shallow and assumes the same about their audience.

I just hate it when speculation becomes central to all discussions about Jake. IMHO,it's ridiculous, like the tabloids we claim to hate.

We all speculate. It's natural. But if there's no news,it's not fact-based, and pre-occupation with it gets tiresome, and often gets ugly. That's all some people want to talk about! It's the constant pre-occupation I find tedious, especially when it veres off into fantasyland. But I'd be lyin' if I say I don't speculate.

Other fans do what we do:Search blogs and Google Jake news. They read the speculation and add to it. Makes me wonder why Jake or anyone puts up with being famous.

Off to Home Depot, Lowe's and Tile Shop! Ugh! Fifteen degrees out here...but sunny.

Anonymous said...

Well, who knows what happened between them. Maybe Reese needed some space. It wouldn't be uncommon, and maybe she's a little nervous about taking that big step again, and it's a big one this time.

I don't know how you can separate acting from feeling - it just wouldn't have realism. I'm glad I'm not an actor either because I'd be worn out and emotionally drained at the end of a film.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how Jake reaches his "destination" but it was pretty obvious,even with October Sky, that he has a real gift for literally transforming himself. It's is so subtle it can take your breath away! Almost as if these characters represent different parts of him, as I'm sure they do. If you watch his walk, his gestures, his body language, the totality is pretty amazing. I think Jake likes collaboratingwith his directors. I took his comments about Jim Sheridan talking to random people and changing dialogue as being said in good fun, not because Jake was bothered by it.

Anonymous said...

^^It's very wonderful. He was great in OS, especially being so young. You could see he had talent.

Park City is great place to go if you need a little space. I wonder what, if anything, she decided.

FluorescentLamp said...

Thanks, Bobbyanna. I was just going to post basically the same thing. You did it better. :-)

Of course speculation is normal. But often times when people start disrespecting other points of view and taking sides, much like in a messy divorce, it gets uncomfortable and ugly. I don't like uncomfortable and ugly. Especially when discussing two people we don't even know.

In other sad news, Gumby creator Art Clokey died. I didn't realize he also created Sunday morning staple, Davey & Goliath.

A little Gumby for your Saturday.

Eddie Murphy did it best: I'm Gumby, dammit!

Chica said...

I enjoy reading Jake's inteviews with the foreign press, a hell of a lot more interesting than what passes for journalism here.

Jake always seems to get under the skin of his characters, makes him one of the most interesting and best actors out there.

Speculation is fine but it does get tedious especially when there really isn't anything new.

Good luck at Home depot, etc, Bobbyanna, it's about 20 degrees here but feels a lot colder!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not an actor either because I'd be worn out and emotionally drained at the end of a film.

Yeah, me too. I think Jake is an improvisational actor rather than a method actor as many of his co-stars said he likes to try new things and the takes are never the same. That must have drove Fincher crazy. That doesn't mean to say he's unprepared. On the contrary, he may be so prepared that he feels confident enough to try new things. Our guy is a deep, constant thinker as you can see the cogs spinning when you look in his eyes. Like you can see the instant when a thought pops into his head, then the next thought is should I say what's on my mind, then the result. Great to experience because you wonder if the result is the one you thought it would be and often its better.

Anonymous said...

Things can 'seem' OK, but maybe they'd been talking about a break for a few weeks before deciding. I just believe Jake found himself in a difficult position in Reese's life. Both of them have families that could create pressures.

I wonder if the tickets for the Rose Bowl game were a gift to Deacon? Jake is friends with Matthew McC and Matt's a huge fan who gets to hang with the team and the coaches.

debbie said...

I think all the gossip and speculating is very confusing. I don't know what to believe anymore!

sonata said...

Okay, I fixed the Disney action figure here. See, it's all in the eyes...BIGGER eyes Disney, bigger eyes! ;)

mary said...

yes much better looks more like jkaes face disney needs to listen to us jake fans:)

sonata said...

Actually, flipping between pictures of the actual figure and my mock-up I can see the inconsistencies more clearly. The hair color (including facial hair) is too dark, the forehead isn't high enough, and of course the eyes are too small. The nose and mouth appear to be somewhat accurate.

UltraViolet said...

Nice job, Sonata. Now let's see if the toy folks can make the real thing better.

Forgot to weigh in on Avatar. Since I have zero interest in Avatar, I've been happy Jake's not in it. PoP isn't my usual cup of tea, either, but I think I'll enjoy it more than Avatar.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder that we got around 100 (!!!) dates with paparazzi pictures of Jake mostly with Reese in 2009 until the 3d of September and now - after the split - Jake has obviously no problems to keep his privacy.

The whole "splitting" reports, the "denial" of the handlers, again the splitting reports, no official comment this time makes me feel uncomfortable.

Why did their PR team not release an official statement like Susan Sarandons/Tim Robbins team did? Thats what I call professional. There were some rumours about a new man in Sarandons life but that was it. No silly stories making Robbins look like an idiot.

And Jakes web presence won´t go away - he is an actor and has to deal with a certain public - with the WWW, twitter etc things have changed forever. A professional PR team can work with the net and not against it.

Two fine examples how one can take advantage of the possibilities of the net are Jake next directors - D. Jones and D. Liman.

Monica said...

UV, I like the game, but I'm not a big fan of films like POP. I'm in it just for Jake.
Effects for effects, I prefer Avatar.

Anon 6:22, are you suggesting that he should have a twitter or blog?

Tweety said...

That is so much better Sonata!

Interesting that Jake's official site is gone, I can't imagine Jake on Twitter. I think Jake's comments on privacy is a sign he is older and a bit wiser. A lot of those pap pics of Jake and Reese looked like they were clearly annoyed/distressed IMO. I think he just got tired of the paps and I don't blame him, I think you will see less and less of him in those types of pics. Reese seems to run hot and cold: not seeming to care to pissed.

My 2 cents on them and I'm probably wrong: They may be working on things,away from the glare, making sure they are not seen/tweeted.

I thought the same thing anon, about the tickets to the Game the other day for TX VS AL: they were gifts, I bet he was supposed to go as well but didn't not to cause chatter, again just my 2 cents.

Tweet from L.A.:

buckygunts: Ok is it a coincidence that Jake Gyllenhall is at the table behind me? I think not.
8 minutes ago from txt

Tweety said...

So sorry to hear that Art Clokey passed on.

Thanks for that Gumby clip FL. I remember watching Gumby and Pokey when they were shown in syndication years later after they were first broadcast.

I was always fascinated with Gumby and his parents: what he hell were they? They weren't human that's for sure unlike Davey and his family. Goliath had more sense than anyone in that family!!

Loved Murphy's take-off on Gumby: I'm Gumby damn it!!!

Anonymous said...

"Why did their PR team not release an official statement like Susan Sarandons/Tim Robbins team did? "

Reese&Jake were dating for about three years or less. Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon lived as a married couple, even tho not "officially" married on paper, for more than 20 years, and have two grown sons together.

They were apart for months before they put out an official statement, probably bcz both of them want to be able to get with other people without a lot of rumors.

The confirmation of Reese&Jake splitting the second time around was semi-official, even if no official statement was put out.

Jake knows how to disappear. It will come in handy after the PoP publicity really starts.

FluorescentLamp said...

I remember watching Gumby and Pokey when they were shown in syndication years later after they were first broadcast.

Zing! LOL ohhh I feel so old. :-D

Sonata, meant to comment earlier on your fabulous re-envisioning of the PoP action figure. Well done. :-)

One does wonder the circumstances that led to Reese being at the Rose Bowl for the BSC Bowl. Oh well. Add that to the list of "Things We'll Never Know".

Anonymous said...

Reese was featured in a new interview where she talks about how hard it is being married.

Then she said, "being in a relationship is important to me."

I don't know why, but I keep getting the feeling that Reese is trying to send Jake signals? But I have to admit that she is behaving in an extremely weird way.

Carla said...

Jake attendet the "Dior cocktails for Marion Cotillard and "Nine" event" (whatever that means :-)yesterday.

IHJ has some pictures
Jake and Marion Cotillard

Whats up with that hair-cut...? Sorry Jake but no....!

Shondra said...

Thanks for that link Carla. It's great to see him at an event but not only the hair but he doesn't look like he was dressed for the event!!

Marion is gorgeous.

You made great improvemnents on the Dastan doll Sonata, maybe they should have gotten you to design the doll instead!

Gumby and Pokey's "dad" is gone! I remember that show and Davey and Goliath too, I feel old too! Thanks for the video FL of them and the blockheads! Eddie Murphy's Gumby on SNL was one of his funny bits.

Jake's interviews in the foreign press always reveal more about him and his feelings regarding making movies than the interviews he does over here. The one you posted UV is especially interesting, thanks.

I have some new "speculaton" reagrding J&R but it's too long and involved to post at the moment.

Tweety said...

Tobey, Sean Penn and Michael Mann were at the dio event too!:

Hollywoodtv:Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sean Penn and Producer Michael Mann are at Chateau Marmont 8221 West Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 9004
about 5 hours ago from web

Monica said...

Jake was more elegant in the past.

Marion is beautiful, the dress is beautiful and the hair too, but did not like her smile in these photos.

bobbyanna said...

Wow! What a nice surprise! Marion Cotillard's party. I've been to the WireImage site & most guys were dressed like Jake at that event. Sort of redefines "informal." Maybe he just finished walking Atticus. LOL! I'm just happy to see him out socializing. Jim Sheridan was there too. I have a fangirl crush on Marion!

Sherlock Holmes said...

Anon. @10:12PM: Your speculation that they were apart for months is based on the last pap pics of them together in early sept. There were twicpics of them in ny with his Mom, Maggie and Peter in late Sept., and tweet/sightings of them in NY, Pitt., and even Sf up to early Nov., the split news leaked on 11/29, hardly months, weeks at least.

As far as the unprofessional and tacky way their reps dealt with it has been discussed before. If there was no need to make an official announcement of the split when the Us story came out then why did they bother to deny 2 weeks earlier, they should have let it be.

The "activity" after the break is most curious.

Jake looks a bit tired and under dressed for this event, it looks like the outfit he wore at the Video award show he hosted!

Tweety said...

Maybe he did just finish walking Atti:!

Buckygunts:Oh and I petted Jake's dog, Atticus. Sweet dog. He was sitting right behind me and he kept looking at me, willing me to pet him!
about 12 hours ago from web

10:12 said...

Sherlock Holmes:

I meant that Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon were apart for months before they announced it!

Anyway, what's your point? Jake and Reese are broke up. I don't feel like they owe us any announcements or explanations at all. I think that denial at first, was because of Jake's movie coming out. Bad timing. I agree it was messed up.

sonata said...

How nice to wake up to Jake pics and an Atticus sighting. Tweety, how did you even find that one, Jake's full name isn't used, did you search on Atticus? Or did you just check back on that twitterer because she'd posted before about Jake? Anyway, good job. I'm thinking that was an outdoor table if Jake took his dog with him. I was wondering about Atticus lately, like who looks after him when Jake travels (and Jake's done so much travelling lately). I kinda thought maybe he lived at the farm now, but with the breakup and all I guess that would've changed. Sigh, a breakup affects so many things.

Jake looks like he was just walking by that party and thought hey I'll stop in! Definitely casual, LOL! As for his expression, I'm not sure if he's sad, tired, or just didn't want his pic taken. It's definitely not a very happy expression. Hopefully he had a good time at the party though.

Tweety said...

Sometimes i follow certain tweets, not just Jake tweets if i think they will tweet more. I'm always curious about where Jake and other actors eat, I was hoping she would name the restauraunt!

Glad to see that Atti was there, Jake took him to Pitt. when he was shooting. I assume he puts him in some doggie kennel/hotel when is gone too.

He does look kind of blah. Maybe he didn't want to have his pic taken, i hope he enjoyed himself.

Tweety said...

PS: Beckyguts is in the middle of shooting a pilot (behind the scenes)from reading some of her tweets so she is in the biz, still no mention of where she saw jake and Atti!

Chica said...

Good to see Jake out and about though he looks a bit tired here.

Marion is so gorgeous! Speaking of girl crushes, this reporter has one on Maggie! An interesting interview with Maggie about Crazy Heart, motherhood, acting and the rather sad state of financing independent moviess:

Anonymous said...

There's a story on YAHOO about James Cameron casting for the lead to AVATAR. Apparently the two frontrunners were Matt Damon and Jake Gyllenhaal at one point.

Monica said...

Someone did ask something to you, Anon 4:06?

suvee said...

Great response, anon 4:20!!

I have been monitoring the lists of presenters for the SAG and GG awards...... in the (most likely vain) hope that Jake's name will appear. Doesn't it seem like Disney would want to take this opportunity for Jake to get a little face time on national tv leading up to PoP? Well, it seems like a good idea to me. :)

mary said...

i was thinking the same thing suveebut more like the oscars well just have to wait and see

Monica said...

Suvee, I believe he will be one of the presenters of the Oscar and Bafta.

suvee said...

Oh yeah, the Oscars..... how could I forget them!

I don't care which one it is, I just want to see him all gussied up (that means clean shaven, Jake) at one of the upcoming awards shows.

Sheba baby said...

Thank you 4:20! I also like reading the speculation, no harm as long as it doesn't become the only subject discussed.

I was checking out the names of the presenters for the GG too, if not that maybe the SAG awards, the Bafta's or the Oscars, fingers crossed!!

I liked Art Clokey's Davey and Goliath then Gumby and Pokey, the latter duo kind of freaked me out, thanks for the clip FL!

Enjoyed the Maggie interview Chica, she is really good in Crazy Heart but Jeff is amazing.

Sheba baby said...

Yeah, clean shaven! He sorta looks like my Rabbi in these picures which is fine but I prefer him clean shaven, or with just a bit of scruff.

Josie said...

I've been so busy this past week that I finally have time to catch with my favorite blog! I thought McFarlane would do a better job with this, it's not bad but it really doesn't look like Jake. You did a much better job Sonata!

Good to see Jake, a bit to much facial hair for me and he does look a we bit down/tired. Love Marion, she was the best thing in Public Enemies. The reviews for Nine have not been good, too bad i was looking forward to seeing it.

I haven't had a chance to read Jake and Maggies interviews linked yet, but I wlll later, thanks UV and Chica!

I had no idea A. Clokey died, I loved Gumby and Pokey.

Monica said...

Who's Buying What in the Super Bowl 2010

Walt Disney Pictures
Buy: At least one spot, although the studio declined to comment on its Super Bowl activity.
Creative: The studio is slated to release Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" in March; "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" in May; and Pixar's "Toy Story 3" in June.
Agency: In-house.

Game creator Jordan Mechner comments on the adaptation:

UltraViolet said...

I do wish Jake would dress up more, also, Monica. But I always love it when he wears a scarf. Most of the guys were not dressed up, it seems.

New post.