Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes 2015

Good luck, Jake!


Monica said...

Full rundown of tonight's show and presenters: goldderby

Film Drama Actor - Gwyneth Paltrow

UltraViolet said...

Fun story from USA Today:

And now, three things you never knew about Jake Gyllenhaal …

It’s kinda hard to get a handle on Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s supremely talented, choosing wildly varying roles, and he’s not on the Hollywood scene that much, so it feels like we don’t know a lot about him.

On the Independent Spirit Awards brunch on Saturday morning, we caught up with Dan Gilroy, who directed Jake in Nightcrawler, asking him what would we be surprised to know about the actor, who’s up for a Golden Globe for his work in the film.

Here’s what Gilroy revealed:


“He’s got a tremendous sense of humor. He likes to laugh and he’s always looking to make a joke with a little bit of slyness and commentary.”


“He’s really into music. He’s a musician. Half the time when I’m talking to him, he’s like, ‘Have you heard this song?’ He’s very musically inclined, and I think actually that sort of music artistry gets into his performance somehow. … Anything new, he’s listening to. He’s always scouring and … turning me on to something I didn’t know about — which is a lot.


“That was his totem animal (in Nightcrawler). He used that because coyotes are lean, and he lost 27 pounds trying to imitate that. But also there’s a hunger to a coyote, and I think the character is a very hungry character. It worked really well for him.”

Really, USA Today? The coyote thing again?

Jake's bad audition, in which he tries to say "sibilant."

UltraViolet said...

Oh, thanks, Monica! I saw last night that Jake was presenting but I don't see him on that list.

BlueJean said...

It's nearly midnight here - can't stay up as I'm having an early day tomorrow for work.

Here's to hoping there'll be good news in the morning!

For all of you who will be watching: have fun!!!

UltraViolet said...

Sweet dreams, BJ! Can you sleep with your fingers crossed? :)

BlueJean said...

I'll try, UV! I'll try!!

Go go go Jake!!! :)))

I'll be back here tomorrow, as soon as I can!

Sag Actor said...

Best of luck tonight Jake!

bobbyanna said...

Im watching the arrivals, hoping to see Jake. No matter what happens tonight, this has been a great ride. I hope Jake and Dan work together Often.

Anonymous said...

Lycka till to Jake and Maggie.

And Ruth.

Mary said...

Good luck Jake. I'm watching for him too Bobbyanna . Just Jared has pictures of Jake arriving this morning at LAX.

Tweety said...

This has been a fantastic ride for Jake and his fans! I hate watching the red carpet arrivals but I will watch it tonight, good luck Jake, Maggie and Ruth!

UltraViolet said...

Added a couple of photos of Jake. He and Maggie were interviewed on the NBC pre-show.

Some tweets:

I love seeing a celeb who can take a perfect selfie with fans on the fly! #JakeGyllenhaal #GoldenGlobes

Also. #JakeGyllenhaal is fiiiiiiiiiiiiine. #eredcarpet #GoldenGlobes #enews

OK, #JakeGyllenhaal taking selfies with the crowd is super cute. Also, he's there with Maggie, so I mean, really. Awesome family.

The selfie is the new autograph. #JakeGyllenhaal #GoldenGlobes #RedCarpet

I want to ride this man to the moon. #JakeGyllenhaal

YouBeauty ‏@YouBeauty
#JakeGyllenhaal & #MaggieGyllenhaal own the red carpet! @goldenglobes #GoldenGlobes

I know I go on about him a lot but is this man an actual God?! #sobeautiful #numberonedreamman #JakeGyllenhaal (old photo)

The Beverly Hilton
We're a little #starstruck with the entrance of #JakeGyllenhaal! #GoldenGlobes (with a beautiful b&w photo, added to the post)

bobbyanna said...

Goodness, UV!Ijust saw Jake on the red carpet taking pictures with fans and here thet are on GB! Jake, Maggie and Ruth all look amazing!

Chica said...

Yes the all look amazing!! Good luck!

UltraViolet said...

#JakeGyllenhaal is unbelievably beautiful #NothingMoreToSay @peoplemag @eonline @VanityFair

Sweet to see Jake Gyllenhall taking selfies for the girls in the crowd #ERedCarpet

Jake Gyllenhaal is the only man allowed to have a beard from here forward. *swooooon* #GoldenGlobes

Jake Gyllenhaal for Man Of The Century

Pretty sure that I love Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal more than I love members of my own family.

I missed Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet and now THE NIGHT IS RUINED #GoldenGlobes

#GoldenGlobes according to @jstorofficial - no one knows how to use a camera, people are stupid, gyllenhaal is hot

my sister loves jake gyllenhaal, i do not care about him BUT tonight that might change things also v pro lupita nyong'o's hair #goldenglobes

Heaven help me, jake Gyllenhaal is straight up gorgeous.

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal, i've been waited to have your babies since Donnie Darko. Stop playin'.

Did Salma Hayek just curse out Jake Gyllenhal on #ERedCarpet ? LOL!

I saw the end where they hugged - did anyone catch Jake and Salma?

UltraViolet said...

Not a fan of Ruth's dress. Would love to have seen her and Jake together on the rc.

Just added another selfie, Bobbyanna.

Saw another comment on the Jake/Salma "fight." I think I taped the pre-show so I can rewind.

Stop showing jake gyllenhaal I keep falling on the floor @goldenglobes

Jake Gyllenhaal over EVERYTHING. #goldenglobes

All the awards to Jake Gyllenhaal's beard #GoldenGIobes

Jake Gyllenhaal, I love your FACE. #GoldenGlobes

Salma Hayek talking to Jake Gyllenhaal. I'll be in my bunk. #GoldenGlobes

Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal are how you should look when you walk the red carpet with a sibling, Emma and Spencer Stone are the how not to.

Wow! Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal!

Jake Gyllenhaal wanted a #JesuisCharlie bracelet and hope we'll talk tonight. mycineplus # GG2015

UltraViolet said...

Damn - just realized I'm not taping the E! pre-show.

Let's take a moment to admire #JakeGyllenhaal #GoldenGlobes

Who can blame you? RT: @Beverlyhilton We're a little #starstruck with the entrance of #JakeGyllenhaal! #GoldenGlobes

iPhone autocorrect knows Gyllenhaal but doesn't bother to correct my jaggy lol

“@MTV: Hi, @joshuahorowitz. Please give Jake Gyllenhaal my number. Thanks. ๐Ÿ˜˜ #GoldenGlobes ” ๐Ÿ™Œ

I will google how to spell Gyllenhaal at least 7 times tonight.

My obsession with Jake Gyllenhaal and his beautiful freaking face is deathly.

UltraViolet said...

Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, and Jake Gyllenhall ... 5 seconds in and I'm so happy ๐Ÿ˜


Thank you Golden Globes for reminding me how good looking Jake Gyllenhall is

Can we talk about Jake Gyllenhaal for a sec? Like, does the man ever age? Does he ever look unattractive? Is he even real? #GoldenGlobes

Jenelle Riley ‏@jenelleriley 28m28 minutes ago
Maggie Gyllenhaal says Jake's NIGHTCRAWLER performance was an intensity she'd never seen. "You grew up with it!" Jake replied. #GoldenGlobes

Anonymous said...

Yay Maggie and what a wonderful speech.

Extra said...

Congrats to Maggie! Too bad Peter could'nt be there.

UltraViolet said...

J'espรจre que l'on va parler de #Charlie ce soir, c'est vraiment le plus important." #GG2015 "

Yes, we are rewinding to see which bearded man is talking to Jake Gyllenhaal. Don't judge us. #butseriouslywhowasit

i saw jake gyllenhaal on my tv for .3 seconds and now im having heart palpitations

Career goal: camera person at an awards show so I can rest on Jake Gyllenhaal's face the whole time you're welcome

quit fuckin teasing us with 2 second clips of jake gyllenhaal PLZ get the man out here!

If you’re keeping score, we’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal a total of 4 times. #GoldenGlobes

Thank you GG for continuously showing Jake Gyllenhaal before a commercial break

@TheCut: Is it possible to marry into the Gyllenhaal family? Asking for a friend.

Someday I hope to live in a world where Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't have to bring his sister as his date to the Golden Globes.


It's been almost two hours without Jake Gyllenhaal. Send help. #GoldenGIobes

It’s been two commercial breaks since a Gyllenhaal or Pratt sighting. #GoldenGlobes

#JakeGyllenhaal is teary eyed watching his sis give her speech! He's the cutest brother. I am falling more in love with him #GoldenGIobes

I think we would all want #JakeGyllenhaal as our hot brother! #MaggieGyllenhaal

Can we just keep the camera on Jake? Please and thank you! #hot #GoldenGlobes2015 #JakeGyllenhaal

this entire show should just be different shots of mark ruffalo, ben affleck and jake gyllenhaal seductively staring at the camera

Watching Downton, so I missed Maggie's speech. But congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yay Ruth Wilson won too.

Chica said...

I had a feeling Ruth was going to win after The Affair won best drama. Congratulations to Ruth and Maggie!

Jake said...

Congrats to Ruth and Maggie, and Jake although he didn't win. I am pretty sure he will be getting his second Oscar nod come Thursday.

And twitter does not seem to happy about Jake losing either. LOL They think like we do that Jake deserves it for an original character and that he deserves more recognition overall.

Monica said...

I thought Cumberbatch was going to win. Harvey is losing his touch?

BlueJean said...

Good morning! :)

Ooooh, Jake lost! :( That's too bad.

Condrats to Maggie and Ruth!

Back later ;)

Anonymous said...

Reese Witherspoon, Ex Jake Gyllenhaal Hug at Golden Globes 2015, Years After Dating

Jess said...

"I thought Cumberbatch was going to win. Harvey is losing his touch?"

Hmmm Harvey has not really done that well at the Globes or the Oscars as far as wins in the last couple of years. I think Michelle won one with Harvey didn't she? While I like how much he invests in the campaigns I don't see him with a good track record of wins.

I wonder how Jake will respond to Harvey's relentless pursuit come next year if Southpaw is in play especially if Demolition is also in play with someone else.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Maggie, I haven't seen many movies with her, but she was so beautiful when smiling.

I didn't expect any win for Jake, nomination was success, and hope for Oscar nomination, too, he still should be lock, but no one knows. I have high hopes for next year with SP.

And Jess, there is not just Demolition (which I think has no Oscar ambitions), but there is Everest. And if scenario is good, it is Oscar bite move.

This year nom for NC will be big step ahead for next potential win and SP is very close. Just Caprio with Revenant may destroy it :-))). SV

UltraViolet said...

Added some photos of Jake and Jake/Ruth/Maggie.

From EW:

“Jake Gyllenhaal matched, if not surpassed, Tierney’s excitement when Wilson went up to accept her award. The pair are currently working together on Broadway’s Constellations. “My girl did it,” he exclaimed. (Imagine the praise he gave his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, when she accepted her award for Best Actress in a TV Movie or Mini-Series for The Honourable Woman.)”

New Constellations interview.

UltraViolet said...

Boxing video: At about 4 minutes, you can see Jake with Jay-Z.

Je suis Charlie.

IHJ has Maggie's acceptance speech and the E! interview, as well as others here.

Anonymous said...

ough! Too bad... however, It's always great seeing Jake at these events...

bobbyanna said...

I read somewhere that Jake would be the guest of honor at a luncheon today in Brentwood. It's an awards season activity. I'd love to know who is hosting it and who will be there.

I'm enjoying all these great photos. I love the candid "insider" pictures!

UltraViolet said...

I know - wish we got more insider info!

Hopefully this will not be the prevailing opinion. They jumped the gun and have now deleted the tweet:

Sadly, #Constellations is a Broadway dud.

The URL spells out the review:


It didn't occur to me that Jake and Ruth are out there the weekend before they open. That's cutting it close. Especially if Jake stayed for a luncheon.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for all the stories / pics / interviews! Really enjoying them!

Too bad for Jake - but it still looks like he / they had fun! :)

BlueJean said...

P.S. I think they deleted the 'Constellations' review... the link doesn't work for me.

It'll have its premiere tomorrow, am I right?

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, they deleted the review and the tweet, I think. Poor form to jump the gun on the reviews.

It has been a fun couple of days, even if Jake didn't win. I hope there won't be bad reviews to spoil the week.

UltraViolet said...

Or a lot of bad reviews. Clearly, there will be at least one!

Monica said...

Not a fan of Ruth's dress. Would love to have seen her and Jake together on the rc.

I would have also loved to see them together on the red carpet. Jake looked so happy and beautiful.
I loved the moment when Maggie won. He was so proud.
He was having a great time.

“My girl did it,” he exclaimed.

So sweet!

BTW I hope the story about Reese is true and not fiction from US Weekly.

Anonymous said...

"BTW I hope the story about Reese is true and not fiction from US Weekly."

Lainey tweeted it last night as she saw it happen.

Canuck_Cutie said...

Lainey is currently in toronto. She didn't travel to LA for the Globes. She's repeating the U.S. Weekly story.

I saw Constellations when I was in NYC in Dec, the day after Jake's bday. His mom was there that night I absolutely loved it. I can't wait to read the reviews after it opens this week.

Jess said...

"Lainey is currently in toronto. She didn't travel to LA for the Globes. She's repeating the U.S. Weekly story."

All I know Canuck is that last night I saw a tweet from Lainey stating the things you do not see off camera such as exes Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon hugging it out. Like I said it was during the telecast of the GG's that she tweeted the comment. She may have not been there but she did tweet it before the US Weekly article.

I can't find the tweet but it could have been US Weekly sending a tweet to Lainey, I just assumed she there because the tweet was so random yet specific.

But Monica there is a picture of Reese in close proximity to Jake during a commercial, so I would not be surprised if happen before and after that picture was taken.

I am not trying to argue with a country.

Monica said...

Canuck_Cutie, good to know you liked the play. Thanks for sharing.

Jess, I think Lainey saw this tweet from last night:
What you didn't see on TV: Exes Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal greeting each other with a hug during a commercial break! #GoldenGlobes

I hope it is true that they are friendly. Just it.

this gif is so funny: Jake and Maggie

UltraViolet said...

Looks like there was a lunch yesterday in LA for Jake/Nightcrawler. Photo on instagram:

"Nightcrawler" lunch with Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo #nightcrawler #jakegyllenhaal #movie

And from Sally Kirkland's FB page:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL,wow what a terrific person as well as being a terrific actor. i just met him with my friend derek wayne johnson, currently directing and producing a documentary on John Avildsen....jake's the real thing, sweet,gracious,kind and gorgeous.Ialso re met Rene Russo his co star in nightcrawler who was also sooooo nice and seemed so happy to see me as did her husband dan gilroy 9 who directed nightcrawlers. My friends znorby and gary (producer of nightcrawlers and whiplash)walters threw the party for JAKE....and it was a real feel good moment

And from the comments:

Met Jake at Sundance 2013. He is a prince of a lad. Very unimpressed with himself. Cheerful. All around nice man.

There was a sighting of Jake at the American Airlines lounge in LA, and IHJ has photos of him at LAX. So he should be back in NY for the big night tomorrow night.

Piruleta said...

Rene Russo and Dan Gilroy where at the Globes too (of course) I would have liked to see some pics of all of them together.

Crossing fingers for the Oscars!

Piruelta said...

Oh! forgot to say, FILMAX finally confirmed the Spanish release date for Nightcrawler, yay! :)

Piruleta said...

Anatomy of a Scene | Nightcrawler I'm at work so I can't listen to the video, but I saw the one from Prisoners, this kind of things are always interesting.

Chica said...

Jake and Ruth will be back in time for Constellations Wednesday night, I wll be seeing the play then!

The GG's were a mixed bag for, would have loved for Jake to have won of course and i had no idea Rene and Dan was there, it would have been cool if they all sat together.

Congratulations to Ruth and Maggie but a big thumbs down on their dresses!

Anonymous said...

IHJ has some pictures of the tables, and Dan & Rene were sitting at the same table with Jake & Maggie.

Also pictures of Jake at the airport leaving L. A. yesterday.

So happy for everyone who gets to see the play!

UltraViolet said...

Jake in NY today:

Love NYC for star gazing. Saw Jake in person on 14th St. Looks even more handsome in person. Ay Caramba!

Casual lunchtime spin next to Jake Gyllenhaal. I liked it.

Some cute GG footage of Jake in this video about Jake seeing Taylor and Reese. Just turn off the sound :)

Getting nervous for reviews for the play and also that Jake is going to get snubbed on Thursday. I hope it's a better week than that for Jake.

bobyanna said...

I wish Jake and Ruth every success tonight! All the tweets I've seen have been SO positive about the play!

UV, we have to send good karma out for Thursday's announcements! I believe Jake is firmly in 4th place.

I was on the GoldDerby website and I agree with Ann Thompson's predictions as far as Best Actor nominations go. : )

There are photos at IHJ of Jake, Dan & Rene at the luncheon to honor Jake for BC yesterday in Brentwood.

UltraViolet said...

All right - only good thought, Bobbyanna!

Here's a nice early review. Good words for the play and both actors:

I think I saw the 5th or 6th show so there’s a good chance some things have changed but honestly I hope they didn’t because what I saw was absolutely wonderful. ...

Each scene is the same but yet different, sometimes with the same dialogue and either played with a different attitude and different subtext or tweaked slightly to make one character the villain of the scene. And each scene is quick; some were no more than 20-seconds long. Imagine how that is to act? Actually imagine how the whole show would be to act in? Each scene has to have a direct intention, a beginning, middle and an end. There’s got to be hundreds of scenes in the show. Rehearsals must have been so complicated and maddening! But Wilson and Gyllenhaal, both in their Broadway debuts, knock it out of the park.

With Nightcrawler, March’s Enemy and last year’s Prisoners, I can’t think of another actor who is more at the top of his game right now then Gyllenhaal. His streak continues here. As the bearded Brit Roland, he’s charming, sometimes mean and sad but always you’re rooting for him.

If you’ve watched ShowTime’s, The Affair, you’ll know that Wilson is having an equally great year too. Her Marianne is smart yet approachable, tender and tragic.

And Happy 33rd to Ruth Wilson. What a way to celebrate!