Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cannes Opener

The 68th Cannes Film Festival officially opened on Wednesday evening with the premiere of La Tête Haute, a French film by Emmanuelle Bercot. Jake Gyllenhaal walked the red carpet with his fellow jury members. They were all then introduced on stage and, presumably, watched the film. Here, an assortment of photos and videos from the festival's official opening and other events:

This video shows some of the jury arriving and some red carpet action. Some behind-the-scenes action: Jake's publicist fixing his tie, Frances McDormand floating in the background; Joel Coen and Jake kibitzing on the stairs of the Palais:

Getting ready and going to the opening ceremony:

Earlier in the day, the jury submitted to the customary photo call, interview and press conference:

Some other snaps of the daytime activities:

Joel, don't move. I just have to check my hair in your sunglasses."

"I have too much hair..."

Post-opening party shot:


BlueJean said...

UV, you're the best! xxx

I'm gonna steal at least three pictures of these. Jake looks great!

Thanks for the new post, as always. I can hardly keep up with you ;)

BlueJean said...

P.S. "Cannes opener" LOL!! Brilliant!

Ann said...

Wow thanks for the updated post! I thought I saw all the pics from yesterday but looks like I missed a few :)

Can't wait to see what's next from Cannes!

Office. of Nancy. Pelosi said...

He looks gorgeous! I love this post UV, he really is UN his element at Cannes.

Anonymous said...

Gillenhaal is the correct pronunciation of the last name. Its the Americans that get it wrong.

Piruleta said...

LOL at Jake and Del Toro at 6:16 in the Jury video interview. he is the clown of the group, that's for sure.

FP said...

Oh God people I'm so proud of Jake I can not find the words,here he is !Beautiful, fun, very tall lol, but what fills me with pride is that Jake is one of the jurors of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival because he is one of the best actors in the world, no bullshit or PR stuff, or things to be promoted, only pure talent, how awesome is this?

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, everyone. It takes a village to raise a Jake blog :)

Speaking of which: Another plug to thank Stephanie and donate if you can to IHJ.

Anon 7:53, the Gyllenhaals get to decide how to pronounce their name. Jake pronounces it with a soft G. So yes, the French and the British and everyone else who pronounce it with a hard G are not pronouncing it correctly.

It's not a big deal. Jake apparently does not care since he never makes sure that people know how to say it.

In addition, the idea that the hard G is correct is preposterous, based on the many Swedish folks who have weighed in on pronunciation.

But thanks for playing!

UltraViolet said...

No suit aujord'hui.

In case you haven't seen it: GQ's Guide to getting Jake's hairstyle.

How ridiculous is this cover shot?

Ann said...

I agree with UV on the pronunciation of Gyllenhaal. I too have a difficult last name. I've reached the point where I don't correct people and laugh it off. I've even heard members of my own family pronounce it differently, Lol.

I overheard a lot of people at Constellations saying Gyllenhaal in different ways. I found it funny.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, forgot to say I'm glad you appreciate my title puns :)

Buzzfeed France loves Jake.

Lots of brand recognition:

Mont Blanc cufflinks:

Montblanc ‏@montblanc_world
Spotted! Member of the #CannesFestival Jury, Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was wearing #Montblanc cufflinks.

Salvatore Ferragamo @Ferragamo
The Summer Suit: #JakeGyllenhaal wears Ferragamo tailored suiting to a private dinner at #Cannes2015.

Jake Gyllenhaal en Tom Ford �� #CannesFilmFestival

Not surprising he wore Tom Ford, future boss.

From Vanity Fair:

VANITY FAIR ‏@VanityFair
What we've learned at Cannes so far: Jake Gyllenhaal's appeal spans cultural boundaries

The crowd’s cries for French actress and filmmaker Sophie Marceau were slightly louder than they were for Jake Gyllenhaal. This served as a gentle reminder as 2015 Cannes jury members made their way into the Palais des Festivals on Wednesday afternoon that the cinéaste celebration kicking off on the Croisette is French first and foremost. Granted, that patriotism did not keep young French women from hastily flocking to corridor screens live-streaming the Jury Press Conference to lovingly snap cell-phone photos every time Gyllenhaal’s bearded visage came into close-up.

One more product item. I wondered about Jake's watch. It's a Chopard L.U.C 1937. It's a very nice watch.

Another shot from today.

Forgot to say hello to Malavika yesterday. Going to see Accidental Love in theater even though you've seen it already is beyond the call of duty. You're a true fan :)

(I probably would have done the same if it had ever played on a screen in Boston.)

Ann said...

More fun photos from yesterday thanks to TeamID twitter

UltraViolet said...

Added another ID photo from the car on the way to the opening last night. Pearl clutters, beware!

ID ‏@TeamID 33m33 minutes ago
Last night @MaraBuxbaum and #Juror #JakeGyllenhaal started the party early en route to #OpeningNight of #Cannes2015!

This Cannes clip video shows a snippet of a Jake interview. I managed to catch the whole thing on the Cannes live feed. It's only a few questions but it was a pretty good interview.

Chopard Official ‏@Chopard
Last night #JakeGyllenhaal opted for our LUC 1937 watch to complement his dapper look #Cannes

UltraViolet said...

Ann, we're in synch again :)

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! I'm really loving all the behind the scenes shots, and the candids of Jake walking around the Croisette today!

Right now I think this is all we'll get. As a juror, he will be watching the films, and I don't think there are any more formal public events until they announce the awards at the end. Although there's always the AmFar Gala on the 21st.

(sigh. I wish I had Mara's job @ ID, for the next ten days. : ) )

bobbyanna said...

When I say "this is all we'll get" I meant Instagram and Twitter, and candid shots will be all we get, because the "official" posed photos at public events are over for a few days.

Ann said...

UV, we are! :)

I love those candid photos of him. I hope we get a few more over the next week.

Bobbyanna - I'd love to have her job always, Lol. It'd be stressful but worth it I think.

UltraViolet said...

I think the Weinstein event is happening now. So keep your eyes out. I have a meeting, sadly.

The candids are fun. I love it.

Monica said...

Does anyone know Korean? She is saying that Jake was talking to Tom Hardy?

UltraViolet said...

I think maybe she;s saying he went to see Mad Max? Hard to ay, really.

Let's hold HW to this:

Ramin Setoodeh
New York Film Editor, Variety
Harvey Weinstein vowed that Jake Gyllenhaal would get an Oscar nomination for 'Southpaw.' #Cannes2015

Huh. Interesting:

@SouthpawMovie Did Get Into #Cannes2015, but With Jake Gyllenhaal Being On Panel It Couldn't compete! #TeamOceanface

Probably just TWC BS but good to know, if true.

Would have been fun to see Jake in a movie at Cannes.

Jake Gyllenhaal says he "gave everything" to role in Southpaw. He and Harvey Weinstein gave a preview at #Cannes2015

UltraViolet said...

With a bad self:

Alisa Daglio ‏@AlisaDaglio 11m11 minutes ago
#Cannes2015 Awwww... #JakeGyllenhaal #Southpaw looks great! XO

Gary Michael Walters ‏@garymwalters 16m16 minutes ago
#GuillermoDelToro to #JakeGyllenhaal: "I loved you in Gone Girl!" Hilarious lol #Cannes2015 #lifeofaproducer

Guillermo knows whereof he speaks - Jake should have played that role!

Harvey Weinstein tells #cannes2015 that #Southpaw was accepted into the fest but it couldn't go ahead because not quite ready...

That seems more plausible.

Short video of Jake and GdT

Mary said...

Thanks UV and everyone for all the tweets and video clips
Loving it all.Jake looks great and seems to be having a great time.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Harvey is in Cannes, but sure, there is Macbeth as well. Interesting he vowes Jake would get nomination, I think the same. Btw. Jake has perfect shoes in those pictures.

As for pronunciation of the name in Swedish it is Jillenullehe anyway LOL, so hard G is not correct either. Moreover this name is more common in Norway than Sweden at least according comments I've read time ago. Talking about Sweden they are loosing to Russia in play-off now in ice-hockey and they are my favorites, so I am going back to watch this. Nice evening. SV

bobbyanna said...

Picture of Harvey, Jake, and Sienna Miller @ TWC presentation.

Ann said...

Interesting that Harvey is pushing Southpaw and Jake for the Oscars so much when news hit today that he's picked up another boxing film that is being released in October. That's one of the months awards films are usually released, not July. I think he's doing a good job of getting buzz for Southpaw. Guess we'll see....

Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything Harvey said.

Anonymous said...

"he's picked up another boxing film that is being released in October. "

I thought it was the Miller Teller boxing bio film. I see that Deniro is in the film that HW just bought, hopefully he will move it to Feb 2016.

Gabriela said...

IMO, this doesn't mean the movie he just bought will get wide release or promotion like Jake's, or that it has a similar theme or that it is competing with Southpaw. The release date for it can be changed as well. And there is always the possibility that maybe he buys a movie to kill it.

Yes, Harvey is a devious, untrustworthy operator, often unreliable in his pronouncements, and he sometimes speaks in hyperbole, but he doesn't usually like to publically embarrass himself, and risk his credibility. Harvey would not sabotage himself.

I will wait to see how this all develops. I will say following Jake is learning a lot about the movie business.

I am amazed that movies ever get made, or seen in the movie houses, and also the tremendous luck an actor needs even above all his talent, to reach the level of popularity and respect Jake has received.

UltraViolet said...

From Variety:

The Weinstein Co.’s Cannes presentation is always an early launching pad for fall awards season. But on Thursday afternoon at the Majestic Hotel, Harvey Weinstein actually started handicapping the 2016 Oscars race from the South of France.

Joined by jury member Jake Gyllenhaal onstage, Weinstein said it was an outrage that the star was snubbed for his performance in “Nightcrawler,” which was released by Open Road Films last fall. “We’ll get revenge,” Weinstein said. “This transformation in ‘Southpaw’ is amazing,” Weinstein added about the upcoming summer movie directed by Antoine Fuqua, where Gyllenhaal plays a professional boxer. Weinstein revealed that “Southpaw” had been selected for Cannes, but it couldn’t play in competition because Gyllenhaal is a member of the jury.

COO David Glasser opened the event by telling the international crowd that 2015 would be a strong year for TWC. After a series of clips premiered, Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller (“Adam Jones”) and Alicia Vikander (“Tulip Fever”) took the stage.

They then graded the trailers shown:

Even though Weinstein compared the film to “Raging Bull,” it also looks like an entertaining summer crowd-pleaser. The new trailer reveals a plot twist involving Rachel McAdams (who plays Gyllenhaal’s wife) that suggests her role in the film might not be large. The drama, which showcases another major transformation for Gyllenaahl, comes across as “Rocky” meets “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Grade: A-

According to this report, the other boxing movie is coming out in 2016. There does seem to be a lot of confusion between the two movies in terms of what HW said, so who knows.

bobbyanna said...

WOw. I'm uneasy about this too. It's the Roberto Duran biopic. If you're a boxing fan you know who Roberto Duran is. With Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez, Ruben Blades, & John Turturro, it has a great cast of actors. I sincerely hope Harvey moves this movie.

Anonymous said...

Money is on Demolition to sneak in and rip apart all Cannes and Weinstein hopefuls.

"Youth" be damned, Fox Searchlight don't let me down.

UltraViolet said...

From Anne Thompson:

Weinstein offers strong slate at Cannes
He commandeered two jury members to greet the crowd. One, Jake Gyllenhaal, stars in Antoine Fuqua's July release "Southpaw," a fighter picture, which Harvey surprised his staff by announcing they would show (to buyers? to press? no screening is yet slated) at Cannes. He said the film was invited to show in Cannes, but because Gyllenhaal is a jury member, they opted not to participate.

the movie that popped at this show-and-tell was Amsterdam period romance based on bestseller "Tulip Fever," starring Vikander. ...

Interesting how opinions differ. Someone on AwardsWatch also quoted her as saying "We'll see about Southpaw," but that isn't in her copy now.

Screen Daily:

The upcoming Jake Gyllenhaal boxing drama was accepted into Cannes however the Weinsteins decided not to proceed because the star had already committed to his jury role.

Harvey Weinstein relayed the information to a crowd of journalists and buyers on Thursday in what has become an annual sizzle reel presentation.

The mogul dropped the first awards season hint when he praised Gyllenhaal’s performance and said Southpaw would be “revenge” after the actor missed out on a nomination for Nightcrawler.

Gyllenhaal took to the stage at the Salon Croisette in Majestic Barriere to talk about his role as a boxer who tries to claw back his life after tragic events.

“Antoine [Fuqua] gave me everything of his and I tried to give him everything of mine and the result is Southpaw and Harvey made it happen.” The film opens in the US on July 24.

I meant to say it's unclear what other trailer the Variety reporter watched, since the fate of Rachel M seemed clear from all trailers.

bobbyanna said...

Roberto Duran won a championship fight against Olympic gold medalist Sugar Ray Leonard in the early 80's. When they had the rematch, Roberto infamously ended the fight after a few rounds, running around the ring hollering, "No mas! No mas!" It became infamous, and he was predictably derided about it forever after. A defining moment, unfortunately.

UltraViolet said...


Jake & Harvey now at #Cannes2015. SOUTHPAW wasn’t finished for the fest, Harvey said, but he’ll show the movie to biz folks here next week. (at Hotel Majestic, Cannes FR)

Anonymous said...

Thanks UV for this gorgeous post! Jake in Cannes seems really relaxed and comfortable....
Can anyone explain to me how the jury works? I've always thought that the jury had 'private' screenings of festival movies and that the jurors watched them all together... but now, in Cannes, I understand they will go to public screenings, maybe on their own, and then they will meet each three days to share their opinions.... is that correct?

"Youth" be damned, Fox Searchlight don't let me down
Actually, I'm really glad for "Youth" by Paolo Sorrentino, it's always difficult for foreign directors to have a strong support in US market, I haven't seen that movie yet, but he is very talented and deserves everything he will get.

UltraViolet said...

and still more, from Deadline:

He also noted that their recent pickup, Hands Of Stone with Robert De Niro in the true story of the Roberto Duran/Sugar Ray Leonard fight will not be competing with Southpaw as it will be held until April or May of 2016. ...

As for Gyllenhaal he was on hand to say a few words to the crowd about Southpaw , calling it “an amazing and tough journey” in which he put all his trust in Fuqua and got everything in return. Weinstein said he felt Gyllenhaal should have been nominated for an Oscar for last year’s Nightcrawler ( he would be RIGHT on that for sure), and that now they can extract sweet revenge with this. Gyllenhaal lost 30 pounds to play that memorable role in Nightcrawler, but conversely he had to bulk up the opposite way for Southpaw. The footage shown was strong and the one sheet poster of Gyllenhaal really looks remarkable.

Youtube of the brief Jake/GdT video linked above.

Ann said...

I understand what Harvey is trying to do but I'd rather let films and Jake's performances in them speak for themselves to try to avoid hyping something so much before it's released.

Over-hyping can lead to backlash and I'd hate to have that happen. That's just my worry with him boasting about Jake getting a nomination from Southpaw. But as previously mentioned, Harvey is just being Harvey, Lol.

Ann said...

In regards to the new boxing film The Weinstein Company just bought:

"Not expected in the line-up, but screening footage nevertheless, were two other movies, "Hands Of Stone," and "Lion." The former's only a very recent acquisition, a boxing movie that, to give "Southpaw" some space, won't be released until April or May next year, according to Harvey Weinstein."

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. It makes me happy to see that Jake & Guillermo Del Toro seem to get along so well.

When Jake was a juror for the Berlin Film Festival a few years ago it was similar. The jurors saw films at various screenings, and then compared notes a few times before final deliberations.

They keep things flexible knowing that jurors may have other commitments at the festival such as what Jake was doing today.

This festival and Toronto are the world's largest, and a tremendous amount of business gets done including financing and distribution deals for future projects.

I remember when Jake was in Toronto for Enemy and Prisoner, he had to make a pitch to some financial backers for Nightcrawler, I think. Festivals are great networking opportunities, and a good place to find out what's in the planning stages in the months to come, too.

I was curious about it too, because if for some reason a juror missed a screening, the Festival would have to arrange a way for them to see it in time to be part of the discussions.

Anonymous said...

I am glad SP is still taken as the contender for award competion despite the early release. Hands of stone October relase would be stab in the back to SP. But still everything may change, release of Hands of stone is preliminary scheduled on October, HW also said the most important indicator are the critics reviews for him. So let's see after SP release. I'll have to wait longer, SP release is not scheduled for my country yet.

If SP has good raves I'd push out Demolition to the next year to avoid eventual splitting out. SV

UltraViolet said...

And from The Wrap:

Jake Gyllenhaal Hits Hard in “Southpaw” Glimpse as Weinstein Company Unveils Strong 2015 Lineup in Cannes

The arthouse giant has one of its best-looking slates in years, with films from Quentin Tarantino, Antoine Fuqua and Justin Kurzel

The Weinstein Company unveiled its upcoming slate on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival, with an embarrassment of riches in dramatic films starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett coming this year.

(From left) Harvey Weinstein, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sienna Miller, Alicia Vikander at the Weinstein Cannes presentation

Gyllenhaal seemed shy as he walked on the stage at the Majestic Hotel salon, but the footage from his upcoming “Southpaw” was nothing if not reminiscent of the intensity of “Raging Bull.” Weinstein promised a performance of that caliber, and so did Gyllenhaal.

“It was a tough journey,” the actor acknowledged, saluting director Antoine Fuqua. “Antoine gave me everything of his, and I gave him everything of mine.”

The hard-hitting boxing drama is already being spoken of in terms of Oscars, especially since many felt Gyllenhaal was robbed of a nomination this year for “Nightcrawler.” But he could not look more different than the gaunt, haunted character of that film. In the footage shown, Gyllenhaal is muscle-bound and tattooed, angry and bloodied in many shots. Rachel McAdam plays his wife.

The film “hit it out of the ballpark, critically and commercially,” said Weinstein. Gyllenhaal slipped back out, presumably back to his duties on the Cannes jury, but TWC promised to show the film in coming days privately.

Just to clarify for everyone, the other boxing movie is not coming out this year. It will be released in 2016. So no worries on that front.

All of the hype does make me nervous, as well. But it is Harvey Weinstein. And this is a boxing movie. I wish someone would ask him why he's releasing it out of awards season. Though I'm sure he already has an answer.

Piruleta said...

I think Weinstein is just trying to create hype for the upcoming release of the film. I doubt he will push it for the oscars.

UltraViolet said...

He won't push the film. But will he push for Jake?


But it's not always obvious awards bait. Some of what was screened this year has already made its way online: a trailer for "The Little Prince," which the company is distributing in some territories; the trailer for the Jake Gyllenhaal boxing flick "Southpaw" (which Harvey announced will be having a secret screening in Cannes, so keep an eye out for our review before the festival is out)

Vanity Fair:

Harvey Weinstein Really Wants Jake Gyllenhaal to Win an Oscar

Unabashedly awards-crazy Weinstein talked big about Southpaw, the upcoming boxing drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal. He made sure to mention that the film, directed by Antoine Fuqua, was accepted into Cannes, but that they had to decline, owing to Gyllenhaal’s presence as a jury member. That certainly didn’t stop Weinstein from pushing hard on the film and Gyllenhaal’s performance, bemoaning the actor’s lack of an Oscar nomination for last year’s Nightcrawler, and bringing a sheepish-looking (but still undeniably dashing) Gyllenhaal on stage to do a mumbly bit of hyping. The tenor of the presentation was definitely that Gyllenhaal is the Weinstein Company’s thoroughbred horse this year, so it will undoubtedly be interesting to watch that campaign unfold.

Anonymous said...

But another extreme is not good as well, if HW will try too hard to push Jake to the Oscars, he may harm more than help, all these articles he wants revenge or wants him to win might get upset some academy members. It must be done very sophistically and not like he got the nomination because of Harvey. I like he helps, on the other side he shouldn't cross the border.

It's nice Jake is his dark horse, better than Fassbender, but sometimes he must close his mouth and work quietly. I don't mind he is desperate for awards, just many people don't appreciate his activities.

Is there video somewhere from SP presentation? Thanks for all postings btw. UV.


UltraViolet said...

Any French speakers out there who can translate this?

On a pas assez relevé ce qu'a répondu Gyllenhaal à Weil :"Tous les clichés que vous attendez de moi, je vous les épargnerai" #ClapClapClap

This could refer to the interviewer Laurent Weil, from Canal+. Or it could be something totally unrelated. But it seems like it might be interesting, lol.

Harvey gazing at Jake.

H.M said...

I have an answer to your question, UV! More like a long theory but, since I'm at work, I'll make it shorter:

Because, unlike us, Harvey knew since last year about the other 3 (!) boxing movies in development at the time. We know the rule: if 2 or more films on a specific subject (except superheroes) are released the same year, your movie better be the first one, otherwise you're doomed at the BO!
2013: Olympus Has Fallen opened better(on half the budget) than White House Down
2014: Noah did well - Exodus failed ($65M domestic, $260M total - worse than POP, but no one won't admit it)
From Sony leaks: We don't want to be the second Everest movie!

I suspected long ago (knowing only about Creed and BFT) that Harvey has chosen a (prime)summer date not for lack of faith in it, but for a practical reason: he wants Southpaw to be the first boxing movie to be seen and generate buzz this year.

Have to get back to work but I'll add:

- UV, you're doing a fabulous job!

- Apparently Jake is allowed to talk about things unrelated to the competition and jury duty. Not that much silenzio, so yay us! :-D

- I have too much hair..., Joel, don't move. I have to check my hair in your sunglasses UV's captions crack me up! :-)

- I love Jake&Guillermo burgeoning friendship and Jake&Sienna's chemistry.

H.M. said...

Rough translation: We haven't talked enough about Gyllenhaal's answer to Weil: I'm gonna spare you all preconceived notions/expectations you have on me. (applause)

In the larger sense: You'll see none of the misconceptions about me in this movie.

A softer, more delicate version of Antoine's statement.

UltraViolet said...

HM, you're hitting it out of the park. That translation makes much more sense than the google version. I knew there was nuance missing.

And that is the first explanationI've heard that explains the date for Southpaw. Makes total sense. Unfortunately for Jake, it seems like an awards-worthy performance in just a regular movie. But perhaps box office can help.

Thanks so much! (Especially for appreciating my caption. That one where he's standing and fixing his hair just cracks me up.)

UltraViolet said...

Up close, Jake 'Nightcrawler' Gyllenhaal at Harvey Weinstein's party at Cannes tonight. He is SO peaky beardy.

Wow - this French, I can understand:

Méliné Ristiguian
Journaliste Paris Match
#JakeGyllenhaal chante la sérénade à #SiennaMiller "I will always love you" de Whitney Houston dans le lobby du Marriott @ParisMatch

Monica said...

Don't believe everything Harvey said.

Yep. He said DiCaprio was going to win the Oscar for best supporting actor for Django. lol

He won't push the film. But will he push for Jake?
But this is not enough. Southpaw will need at least receive good reviews and be a hit.

I think Weinstein is just trying to create hype for the upcoming release of the film. I doubt he will push it for the oscars.

I agree.

UltraViolet said...

Who believes everything HW says? I think every single person here realizes he's a BS artist. The question, again, is not whether he pushes Southpaw but whether he will push Jake as his Lead Actor candidate.

Jake and Guillermo.

Anonymous said...

"I think Weinstein is just trying to create hype for the upcoming release of the film. I doubt he will push it for the oscars.

I agree. "

Agree too, a late entry of Demolition could be Jake's best chance for awards. I like that no one is talking about it.....yet.

Weinstein is too caught up with the Hateful 8, Cooper and Macbeth's lead actor.

Anonymous said...

"Jake and Guillermo."

He looks tired and cranky.

Ann said...

Who believes everything HW says? I think every single person here realizes he's a BS artist. The question, again, is not whether he pushes Southpaw but whether he will push Jake as his Lead Actor candidate.

I agree, UV. And again my concern is his BS and hyping could backfire but Jake has earned a lot of respect so I'm hoping that won't happen to him. Plus, every one who wrote about Jake today mentioned that he came across shy and sheepish so I think everyone (beyond just everyone here) knows it's Harvey hyping things up.

- I love Jake&Guillermo burgeoning friendship and Jake&Sienna's chemistry.

I do too H.M. :)

FP said...

George Clooney quits Tom Ford’s new movie

George Clooney was set to produce Tom Ford’s much-anticipated new movie “Nocturnal Animals,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. But Clooney and Ford had a disagreement, and Clooney is now out of the project, according to Hollywood sources.
One source told us, “Ford is in Cannes because George Clooney was to produce the movie through his Smokehouse Pictures, with Grant Heslov. But they had a huge falling out over creative issues a few weeks ago, and Clooney is no longer involved.”
However, Clooney denied a disagreement with Ford.
He told us, “No falling out at all. It was just scheduling. Grant and I love the project and think Tom is fantastic. We just couldn’t do it when he needed to go.”

Piruleta said...

I love Jake&Guillermo burgeoning friendship and Jake&Sienna's chemistry

I like Jake and Guillermo too, they are fun to watch lol

As for Weinstein/Southpaw It will depend on reviews, obviously, but I'm sure he has other movies that will come by the end of the year and will be more Oscar friendly. It's difficult to push an actor for a nom without a strong movie. For What I learn this past year, most actors nominated for Best Actor did have films also nominated for Best Picture. So it seems Demolition is his best bet at the moment as long as Youth/Caine don't become Fox Searchlight's priority.

Then, there's Weinstein's methods and aggressive campaigns that I absolutely hate. I wouldn't like to see Jake whore himself out for that Oscar nom as others have done in the past, to the point to become hated almost by anyone. Jake is gaining a lot of respect right now to fall into kind of shit.

I know campaigns are part of the job, but I hate to see actors/actresses sell themselves for an award. If you deserve it, you will get it. I know the Oscars don't work like that anymore, but most important than that gold statue, is to win the audience's respect, and I think Jake is doing that pretty well right now.

This does not mean I wouldn't love to see Jake being recognized by the Academy, of course I do, but not at the cost of a campaign like the one Weinstein/Cumberbatch carried out last year, for example.

Ha! and I didn't want to talk about the Oscars LOL

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about this hype is, that everyone around especially media is moaning over the last Oscar snub, except Jake, he may feel uncomfortable now. Weinstein relies on it as well, so he probably will push Jake without movie, but not because he believes in Jake, but he smells chance because of that snub. Still Alice was solo nomination, too, so it can be similar case.

I am curious about Revenant, movie will compete with Everest in technical categories, they present Revenant as a revolution in industry, but it may be handicapped in main categories, because Inarritu got the Oscar last year. DiCaprio is so overdue though, that HW prediction may sound like big faux pas next year. SV

Anonymous said...

Something about Jake's and Guillermo bromance:

"Jake took off before I could follow up on this important friendship matter, but Guillermo was more than happy to talk about his new buddy. "I just met him," he said. "Great guy, I'm sure of that. He has such a humor! Such a great sense of humor. Love the guy. Love the guy." And both Coen brothers affirmed that I'm not off base about Jake and Guillermo becoming future besties. (And they're the Coens! They know everything.) "I think that will be the case," said Joel. "Jake and Guillermo have [all of they jury's banter] covered. We just listen." "Just wait and see," Ethan concurred. "Jake will be in Guillermo's next movie. They seem very taken with each other.""

Anonymous said...

SV - I forgot.

Anonymous said...

I would rather Jake be in the next Coen movie. Not surprised Clooney dropped out, will Jake and Amy ever make a movie together?

I hope Tom is able to move forward quickly with his project, Tom Ford seems like a good guy.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for all the updates, everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

""Just wait and see," Ethan concurred. "Jake will be in Guillermo's next movie. They seem very taken with each other.""

Pinocchio, I could see Jake in that role with those big eyes.

FP said...

Croiser #JakeGyllenhaal Sur La Croisette : Done ! #Cannes2015

Anonymous said...

I suspect Jake must be very embarrassed by Weinstein's campaigning. I can just see Jake cringing when he vowed "revenge" for the oscar snub. Poor jake - as important as all this must be in the movie biz I'm pretty sure it doesn't sit well with him. Somehow I don't worry that he'll get consumed by all this - jake seems to have a very clear vision for himself and part of that is do good work with humility and courage. It's why we all love and respect him so much and I'm willing to bet he'll stay his course.

On a lighter note I think mara literally has the best job in the world. Being in jake's hotel room while he gets dressed, well, I can't imagine anything hotter.


BlueJean said...

"jake seems to have a very clear vision for himself and part of that is do good work with humility and courage."

Very well said. Couldn't agree more, Malavika!

Anonymous said...

And UV I forgot to say thanks for doing such a fab job with the blog and for tirelessly getting us up to speed with jake and all his happenings as always!


FP said...

And I had this face in front of me while in a meeting #JakeGyllenhaal #Cannes2015 #Cannes

UltraViolet said...

Anon, I deleted your comment only because it quoted the unnecessary insults to you.

Let's keep things friendly. And don't assume something you don't know.

No need to insult another poster.

UltraViolet said...

SV, cut it out.

Ann said...

Ha! and I didn't want to talk about the Oscars LOL

Piruleta - Me too! I am constantly saying I don't want to talk about the Oscars and then find myself in the midst of the discussing it, Lol It's hard to stay out of the conversations about it.

FP said...

OMG! In a French article, it is said that Jake Gyllenhaal talked a lot with Xavier Dolan during the diner ceremony + he is so nice. ENFIN!!

the article said that Xavier asked to Jake Gyllenhaal if he was going to the party. Jake answered that they have to see a movie tmr at 10:30

It was 1AM and Jake didn't want to go to the party. He needed to sleep. #JakeGyllenhaal #XavierDolan #LTs #DinerCeremony #Cannes

Booo boring Jake lol!

I would prefer that Jake was in a Dolan's film, I did not know him before, but Monica told me he was very talented, I trust the Monica's judgment so I looked at some of his work, and he's really incredibly talented and visionary,he has a kind of look that I think goes well with the intensity of Jake, I'd like to see Jake in a new challenge with him.

bobbyanna said...

malavika said:

"I suspect Jake must be very embarrassed by Weinstein's campaigning. I can just see Jake cringing when he vowed "revenge" for the oscar snub. Poor jake - as important as all this must be in the movie biz I'm pretty sure it doesn't sit well with him. Somehow I don't worry that he'll get consumed by all this - jake seems to have a very clear vision for himself and part of that is do good work with humility and courage. It's why we all love and respect him so much and I'm willing to bet he'll stay his course"

I pretty much agree with this. I think Jake is very philosophical about awards. I don't imagine him obssessing about them, or doing a movie because he thinks it will happen. I'm sure he felt some disappointment last year, and I'm sure he was also happy for the Nightcrawler recognition, but he and Harvey are worlds apart on the whole "revenge" meme. IMO.

Wow. Bad news about Clooney. I've wanted to see George Clooney and Jake collaborate for a long time. I was so disappointed over what happened with Ides of March and I thought this would repair that. I have no idea why being a producer would be affected by scheduling. I'm starting to wonder about George...: /

Enjoying the Guillermo/Jake duo comments. Maybe Jake will get to work with both the Coens & GdT.

The weather in Cannes looks so great. Love the photo of Jake sitting at the sidewalk cafe.

Anonymous said...

"I was so disappointed over what happened with Ides of March"

Bobbyanna I miss probably something on this issue, can you tell me what was wrong with this? Thanks.


Hagen said...

George Clooney quits Tom Ford’s new movie

It's a pity that Clooney has left the project. I hope "Nocturnal Animals" isn't doomed.

FP said...

I try not to think about Oscar, I will not conceal that, that Friday morning when I saw that Jake, despite the best performance of the year, was not among the nominees, I shed a few tears, if Jake had lost the nomination over Timothy Spall I understood, it was a tough fight, and Spall was magnificent, but he is a veteran, and it was another biopic, instead the work of Jake was totally original and he is so young, but see that the nom went to Bradley Cooper for "policies" issues and because of his powerful friends, just broke my heart.
But as I try to see the positive side of things, I remember when a couple of years ago Cannes was all about Ryan Gosling, nothing against Ryan he deserved it, it was a gerat movie, and he's a very good actor, but back then it seemed like Jake was never gonna go to Cannes even by accident, and instead a couple of years later here he is, with the prestigious role of jury and a fame and respect that precede it wherever he goes, things come to those who deserve it and know how to wait.

bobbyanna said...

SV, As best I can remember, Ides of March was a play called Farragut North on Broadway. Jake was talking to Mike Nichols at the time about optioning the play so Jake could do the movie possibly with Nichols directing. Then one day there's Loe De Caprio's Appian Way production company, and George Clooney getting the rights to turn the play into the movie, and Ryan Gosling is castin a role I thought Jake would've been perfect for opposite Clooney. My personal opinion, is that Clooney wanted it that way, of course. I have no actual proof but I felt like Jake was muscled out of the way.

As a footnote, I'll mention that Chris Pine performed in the play in LA and got good reviews, and I imagine he was disappointed too. But JAke & Mike Nichols were attempting to get the rights to produce it direct it, etc. and they seemed to get swept up in the juggernaut of Clooney.

Anonymous said...

If Jake's family and friends and his PR team have any sense they will check out his coverage in Cannes on this blog because it is always up to date and really lets us have a feeling what it's like there, all in one place.

This is nice.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna, that is interesting, Mike Nicols did WAOWF, so it was a good attemption from Jake. I haven't seen any note about it in Trivia section on IMDB, so this is quite new for me.

It's hard to say if Clooney was the one, because I don't have a proof as well, but always thought Leo DiCaprio is not well disposed to Jake and that could be partial reason he supported Cooper in last campaign. It is just speculation though without any evidence. I have theory about it, but have not time now. SV

Piruleta said...

FP I'm still waiting for a picture of Jake and Xavier together!

It's hard to say if Clooney was the one, because I don't have a proof as well, but always thought Leo DiCaprio is not well disposed to Jake and that could be partial reason he supported Cooper in last campaign. It is just speculation though without any evidence. I have theory about it, but have not time now. SV

Now, I'm curious… lol

Talking about Nocturnal Animals, I started to read the book but I'm having a hard time sympathizing with Tony.

bobbyanna said...

Well, you see, George produced it, along with Appian Way, and I think at one point Leo was attached to star, but scheduling forced Leo to drop out.

But Clooney directed it, and co-wrote it with Grant Heslov his partner. So I have to place the burden on George because he had the power. This stuff happens all the time in Hollywood.

I don't think Jake and Leo have problems. They sometimes get together, and they seem friendly, although Jake isn't part of that inner circle (thank goodness!) I have read of them getting together for a meal. They are not enemies.

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, and Carey Mulligan supported Eddie Redmayne, so there's no point in holding grudges when we don't know how things work. Jake didn't campaign the way others did. Holding grudges and being bitter is self-defeating, especially in Hollywood.

The Ides of March was something we could track openly. It was George Clooney's operation from top to bottom. Maybe Jake had a scheduling problem and couldn't do it. We will never know. That's why I was happy to see him involved with this one.

FP said...

Pruleta sooner or later! lol :)

for now another Jake GdT

Jake en plein discussion avec guillermo avant le film

I want know you DiCaprio theory too SV!

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time no see everybody! So many Jake these couple of days, so exciting:)

two more pic of Jake and other juries


bobbyanna said...

You know memory plays tricks. I was curious, so I went back to look up articles about Jake & Mike Nichols and Farragut North, and the ones I found were news bits about Mike Nichols wanting to direct Jake in the PLAY on Broadway.

But I still seem to remember Jake competing for the movie role. Maybe it was that first it was George & Leo, and then when Leo dropped out I wanted George to get Jake back on board, and instead he picked Ryan Gosling. This was back in 2007, I think. I do remember I was mad at Clooney ! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The Son of Saul is very upsetting subject matter. No wonder the jury is upset.

BlueJean said...

FP: I agree completely with what you say about Xavier Dolan. I'd love for him and Jake to work together.

UltraViolet said...

Jake at the Irrational Man premiere. He looks good. I hope not to see any photos of him with Woody Allen.

UltraViolet said...

Also, Jake was never up for the movie role in Ides of March. The talk was always about the play. Not sure if Jake ever even talked to Clooney and company about it.

It's not a good movie, so Jake didn't really miss out from that respect. But it was at a time when he could have used a high profile/"prestige" role. And I'm pretty sure he'd have been better than Gosling, who (like the movie) was entirely unmemorable.

bobbyanna said...

UV, thanks for clearing that up for me.
I do remember wishing that Clooney had chosen Jake because he would've been perfect, but once the movie came out, I was secretly glad it was a flop. I know. Unkind. : )

Yes he looks good. Ditto on Woody Allen.

Tweety said...

I'm out of breath trying to keep up with your Cannes coverage UV,bravo!
I love the name of the post, Lola!

Helooks so good in that Ford tux and his hair is to die for!

Son of Sail is a intense and emotionally draining film from all reviews.

Anonymous said...

Son of Saul sound riveting and emotional, loving all the new film makers making their mark with such real films of substance.

FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Benicio Del Toro. Salma Hayek with her husband. #FestivalDeCannes

Hagen said...

Cannes: Tom Ford to Go It Alone on 'Nocturnal Animals' After George Clooney Exit ("The Hollywood Reporter")

But a source with knowledge of the project says ... that Tom Ford will produce the film by himself through his Fade to Black production company, just as he did for 'A Single Man', and has no plans to bring on another producer.
The film is expected to sell in Germany, the most significant foreign territory, over the weekend, with Telepool and Concorde in the mix.

Germany isn't the biggest market outside the USA. Anyway it's nice to see that Tom Ford moves on with "Nocturnal Animals" and is already in negotiations with German distributors.

Apparently he doesn't want to sell the US distribution rights for the film yet (Deadline):

Meanwhile, the film that buyers covet most is Nocturnal Animals, an adaptation Ford scripted of the Austin Wright novel Tony And Susan, with Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams starring. Though he hasn’t shot a frame yet, the fashion magnate and director of A Single Man made a strong impression on the buying crowd as he laid out his plans. From what I’m told, his busy CAA reps could right now sell this for a healthy 8-figures, but so far buyers tell me they’ve been told that’s not what Ford wants to do. He has the wherewithal to fund the modest-budget film himself if he wants to, and right now he is reluctant to tie down the domestic rights. At this point, the thinking is that Ford might make some offshore deals to cover part of the budget, and then come back and make a domestic deal later on. That would likely only strengthen his hand, as buyers believe he is the real deal and so is his film.

BlueJean said...

I've just read a funny blog post about Jake, from the Dutch ELLE.
The writer lives in NYC and runs into all kinds of celebrities all the time - all except Jake ;)

She talks about the same stuff we're talking about here: Cannes, Ruth, Rachel, Sienna Miller... I have no doubt she reads here as well. No doubt at all! :)

Anonymous said...

Totally OT, shocked that Pitch Perfect 2 is beating Mad Max this weekend at the box office. It will do well internationally though. It's so violent I hear.

FP said...

Piruleta BJ look what I found!

Gigi @GiadaML

Déjeuner entre Xavier Dolan et Jake Gyllenhaal.. Bienvenu à Cannes ☺️

Lunch with Xavier Dolan and Jake Gyllenhaal .. Welcome to Cannes ☺️


BlueJean said...

:))) Are there any pictures, FP?

BlueJean said...

Found this link so far. Don't know who's able to read French? I'm not - but I can sort of guess what it's about :) I wonder if Jake and Xavier they talked about "that" over lunch... ;)))

UltraViolet said...

Pics of Jake at dinner at a restaurant called Tetou.

I saw Mad Max last night - overrated and almost completely awful, IMO. But they did show the Southpaw trailer, with the intro by Jake. I have to say, he is at peak gorgeousness, IMO. I wish it were online somewhere.

My friend agreed, and also thought Southpaw looked good. So something positive came of the evening!

UltraViolet said...

BJ, i Love that Dutch reporter. She's definitely a Gyllenhaalic. I hope she gets to bump into Jake at some point.

The Nocturnal Animals news is interesting. Apparently, TF didn't have a coproducer on A Single Man, so perhaps he doesn't need one. Would have been nice to have Clooney involved, just for the media attention factor.

According to a WWD story about the party Jake went to last night, Jake declined comment on whether he was attached to the movie.

Anonymous said...

"Found this link so far. Don't know who's able to read French? I'm not - but I can sort of guess what it's about :) I wonder if Jake and Xavier they talked about "that" over lunch... ;)))"
Yes, BlueJean...the french article remembers "that" comment by Dolan on Jake, adding he should be glad they're in the same jury in Cannes...
About their lunch, I wish I could be a fly and listened to their conversation...

Gabriela said...

Poor Xavier Dolan. He make a silly joke weeks ago, a throw away comment made in jest about masturbating to a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal.

And it seems like some people can't get past that and see it for what it was. There's a lot of sly winks going on right now from foolish fangurls, because there were reports he and Jake may have had lunch together.

If you really need to entertain those fantasies, maybe you need to visit another website where such fantasies have a more sympathetic audience.

For your information the article makes reference to the comment, but doesn't imply anything beyond.

The article is more focused on Xavier as a up and coming filmmaker, who is obsessed with his art, filmmaking, and how fortunate it is he is on this jury. Along with the others, like Jake and Guillermo and the Coen brothers.

Monica said...

Gabriela, I think people are excited about the possibility of him and Jake work together, then this sighting is encouraging.
About his comment, come on, may actually have been a joke, but you never know.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to entertaine any fantasy. Really not interested in that. That brief article reminds "that "comment, suggesting nothing else than that...
I think Dolan is a very young talented director, Mommy is such a promising work....In despite of his provocative impression, I noticed him very shy and humble during the press conference, kind of intimidated by all the other jurors and by Cannes prestige... So I can imagine his awkwardness during that lunch, that's all, 'cause of his "silly joke" as you said..

Anonymous said...

It's Tina

UltraViolet said...

Gabriela, there's no need to call anyone out over this. I think we're all aware it was a joke on Dolan's part. But it was certainly a provocative comment, and he/you can't be surprised when people focus on it.

No one here is overemphasizing it.

Just as a general rule, no one should be telling other posters that they don't belong here. If someone is trolling, just ignore them, please. But there was none of that going on. BJ and Tina are regular, respected posters.

Gabriela said...

Sorry I did not see your post, UV. I stand corrected. Yes it was a provocative comment, and I am perhaps over sensitive because I am aware of other kinds of foolishness on the internet.

UltraViolet said...

I appreciate your sensitivity, Gabriela. It's true that people often try to stir things up with regard to Jake. But I think everyone here is just enjoying the potential awkward/comical/entertaining moments that might result.

In any case, the tweet could mean the person was eating lunch between Jake and XD. So maybe they weren't even together!

Monica said...

Ruth vs Dolan hmmm Dolan is hot... Go, Dolan! :P

My real interest is Jake working with Dolan, Guillermo and Coen Brothers.

Anonymous said...

"According to a WWD story about the party Jake went to last night, Jake declined comment on whether he was attached to the movie"

I hope Jake does not pull out because of Clooney leaving. I have a lot of faith in Tom Ford and Amy Adams. Clooney seems off lately to me.

Monica said...

UV, I love Tom Hardy, but I have no interest in seeing Mad Max despite the reviews. I never liked the previous films.

Jake declined comment on whether he was attached to the movie.
I hope he can't talk because it is not yet official.

Ann said...

I enjoyed Mad Mad Fury Road and that's not typically the kind of film I like but I thought it was done well. I can see how some might not like it though.

Jake declined comment on whether he was attached to the movie.
I hope he can't talk because it is not yet official.

Me too. Same goes for Amy Adams I'm not sure she ever confirmed her involvement either. I'm really excited about the two of them working with Tom Ford so I hope it all works out.

Ann said...

But they did show the Southpaw trailer, with the intro by Jake. I have to say, he is at peak gorgeousness, IMO. I wish it were online somewhere.

I used to think Love & Other Drugs era was his peak gorgeousness but he's surpassed that. I fully expect him to surpass this stage too at some point. Not sure how but I'm certain he will, Lol

Anonymous said...

NA is packaged as a Jake Gyllenhaal-Amy Adams starrer according to HR and Deadline reports from Tom Ford presentation. Page Six sources who broke the news of Clooney leaving said the roles for Gyllenhaal and Adams are very strong. Why give a casting confirmation to a fashion blog? Such exclusives are for Variety, HR, Deadline.

Chica said...

I hope NA is still a go, I would love for Jake to work with Amy and Ford.

IMO Mad Max was a hot mess, very disappointing: (

The theater didn't show the Southpaw. trailer

Monica said...

Kristopher Tapley
Now this a Cannes jury.

UltraViolet said...

That's Jake's new go-to, apparently :)

I used to think Love & Other Drugs era was his peak gorgeousness but he's surpassed that.

I did, too! And it might still be. But this into video has Jake at perfect stubble, so I think that's why I especially enjoyed it. Sorry you didn't get to see it, Chica!

New post.