Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Stories and smiles

According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Jake Gyllenhaal has the "most innocent" male celebrity smile. It's so innocent, those dentists apparently don't realize it's actually sly and sexy and spectacular. I like Clive Owen and all, but he has nothing on this:

And that's just in black and white.

It's a shame Jake never smiles anymore :)

Saw that Jordan Mechner, creator of Prince of Persia and screenwriter for the film, has a blog. He wrote a little about naming the prince:

As it turns out, the word dastan has shadings I wasn’t aware of — shadings that make it an even more appropriate name for the prince than I realized.

First, several people (including Jake Gyllenhaal the first day we met) have pointed out to me that Dastan is also a Persian word meaning ”story.” And so it is, although the vowel is pronounced differently. According to wikipedia, a Dastan is a type of Central Asian oral history “centered on one individual who protects his tribe or his people from an outside invader/enemy.” Hey, just like every video game.

He has a few other entries of note with regard to PoP. It will be interesting to see what else he shares about his experience.

What are some of your favorite Jake smiles?


josie said...

One of my favorite Jake smiles is the 4th picture you posted,it's from my favorite photo shoot.

It's sexy, warm and sweet, sigh.

Regarding the previous post, cute J&R pictures but just say no to sandals and socks Jake!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
I love the second picture. He is so innocent!: D
But in my opinion, he is the owner of the most sexy smile of the world!:)

vedeblusm said...

Hello babblers!
My fav is the 7th.

UltraViolet said...

Hello verdeblusm! I love that picture. That whole photo shoot, in fact. That is definitely one of my all-time faves.

I can never decide my favorites, but I think number six, the last black and white one, is my favorite among these. And no, it has nothing to do with the shirtlessness. Nope, not at all.

Reese is on the cover of April Elle. One Jake question:

An Oscar, a divorce, and a guy named Jake have made Reese Witherspoon larger-than-life

On boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal: “He’s fabulous. He really is a fantastic guy. Unfortunately, he’s not in the movie, so we can’t really talk about him.”

Anonymous said...

Any pic of Jake smiling is sexy but for some reason the one where he is wearing the beannie is my personal favorite.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it's just a natural, happy happy smile, anon.

I forgot to say that they don't have the Elle cover at, but the picture of Reese they do have is great.

Anonymous said...

First, several people (including Jake Gyllenhaal the first day we met) have pointed out to me that Dastan is also a Persian word meaning ”story.” And so it is, although the vowel is pronounced differently. According to wikipedia, a Dastan is a type of Central Asian oral history “centered on one individual who protects his tribe or his people from an outside invader/enemy.”

I love this. :)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, I liked that tidbit, too, anon!

Sorry to spam, but I just saw this, an amusing article on the Blame It video:

In the latest Hype Williams video, for Jamie Foxx and T-Pain’s BLAME IT, Foxx flips open his T-Mobile and dials up his Five or Ten or so and the usual suspects naturally answer the call, Samuel L. Jackson, Forrest Whittaker, Morris Chestnut, Bill Bellamy…etc…etc…etc…

Now everybody has friends from different walks of life, who, when they are in their element, do their own thing. But you call them up out of courtesy, even though you know that, more than likely, they aren’t going to accept your invite to do something that’s not their thing. For example, Ed Begley, Jr. is probably NOT going to hang out with his boy, Michael Vick, when Ron Mexico’s heading out for a night of inhumane dog fighting. Probably not. So when the speed dial got around to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ron Howard, you would pretty much think that gettin’ their drank on up in the VIP is not their cup of tea. Not so fast, my friend.

According to The Boombox:

“Then during the inaugural [ceremony] I was talking to Ron Howard. I said ‘Ron would you be in a music video? I have the song of the year it’s called ‘Blame It.’ Will you do it?’ He said ‘Sure I’ll do it. Just give me a call.”

At this point, if I’m Jamie Foxx, I’m laughing to myself, thinking, “Yeah, right! So let me see who else I can get up in this thang…”

Foxx used Howard’s appearance as a bargaining tool to bait Whitaker, Gyllenhaal, and Jackson.


Now everybody says yes but I know that Jamie wasn’t expecting none of them ballers to actually show up:

They all agreed but the actor/musician admits he didn’t think anyone would actually show."

shondra said...

I really like the first picture, love the crinkles around his eyes as well. I also love b&w photos and he looks amazing.

Thanks for the link/info on the April Elle UV, Reese looks great and so young in that pic, love her quotes on Jake!!

So that's how Jaime got that group together for that video!

FluorescentLamp said...

Didn't we already know this?


That's okay, Jordan, you don't have to credit us, but we know.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I like the picture of him smiling wearing the beanie as well, so natural and sexy!

bobbyanna said...

Can't decide between #8 and # 9. So hard to chose. And that picture of Jake in The Shirt is swoonworthy! One of my top five all time favorites.

He seems to have this ability to seem shy and accessible all at the same time. Very sexy and very sweet...and mischievous. :)

Anonymous said...

What does Reese mean when she says "I don't take a shower every day" in that article? Was she repeating things that are in the tabloids, or does she really not bathe?

agent_krycek said...

What does Reese mean when she says "I don't take a shower every day" in that article? Was she repeating things that are in the tabloids, or does she really not bathe?

Well, I'll come out and admit it, on a Sunday, for example, if we've got nothing to do and are spending the day pottering round the house, me and Mr AK often won't get far passed brushing our teeth, it has even been known for us not to bother getting dressed (we are in nightware and dressing gowns, not naked and scaring the neighbours BTW!)

chica said...

# 7 definately!! Sexy and a bit devilish!

LOL at the bathing quote from Reese, I have to admit that on weekends I sometimes shower once, usally on a Sunday, this a recent habit. Same with my BF, i guess we like being funky together for that one day!!

extra said...

I love #6, sexy smile and no shirt, nuff said!

Reese on the cover of Elle looking fabulous!!

PigLatin said...

Anon, she didn't say she didn't bathe, she said she didn't take a shower every day.

sheba said...

Ohhhh.... delicious :DDD Great post UV. The seventh picture is my all time favourite. Jake's smile is indeciferable... it's knowing and unknowing, innocent and sly, it's the most gorgeous smile in the world (next to my boys :DD).

There's a song by one of my favourite artists Robin Thicke and I think about Jake everytime I hear it (Reese too):

"Why do... people... smile when no-one's smiling... it's cause.. they're thinking... of someone they're loving..."

Like a secret he can't contain but it spills out in a smile which can mean many things.

Jake has a 'pap' smile - "F'ing bastards.... if I gun the car I can take out a few toes..."

An 'industry' smile - "You're gonna love me...."

A genuine smile - "Wow, this is incredible ..."

... And the smile that doesn't reach the eyes, still gorgeous but no-one at home.

.... And can't you just see each of those smiles in your head.

Oh Lord, am I obsessed or what.... I need help guys - I'm babbling again... :DDDD

paula said...

Innocent, sexy and spectacular, yes all 3! And i'll add flirty and swwet as well. Love all the pictures, it's hard to pick but I will go with #5!

Reese looks amazing on the cover and yes Jake is fabulous, fantastic and everything in between. She is one lucky woman!

Rosadimaggio63 said...

La mia foto preferita รจ la numero 5e la numero 7.-
Fantastico e sexi !!!
Buona serata :-)

UltraViolet said...

Sheba, I like those Robin Thicke lyrics. And your list of Jake smiles and descriptions. Perfect.

We can do a follow-up post and show specific examples. I left "smirking" smile off the list. I know suvee missed that one!

We should have a poll - seems like #7 is in the lead.

I am not crazy about the Reese cover showing on JustJared - she looks too photoshopped. I don't know if this is an old photo or a new one, but I like it.

extra said...

Yeah, the cover does look like it was photoshopped. I like the other pic of her better.

I saw the picture on too UV and I think that is a previous Elle cover of Reese I think. I like it too.

sheba baby said...

I love his smile in picture 7, one of my favorite pics of Jake! What great pictures to choose from, he looks incredible in all of them.

I hate when magazines photoshop covers, they seem to do it all the time now,

suvee said...

"He's fabulous."

Well if anyone on this planet is in a position to know how fabulous Jake is, it would be Reese. ;)

Sheba, I loved your description of Jake smiles...... knowing and unknowing...... just one reason he is so intriguing IMO.

I left "smirking" smile off the list. I know suvee missed that one!

Yes, but you did devote an entire post to my beloved smirk, so we're good! :)

My vote for my favorite smiling photos would have to be that last b/w pic and the London beanie pic. But let's be honest..... they are all mesmerizing.

lawgoddess said...

LOL about Clive Owen. I'm not sure he smiles.

Lovely post. Nothing better than Jake smiling.

Anonymous said...

ABC news has a video of Reese Reese Witherspoon Speaks Out Against Domestic Abuse

No mention of Jake specifically but they do ask a couple of questions.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Thanks for the link anon. A very serious and important issue and i'm glad that Avon and Reese are involved.

Monica said...

Good morning, Gyllenbabble!
New pics:
Jake Gyllenhaal Leaving a Medical Building

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica - I put a little screenshot of those pics on the post. Hopefully we'll get bigger versions :)

UltraViolet said...

Stephanie got them up, so enjoy :)

Narcissa said...

This is Benjamin Button: he's getting younger!

extra said...

He looks so lost in thought and so young too. So many trips to the doctor, hope it's for a check up/insurance for his next role!

UltraViolet said...

Hee - Benjamin Button. Good one, Narcissa :)

sheba baby said...

Benjiman Button, LOL!!! Seriously, has he been hanging out at some youth fountain lately??

Monica said...

This is Benjamin Button: he's getting younger!

Monica said...

New pics in IHJ!
Jake bike ride with Austin Nichols in Brentwood!

Jake is so hot!

Anonymous said...

All joking aside, I think Jake and Reese are both very diet conscious. By that I mean they are probably into eating healthy. Lots of organc veggies and greens, lots of chicken and fish, lots of the right kind of juices, green teas, and other things to rid themselves of toxins. Filtered water, etc.

If you adopt such a regimen you will also see a difference, if you can maintain it for several weeks. Especially if you do a cleanse first, and exercise daily as well. I think they are very much into the right kinds of foods and having the farm is helping them get even moreso.

bobbyanna said...

Well, anon, I don't know what kind of diet Jake and Reese are on, but I think it might help that they are between 28 and 33 years of age?

I just got an e-mail today about the "best anti-aging foods to eat" and I checked it out and I eat all of them regularly...but not so's you could notice...:)

Monica said...


View 3 in-development credits for Jake Gyllenhaal on IMDbPro.
Someone has IMDbPro?

UltraViolet said...

Jake looks good biking :)

Nothing new on IMDb, Monica:

Damn Yankees - Joe Boyd 2012 (Status: Optioned property)

Untitled Moon Project - Actor, 2011, (Status: Script)

Untitled Joe Namath Project, Joe Namath, 2010, (Status: Treatment/Outline)

paula said...

Love seeing Jake biking and in spandex!

I thought that those were the 3 projects UV, thanks for confirming.

Monica said...

Thank you, UV!
You are great!

icy said...

love his smile!!!

so pure...

Anonymous said...

More new pics on IHJ from yesterday. He's looking mighty fine.

gabbana said...

Good to see that Jake and Austin have remained friends - despite all the circulating rumours and nonsense.

Both looking hot in spandex.

Thanks for the IMDB update, UV. If the years are the release dates it looks like the Namath project will be his next and the shootings have to start this year....

Love the b/w pictures - No 3 is one of my all-time-favourites.

chica said...

Jake in spandex, what a great way to start the day!!! I thought he had given up bike riding, good to see him riding again.

Thanks for the info from IMDB UV, since Damn Yankees is optioned, that seems like it's a long way off from filming.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the IMDB update UV, Jake does look hot in spandex, never seen any hotness in Austin personally but I am also glad they have remained friends, actually I never thought they weren't still friends.

Love the Gyllenhug

office of nancy pelosi said...

Agree with you 100% gabbana.

The return of the spandex and the gyllenhug, yes!!!!

Thanks for the update on Jake's projects on IMDB UV.

extra said...

Good to see Jake biking around L.A. again, he is looking mighty fine!

Since I had nothing better else to do, I did a little research. The guy that Jake is hugging in the 2nd set of pics may be Doug Wick from Red Wagon Productions (The name is on his bag he is carrying!).

He is one of the producers of Nailed so maybe we will get some news on that movie hopefully!

Early World is a very popular place for breakfast in Brentwood.

suvee said...

Dear Mr/Mrs Inventor of Spandex:

Thank you. Very much.

(big thanks to extra for the i.d. on the mystery guy with Jake!)

extra said...

That should be Red Wagon Entertainment/Productions!! I did a bit more googling and the pics of Doug Wick don't look like the guy he is hugging but one can assume that he works for Red Wagon and they were talking about Nailed, I hope!!

Found out that Mr. Wick is married to Lucy Fischer , they both produced Jarhead!

Anonymous said...

Could it be David O Russell?.

extra said...

I think you may be right anon:

Hopefully this means that Nailed will be on the big screen soon, thanks!!!

agent_krycek said...

Pretty sure Anon 10:38 AM is spot on there - could we finally hear something, anything, just a crumb about Nailed

Monica said...

Hello, babblers!

Thank you, Anon!
I hope that is some good news about nailed!

sheba baby said...

Love Jake in spandex and biking!!!

And yes that is David O Russell, good detective work everyone and let's hope that it means that we finally get some news on Nailed!!!!!

elle said...

I defintately will be buying this issue! Dancing to Jack Johnson?? Didn't they go to a J. Johnson concert in London last summer?:

Reese Witherspoon arrived at L.A.’s Smashbox Studio wearing a sunny ensemble of boyfriend jeans from RRL, a creamcolor henley, and beaded gladiator sandals from Sigerson Morrison. The ELLE team presented racks of airy, clean-cut classics, including a beige Rodarte gown the star vowed to wear at her next red carpet engagement. The mother of two swayed to a mixture of the White Stripes and Maroon 5 (her own iPod), while photographer Carter Smith snapped her in a sharp Calvin Klein blazer and skinny trousers. When boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal made a surprise visit to the set, the couple embraced, and as Witherspoon’s mix turned to a Jack Johnson tune, the two dropped everything and started slow dancing. Do we hear wedding bells?

UltraViolet said...

Aww, what a great story, elle. Here's the direct link if you want to see it yourself. Nothing else there but what elle typed, however.

And let's hope that DOR lunch means good news for Nailed.

lawgoddess said...

Aww, slow dancing? That's sweet.

I'd pay good money to see that. :)

bobbyanna said...

Awww. Just from that teensy glimpse of Jake dancing Jennifer Aniston on the stage at the GLAAD awards, I bet he is a very sexy slow dancer.

So is it true, the Elle magazine interviewer caught them slow dancing and heard Jake whisper in Reese's ear:" You make me want to be a better Persian!"...

OK. I'll stop...heh.

josie said...

Jake+spandex+biking=pure hotness!!!

Love that bit from Elle, how sweetand romantic!

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!
Jake as Dastan:
Dastan 1
Dastan 2

Source: Member of IHJ

thank you yhank you thank you

Perfect!Perfect Perfect

Anonymous said...

Thank you Monica.


shondra said...

Wow!! Thanks monica, he looks really hot and massive, LOL!!

I don't know where that poster got those pics, they look like they were on set, maybe she was an extra?

PS: I'm so going to buy the new issue of Elle!!

shondra said...

The have tags on them from this site, a Norwegian Jake fan site, but i can't sem to access anything when I click on gallerey, home, etc.:
Disney has been really strict whenit comes to leaking stuf out from Pop so I am surprised (not that i'm complaining!!)

Monica said...

And we still have to wait until 2010!

UltraViolet said...

Monica, thanks for letting us know! Stephanie hs them now, without the big tag.


New prince, new post.