Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy melancholy

Amid the glitz and glamour of the Venice Film Festival and the Everest premiere festivities, Jake Gyllenhaal reminisced about his first visit, ten years ago, for Brokeback Mountain. He described coming back as a time both happy and melancholy.

Jake and Jason talk Everest, Venice and Brokeback Mountain winning the Oscar:

Another interview with Jason and Jake 9and then Baltasar Kormakur):

Josh Brolin expounding, with a little help from Jake:

Some fun, funny, sexy and/or sharp snapshots from the festivities:

More black and white:


UltraViolet said...

Looks like there are issues with both of the videos. I'll try to investigate when I get home. Sorry about that. But do click the melancholy link :) :(

UltraViolet said...

Also, I did comment at the end of the last post. I hate closing out posts - always afraid people will miss the last comments.

Anonymous said...

Southpaw surpassed 50 million last night, yay. Loving posts UV and thank you.

BlueJean said...

Loooooooove the pics! And the interviews! Thanks so much, UV! x

BlueJean said...

That "melancholy" link... aw. Brokeback's so, so special.

BlueJean said...

bobbyanna said...

I hope Jake realizes what an intelligent, great group of fans he has posting here on GB, from all over the world. Language differences,and cultural perspectives included! LOL! I love it here even when we don't always agree, and I really enjoy hanging out with all of you!

I couldn't agree more, bobbyanna! I feel the same way.

It's also a credit to you UV, for the work you do. It's not easy to keep a blog like this going for years and years, and to keep it interesting and fresh. I know you always credit Stephanie (IHJ) for the pics, but all of you here bring so much news to this blog. It never ceases to amaze me how much is going on around Jake these days - and I feel we're all a tiny part of it in some way.

Even though I'll probably never meet Jake or see him in a play or whatever... I still feel I'm "there" in a way because of this blog and all of your posts and pictures.

I hope all of you who are going to TIFF will have a great time and will enjoy 'Demolition'. I'll be with you in spirit, so to speak ;)

Anonymous said...

Well said!
So, arrivederci Venezia... and ready for Toronto!

bobbyanna said...

LOL! So. According to Just Jared, Jason Clarke walked the Everest red carpet ALONG WITH HIS CO-STAR KEANU REEVES in Deauville! Keanu looked good too. He was in a tuxedo, waving to fans, etc.
Seriously. : )


Anonymous said...

Keanu turned 51 just three days ago and still looks so great, I am glad he went to support the movie, for me he is one of the least egocentric persons in Hollywood. Very quiet and supportive to many charities without any big bang. I always admired him as a person. SV

Anonymous said...

Just to turn back to The Cartel movie going to be directed by Ridley Scott, as I was thinking would be better for Jake instead of TMWMIS, so Leo DiCaprio is assigned probably for this movie, damn. SV

UltraViolet said...

Oh well. That's the way of Hollywood.

I love Keanu. But much like Jake, he should lose the beard.

Apparently Jake is back in LA, if this sighting is current and correct:

Stopped by #SugarFish in #LA for a beer and saw the most stunning blue eyes going to the bathroom - then I realized it was #JakeGyllenhaal 😳

bobbyanna said...

I'm glad Keanu supported Everest, too. I see that Just Jared corrected the post, but at first, earlier today they said Everest was Keanu's movie and Jason Clarke was his co-star.

Anonymous said...

Keanu Reeves had nothing to do with Everest. He was at Deauvile as honoree, he received the award and gave a speech, followed by the screening of Everest. Bobbyanna is using sarcasm to point out the stupidity of gossip sites who write nonsense. At Deauville Everest team was represented by 3 people, Kormakur, Jason Clarke and one producer.

Anonymous said...

It is confirmed, Ridley Scott's next movie is Prometheus 2, it starts shooting January 2016. After P2, Scott will do a TV series with Kormakur and produce BR2 and Alien 5. The Cartel project is at the moment rumoured, not confirmed, if he will make it, it will happen in 2017 or later. TMWMIS will be released by then.
The Cartel and TMWMIS couldn't be more different.
Snow is a period movie about a real life person and 1980-1990 real events surrounding the infamous Medellin Cartel.
Cartel is a 2004 fictional story inspired by current events but with no connection to Medellin Cartel. Can you spell The Counselor 2?

Anonymous said...

SV, read the synopsis of The Cartel novel before you say is not much different. It is totally different. The characters, the story, the conflict. The common points are a cartel and drugs. That's like saying all cop movies are the same because they involve cops and guns.
The point is The Cartel is a rumoured project that may not even be directed by Scott himself in the end, like many other projects that went from one director to another, Prisoners for example.
Second point is, the stories and characters are totally different. Jake may like Max Mermelstein's story, not any fictional story about fictional cartels and drugs.
Third point, why obssessing on Jake doing that movie with Ridley Scott? What if Scott doesn't even take Jake into consideration for his movies?
It's simplistic to say Jake should work with X or Y, not Z because Z is lame. Maybe X or Y don't want to chose Jake, so he will make movies with the directors who are willing to collaborate with him.

Anonymous said...

"so he will make movies with the directors who are willing to collaborate with him."

True or that Jake just connects with Fuqua. I also think the MM is an interesting character, I don't think the Fuqua story will be about the regular cartel movies that have been made in the past. Correct me if I wrong but isn't Mermelstein a Jewish man who never lifted a gun but was a big part of the cocaine explosion from the cartels? Scott's movie seems to be focused on the cartels themselves while Fuqua's movie is about how a Jewish man who probably was the least likely to become involved in the cocaine trade.

Scott is not the most consistent movie maker either, I think Jake is doing a good job of selecting movies with directors who value his efforts and doesn't discount his suggestions about a character. I think Jake is also picking ensemble movies as his big budget choices.

Anonymous said...

So true about Max Mermelstein. With his roots and background he was the last person expected to become an active part of the Colombian Cartel. He got involved with the criminal business by coercion, to keep his wife safe. Sure, in time he started to enjoy the rich life the drug money provided but when he was arrested and betrayed by the Colombians he easily changed sides becoming the best informant for the DEA. I think he was relieved to leave the drug business and use his smarts to put the dealers to jail.

The Cartel novel is not only different but cliched and melodramatic as well. it's about a DEA agent in a blood feud with the head of a fictional Mexican cartel who murdered his partner. He puts the drug lord behind bars but loses his wife. The drug lord escapes and starts building his lost empire. Then the DEA agent "embarks on an odissey of justice and revenge". If Southpaw was accused of being clichéd and manipulative, then what is The Cartel?

"Scott is not the most consistent movie maker either, I think Jake is doing a good job of selecting movies with directors who value his efforts and doesn't discount his suggestions about a character. I think Jake is also picking ensemble movies as his big budget choices."

Agree on all counts.

Monica said...

I think Leo will only produce Cartel, SV. He's confirmed to star in the new film by Scorsese.

Jake will not abandon TMWIT. His mother is working on the script. The film may have the worst script, but he will still be in it.

I think many directors are willing to listen his actors, they don't like when an actor wants to change everything, as Edward Norton for example.
Christopher Nolan is a guy who has control over the entire production, but he gave a lot of freedom to Heath in TDK. Heath himself wrote some dialogues of his character.

Ridley Scott is not in a good moment, but he still has the talent, I mean he gave us Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma and Louise, The Gangster. He just needs a great script.

I think Jake is back in LA for the premiere of Everest on 09 September.

Darcy said...

We don't know if his mother is still working on the script. It was never oficialy confirmed that Naomi was involved in writing the script.
People will always find whatever reasons to hate something or someone. You made perfectly clear you hate Fuqua, Monica. You hate SP without even seeing it and you don't plan on seeing it because you don't want to admit it's not a bad movie. You want to keep hating. No surprise you trash TMWMIS before the start.
Not everybody on UV's blog share your opinion and few hate TMWMIS that much.
Some of us are interested in all Jake's projects without prejudice.

BlueJean said...

Darcy, I think we all have some prejudice every now and again, even (or especially) when it comes to Jake's projects, simply because we care and we want him to make the right choices. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't keen on seeing Jake in "a boxing movie" and I'm not keen on Fuqua.

I haven't seen SP yet (plan to see it next weekend), but I hope I'll like it, even with all its flaws and all its predictability. If the film (or Jake) manages to make me feel like I've had a good time watching it, it's fine - and then I'll swallow my prejudice for the next Jake + Fuqua project ;)

bobbyanna said...

Thanks Blue Jean, I can think of several times I was very uncertain about some of the choices, based either on a director or the basic plot. Ayer, Fuqua, Baltasar, etc. We don't always have to blindly accept Jake's choices or embrace the projects or the directors just because Jake is involved. Exchanging ideas or opinions and disagreeing is healthy. Everyone brings their own knowledge, information, observations to GB.

It's no secret Jake went through a rocky period when his films were poorly marketed and his projects had dwindled down to a few. Many of us grew anxious and became "arm chair managers" LOL! We often talk about what we'd like to see him do, or what we think he needs to do.I love the fact that he's working so much, and I think leaving CAA and joining WME had a great deal to do with his recent successes.

Monica has a wonderful website dedicated to Jake which she has managed for years. She often brings great insights and information here that I find very useful. I don't always agree with her opinions, but I respect Monica, and I appreciate her knowledge, not just about Jake but also about movies in general. We have a lot of great people here, and there is room for differences of opinion.

Anonymous said...

"Monica has a wonderful website dedicated to Jake which she has managed for years. She often brings great insights and information here that I find very useful. I don't always agree with her opinions, but I respect Monica, and I appreciate her knowledge, not just about Jake but also about movies in general. "

But she can be snarky when it comes to Jake's directors, Ayers and Fuqua have brought out great performances in Jake. I agree with Darcy, why damn something before she even sees it? She doesn't do that with Gosling or Hardy projects. It's UV's blog but it bugs me when "Jake" fans fawn over other actors on a Jake dedicated blog. And yes I know I don't have to come here, I avoid Hagen and Monica comments.

bobbyanna said...

Darcy/Anonymous I don't really get what the problem is. You seem to be making this something very personal about Monica, and I really disagree with that. I like to think this blog allows us to have conversations not tantrums. As I read Monica's response to SV there wasn't anything snarky about it. So what if Monica, or anyone else doesn't like certain directors? So what if she has other actors she also celebrates. We're not in some parallel universe where we have to sign a loyalty oath & be exclusive and never mention other actors?

I love Leo. I think Tom Hardy's always interesting to watch, and I really enjoy Christopher Nolan's work. Not all of it, but mostly. And I agree, Ridley Scott is not in a good place right now, I'm thinking ever since his brother died, actually, but he has done some amazing work over the years and he does need good writers.

I don't care for Ryan Gosling, he's "meh" to me, and I like Eddie Redmayne a lot. There's ample room for different points of view here on GB. My own personal view of SP is that Antoine did a very good job directing, I could question some pacing and editing choices, but the story itself by the Sons of Anarchy guy wasn't much at all. IMO, it's hard to make something unique out of a boxing movie. They're pretty formulaic. Underdog triumphs over adversity.

Anonymous said...

Yes Monica, he is not going to abandon the project, of course, he produces the movie, too, so it's almost impossible at this point.

Monica doesn't have to have the same opinion as the rest of club. She calls things with right names. If she says Fuqua is average director, that doesn't mean she hates him. I like more people who avoid their own projections on the others, there is a difference between judging the script due to obvious circumstances and judging Monica what she should feel and what kind of emotions she should have.

@Anon, difference between cliche and cliche story is always director, how he handles the plot. Moreover if the movie has the same environment, sooner or later they will be compared by audience. It's like two boxing movies with different plot and heroes have different reasons why they do act so and so in certain situation, but still boxing, didn't we talk about Creed, too, time ago, just for comparison?

The Cartel for me is the epic story from the same environment, with better director and as Jake is picking good directors, so does DiCaprio. Whether it's going to happen or not, this is the project I see he should be involved. You still don't understand it was an example I said, they are not the same plots, they are the same topics talking almost at the same time. Is it too strange it came to my mind, that this movie would be much better for him than another with similar topic, but first is more epic and covered by stronger production?

He needs much more than questionable script and director and The Cartel just crossed the path. You are going to the extremes I never went and I am wondering about the purpose. Also I am convinced now his award chances might be lost in average story, if it's Fuqua's fault or generally script problem is a question, but Jake's performance was on different level/wave than movie itself, Fuqua is good in showing certain sequences, not in putting together the whole shape of the movie. Jake's enormous effort will be forgotten unless some illuminated group of critics will realize that performance and movie should be evaluated separately. I personally didn't mind cliche in SP, but one such a movie is more than enough. On the other hand I believe Jake is picking the stories he believes in, no doubt about it, question is, if scripts he would believe in and are talking in the air are coming to him from agents or not. And chances are growing with good projects appreciated by awards or revenues.

bobbyanna said...

SV, you make some excellent points.

Certain things are in the pipeline for such a long time before they finally get greenlighted, so similar projects about illegal drug trade, or boxing movies, etc. the actor's agents have to be aware of it, and the risks involved with competition and comparisons, etc.

With Winslow's book, maybe a deal was "cooking" before we ever knew about the book. I don't know that much about the movie business, but if a property is hot and commands a lot of investment, this is where box office is a big factor. Because you will not want to pay $6 million, then hire a top director and cast, if you aren't sure you're going to get a return on the investment. If this Cartel movie happens, it seems like it won't be out before 2017 at least.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bobbyanna, we don't see into studio leaders' heads, but certain things are hot in the air and they have very good nose they can follow. I've always seen Jake as a good candidate for sort of "Godfather" movie and now they mention it in un-direct context. He would be perfect "Michael Corleone-like", I can imagine it. I also see The Cartel in 2018 the soonest, but, if this happens I will watch both, with Jake and the second one, too. And finally we all want the same for him, topping BO and quality appreciation and even if I like Leo and wish him the top award finally, if he gets involved in The Cartel I will be a bit envious to not see Jake in it. SV

UltraViolet said...

Okay, enough with the critiques of fellow posters. Please make your points about a Jake project without questioning other people's opinions.

No one knows what is going to happen with Snow or Cartel. Let's not obsess over either.

Looks like Southpaw made almost $1 million for the weekend; should make a little more today. Would have liked to see more, but it's great that they upped the theater count for it.

FP said...

MONICA I love you and I respect you so much, the same goes for HAGEN,Two people, intelligent, sincere, informed, always generous in sharing what they know and what they think without hypocrisy.

Monica said...

I love you too, FP. I respect you and all who post here.

I never said that I will not see Southpaw. I haven't seen because it not opened in my country, well I could see at any time, since it is online, but I chose to wait.

Hey, I finally started reading Tony & Susan. I'm enjoying what I'm reading so far.

BlueJean said...

"I haven't seen because it not opened in my country, well I could see at any time, since it is online, but I chose to wait."

Me too. Although it is tempting... ;) Ah well - just 3 more days to go!

bobbyanna said...

" He would be perfect "Michael Corleone-like", I can imagine it. "

LOL! Last time I watched the Godfather, I thought of Jake every time I saw young Al Pacino.

I'd love to see them work together in anything. : )

Chica said...

Loving all these photos UV he looks stunning and especially in black and white! Yes Bobbyanna I always thought Jake when younger favored Al Pacino circa The Godfather. I remember a black and white photo shoot Jake did for the NY Times and he really looked like him.

Tons of Everest promos on TV and on billboards here. Looks really intense and looking forward to seeing it even though Jake isn't in it as much as I would like.

Happy Labor Day!

bobbyanna said...

(waves to Chica!)

Yes, I forgot. Happy Labor Day!

UltraViolet said...

Monica, we are very happy to have you hear :) Same for Hagen and all the posters who identify themselves and contribute. It's so easy for negative anons to complain.

Hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend or regular weekend.

Another Jake and Jason interview, with a tiny bit of a Jake scene in it.

Tweet from last night - lol:

Tonight I looked into the eyes of Jake Gyllenhaal, and suddenly I understand every Shakespeare sonnet.

Lots of Everest twitter reactions. There was a screening with a cast/producers Q&A in London tonight, I think:

#Everest‪ advance preview. Stunning cinematography. Nowhere near as controversial as it could have been. See it. 

I really enjoyed #Everest tonight. It's visually stunning, but brutally sad. Definitely a must-see on the big screen.‬

‪I feel like i've got frostbite #Everest‬ It's a good'en @everestmovie‬

‪Not sure it needed to be in 3D, but #Everest movie is fabulous. Must see.

‪Went to see #Everest tonight. Whoever gave it 2 stars is a knob. Dunno what film they watched but this was epic!‬

Just watched #Everest, epic film to break my iMax 3D virginity with. Will definitely be taking Mrs Goat when it's released.

Great, grim compelling piece. Nature always wins, no matter how trained/determined you are ‬

Well that was a full on Monday evening. #Everest in 3D is pretty epic. Interesting one of the producers was there on that fateful day in '96‬

‪Saw this a little while ago - it's fantastic. Go see it next week. #everest ‬

‪I can't even begin to describe how incredible #Everest is‬

‪Wow the @everestmovie is amazing. A tragic and heroic story beautifully told and shot. #Everest‬

‪#Everest‪ - you don't just see it, you really do experience it. Stunning‬

Cried in #Everest. Easily manipulated.‬ 

Just saw this, in there. #Everest #tense @ BFI IMAX

Emotionally drained after ‪#Everest.

Just saw ‪#Everest which made me very happy I'm a warm weather ‪#explorer!!!! Those guys are ‪#crazy

Absolutely ‪#loved ‪#Everest. If you're tempted to have a go. Watch this film first.

Just watched ‪#Everest at IMAX and feel like I've climbed the bloody mountain myself it was that much of an emotional ordeal. Amazing film

I'm calling it ‪#everest will be big

Well, it is big... :)

Hope we get to see this whole interview. Someone caught it as a snippet on TNT last night. Jake looks good:

Just because you're not meant to survive doesn't mean you don't try.

bobbyanna said...

Great comments, UV. I'm an IMAX virgin, too, so I'm really looking forward to the Everest experience. : )

UltraViolet said...

I've disagreed with Hagen, Monica, Bobbyanna and almost every other named poster here. The difference is that I know they are Jake fans and I have no idea who the fuck you are. And I don't care. Post once more on this, and I'll delete it. I was tempted to delete the one above.

Now move on, everyone. This is the end of discussing other posters.

Piruleta said...

I would like to see those anons complaining contribute as much as Hagen or Monica.

Everest commercials are starting show up on TV, yay! This will be the first Jake movie I will be seeing in a theatre, and he is barely in it LOL. I'm excited anyway.

And talking about Tony And Susan, forgot to say I finished the book. It's really interesting, not my favourite, but definitely interesting. It looks like they are going to chance a lot of things, tho.

Hope we get the Demoliton trailer this week #CrossingFingers

Hagen said...

Hagen is worse than any self proclaimed Jake hater.

I shouldn't discuss with an anonymous poster. Anyway, you can complain that I'm sometimes too pessimistic and that I'm not thrilled when Jake's beard gets too bushy for my taste. But it's just nonsense to state that I'm 'worse than any self proclaimed Jake hater.'

UltraViolet said...

Sorry, Hagen. I probably should have deleted that post. It's gone now.

A couple of Everest tweets:

My girlfriend wants to climb #Everest. After seeing #EverestMovie, I seriously think she needs to reconsider some life choices.

#Everest depicts a sad true story we all know well. It looks great and has a fantastic cast.

Rave from someone who does this sort of thing for a living.

UltraViolet said...


bobbyanna said...

Yesssss!!!! Double Wow!

He looks great and the movie looks great, can't wait.

Ann said...

That Demolition trailer looks incredible. It makes me even more sad that it's not being released until next year. It was my most anticipated film of Jake's for this year. Can't wait for the TIFF reactions.

Hagen said...

I LOVE the trailer, particularly the deadpan humor in it. xD :clapping: I can't wait to see it. I must admit I'm jealous of everyone who gets the opportunity to watch it at TIFF, more than half a year earlier than the rest of us. ;) It's good to see Jake starring in a somewhat lighter movie for a change and it doesn't hurt that he's shirtless once again. ;)

Anonymous said...

I admit it looks noble, I am surprised a bit Naomi Watts is almost not in the trailer, I thought she is big part of the movie, too. More than shirtless I appreciate he is beardless. SV

UltraViolet said...

The April release date doesn't make any sense. I guess we'll know more in a few days.

There's a Facebook page for the movie.

Ann said...

It doesn't, UV. It was pointed out that there's no release date on the trailer. Let's hope for some really positive reactions from TIFF so maybe it'll get a limited release this year at least.

Anonymous said...

It looks really good, I think the chemistry is between Jake and the son and his ex father in law and not necessarily Watts' character at least from the trailer.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic! Jake looks scrumptious and I love the dark humour. So jealous of everyone who's seeing it at TIFF. I have to say I can't applaud Jake's recent choices enough. Such depth, such range - im throwing down the gauntlet - find me another actor who's doing such incredibly interesting work and doing it so exceptionally well. Oh yeah and another actor who looks so damn hot shirtless!


Hagen said...

The April release date doesn't make any sense.

I think it's encouraging that Fox Searchlight doesn't release movies in spring just to dump them. This year both "Far from the Madding Crowd" (May) and "Me And Earl and the Dying Girl" (June) were critically acclaimed. And maybe the market will be less crowded in April than in winter.

Monica said...

Looks good.

I am surprised a bit Naomi Watts is almost not in the trailer.
Me too.

FP said...

Looks fucking great! But where is Naomi?

** Jake dancing**

O M G!!!!

Canuck_Cutie said...

I'm so excited for that Demolition trailer! Can't wait to see it now on Friday!

Piruleta said...

I should cross my fingers more often LOL! That looks really good!

Anonymous said...

Someone mention that the wife was Emmy Rossum from TDAT? Is that her?

Canuck_Cutie said...

No. The wife is played by an actress called Heather Lind.

Anonymous said...

thank you Canuck Cutie, I hope you report back your review of Demolition.

BlueJean said...

"It's good to see Jake starring in a somewhat lighter movie for a change"

I agree. As much as I love Jake's dark roles, I'm looking forward to seeing him in this. Out of Southpaw, Everest and this, it was / is Demolition I'm most excited about :)

UltraViolet said...

Old sighting:

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult seen partying at Bungalow 8 @TheBAUERsVenice B Bar

New sighting - just now:

enjoying my last Americano at Blue Bottle Coffee and Jake Gyllenhaal just walked in 🙈

LOL, Piruleta - start crossing them for a 2015 release date :)

bobbyanna said...

Going through my twitter news feed, I found comments by Jean Marc Vallee in an article about TIFF, and the awards season pile up of "serious" films. The point was made that there are a lot of movies coming out in the next 4 months, 70 at least. I'm afraid and Demolition might easily be overshadowed. I'm torn between wanting it to open this year, and wanting it to get the attention it deserves. Hard to decide. As impatient as I am, I have to remind myself that Jake had two movies come out this year, fairly close together. : /

"Fox Searchlight is very clever and knows how to market movies like this," Vallée said. But he added that he hadn't ruled out a date shift. "We'll see what happens," he added with a small laugh. "I think [the date] can still change. April feels like a long time for audiences that aren't at TIFF."

UltraViolet said...

No one asks the obvious question: If it's good enough, wouldn't you just release it this year?

New post.