Saturday, July 16, 2016

Okja? Okay.

Sometimes, pictures don't need words...

But video is nice, too.

Encores Backstage with Anastasia Victory. She posted a backstage photo with Jake last summer, as well.

New stills from Nocturnal Animals:


UltraViolet said...

Looks like sometime BGB poster CoffeeBrat was there. And got some nice shots!

This one looks wild.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are my favorite thing ever!!!

More good news, hopefully:

Monica said...

Loving his look. So excited to see this movie!

Chica said...

The.Best.Pics.Ever! Lol! This movie looks wild !

Hagen said...

The pig costumes are cute. xD

The protagonist, a Korean girl, is also on the set in New York.

Mirchi said...

Jake can totally pull off a mustache - very Magnum PI! The costume is hideous yet hilarious. I'm very curious about this role now.

Mary said...

These pictures are hilarious what is this movie about?

Scott said...

The story revolves around a young girl who tries to protect her best friend (a large animal) not sure what type of animal.

I agree Jake pulls off a moustache really well but those shorts, socks and shoes are hideous but bless his heart he goes all out. Tilda is 55 years old but looks the same age as Jake.

Okja said...

another video

bobbyanna said...

I know next to nothing about this movie project, but for some reason, and I may be totally of base, it makes me think of Dr. Parnassus. It looks like crazy fun to make. I almost didn't recognize Tilda.

I'm enjoying all the pictures and video.

BlueJean said...

"The pig costumes are cute. xD"

I want one! ;)

UltraViolet said...

Was just coming here to post the NY Daily News video. I'll add it to the post. You can see/hear Jake in character. The whole thing seems wild. I hope it will be fun.

Lots of sightings of Jake last night at a City Center/Encores Jamboree with Sutton Foster and Jonathan Groff.

UltraViolet said...

Finally added the video, a couple of new photos from the set and a photo of Jake from last night at Encores.

Ann said...

I'm starting to think Jake can really pull off any look. I'm loving the mustache!

Anonymous said...

Anything on Nocturnal Animals yet? I look for info on a trailer but nothing. The studio's twitter feed never mention anything either. And it's coming out in the UK on November 4th. We should've got a trailer by now.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

OMG! The video and photos are too funny, I can't wait to see it!

Ann said...

I'm thinking we'll get a NA trailer once they announce which festival it's going to. I think festival announcements start at the end of July. There are a lot of films coming out in the fall that haven't put out trailers yet. Hopefully it's just around the corner :)

Monica said...

^^ Venice line-up will be announced on 28th July.

Jake looks so good! looks like he's playing a bad guy, right?

Hagen said...

Peter Kelly ‏@PeterKellyMusic
I snapped this pic of #JakeGyllenhaal right after he took one of me.

BlueJean said...

^^^^ I like that shot, Hagen.

Not a huge fan of Jake's mustache, I must say. Am I the only one? :( The Daily Mail (I think) thought it was fake! :)

Hagen said...

According to the NY Daily News it's a fake mustache, but it's certainly a real one.
I think hardly anyone is a fan of mustaches, BlueJean. But at least Jake has a better hairstyle than Colin Farrell in 'Lobster'. ;)

BlueJean said...

The one good thing about the mustache is that it reminds me of Jack Twist ;)

UltraViolet said...

More Broadway news: Jake Gyllenhaal Confirmed for Broadway Revival of Burn This, Which Will Relight the Old Hudson Theatre.

He's a busy boy.

Anonymous said...

Seen a tweet today but apparently Nocturnal Animals will have its' world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Monica said...

^^Great newns about Nocturnal Animals!

Jake and Leo

Hagen said...

'Life' still exists.

Hollywood Reporter: Jake Gyllenhaal Sci-Fi Thriller 'Life' Adds Two

Olga Dykhovichnaya and Ariyon Bakare (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell) have joined the cast of Life, Skydance and Sony’s sci-fi thriller that stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.

The movie began production Tuesday at London’s Shepperton Studios. Rebecca Ferguson and Hiroyuki Sanada are also in the cast.

According to Skydance, the actors all play members of the “crew of the International Space Station who are tasked with studying a sample from Mars that may be the first proof of extraterrestrial life. And that life proves more intelligent than ever expected.”

Anonymous said...

"'Life' still exists."


UltraViolet said...

On Jake's next play:

Tony-winning Spring Awakening director Michael Mayer told Playbill July 20 that he and Jake Gyllenhaal had been in discussions to revive Lanford Wilson’s acclaimed play, Burn This, for quite some time.

“We’ve been working on this for quite a while, hoping to find the right theatre, hoping to work it out with Jake’s dates and my dates,” Mayer told Playbill. “The fact that it’s all coming together this spring is really thrilling. It’s a play I love very much.”

Set in downtown New York in the 1980's, Burn This follows the tempestuous relationship between two strangers brought together in the wake of a life-changing event. The director said they had done three readings of the play so far and that he thought it was a “sensational role” for Gyllenhaal.

“I’ve known him for a long time and have just been thrilled to see him onstage,“ continued Mayer. “I always had a hunch he was a stage animal and then watching him—over the last couple of years—really delivering first-rate stage work, I thought, ‘Okay, it’s time.’”

UltraViolet said...

LOL - saw this on FB:

(Throwback to..) The time I saw Jake Gyllenhaal in New York. — in New York, New York.

I've touched his face

No way����

When I was an optician


He's so nice

Hagen said...

'Nocturnal Animals' will open in Spain on December 2, 2016:

Info Cine @_infocine
#NocturnalAnimals de Tom Ford con Amy Adams y Jake Gyllenhaal a punto para el puente. Estreno el 02/12/16 @Universal_Spain

Anonymous said...

Nocturnal Animals is heading to Venice according to Variety. Funnily enough so is Villenuve's ARRIVAL. Amy's doing double shifts at Venice.

BlueJean said...

"'Life' still exists."

:)))) So, that means there's life on Mars? ;)

Excited for NA! We hadn't heard anything about it for far too long.

I wonder if Jake will have the opportunity to work with Ruth Wilson again - maybe on another play? He has said he'd love to work with her again.

Monica said...

I think Jake is out of The Current War. In an interview yesterday to THR, Harvey said:
The Current War with Benedict Cumberbatch directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

Scott said...

Kind of glad about the Current War, I think Jake is too busy and enough of HW. I would be surprised if CW gets off the ground though.

Anonymous said...

I think Jake is out of The Current War.

Based on your wishful thinking?

Weinstein: "... We’re not stupid. We’re not losing money on the movie side. We may not be making as much as we’ve made in other years. But we have [the boxing movie] Hands of Stone coming out. Bob has [the adventure film] Gold coming out at Christmas. Gold’s got an amazing performance by Matthew McConaughey. And next year will be hot. Lion will be good. The Founder in a different position will be good. If Tulip Fever breaks even, we’re all happy. We have The Untouchables in the works with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston, we’re making The Boys in the Boat directed by Peter Berg, Richard Pryor, The Current War with Benedict Cumberbatch directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon."

Anonymous said...

Yasammez ‏@Yassammez 3h3 hours ago
This Russian sourced article states that Benedict and Gyllenhaal would start shooting The Current War in December.

Anonymous said...

Could be the reason for Jake not making The Current War. Broadway rehearsals for Burn This start in January. If the movie starts filming in December, it can't wrap in just one month.

Monica said...

Based on your wishful thinking?

He just said Benedict and director when he talks about the film. If Jake is still attached to the project, he would have said Benedict and Jake. Of course it may have been a mistake.

BlueJean said...

"Based on your wishful thinking?"

Come on. It wouldn't be the first time Jake is not longer involved in a project. It happens all the time with actors, doesn't it? Let's just wait and see.

Ann said...

I find it hard to believe Harvey would leave out Jake's name if he was still attached. Especially after talking him up all last year during Southpaw. With Jake doing Broadway early 2017 I wouldn't be surprised if he chose that over this movie. Guess we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Here he is

Anonymous said...

New pictures

Anonymous said...

Jake on set today:

Sherry DiNapoli: Take number 15! Jake is keeping us laughing. On the set as an extra filming Okja with Jake Gyllenhall and Tilda Swinton

Chris C. ‏@CubedLink 59 minutes ago
13 1/2 hours on set but it was a fun day with new friends. Will be back tomorrow for the same project. #SetLife

Chris C. ‏@CubedLink 3 minutes ago
Side note: Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty funny and a cool guy in person and Lily Collins is beautiful in person. #SetLife

Brittany Russo ‏@brussso_ 2 hours ago
I was about 4 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal

I could smell him. So sad the day is over ! Can't wait to see the finished movie. I love Jake Gyllenhaal

A girl, disappointed she didn’t get to see Jake and 2 hours later, deliriously happy to see him:

Erin Damers ‏@erincaseyd 4 hours ago Manhattan, NY
I was so excited to be an extra in a movie that Jake Gyllenhaal's in hoping I'd see him... He ain't even here today

I was supposed to faint from marching in the sun all day and he was supposed to catch me and the whole movie plot was gonna change

Erin Damers ‏@erincaseyd 2 hours ago Manhattan, NY
I SAW JAKE GYLLENHAAL holy crap (he even looks good with a creepy mustache)

Hagen said...

I don't know if this article is accurate (Russia Beyond the Headlines):

Timur Bekmambetov to produce new movie with Benedict Cumberbatch

Kazakh-Russian director Timur Bekmambetov is scheduled to produce a new film with famous English actor Benedict Cumberbatch in the main role. Work on The Current War is slated to begin later this year. "Shooting will start at the end of the year,” Bekmambetov told RIA Novosti. “Now we are preparing.” Cumberbatch will play the American inventor and entrepreneur Thomas Edison, who according to the script is locked in a battle with the engineer and industrialist George Westinghouse to create the U.S. electricity supply system. Westinghouse will be played by American actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

Hagen said...

Entertainment Weekly: Nocturnal Animals: First look at Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams in Tom Ford’s new thriller — Exclusive

UltraViolet said...

Just added the two new Jake stills at the end of this post! I hope this means we'll see a trailer soon.

I don't think Bekmambetov is directing, at least according to Harvey. If he is, perhaps that explains Jake's dropping out. If he did.

Monica said...

Finally something about Nocturnal Animals! I also think this means that we'll see a trailer soon!

Ann said...

I don't think Bekmambetov is directing, at least according to Harvey. If he is, perhaps that explains Jake's dropping out. If he did.

I think he's producing it while Alfonso Gomez-Rejon is directing.

I read on AW that TIFF is revealing their lineup tomorrow, wonder if NA will be included.

BlueJean said...

Happy to see the NA stills! Very Adam / Anthony! ;)

UltraViolet said...

Oh duh. Sorry for my inability to read and differentiate producing from directing! In any case, Bekmambetov isn't exactly a sign of quality. But who knows!

I am crossing my fingers for NA at TIFF tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great pics from Nocturnal Animals.

The lighting from that Amy Adams pic is beautiful.

Hagen said...

“I think that what Edward has done,” [Tom Ford] says, “is written this book and sent it to his ex-wife and through that, he’s saying, ‘This is what you did to me.’

That's hardly the message of the book. Susan's ex-husband criticezes her, but more in a 'it's about time you start empowering yourself' way.

Their plot is filmed with extreme faithfulness to the novel — but Ford’s boldest move was to make the world of Susan (Adams) so adventurously different than it was in the source material, where she is basically just sitting on a couch flipping pages in the book. In Nocturnal Animals, Susan is a complex art dealer living in Los Angeles, dealing with feelings of apathy and a growing isolation from her husband (Armie Hammer). She’s seen here in her sleek, modern-art-dappled home, as played by Adams.

Amy Adams looks similar to gloomy Colin Firth hanging around on beautiful sets in 'A Single Man'. ;-)

Hagen said...

"Deadline" doesn't seem to know whether Jake will play Westinghouse in "The Current War" either: Benedict Cumberbatch is attached to The Weinstein Company’s rival project The Current War, with Cumberbatch to play Edison and possibly Jake Gyllenhaal as Westinghouse in the race to electrify America.

Anonymous said...

Excerpt fron EW

Gyllenhaal has a dual role in the film, also appearing in flashbacks with Adams as her husband when they were both in graduate school.
Ford enlisted the Nightcrawler and Brokeback Mountain actor partly for his ability to be convincing as someone in his mid-20s or late-30s. “But also because I’ve been so impressed with Jake’s career choices, especially lately, constantly pushing himself in more unpredictable directions. And as a result, you’ve seen his career,” Ford makes a upward swooshing motion with his hand, “going like this. And you can see why.”

Anonymous said...

With Ford changing a lot of the book particularly beefing up Amy's role, I wonder how the movie will end? Don't think it will be the same way as the book.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it won’t have the same ending, but I expect a similarly ambiguous one.
And by “beefing up Amy's role”, he obviously beefed up Jake’s role as the ex-husband, Edward (this scene).

Somewhat on topic: it highly amuses me how AWers feel the need to claim that Amy is “more of a lead than Gyllenhaal” (in regards to his Edward character, I assume). Completely ignoring the fact that Jake is also playing Tony, the lead of the story within the story, a dark, unsettling revenge narrative, described as “something that Fincher would direct”.
Until NA will be released, we have no idea whose part(s) will be more powerful or interesting - even after, people will still take sides. But Jake is in the unique position of being the only actor featured in both stories, a dual role with more diverse opportunities.
Frankly, it literally isn’t a competition between the two of them – which makes the claims of Amy’s “prominence” amusing, to me.

J said...

^^Anonymous, a lot of people on AW are also saying that Adams is a borderline supporting character, probably more than the ones who are saying that Adams is "more of a lead" than Jake. And come on, let's be honest, they're both leads. That's it.

Can't contain my excitement for Nocturnal Animals! Very understated shots released, which makes me think this might be more accessible stylistically than Ford's last feature. Ford's interpretation of the novel is intriguing. I saw a different meaning in the manuscript in the book, but his view is making me look at it in a new light. It's interesting. I love the hidden meanings in Tony and Susan, and all the different ways they can be interpreted.

Let's hope for the TIFF announcement tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

That place is nuts with people so far up their a$$ it beggars belief.

Jake is Lead Male and Amy is Lead Female. I don't get the argument. They were both cast at the same time as well. And I'm expecting it to be a good movie but I don't think it will be a major awards player. Hope I'm wrong on that account.

Anonymous said...

That's hardly the message of the book. Susan's ex-husband criticezes her, but more in a 'it's about time you start empowering yourself' way.

I disagree with the "empowering" message. My interpretation goes more along the lines of Tom Ford’s assessment ‘This is what you did to me’. But not as an actual threat, more like: You wronged me, your words and actions hurt me (and us as a couple). Time to see things for what they really were (through this parable).

Amy Adams looks similar to gloomy Colin Firth hanging around on beautiful sets in 'A Single Man'.

His character, George, was grief-stricken and suicidal - which Susan most certainly isn’t. Amy is filmed similarly to Julianne Moore’s Charley.

Professor Tony Hastings is somewhat closer to Professor George Falconer. BTW, Jake’s close-up in the car is the most striking and vivid from all three NA stills.

Here, Amy seems to be the Julianne Moore of A Single Man, with Jake as the Colin Firth of A Single Man.

Jake is Lead Male and Amy is Lead Female. I don't get the argument

Simple: the claim of her “prominence” justifies their “certainties”. They’re already popping the awards champagne. Based on…nothing but worship (wait for the trailer at least). No one even dares to suggest Jake. Based on…nothing but their disdain. He is fodder for crass mockery there (although the admin is a fan of Jake), so his relevance in NA must be diminished. Prepare for more BS all through December.

Anonymous said...

Awards Watch is an actress centralized thread. They love their actresses. You see they always have actress wars: stans fighting each other.

Don't take their comments to Jake personally. They love making fun of actors and other actresses too.

Anonymous said...

From the comments on AW, Adams is co-lead, nor borderline supporting. But Jake plays a dual role with more scenes than her. AW thinks Focus will fraud her to supporting because she is lead in Arrival. Focus has Ruth Negga as lead, so they don't want conflicts. Jake's Best Actor field is crowded. I think he has no chance this year. :(

Scott said...

Anon, please tell us what's in your magic ball? It's always crowded, just let Jake's trailer at least premiere before everyone starts talking about awards season. For all we know NA could not even come out this year, there is still time to pull it.

But I get what you are doing, throwing Jake's chances out the window so that the universe will do the opposite. I honestly believe Jake's chances at Oscar (seemingly the only one that counts) is less to do with his performance and more to do with if he is willing to play the same game as his counterparts. I just don't see him doing that anytime soon. Hillary could learn a few things from the Oscar crew and how to campaign and push worthy performances out.

Jake loves his soul too much it seems.

Monica said...

Don't take AW seriously, there are many stans and haters there. They love to make fun of those they don't like.

Based on the book, both are co-leaders, with Jake having the highest number of pages lol, she really is seen reading the book, but there are flashbacks of her. I always thought she could go as a supp, but it depends on how the film will be received. Michael Shannon is supporting, depending on how Aaron Taylor is in the film, he can stand out, Armie Hammer has a role that didn't stand out to me.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely with Monica.

I get why they 'customize' Amy's role, as she is 80% reading and barely checking her sons,and the flashbacks are not very intriguing at all. Jake's character is way more interesting, and if Aaron Taylor Johnson is able to pull off, he has a nice character to work with. Shannon has a tailor-made, moody,dark character, while Armin Hammer has a nothing role.

I have to say that I found the first part of the book amazing, basically for the Tony's part, i was invested in seconds. After the 'main event', i think it loses a bit of rythm, but that just me.

Anyway, i think Jake has a very interesting,3D character in his hands, not Lou's level, but I cannot wait to see what he achieves with Tony (and Edward, to a lesser extent)

Hagen said...

I think the detective is the most interesting character in the book. Though it's unlikely that 'Nocturnal Animals' will focus on Michael Shannon's part. The story within the story is pretty good, but the protagonist is such a passive pushover. At least on paper it's not a showcase for Jake's acting skills. Based on the pictures from the set Tom Ford fortunately hasn't changed the end of the story within the story. The frame story is the weakest part in the book. Susan's unhappy marriage didn't grab my attention and the flashbacks to her relationship with Edward are rather forgettable.

However there must be a reason that Universal and Focus paid $20 million for the distribution rights. So let's hope for the best.

J said...

I love that we all have different opinions the book and its characters.

For me, Susan is the most intriguing, depthful character. I love the ending, and her last words. It really feels like a full arc for her, even if she doesn't have as many scenes as the other characters. There's so much Ford could do with, and add to Susan, and I'm glad he's decided to expand her world in the film.

As for awards, I guess we'll know once the fall festivals kick off. Firth got a nomination for A Single Man, so there's definitely prospects there for NA. Let's hope for the best.

Ann said...

NA will be at TIFF

Piruleta said...

I totally agree with Hagen's opinion about the book.

Monica said...

but the protagonist is such a passive pushover

Some of his actions are so annoying. Sometimes I wanted to punch him.

Hagen said...

'Nocturnal Animals' will have its North American premiere at TIFF, that is the movie will have its world premiere in Venice and won't be shown at Telluride.

Hagen said...

'Nocturnal Animals' has a runtime of 120 minutes (TIFF).

UltraViolet said...

J, I think the rude anon was responding to Monica. In any case, the comment and your reply have been deleted. Anon's because it was unnecessarily hostile and yours because it didn't make sense once I deleted the first :)

For a laugh:

Jake Gyllenhaal is currently getting take out right next to me and I'm doing great so far. I've only blatantly stared at him twice.

J said...

Thanks UV! I shouldn't have responded anyway, my bad.

Scott said...

Borys Kit ‏@Borys_Kit · 17m17 minutes ago

Excl: @jes_chastain in talks to join Jake Gyllenhaal in the adaptation of Ubisoft's THE DIVISION video game

Like what? That is excellent news if it comes to be.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Chastain with Jake in...The Division? I abso-fuckin-lutely love it!

Love how he keeps surprising everybody, repeatedly, and how every time the naysayers and downright haters slam his upcoming projects, he punches back knocking them to the ground. This piece of news, if it comes to fruition, is a downright knock-out. I'm making popcorn 'cause the meltdown in the blogosphere will be epic. Go Jake!

And NA premiering at Venice and TIFF should be cause for big celebration.

BlueJean said...

"Love how he keeps surprising everybody, repeatedly,"

Even us! :) I totally agree, Anon.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the casting of Chastain. She's too plain to pay Jake's love interest. Her face looks older and harsh. Why not get Anne Hathaway or Alicia Vikander?

BlueJean said...


Come on - the casting is not up to us, is it? What can we do about it? Guys, what I've learned as a Jake fan over the last few years: let him do his thing. I'm sure he knows what he's doing. We may not all agree with his choices, and some projects might turn out better than others, but I'm proud to read Tom Ford's comment on Jake's career (..."And as a result, you’ve seen his career,” Ford makes a upward swooshing motion with his hand, “going like this. And you can see why.”) and I'm glad we have been able to keep up with Jake's career through this blog.

There are a lot of people I'd like for Jake to work with - and there are even more awards I'd like him to win (yes, the "O" word!), but only as long as it's on Jake's own terms. What's most important and interesting about Jake is that he's such a free spirit, who's not impressed with Hollywood and its rules. That's why he's able to surprise us all, time and time again.

Had to get this off my chest ;)

Ann said...

Well said, BlueJean :)

Also do we know she'd be a love interest? This story doesn't seem to be the type to have a romance. Female characters can be more than just a love interest ;)

Scott said...

" She's too plain to pay Jake's love interest."

LOL, we all should be so plain. Most of the leading ladies in Jake's movies are older than him in age and usually have just as much if not more acting experience as him.

And no one knows (as Ann pointed out) what character and I am too lazy to go find out more about the video game to find out.

Monica said...

The mustache is gone!


Patrick Ball said...

the other day i was walking down a backstreet in soho. it was pretty late at night and the streets were mostly empty. a guy comes around the corner and starts walking towards me with his head down. when he was about twenty feet away he looks up at me and stops short, frozen. he looks at me and I look back at him and he just stares at me with this shocked, almost panicked look in his eye. i noticed that he was very striking looking. He had a great, thick mustache. I wish I had a mustache like that, I thought. And then I realized... it was Jake Gyllenhaal. I didn't know what to do. I thought I'd like to say something but I couldn't think of anything to say so I just kept walking. As I passed him he just continued to stand there frozen with this weird bewildered look. When I was past him by a few yards, I looked back to see if he was just gonna go on standing there and he took off down another side street like he was being chased by a pack of dogs or something...

Ann said...

Wonder if him shaving off the mustache means he's done filming Okja and on to Life next.

BlueJean said...

"The mustache is gone!"

*sigh of relief* ;) I always find it so amusing how we're so curious about his facial hair status :)

Monica said...

lol Patrick, he thought you were going to ask for an autograph!

Confirmed Nocturnal Animals in Venice, now we just need a trailer!

I'd love to get excited with the news about Jake and Jessica working together, but ... well, she's a great actress.

bobbyanna said...

Just want to take a moment to say Congratulations Hillary! on being the first woman to be nominated for President of the USA from a major political party. I feel very proud tonight.

Tweety said...

Isn't it awesome Bobbyanna?! The first woman nomi8and God willing the next President!!
Glad Jake shaved off that goofy mustache! I know it was for the movie but it looked so bad , lol!!

Sal said...

Happy Monday all

Jake is back in London. I'll try keep my head up when walking around ;)

Scott said...

"Jake is back in London. I'll try keep my head up when walking around"


Jake looks really good and younger in the London photo. A great hair day for him.

Anonymous said...

What's Jake doing in London?

Anonymous said...


UltraViolet said...

LOL, anon. When I saw your answer, I thought you were being sarcastic. Then I remembered that Life is the movie Jake is filming. Speaking of movies, The Division was confirmed today:

"We are excited to collaborate with Jessica and Jake, two of Hollywood's most talented actors and perfect creative collaborators to help bring Tom Clancy's The Division to the big screen," said Gerard Guillemot, chief executive of Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

"Attaching Jake and Jessica is part of our development philosophy of working closely with top talent from the earliest stages to collaborate on a high quality film," added vice president Matt Phelps.

Gyllenhaal and Riva Marker's Nine Stories will be involved with development of the adaptation, as will Chastain's Freckle Films.

The story I read also said that Jake begins filming Life this week.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, and a belated "Yay!" for Hillary Clinton :)

Anonymous said...

We may not have a trailer yet, but we do have a date! NA will premiere in Venice Friday, September 2nd. With Jake on the red carpet. Confirmed by "direttore" Alberto Barbera himself. He's tweeting in a frenzy, answearing questions. Many of them about Jake and NA.

FILMFADERN ‏@erikdalstrom
I was wondering if Arrival and Nocturnal Animals will screen in the beginning of the festival? Who will walk the red carpet?

Alberto Barbera‏@AlbertoBarbera2
Friday September 2, with Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal,, Michael Shannon and Tom Ford, obviously.

LOL at Barbera's spelling of Jake's name: double L, double A, double comma!

Federico D'Accinni ‏@FedeDAccinni94
buongiorno Direttore, Le posso chiedere in quale giorno sarà proiettato NOCTURNAL ANIMALS di Tom Ford a #Venezia73? Grazie!

Alberto Barbera ‏@AlbertoBarbera2
Venerdì 2 settembre

Federica ©@CrazyFedy
Salve, Jake Gyllenhaal sarà presente per l'anteprima di Nocturnal Animals? E Michael Fassbender? Grazie mille!

Alberto Barbera ‏@AlbertoBarbera2 1h1 hour ago
Si, ci saranno entrambi per i rispettivi film.

Anonymous said...

From last week.

Anonymous said...

californian•seoulite expat living in london
04/08/2016 Jake in London: omgomg!!! #spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal!!! we've never spotted a celeb while living in LA but in london?! no wait i lie.. i've seen a handful. anyway hi #donniedarko! #berniceinlondon

Shaved face, new military haircut. He's playing an astronaut, after all, and seemingly the leader of the team.

The minute he shaved the wicked mustache we knew he was headed to M̶a̶r̶s̶ London. Confirmation (He recently completed filming on Bong Joon Ho's “Okja” and begins filming on Daniel Espinosa’s “Life” this week) was nice but I wish we knew more about the movie and his character. The story being about Mars and a space station, this isn't an "outdoor" movie to be shot on locations. More like an "indoor" movie shot on soundstages inside a studio, with greenscreens and harnesses. No paps, no extras, no curious bystanders = no pics. Bad for us, Skydance seems to be keeping a tight lid on it.

Real Sal said...

That restaurant is just around the corner from my work. Dang, so close :(

He looks good with the haircut.

bobbyanna said...

Congratulations to Brazil! Lovely opening ceremony!

Monica I know you are very proud tonight!

Does anyone here know where Tonga is... : )

Anonymous said...

Was just reading a Diane Kruger 'article' (it's the Daily Mail, not sure if you can call it an article!) and this was a response to one of the comments about the paps. Awful.

"Agreed. I was on holiday in New York a few years ago and noticed paps following Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal walking around together. Nobody else made a fuss of the, except the paps, who shouted the most horrible things to try and get a reaction. The guy literally shouted every ex girlfriend's name, stuff about Maggie's body on film. It was awful. The poor pair just walked on silently with their heads high but, blimey, I thought at the time how that must really hurt these people. They might be celebrities, but they are still human"

Anonymous said...


Celebrities use paparazzi for arranged photo shoots to get publicity (make more money).
Jake and Maggie did that, too.
Jake more than once.
I'm not saying it's OK for paparazzi to insult anyone, just that paparazzi are also used by celebrities. All the time.

bobbyanna said...

Anon 8:18, that's awful! When I see the photos, I don't usually think about what's going om with the shouting and attempts to provoke reactions.

Sal (the real one) said...

Hey Bobbyanna :)

That was me who posted the 8.18 comment - google kept locking me out, weird!

It must be so horrible for them. I know it's a give and take with the photographers, but I do think a lot overstep their boundaries.

Years ago, I happened to be passing through Leicester Square when there was a premier (I think for one of the Pirates films) and the photogs kept screaming out at Keira Knightly about how skinny she was and does she have an eating disorder. She kept smiling though.

BlueJean said...

This is exactly why I don't like pap pics. I don't like looking at them and I don't like to think about what celebs have to go through whenever they're "stalked". I once saw a YouTube pap video of Jake leaving some medical center (I think) and this guy was horribly intrusive, shouting rude things to him. I don't know how celebrities cope with that. You could say it's part of the job and it comes with fame, but there's also such a thing as decency, if that's the right word.

Monica said...

Bobbyana, I was thinking it was going to be a mess, but we were good! So happy!

I'm neutral on the paparazzi because actually some celebrities call paparazzi when they need while they complain when they don't need.
I always think that more than 90% of the photos of paparazzi were the celebrities who called them.

bobbyanna said...

Not a mess at all, Monica! It was beautiful!! I'm so glad the music was such an integral part of the opening ceremonies, because that is one of Brasil's greatest gifts to the world, IMO. The focus on the environment was very powerful, with the message of planting seeds and healing the earth. I felt it was very uplifting. And then to top it off with the Tonga's flag bearer! LOL! I know Brazil/Rio didn't plan for that guy, but what a nice surprise : )

Monica said...

Tonga guy is a success! lol

Anonymous said...

I always think that more than 90% of the photos of paparazzi were the celebrities who called them.

A gross exaggeration, IMO. No wonder though, giving that some fans live vicariously through bashing and hating on certain celebrities. Just like some fans live vicariously through what they fantasize about celebrities' lives.

Sometimes celebrities call the paps, the Hiddleswift 4th of July photoalbum that Lively and Reynolds took part in being an example. But most times it's the paps who stalk celebrities to take pictures and sell them to gossip sites and rags.

What makes the difference is how they treat the celebrities.

Paps are nice to stars they like, the ones who are People or Vanity Fair's darlings, nonstop babbling about their personal lives, kids, spouses, houses. Their babble feeds gossip & lifestyle magazines. Without it, gossip industry would die, paps and "reporters" would starve.

Paps are horrible to celebrities they dislike, the ones who refuse to cater to people's need for "dirt" or fantasies. So they taunt these celebrities, pestering, insulting, stalking them like a plague.

Not only paps act this way. Even lifestyle reporters from VF or WWD are pissed off by celebrities who "dare" not to give them interviews at ceremonies, retaliating by throwing shade in their reports.

Jake belongs to the latter group of celebrities, the ones that paps, gossip and some lifestyle reporters dislike. Because ever since he left the Hollywood Circle and moved to NY, he's all business to them. If all celebrities would be like Jake, these gossip reporters would have nothing to write about and would be fired. So they are mean to him.

Monica said...

It's not so simple. They can be rude to those who sell their lives for tabloids too. Those who have had some kind of scandal or something. But they can be nice too.
Sometimes they want a reaction to $$$ or have a story for a gossip site like TMZ.

Celebrity calls when they need to sell something, show that they're down to earth, to gain sympathy of the GA. This shit is so obvious that it's hilarious when these same people complain.

No wonder though, giving that some fans live vicariously through bashing and hating on certain celebrities.

People hate when the celebrity is everyday on our face, but doesn't mean that they're the only one who call paparazzi.

Hagen said...

Universal Pictures Germany has pushed back the release date for 'Nocturnal Animals' to December 22 (Filmstarts). No idea if I can watch the film during Christmas week. There's no change for the UK (November 4).

Some good buzz for 'Nocturnal Animals' on 'Hollywood Elsewhere': I’m hearing that Tom Ford‘s Nocturnal Animals is diverting, intriguing, not bad, interesting, well acted, better than pretty good, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Celebrity calls when they need to sell something, show that they're down to earth, to gain sympathy of the GA. This shit is so obvious that it's hilarious when these same people complain."


Anonymous said...

Some good buzz for 'Nocturnal Animals' on 'Hollywood Elsewhere': I’m hearing that Tom Ford‘s Nocturnal Animals is diverting, intriguing, not bad, interesting, well acted, better than pretty good, etc.

Jeffrey Wells's intricate phrasing is so deliberately confusing LOL
Translation from Wells to english = it's good.

Which is exactly the word from AW. Basically, the person who saw the movie says Jake is terrific in NA and has a baity role (this coming from someone who thought he was "mannered" in Nightcrawler. Considering that Nightcrawler is Jake's best reviewed and most praised performance to date, then bring on Nocturnal Animals now!)

Since it's only one person's opinion, take everything with several grains of salt. Take a full teaspoon.

There are some minor spoilers and a bit more infos in Nocturnal Animals AW thread. (Since going to AW feels like going into the woods at night and bumping into a pack of wolves) check NoirJo and Donnchadh's comments from p.11-12.

BlueJean said...

Now all we need is a trailer! Soon! NOW! ;)

Anonymous said...

Until we get the much too long-awaited trailer for NA, some news about LIFE. Steven Weintraub, editor-in-chief at Collider, is on his way to the London set (hopefully to write about it, not just visit it).

Steven Weintraub @colliderfrosty

To those asking, going to London to visit the set of LIFE. Stars @VancityReynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and a few others.
5:30 PM - 8 Aug 2016

With this cast and a script by the DEADPOOL writers I'm pretty confident about the film.
5:37 PM - 8 Aug 2016

LIFE's producer Skydance retweeted Weintraub, so if we're lucky we may get a photo or two on his instagram. (I'm interested to see Jake's new look.)

Anonymous said...

Follow-up on Steven Weintraub's vist on the set of LIFE:

9 august: back in my hotel room. tomorrow going to the set of LIFE outside London. Been a crazy few days of travel.

11 august: Another London trip almost over. Flying over here for set visits are a crazy whirlwind. Looking forward to talking about LIFE when Sony lifts the embargo.

Alas (as I suspected from the lack of photos of any of the cast members, Jake, Ryan or Rebecca, not even a set photo on SMcG instagram), the movie is under embargo, with Skydance/Sony keeping a tight lid on it. If Weintraub from Collider was invited for a set visit I'm guessing more press members were, but they won't reveal anything until the embargo is lifted.

I guess we'll see Jake's new look at Venezia73, September 1-3...

Anonymous said...

For a while, there was some confusion regarding the screenings due to Barbera's tweets. Poor guy faced hundreds of questions, so he jumbled Nocturnal Animals and Arrival's dates. Until somebody asked the right question and we got a better than expected answear:

la Sara @sarysbro Aug 8
Buongiorno, Jake Gyllenhaal sara presente il 2 o il 3 di settembre? grazie in anticipo
(Hello, Jake Gyllenhaal will be in attendance September 2 or 3?)

Alberto Barbera @AlbertoBarbera2 Aug 8
Jake Gyllenhaal arrivera a Venezia il 1 settembre e ripartira il 3. La proiezione di Nocturnal Animals e il 2
(Jake Gyllenhaal will arrive in Venice on Sept 1 and will leave on Sept 3. The screening for Nocturnal Animals is on September 2)

The official schedule was revealed today:

2 September
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS by Tom Ford (USA, 115’, language: English, s/t Italian) cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Laura Linney


The official screening is supposedly the one in Sala Grande, but I could be wrong. There are other screenings for the jury and the press, and each movie in competition has a photocall and a press conference.

Direttore Barbera got it right when he said that NA will be screening Sept 2nd, with Jake arriving Sept 1st and leaving Sept 3rd. The press conference could be on Sept 2nd (screening day) or Sept 3rd (next morning, as it happens at TIFF).

I'm also posting the Sept 1st schedule since it's quite possible that Jake would attend (not on the red carpet, mind you) Arrival's screening. I guess it depends on Focus marketing politics, both movies being in direct competition in Venice.

1 September


Scott said...

Thanks anon for the festival information and Life update.

Canuck_Cutie said...


from Jeff Sneider (aTheInSneider)
Sony's sci-fi movie LIFE starring Jake Gyllenhaal & Ryan Reynolds is described as ALIEN meets TEN LITTLE INDIANS, which sounds AWESOME...

Repost said...

Scott, you're welcome.

Turns out, we do have news on LIFE.

Collider @ColliderNews
The sci-fi thriller 'Life' starring Jake Gyllenhaal is moving to a more competitive weekend

Daniel Espinosa’s Life is gearing up for some fierce competition. Sony Pictures had originally slated the film for March 24, 2017, but Deadline reports that the studio is now bullish on the film after seeing the production dailies, and so they’ve now moved it to Memorial Day weekend, May 26, 2017.
For those who are unfamiliar with Life (a film that could really use a title change), the premise is Alien meets Ten Little Indians as the crew of the International Space Station “retrieves the Mars rover with a soil sample that has a fossilized organism. They rebuild it and it comes to life as the first alien species. As it starts to grow, one by one the species starts to kill off the 10 astronaut-crew.” More proof that science and discovery will only end in trouble.
(...) Most films that open on Memorial Day weekend are surprisingly poor. While I’m not expecting much from Pirates 5, Life sounds intriguing, and I’m hoping that it delivers on its promise.

Not to mention, it could be pushed further more into the summer, at a better time slot.

Deadline's report:

Columbia Pictures/Skydance International Space Station thriller Life will float away from its March 24 date next year and be one of three titles to kick off 2017 Memorial Day weekend on May 26.
(...) Sources close to Life are stoked by the production dailies and believe that Sony has an edge here for the holiday weekend. Directed by Daniel Espinosa, Life tells the story of the six-member crew of the International Space Station who are on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries in human history: the first possible proof of extraterrestrial life on Mars. As the crew begins to conduct research, their methods prove to have unintended consequences as the life form proves more intelligent than ever expected.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the Life and NA reports. It's been a while since Jake has had a Memorial Day opener. Fingers crossed for this one. As posted on AW, from Box Office Mojo, NA has been rated R for "violence, menace, graphic nudity, and language."

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how reliable this is but apparently we're getting a trailer for Nocturnal Animals either next week or the week after.

Anonymous said...

Wiki states that Armie Hammer plays Susan's ex husband, the author of the book, while Jake only plays Tony, the character in the book. I was under the impression Jake played both of these characters? Otherwise, the scenes with him and Amy wouldn't make sense. Does anyone have any other information?

Anonymous said...

Jake himself said he plays 2 characters in the movie.

Scott said...

"Jake himself said he plays 2 characters in the movie."

Ford also said the same thing. I haven't read the book but doesn't Jake play the college love of the main female character played by Amy? And Jake's other character is married to Isla Fischer's character? Or did Ford change some things as he has stated in interviews?

It's already confusing. LOL. I guess all will be known in 2 weeks, trailer or no trailer in the mean time.

Ann said...

Armie plays Amy's current husband. Jake plays her ex-husband and also Tony, the character in the book he writes and sends to her.

Anonymous said...

Then NA Wiki page is wrong. Maybe because other publications got it wrong too, IMDB included.
The scenes Jake and Amy shot together wouldn't make sense if Jake is playing only Tony. Susan doesn't appear in Tony's story, he's the fictional character in the manuscript written by her ex-husband.

But the proof is in the EW write-up:

”In the story-within-the-story, we meet Tony (Gyllenhaal), his wife (Isla Fisher) and their daughter (Ellie Bamber)..... Their plot is filmed with extreme faithfulness to the novel.....

In Nocturnal Animals, Susan is a complex art dealer living in Los Angeles, dealing with feelings of apathy and a growing isolation from her husband (Armie Hammer).....

Gyllenhaal has a dual role in the film, also appearing in flashbacks with Adams as her husband when they were both in graduate school. Ford enlisted the Nightcrawler and Brokeback Mountain actor partly for his ability to be convincing as someone in his mid-20s or late-30s. “But also because I’ve been so impressed with Jake’s career choices, especially lately, constantly pushing himself in more unpredictable directions.”

Jake plays Tony, the lead character in the story-within-the-story, and Edward, Susan's ex-husband from ”when they were both in graduate school”.

Armie plays Susan's current husband, the unfaithful doctor.

Anonymous said...

So the NA and IMDB both have incorrect information.

Anonymous said...

"So the NA and IMDB both have incorrect information."

You mean WIKI and IMDB? NA doesn't have an official site yet.

Not the first time nor the last time IMDB, Wiki and others have incorrect information prior to a movie's release. Anyone who didn't bother to read EW article or the book won't understand who's Tony, who's the ex-husband, who's the current husband, how they relate, and why Jake plays two characters.

BlueJean said...

"It's already confusing. LOL."

Yes, it is! :) I've read the book last year, but reading all of your comments... I really feel like I should read the book once again. Maybe I will ;)

Due to my love for 'Enemy', I'm looking forward to seeing Jake play two characters again! ;)

Canuck_Cutie said...

TIFF schedule should be released this morning. They released the list of actors expected to attend via their Twitter account and Jake isn't listed but Amy & Michael Shannon are

Sag Actor said...

So true about IMDB, they are slow to update. NA sounds intriguing,looking forward to seeing it.

Saw Suicide Squad, can't really rate Leto's Joker with Heath's or Jack's version since they edited a lot of he's scenes.

Anonymous said...

Hagen said...

Initially this website reported that 'Nocturnal Animals' would have a running time of 120 minutes, now it's 116 minutes. Apparently they still worked on the movie in the past few weeks. The film is rated '14A' in Canada which suggests that the violence won't be that graphic.

UltraViolet said...

Disappointing if Jake isn't at TIFF, but not really surprising, given his schedule. hope we get good pics and a good reaction from Venice.

Not sure what to make, if anything, out of the NA slot at TIFF. Sunday at 10PM doesn't seem like one of the ideal times, but it is in a prestige theater. I can't remember what played there at that time last year.

UltraViolet said...

Will do a new post for Venice, but Jake is still in England. From twitter:

Me ft. my future boyf aka Jake Gyllenhaal

Hard to see him, but someone else posted:

Working in retail is hard, eapecially on bankhols so thanks #jakegyllenhaal for making our day extra special #waitrosenewbury #happypartners

Monica said...

UV, I sent a message to you.

Monica said...

Nocturnal Animals - Exclusive Sneak Peek from the Venice Film Festival

UltraViolet said...

But don't get too excited, folks. No Jake in the clip. We'll get reactions from the first Venice screening tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!

Monica said...

Yeah I want a trailer! I saw a sighting of jake in London, so it looks like he's still there.

Anonymous said...

[FANPAGE] Gyllenhaalics Brazil

Aaron Taylor is already in Venice! …

monica bbm

I'm so excited to see this movie, @samtaylorjohnson. I read the book last year, I'm anxious to see what Aaron did with the role! In fact, I think he's going to kill it!

Hagen said...

'Nocturnal Animals' will be one of the headline galas at the London Film Festival, screened on October 16.

Tom Ford is named finalist of the PEN Center USA Screenplay Award. The other finalist are Oliver Stone ('Snowden'), Damien Chazelle ('La La Land') and Jeff Nichols ('Loving').

Oddly "Nocturnal Animals'" official website doesn't reveal that Jake plays a double role. Only his part as Tony Hastings is confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Mixed reviews so far, no mention (positive or negative) of Jake

Peter Bradshaw ‏@PeterBradshaw1 3m3 minutes ago
There's a double-shot of horror and Nabokovian despair in Tom Ford's outrageously gripping meta-thriller Nocturnal Animals #Venezia73

Magdalena Miedl ‏@mmiedl 4m4 minutes ago
The opening moments were promising, but Tom Ford's immaculately filmed #NocturnalAnimals is cold and overwritten at it's heart #Venezia73

Dave Calhoun ‏@davecalhoun 7m7 minutes ago
God the Tom Ford film NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is awful. #Venezia73

Andreas Wiseman ‏@AndreasWiseman 8m8 minutes ago Venice, Veneto
Just seen Tom Ford's #NocturnalAnimals at #Venezia73. It is absolutely stunning. Plenty of awards coming.

Robbie CollinVerified account ‏@robbiereviews 43s44 seconds ago
Nocturnal Animals proves once and for all that the essence of cinema is Michael Shannon in a stetson coughing beside a police car #Venezia73

Nocturnal Animals: Tom Ford click on the exam. No punch, failed in coupling dramatic fronts; to take advantage of its potential. #Venezia73

Nicholas Barber ‏@NicholasLBarber 2m2 minutes ago
#Venezia73 becomes Amy Adams-fest for Tom Ford's ridiculously stylish, funny, gory literary thrill ride, Nocturnal Animals. A blast.

Today #AmyAdams #NocturnalAnimals: just seen with #JakeGyllenhaal. Raw, loud, violent emotionally and visually. #Venezia73

Crème Brûlée ‏@kambolecampbell 47s48 seconds ago Venice, Veneto
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS: Gripping meta-thriller that makes some bizarre choices, but remains entertaining throughout. #Venezia73 @1RoomWithAView

Crème Brûlée ‏@kambolecampbell 45s46 seconds ago Venice, Veneto
NOCTURNAL ANIMALS (3): Tone is somewhere between The Neon Demon, a Cormac McCarthy novel and a romantic drama #Venezia73 @1RoomWithAView

Simon Popek ‏@SimonLiffe 1m1 minute ago
Michael Shannon, a treasure, lights up (another) bad film. #NocturnalAnimals #Venezia73

Dave Calhoun ‏@davecalhoun 42s42 seconds ago
Masterly photography from Seamus McGarvey in NOCTURNAL ANIMALS, but that script, terrible...and Ford's direction of actors all over shop.

CineVue ‏@CineVue 1m1 minute ago
Nocturnal Animals: Imagine The Hours if Julianne Moore read Lee Childs instead of Woolf. #Venezia73 @drjonty

elisabeth sereda ‏@elisabethsereda 1m1 minute ago
Liked #NocturnalAnimals a lot. But afraid some people might not understand it. Undeniably though, #TomFord is a talented director #Venezia73

The second film to #TomFord try to charm but eventually gets buried by cliches #NocturnalAnimals #Venezia73

Less subtle than the novel that adapts, #NocturnalAnimals seems too concerned to clarify the motivations of its characters.

Sleek and smug, tense and minimal, sometimes grotesque but charming. It's the vengeful #NocturnalAnimals of #TomFord #venezia73

Hagen said...

Alonso Duralde's review is very positive (The Wrap): ‘Nocturnal Animals’ Venice Review: Tom Ford Gambles Big and Wins on Second Feature

The performances here are consistently superb, from Adams and Gyllenhaal (playing two very different roles) to Michael Shannon (as a Texas lawman), Laura Linney (getting an unforgettable scene as Susan’s mother, a monstrous Manhattan society matron) and Karl Glusman (“Love,” “The Neon Demon”) as one of the kidnappers. The real standout is Taylor-Johnson.

The somewhat enigmatic ending of the film annoyed some of the people around me at the press screening — and I confess I’ll probably need to sit with it for a while to fully understand what Ford was going for with it — but “Nocturnal Animals” packs a real punch and confirms that “A Single Man” was no fluke.

Hagen said...

Jake has arrived in Venice sporting his new hairstyle: Tom & Jake at #Venezia73 #TomFord #JakeGyllenhaal #NocturnalAnimals #fashion #style

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the quick reactions and posts. Opened a new post (finally!) Will repost the twitter reactions and first review. Hope we get more soon.

It's nice to see Jake again :)