Monday, April 18, 2016

Boston Stronger

Patriots' Day is a special day in Boston. Three years ago, it turned into a somber day. The city and the supporters have reclaimed the day. The movie Stronger, the story of a Boston Marathon bombing survivor, hopes to capture some of that essence and spirit.

Today, the 120th running of the Boston Marathon will be held. Filming coincides with the race and with the annual Red Sox Patriots' Day game. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman will throw out the first pitch at the Red Sox game and also captain the team running the marathon for Boston Medical Center, where Jeff Bauman was treated after the bombing.

The BMC team held its traditional pre-race pasta dinner on Sunday. Jake and Jeff participated in an apparently entertaining Q&A hosted by former New England Patriot Jerod Mayo. Jake talked about the inspiration he gets from Jeff and from the city. Jeff called Jake a nerd ;)

Bauman, alongside Gyllenhaal on the red carpet, explained that, for his role, Gyllenhaal “wants to know so much about the prosthetic world.”

“You’re like a nerd, I consider you like a doctor of prosthetics.” Bauman said to Gyllenhaal. “He’s so good at, you know, acting.”

Though Gyllenhaal is from Los Angeles, he said he spent his childhood summers in Cape Cod. His best friends are from Boston. He’s a self-proclaimed Celtics and Patriots fan. And both Bauman and Gyllenhaal are throwing out the first pitch at the Red Sox game at Fenway on Monday.

“This side of the country and this part of the world is probably the dearest to my heart,” Gyllenhaal said. “Being in Boston itself, I’ve never spent as much time in the city. But we’ve been shooting everywhere. I love the South End and I love Back Bay —“

“And Chelmsford,” Bauman joked.

The movie will be filming at Fenway, so Jake will have filmed at both the Garden and Fenway Park. Pretty good for a Boston fan.

Demolition cast plays "Would You Rather..."

Interesting Demolition interview.

Too many good pictures and video from today not to share. Sorry it will make the post even longer. But what a special day for Jake. He is beaming.


BlueJean said...

A new post? But I'm still in my 'Demolition' bubble, guys! ;) ;)

Thanks anyway, UV! Will read later.

Mary said...

Jake looks so good !!! Happy Patriots Day

UltraViolet said...

He sure does, Mary. Even better at the game.

BJ, things move fast lately in Jake land.

Updated the post with photos and videos from the game.

Mary said...

Wonder who the baby is Jake is carrying anyone know?

Ann said...

Wonder who the baby is Jake is carrying anyone know?

Jeff Bauman's daughter.

Mary said...

Thanks Ann that's what I thought she so cute . My son is expecting a daughter may 24 and my daughter is expecting a boy September 2 can't wait

Ann said...

Congrats to you and your children, Mary :)

Anonymous said...

Jake does look great at the game but I thought he was looking quite skinny and worn at the pasta dinner. Also his hair is strangely frizzy like he's had a perm! Not sure if this shape shifting is required for the role but it amazes me how he can look healthy and buff the very next day! Demolition finally comes out here this weekend so super excited but there has been zero promotion in the local press so doubtful how it's going to do.

- malavika

UltraViolet said...

Congratulations, Mary. How exciting!

Added a couple of more photos. What a day.

UltraViolet said...

Hi malavika! It does look like they've permed his hair or something. Not sure why. As for the weight, Jeff Bauman was quite skinny at the time of the bombing. Not sure if that's why Jake dropped weight.

A shame there hasn't been much promotion, but I hope you will enjoy Demolition.

Anyone in the States who hasn't seen it and wants to: You'd better go this week. It is already playing only one show at Boston's most popular theater, and that's at 10AM. Fox Searchlight really screwed this one up.

BlueJean said...

The photos from the game made me grin from ear to ear - how cool! Love the Gyllenhaal shirt! Go Jake!!! And Jeff, of course! :)

Congratulations on your grandchildren, Mary. Hope all goes well.

Go see 'Demolition' while you still can, guys. It's a fantastic Jake performance and a moving, but also funny film.

Scott said...

Nice to see Jake so happy and thoroughly enjoying himself. I guess it's every little boy's dream to throw a pitch on the big mound especially life long Red Sox fans Jeff and Jake.

bobbyanna said...

What great pictures. Beautiful day! I noticed his hair, too. THen I remembered when I saw pictures of Jeff the day of the attack, his hair looked all frizzy/curly and I guess maybe it was because it was affected by the explosions?

I love how comfortable Jeff's daughter is with Jake!

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of other photos.

Some posts/tweets:

interesting day today worked security downtown for marathon got to see mark wahlberg filming for his movie and met and spoke with jake gyllenhaal he was a stand up guy and i do appreciate him understanding why i stopped him

Had to share this incredible local story from yesterday. I was in a room of National Guard Soliders yesterday, monitoring The Boston Marathon, most of them with over 15 years of military experience and all with vivid memories of the bombings of 2013. When we saw this reunion at the finish line on the live feed, there was silence. A powerful silence.
17 survivors of the bombings lost limbs, and many of them came back to run the 26.2 mile marathon this year on prosthetics. Love is more powerful than terror. ‪#‎BostonStrong‬

And a funny headline on Pop Sugar: Headline: Jake Gyllenhaal Holds a Baby at a Baseball Game, Hits a Home Run in Our Hearts.

Sag Actor said...

The pictures from Fenway are awesome, how cool that Jake got to through out the pitch!

Saw Demolition and really liked Jake's performance but wasn't too thrilled with the script. Still worth going to see.

Anonymous said...

Possibly, another daring choice for Jake, one more intense, larger-than-life character: Jake Gyllenhaal May Headline Lanford Wilson’s Burn This on Broadway. After shining brightly in Constellations on Broadway last season, Jake Gyllenhaal is aiming to return to the Main Stem in Lanford Wilson’s Burn This. According to the New York Post, the production will be helmed by Tony winner Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening).

Coming to B’way again, Lanford Wilson’s 1987 “Burn This” with Jake Gyllenhaal and the director who directed Neil Patrick Harris’ “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”.

“Burn This” premiered in 1987, with Joan Allen and John Malkovich as Anna and Pale. The 2002 revival featured Catherine Keener and Edward Norton. Peter Sarsgaard replaced him later.

It starts with Anna and her gay roommate Larry mourning the death of their friend Robbie, a gay dancer. "Then, with sudden, unexpected explosiveness, Robbie's older brother, Pale, bursts on the scene. He has come to collect his brother's belongings — but stays on to transform the action of the play and the lives of those in it. Menacing, profane, dangerous and yet oddly sensitive, Pale is both terrifying and fascinating and, in the end, the one who brings to Anna the unsettling but compelling love that, despite her fears and doubts, she cannot turn away."

"The mysterious arrival of Pale, Robbie's heterosexual and somewhat homophobic brother, as a sexually fulfilling substitute for the dead man promises to explode that fascinating choreography of love, gender and sex."

"Since its 1987 premiere, Lanford Wilson's drama "Burn This," about four New Yorkers coming to terms with tragedy, has been a showcase for several shades of Pale. The role of Pale, the coked-up, motor-mouthed restaurant manager who invades the Manhattan loft formerly occupied by his late brother, gave John Malkovich ample rein to be, well, Malkovichian in the original Broadway production and allowed Edward Norton to tap into his feral side in a 2002 revival."

the incendiary antihero Pale: "Pale is a terrific, electric invention, among the dramatist’s very best. Mr. Wilson wrote it for a quartet of actors, but it’s Pale who gives the evening its vitality and romantic desperation. But whether played by Mr. Malkovich or the excellent Mr. Norton, we still miss the volcanic Pale when he’s offstage."

Scott said...

I was hoping for a musical, I love Jake but even I am getting tired of the anti hero dark roles when too many are done in a row. Jake might become type cast by the movie going public. But its Jake's career and he will be wonderful I am sure.

Anonymous said...

What movie going public? This is a stage play. Jake's last two characters on stage were a romantic counterpart in a british two-hander about the infinite possibilities of love, and a shy, nerdy florist in a musical black comedy about a man-eating plant. Pale is a red-blooded Stanley Kowalski type of character, loudmouthed and exuding an explosive sexuality. He's never played this on stage before. Or in film for that matter. Besides, he may do the play - or not. Just pointing out that the "dark again?" is a knee-jerk reaction for a type of character he's never actually played before.

Interesting connections, if he decides to do the play: the obvious one (Peter), Catherine Keener (his former December-May love interest in Lovely & Amazing). Director Michael Mayer is a lifetime friend and collaborator of Dick Scanlan, the director of Little Shop of Horrors concert revival. Jeanine Tesori, Jake's theater mentor, is also Scanlan's collaborator. All three Jeanine Tesori, Mayer and Scanlan are Tony winners of (mostly) musicals. There's a musical in Jake's future, but he may feel the need for more preparation and half a year of free time.

Anonymous said...

I've just returned from seeing Demolition and I loved it. Admittedly the script was choppy and a bit disorienting at the beginning but once I let go of the expectation of a linear script I began to enjoy it for what it was meant to be - a deep and moving exploration of grief, which in its essence is never linear. I thought Jake was spectacular both in performance and appearance. It had me laughing out loud, chuckling to myself and brimming with tears. Naomi, Judah and Chris were wonderful in their roles and in their interactions with Jake - and there was plenty of chemistry between Jake and Naomi. The cinema was packed so that was another plus. This is a film that's going to stay with me. I'm super excited about the prospect of Jake doing Burn This - it sounds like a fabulous role and big shoes to fill following John Malkovich, which I'm sure Jake will do fantastically.


bobbyanna said...

Sad news: Prince has died. I'm in a complete state of shock. He was a such a brilliant musician. His shows were the best concerts I ever saw. A complete artist.

BlueJean said...

What kind of year is this? Bowie, Prince... I'm shocked :(

Scott said...

Prince was all about his art. But I never knew what an impact he has had, he was and is very much appreciated. In total shock and sad.

Rest in peace sweet Prince.

Stefanie Picard said...

I found out from someone who I know that's work on "Stronger" in the set department that Jakes prosthetics are actually going to be CGI.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! Good to know you have a "source" on the movie set. : )

I'm still processing the death of Prince. The Eiffel Tower was bathed in purple light last night and so was the Superdome in NEw Orleans. People were celebrating his life in Brooklyn at a spontaneous block party hosted by Spike Lee, as well as in Harlem at the Appollo, and of course in Minneapolisetc.

The word that comes to me to describe him, aside from the fact that he was a complete genius, is that he was authentic. He never compromised his artistic expression to chase commercial success, he just was himself, and he was massively talented.

Stefanie Picard said...

Oh I know Prince music was the soundtrack to my childhood. So sad I plays "Let Go Crazy" on the way to work today. Seeing all the tributes from Hamilton the Musical, color purple musical and all the landmarks all over the world pay tribute says that his music touched all. :)

Hagen said...

According to principal photography on 'Okja' began in Seoul, South Korea, yesterday.

"Okja" was written by Bong and Jon Ronson ("Frank") and follows Mija, a young girl who must risk everything to prevent a powerful, multi-national company from kidnapping her best friend - a massive animal called "Okja".

BlueJean said...

New interview. Interesting.

'Demolition' opens in the UK on April 29th.

twitter said...

Jean-Marc Vallee's DEMOLITION was obliterated--Fox isn't reporting grosses & it's virtually gone from theaters in its 3rd week. $1.9M total.

Scott said...

"Anonymous twitter said...
Jean-Marc Vallee's DEMOLITION was obliterated--Fox isn't reporting grosses & it's virtually gone from theaters in its 3rd week. $1.9M total.

April 24, 2016 at 8:33 PM"

Nice of you to report that although most of us here knew the box office was not going to be great for Demolition. FS gave up on it last year, old news and twitter is once again late.

BlueJean said...


I went to see 'Demolition' for the second time yesterday. My first time (last weekend), there were me and four other people in the theatre... Yesterday, the same theatre was almost full, which pleased me more than I can say. It's so much more fun to watch it with a nice crowd. People seemed to enjoy the dance scene and were shocked at the gun scene ;)

It's in its second week here (The Netherlands). Viewers' reviews on several sites and movie forums are pretty good. Not extraordinairy for the film itself, but I've read nothing but good things about Jake's performance.

I love 'Demolition'. It's a role we have all been waiting for. Jake's funny at times, he dances, he shaves (I loved that scene!)... what more could we ask for?

I don't really care too much for box office myself, but of course I understand it's important. But I've also decided that I'll try to ignore the reviews next time. It's hard, but there's nothing we can do about it and, in the end, it doesn't change things. And somehow I don't think it will make that much difference for Jake's career - he got praise for his performance (and rightly so!) and I just hope he'll continue to follow his own path. As long as he does what make him happy... :)

Hagen said...

'Demolition' has been doing fine in the Netherlands (pdf). It was #7 at the box office in its first weekend and it dropped by a mild 21 percent in its second weekend.

BlueJean said...

See? :) We have excellent taste over here! ;) Thank you, Hagen.

It won't open in Germany for quite some time, I believe?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I'm off to see Demolition after work today before it vanishes from the theaters! It's a shame it hasn't done well here in the states.

Still in mourning over the death of Prince :(

Hagen said...

I will have to wait until June 16th to watch 'Demolition', BlueJean. No idea why it will open over here much later than everywhere else. I'm OK with that if the film gets a decent release.

Anonymous said...

Confirmed by Jean Marc Vallee himself

This marks VallĂ©e’s first collaboration with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. “I’ll work with him again. We’re looking for a project to attack.”

Bravo monsieur Vallee! A foreign director of Oscar-movies who doesn't give much thought to Hollywood politics and cliques is a rare thing. What JMV said about Jake in all interviews sounded more real and honest to me than the "I love him deeply" hyperboles. IMO. They seem to have similar sensibilities, love for music, an instinctual, free filming style and a nonconformist, rebel nature. I hope their next project will be handled with more care and respect by the distributors.

Ann said...

That's excellent news. I enjoyed Demolition so I look forward to what Jean Marc and Jake do next.

I think it says a lot about Jake and his work that so many directors want to work with him more than once.

BlueJean said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Merci Jean-Marc! Thanks for posting that, Anon. I agree with everything you said, especially the "nonconformist, rebel nature".

I suppose we all know by now that Jake isn't "typical Hollywood". His last projects have proved that. And while I was very disappointed and even upset at first that 'Demolition' had been doing so bad... now that I've seen it, I've changed my mind about reviews and critics and such. 'Demolition' is far from perfect, but it has a certain vibe that is maybe a lot more rebellious than Hollywood is used to.

I think it was Bobbyanna who said that 'Demolition' feels like a French movie at times. I felt the same way. Same with 'Enemy'. I hope JMV and Jake will be able to find a new project soon. And... Denis Villeneuve? Where are you? ;) I haven't given up hope yet! :)

Hagen said...

Filming for Jake Gyllenhaal movie 'Stronger' returns to Easton pub

On Monday, the restaurant's prominent sign facing Route 138 had been covered in a thin layer of plastic, changing the sign to say "Brickhouse Center Pizza," which is a pizza shop in Chelmsford. Bauman grew up in Chelmsford and frequents the pub.

Scott said...

"Denis Villeneuve? Where are you? ;) "

Just my IMO, Denis has gone Hollywood working bigger projects with bigger budgets and bigger expectations and I am not sure Denis V will handle that meaning I like to think he's a lot more grounded than the HW norm. Jean has not yet and probably will not.

BlueJean said...

I'll always think of Denis as a director who gave us two (or three ;) ) of Jake's finest performances. He did say he "loved him deeply" and he also said he'd love to work with Jake again. I don't think he was just being polite, I think he meant it.

It doesn't mean they should work together on every movie. That wouldn't be realistic, would it? I don't blame Denis for "going Hollywood" and I don't blame Jake for not wanting to "go Hollywood" anymore (or so it seems, lately). But that doesn't mean they won't work together at some point in the future. But right now? No, probably not.

I don't know. Jean-Marc became sort of Hollywood after the Oscars for DBC and the noms for 'Wild' - but 'Demolition' feels like he's still "rock and roll", as he put it, and I like that. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

...stepped on some toes judging by the comments!

UltraViolet said...

Some of the commenters are so dumb, no surprise. Jake was asked and he answered. He isn't pushing his opinion on anyone. Was happy to hear him outright say Hillary and Bernie's names as the adults in the room.

There's been some good UK press for Demolition. Haven't been able to view the Times article where Jake calls himself boring. I think he might have even mentioned the green pants! Let's hope the UK responds to Demolition. Would be nice to see it make some money overseas. Yay for the Dutch :)

I think Denis V and Jake have a genuine affection. I was disappointed Jake wasn't chosen for BladeRunner, but I think that decision was made before DV joined the project.

Hagen said...

Jake's curly hair in action:

Jake Gyllenhaal Films 'Stronger' Scenes With a Sign at Boston Marathon Finish Line (Just Jared)

Anonymous said...

I saw Demolition for the second time and loved it even more. I also just caught Source Code on TV. While I enjoyed it at the time, Jake today is a completely different actor and I dare say, a completely different man. Onwards and upwards Jake.


Daniela said...

Hi Good evening, can someone tell where Monica?
Thank you!

Ann said...

Life is filming right now?

So Jake is filming Stronger, Okja and Life all around the same time?

Anonymous said...

Reportedly, principal photography starts in the summer (July) in London. This is perhaps the first table reading for the cast or a pre-production meeting taking place in NYC. Look at the hashtags: #jakegyllenhaal #ryanreynolds #scifi #london #timesquarenyc. Since they need craft service, my money's on a table reading.

And Tribeca Citizen bulletin announces preparation for filming in NYC for Okja in 2 days

5/4 Financial District Committee – 6:00 PM
2) Filming of OKJA/Netflix in the Financial District – Presentation by TBD

Sci-fi drama directed by Joon-ho Bong and starring Jake Gyllenhaal (chatted with him recently — friendly guy) and the Tilda Swinton. She was so good in The Grand Budapest Hotel (and in everything, really).

I don't know how is he able to juggle Stronger, Okja and Life but clearly Jake is in the best creative stage of his career and seems unstoppable. Hollywood shenanigans, crappy distribution, poor marketing followed by absurd, nonsensical reviews, nothing can stop him. Keeps making movies, plans to do more theatre and follows his path.

BlueJean said...

"Hollywood shenanigans, crappy distribution, poor marketing followed by absurd, nonsensical reviews, nothing can stop him. Keeps making movies, plans to do more theatre and follows his path."

Yeah! Go Jake!!!

Scott said...

Busy guy, I thought it would take nearly a year for Jake to film all three movies. Perhaps it's time for another film project or 2. Theater is great but so far no real confirmation on that. And then we have NA to look forward to at the end of the year I hope.

Anonymous said...

4 movies.
'The Current War' in September.

UltraViolet said...

LOL - he's a triple threat!

Maybe that craft services place is just announcing that they got the job on Life? Who knows. I am curious about Okja. I wonder f Jake has a role that doesn't involve most of the other actors or what.

Today's Tony nominations made me annoyed all over again for Jake's snub last year. Congrats to Michelle Williams, though I found her, Jeff Daniels and the play to be superficial, mannered and pretty irritating. Happy for Lin Manuel Miranda and all the Hamilton love. Predicted but so deserved. I'm so happy I got to see it before it became impossible to get a ticket.

Malavika, so glad you got to see Demolition again. It was out of theaters so fast here I didn't get to see it as many times as I wanted to.

Ann said...

I hope Jake ends up not doing The Current War. I try to have faith but with Weinstein behind it, it's hard to stay positive. Plus, I just found this story:

Looks like another movie similar to The Current War is going to be made. It's frustrating to see a pattern developing where Jake has a film coming out with similar content as another, Southpaw/Creed, Stronger/Patriots Day and now this one with The Current War. But it's still early too so who knows what will happen with either movie.

I don't know how is he able to juggle Stronger, Okja and Life but clearly Jake is in the best creative stage of his career and seems unstoppable. Hollywood shenanigans, crappy distribution, poor marketing followed by absurd, nonsensical reviews, nothing can stop him. Keeps making movies, plans to do more theatre and follows his path.

Well said, Anon. And thanks for the info.

bobbyanna said...

Wow. It's infuriating to see Jake's project, The Current War up against this newcomer. I was actually looking forward to seeing him with Cumberbatch in this historical drama. It would've been something entirely different for him.

I was deighted to see Hamilton garner so much awards love. Yes it was expected but still... UV I'm glad you had a chance to see it. I'm happy to see Michelle Williams get recovnition, too.I didn't see the play but it didn't seem very interesting to me.

My younger daughter's friend is one of the Producing Partners for Eclipsed. They are all over the moon about the play's Tony recognition. Lupita N'Yongo starred.

UltraViolet said...

Here we go again. Who knows if the Jake/BC movie will really happen.

I forgot to reply earlier about Monica. I'm not sure where she's been. Monica, stop by and say hello!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Saw Demolition and loved Jake's performance. He really is choosing interesting and diverse roles that are challenging him.Loved Chris Cooper and Watt/Lewis scenes either Jake. Go see it before it disappears from the theaters, I wish more people saw it.

Wow Jake is going to be real busy!

BlueJean said...

Off to see 'Demolition' right now. Third time.

Yes, I know... I'm hopeless ;)

bobbyanna said...

I know we aren't 100% certain of the BC project, UV, I just thought it seemed interesting. I was looking forward to the possibility of seeing Jake in something so completely different. Aside from October Sky & Brokeback Mountain everything he's done has been contemporary and this movie was set in the late 19th century. It would've been fun.

(Waves to OONP!!!!) OONP hope all is well with you, too! : )

Yes, Monica, please let us know how you're doing!

BlueJean said...

Isn't Monica from Brazil? She has a Jake website / Facebook page, hasn't she?

Hope you're OK, Monica! :)

UltraViolet said...

OONP, I'm surprised you could still see Demolition! It's playing in one remote theater here. And nowhere after today.

Saw this on twitter yesterday and it made me laugh:

I guess I talk in my sleep these days because I woke up at 3am this morning to Siri telling me how old Jake Gyllenhaal is.
He's 35, FYI.

And this, from Jimmy Fallon:

My mom once called Jake Gyllenhaal, "Jack Glickenglock." #MomQuotes

Hagen said...

I guess I talk in my sleep these days because I woke up at 3am this morning to Siri telling me how old Jake Gyllenhaal is.

LOL, how bizarre is that. xD

"The Current War" is the movie I've been anticipating the most. I really hope that Jake will star in it. It's an intriguing story and finally a period picture for Jake. Weinstein told "Deadline" that "The Current War" would be filmed in September.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

*Waves* to Bobbyanna! I saw Demolition last weekend UV, teeny-tiny theater that shows art house films in CT with only a few people in the theater. It will be gone this weekend :(

Twitter said...

‏@InfoEditing In development- Screenplay 'Scruples' based on an Irish Drummer Jake Gyllenhaal is reading for the part @wbpictures

Anonymous said...

^^If that twitter account is legit (there are questionable people out there making stuff up about Jake or other celebrities), the role sounds interesting.

The production dates for Okja and Life may have been switched, if The Mercury Report is to be believed. Yesterday I saw this:
LIFE (Film)
CAST: Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gyllenhaal
SHOOTS: Now June 5, 2016

OKJA (Film)
CAST: Jake Gyllenhaal, Lily Collins
LOCATION: NYC / Vancouver

USA Production News @Usa_Production
'Life', a science fiction movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, is shooting in Summer.

I'm not sure the new dates are valid considering Mercury Report's inaccuracies, e.g. Reynolds being listed as the lead of "Life", Paramount being listed as distributor (it's actually Sony/Columbia Pictures), and "Okja" being In Development (it started production in April).
A June start for Life could've been the reason for that meeting on Monday. Take it with a grain of salt but if the dates are accurate it would be a high wire balancing act for Jake to film "Life" in London starting June and shoot New York scenes for "Okja" in July. Capping off with "Current War" in September. A hectic schedule just got more complicated.

Chica said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms here on GB!

Mary said...

Happy Mothers Day

Stefanie Picard said...

Thank you andHappy Mothers Day to everyone's mom out there. I'm head out for ice cream with my kiddos. The sun is finally out in New England !!!!

Monica said...

Happy Mothers Day!

I'm fine. I'm busy with studies because I'm back to college for another degree. Thanks for asking!

bobbyanna said...

Hi, monica!! That's great news! Really happy you are back in school, and I hope you will have time to pop in whenever you get a chance. : )

I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother's Day!

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Monica! Thanks for checking in :) And good luck with school.

The sun has finally remembered to shine a bit so the week is looking up!

Anonymous said...

Back with new infos. The "Okja" New York scenes will indeed be filmed at the end of July. 23 July, to be exact. Which means the June starting date for "Life" must be accurate since Jake can't be in NY and London at the same time (wouldn't ubiquity be the coolest superpower?). Remember that meeting with the Financial District Committee on May 4? Here's a report and a design concept for the movie's big scene, a procession on Broad Street:

Jake Gyllenhaal, Tilda Swinton, Paul Dano and a cast of hundreds including a giant pig balloon will be coming Downtown this summer for an epic procession on Broad Street. Although the pig is computer generated, the scene promises to be quite the spectacle. Set for filming on July 23, it will be part of an upcoming $50 million, Brad Pitt-produced movie for Netflix called “Okja.”
The scene calls for a crowd of 500 extras along a parade route from Water Street to a stage near the New York Stock Exchange, according to Joe Guest, the location manager. Three other shooting days on Broad Street, all on weekends, will take place within the secured area outside the Stock Exchange.

Small details about the characters give an insight into the plot and the importance of being Tilda Swinton: The movie, directed and co-written by South Korean Bong Joon-ho and partially shot in Seoul, is billed as a monster flick in which Swinton plays twins, the CEO and CFO of a multinational corporation that sponsors an international competition among farmers to raise the best super pig. A little girl in Korea raises a giant pig named Okja, her best friend, that the corporation plans to bring to New York for a big promotional event on Broad Street. Gyllenhaal plays an animal rights activist and Dano an animal showman.

Isn't it the other way around? I remember reading that Dano will play the activist and Jake will play a zoologist. I also remember Jake himself saying he plays the host of an animal show. Like the master of ceremonies of the big animal parade? (flashes of Stanley Tucci's Caesar, HG's insane MC, come to mind) He could share scenes with Tilda since the event is put on by the corporation led by her characters.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all that info, anon. This sounds like a wild ride!

And aww. Look at Jake actually using his FB page.

Monica said...


BlueJean said...


Truthfully said...

Ohh I wonder if they're finished shooting...
The screen shot looks wonderful.

Tweety said...

Yes! I just wish he used his FB page more often. He looks really young in the set pictures.

Anonymous said...

Today's tweet from Kristien Morato, the belgian journalist who interviewed Jake for Southpaw last year:

Almost time to start packing again: leaving for Boston tomorrow to spend a day on set with Jake Gyllenhaal! #Stronger #BostonMarathon

As a member of HFPA she leads a charming life and instagrams all her travels, celebrities she meets, events she's invited to. She'll post at least one photo from the set of Stronger.

Love the still Jake chose to raise awareness of what Stronger is all about. Sweet picture and a clear message that should stop people from calling it "the Boston marathon bombing movie" in the same breath with Wahlberg's political action extravaganza. Stronger isn't about the bombing, that scene takes less than 3 out of 183 pages! Jake is a smart cookie and takes good care of his movies when the producer status allows him (as an "actor for hire" the movies' fate is out of his hands).

UltraViolet said...

So they are still filming - good to know! I have to ay the Boston-area tweeters and FBers have been a bit of a disappointment. I did drive by the set on Saturday (filming at Boston Medical Center). But there haven't been a lot of Jake sightings off-set. The usual Whole Foods/dog park/cafe CZ-type sightings. I hope Jake is enjoying his stay here!

Will look forward to Kristien Morato's report. I remember her from other junkets.

And Tweety, it's good to see you!

BlueJean said...

"I hope Jake is enjoying his stay here!"

You haven't run into him yet, UV?! Casually, of course ;) I had hoped you would! :)

UltraViolet said...

Not yet, BJ! I'll let you know when it happens :)

Random new post with random photos!