Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pics or it didn't happen

Jake Gyllenhaal released the first official photo from Stronger last week. And Today Show anchor Natalie Morales posted this photo of Jake and Jeff Bauman at Fenway Park:

#ComingSoon - I guess we'll be seeing a report at some point.

More photos of Jake at Fenway today. There was some kind of media event, as the above photo was posted by the Golden Globes.

Random photo of Jake on set last week:

There have been some fun Instagram photos popping up. This first one is from a writer (I think) who seems to have met Jake during Constellations.

This was posted last week as a #TBT by Anastasia Victory, who worked on Little Shop of Horrors:

Throwback to "Little Shop of Horrors" with Jake Gyllenhaal (who's looking so serious in his Seymour costume)

She posted this one last year:

Not sure when or where this was originally posted. I saw it on a Jake fan account:

Will add to the post if more fun photos pop up.

Et voila! Some old photos on IHJ. First from the Men's Journal shoot:

Second from the infamous Lakers game series:

Hard to believe that was 10 years ago.

Jake on Inside Amy Schemer:


UltraViolet said...

Yes, I took the lazy way out and just posted the screenshots with captions. It was just easier, sorry!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the fun updates, UV!

I'm disappointed too, at the lack of tweets from Bostonians, but I've been thinking. Jake seems to have a lot of work lined up, so maybe he is using his down time to get ready for his other jobs? That would not give him a lot of time to be out & about.

BlueJean said...

I don't care how random those pictures are - I still love seeing them! I'm sure there will be more news / sightings / pics later on :)

That first pic of 'Stronger' is beautiful.

Ann said...

Thanks for the update, UV! :)

Am I alone in thinking it's strange we're getting "first look" pics of Stronger and Jake is doing interviews for it yet we haven't heard much about Nocturnal Animals and that's supposed to come out this year? I'm sure it has something to do with Jake producing Stronger and having more control over it. Still wish we could get an update on NA though.

UltraViolet said...

They are filming at Fenway today, but it looks like the Boston shooting may be coming to a close:

11 hours
Boston Casting. STRONGER Fenway Scene seeking BG tomorrow morning. One of our Last Days of Shooting! Call ONLY if fully available

Jake Gyllenhaal is filming in Fenway today.............I'm coming sugar


Bobbyanna, I did see a post that Jake was running lines with his assistant somewhere. But I assumed it was for Stronger. I'm sure Jake has appreciated his relative privacy.

This one did make me laugh - I can't remember if I posted:

So...Jake Gyllenhaal is in town and has been coming in all week to do his shopping. Honestly, the swooning that goes on every time he's in the store. Lol poor guy. He's pretty good humoured about it

UltraViolet said...

Posted at the same time, Ann, so I didn't see your comment. I am getting anxious about the lack of Nocturnal Animals news. I was hoping we'd hear something at Cannes, where it made a splashy sale last year.

It's funny - I was thinking that there's less Cannes coverage this year until I realized I was following things a bit more closely last year. For some reason :)

UltraViolet said...

Posted at the same time, Ann, so I didn't see your comment. I am getting anxious about the lack of Nocturnal Animals news. I was hoping we'd hear something at Cannes, where it made a splashy sale last year.

It's funny - I was thinking that there's less Cannes coverage this year until I realized I was following things a bit more closely last year. For some reason :)

Added some new/old photos. And just saw this:

Kristien Morato ‏@KristienMorato 17m17 minutes ago Boston, MA
Spending the day on set with Jake Gyllenhaal at Fenway Park in Boston! #Stronger

Ann said...

UV, I had the same thought about Cannes. I miss the daily updates on Jake from there. I'm hoping for NA to be at TIFF this year but it's odd that there hasn't been any information about it yet. Or maybe I'm just being impatient, Lol.

Hopefully we get some pics from those that are going to be at Fenway today :)

UltraViolet said...

Added a few photos from today. Jake's outfit is NAGL, as the kids would say.

And now that I look at those Men's Journal photos, the two I posed seems familiar. But there are new ones there. Stephanie seems to be dipping into the vault :)

Tweets/posts I keep forgetting to post:


*OUR wedding

I had a terrific time this week working with Jake Gyllenhaal, Tatiana Maslany, and Miranda Richardson in a scene for the movie "Stronger." Jake and Tatiana were great together (you know her from 'Orphan Black') - and Miranda Richardson...what a legend! All super nice too. Shout out to Chas Hodgdon - who plays "my son" in the scene.

This guy is also at Fenway, according to his IG. And this one.

BlueJean said...

New pictures and old new pictures!! Great!

What does NAGL mean? Is it good or bad? ;) His jacket is a bit hmmm, is it not? ;)

UltraViolet said...

Sorry - it means Not A Good Look.

I hate that jacket, but Jake loves it. The whole ensemble is just schlubby. But I think they were filming, so it's not totally his fault.

This woman wouldn't mind though:

My alarm woke me up from a dream I was having about Jake gyllanhaal and for a bout ten seconds I hated my husband for not being Jake


Anonymous said...

They are filming. He's wearing the brown contact lenses.

Anonymous said...

Still filming :

david durant ‏@DurantCinema 1 day ago
Oh snap!!! Going tk be an extra again but for the movie "stronger" starring Jake Gyllenhaal baby!!!

19 hours ago
dude awesome

1 hour ago
dude it rocked he was walking by me during takes!

dude you were feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal fuck that's awesome bro

it was so badass!!! Experience I'll never forget!

david durant ‏@DurantCinema 1 hour ago
Spent 12 hours shooting the same scene just a couple of feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal! That is beyond freakn awesome!

11 minutes ago
I met him at a screening in Philly bro, got to shake his hand, super chill guy

UltraViolet said...

Love hearing those stories. We didn't get too many of them! The Bold Films Instagram account posted this, so I guess Stronger filming is done.

boldfilmsThat's a WRAP 🎬 #stronger #bostonfilmindustry #jakegyllenhaal #tatianamaslany #boldfilms #lionsgatemovies

This was in a Cannes story from Deadline:

Bold Film’s Gary Michael Walters told me he was proud his company has been the main sponsor of Cinema Against AIDS for many years and had just agreed to sponsor five more additional years. He says Bold is slowly moving into making more expensive films now, somewhere in the $30 million range with a potential awards contender, Stronger, about the Boston Marathon bombing starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He says it could be held for the 2017 awards season or go next summer.

Anonymous said...

Just seen this on twitter but apparently Nocturnal Animals is getting a UK RELEASE of 4th November,2016. A trailer can't be far off if this is true.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in Concert Production of ‘Sunday in the Park With George’
New York Times

Scott said...

Good news about NA if it's true and better news about Sunday in the Park with George.

BlueJean said...

One night only?! Phew! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder when we'll get a US release confirmation? That can't be far behind if the UK release date is legit.

Ann said...

This was posted on AW

November 18th for US release. Wonder if it's going to be limited.

Chica said...

Sunday in the Park with George! Tickets go on sale tomorrow, I'm going !

Anonymous said...

So that means the fist trailer isn't far off for NA. I'd say we'll be getting one by mid June.

Hagen said...

Nocturnal Animals is getting a UK RELEASE of 4th November,2016.

And it's set to open in France on December 16, 2016.

I'm glad that my local arthouse theater will screen "Demolition". Though I'll have to wait until June 16.

Hagen said...

Apparently there's a release date for "Nocturnal Animals" in the USA:

The drama will open on November 18th in limited release, opposite one of the best films of the year, Kenneth Lonergan‘s Manchester By the Sea (our review), which Roadside Attractions will put out. While it’ll expand wider in the forthcoming weeks, opening nationwide that same day is WB’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Relativity’s The Disappointments Room (The Film Stage).

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was announced by Ann yesterday w/ confirmation by boxofficemojo

"Ann said...

November 18th for US release."

UltraViolet said...

Got my ticket! I hope you got one, too, chica!

Back in NYC:

Mile High Run Club.
1 hr · New York, NY ·
Just realized I was on the treadmill for 40 mins right by Jake Gyllenhaal. Took a few sprints to figure out why he looked so familiar.

Jake will be on this week's edition of Inside Amy Schumer. There's a preview on the Facebook page.

LOL - I think she's posted here occasionally:

At this point I basically work to support Jake Gyllenhaal on Broadway.

Very funny story about Jake in Leadville from Chris McDougall.

Anonymous said...


UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Maura!

Jake today on the subway. He was also spotted at Shakespeare in the Park for the all-female version of The Taming of the Shrew:

The last time I was at Shakespeare In The Park, I sat behind Meryl Streep eating a brownie so I sure hope I spot Helen Mirren here tonight eating a cronut


So you are spending Wednesday in the park with Jake

Well he's gotta stay nice 'n hydrated if he wants to sing Georges at Encores... wink emoticon

Dammit Jennifer. This is my dream.

tell him he sold out in 40 minutes today!!

The sexiest thing I've ever witnessed in my life was Jake Gyllenhaal devouring two cupcakes and then chugging a pint of whole milk. I almost fainted.

What kind of water?

who's he with?

Tell him they need to add another performance of Sunday in the Park with George!

And a photo.

UltraViolet said...

Another photo.

My guess is that's Nick Payne with him. But I got all that from a side glimpse of the glasses and the hair, lol.

BlueJean said...

"Got my ticket! I hope you got one, too, chica!"

*only a bit envious* ;)

Have fun, UV! You'll be one of the very few people who will get to see this! You lucky girl! :)

Anonymous said...

UV so lucky to have got a ticket, I tried but it was completely sold out. I did watch the new Nick Payne play incognito though last night and it was very good, definitely recommend. Heather lind is in it and does a good job.


UltraViolet said...

Oh, malavika! Maybe they will add a second show. Some people on a Broadway message board seem certain they will. And BJ, I was very lucky. Got in early, got my four tickets and got out!

To make you laugh: I just added the skit from Inside Amy Schumer to the bottom of the post.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to add this to the running post above:

Just realized I was on the treadmill for 40 mins right by Jake Gyllenhaal. Took a few sprints to figure out why he looked so familiar.

Rugged or smooth Jake Gyllenhaal?
He was pretty smooth. And sweaty.
Sexy sweaty?
Very much so #crush

Denis Villeneuve and Jake team up again:

Villeneuve will direct, and Gyllenhall will star in the adaptation of acclaimed crime novelist Jo Nesbo‘s “The Son.” The film will center on Sonny Lofthus, a once gifted 15-year-old and promising wrestler, whose downward spiral ensues when his cop father commits suicide. For the past twelve years, Sonny’s time in prison has been nurtured by an uninterrupted supply of heroin from a seedy chaplain on the inside. When Sonny learns long-hidden truths about his father’s unexpected death, he makes a brilliant escape and begins hunting down the people responsible for his wrongful sentence.

Anonymous said...

YES! So happy he's working with Villeneuve again. Just bring in Amy Adams and Emily Blunt and I'll be a very happy camper.

J said...

GREAT NEWS! I'm so happy they're reteaming again.

Chica said...

I got my ticket UV, I'm so excited!

I do think they will add a second show ;)

BlueJean said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! :)))))


Ann said...

This has been an eventful week for Jake news. Very happy about a project that brings him and Denis together again. :)

Glad to hear a few got tickets to Sunday in the Park, I was able to get tickets as well. Can't wait!

Monica said...

Great news about Jake and Dennis!

Mary said...

Good news :)

BlueJean said...

I think it says a lot we're all so happy about Jake and Denis re-teaming again. I have mentioned before that I think Denis brought out a few of Jake's very best performances with 'Enemy' and 'Prisoners' - and I hope he'll be able to do it again. I'm looking forward to it.

And I'll make sure I read the Nesbo book beforehand ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a Denis, Jake and Amy movie now. They've all worked with each other, now do a movie together. Not sure if "The Son" has a big female part though as i've not read the novel.

Chica said...

I got my ticket UV, I'm so excited!
So happy to hear that Jake and Denis are teaming up again!

Anonymous said...

I read a detailed summary. Doesn't seem like there's any major female part. I love Jake and I like Amy a lot. I hope all three of them can work together again.

Anonymous said...

Jake sighting at JFK, perhaps taking a NY-London flight? Life starts shooting in one week.

[exzacktly] ‏@Schooeybob 46m ago
Just casually ran into Jake gyllenhaal in JFK nbd

oh my god pic or it didn't happen

sorry I was getting a Jamba. Lol he was in a big hurry though.

Recent sightings:

Julie McGlynn ‏@CrownJoule 1 day ago Manhattan, NY

sᴀʀᴀʜ @sawraa 1 day ago
i fucking met jake gyllenhaal. #gottalovenewyork

Ang Rainone ‏@angrainone 1 day ago
Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in a coffee shop and I think we had eye sex

dickinson ‏@Doppeyyy 2 days ago
Prrrrrreeetttyyy sure I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal walking a dog in Herald Sq

d[©¥®]b ‏@zanekitburi 2 days ago
Pretty sure I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Washington Square park walking his dog lol legit
I fucking love NYC!!!

Alex Hanson ‏@AlexHanson1316 2 days ago
Just freaked out over a cute dog for like 3 blocks and then realized it was Jake Gyllenhaal walking the dog #justNYUthings
My mom is so jealous I saw Jake Gyllenhaal
Lily's friend Oscar (#hounddog) #wreakinghavoc he stole #JakeGyllenhaal's German Shepard's ball at the dog park today ������ #NYC #dogParks #onlyInNY
Thought my head couldn't get any bigger...until Jake Gyllenhaal stopped to pet me #diva#frenchbulldog #jakegyllenhaal #puppyoftheday

Anonymous said...

jasmine butler ‏@chocolatestar93 8h hours ago
I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at LAX no big deal
@chocolatestar93 also he smiled at me ��

Extra said...

I'm abed fan ! I didn't get to see Jake in Demolition and its long gone from the theaters: (. I will have to catch it when it comes out on DVD. What fantastic news that Jake and Denis are teaming up again☺☺

Jealous of everyone who managed to snag a ticket to see Jake in Sunday on 5he Park, sigh. Looks like Stronger has wrapped, hope everyone is having a safe Memorial Day.

BlueJean said...

'Demolition' is still playing here (The Netherlands)! Seriously - it's still playing in the theatre where I saw it, and in nine other cities. It's in its sixth week, I believe :)

I hope everyone who will see get to see Jake in the Park ;) will have a great time! I'm jealous too, but hey - I'll be there in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
It might be that I'm not able to be in New York during the Sunday in the Park production because of work commitments. Would anyone be interested in buying my ticket? (at cost).
Just checking a few things at work so couldn't confirm for a few days..

UltraViolet said...

Anon, you might want to try a Broadway board or somewhere you have to register so people will know you're legit.

This was posted yesterday:

checked in to Blue Bottle.
19 hrs · Los Angeles, CA ·
Jake Gyllenhaal just sat down at the table next to me

In this story, Jeff Bauman talks about working with Jake.

Anonymous said...

@MissStudentDr 1h hour ago Apparently it's frowned upon to walk your dog while they're filming a Jake Gyllenhaal movie on your street. Woops. #iknownothing #studiocity

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal to Star in Ubisoft’s ‘The Division’ Movie (EXCLUSIVE)


I didn't expect it. This is disappointing!
WTF Jake

Canuck_Cutie said...

Just because the movie is going to be based on a video game doesn't mean it's going to be a disaster!

If Jake wants to open up more opportunities for his production company then honestly he has to look for opportunities to star in higher profile projects which have bigger box office potential. Doing indie flicks is all well and good for the prestige but at the end of the day money talks.

I'm optimistic that he learned his lesson from the failure of Persia so I'll be cautiously optimistic at seeing him in an action role again.

Monica said...

Just because the movie is going to be based on a video game doesn't mean it's going to be a disaster!

All movies based on video games are a disaster, the latest is Warcraft by Duncan Jones.

If he was only producing, it would be ok, but starring? No.

Canuck_Cutie said...

Lara Croft:Tomb Raider started life as a video game, as did Resident Evil which has spawned several movies.

I actually think it's a good sign he's producing as well as starring. It shows he's committed to the project and has faith in it. Jake more than anyone will know the pushback about aligning himself with another video game franchise. So if he's signed on for this then I think he has faith in the material.

Scott said...

Where did you see that Warcraft is a disaster Monica? It's doing way better than expected since its been pushed in international markets before its North American debut. I saw the trailer today and it looked very mythical and I did not know it was Warcraft until the end of the trailer.

It looked really good and Duncan is no slouch with his direction. POP did really well internationally even beat Lara Croft as best earning video game adaptation. I feel that Warcraft will do really well.

J said...

I'm with Monica on this one. Warcraft is a disaster critically. Video game movies just aren't very good, generally. And this one sounds so generic. Like Monica said, I'd understand if he was only producing, but starring too? Disappointing. :(

Ann said...


Video game movie adaptations don't have a great track record. Ubisoft is doing Assassins Creed with Michael Fassbender which is due out this year. I guess the success or failure of that could impact this one with Jake. I honestly didn't expect Jake to take on another video game movie. Luckily he has a lot of other films in development right now so even if this one is a miss it shouldn't be too disastrous.

At least we're getting another movie with him and Denis, lol.

UltraViolet said...

I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. Jake does a mix of projects. If the auteurs aren't asking him to be in their movies, then let him make what he wants, I guess. I know nothing of The Division. I'd hope it would be better than your standard video game fare. But then, I liked PoP.

It's funny that this is with Ubisoft, who are the PoP people. I guess all is forgiven, if anything needed to be forgiven?

Anonymous said...

If it's ok for Michael Fassbender and Assassins Creed, then why not for Jake? Let him try, hope it works. Maybe he will get Duncan Jones to direct it! Maybe they'll find a new approach for the genre.

People always object: leaving Into the Woods for indie Nightcrawler? WTF did he lose all that weight, he looks sick! The result - his best performance ever and most acclaimed movie since BBM.
Boston marathon movie? WTF is he thinking? Turns out, it's more of a character study about a simple man faced with horrifying circumstances, finding the inner courage he never thought he had. It's shaping up to be quite the awards player for next year.

He's building a diverse filmography firmly anchored by quality dramas, interspersed with more mainstream productions that could "open big". For all the Vallee and what will become the Villeneuve trifecta, he's still perceived as not bankable, and I'm using the nice term. Toxic words are used by toxic people and for each Demolition (unfortunate and undeserved) debacle, he loses points. In the wake of Nightcrawler Jake should have had some fantastic offers. They didn't come, they went to Pratt, Gosling, Tatum (Tarantino and Cohen brothers!! on top of Soderbergh). It didn't happen because, while being heralded as one of the best of his generation, he "lacks" starpower. Now he's finding projects on his own - a prestige thriller with Villeneuve, a documentary, a television anthology, and a mainstream flick 'cause studios don't cast him for stuff like Rogue One, Bourne or The Martian, so he's choosing whatever projects are within his reach.
People were baffled by his candid admission that some directors don't want to work with him and wondered why. Because studios are all about BO starpower, and prestige directors are all about "it" actors with mainstream appeal. Even indie directors are now worrying about their movies not finding an audience. Movie musicals are making a comeback, Jake has a good voice, but is he on the rumored list for upcoming Guys and Dolls? So he's taking the big leap to headline, live on Broadway, one of the most difficult Sondheim scores: Sunday in the Park with George. The ultimate test, if he can make it there, he'll make it anywhere.

UltraViolet said...

Unlike when Jake was announced for PoP, many people seem to think he'd be good. Though there are detractors, of course. But there is no whitewashing element, mercifully. Or doesn't seem to be.

I don't really know why Jake isn't used by more big-name directors. It's a mystery I hope is solved one day. Or stopped.

Jake spotted in San Francisco tonight:

jake gylenhaal is eating at the restaurant next door wearing a birthday party hat lol
lingering jake gylenhaal outside his window and smoking a crappy joint in downtown SF i feel so sue

drinking with friends at Loló.
3 hrs · San Francisco, CA ·
Just walked past Jake Gyllenhaal!

Anonymous said...

i dont like the idea of another video game adaptation movie, but i trust jake, he knows what he's doing, and if the big name directors don't ask him to be in their movies instead, like Nolan they hire that one curly guy from 1d, let him build his own 'empire', build a big production company and hire them himself if he wishes.And what if it may not be critically acclaimed at least it has the potential to make money, Nobody had concerns about Demolition,which i loved , but it didnt make any money and the critics didnt love it either.

Tweety said...

Ugh. I'm with you Monica. Not a fan if video games, I liked Pop mostly fir the costumes and cinematography. Happy to hear that he will be doing the one night of Sunday in the Park with George and him working with Denis again. !

Ann said...

If it's ok for Michael Fassbender and Assassins Creed, then why not for Jake? Let him try, hope it works

No one is implying it's okay for one and not the other. I brought up Fassbender because Assassin's Creed is a highly anticipated video game movie from the same company Jake will be working with. If both Warcraft and Assassin's Creed do poorly it could effect any potential future video game adaptations as the company won't want to lose money.

And Jake has tried it before, granted this time will be different since he'll have more control. I have my reservations but hopefully they get a decent director, maybe David Ayer he wanted Jake to do Suicide Squad.

BlueJean said...

I have my reservations too. Don't quite know what to think of it. I'm not a fan of video game movies at all. Slightly disappointed - but who knows? Maybe it will be a video game movie with a different "touch" ;)

Anonymous said...

It was Greta's birthday yesterday. Nice of him to fly out to San Fran to celebrate with her.

Anonymous said...

I heard Fassbender's Creed's budget is 200 millions. At most, it will break even. It won't be a hit.

Hagen said...

Variety doesn't mention "The Current War" anymore:

He will commence production on Bong Joon Ho’s “Okja” and Daniel Espinosa’s “Life” later this year.

I'm afraid that means "The Current War" is doomed because of the other Edison-Westinghouse movie. That would be a pity. I was looking forward to this project.

This year Jake has probably more than enough to do with playing his parts in "Okja", "Life" and "Sunday in the Park with George" plus promoting "Nocturnal Animals".

Hagen said...

I would feel more comfortable with "The Division" if there were already a script for the film. In that case Jake could have made a decision based on a (solid) script, not just on a video game.

Ann said...

I wouldn't be surprised if The Current War or The Man Who Made it Snow never happened. Weinstein Company has been in trouble and they aren't doing as much as they were in previous years.

Anonymous said...

The Man Who Made it Snow will be made, it's on Nine Stories production schedule according to Variety. For his passion movies Jake doesn't need Weinstein or any producer, he has a production company and a development deal with Bold Film.

Nine Stories, which has a first-look and overhead deal with Bold Films, recently completed principal photography on its first feature film, David Gordon Green’s “Stronger,” starring Gyllenhaal as working-class Boston man Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Antoine Fuqua’s cartel drama “The Man Who Made It Snow,” based on David Mermelstein’s bestselling autobiography, is also in development. Gyllenhaal is set to star as Max Mermelstein, a Jewish hotel engineer who transformed Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel from a small mom-and-pop drug organization into a billion-dollar enterprise.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not that concerned this time. I have a sort of "zen" outlook. Jake seems to be exploring and trying a lot of different stuff,and at this point I can't imagine anyone questioning his talent. He has IMO, finally established himself as "one of the best actors of his generation." which is the term they use a lot.: )

It seems like every time he opens a movie there's awards season chatter now, and he is working a LOT. That's a good place to be. He also has a lot of product out here, so if something doesn't work it's not the end of the world.

If he wants to do this,I'm not going to get exercised about it. The script hasn't even been written yet. Who knows when (or if) it will ever actually happen.

Monica, I agree with you about Warcraft. I wasn't impressed with the trailer. I know Duncan loves games & fantasy, & Sci Fi, but this just doesn't work for me. Of course I'm not the demographic Duncan's appealing to. LOL!

Scott said...

"Antoine Fuqua’s cartel drama “The Man Who Made It Snow,”

Somehow I doubt if Fuqua is going to do this film, he just got rights a couple of months ago to another drug movie. The Man Who Made It Snow does not seem to have much traction anymore.

Ann said...

The Man Who Made it Snow will be made, it's on Nine Stories production schedule according to Variety. For his passion movies Jake doesn't need Weinstein or any producer, he has a production company and a development deal with Bold Film.

I must have missed this. The last update I remembered reading was from last year when Weinstein decided to back the film around the time Southpaw was due out. I still think if it happens, it's a long way off. Jake seems to have made other projects his priority for the moment.

Mirchi said...

Honestly Jake will do what he wants to do - who are we to judge. He's on a roll and seems to be able to pull anything off. Onwards and upwards Jake.

UltraViolet said...

Too true, Malaviya. I do understand being disappointed by certain choices. Especially when I read about the game, lol. But, it's his life and it's his career. Let's wait and see. As Bobbyanna said, this is a long way off.

Jake still in SFO:

The Mill SF
1 hr
You guys Jake Gyllenhaal came into my cafe while I was in the bathroom. 😭😭😭


Jake Gyllenhaal came in to buy a bunch of ice cream sandwiches and now they're playing Bright Eyes ....... What is happening today

Smfh he came into my store and I wasn't there!!

it's the second time he has come in while I've been there!

I'm triggered

And at the Warriors/Cavs game last night:

Andy Baskin Sports Director @WEWS NewsChannel5
Quick note walked by Jake Gyllenhall and Hammer. In other notesthe Warriors feel good about the fact Tristan has 2 of the Cavs first 7 shots

When you almost go off on the person that grabs you to ask a question but you turn around and it's Jake Gyllenhaal

oh my god what!?!

yeah he was at the game and he needed directions lol

haha that's absolutely incredible. I would've died 😂

I was internally fangirling but wanted to seem professional and nonchalant

I'm sure you were super professional! Was he as pretty in person? 😍

he seems more laid back in person but his eyes 😍😍

he was at the game and needed directions on how to get back to his car!

oh I wish. He had a date with him 😔

I was so stunned cause usually we know who is coming to the games but he just randomly walked up to me

SF restaurant spotters usually find Jake, so we'll see if more sightings pop up.

Hagen said...

"Nocturnal Animals" is set to open in Germany on November 10, 2016 (Filmstarts). I'm still surprised that it will be released in Europe a bit earlier than in the USA. It happens sometimes with big tentpole movies, but it's unusual with American arthouse films.

Hagen said...

Vancouver Sun: Jake Gyllenhaal coming to Vancouver to shoot sci-fi drama Okja
Production, which began in South Korea, moves to Vancouver on July 31 and wraps up Aug. 12.

Hagen said...

CBS: 2016 Tony Awards: More Presenters Announced
Neil Patrick Harris, Claire Danes, Jake Gyllenhaal and more stars set to present on June 12.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Hagen! Thanks for all the info. I am hoping Jake will announce another performance of Sunday in the Park but I don't really think that will happen. He always breezes through that red carpet/photo line when he even does it.

It is odd that NA is opening in other places before it opens here. I saw one tweet that had it in September, but I don't remember where that was. As for Okja, people keep tweeting about where it Jake will film: NYC, Vancouver, Korea. I guess we'll find out!

Anonymous said...

Apparently "Life" has started filming in Times Square, NYC (moving to London later, for the large-scale scenes?):

Tysiem K.T. Kelly @TysiemKelly
Live from Times Square at the set of a new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal called life!! + photo

May explain two earlier tweets from a NY extra:

Jaz. ‏@JazGarner
standing 2 feet from film director Daniel Espinosa #geekingout
nicest guy I ever met. Makes sure everyone on set is okay and doing well. #DavidEspinosa

...And we have confirmation from a crew member, with a nice memento:

Barry Brandt‏@barrybrandt
Life is currently shooting in New York City. Discovery of intelligent alien life! Story! Jake Gyllenhaal is the lead.

Anonymous said...

This may explain why that craft service's photo tagged On the set of Life had Times Square for location.

May also be the reason for Jake's availability to present a Tony award next Sunday. Which is both a delight (how can one forget?) and a pesky reminder of last year's snub (yep, still hurts).

Hagen said...

The score for "Nocturnal Animals" is in the works:

Abel Korzeniowski
Greetings from London! [My wife] Mina and I recording a new score at Air Studios. #nocturnalanimals

I am hoping Jake will announce another performance of Sunday in the Park but I don't really think that will happen.

Hopefully more of Jake's fans will get the opportunity to watch him in "Sunday in the Park with George".

Apparently "Life" has started filming in Times Square, NYC (moving to London later, for the large-scale scenes?):

"Easy Money" is a fine movie, so I'm cautiously optimistic for "Life". Actually I'd expect way more reports about the movie set in Times Square on social media sites. (Though the generic title doesn't really help when searching for informations.)

Anonymous said...

There were more reports, with pics:
Tejinder Kaur ‏@tejinderITV
Very cool to be at #TimesSquare for filming of #2017 #JakeGyllenhaal & #RyanReynolds #film #Life ��! #NYC #NewYork

Even a 20 sec video taken by the first poster, with details:

Live from Times Square at the set of a new movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal called life!!

we need explanations

I'm hearing it's called "Life". I was told today Jake will be on set sometime this week.

wow ok that's cool, he's in la now but he's surely coming in the next few days, you're an extra?

I work in Private Security in Times Square,if I see him,I'll try to get some pics for you!!!

I read a script review - perhaps the least spoilerish ever, so I know only half of the story with no characters specifics. It's about 10 astronauts on an International Space Station receiving the alien life form, taking care of it and then running the hell from it!� I thought all scenes will happen in space. Maybe there's a B plot that I don't know of. Or they need some generic meanwhile, back on Earth scenes (hence no major actors on set - what could account for the "quietness").

"Easy Money" is a fine movie, so I'm cautiously optimistic for "Life".
I heard it's very good, got noticed at Berlinale 2010 and Espinosa won a directing award at Palm Springs Fest. He followed it with only two other movies, Safe House (commercial hit) and Child 44 (failed war thriller), so the bad rep may be unwarranted.

Ironically, Espinosa was first in talks to direct Assassin's Creed but Fassbender brought "his" director, as part of the deal with Ubisoft. Same deal that Jake will have, to choose the writer and director: Ubisoft's film branch has clearly taken the same approach when it comes to Gyllenhaal (...) "We created Ubisoft Motion Pictures in a way where we wanted to have a big involvement in the movie, and what we have done for Assassin’s we will do for all the other movies, which is that at the beginning we started by choosing our actor (...) And then we started to select with him some writers".

Anonymous said...

Two new photos:

From Jake's FB page, an emotional "Stronger" BTS pic with director David Gordon Green

Instagram: Billy Hope is SO REAL In the gym
Jake with stubble and messy hair in the gym.

Scott said...

"I was told today Jake will be on set sometime this week'

I think Jake is still in LA at least there were pics of him at a boxing gym. Which could explain the tweets from NYC about the set but no Jake.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for all the news, guys! :)

Anonymous said...

"I think Jake is still in LA at least there were pics of him at a boxing gym. Which could explain the tweets from NYC about the set but no Jake."

I assume he's in LA too, since I posted the above gym pic. Neither Jake nor Ryan were on Times Square set on Monday, only extras. That's why I took a guess they were shooting some "meanwhile, back on Earth" generic scenes.

Exactly what the security guy said: I was told Jake will be on set sometime this week. Whether on set or not, Jake will surely be in NY this week for the Tony Awards.

BTW, a new sci-fi is in early development at Skydance with director Ron Howard, an "ambitious adaptation" of Seveneves. If all goes well with Life, maybe, possibly there could be a part for Jake in it.

"Hopefully more of Jake's fans will get the opportunity to watch him in "Sunday in the Park with George".

Broadwayworld posters are sure another performance will be added. For my part, I'm hoping they will officially release at least one video, say "Finishing the hat". If not, I'm (not so secretly) hoping for a fan recording à la Little Shop.

A cute pic of Leo, the BTS star of Stronger to go with that heartfelt hugging photo released by Jake.

Anonymous said...

Jake + Adam Levine

Scott said...

Anon at 3:34 AM are you that bored, why don't you try praying for the 50 dead people and 53 injured people in Orlando who actually were living their lives and minding their business when some nutcase changed their world forever. You disgust me, find a life and be grateful that you are alive and safe.

BlueJean said...

Scott, I couldn't agree with you more. My thoughts are with all the victims of that awful shooting. What kind of world are we living in...? *sad*

Ann said...

Well said, Scott. I'm at a loss for words over what happened in Orlando.

Not sure if anyone here lives in Orlando or has friends/family there. Hope everyone is safe.

Scott said...

Well Jake was first up this time but last one on the red carpet. Two years ago he was toward the end of presenting, I wonder if he will stay at the entire Tony's telecast?

sassy said...

He did. One of the cameramen was enamoured with him as there were several cutaways to him in the audience throughout the evening.
Plus, a couple of people posted cute IG clips of him singing A Whole New World with Sean Haynes and James Courden during a commercial break.

BlueJean said...

Oh, I completely forgot about the Tonys... We need pictures! ;}

Hagen said...

Just Jared: Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Shout Out to Hillary Clinton at Tony Awards 2016

BlueJean said...

Thanks, Hagen! x

Anonymous said...

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, but I just can't get over what happened in Orlando.

I've been watching some of the stories of survivors from the mass shooting incident in Orlando, and they are heartbreaking. I don't think I would have the power to even speak about it, yet they're describing in detail exactly what happened minute by minute. What a terrifying experience.

It makes me remember Sandy Hook and what those poor children went through nearly four years ago. There's no excuse in the world for anyone to be able to buy a military grade assault weapon and the ammo that goes with it. None. Americans need to vote the cowards who support this out of office this year! The same weapon used at Sandy Hook was used in San Bernardino and Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Totally understand Bobbyana, everyone was so young ages 18-50. I know age doesn't matter when it comes to such a horrific event as this. I was so mad, sad and then mad again. One gun killed all those people and there was an armed off duty officer there with his own weapon but he was no match. The utter helplessness he must have felt and still feel. I can't get over my anger. One young lady was 18 years old, just graduated from high school. Its just not fair.

I don't understand how the NRA and the gun nuts do not see they share some of the blame in lobbying for the ban of assault rifles to be lifted. As the President said the killer was born and homegrown and followed the law to buy that rifle.

Hagen said...

These personal stories from Orlando can be very wearing. I'm careful what I read (and which videos I watch).

In France Universal Pictures wants to make use of the Oscar nominations for "Nocturnal Animals" (one may dream xD):

Michael Ghennam ‏@thelostMiG
#NocturnalAnimals de Tom Ford est décalé du 14 décembre 2016 au 4 janvier 2017

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

My heart aches for the people murdered in Orlando and their loved ones. My heart also aches for this country, the NRA has blood on their hands. This madness must end.
The Tony Awards did a beautiful job honoring the lives lost. Glad that Jake was one of the presenters and Frank Langella and Lin Manuel gave very moving excepting speeches.

Anonymous said...

To lighten the mood:

Anonymous said...

girl from Atlanta

Sam ‏@Sbrooke_18 17h 17 hours ago
I just checked out Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill at work & he was the sweetest 😻

BlueJean said...

Hagen, have you seen 'Demolition' already? ;) (It premiered in Germany only two days ago, guys.)

Anonymous said...

News from AW about Venice festival

Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals, Peter Greenaway's Walking to Paris, Andreas Dresen's Timm Thaler, are in really good position right now.

Anonymous said...

New photo:

Anonymous said...

June 18th pics with Jake in New York enjoying an ice cream

Focus on the muscles and ignore the pants. Good thing he's pretty and buff cause the new green pants are uglier than the old ones, if possible.

Anonymous said...

Oscar ‏@ihatebrian
42 minutes ago
Manhattan, NY
lol just saw Jake Gyllenhaal

Damn, this guy's been in NYC for the last 24 hours and he saw MoMA, Central Park and Jake Gyllenhaal. Can we make him a tourist attraction?

Hagen said...

Hagen, have you seen 'Demolition' already? ;)

Hi, BlueJean! I've watched it tonight and liked it a lot. It's a showcase for Jake's acting skills and he looks fantastic in it. I think the film blends humor and melancholy very well. I'm not completely convinced that the subplot with the son fits in organically. But that's just a minor issue.

Obviously "Demolition" has been released very late over here, as counterprogramming to the omnipresent UEFA European Championship. Italians will get to see the film even later than Germans, in September.

BlueJean said...

"Italians will get to see the film even later than Germans, in September."

Really? Hm. For many countries, it'll be out on DVD by September!

Glad you liked it! :)

Anonymous said...

Where does that come from? The movie has not been screened. It's not even completed.

Anonymous said...

^^^It's common knowledge that a movie doesn't have to be audience-screened in order to be submitted for a festival. Especially "premieres only" festivals like Cannes and Venice. Movies are test-screened before their domestic release.

According to someone from Awardswatch, several movies, Nocturnal Animals included, are completed and have been submitted to the festival selection committee. NA is apparently in pole position right now. If you don't believe it, take it out on the person who reported it on AW, don't kill the messenger here. The thought of NA possibly competing in Venice should be hopeful. Irritation is a strange reaction to say the least.

Scott said...

" NA is apparently in pole position right now"

thanks for the information anon. What does pole position mean? I know that the Gosling/Stone movie will open and has been gushed over by the Venice Festival head honcho. Supposedly its film maker and stars are a revelation and the film maker has recreated the musical movie genre.

Sounds as if the festival is going for big names and big press. I was hoping that Ford would keep the film more under wraps. Jake films seem to make a bigger splash when there are no expectations. Venice seems too early to me but I know nothing about how it all works.

Anonymous said...

I think "pole position" it's a car racing term, and it means Jake is in an ideal position, the best position.

BlueJean said...

The Venice film festival kicks off August 31st, am I right? That seems pretty early for NA. But, like Scott, I don't know anything about film industry politics and all of that.

"Jake films seem to make a bigger splash when there are no expectations."

It seems like it, yes (* remembers what happened to 'Nightcrawler' - and then 'Demolition' *)

Has anyone seen UV lately, by the way? UV, are you OK?!

Ann said...

Nightcrawler was at TIFF, early in September but then wasn't released to theaters until the end of October. I'm not surprised Tom Ford is trying to get NA at festivals. It helps build buzz, especially if the movie is good. Unfortunately with him, Jake, and Amy Adams all involved there are already high expectations for this film.

Anonymous said...

Usually, if a film wants to contend for awards, it starts with a fall festival run. It's the best, arguably only, way to start building Oscar buzz, which leads up to its release and hopefully thereafter.

Even if Nocturnal Animals isn't planning to factor into awards season, it's a prestige film. It's not opening wide. It'll need to premiere in a a festival to start gaining attention. And Venice is, arguably, the most prestigious after Cannes. TIFF starts halfway through Venice anyway, so I don't think it's too early. A Single Man premiered there, I think?

BlueJean said...

Just to be clear: I mentioned 'Nightcrawler' because it ended up being far more successful than anyone had expected - and then I mentioned 'Demolition' because it was... well, not as successful ;)

So I suppose you can't really tell what's a good strategy for NA and / or Jake. It all depends on how well the movie is received, and after that... who knows?!

Ann said...

Yeah I agree with you BlueJean.

I mentioned Nightcrawler because to me it's the one that had almost no expectations but then surprised everyone, yet it did debut at a festival ahead of its release.

I just think we're past the point where Jake's movies won't automatically have high expectations. He's really proven himself so naturally people expect great things.

Scott said...

NIghtcrawler wasn't on anyone's radar except people who read the script and Jake's fans. I think NA already has huge expectations, I just which it would keep a lower profile until later festivals.

Anonymous said...

Of course the other side of this is to know what else is out there for the festivals and for Fall and Winter awards season chatter.

Hagen said...

Jake strolling with Rooney Mara and her boyfriend in New York: picture

Anonymous said...

I went to the Awards Watch message board you mentioned. The poster "Ibu" with insider information does not come off as legit to me. He/she seems to be baiting other members with his so-called "information". I also saw his posts from prediction threads, he seems like a troll.

I do think NA is going to Venice. A Single Man went there. But I do not believe that Awards Watch poster as a real source.

Scott said...

Anonymous Hagen said...
Jake strolling with Rooney Mara and her boyfriend in New York: picture

I don't think that is Rooney's boyfriend, seems to be someone who got caught in the pic. But I could be wrong or at least he would have been mentioned in all the reports going around with the pic.

Hagen said...

The guy next to Jake is Rooney Mara's boyfriend Charlie McDowell. Sometimes the gossip news aren't accurate. ;-) Though it's always fun to read how diligently the Daily Mail describes their 'casual ensembles'.

Scott said...

To be fair, other news outlets have not done their home work either. thanks Hagen for your diligent work.

Ann said...

The articles about Jake and Rooney are terrible. I just read one that spent three paragraphs speculating that they're dating then at the very end mentioned in one sentence that she's been dating Charlie for years and recently there were engagement rumors, Lol. Journalism at its finest.

BlueJean said...

That's exactly why I hate gossip. I hate it, I really do. Not just for Jake, but for any celeb. Don't these "news" people have better things to do?

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for looking out for me, BJ! I was away for a bit. Back ow. Should do a new post. Thanks to all for filling in the gaps.

Sorry I missed all the Tony fun. And sad, appalled, angry at what happened in Orlando. Just an awful, awful thing.

Anonymous said...

London alert:

Anonymous said...

More London_

Anonymous said...

Where is everyone?

Scott said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Where is everyone?"

Waiting for Jake news. When Jake goes silent we all do. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Still in London?

BlueJean said...

So...I finally clicked on one of the Daily Gyllenhaals links (^^^^) I had never visited that place before. The tumblr gifs are fun! :)

Hagen said...

"Demolition" will open in Spain tomorrow and in Australia on July 14, just five days before the film will be released on DVD in the USA.

Hagen said...

Project Casting: Okja starring Steven Yeun and Jake Gyllenhaal is now casting teen actors in New York City. Grant Wilfley Casting is looking for teen actors to work on the upcoming feature film Okja. Filming will take place on Saturday, July 23rd in New York City.

Anonymous said...

We knew it since May:

Movie Shoot to Feature Big Pig Procession on Broad Street

Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and a cast of hundreds including a giant pig balloon will be coming Downtown this summer for an epic procession on Broad Street. Although the pig is computer generated, the scene promises to be quite the spectacle. Set for filming on July 23, it will be part of an upcoming $50 million, Brad Pitt-produced movie for Netflix called “Okja.”
The scene calls for a crowd of 500 extras along a parade route from Water Street to a stage near the New York Stock Exchange, according to Joe Guest, the location manager. Three other shooting days on Broad Street, all on weekends, will take place within the secured area outside the Stock Exchange.

It was the article that inadvertently switched Jake and Dano's characters: Gyllenhaal plays an animal rights activist and Dano an animal showman. It's viceversa, apparently.

In all likelihood Jake will be part of Okja's NY weekend scenes. Question is if he's also scheduled for the Vancouver shoot starting July 31. Maybe not, since the newest information I could find for "Life" pegs the London part of the shoot for July. Which means Life and Okja will overlap. Considering that Jake is the male lead in Life, and Rebecca Ferguson's quip ("I'm doing Life with Daniel Espinosa. And Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. We're going to be hanging in harnesses, probably, for months"), I assume he may have some sort of a "special guest" role in Okja. We'll find out next year, when both movies will be released.

Scott said...

All information about Jake filming is good including new old information. I had forgotten myself, Jake has so much going on at one time. Months could be mean at least two months maybe three which could lend limited time for rehearsal of his music outing in October.

Scott said...

And don't forget NA promotion.

BlueJean said...

What Scott said. While there seems to be so little Jake news at the moment... yes, he has a lot going on. We have a lot to look forward to, so I'm not complaining :)

Hope everyone here is OK! x

Ann said...

Months could be mean at least two months maybe three which could lend limited time for rehearsal of his music outing in October.

If I remember correctly the cast of LSOH only had a week and a half of rehearsals. Not sure how much time Jake prepped on his own beforehand but I'd imagine for Sunday in the Park being a one-night only show rehearsal time will be about the same.

Hagen said...

Casting Billboard: Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following for the upcoming feature film "Okja", starring Jake Gyllenhaal: Men & Women with REAL/ ACTUAL experience holding large banners. This is a Parade scene scheduled to film on Sat 7/16, Sun 7/17, Sat 7/23- Mon 7/25 (5 days total). The banner is approximately 8ft tall. You will be wearing a harness around your waist and the banner pole will be in a holder in the harness.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Happy 4th of July!!

bobbyanna said...

YEs, Thank you Monica!

HAppy 4th of July!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jake is in South Korea. Greta is there and Okja was filming there.

Chica said...

Happy July 4th everyone!

Monica said...

Today I was at a celebration party of July 4th with some Americans who are in my town. It was so good to know more about this day!

Anon, I thought the part of Jake in Okja will be filmed in Canada or NY.

Mary said...

Sorry I'm late but hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July

Scott said...

I Heart Jake has the cutest pics of Jake and Maggie as youngsters. They are so cute, lol.

Anonymous said...

More casting calls for extras for "Okja" parade scene on July 23. LOL at the "confirm you are a REAL Baton Twirler/Majorette with actual experience"!

As easy as it is to find news about Okja (original title), finding news about Life (generic much?) is a hassle. Luckily, the cinematographer’s instagram account is public. The eclectic Seamus McGarvey, who shot Atonement and The Hours/The Avengers/50 Shades/Nocturnal Animals last year, doesn’t drop celebrity names, neither photos with famous actors, but his instagrams serve as a beautiful photo diary for his movies, with starting & wrapping dates and little clues from locations. E.g. for NA he posted:

October 1 starting day I'm in Mojave for the next two weeks. I'm shooting a film for Tom Ford

October 16 Mojave end of days storm! ─ Tony(Jake)'s scenes

October 25

November 15 UCLA, where they shot scenes with Susan(Amy) and her first husband Edward(Jake)

November 20 Classy wrap gift! Bye bye NOCTURNAL ANIMALS!

Today, McGarvey posted the clapper board for Life with the message Let's get this show on the road! #LIFE (and an inside joke about his SeamusZ name).

It’s safe to assume that July 11 is the accurate date. Let the crazy back and forth between London and NY for Life and Okja begin. It could have been much simpler with a start for Life in June, but then again life is never simple.

And don’t forget about the festivals line-up announcements: July 26 for Venice and July 27 for TIFF.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
here in Italy we're expecting that movies in competition for Venice Festival will be announced on the 28th of July, during the classic press conference in Rome: all the predictions I could check give Nocturnal Animals as a sure presence (finger crossed)... and with Sam Mendes president of the Jury it could be great (double finger crossed)...

UltraViolet said...

On what is yet another horrible night in/for the U.S., this did give me a chuckle. That's certainly a look. Or a disguise!

That's probably for Okja. Who knows when or where Jake will be filming next.

Good to know, Tina. Fingers triple crossed! I'm selfishly hoping NA plays Toronto, also. I think A Single Man was at TIFF.

Those photos are adorable, Scott!

All this seems very trivial given current events. I don't know what to say other than I hope we can come together in peace.

BlueJean said...

"... this did give me a chuckle."

Oh no! :) It's Jack Twist! :)))

Really... you should have warned us, UV!

He looks like Tom Selleck! :)

Hagen said...

this did give me a chuckle.

LOL, I hope the moustache is strictly confined to his role in 'Okja'.

Monica said...

I'm excited to see Okja, but this mustache ... hahaha

bobbyanna said...

OT: I'm just heartsick at the events of the past week. Minnesota, Louisiana, Dallas.

I did have a chance to read a statement by Hillary when she addressed the AME churches conference, (this is an African American church group)and she gave a very powerful, very moving speech. If you're interested you can find it online. At the end, she quoted religious scripture, and even though this might be out of place on a fan blog, I found it comforting and I wanted to share it:

“Let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due season, we shall reap, if we do not lose heart.”

Monica said...

‘Sunday in the Park With George,’ With Jake Gyllenhaal, Adds 2 Performances

Anonymous said...

Homeboy is in New York

Anonymous said...

Remember when I mentioned Stanley Tucci's insane master of ceremonies from Hunger Games as something I envisioned for Jake’s “Okja” character? Which is why when people started freaking out about the moustache, I thought: pfft, only a moustache? I expected something more outrageous for what the press labeled “a zoologist” where Jake clearly described it as the host of an animal show. Like...a circus ringmaster?

”Then I’m going to go do this movie [currently called Okja] with this guy Bong Joon Ho, who did Snowpiercer and The Host and stuff. I play a guy who is host of an animal show. (...)But that’s super fun.That one’s going to be crazy, in a really fun way.”

Well, I was right, it is outrageous, off–kilter, insane, wacky and possibly hilarious (clearly not a zoologist): Jake filming right now

Monica said...

I didn't recognize him at first in this video, I know it's him because of the voice.

pic: tumblr

Hagen said...

Just Jared: Jake Gyllenhaal Sports Mustache & Funny Costume for 'Okja'!


Hagen said...

Some additional pictures from the set:

#JakeGyllenhaal is seen on set of #Okja in Downtown on July 16, in #NYC

It's not subtle. xD

Hagen said...

Even more pictures of Jake and Tilda Swinton (nice costume, LOL): getty images

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the links, Hagen. Don't faint, everyone, but there's a new post.