Sunday, May 24, 2015

Jury duty

Today is the final day of the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Twelve days of tuxes and tales have come to an end. Jake Gyllenhaal and the other jury members have been in deliberations since Saturday night. Their selections will be announced Sunday evening. The official site interviewed all the jurors. Jake's video is finally up today. There is an article and a video:

How do you consider your role as a member of the Jury this year ? Do you appreciate a film with your head or with your heart?
From the very start, the Coen Brothers said to us that the most important thing is to be positive. If you allow yourself too much power, you start to judge. I think I am here to be guided rather than just express an opinion; I want to learn from people who are wiser than I am. It's hard to judge art since people put months and sometimes years into developing their projects.

The article and the video have different questions, FYI.

Before the jury's final say, let's look back on the past few days of Cannes.

Jake and Karl Lagerfeld:


Jake with Tom Ford:

Jake with fellow jurors at the annual Aioli lunch:

Jake and Mary J. Blige at the Southpaw screening:

Poor Jake, if this is really his place card at the amFar gala. It was posted on Instagram:

A couple of very brief user videos from the Roger Deakins celebration on Friday night in Cannes. People who've worked with Deakins were asked to talk about their experience.

Roger Deakins celebration in Cannes
Roger Deakins celebration in Cannes

Jake interviewed on the red carpet before the amFar gala:

More Cannes atmosphere, also from amFar, plus Jake going to lunch on Friday) at this link. They gave reports from every day at Cannes. I haven't watched them all.


BlueJean said...

Love the video! :) And the pictures! I'll miss Cannes too. Thanks for all the updates during the festival, UV. Sometimes I felt I was there - almost ;)

UltraViolet said...

It has been a lot of fun, has't it, BJ? But hard to keep up. I imagine Jake and the jurors are exhausted.

Have a question for Jake or another juror?

Festival de Cannes ‏@Festival_Cannes
Take part in the press conference of the Jury #Cannes2015 this evening! Ask your question to the Jury before 2pm using #CannesJury

The enthusiastic Southpaw tweeter is the same guy as the AW poster, I think. He had this exchange with David Poland:

David Poland ‏@DavidPoland
Wow. Kinda looks like The Weinstein Company decided to forgo a press screening of Southpaw at Cannes for a promotional yacht screening

I saw Southpaw at Cannes. i feel special for onceeeee

David Poland ‏@DavidPoland 7h7 hours ago
How was it?

Cliche & a lil' emotionally manipulative, but overall expertly executed by Fuqua. The movie is going to be HUGE($$$).

Gyllenhaal is excellent, and once again transformative. Total Best Actor material.

The cinematography is off the charts #POVBOXING and the color choices make the scenes #POPPOP

Gyllenhaal is given a very meaty role, and he gives it his all. If the film is gigantic storm at the box office, he'll happen.

And from letterboxd, a four-star review. The poster also says there were multiple secret market screenings of the movie this week.

And BJ, you may want to read that poster's Enemy review, if you haven't already :) He really liked it.

Piruleta said...

Shame I can't see most of the videos on my tablet, but will watch later on my computer. Thank you!

I was reading Del Toro's interview and was wondering if he was referring to someone concrete when he says he is not there on vacation. Now I've been reading on AW that it may be Dolan, apparently he's been partying too much and has not attended the screenings the other jury members attended. He even said in an interview the only category he cares about is Best Actress.

@Variety: .@maryjblige moved to tears at private screening of Jake Gyllenhaal's boxing movie #Southpaw

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It is like being at Cannes Blue Jean, thank you UV! What an exciting week for Jake and his fans.

He and the other jury members are busy now deciding. Carol, Son of Saul and Survivor along with MacBeth have been getting great responses.

Thrilled with the reviews for Southpaw from the screening!

Mary said...

Thanks UV for all your hard work I felt too that we were then at Cannes along with Jake.

Anonymous said...

It begins! Those who will be recognized are beginning to return to the red carpet!

bobbyanna said...

From the red carpet it looks like Carol, Deepan, The Assassin, Measure of a Man, Lobster, and The Ice & Sky, & Son of Saul, which won best first film last night, The Golden Camera have all been called back. These are films that have received the call to attend the closing awards ceremony. It's very exciting.

Anonymous said...

Finger cross for The Assassin!

Haven't found any Jake's pic though.


Anonymous said...

Chronic is also called back to the red carpet.

It seems The Ice & the Sky is getting a lot of attention tonight.

Ann said...

They just showed the jury on the red carpet.

That tux. Sigh.

Have I mentioned how much I'm going to miss Cannes? Lol

If that stuff about Xavier Dolan being more into partying than his "jury duty" is true then I can see why Jake didn't spend as much time with him as people had hoped.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything about Xavier slacking off on his jury duties. Maybe the comment was not pointed at hm. We just saw all the publicity generated for the amfAR Gala, celebrities everywhere, and there have been parties all over the place during the festival. Cannes seems notorious for the parties as much as for the movies, so maybe it was a general comment, not specific towards a jury member.

bobbyanna said...

OK, the First feature Award Camera d'Or, did not go to Son of Saul, but to Sand & Shade. This was surprising according to Twitter. :) They aren't televising the awards ceremony as far as I know and that's very disappointing. Maybe they will show it later on?

Monica said...


change the hour of your PC and you will be able to see the ceremony live.

Monica said...

sorry, the link: Cannes Live

Anonymous said...

So actress are shared with Rooney Mara and Emmanuele Bercot, scenario Michael Franco Chronic, so curious for the movie, because Cannes gives only one price for movie. Probably Son of Saul. SV

BlueJean said...

Watching it now. Thanks, Monica! x

Anonymous said...

Son of Saul for Gran Prix, and
Palm D'Or for Dheepan.

Monica said...

lol people who haven't seen any of the movies complaining about the jury's decision.

Anonymous said...

"So actress are shared with Rooney Mara and Emmanuele Bercot"

Wow Mara over Blanchett, goof for Rooney though.

FP said...

.@XDolan: "I feel like a better person." Jake Gyllenhaal: "You're not, Xavier, you're not." Finally, some levity here. #Cannes2015

LOL :)

bibbyanna said...

Thanks monica, I know. Some of the tweets and even a couple at the news conference amused me. I just want to say that after watching the Q&A press conference for the jury members, I was impressed with Xavier. He's not only charming, but very serious and very articulate about the films and filmmaking.

Rokia Traore gave a very good answer to the political question on immigration, too. She jumped out there first and the others followed . That was very brave.

I'm glad we were able to share this experience because of Jake being selected for the jury. I've learned a lot, and I also now have my personal list of films to see.

Xavier was so dear, when he said he felt the experience of being on the jury made him a better person. That was a sweet moment. Jake and the others teased him with such affection, I think they have all bonded.

I will miss Cannes!

Ann said...

lol people who haven't seen any of the movies complaining about the jury's decision.

I'd like to add a LOL to the people trying to blame one jury over the others for the films that won. I'm fairly certain it was a collaborative effort not just up to one person.

Anonymous said...

"I will miss Cannes!"

I will miss it too all except this last day, people take this very personally especially the press. Really kind of glad its over.

Looking forward to Jake in July, Southpaw and his musical debut!

Anonymous said...

UV thanks for the brilliant Cannes coverage. I thought Jake's dig at Xavier was hilarious - all in good spirit but a dig nonetheless I think. I'm so going to miss Jake in a tux - I have to say I've never looked forward to seeing what he's wearing before! Hopefully he won't go back to his ghastly green pants. It's going to seem quiet for the next few weeks before the South Paw promos start after this flurry of activity.


bobbyanna said...

LOL! Malavika, I'm afraid Jake might be looking forward to "those ghastly green pants" : )

UltraViolet said...

Best line of the press conference!

I was proud of Jake for having an answer (and not even totally babblish) to which film moved him, even if the whiny AW posters are shading him for it. It's hilarious how they can debate so passionately about movies they have mostly not seen.

Funny Guy Lodge tweets:

Rooney Mara shares Best Actress with Emmanuelle Bercot - which is almost an anagram for 'Cate Blanchett'? Only possible explanation.

In other news, Jake Gyllenhaal still wears the hell out of a tux.

Monica said...

It's hilarious how they can debate so passionately about movies they have mostly not seen.

Yep 😆 It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Is there any record of the press conference, I haven't seen it, thanks.

PS UV the last video is playing automatically when you open the site, Is it me or is possible to switch it off? Thank you. SV

Monica said...

SV: press conference

Cannes 2015 jury reflect on their decisions: screen daily

Pizza! instagram

BlueJean said...

It was a joy to 'experience' Cannes with all of you. Thank you!

"Xavier was so dear, when he said he felt the experience of being on the jury made him a better person. That was a sweet moment. Jake and the others teased him with such affection, I think they have all bonded."

I hope so. Maybe two or three new collaborations might come out of this... :) I think it was an honor for each and every one of them.

Anonymous said...

Someone said Jake "seemed to be bored to death during the whole festival. ", Sounds like an angry fan.

Rent on Emma Stone and Jake Gyllenhaal at the 68th Cannes Film Festival
Now Jake. He just seemed to be bored to death during the whole festival. The day of the opening, he heard us, smiled at us but didn’t came but that was ok you know we were super happy to just see him. The second time we saw him was at another montée, he was walking in front of us, and he didn’t make a single look towards the festivaliers. None. The last time we saw him was yesterday at the closing ceremony, and my god he fucking ran onto the red carpet because he didn’t want to sign anything nor look at us. He fucking RAN. Then, during the ceremony, you could tell how bored he was to be here. Every french person, even the ones who weren’t in Cannes, was saying on twitter that Jake just wanted to go home. Jake didn’t make a single picture, didn’t sign a single autograph, said “No” to a girl who saw him in the city, but he was partying like crazy.


Sag Actor said...

Dheepan winning was a surprise by all accounts. Son of Saul was the expected winner. From the quotes from the jurors they wanted to spread the awards around. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks UV for your great coverage.

Have a safe Memorial Day everyone!

UltraViolet said...

Where did you see that post, MonaLisa? I have seen a few tweets from people annoyed by or angry with Jake for not signing autographs. And sadly, only a couple from fans who said he was nice. But I haven't seen the original tweets (except the one you posted). Mostly, it was people referring to other tweets, saying Jake was haughty or dismissive.

I don't know the French JG Facebook owner well enough to ask. She seemed to have a good experience at Cannes but also liked some tweets from other people who said Jake was a jerk.

Since I don't know her, I felt weird chiming in to ask.

Monica said...

Universal will be debuting the Everest trailer theatrically with Jurassic World

source: hsx

Jake "seemed to be bored to death during the whole festival.

Really? There were a few times when I thought he was tired, of course, many commitments, but not bored. Jake seemed happy and thankful to be there.

I'm tired of this negativity since yesterday.

Ann said...

UV ~ I saw that same post MonaLisa quoted on Tumblr. The person who wrote it also said some negative stuff about Emma Stone.

Now, I've read similar comments about peoples encounters with Jake when he's in NYC so it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. But sometimes fans do expect more from celebrities than they should, IMO. Here's the link to the post:

Monica ~ I'm tired of the negativity too. I also thought Jake looked tired at times, especially the last few days but not bored.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Ann. I found it, also. I think this is the same person I had seen earlier in the festival, because that person also complained about Emma Stone.

I have tried to come to terms with the fact that Jake is, often, not nice to his fans. It's not rude in NY to refuse a photo. But he's not generous or forthcoming. At Cannes, you could make the argument both ways. He was working, so he was busy. But he was also a representative of the festival and should have been genial.

It could be just a few fans complaining or it could be a wider swath of people.

I'd love to hear someone ask Jake about it someday. Non-confrontationally. I'm just curious why he appears to be so standoffish at some times though not always.

As to the Festival itself, I don't think he was bored. I think that's unhappy fan projection.

Monica, I think I have to just ignore the AW boards for a while, because they are just too ridiculous. But this fan feeling does concern me, justified or not.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't sign anything too, he has no obligation to sign anything randomly in the street. If he is in a hurry how is possible to stand around fans as well? The girl/guy who posted it was surprisingly lucky to meet him 3 times. If she doesn't stalk him, maybe he would sign. He gives autographs when it is appropriate. After the play (Constellation) on his premiers and so on. I'd ignore those comments. Some actors do not sign at all - Robert DeNiro, Denzel Washington e.g. and world is still running. SV

UltraViolet said...

Yes, SV, I think we all know this is not a matter of world importance. But when you follow someone closely, it can be disheartening to hear of rude behavior.

As I said, a lot if the instances can be seen in two lights. The example of Jake walking during the festival - perhaps he was late for a screening. Who knows?

But there is a consistency to reports over time. It's not earth-shattering. But it is of note, to some.

Ann said...

I definitely agree with you, UV. I think the argument can always go both ways.

I was fortunate enough to meet Jake twice and he was lovely both times. And the one time he had every right to be rude to people but wasn't. At least not that I saw.

I'd love to hear someone ask Jake about it someday. Non-confrontationally. I'm just curious why he appears to be so standoffish at some times though not always.

I don't know how that question would ever come up but I'd love to hear an answer for it too.

The AW boards just leave me shaking my head right now. I get people are passionate but to blame the awards on one or two people and not the entire jury who made a decision is illogical to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it has two sites, but I mean also everybody is different as a person, we will always hear this stuff from the ones, who had been refused, but there are hundreds who got the signature. I also mean that I am kind of fan who wouldn't wait for the signature in a line. So maybe I am not fully empathic towards those complains. But he smiled at her no? So it is better than signature LOL. SV

Hagen said...

Back in 2012 Jake singled out Paul Thomas Anderson and Jacques Audiard in an interview as directors he would like to work with. He's obviously a big fan of Audiard and actually I like it that he took a controversial stance as a juror. He doesn't always have to be diplomatic.

UltraViolet said...

Every person is different. And, to be fair, Hardy and Fassbender were at Cannes promoting a movie. That's a different dynamic in fan interaction.

Ann, it's good to hear the good stories :) And you're right - there's almost no way that question would ever come up. Among many questions I'd love to ask Jake one day.

Monica, I forgot to say thanks for the info on the Everest trailer. I think someone said a while ago that it would premiere with Jurassic World.

I'll have to buy a ticket to something else that weekend and bring my 3D glasses. I do not want to have to watch Jurassic World.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - that's a great tidbit, Hagen.

I agree - it's good for Jake (and all the jurors) to stand up or what they feel.

The AW boards are a ridiculous mix of insider jokes and eccentric opinions. Because Jake is the one person on the jury who said something specific about the winner, he is absurdly declared to be the one at "fault" for its win. Disregarding that there were non people on the jury.

They are over the top and will admit that, so I think they all know they are exaggerating. But the contempt feels very real.

It's silly.

Piruleta said...

I'm glad that they, as the jury, went for the movies that moved them rather than what the press was praising, especially since a few critics admitted afterwards that were carried away by the general hype and actually thought that Carol was not as good as they said it was after watching it.

AW posters are a bunch of drama queens but fun to read on small doses lol. There's two or three who make fun of Jake every time they can but I don't care that much.

Can't wait to see the Everest trailer.

Ann said...

Just saw this on instagram. Gorgeous!

BlueJean said...

"I have tried to come to terms with the fact that Jake is, often, not nice to his fans."

I've read many negative fan comments over the years as well, which is kinda disappointing, I must say. I think it's mostly just him not feeling at ease during those moments, feeling awkward or uncomfortable. It often seems to me he is enjoying his fame on a professional level, during interviews and stuff, but on a more personal level, such as with fans... I think it's hard for him.

It always puzzles me how his directors and his co-stars (all of them!) say he's such a lovely guy, while some of his fans say he was rude or indifferent to them.

Is he really that good of an actor to 'act' nice - and then 'not act' when he's meeting fans? Somehow I find that hard to believe. Is he insecure with his fans? Shy? Who knows?

Not judging him, tho. After all, he's also just a human being like all of us, having good days and bad days. I know that I wouldn't want to be famous in a million years.

UltraViolet said...

And then we get a perfectly nice selfie! Oh, Jake, you love to confound us.

And in Ravello! Who wouldn't be happy? I wonder if he sailed there.

BJ, I have come to the conclusion that he is sometimes uncomfortable, for whatever reason. Some might say it just means he's moody, but I feel like it isn't so capricious.

Off-duty, he has zero obligation to take photos or sign autographs. I'd love it if he could relax and do it, but he just isn't that person. On-duty, like at Cannes, it's a different story and I do think he should be more accommodating.

I also remember that most people who have met him here have had pleasant experiences.

UltraViolet said...

Also, Jake should watch out. The Italians are really angry that they didn't win anything in Cannes!

Perhaps he's there to apologize!

Anonymous said...

I didn't read AW, what are they talking about Jake? I didn't hear anything controversial he would say. He expressed himself very clearly and simply, so what is wrong with this?

Some articles are moaning over Cate Blanchett, but no one has balls to say instead of who she was supposed to win, I read some review in HR or variety and there was stated even before that Rooney Mara holds the movie, even if Cate is excellent.

And Rodia Traore made a good point, they cannot look at the country, politics or any other topic, but purely the movie, people want objectivity and on the other side they cry, if prices are not perfectly split between countries like at school. I cannot judge if the decision was right, I haven't seen those movies, but sort of respect would be appropriate. The worst thing is, if policy is mixed with art. I appreciate Coens brothers and company to follow their own way. One article mentions Charlie Hebdo incident in relation to winner and this is already too much. This should be dream of each festival to decide artistically and not politically, if all priced movies would be French and they are the best why not. SV

Anonymous said...

"And then we get a perfectly nice selfie! Oh, Jake, you love to confound us."

Well look at the co-stars of that selfie, LOL. Jake is only human.

As for Jake's mood, those fan comments seem to be same ones I read about Dolan, hmmm. The parties that Jake went to were captured in pics and they were either charity or Cannes related. Sounds like the fan thought that Jake and Emma Stone didn't live up to her expectations of they should be. I have never heard anything bad about Emma Stone and fans.

Jake never seemed bored to me, I wonder if was trying to catch all the language translations from English to French. He did seemed uncomfortable on that lonnnnnnnnnnng red carpet every time he had to walked it alone.

Jake looked more in pain than tired to me.

likemonalisa said...

Looks like a sure win for Jake:)
The Best Menswear Looks at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

By the way, I don't care whether Jake is always nice to fans as long as he keeps doing good movies.

bobbyanna said...

I don't put too much weight on the fan critcism. I think Jake is human, and I think at Cannes he had a busy schedule with screenings and meetings, etc.

He did sign at the red carpet that first night. It's kind of hard to stop and sign if other members of the jury are all waiting for you, so they can do the group photos and walk in.

Then there's a point of courtesy, IMO, when the various casts of festival films all assemble for their screenings. This is their time to shine, not for Jake to be out there, with photographers and fans screaming for him to sign, etc. I think fans make too much of it when they feel ignored. Most of the time, 95% of the time, he's polite. If someone accused him of being outright rude to them, I have to question how they behaved towards him. There are two sides to that.

Also, I didn't think he was bored at all. I agree he was probably concentrating on the translations, and yes, he did look very tired at times.

In general, I think Jake did a very good job of navigating the whole publicity thing. The media in Cannes is always looking for photographs and opportunities and he handled himself very well, without being an attention wh@re like some others who have no business even being at Cannes.

Monica said...

I think I have to just ignore the AW boards for a while

I'm doing it since yesterday, but I saw about it again in the awards news comments. Again trying to put Jake down just because he liked Audiard's film.

what are they talking about Jake?

They are blaming Jake because of some of the awards. Jake said he liked Chronic (Del Toro also liked the script of this film) and Audiard film. So Jake has a bad taste and is dumb. Most of them have not seen any of the movies.
They are upset because their favorites didn't win, and got someone they don't like to joke/blame about it.

Coen Brothers were a class act during the press conference. All of them. Plus Jake and Dolan 😍 ��😍��😍

These girls who took photo with Jake in Italy are Brazilian. One of them said he was very friendly. 😍

Southpaw review SPOILERS

Monica said...

For those who want to avoid spoilers:

Weinstein wasn't kidding at Cannes when he promised Jake Gyllenhaal an Oscar nomination.

I had really low expectations for Antoine Fuqua's Southpaw, but what I saw was a pretty excellent and stylish film that's destined to be a Summer Smash at the box office and get critical raves for Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in the title role.
Gyllenhaal is absolutely transformative. It's unbelievable how much Gyllenhaal transformed his body after Nightcrawler. The performance is devastating, physical, raw, and emotional. There are crying scenes, and scenes where you see the man go as low as someone can possibly go.

The film itself is a bit cliche and emotionally manipulative, and the screenplay doesn't have the absolute greatest dialogue in the world, but it's the direction that makes this film incredibly well-executed. These are some of the best shot boxing fight scenes I've EVER seen, even turning into some incredibly cool Point-Of-View boxing (a first for me). A Cinematography nomination won't happen, but would be well-deserved. The colors in these scenes really make the boxing fights pop out as well. Everyone in the film gives really great performances too.

Southpaw is both depressing and incredibly uplifting, and something I could see the Academy embrace in the Best Actor category if the film is a monster hit at the box office (like $125 - $200 million)? . And maybe, why can't it not? There is tons of *beep* music in the film, including new songs by popular music artists. You also have the fact boxing is huge right now and this was specifically advertised during the Pacquiao/Mayweather fight, it has one of Gyllenhaal's best performances that will surely be acclaimed in July, the film a visual boxing feast (again, those boxing fight scenes), and the film itself is actually pretty freaking good (like probably, 65 - 74 on MC). Despite being an extremely well-executed film, I can see some critics not being as enthused with it as it is a bit formulaic/predictable and manipulative, which could hold the film back somewhat from critical acclaim. Anyways, I'd call Gyllenhaal's role super *beep* Oscar bait and only released in July because it's the best chance for it to make money. The one thing that confuses me now is Demolition.

UltraViolet said...

I think it's true that sometimes Jake was listening to the translation. And he can get weird looks on his face!

Well look at the co-stars of that selfie, LOL. Jake is only human.

Yes, I definitely considered that.

SV, I forgot to apologize for the autostart video. It doesn't autostart for me. Is everyone else getting it, as well. If so, I'll replace with just the link.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the photo info, Monica.

I'm glad that the AW poster is so enthusiastic about Southpaw, but I wish more people had gotten to see it. I can't believe it's still two months away!

Monica said...

Is everyone else getting it, as well.


BlueJean said...

And me! ;)

BlueJean said...

P.S. 'Southpaw' is three months away from me - August 27th. Three months... Sigh :(

UltraViolet said...

It was removed, so it shouldn't be autoplaying. Let me know if it still is, since that means it's a different video!