Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nine out of ten

Usually a good rating. But not in this case. Jake Gyllenhaal, naturally, made Fox's list of the 30 Hottest Dudes Under 30. Quite unnaturally, he was not number one. You can click if you want to find the undeserving eight.

But let's focus on Number Nine, who is hot when laughing:

Even hotter when smirking:

He's hot when he's dressed up:

Or dressed down:

In Rome:

Or at home:

You get the idea :)

(Photos courtesy of IHJ and Socialite Life


Bette said...

I definitely approve of this post. Jake looks so fierce.

UltraViolet said...

Glad you approve, Bette. I noticed a lot of people commenting that R&J looked fierce in those dressed-up Paris photos, even on sites where there is often mostly nastiness.

I wanted to bring this video/audio over from the last post. It's Jamie Foxx discussing the blame It video and a little about Jake's involvement. It's entertaining and made me want to see the video again.

FluorescentLamp said...

LOL I'm totally reading the text on your post as either Seussville or Goodnight Moon. Either way, I love it. :-DD

UltraViolet said...

I did get a little rhyme-y there, didn't I? Glad you enjoyed it :)

Anonymous said...

Are people blind, how are any of those hotter than Jake.
Great post UV lobve the chose of pics.

UltraViolet said...

Blind and dumb :) And probably deaf to our complaints, lol.

Here's that video cast pic a little bigger. I hope there's a behind-the-scene video someday.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Oh come on, Justin is #1???? The only one on that list besides Jake that I agree with is Ryan Gosling. Both he and Jake should be higher.

LOL, at Seth Rogan at #8, he's the voice of Bob the Blob in MVA!!

I love the first pic of Jake and love the smirk picture!

Listened the the audio/video of Foxx talking about Jake and the zBlame it video, Jake must have had a blast making that!

suvee said...

I don't think I need to tell you how much I love this post. :)

Thanks for the Jamie Foxx/Blame It video/audio. I always like getting these little nuggets of insights into Jake...... even though it's second hand, it's coming from a friend.

nezuko said...

I don't believe any hottest man poll that ranks Jake under Zac Elfron AND The Jonas Brothers AND Michael Phelphs AND Daniel Radcliffe AND Seth Rogen. It's hotness, for God's sake!
Anyway, I'm really glad to see my 3 favourite actors (Jake, Ryan Gosling and James McAvoy) stand so close. Thanks so much for sharing this poll ^___^

chica said...

Jake and Reese do look fierce, first time seeing the smirk pic and the last pic of J&R in Rome, thanks for posting them!

What a lame-ass poll, Jake should be higher and why the hell do they group the Jonas brothers as one??

Love hearing about Jake from Jamie , it's alaways great hearing stories about Jake from his friends.

Lemon said...

why the hell do they group the Jonas brothers as one??

Because it takes 3 of them to even come close to being a man. That list is bobbins and full of pansy-boys. At least Jake is a man, with chest hair, broad shoulders and the ability to grow facial hair.

I love that picture of dressed up Jake. Its made all the better by Reese's "Yeah he's hot and he's all mine" smile.

extra said...

Nobody does a smirk quite like Jake!!
I don't get the Zac attraction, he does nothing for me. It's Jake for me, and Gosling (And Clive Owen, who is obviously over 30!!)

Jake and Reese look great dressed up, I wish they would do it more often, I love Jaime Foxx and it was fun to watch the video again.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not surprised Jake is only number 9 in Fox's People With Very Little or No Taste Poll. I love these pictures.

And yes. Your prose waxes entirely Seussical! :)

sheba baby said...

Yes I get the idea, Seuss was my favorite writer growing up, what a great post.

Jake coming in at # 9 from a Fox aka Faux poll isn't surprising!

Jake and Reese look so cool in these pictures, never get tired of looking at them!

josie said...

Love the rhyme-y post UV!!

The pictures of them In Europe are my favs of them so far. I watched the video of Reese on Leno and she was funny and adorable but she said she was suffering from jet lag (and a few other things I bet!)

Another poll where Jake doesn't make #1, they must be blind, idiots!

I love the Blame It video and the song, if was fun reading how it all came together.

FluorescentLamp said...

I know we're not happy that Jake is #9 on a list of 10, but how about this one, Jake and Reese are #2 on a list of the 10 Most Stylish Couples according to InStyle.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Reese Witherspoon:
Since taking their romance public, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been seen all over L.A. and London looking cute and casual. She in skirts and jeans with tall boots, and he in knit hats and scarves. The couple has yet to appear on the red carpet together, but if they do, they are sure to be a glamorous pair.


shondra said...

Danile Radcliffe hot? He's cute in a Elijah Wood kind of way but no way is he hot! I'm with OONP, Jake and Ryan are the only two deserving on that "list".

Loved reading how the Blame it video came together, thanks for the link and thanks for the link to the L&S poll FL. They should have used a VF pic or one of the Rome pics IMO!

Anonymous said...

I have to believe the demographic for that particular survey in which Jake finished 9th, was for the very young. Who else would find the Jonas Brothers or Seth Rogan hotter then Jake?

I suspect once Disney starts the major publicity roll out for PoP, Jake's life will change dramatically, and it will be impossible to get the genie back into the lamp! The farm will become very important to him.

Anonymous said...

Just like the other anon. I was about to write the same thing. The survey was for the younger fans and the usual who are the people with the most publicity at the moment.
I think there are still a lot of people out there who haven't seen that many Jake films. (Tho I know things do appear on t.v.) They certainly know his name but he
also has been in such a wide variety of movies that some who saw "Donnie Darko" didn't see some of his other films. (am thinking of the "casual fan"). The same goes for The Day After Tomorrow.
He hasn't made the same type of movies movie after movie & that's where a lot of people get their "identification" for an actor.
He never made (not even "Highway" or "Bubble Boy")the teenage gross-out movies or the horror films. He didn't make those choices.
You can't get any better for a movie about a young person than "October Sky".
POP will be a movie seen by all types of audiences.
Johnny Depp has always been a known actor but the majority of his movies have not been "hits" and he has always done different things. Pirates - and boom - there he is - this happening to him when he's in his 40's - and adored by all.
Also - People magazine with picture of J&R saying 'Jake Gyllenhaal and his girlfriend Reese Witherspoon".
The Reese Tonight Show interview. loved the they didn't have time to do anything but run to the next plane for the next city. Uh, sure.
Think there is little doubt Jake took the German sign pictures.

Anonymous said...

Jake wasn't in Germany. He met her in Madrid.

Anonymous said...

Anon..from Anon..You're right!

josie said...

I think Jake was in Germany and London, they just didn't have time to do any sight seeing, therefore no picures.

There seem to be some time between Spain and Rome and then Paris which would explain the pistures.

The only "sighting" of Reese during the German and London stops was a report that she had dinner with Kiefer and Katzenberg in Germany, no pics.

When she said that Jake was "relaxing" and "chilling" while she was in Germany, IMO he was at the hotel.

Just speculation on my part of course!

Anonymous said...

I just read in US Weekly that he flew over and met her in Madrid.

Anonymous said...

Or..wait a minute...he Was in Germany but out taking pictures.

kodak said...

Us Weekly just assumes that like fans because the first pictures of them together were in Madrid, I don't think they really know when he flew over, they just pieced together the story based on pics.

With the blog descriptions ofnJake taking pics of Reese and pics of him with his camera, I would bet he took the pics of the German signs, she could have or a PA but I have a feeling he did.

Anonymous said...

The pictures she showed are on Google images. I have seen them before. If you google german sign ausfahrt you'll see the one they used.

FluorescentLamp said...

Far too many "Anonymous" commenters today. You know what would be super cool? If Anons just picked a name, any name. It would make reading comments sooo much easier. :)

sag actor said...

The Ausfahrt bit on Leno was funny along with her acting out the plot with action figures. She was really funny, can't wait untl the movie comes out next week!

agent_krycek said...

Whilst I admit the man can swim a bit, on which planet is Michael Phelps considered hot ??? And you think us Brits are strange for voting for Keifer Sutherland on a regular basis :D

lawgoddess said...

I loved the pictures, great post.

He's probably resting in Ojai this weekend, maybe Monday he'll go out for coffee. :)

josie said...

Thanks for clearing the German signs up for me anon., I still think he was with her from the beginning like Keifer's GF who wasn't papped with Keiker until Rome/Paris.

IMO they kept out of sight in the beginning of the PR tour so it wouldn't distract(Germany/London).

Again just speculation!

They both have been laying low with Reese just surfacing Tuesday when she was papped at that skin clinic and of course Leno on Wednesday. Tomorrow is the LA premiere of MVA, which is 11AM! and it's her b'day as well.

suvee said...

Finally! I've been patiently waiting for J & R to get some props for their style. Many thanks, FL for the In Style link.

IMO they both have a very modern, classic (but not stuffy) fashion sense. And as much as I love what they are wearing in the London photo In Style used, I wish they would have included the recent Rome pics...... talk about fierce!

too much time on my hand said...

Some news:
Reese will be in NY next week promoting MVA on the Today show on Tuesday and Kelly and Regis on Wednesday. She will be no Ellen on Friday, don't know if she will fly back for that or that it was pre-taped. She will also be on Nickelodeon on Saturday.

Next week is Spring break and Ryan is scheduled to start filming his new movie in S. Africa that week.

Wonder if she plans on bringing the kids to NY and Jake joining her or will they just stay in L.A. with a Nanny?

Also they have been scouting the Boston area for her new movie, the James Brooks film with Paul Rudd and Owen wilson. Filming I think starts in June, Ryan will most likely will be finished with his film.


FluorescentLamp said...

Ellen was pre-taped last week, on the same day she was at Leno.

Boston=MV? What does that mean? Does that mean she'll be filming in Boston but commuting from MV? Highly unlikely.

too much time on my hands said...

No, I was just thinking that if she will be filming in Boston and if she has any days off from filming/weekends then MV would be a good place for her to stay for some privacy rather staying at a hotel in Boston. Maybe she will rent a place in Boston. Just thinking out loud and Jake's connection to Boston/MV and the Summer.

Thanks for the confirmation about Ellen, it does sound like she will be in NY during Spring Break, just wondering if the kids will be joining her along with Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Hee, Agent K. Jaw Sutherland. Michael Phelps. None of them holds a bong-lighting candle to Jake!

And speaking of geographies and itineraries, I guess Jake was in Berlin:

We all have our prejudices – and often are sooo wrong! This was the case during the Premiere of “Monsters versus Aliens”. I meet everybody’s darling Reese Witherspoon (saves the world from aliens as giant girl) and the bad boy Kiefer Sutherland (42, helps Reese in the movie). It should be clear who should be the down-to-earth person, shouldn’t it? Wait and see ….When the autographs are given and the cameras are shut off, Reese seems distracted. She seems to be in her thoughts with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal (28), who – say said – waits outside. When the celebrities arrive at the restaurant “Borchardts” somewhat later, Reese tells people to be brought in through the parking garage. Kiefer Sutherland, on the other hand, is sprinting through the down pouring rain to the main entrance and goes in. But he comes back outside, when I call out for him. He smiles, he feels good, he likes Berlin. A star to fall in love with!

I wonder if there are some other local stories out there, with some tidbits.

gabbana said...

UV, I checked many german sides and even had a look through some german tabloids, but other than this vague mentioning, I could not find anything which proves that Jake was in Berlin. That is why I said in a former post I don´t believe he was there.

The article has a kind of negative undertone towards Reese...and the Jake-mentioning is not even a rumour - NOBODY saw him. He was also not at the Borchard´s.

He surely could have stayed in the hotel, but it does not make much sense, at least to me.

Good to see that one of Reese new projects will be starting in June- I hope we hear something similiar on one of Jakes project soon. It makes me uneasy seeing him attached to three projects but none of them has a finished script. Perhaps the Namath film - we haven´t heard anything since the first confirmation, hopefully they worked on it in the background.

Hottest Dudes - who was choosing them? 13 year old girlies? I do not know one woman who thinks the Jonas Brothers, M. Phelps, Zac Efron (his make-up looks horrible on the picture) or D. Radcliffe are hot......:-))

I like Gosling, McAvoy next to Jake - three of the most promising actors in their age.

Anonymous said...

I think the media was expecting and looking for Jake in Berlin. They would've had something a lot more interesting to cover then an animated children's movie, if they'd gotten pictures of the couple. Reese and Jake played it very smart either way, whether he met her later, or whether he was chilling out in their hotel room.

FluorescentLamp said...

Reese at the Monsters v. Aliens premiere this morning in LA.

I just don't think the Rodarte styles work for her.

Same dress, Fall 2009RTW line

chica said...

She obviously is a fan of the Designers ( I think they are sisters) but the style isn't something we are used to her wearing, their designs are very dramatic.

I have to say that she has killer legs and that's the shortest dress I think I have seen Reese in! I think she is channeling her character in MVA with her poses as well. Thanks for the link!

PS: Seth Rogen YES!!!!!

chica said...

Forgot: Happy Birthday Reese!

sag actor said...

I'm not really up tp speed on fashions but all I have to say is WOW!!! She looks great, even sexy because the dress is short but I don't think that's what she was going for. I think she was going for the space look with the silver/metallic color, also in picture #7 she is giving the Vulcan salute: live long and prosper!

It's definately a different look then the dresses she wore in Europe.

Lemon said...

Love the shoes, love the legs, love the the glow. She looks fantastic and she is definitely striking superhero poses!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes, that's it, super hero poses! The dress kind of reminds me of Judy Jetson a bit, definately a fun look.

sheba baby said...

She looks fantastic! The dress is fun and I love the shoes and hair and she is glowing!!

This movie is going to be huge!

extra said...

I think this is my favorite look of all the premieres/photo shoots for MVA.

Not so much the dress ( The Madrid dress was my favorite) but the whole look for this type of movie IMO and I love the picture of her giving the Vulacan salute!

Happy birthday Reese, hope you are celebrating with the kids and Jake!

suvee said...

I don't hate this dress. But I adore her shoes and her hair. I really like bangs on her..... very flattering IMO.

I finally had a chance to pick up the Reese isssue of Elle. I thought it was a very good article..... I recommend checking it out if you haven't already. The article starts with a little Jake related tidbit I hadn't read anywhere else. And this tidbit actually kind of answers the "are they living together?" question later in the article. Well, to me it did..... :)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, FL. I don't care for this look at all. It's as if she's in costume or something. Definitely a superhero look.:) But she does have great legs, and yeah, that's the shortest dress I've ever seen her wear. I definitely like her better without those bangs.

Happy Birthday, Reese!
My brother's B'day was Friday, so I cooked a family dinner yesterday, and today I am "resting."

bobbyanna said...

Oops. Forgot. I really love those shoes.

josie said...

I love everything except the dress, it does look like a costume.

But the shoes, hair and makeup, thumbs up!

I saw that bit in Elle too Suvee!

Happy birthday Reese!!

UltraViolet said...

Suvee and josie, can you guys share what you're talking about, please?

I'm sorry to be unkind on Reese's birthday, but that dress looks like a bad hybrid of a Lord of the Dance costume and an alien cheerleading outfit.

She does have fabulous legs, though. No doubt about that.

I hope Reese is having a very happy birthday.

suvee said...

Sorry, UV! My intent wasn't to be secretive..... I just didn't want to "spoil" anything for anyone who preferred reading the article for themselves.
Here's what I was referring to - it's the beginning of the article, with my editing :)

At the last minute, lunch at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills is cancelled. Instead, you're given an address in Los Angeles where, you're told, there will be a bench to sit on. Your taxi dumps you in front of a nondescript strip mall........ There are benches in the courtyard, but nobody is waiting for you.
A dark-haired, heavily pregnant woman approaches. "Are you Rachael? I'm Rivka, Reese's assistant. She's running late." Rivka apologizes....... She then stands discreetly to the side to urgently talk on her cell phone with someone about Jake's salad: She has Jake's salad. She can't leave to give Jake his salad. Because she has Reese's salad. Can someone pick up Jake's salad? And so on.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, suvee. I'm a stickler for movie spoilers but not magazine articles :)

I am a little confused. though. So the assistant was bringing Jake's salad home?

Anonymous said...

I'd bet that they're living together, for at least the past year. A lot of us have commented that they seem "different." More like a serious couple. I think they're in a very committed relationship. I think this is it for them.

bobbyanna said...

OT, but not: I just finished watching "A Place in the Sun" with Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor! My most favorite parts begin when Shelley Winters calls him while he's at dinner with Elizabeth and all the rich people. then, the long scene between them in the row boat. I LOVE that scene. I can SO see Jake in that kind of role.

Maybe Reese wanted to make sure Jake had his salad, even tho she was busy with her interview. Sort of her working lunch. Awww! :) :)

suvee said...

Hey, UV. Agreed.... it is a little confusing.

I guess since Reese was running late and cancelled lunch at the Polo Lounge, she must have arranged for her PA to just bring a salad for her to the Elle interview location...... and take Jake's salad home to him. But Reese was an hour late to the Elle meeting, and I guess Rivka the PA didn't feel as though she could leave the Elle writer just sitting there alone all that time. So she needed someone to come pick up Jake's salad.

Does that make sense? :)

UltraViolet said...

Yes, that makes sense, suvee :) Thanks!

I forgot to thank you, Gabbana, for your report on the German tabs. Thanks for keeping track for us. I agree that the sighting is somewhat dubious, but the fact that Reese answered that Jake was "just chilling" to that reporter is the other tidbit that makes me wonder.

Here's a Cosmo article on cheap dates - saving money, that is, not being a miser! And it includes this list:

Hollywood’s Hottest Just-Chillin' Couples

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal
Spike Jonze and Michelle Williams
Tom Brady and Giselle B√ľndchen
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden
Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

I like this poll. And that In Style list that FL mentioned - I forgot to comment on that one. Much better than the Fox list!

UltraViolet said...

I'm spamming, sorry. Just catching up. I havent watched A Place in the Sun in ages, Bobbyanna. Might be fun to see it again, imagining Jke in the role.

Another article that basically rehashes the rumors. But I love the opening sentence:

WHEN couples appear to be in love as much as Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, rumours tend to follow.

That said, it cracks me up that these tabs manage to get so much so wrong. Describing the European tour, they say J&R ended up in Rome. they also say the two were spotted looking at rings at Fred Leighton. It's been fun to watch that little bit of misinformation spread.

Most bafflingly, they describe Fred Leighton's store as "salubrious." I know it would do my health (at least, mental health) a world of good to receive a Fred Leighton original, but is that really the word they were looking for? Maybe it means something else down under.

UltraViolet said...

Oops - forgot to say I loved this line from the article, as well:

A few years ago, Witherspoon would not have looked so comfortable in public with the long lenses of photographers capturing her every step frame by frame but the actress appears to have found comfort with Gyllenhaal.

suvee said...

My turn to spam..... sorry!

One more thing from the Elle article. When Reese is asked about Jake (the now famous "He's fabulous!" response), she is described as answering "with a cat-ate-the-canary grin". Gee, wonder why. :)

Loved the J&R Cosmo shout-out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Happen to like a lot her b-day dress. At least it's NOT boring. Props to Reese for this interesting choice. Maybe Jake helped her pick it out???

Kendra said...

forgot to say I loved this line from the article
the actress appears to have found comfort with Gyllenhaal.

Good line, Ultraviolet. I can see Reese warmer now than in her days with Ryan. Jake is something else!
I hope Reese had a good birthday.

Anonymous said...

I knew with the dress that reese wore some of you girls were gonna be harsh.

She tried something different and theres nothings wrong with that. I think its an interesting dress and it definately stands out on a blue carpet.

Its easy to pick on her when you behind a computer screen in your pj's or sweats.

josie said...

Thanks for describing the Elle article for UV suvee. I read that and came to the same conclusion as you did but I don't think that I could have explained it as well as you did!

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake hasn't sold his home yet. It's nice to have a party house:

Jake Gyllenhaal threw Reese Witherspoon a 33rd birthday bash at his Los Angeles home on Saturday.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard (and their daughter, Ramona) and Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan were among the guests, who enjoyed a DJ set that included Lada Gaga's "Just Dance" and Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

paula said...

That Fox poll is BS, well anything Fox related is BS. I really liked the Cosmo poll, thanks and thanks fopr that tip about the Elle interview, I will have to pick that magazine up!

I don't think I saw the two first pics of Jake that you posted, love them!!

It seems to me that both Jake and Reese are experimenting with different looks, Jake with his hats, mostly fedoras and Reese.

I think the dress she wore yesterday was sexy and fun and I applaud her for wearing things that are a bit different lately.

I hope she enjoyed her birthday!!

shondra said...

Happy to hear that Maggie, Peter and Ramona were able to attend the party! I saw pap pics of Maggie in L.A last week and thought that she must be there with Peter and Ramona as well.

I love that song by Al Green so perfect! Reports were that his house was for sale but I don't recall reading that it was sold yet. That Realestatestalker blog claims that Jake actually is renting/leasing that place and doesn't actually own it, who knows.

I think it was Us magazine that said that he had moved into Reese's place but was keeping his bachelor pad for the time being, when I read that I thought back then that it sounded more like a lease/rental.

wills, trusts, estates said...

That Realestatestalker blog claims that Jake actually is renting/leasing that place and doesn't actually own it

Real Estalker said he thinks Jake leases versus owns. He doesn't know for sure. It's hard to follow the line of direct ownership when said property isn't in the name of the person who lives there.

shondra said...

True, Will, trusts and estates.

But I suspected that Jake never bought that home and was either subletting it or leasing it, especially when it was reported in one of the rags (I know) that his house was for sale a few months back.

When an actor puts up a home that he owns for sale we usually get more than a rag mention, something like the Realestatestalker blog for instance.

He never posted that Jake was selling his place just a lot of speculation about how much time he was spending in Brentwood and the speculation of him leasing, that may be because he has heard of the house for sale but Jake's name is not on the lease. Maybe the real estate agency that he MAY be leasing it from is selling it and he still has access/stays there on occasion until the house is sold.

The reason why I suspect that he never owned the place in the HH and maybe subletting/leasing is because he had a similar situation in NY ( Some NY friends of mine are in real estate). People for years thought he owned a place in NY but he never actually did.

lawgoddess said...

Ooh, I love Al Green, and I love that song.

And Jake is a sweet boyfriend for throwing her a party.

Anonymous said...

Jake owns a condo. It might be in his grandparents' name or a gift from them. His maternal grandparents. His family and a very select few friends use the place when in town. He stays with Reese. He moved in with Reese after his parents separated, and his dad stayed there temporarily. Now his father is mostly to the north, in the Bay area and surroundings.

Anonymous said...

reese will be on ellen on friday the 27 not wednesday the 25

shondra said...

Thanks for clearing that up Anon.
I think she will be on Regis and Kelly on Wednesday.

I can't wait till Jake starts doing promo for his movies.

wills, trusts, estates said...

Jake still owns a house in L.A. Not a condo.

Jake never owned or leased a place in N.Y.

shondra said...

Yes, he never owned a place in NY of his own, the leasing was just speculation. I assume he just stayed with Maggie and Peter and other family and friends while in NY. A lot of people just assumed he owned an apartment or loft but that wasn't the case.

IMO house or condo in L.A./renting or leasing it seems and this is not only sopeculation on my part but others as well that he spends a lot of time at Reese's place in Brentwood and the farm in Ojai.

If the rag reports are true and his place is up for sale then he won't own house nor condo.

PS: I love that Jake and Reese topped that poll over Brangelina!

extra said...

This site is giving the dress Reese wore yesterday a thumbs up!

FluorescentLamp said...

who enjoyed a DJ set that included [snip] and Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

Oh! I wonder if it was the Justin Timberlake/Al Green version from the Grammys. Which totally rocked by the way. Or, you know, rocked in that way only shmoopy ballads can. :-)

Anonymous said...

New Jake pics at Just Jared

Bette said...

The new pics of Jake are hilarious.

chica said...

That's Mike White from the Amazing race with Jake! His father is also on it with him, White also is a writer, he did The Good Girl among other things.

Bette said...

So that's the guy Reese was talking about knowing that was going to be on the Amazing Race? Now we know. I was curious about that one.

office of nancy pelosi said...

Good memory Bette, I remember her saying that last year about a writer friend of hers that was going to be on Amazing race, she said that she was a fan of the show.

He not only wrote GG but School of Rock as well, I get excited when I see Jake with Directors/writers, i'm always dreaming of new projects for him!

shondra said...

With all the talk about where Jake resides these days, here come pics of him in Brentwood at one of the many places J&R have been spotted!

Good catch Bette on Reese mentioning that she had a writer friend that was going to be on Amazing Race. Good Girl is one of my favorite Jake roles, I hope the lunch was also a busines meeting.

M. White is a talented man but he really creeped me out in Chuck and Buck!!

FluorescentLamp said...

New post. See you there. :)