Monday, January 11, 2010

Awards Man and Women

New photos of Jake Gyllenhaal at a Dior cocktail party for Marion Cotillard. The event was held at the Chateau Marmont:

Is that Brad Pitt in the background? ;)

As awards season gears up, let's take a look back at Jake with some of Oscar's other "best" women. First up, Charlize Theron at the BAFTAs in 2006:

Jake and Penelope Cruz after the BAFTAs in 2007:

And after the Academy Awards last year:

With Kate Winslet at a pre-Golden Globes party in 2005:

Looking beyond Kate Winslet at the Oscars, 2005:

It's kind of a silly photo, but I've never seen it before and it cracked me up.


UltraViolet said...

Monica posted a link on the previous post about Disney's potential SuperBowl ad. I've seen a couple of places where they think it will be for PoP.

In this article, Jerry Bruckheimer delivers the disappointing news that PoP will be under two hours.

For most people, and probably for the movie, that's a good thing. But I was hoping for more than two hours of his Jakeness.

The producer has two major films opening this summer: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Based on the latest cuts, Bruckheimer expects both films to come in under two hours. That may sound like the average film, but Persia at least had the potential to balloon to an epic length.

"It is epic, but it's under two hours," Bruckheimer said. He added, "Prince of Persia is just about done. We've got about maybe 15 visual-effects shots and some music that we're still doing, but it's very close. Sorcerer's isn't completely edited yet. We're still working."

Prince of Persia is based on the video game of the same name, a desert adventure full of swashbuckling action. What separates it from the Pirates films is its emphasis on romance and drama.

"It's a very romantic story," Bruckheimer said. "It's about a young prince who falls in love with his princess through the course of the film. It's a drama but has a lot of humor in it."

Extra said...

That does sort of look like Brad Pitt picking his nose in the background, Ewwwwwww!!!

Love the color of Kate Winset's dress in the last photo. I wonder if Jake's current look is for Source Code?

It makes a lot of sense that Disney will promote Pop during the Superbowl, a perfect target audience. Under 2 hours??!! I guess that makes sense, the film will be shown more times when it's under 2 hours but yes I want more Jake!

bobbyanna said...

Great pictures, UV! I'm loving the picture of Penelope and Jake at last year's Oscar party and I love seeing Jake all dressed up once in a while.

You're right, extra, more viewings, more $$$. I am a little uncomfortable that JB seems to shift emphasis to the romantic love story aspect. I just don't see gamers doing love stories.

I also think the POTC audiences are into action adventure fantasies more than love stories. Wondering who the target audience will be. I really want it to be a success, by any measure.

Monica said...

I love the pictures of Jake with Penelope Cruz. Recently she was in Brazil.
She's a very simple and lovely.

"It's a very romantic story,"
I think this is just to attract the female audience.

Monica said...

This is a tragedy:
Gemma Arterton's Grandmother Found Dead With Fatal Stab Wound

sonata said...

Incredibly sad and shocking news about Gemma's grandmother...and a possible explanation for Jake's grim expression at that recent party/event? I'm sure they're friends at least.

I too find Bruckheimer's description of PoP a little strange. I mean, I *love* the description, romance with humor sounds right up my alley, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience for this movie. I'm not disappointed for myself, but a little worried about the box office.

mary said...

when is the super bowl i guess this means i have to watch it if i not working

Chica said...

I love this montage, I hope Jake gets to present at one of thr many award shows ccoming up.

Penny Cruz is my girl crush, she is stunning, and not a bad actress either!

PoP romantic? I know Jerry is going for the female audience but he must know that their are plenty of female gamers out there.

What horrible news about Gemma's grandmother. He did look glum at the party on Saturday.

lawgoddess said...

I always thought those pictures of Jake with Charlize Theron were adorable.

I'm not seeing any chemistry at all with Marion, but maybe he was tired or having an off day.

bobbyanna said...

You know, it occurs to me, his eyes were maybe bothering him, or his eyes were strained and tired...(from reading scripts.) Or,he could be coming down with something, or allergies, maybe smoke, any number of things. Doesn't he wear contacts or something? One snapshot doesn't necessarily mean he's "down."
I think the beard exaggerates the seriousness of his expression.

I love all three of these women. But I probably, honestly love Penelope most of all, with Marion very close second! (Pen and Xavier BArdem (!) are supposed to getting married!)

UltraViolet said...

What an awful story about Gemma's grandmother. The poor thing, grandmother and Gemma.

I don't think we can read anything into Jake's appearance, certainly nothing dramatic.

I'm not on the Cotillard love train. Probably because I haven't seen La Vie en Rose. She was kind of irritating in Public Enemies. And I don't think I'll be seeing Nine.

I adore the Jake/Charlize pics and almost posted 10 of them, hee. Jake and Penelope look good together. And I've always loved the Jake/Kate W hug photo.

She also has almost the exact same odd expression in all of her photos from the cocktail party. We all know what that's like, having to smile for strangers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, La Vie en Rose was a beautiful movie - Marion was great in it! :)

UltraViolet said...

I plan to see it someday :)

I read a report about the Dior event that referred to Jake as "broody" and Tobey as "dashing," a word I've never associated with TM.

I liked Maggies remarks about Jake in this interview:

Why have you chosen to raise your family in New York?
I love the school there. Her teachers are just bright, thoughtful, wonderful girls and women. I love Brooklyn. I love my house, and put a lot of work into it. I was never really taught how to like run a house or to keep a house and I’m really interested in it. And I can cook. I can do a whole Thanksgiving. I can bake anything, but I rarely ever do it.

Isn't your brother, Jake, a great chef?
That’s different. He literally has a talent. he’s a brilliant cook. He’s blessed or something. I don’t think I’m going to stay in Brooklyn forever, but Brooklyn’s pretty great right now.

Blessed - I like that :)

Anonymous said...

Marion in '..Rose" was one of the greatest performances by a female in the history of movies. Her portrayal of Piaf toward the end of her life is so believable. They way she moves, etc.
You have to see it to appreciate her as an actress.
As far as how Jake looks at the party maybe a picture taken a minute later he might of been smiling.

Carla said...

Very sad news for Gemma Arterton.

"It's a very romantic story," Bruckheimer said. "It's about a young prince who falls in love with his princess through the course of the film."

On the gamers and film sites which I am regularly visiting, the fans are expecting an adventure film with lots of parcour, good action, CGI and an interesting story. What they are NOT expecting is a romantic love story. I really hope Bruckheimer overstated the "romantic" aspect. Btw - on the same weekend "Sex and the City II" is opening - only target group are the females.

Cotillard was great in "La vie on rose", I haven´t seen "Nine" but the film is not getting very positive reactions.

Hopefully during the awards season we will be seeing Jake more often.

I would love to get some of Jakes cooking recepts....:-))

bobbyanna said...

I SO agree about Marion. I own "La Vie En Rose" and I've never in my life seen anything to compare to this performance. It's truly a classic.There aren't enough superlatives. How Piaf survived to be an adult, and become who she was,is a miracle. She had everything going against her. Everything. Very harrowing.Marion was flawless.

Jake & Charlize were having a great time. That was a happy night!

How terrible for Gemma and her family. Just awful news.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I love the photos of Jake and Charlize, what a great night for Jake! Penelope is turning into a fine actress and she is so beautiful.

I have been suffering from allergies for the past few days and I think Jake suffers from them too, that probably explains his look, plus he could have been tired as well. So Jake was described as "broody: at the event and Tobey "dashing"??? I like Tobey, but that's the first time I have heard hom described as dsshing?

You have to see La Vie en Rose with Marion UV, she give a magnificant performance, stunning.

I don't know where Bruckheimer is going with the Prince of Persia is a romantic story, gamers of both sexes want to see action, adventure and lots of parkour!

Love reading tidbits like that about Jake, especially from Maggie. I can picture her, Peter and Ramona moving to the country somewhere away from the noise and glare.

What terrible news about Gemma's Grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Marion was brilliant I thought, I loved the entire thing, but Edith as a little child was heartbreaking. The ladies of the evening who cared for her was the sweetest scene.

Sex and the City really isn't my cup of Darjeeling, I plan to be there for Prince of Persia! It sounds like it will have something for everyone.

FluorescentLamp said...

I can picture her, Peter and Ramona moving to the country somewhere away from the noise and glare.

As can I. Someplace upstate, Woodstock, Bethel. Some earthy/crunchy/tree-hugging place. For sure.

Marion was a wonder in La Vie en Rose. And kudos to the cinematographer for being able to create the illusion of Marion as La Môme Piaf - The little sparrow. Marion is probably about 10" taller than Edith was (4'8").

Poor Gemma and Gemma's nan. Of all the ways to take your own life...just sad.

Anonymous said...

I Think Bruckheimer wants to touch all the bases. Anyone who has seen the previews see it's an "adventure" film. And it's also obvious they have them as a "couple" of sorts in the story.
It'll be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences - in fact weren't they surprised in the early showings how many women liked the movie too. (or what had been finished of it).
No matter how good a movie is if it's an extra long movie there is sure to be a couple "dragging" moments. A movie not quite 2 hours sounds like every minute will not be wasted.

Tweety said...

I loved Cruz in Volver, she reminded me of Sophia Loren in that movie. Love the pics of him snd his harem, LOL!!

I think that PoP will have a little something for everyone, jerry is just covering all the bases.

What tragic news about Gemma's Grandmother's, I can't imagine what the family is going through right now.

It's a reunion for City Slickers!: It doesn't sound like Jake and Billy were dining together since the tweet sais that their table was between them not next to them:

paperor: True LA dining experience...lunch at Craft, our table between Jake Gyllenhall's and Billy Crystal's. Haha.
about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck ·

bobbyanna said...

Some folklore:
Marcel Cerdan was the love of Piaf's life.He was a French Algerian boxer, and my father saw him fight Jake LaMotta in Detroit for the World Middleweight championship.I think LaMotta won. I think this was the fight that made LaMotta really famous. Cerdan was flying back to the USA for a rematch, when his plane crashed.

Vanessa Paradies was in a movie with Gaspar Uliell(sp)and he was dating Marion. Vanessa is Johnny Depp's SO. Marion was in Big Fish, Tim Burton directing. Tim Burton & Johnny D, etc. I was curious how she got cast in "Pubic Enemy" until a researched her filmography, etc. Maybe they're all friends or something.

Anonymous said...

Gah, what a scene that was when she found out Marcel's plane had crashed.

FluorescentLamp said...

For his first defense Cerdan returned to the United States, where he fought Jake LaMotta in Detroit. Cerdan was knocked down in round one, his shoulder was dislocated, and he had to give up after the tenth round. It would be the last fight of Cerdan's life.

A contract was signed for a rematch and Cerdan went to training camp for it, but before camp began he boarded an Air France flight to visit Piaf in New York, where she was singing. The Lockheed L-749 Constellation crashed into the Monte Redondo (São Miguel Island, Azores), killing all 11 crew members and 37 passengers on board, including Cerdan and the famous French violinist Ginette Neveu, while approaching the intermediate stop airport at Santa Maria.

If you haven't heard this song, either her version or the English version...heartbreakingly beautiful. Go. Listen.

"Hymne à l'amour" ("Hymn to Love" in French) is a popular French song originally performed by Édith Piaf. The lyrics were written by Piaf and the music by Marguerite Monnot.

She first sang this song at the cabaret Versailles in New York on September 14, 1949. It was written to her lover and the love of her life, the French boxer, Marcel Cerdan. On October 27, 1949 Cerdan was killed in a plane crash on his way from Paris to New York to come see her. She recorded the song on 2 May 1950.

It has been redone in English as "If You Love Me (Really Love Me)" and in Spanish as "Himno Al Amor".

Anonymous said...

^^Off to listen. :)

Anonymous said...

^^Very beautiful song. *Sigh*

bobbyanna said...

(sniffles)Ahhh, yes! Thank you, FL! Beautiful song. Yes, Anon! What a scene. She runs thru the house screaming, "Marcel! Marcel!" It just rips your heart out! It would have been so easy to ruin that scene, but Marion did it perfectly. She was Piaf!

I could see Maggie living somewhere there is a creative community, artists, etc.I don't think she would want to be too far away from NYC. Maybe upstate, or Connecticut. Not Jersey. LOL! Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon have done that.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Golden Globes are coming up so fast. I think they are having them this weekend!

Chica said...

So that's how Marion got cast in Public enemies!

There were so many things I learned about Edith Piaf from that film like the fact that she had a daughter, I never knew that.

The early scenes of Edith as a child are heartbreaking.

That is such a beautiful song FL.

Anonymous said...

Michael Mann was at that party Jake went to. He directed Public Enemies. I'm glad Jake went to that party. He was fine. I'm not crazy about the beard, but that's his thing.

UltraViolet said...

Ryan Bingham, who wrote the Crazy Heart theme song, will be on David Letterman tonight, while Maggie Gyllenhaal is on Jimmy Fallon. You might remember Maggie mentioning Bingham when she was on Dave's show.

You might also remember that Reese and Jake attended a party for Bingham in 2008.

Hollywood is a small town!

Oh, and Ryan Bingham is also the name of George Clooney's character in Up in the Air.

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say I haven't got any interest in watching the Golden Globes this year. None.

Tweety said...

Looks like the train scenes in Source Code will be shot in Ottawa in late March:

RobPerrin: Duncan Jones will be shooting a few days of his next film about 15 minutes from my house. With Jake Gyllenhaal. Gotta see 'Moon' soon.

14 minutes ago from web

sylc: Jake Gyllenhaal & Ben Kingsley to shoot movie in Ottawa. 2 women in my office elevator are making plans to stalk the March shoot lol.

The rest of the film will be shot in Montreal starting in early March. Ben Kingsley is mentioned as joining the cast but it's not been confirmed:

Monica said...

Thanks, tweety. Is a great news to know that Jake and Ben Kinsgley will work together again.
And this time will be a movie more interesting.

I have three reasons to watch the Golden Globe: Martin Scorsese, The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds.

UltraViolet said...

This is exciting - the Source Code train is rolling! New post.

(Also forgot to say that I enjoyed the Edith Piaf discussion - will have to see La Vie en Rose soon!)