Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ecco l'uomo

The Venice Film Festival opens today with the premiere of Everest. Jake Gyllenhaal and the cast attended a press conference this afternoon. Jake seems to be enjoying himself.

Classic black and white.

Ten years ago today:


UltraViolet said...

Guardian film critic:

Just watched Everest at #Venezia72. Did Jake Gyllenhaal get lost in the edit? He's hardly in it.


Another tweet:

Breathtakingly beautiful one moment, terrifying the next.A white knuckle emotional ride,strong performances #Everest

Jeff Wells did indeed love it.

Classic expression on Jake's face in this video, lol. Jake signing autographs.

This Jake fan got to meet him and has a lot of great tweets. So happy for her.

Laughing, fun Jake in a French Southpaw interview. And another new/old one

UltraViolet said...

Jake goes back to give fan hug.

Video of Jake and company arriving for the press conference. A different view from the video added to the post.

Anonymous said...

She got a hug, a Jake hug. I hate her, no not really. Was that FP?

bobbyanna said...

Wow. UV, it seems like, if Jeff Wells were in charge, Everest would be getting multiple Oscar nominations, including for Best Picture.

This is a great post. Thanks for the pics of Jake & Heath with Anne and Ang Lee in Venice 10 yrs ago. They all looked so happy! I remember that Venice and TIFF overlapped, and Ang arrived in Toronto only to be called back to Venice to accept the Golden Lion.

Anonymous said...

keep going Jake, take first jacket then the shirt. That must have been some really good wine and pasta on that boat. LOL, that pic is for all the critics who say Jake is too serious.

UltraViolet said...

Oh no - hope they got it fixed! was going so well! Venice opening film #Everest has been stopped due to a tech glitch with the 3D. What a shame...

That was about an hour ago.

I can't believe it's been 10 years, Bobbyanna. Seems like yesterday in some ways.

More fun pics added, anon. Jake really is enjoying himself!

Anonymous said...

I loved Jake in Mara's sunset clip - soooo cute! And he's definitely looking a little tipsy in the shirtless shot post conference - so funny! But damn that man looks good in a suit. UV thanks as always for all the great coverage.


Piruleta said...

For what I've read so far, Spanish critics are not loving Everest :/

I thought this tweet was funny, tho: @ManuYanezM: Difícil trabajar en la sala de prensa de #Venezia72 mientras las fans aúllan el nombre de Jake Gyllenhaal en la alfombra roja de la Mostra. || it's difficult to work in the press room while the fans scream Jake Gyllenhaal's name at La Mostra red carpet

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that's a shame, Piruleta. And did Southpaw ever open in Spain?

Jake was apparently a trending topic in Italy today :)

A couple of good articles. This one has an extended answer about his work on the Cannes jury. This talks about case camaraderie.

I love the sunset clip, too, Malavika. My favorite video so far.

Jake and Josh do their own photo shoot.

Ann said...

It's so great to see Jake enjoying himself at Venice. I bet there's not as much pressure on him with Everest as their was for Southpaw. These pictures are great.

I asked if anyone was going to TIFF in the last post but it was closed shortly after, so I'll ask again, Lol. Is anyone going to see Demolition at TIFF next week?

Piruleta said...

Oh, that's a shame, Piruleta. And did Southpaw ever open in Spain?

No, there's still no release date and the movie is already online:(

UltraViolet said...

Better angle of the hug, though I thought it was going to be even better.

I hope Tom Ford decides he doesn't want Jake's hair that slicked. Or that long.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, sorry, Ann! I will be seeing Demolition at TIFF and will report back as soon as I can. Really curious and really looking forward.

I do think it must be fun for Jake to have some other folks to share duties with. This is a group effort, which is probably a nice change. Its sure fun to watch.

Piruleta :( I wonder if it will ever be released.

It's frustrating that worldwide box office figures are not updated regularly. Neither or BO Mojo have the most recent numbers. Southpaw has made almost $13 million in the UK, $5+ million in France and close to $2 million in Australia. Would love an exact total, though.

Jake tweet with photo:

Just arrived in Venice - it already smells of Hollywood!

#JakeGyllenhaal #harrysbar #ciprianj

Anonymous said...

"It's frustrating that worldwide box office figures are not updated regularly."

I usually check the site below for box office, the site seems faster and more current with foreign totals:

Ann said...

UV, So glad to hear you'll be there to see Demolition! I was hoping a few Jake fans would be there :)

Demolition was the movie I was most looking forward to this year with Jake so I hope we get a trailer or something out of Tiff.

UltraViolet said...

Jake still trending on twitter in Italy :)

Some highlights of the press conference mixed with red carpet: Not a lot of Jake but some shots.

Reuters video with some nice red carpet shots of Jake posing and with fans.

Jake and Jason with ET Canada. I wonder why Jake didn't go to Kathmandu - haven't seen anyone ask him that.

UltraViolet said...

Anon 6:47, thank you! They do seem to have the most up-to-date figures. So Southpaw is at $76 million. Not bad. Would love to see it go up a lot, but not many more big places to open: Italy, Spain, Japan. Germany doesn't seem to love it too much, sadly!

Ann, I hope there will be a trailer for Demolition, as well. Fingers crossed.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Everest I should have said are both trending.

Mary said...

Thanks UV love the pics Jake sure looks like he is having a good time.

UltraViolet said...

You're welcome, Mary. Wouldn't it be fun to be there!

From Geek Nation:

On the mountain we’re introduced to the rest of the cast, including Jake Gyllenhaal’s Scott Fischer, a competing mountain guide that has butt heads with Rob in the past. It should be noted right away that Gyllenhaal has maybe 20 minutes or so of screen time in the actual film so audience members who go there expecting another star turn from him will likely be disappointed. However, with so much story to tell and so many characters to keep track of – Kormakur has made a smart move casting actors that can do a lot with a little, and Gyllenhaal in particular brings much more to his character than might have been on the script initially.

Funny pic of Jake, Josh Brolin and fiancee. And another view of one of those b&w photos.

Piruleta said...

Piruleta :( I wonder if it will ever be released.

Nightcrawler was released in January this year, it did pretty well considering we got only 33, tho. I guess we will get Southpaw sooner or later but the movie is already being downloaded by a lot of people which means they are not going to go see it at the theatre when it finally opens.

Hagen said...

Guardian film critic: Just watched Everest at #Venezia72. Did Jake Gyllenhaal get lost in the edit? He's hardly in it.

He writes a bit more about Jake in his review: And Jake Gyllenhaal has a role which is surprisingly peripheral and small. The poster appears to give him third-billing. It’s hardly that. His simple star power means that fans and non-fans alike will be waiting for Jake to save the day, or fail to save the day in some interesting way – or do something, anything at all. But no. Did Jake Gyllenhaal get lost in the edit?

Based on "Into Thin Air" it's not a surprise, but still a bit frustrating.

Chica said...

How awesome that you are going to TIFF UV can't wait for your report!

Love all the photos, looks like Jake is having a blast!

BlueJean said...

Haven't been online much in the past 24 hours, and look what I've missed...! Thanks UV, for the new post / pictures!

Anonymous said...

There is no pressure on Jake with Everest, so that must be nice to just enjoy Italy and being part of a large cast. I am sure there will be more where is Jake Gyllenhaal and why didn't they use Jake more in the film? Which is a compliment to Jake. But it is so nice to see him so relaxed and just having a blast.

I hope Demolition is a pleasant surprise next week.

UltraViolet said...

It is nice to see!

Glad everyone is enjoying all the photos. This has been fun to watch.

Another Jake and Jason interview. Someone needs to tell Jake that enervate and energize are not the same thing.


You sit. No, you sit!. (Wait until the end.)

Saw this tweet:

When you waiting at your boat stop and jake gyllenhaal casually passes by on his private boat 💀

I wonder if Jake will stay a few days, travel in Italy or come right back. There were reports he was going to Deauville but yesterday I saw a couple of tweets saying he wouldn't be there. There's also apparently a London premiere, so who knows.

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures are B&W, it always reminds me old classic Hollywood times. Shirtless picture is a gem, but honestly I've been thinking for a long time he should throw away those impossible sunglasses. Pilot sunglasses suit him much more.

I think I skip Everest, it's going to be released on 24th of September here, but he's barely there and maybe I wait for DVD rent. I'll see, maybe change my mind.

I also noticed no one predicts him in Golden Derby for awards for SP, it's strange to me, hope he'll still be in the game, at least as surprise. Fassbender, Caine, Redmayne, Hardy, Hanks are on the way. I went to re-watch SP again, this time without titles, so I could be focused more on acting and even for the second time those boxing scenes are masterpiece. HW should develop some effort to remind it before awards season, also I am curious, if Fuqua will miss M7 premiere due to schedule conflict whilst shooting TMWMIS. SV

Anonymous said...

"Fassbender, Caine, Redmayne, Hardy, Hanks"

Too many non Americans in that group. What about Leo?

Anonymous said...

" What about Leo? "

What about Johnny Depp, it would bother a heck of a lot to have 4 out of 5 nominees in the Oscar best male as non Americans. Oscars might as well change it's name to Golden Globes II. They should do what other awards do, have an international actor field. It's getting ridiculous, the American male is not extinct.

Anonymous said...

American male actor is not extinct. Even Bradley Cooper would be than Redmanye, Caine, Hardy and Fassbender of which the last two only sneer when acting.

Ann said...

"Fassbender, Caine, Redmayne, Hardy, Hanks"

Tom Hardy won't be in the Lead category. Legend is getting mixed reception at screenings from critics. He'll go in Supporting probably for The Revenant. Leo will go in for Lead most likely.

Anonymous said...

I am talking about Golden Derby and he is in predictions for Legend, at least in predictions of top critics, movie really doesn't matter that match and he was close to nomination last year as well for Locke, so it is very probable he may get one this year. If he will be lucky as Jamie Fox, he will be in both categories. I am not sure with Caine and academy has one surprise every year, so not all will be there. I forgot Depp is almost everywhere too. SV

Anonymous said...

Anon, oh obviously, I didn't mention Leo, but he is so obvious, that I skipped him somehow. SV

Anonymous said...

But this Anne Thompson from Indiwire predicts Jake for SP as front runner and Everest, too. But she puts so much options in place, that everybody is such a predictor, she named almost all better performances:


Anonymous said...

Well I think Jake will get another Batfa nomination. It's too early for awards but its fun and heartbreaking too.

Anonymous said...

SV, Thompson changed her mind last minute last year and put Jake as the last spot for best actor because of his other nominations. So I don't have much confidence in her predictions.

UltraViolet said...

Nice to see his name floated and I'd love for him to get in. But hopes absolutely low.

Looks like Jake stuck around in Venice:

Jake Gyllenhaal alla prima di Beasts of No Nation a #Venezia72

I'll be seeing that one in Toronto.

bobbyanna said...

There are lots of "Best Actor" performances out there to consider. So far the only one I've seen is Southpaw. I intend to see these others too, because I 'll feel better commenting on stuff once I've actually seen it.

There's Leo in Revenant, Depp in Black Mass, Matt Damon in The Martian, Tom Hardy for Legend, (even if it is not a good movie.) Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl, Tom Hanks, Joseph Gordon Levitt for The Walk and for Snowden, Fassbender for Macbeth and for Steve Jobs, and of course Jake for Southpaw.

Some people are saying Samuel Jackson will get a nomination for his Quentin Tarrantino movie, Hateful 8. Then there's Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight. Those are the performances to watch IMO. Tom Hiddleston for Hank Williams might be a very long shot, too.

I'm not reading any of the Awards Watch stuff. It's too soon to get myself upset. : ) Jake has just as good a shot as anyone else, IMO, but I'm trying to be realistic so I won't feel crushed this time out.

Venice looks like a lot of fun. I think the thing that charms me is seeing Jake with Brolin, Jason Clarke and "Balt." ( Judging from some of the red carpet photos I saw, I think Jake made Emily Watson feel a little giggly/giddy ; ) )

I think this is a great year to be Mara Bauxbaum. She went to Cannes, now Venice, and soon TIFF. Not a bad life for a publicist. ; )

Anonymous said...

Anon, I actually thought something the same, but in different context, I don't know much about her, but she has retired from many other magazines, Variety included and I was thinking, she somehow lost the credit probably, moreover what I mind many of those "top critics" just predicting what Academy probably picks, I don't think it represents their opinion on acting, so it is just lottery game for them to say "I was right" after all is over. I think those people just lurking around this movie industry and if they cannot be in, they pretend they have some power and let work their ego. I'd expect some regular opinion, if they really think the performance is Oscar worthy and not just guess what Academy will choose. SV

Canuck_Cutie said...

I made my TIFF picks today and I'm excited that I got a ticket to the Friday screening of Demolition. I'm also seeing Spotlight and The Danish Girl, among others, so I'll get to see some of the possible award front runners.

bobbyanna said...

Wow, Canuck_Cutie, that's great! Happy for you! Spotlight and Danish Girl are top of my list. But no TIFF for me this year. : (

Monica said...

Alda Vanzan ‏@aldavanzan
#Venezia72 Al nostro vicino di poltrona Jake Gyllenhaal il film Beasts of No Nation è piaciuto un sacco. Applausone

Sasha Stone said last year that an actor needs a strong film to be nominated unlike actresses.
In my opinion, Legend will help Tom to be nominated for The Renevant + he was star of one of the most acclaimed films of the year Mad Max + he is Leo's friend (+ his wife is pregnant).

Eddie will be nominated for sure. The film has to be a disaster for this doesn't happen. The same with Leo in The Renevant.

I think Fassy will be nominated for Jobs, though Harvey has Macbeth for the end of the year.

Ann said...

Not sure if this was mentioned but the SP twitter account posted that the film will be back in theaters this weekend. I've seen a few commercials for it today, haven't seen them since last month.

Anonymous said...

Hardy will get in on Leo's coat tails not because he's a good actor or deserves it. Hardy = Gosling to me, which is not a good thing IMO, one note actors.

Anonymous said...

Well good for SP Ann, thank you that is good news.

IF Jake doesn't make it which is looking more and more the case I hope performances in The Hateful Eight and Spotlight are spoilers for lead actors.

UltraViolet said...

Ann, great news. I was just thinking that it was too bad Southpaw didn't make it to Labor Day weekend. Hopefully it will gain few more dollars.


The Venice Film Festival unfolds with an intriguing combination of the casual and the formal. Folks definitely dress up, and there's security everywhere. The major venues, most of which sit right off the beach, are opulent. But it's also easy to see famous people just chilling with the public. Cuing up to see the premiere of Beasts of No Nation Thursday night at the Sala Grande I saw a familiar looking bearded gentleman from the corner of my eye. It was Jake Gyllenhaal, chatting with some friends, waiting to get into the movie like the rest of us. OK, so they let him in before the rest of us. But still.

Another photo of Jake at Beasts. And another.

And look at this video from yesterday:

#jakegyllenhaal ask me if I'm ok because some asshole push me on the wall who separate me from him and I can't breathe and then his manager see me and thanks to she he see me and say to the person go a little back.
I don't know how to thank you a lot for this and my friends are so happy for this


This tweet made me LOL:

AGENT: So, Jake, we've got an audition for you for the role of a happy, well-adjusted...

JAKE GYLLENHAAL: *door slamming*

UltraViolet said...

Oops, Monica. Didn't see your post!

I guess we'll know more about some of these things after Telluride and TIFF, where many of these movies are playing.

Canuck, I'm seeing Spotlight and The Danish Girl, as well. Really looking forward to Son of Saul, as well. And Beasts of No Nation, even though it will be on Netflix soon after the festival.

Piruelta said...

That's a little nice story from the girl at the barrier ^^

Seeing Everest in Venice, do you think ensemble films affect single actors to shine bright. I was underwhelmed by Gyllenhaal. #schmoesknow

This is what worries me about Everest and the way Universal has been promoting it. People may go see it expecting more of Jake than what actually is in the film.

As Hagen, I'm kind of disappointed, and not because Jake's role seems to be smaller than what we thought, but because I thought Scott Fischer was an interesting man to explore a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Memory of the last time at Venice Festival in this interview on Radio Montecarlo...

From twitters he liked Beasts a lot (big applause on the ending titles)...

I read an interview with Reinhold Messner, they asked him about the movie: he said he was there during the shootings (I wonder if they met him, he is a living legend in alpinism and he lives just next to Val Senales...), but he won't go to see the movie, because on his opinion the 'star' is missing, the real Everest ("they shot basically on a skiing slop!", he said, which made me laugh a lot, having just heard about the severe conditions of the shootings)...
But, obviously, he is Reinhold Messner!

Strange press conference in Venice (I've seen it entirely, I can't post that because there's the italian translation overlapping), a bit 'frozen' (the press was clearly non enchanted by the movie), maybe with something lost in the translations in the headphones (the answers didn't match the questions so well)... Jake took word just once... But now I want to see the extras on dvd... and I haven't seen the movie in theatre yet!!!


bobbyanna said...

I hope Jake realizes what an intelligent, great group of fans he has posting here on GB, from all over the world. Language differences,and cultural perspectives included! LOL! I love it here even when we don't always agree, and I really enjoy hanging out with all of you.!

Just wanted to say that. : )

Ann said...

Well said, Bobbyanna :)

Anonymous said...

Maze Runner and Black Mass will share opening weekend with Everest. Hope it doesn't affect box office too much.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say thanks to Bobbyanna for the nice words. And I agree! It's fun to come here and chat about Jake, the silly and the serious. But never too serious, one hopes.

Ann, I put that link in the new post. I saw it yesterday. So poignant. I had also read that headline about Messner. I imagine there will be more criticism when the movie opens. And I wondered if Jake had answer sonly one question! They play the same clip in every video.

Looks like the publicists are leaving Venice:

teamid Ciao to the #VeniceFilmFestival!
@joshbrolin, #JakeGyllenhaal and #JasonClarke on the way to the @movieeverest premiere!

But from tweets, it doesn't appear that Jake went to Deauville.

With that, we'll say arrivederci to this post. New one just up.