Friday, December 26, 2014

Post Christmas Post

Boxing Day/St. Stephen's Day/December 26 - it's a good day to review the gifts Jake Gyllenhaal fans received this year. Jake gave us four different characters in three productions this year, plus all the fun of watching him promote them.

March brought the long-awaited release of Enemy, introducing Adam Bell and Anthony Claire.

UK audiences will finally get to see Enemy next year.

Nightcrawler was an unexpected treasure. The movie, particularly Jake's performance, was met with raves, receiving many nominations and "Best of 2014" accolades. Kudos, Lou Bloom.

Jake is also making his Broadway debut, costarring with Ruth Wilson in Constellations. This gift will keep on giving until March.

We also got sneak previews of what Jake has in store for us in 2015:

Of course, it wouldn't be the Christmas season without Santa, even if he's a little late.


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UltraViolet said...

I just looked and Constellations isn't showing the nights of the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Oscars. Let's hope Jake has reason to attend all three of those ceremonies!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

It's not too late to wish all Happy Holidays! As Jake fans we were given so many gifts this year. Who knew that NC would be such a hit and that Jake's performance would be Oscar caliber!

BlueJean said...

Hope everyone here had wonderful holidays! Looking forward to 2015 already! We certainly have a lot to look forward to! :)

Kudos to you, UV, for this new post x

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV! What a festive post, and yes, Santa Jake sure brought a lot of gifts for his fans this year. : )

I saw Into the Woods this afternoon. What a fun movie...( but I "pined" for Jake... ; ))

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to add that my daughters & I saw Foxcatcher the other night, and we all felt something was missing. Everyone gave good performances, but none were "awards season" worthy IMO. Steve Carrell walked around with that prosthetic nose, staring at people a lot.

Jess said...

I saw Into the Woods this afternoon. What a fun movie...( but I "pined" for Jake... ; ))"

LOL. Yes it was fun and nothing political about it which is nice for Christmas and Pine has nice blue eyes but Lou Bloom had the better movie and blue eyes.

Happy Holidays and a great safe 2015 to everyone everywhere.

Monica said...

I finally saw Nightcrawler. Well, as I had read the script, so I was happy to see that Dan Gilroy did a great job. The film is really very good, and this is the best performance of Jake. It's a scary character, I felt afraid of him in the restaurant scene, when he is again with Nina and at the end, of course. Despite knowing what would happen and how scary he is, Jake took Louis to another level.

Let's hope Jake has reason to attend all three of those ceremonies!

I'm little worried about Bradley Cooper for fifth place. It seems that American Sniper will be a box office hit, and he began to receive support from big names from the industry.:/
I was fine with just Carrel vs Jake.

Jess said...

"I'm little worried about Bradley Cooper for fifth place. It seems that American Sniper will be a box office hit, and he began to receive support from big names from the industry.:/"

If Cooper gets a 3rd nomination based on popularity and yet another bio along with Carrel, Olweyo, Cumberbatch and Redmanye then I will vomit.

I hope that Redmanye and Cumberbatch cancel each other out. I think the biggest threat to the 5th spot and the so called locked spots is Ralph Fiennes, Budapest is being re-release along side Sniper.

If its based on box office then the guy from Unbroken has just as good of a chance and there is no bigger name than Angie Jolie and Eastwood has thrown support to her movie.

I still don't believe 4 of the 5 spots are a lock, I think all 5 are up for grabs. Don't forget the other dark horses such as the Aussie guy that play Bane in the Batman movie.

It wouldn't surprise me if Cooper got it but I the expense of Jake or another deserving non bio role than I would say the Oscars are jacked up and need to have a separate field for bios.

bobbyanna said...

Monica I'm so glad you finally got to see NC! I agree with you about Bradley Cooper. I think I mentioned a few posts back that I was concerned his name might pop up, too.

Of course anything is possible, but I'm glad Jake has nailed down SAG, GG, Critics Choice, and IS so far. That's a very impressive array of nominations.

American Sniper and Inherent Vice could both be factors. The field in Jake's category is competitive, but I believe Jake is in the top four.

I wasn't impressed with Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher. I wonder if his popularity is waning as far as awards go?

UltraViolet said...

From one of the NC producers on twitter:

Gary Michael Walters ‏@garymwalters Dec 24
"@YahooMovies: Our Top 5 Movies of 2014. What are yours?



@garymwalters Looks like @YahooMovies likes what you're doin'. Which was more fun to produce: Nightcrawler or Whiplash?

both awesome but watching #JakeGyllenhaal do his own driving in #NightcrawlerMovie final chase was crazy cool!

Bobbyanna, thought you'd enjoy this. From a twitter discussion of Jake/Carrell/Oyelowo:

Half of Carell's performance is makeup, and the other is baked ham.

Foxcatcher hasn't gotten much steam going. But Carrell's name has been floating around for so long, I'm afraid some people might just check it off.

Lots of positive tweets about Constellations:
Absolutely loved #Constellations @mtc_nyc ... Another home run from writer #NickPayne and stellar performances from #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson!! #mustsee #Broadway

#JakeGyllenhaal #Constellations tonight on Broadway was amazing. Great performance…

#JakeGyllenhaal #Constellations tonight on Broadway was amazing.Great performance " ��
hottest stage door in town! #Broadway #Constellations

That is a LOT more people than I saw waiting on that rainy first night :)

And wow - it would have been ruin to see RDJ and Tobey Maguire, but Harry Belafonte? That would have been awesome:

December 19
Harry Belafonte and Tobey Maguire at Constellations tonight! @MTC_NYC @Bubbles2828

UltraViolet said...

Nice post from a Broadway message board:

This will not be everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed it significantly more than any new play I've seen on Broadway so far this season. From the first word, I found myself engrossed in the actions of these two flawed and fascinating people, expertly played by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. The structure is beguiling and never feels like a gimmick, and the production (by Michael Longhurst, who directed the London premiere of the play as well) compliments the highly particular method of storytelling. Both actors are wonderful; Wilson's character seems to be more of the focal point, though, and her performance is really a smashing New York debut. Today's matinee started at 2:10 and came down at 3:15.

And from Jeff Wells:

My enthusiasm for Jake Gyllenhaal‘s grinning, bug-eyed, Oscar-contending performance in Dan Gilroy‘s Nightcrawler led me to fork over $140 for a ticket to Nick Payne‘s much-hailed Constellations, a two-hander in which Jake costars with The Affair‘s Ruth Wilson. It’s a short (70 minutes), head-trippy play about love and physics and endless parallel storylines co-existing in a shifty-eyed universe. And about Jake doing a deliciously spot-on British accent (a friend describes his patois as that of a “British Rastawannabe”) as a bee-keeper named Roland, and the British-born Wilson delivering a kind of sad and vibrant and open to all things routine, even in the face of death.

As Wilson’s Marianne, a Cambridge-based physicist, explains, “In the quantum multiverse, every choice, every decision you’ve ever made and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes.” Which is a smarty-pants way of saying that relationships can go any which way depending on any number of variables, and that however you slice it we’re all getting knocked around by random chance. …

Constellations is nothing less than fascinating and very cool — I’m very glad I saw it — but it’s a bit of an arm’s length, herky-jerky experience.

Here’s how I put it to a friend earlier today:

“Excellent, touching performances by Jake and Ruth but the play, however brilliantly conceived, is a bit dicey. It’s basically a what-iffer that spends the entire 70 minutes trying on different moods and emotions and revealings this and that way, over and over and over. Two people inhabiting several voices, characters, permutations and fates. A kind of shuffling-the-deck, hopping-around, trying this on for size and then moving on type of deal. Spiritual, celestial, mathematical…almost a kind of board-game feeling.

“But the bottom line is that the swift stopping-and-starting-and-stopping-and-then-starting-up-again scheme, the sampling of one possible scenario to another to another to another and back again, interrupts the flow that people generally watch plays and movies for, and my response (which you need to take with a grain) is a bit on the ‘hmmm’ side.

“Constellations felt to me like more of an acting exercise than anything else, and for that I was generally delighted with both Jake and Ruth.” (Word around the campfire says they’re also happening off-stage.) I really love Ruth’s work in The Affair. Plus the concentration and fluidity of emotion between the two of them…several different performances with the span of 70 minutes. But there’s no discernible flow or gathering of forces or anything building to a payoff. Well, there is somewhat and there’s a certain melancholy introduced around the 40- or 45-minute mark. And the ending is rather good in a Betrayal-type way.

There's more from him at the link.

Piruleta said...

Happy Chritsmas and holidays to everyone!

My early gift for 2015 is, finally, a release date for nightcrawler! January 30, I'm so excited!

I wasn't worried about Cooper before but I am now with all those big names supporting him. I can't help but think it is a bit unfair for the other actors.

BlueJean said...

Nice to read the Constellations reviews! Love the "this will not be everyone's cup of tea" comment - isn't that what 'they' say about a lot of Jake's projects (Enemy, even Nightcrawler at first)?

As long as 'they' say that, you know Jake has made the right choice :) The "stopping-and-starting-and-stopping-and-then-starting-up-again" thing reminds me of Source Code, for some reason... :)

Isn't there a way for any of you to film some of the play? Unless you're thrown out of the theatre for doing so, of course ;)

Definately will be buying the book of the play! Sounds like an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

Wish you all Happy Holidays, it is late but anyway :-).

As for Oscar race, I think there is no doubt Jake is in nominations. As few weeks ago he wasn't even sure if he gets in five, now I'd say he is serious candidate for win after Keaton and Cumberbatch. Everything has changed because some critics picked him as winner or front runner, so Keaton is not sure as a winner and category has still open fourth and fifth place, so maybe Fiennes, Oleyowo and Carrel will compete, Jake is locked IMO. I don't even count Cooper would be in no matter what.

Jake is in the same position as Rosamund Pike, they are both surprise in terms of how high they have jumped, and she is serious competitor for Julian Moore. I saw finally Gone Girl and her performance was just mesmerizing, I become to be a big fan of her. She moved acting to another level. Even at the end the movie was a bit unbelievable for me, it is still great flick.

UV will you write some "spoilers" about Constellation as we were talking before please? Thank you. SV

Anonymous said...

Here is the interesting article about NC being compared with Crush, what a paradox it would be, if NC wins Best picture and would be Crush II, because Crush took a WIN from BBM back in 2006. Like karma :-)). Even if I think this won't happen, it would be really great year for Jake to win Oscar for leading actor and producer as well. :-).


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think that he has a good chance for the 5th spot, but he is not a lock by any means.

In all the "guru" predictions, it seems like Keaton, Redmayne and Cumberbatch are locks, with Oyelowo almost there.

Then, there is the 5th spot, with Jake and Carell as favourites, with Fiennes, Spall and even Cooper as upsets or long shots.So I don't think it's done. Maybe it's my preventive self but objectively, I don't think he has it done.

That said, it two months ago, someone had told me that SAG,GG or critics everywhere would take into consideration Jake's work in a small movie produced by Open Road, as fantastic as his performance is, I wouldn't believe it for a second

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Paula C. said...

Just saw Nightcrawler, amazing performance!

There's no reason to worry, Jake will be in the oscar race, I'm never wrong :)

Liked the idea of filming a bit of the play for us unlucky ones who live across the pond,lol

bobbyanna said...

Piruleta, the "big names" supporting Bradley, like Ben Affleck and Leo, I am not too worried about...yet. ( the Eastwood connection could also be problematic.) But you're right, it is about the politics and the wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

I thought it was curious they publically announced their support of Bradley the way they did. I mean, he's a close friend, so my reaction is "Of course they would say that." Maybe they were being approached by others, or maybe Bradley asked them to do it.
Who knows. LOL!

I'm trying not to let it bother me.(Interesting that Ben and Jake share the same agent.)

I'm comforting myself with the fact that Bradley had their support and more, the last two times and it didn't do him any good. Maybe they all came on too strong. Too pushy.

I feel reassured because I know Jake has some very big names and influential people backing him, too. I like the way Jake's campaign is going.

First, it has produced wonderful results so far, and second, Jake is using a lighter touch, not up in everyone's face, not going to every single "envelope opening." Jake shows a lot of class. I love it when he's on TV shows he can talk about Constellations.

Also, I believe Paula C. LOLOL!

bobbyanna said...

This is an excellent article on how the voting process works to get an Oscar nomination. If I read it correctly, All Jake needs is 200-300 votes ?

(Can someone link this better, please?)

Mary said...

Lovely post UV hope everyone had a nice holiday. When are the Oscar noms announced?

Anonymous said...

That article about Oscar voters is interesting, but I don't know exactly how this could be counted, if they don't know how many actors are in the play. From general point of view all actors playing in 2014 in any movie are eligible for nominations. But I believe they have some number of max. 20 actors, who should be in the play, otherwise they would never come to consensus with e.g. 200 actors. On the other hand, if only e.g. 20 actors are available for Oscar race, like un-written rule, because it wouldn't make sense to have option for e.g. 200 actors, than there is possible there might be needed less or more than 200 votes for each to be nominated. Because they cannot count with 5 only as well. So if there are too many, it might come to never ending re-voting to reach 200, but also must be more than 5 available for voting, if there would be 10 actors (I am lazy to count it), so there will be different number of minimum votes than 20 available actors or 200 available actors. And this I don't understand how this work.

As for Di Caprio support of Bradley, I am not sure if Leo is favorite academy person and his voice matters that much, I have feeling they don't like him that much. And also this might help Jake a lot, some kind of sympathy for him, that he does not campaign for nom at all, I think this helped to Forest Whitaker a lot, he didn't attend those promo dinners at all, at least what I have read before and won over Leo for Idy Amin, in this case though it was great decision, otherwise I think Leo should have one time ago, for Wolf or Aviator at least. SV

Monica said...

Not only Leo, but De Niro also organized a screening to support Bradley Cooper.
Someone said that is very similar to what happened with Javier Barden few years ago, which was supported by Julia Roberts and in the end he was nominated for best actor, without GG and SAG nominations. With fifth place still open, Bradley may be a surprise.
Bradley also loves to campaign, though he pretend he's not desperate for the Oscar. He led the members of the HFPA to watch his play on Broadway.

On the vote of the actors, I think that's where comes the importance of the film. If your movie is loved, as Birdman for example, it is easier to get nomination for best actor. For this reason that Keaton, Benedict and Eddie are seen as locks. Benedict and Eddie are in Oscar baitys movies that were well received (I hope thoughts on the TOE will change; this movie was bad).

I don't know how Nightcrawler is being seen by the Academy. Of course much has changed after the SAG, some critics began to put the movie in their best lists. Surprisingly, Jake is the second actor to win more prizes from critics after Keaton. Too bad he didn't win in Los Angeles. If LA had come after SAG, I think Jake would have been the winner there not Tom Hardy. That would have been good for him.

I hope that Jake will receive love at the Bafta too.

bobbyanna said...

I wonder if Harvey Weinstein may be giving some support to Jake, along with Antoine Fuqua (Denzel.)

Yes,I know. Harvey's main focus is Benedict Cumberbatch and The Imitation Game, but I don't think he'd oppose or block Jake from getting nominated. Especially if Jake & Southpaw are worth next year's big push.

Getting Jake into the top five would be great marketing for next year. The fact that Jake has three movies "in the can" for 2015, counts for a lot, too.

Everything I've read, books about the film industry, etc., says there's lots of horse trading in Oscar campaigns. They're as much about "what can you do for me tomorrow" as they are about right now.

Campaigning for someone can end up being costly. It's about how much are people willing to cooperate on future projects, too.

I believe in my bones Jake will get an Oscar nomination. This is a break out year for him. The stars are lining up...both figuratively and literally. : )

Sag Actor said...

Hope everyone had a grea holiday.
Great post UV and how awesome that Jake is getting good reviews for Constellations.

I get dizzy following all the politics that go into campagning for awards. I do think that Jake has a good chance for the 5th spot and that Steve Carrel is fading a bit.

Maria said...

"Bradley also loves to campaign, though he pretend he's not desperate for the Oscar"

He needs to pretend better. : )

Anonymous said...

And also those 192 votes must be 192 from the first place, not 192 votes at all, so it is more difficult. SV

Anonymous said...

Cumberbatch will be snubbed in favor of Cooper. I can't blame Cooper's friends for campaigning for him.

But I just have a feeling Cumberbatch is a marked man.
He is not the locked everyone seems to believe. He will be the Redford and Hanks from last year.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I'm already getting sick for all these Oscars campaigns... And, honestly, I found the ones by actors for actors really annoying...

If Cooper gets a 3rd nomination based on popularity and yet another bio along with Carrel, Olweyo, Cumberbatch and Redmanye then I will vomit
agreed, Jess... expecially about Cooper... Someone should tell the Academy that the thing he is simply a good actor doesn't mean he HAS to be nominated for each film he is in!

I feel reassured because I know Jake has some very big names and influential people backing him, too
bobbyanna, do you know who they are? are they producers or actors, too?

By the way, happy holidays and thanks for the post, UV!


ps... about "Constellations", SPOILER ALERT!
UV, on the page, the 'proposal-bee-speech' seems to be one of the nicest moments for Jake's character... is that the same on stage?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A Chinese fan catch Jake in front of theater and took a lot. Of pics. hope this linkage works for you:


BlueJean said...

"There's no reason to worry, Jake will be in the oscar race, I'm never wrong :)"

That sounds good, Paula! ;)

BlueJean said...

"I get dizzy following all the politics that go into campagning for awards"

Well, I thought it was just me!

I'll just cross my fingers for Jake. An Oscar nomination will happen. If not this year, then maybe next year. He'll surprise us all again in 'Southpaw' - I'm quite sure of that.

Anonymous said...

On FB IHJ site are another pictures of Jake and Ruth walking the dog.

Monica said...

Leo grew up fast!

UltraViolet said...

Wow, Leo has grown!

LikeMonaLisa, thanks for posting that link.Google translate did not do a great job with all the posts on the page. It seems the poster was staying near the play and got a second chance at photos with Jake. I think she was saying that there were more people at night than in the daytime - or that's what the pictures show but she said the reverse?

It was hard to tell what she said about the interaction but it all seemed very pleasant.

Okay … Constellation spoilers below. You are warned!

ps... about "Constellations", SPOILER ALERT!
UV, on the page, the 'proposal-bee-speech' seems to be one of the nicest moments for Jake's character... is that the same on stage?

The proposal is (I think) the longest one in the play and is repeated several times. It is the best scene, also. Gets the most laughs and the most reaction. Jake plays it a few different ways: nervous, confident, awkward, sincere. It is ADORABLE to watch him deliver the speech and proposal. Ruth reacts to it in different ways, as well. The final version (sincere from Roland/Yes from Marianne) is the best, I think. But the earlier, fumbling ones are hilarious.

The proposal itself is a riff on the different kinds of bees and their roles in bee life. It's absurd and profound.

Jake does get down on one knee in all variations of the proposal.

Let's see - what else would people like to know? There are three or four kissing scenes, lots of hugs, a lot of touching. Jake and Ruth have a very relaxed, believable chemistry.

There's one sequence of scenes taking place after Marianne invites Roland home. They are both drunk and Ruth begins tumbling around, then Jake does the same. It's very funny.

At some point, you learn that Marianne is ill, seriously ill. She considers suicide as a way out, since the illness is robbing her of the ability to speak and work. Roland goes along with the plan, but in one variation, heartbreakingly tries to persuade her to stay, to try for more time.

Marianne's response is the "lesson" of the play, I guess, a poignant explanation of time.

It is very moving, from both actors.

I looked up a review of the London play, and this is a good summary:

"But 'Constellations' is unabashedly a weepie too – Payne uses flash forward scenes to foreshadow the ending, deftly weaving in undercurrents of dread. His sequence of imperceptibly different final scenes will floor you."

Jess said...

I really should pay more attention when the Steelers are playing but I heard actor Jake Gyllenhaal on the the Today show. What day next week, I didn't get. Just a heads up, hopefully Jake will be speaking NC and Constellations.

Monica said...

Only Jake, Jess? It would be nice if he was with Ruth Wilson as well.
Thanks for the spoilers, UV.

I forgot to mention that Riz Ahmed and Rene Russo are great in Nightcrawler.

Jess said...

"Only Jake, Jess? It would be nice if he was with Ruth Wilson as well."

Well looking at the TV listing for the Today show on Tuesday it has actor Jake Gyllenhaal from Nightcrawler, it does not say anything about Ruth. But you never know, she could be there. It would be nice to see them together promoting the play for those of us who can't see the live on stage.

But I can see that Jake's appearance may have more to do with campaigning for Nightcrawler and the upcoming awards season.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for letting us know, Jess. Hopefully someone will see it!

If anyone has specific Constellations questions, please let me know.

Some tweets from Sunday:

Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal are amazing in #Constellations on Broadway. Highly recommend it. #NYC

Jake Gyllenhaal is a babe, and this show is fantastic. #Constellations #JakeGyllenhaal #youareababe @…

#Constellations is one hell of a show. Both Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal are brilliant, but Nick Payne's writing is out of this world!

Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhaal are always compelling, but #Constellations feels like an acting class exercise. And it's barely 70 minutes.

Just been to see #Constellations with #JakeGyllenhaal and #ruthwilson in NYC - totally compelling. Fabulous drama

#JakeGyllenhaal + #RuthWilson + #Constellations = Broadway heaven! Amazing show.

Koji Aoshika/้’้นฟๅฎไบŒ ‏@Bluedeerprods 9h9 hours ago
#Constellations by #NickPayne @mtc_nyc is a seeing is believing kinda play w/ superb #JakeGyllenhaal & #RuthWilson. Not to be missed!

#Constellations on Broadway w/ Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson was mindblowing. Stellar performance and beautiful play. I feel so inspired.

#Constellations on #Broadway with #jakegylenhaal and #ruthwilson was very intriguing. And only an hour! Go rush it if you can!

Impressed by great acting from both leads & flawless, Clive Owen-esque British accent from Jake Gyllenhaal in #Constellations. #theatre2014

Wow. Wow. I'm no expert but that was some crazy good acting right there. In awe. #constellations #jakegyllenhaal #ruthwilson

Great performances by #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson #Constellations @MTC_NYC ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Just saw #Constellations @MTC_NYC and Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson are fantastic in it! What an intense and great play for the actors.

Absolutely loved #Constellations @mtc_nyc ... Another home run from writer #NickPayne and stellar performances from #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson!! #mustsee #Broadway

Melanie said...

Does anybody know where I can see those photos of Jake and Ruth? I can't seem to find them anywhere. I went to IHJ and they don't appear to be there anymore.

BlueJean said...

They were there yesterday... I think! I saw them on Facebook. Let's see... Yep - they're still there.
Here's the link to the IHJ Facebook page:

Seems like Jake and Ruth are arriving and leaving together most of the time - nice!

Loved the spoilers, UV! How I wish some of the play will end up on YouTube, one way or another. I'd love to see a little snippet of it. Just one or two scenes - that's all I ask ;)

Monica said...

the photos are on the IHJ gallery. Enter with your login.

crystal ball said...

I see an EGOT in Jake's future.

A few years down the road.

Anonymous said...

Thank you UV for the spoilers!
Well, I would have hundreds of questions about "Constellation"!!
SPOILER ALERTS... I had that sense that the proposal scenes were very very funny, they are really funny also on page... On the other hand, I was wondering about the illness part, which seems to me more Marianne-centric... there, Roland's lines are more subtle and every intention or intensity or sensibility depends on the single actor's choice...
And, how do they manage the changes of different universes and versions? Changing colors and lights?

BlueJean said...

Tina, you're making me want to read the book - and I haven't even bought it yet! ;)

Crystal Ball: what's an EGOT? ;)

crystal ball said...

Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony.


Only a few actors have them.

Anonymous said...

Buy it, BlueJean!! :))) So, we can talk about it then! :)
If I'm not wrong, I think an EGOT is an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony awards winner... and a GoldenGlobe too, why not? :)

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal ‏@JakeG_Online 1h1 hour ago
Jake Gyllenhaal will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning (12/30)! Be sure to tune in!

Anonymous said...

EGOT - honestly for Emmy Jake has time until 60, when he won't have any offers for big screen, it is TV price, so I am really glad he still doesn't have any, Grammy would be quite hard to obtain. So if Globe will come, then Oscar and Tony would be ok for me. No regret for Emmy or Grammy missing. SV

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I'd love to see Jake win all four! EGOT! Yaay! I never considered it before, but it's not implausible. It certainly won't happen overnight, but yes, "Crystal Ball" the possibility is intriguing. He's definitely one of those who could do it. I checked, and there are only 12 EGOTs. : )

If Jake gets a TV series like the one Maggie did, if Jake did another audio recording similar to Gatsby, that wins awards, if Jake continues to showcase his talents on the Broadway stage, and in films, anything is possible.

It may take years, but I can definitely see him doing it. He is that good.

BlueJean said...

Thanks, guys! I'm sure it's possible for him!

And Tina, I will (buy the book, that is!) Really curious now!

Anonymous said...

There is new article from Broadway about Constellation with pictures, but I've got virus from it, so it is on your own danger. SV

Paula C. said...

Damn it, the spoilers just made me wanna see this play so badly, and I can't!

Anonymous said...

Here is the great overview of Best Pictures and top 5 actors in each category based on all critics wins or nominations. NC is 7th of BP and Gyllenhaal is 2nd in leading actor taken the status until now, however somehow like this I imagine the Oscar noms:


Jess said...

Hi SV,

thank you but unfortunately all the other so called experts still have Jake as number 6 or 7, like Anne Thompson who says Jake is sixth and the other 5 are a lock.

I think at this point for me, I just want to concentrate on the Sag and Golden Globes. Anything can happen in the two weeks leading up to the Oscar nominations to sway members. Who would have thought that The Interview movie would have taken a good deal of the spotlight away from the other Christmas movies.
Which may have been a good thing for NC and Jake.

Don't get me wrong I hope with all my might you are correct about Jake and NC. I do appreciate you.

UltraViolet said...

Video of Jake and company filming the cover for The Wrap. Hope we get to see more of those shots at some point.

I can't remember who, but someone mentioned thinking Jake was fake- or over-laughing on the cover. But it does look like they had a good time shooting.

And here's Jake's Today Show interview.

He talks about NC and Constellations. His hair looks odd - not the best makeup job I've ever seen, either.

There's also a short Wall Street Journal article with Jake and Nick Payne.

And from another interview with Payne:

What makes Jake Gylllenhaal right for Roland?

He’s a very charming presence, a really lovely guy. And Roland is deliberately written as an Everyman whereas Marianne is a bit more idiosyncratic. Jake has a warmth that I haven’t seen him play recently, at least onstage. In my other play, the character is an emotional wreck; he could be nasty, volatile, romantic, and a real asshole. By the end of this play, Roland is a logical, necessary and an emotionally stable presence in Marianne’s life.

And Ruth Wilson?

I’ve seen her on stage a lot in the UK and she’s very, very clever and sharp. Like Jake, she’s very intelligent and a very skilled actress. We had to find someone who an audience would be willing to accept as someone who could not only grapple with these mercilessly complex ideas on a huge scale but understand them well enough to communicate them to someone like Roland who doesn’t understand them at all.

UltraViolet said...

Spoiler alert… to answer Tina's questions:

On the other hand, I was wondering about the illness part, which seems to me more Marianne-centric... there, Roland's lines are more subtle and every intention or intensity or sensibility depends on the single actor's choice…

I think the illness storyline makes Marianne the focus of the play a bit more. Her circumstances drive more of the plot, I guess. But her lines can also get frustrating. It's kind of the point, but it can wear on you. I don't actually think the play needed such a dramatic device.

Marianne also has more funny lines/actions.

This is a case where I can see people focusing on RW's performance for those two reasons.

And, how do they manage the changes of different universes and versions? Changing colors and lights?

The lights flash. I can't remember if there's a sound effect or music, as well.

Some Constellation FB and twitter reactions.

Many of you will remember Ruth Wilson as the mother from "Saving Mr. Banks," but I will forever remember her as the woman who performed theatrical gymnastics in "Constellations." A truly impressive show in all rights: an unforgettable set and lighting design, strong writing, and truly impressive acting by Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal. Imagine "Sliding Doors" on stage with just two people and momentary flashes of light as scene changes. A very intense 75 minutes of theatrical bliss. If you have a chance to go to New York and see its initial run in the US, do it.

Jake Gyllenhall's Broadway one act play Constellations is excellent. Superb acting.

One of the best plays I have seen. Brilliant playwright!

It was as good as I had expected. Great performances./It's INCONCEIVABLE, but Wallace Shawn was sitting behind us.

Jake was great afterwards he signed autographs and had picture taken with the crowd impressive

Tonite's theater was a real treat. Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal…amazing!

BROADWAY: Saw brilliant performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in the astounding show "Constellations" Get your ass to the MTC Theater to see it before it leaves. It is pure art.

"This is genuinely turning me on,” Said Roland... the sexy beekeeper ‪#‎Indeed‬ ‪#‎JakeGyllenhaal‬ Ms. Wilson’s gave a strong performance too ‪#‎LuckyLady‬ ‪#‎ModernTheather‬ ‪#‎NickPayne‬ ‪#‎Classic‬ ‪#‎BroadwayShow‬ ‪#‎MustSee‬ ‪#‎Latergram‬

Caught #CONSTELLATIONS tonight on Broadway. Jake Gyllenhaal continues to push himself. Ruth Wilson excellent. Great night of theater.

If you're in NY, see Constellations. So technically brilliant--according to NYT there are close to 60 scenes in 70 minutes--you stop breathing. At the beginning the scene variations suggest David Ives' A Sure Thing, but the play represents a physicist's concept of multiverses applied to a love story. The scenes are brilliantly diversified by the performances of Jake Gyllenhall and Ruth Wilson and the set of orbs lighted in varying combinations. When it's over, you're hit by the emotional impact while wondering how did they do that?

A brief video of Jake signing autographs after the play.

Blurry photo of Jake on the subway.

UltraViolet said...

all kidding aside right now... Jake Gyllenhaal is fucking GORGEOUS.
GOR....GEOUS. seriously. and his british accent was ON POINT lol.

the show was absolutely incredible, even if he wasn't in it, the story was amazing, and Ruth Wilson is ridiculously talented.

also for anyone that cares? his blue eyes could probably be seen from google earth. they were so striking they looked fake. they weren't. but Jesus Christ i'm sayin. lol


A mental & emotional whiplash. A complete mindfuck. Post-#Constellations @MTC_NYC on #Broadway (Let's do it again!!)

Constellations where love is all about contingencies. How do you court in a multiverse? #Constellations

… Would LOVE to watch #Constellations again.

Really really really liked #constellations at @MTC_NYC!!! Very cool concept & theories going on... One of this seasons best for me

That's enough #JakeGyllenhaal stop making me love you! #Constellations was brilliant loved every second. I'll be back @MTC_NYC #ruthwilson

Saw and LOVED @MTC_NYC's production of #Constellations last night. Jake Gyllenhaal was sensational and Ruth Wilson can do no wrong.

Well, let me tell you, it is an amazing thing is #Constellations by Nick Payne - moving, clever, real, devastating - great theatre

Watching Jake Gyllenhaal try to lick his own elbow on stage was one of my top five moments of 2014. #Constellations @MTC_NYC

I saw Jake Gyllenhaal on #Constellations and luckily got his and Ruth Wilson's signature. So happy! It was a magical night.

Highly highly recommend #Constellations by Nick Payne with #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson. Go see it now!

Standing ovation for #Constellations! So proud of JG! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ #Broadway @ Manhattan Theatre Club At The… (this might be one of Jake's publicists)

BlueJean said...

Love these! :) Thanks, UV! x

BlueJean said...

"Damn it, the spoilers just made me wanna see this play so badly, and I can't!"

Same here! Where you're from, Paula, if I may ask? I'm in The Netherlands.

Maybe 'Constellations' will be a movie someday - starring Jake and Ruth of course! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,

yes, I just meant it is my imagination, this would be perfect and deserved as per critics and quality of the performance. But unfortunately it won't happen probably due to campaigns, where some actors will be there because someone else or them shamelessly do lobbing and quality is secondary thing. I think Hardy is questionable, because Oleyowo will be in 5 Oscar nominees.

I just hope Cooper will not get in, his campaign is embarrassing, but it would be his third nomination in row and academy probably will miss him, because he has no chance to win. Also I remember that so called "expert" predicted Al Pacino and RDJ as front runner for GG and Jake was just in second wave as high probability and this didn't happen.

Jake was on 6th, 7th place month ago before all critics, SAG and GG nominations, but now I feel he is lock already. Only surprise may be Tom Hardy, who won LA critic + one more. But we have to also consider, that Hardy, Oleyowo, Redmayne, Cumberbatch and Spall are all Brits, and I don't think American Academy will nominate so many Brits (the worst scenario) and leave Gyllenhaal out, who is only American with Keaton.

So still Jake should be in. Moreover Hardy probably will make it next year in supporting role for Revenant, so they will miss him.

I wish you Happy New Oscar Year to all and Jake as well :-). SV

Anonymous said...

Hi UV,

yes, those hairs are funny, here is another video (with the same hair style) from KTLA:

Have a nice day. SV.

BlueJean said...

"those hairs are funny"

Maybe he had just gotten out of bed? ;)

Gyllencrazy said...

Happy New Jake Year to all at Gyllenbabble! And a special hug and all good wishes to my dear friend UV :-)

Anonymous said...

BJ yes, maybe he did, because also the voice is not "kosher", he seems just jumping out of bed. SV

BlueJean said...

I was thinking the same thing, SV! ;)

Chica said...

Thanks for all the great Constellation tweets UV, I will be seeing it in a few weeks!

Happy New Year to all!

Mary said...

Thanks for all the tweets and info on Constellations sure wish I could see it.

Happy New Year. Stay safe.

BlueJean said...

Happy New Year!

bobbyanna said...

Well, both my kids have left for their homes and all the people I usually hang out with on NYE have the flue. : ( It's been making the rounds of various family members since Christmas Eve. So I am going to hang out at home and watch old movies and eat all the bad things I won't be eating tomorrow. ... : ) I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe New Year's Eve, and that 2015 is all you hope for!

Hugs to all GBers and especially you UV !

And may Jake have a great 2015, and keep turning out all this great work!

bobbyanna said...

Did I really say that? "flue?" LOL!

I meant "flu."

Paula C. said...

BlueJean, I´m in Portugal, I live in a town 40km from Lisbon, we are only a few hours away! Never been to the Netherlands, I´m going to London in the end of January and then my next trip will be Amesterdam!

Happy New year to all babblers.

Paula C. said...

Bobbyanna, I´m going to stay home as well, with hubby and kids, eat a lot of sea food and drink good wine!

Hot Mess said...

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true!

Speaking of wishes for Jake, there were some I didn't even dare to say out loud. And due to stars alligning for his out-of-the-box performance, some wishes came true. Indie Spirits, SAG, Globes. There's only one or two left. :-) I hope the new year will make BAFTA and Oscar happen, too. Could be a fantastic start for what is bound to be Jake's best year.Ever.

Ultraviolet, thanks for spoiling us with beautiful posts and detailed description of the play. I'll be able to see it if, someday, Jake will turn Constellations into a movie. Could happen! :D

Another Jake interview from yesterday morning with Jake Hamilton: The two Jakes

UltraViolet said...

Happy New Year to all GBers! I was aiming for a post today but I don't think it will happen.

All the best to you and yours. And thanks for making this a fun place for Jake fans.

Tweety said...

And thank you UV for this wonderful blog! May you Jake and everyone that posts here have an awesome New year!

Monica said...

Happy New Year!!!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Happy New Year to all!!

Hagen said...

Happy New Year to all of you!

There's a new still from "Everest" on IHJ.

Piruleta said...

Happy new year to all of you!!!

Hagen said...

Variety: The 17 Most Underrated Movies of 2014
1. “Enemy”

Jake Gyllenhaal’s biggest, most buzzed-about performance of 2014 may have been in “Nightcrawler,” but his best work could be found in “Prisoners” director Denis Villeneuve’s existential thriller about a mild-mannerded Toronto history professor who discovers he has a doppelganger in the form of a bad-boy bit-part movie actor. Virtually a solo — make that dual — performance piece, with Gyllenhaal playing most of his scenes opposite himself (and, in one case, a giant tarantula), this freewheeling mash-up of Davids Cronenberg and Lynch was a deliciously weird head-trip for the ages. –Scott Foundas

bobbyanna said...

Happy 2015, everyone!

Thanks Hagen! This photo of Jake climbing a mountain gives me goose bumps!

LAOD was on TV last night. Lots of "happy tweets" about it! LOL!

Monica said...

Only surprise may be Tom Hardy, who won LA critic + one more.

For me, the 5ยบ is between Jake, Cooper and Carrel. I think Cooper is a real threat now with the support he is receiving + the box office + he's playing an American hero. Even with these nominations, still not a guarantee that Jake is a lock. Tom Hanks last year came from his best performance in years, he was nominated for the Golden Globe, Bafta,SAG and BFCA and yet was snubbed by the Oscars.

I'm very happy with all the nominations he received, something I didn't expect.

BlueJean said...

Hagen: thanks for that Variety link for 'Enemy'! I read it too! :)

As for the Jake lock / no lock discussion... dare I say it? I don't think he'll make it, unfortunately. Like Monica, I'm also very happy and even surprised by the many, many moninations 'Nightcrawler' and Jake got.

Jess said...

"For me, the 5ยบ is between Jake, Cooper and Carrel"

Good Luck Jake hopefully it will be a no brainer for the Academy selecting Jake as a nominee.

Piruleta said...

Thanks for the Everest pic, Hagen. I find it curious that Jake is the main focus of the two stills we've seen so far, I thought he was supporting?

Hagen said...

I find it curious that Jake is the main focus of the two stills we've seen so far, I thought he was supporting?

The promotion doesn't necessarily focus on the biggest roles, but rather on the best known actors (see "Into the Woods" poster).

bobbyanna said...

I'm hoping Jake is #4, and that the 5th position will be a competition between Cooper, Carrell and Oyelowo, etc.

Anonymous said...

Everything is possible of course, but if you analyze it properly, Gyllenhaal should be 4th lock. Oyelowo is lock just from certain reasons, he is black and plays in sensitive movie topic, his performance is presented as very civil and award worthy. He wasn't eligible for SAG, so that is why wasn't nominated. He is the third one. The first is Keaton and then tie Cumberbatch and Redmayne. That is though questionable they will be both in. Even if I would snub Oyelowo, he is probably in.

Cumberbatch is complex character in WWII topic, moreover castrated gay. So might be possible Redmayne will split out with Cumberbatch in favor to Cumberbatch.

The rest is Carell and Cooper. Cooper would have third nomination in row, but this happened very rarely, Liz Taylor or Streep had this situation in the past + Glenn Close, Cooper is non of therm. If he is not certain for win, he shouldn't be in the play. If he'd delivered mesmerizing performance with Oscar win chance ok, if he is however to finish the quintet, then I suppose they don't give him the nom at all considering two in previous years.

Carell might be a bizarre choice taken he has the weakest status in critics. It is possible.

So I think Gyllenhaal is still in. Keaton, Cumberbatch, Gyllenhaal, Oyelowo and maybe Carrell or Redmayne. Example with Hanks is a bit different, Hanks has two Oscars and 5 noms, he was in different position last year and academy had no reason to push him in, Gyllenhaal is fresh air in acting, independent movie, quality performance with no extra campaign and huge critics rave + another plus work from previous year in Prisoners, Enemy and well announced Everest and Southpaw. SV

Anonymous said...

Why is Jake supporting in Everest? Isnt it an ensemble?

Hagen said...

Why is Jake supporting in Everest? Isnt it an ensemble?

He didn't film in Nepal. Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin might have somewhat flashier roles.

Anonymous said...

Also I think Jake was meant supporting in Everest for first, but considering NC success and awards season, they show pictures of him preferably to use the season mess. Let's see if Josh Brolin gets nominated, then we can expect pictures with Gyllenhaal and Brolin in February. In any case the leading character is taken based on story, from whose point of view the story has been told. SV

Jess said...

"Why is Jake supporting in Everest? Isnt it an ensemble?"

Jake is playing Scott Fischer whose character dies during one of the expeditions. Jason Clarke I think is playing the other expedition leader who survives.

I would think based on Scott dying first, Jake would have less screen time. I wouldn't expect to see Jake more than 1/2 of the film. Jason's character has a little more going on such as a wife on screen whereas Scott Fischer's wife does not appear to be on screen in this movie.

Anonymous said...

So no one really knows if he's supporting or not.

Hagen said...

So no one really knows if he's supporting or not.

There's a reason why Keira Knightley and Robin Wright wanted to play the wives of Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin. The emotional highlight of the story centers on their characters.

Monica said...

I saw The Theory of Everything few weeks ago. The film is a disappointment. Awful cinematography, weak script, bad directing work. I don't understand how it was nominated for best ensemble at the SAG, because besides Eddie and Felicity, there is nothing special in the cast.
Eddie gives a good performance, but I think Felicity is better. I don't intend to see it again.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about Jake being in a new movie directed by Martin Scorsese called Crimson Shadow where he will spend 6 months in a maximum security prison for research interviewing Charles Manson??!! It's on Empire online - I can't seem to paste the link here. Yay for Martin Scorsese if it's true but 6 months in prison with Charles Manson that may be taking method a little far, no?

Aside from my obvious concern over this, Happy New Year everyone!


Hagen said...

Malavika, it's satire. Here's the link:

Empire News: Actor Jake Gyllenhaal To Spend Six Months In Prison Voluntarily To Research For Role As Inmate

Hagen said...

Jake went to "Conan" on New Year's Day and was on the "Late Show with David Letterman" yesterday (GoldDerby).

Hagen said...

Correction: He will be on the Letterman show tonight.

Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler is nominated for another important award - American cinema editors. Mising TOE and Unbroken:


Monica said...

Great news for Nightcrawler.

I'm surprised that Selma was snubbed. TOE deserves to be forgotten :P

Extra said...

That is great newsfor NC ! Selma will be a major player for am Academy Awards so the snub is surprising.

Happy New Year!

Hagen said...

Yay for "Nightcrawler"! I'm happy about all these recognitions for the film.

Jess said...

I don't think the Manson story is true and that the empire link is a fake one. Check out the other headlines. lol

I there is no way Fuqua would have made that comment about Brokeback Mountain, even he is not that politically incorrect.

Yay for NC and its filmmakers.

BlueJean said...

I've just read that the British Jake blog Wet, Dark & Wild is closing its "doors". I don't know how many of you (still) read there, but if you do (or did) - please be so kind to drop Kate a line if you like.

Even though I come here, I still visited her blog regularly and it makes me a bit sad to see it go :(

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for letting me know, Blue Jean. Kate/WDW was one of the earliest Jake fans to set up a blog. I'm sorry she is winding down the blog but I do understand. Eight years is a very long time. Jake has some wonderful fans, and Kate is surely among the best of them.

BlueJean said...

Yes, it was the first Jake blog I visited as well - after the Dave Cullen BBM forum and before I found this place ;)

Sometimes I feel a bit sad I discovered Jake / BBM only about three years ago - these early years with all of you meeting each other all over the world must've been wonderful!

I hope in 2015 we can all continue to "meet" each other here - it may not be in real life, but we all have this wonderful connection somehow.

Anonymous said...

UV, thank you so much for all the Constellation spoilers! :) and happy new year to everyone!

And... SPOILER ALERT on EVEREST... very very little spoilers, though :)
It's an ensemble movie for sure, telling the story of the two different 1996 Everest expeditions, one led by Jake's character (Scott Fisher), the other one led by Jason Clarke's character (Rob Hall)...they both died in dramatic ways. I think the plot will be more focused on the Rob Hall's expedition: Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Michael Kelly (who plays Jon Krakauer, the writer of the book which mostly inspired the movie) play characters which are all from that group... They met Fisher's group directly on the Mountain (that's why it wasn't necessary for Jake shooting in Kathmandu), they mixed up during the climbing and the storm... they all have very poignant story lines (the way they die and, actually, the way they don't die)... if a character has to be picked for the leading role, I should say Rob Hall's Jason Clarke, but with the others in very very strong supporting roles...
I hope it will be a three-hour-lenght movie, they're worth it!!
We will see!

Anonymous said...

I hope in 2015 we can all continue to "meet" each other here - it may not be in real life, but we all have this wonderful connection somehow


BlueJean said...

Tina - hi!

I've just ordered the 'Constellations' book! :)

Read Jon Krakauer's 'Into Thin Air' book a couple of years ago - 'Everest' is based on that. Amazing book. I hope the film will be just as good.

Anonymous said...

Hi BlueJean! ohh, fine! Have a pleasant read on Constellation! :) then you will tell us...

I read "Into thin Air" too, few years ago, and also Boukreev's book... Yes, amazing, amazing book and a so moving story... I was sooo pleased when I heard Jake was involved in that project... Really hope the film will be good!



UltraViolet said...

That is sad news about WDW. Kate definitely blazed the Jake blogging trail.Thanks for letting us know, BJ!

I hope in 2015 we can all continue to "meet" each other here - it may not be in real life, but we all have this wonderful connection somehow

Well said! The BBM era was an exciting time. But I'm so happy Jake is gaining new fans all the time, especially enthusiastic ones like you.

Hagen said...

The Central Ohio Film Critics Association nominated Jake for "Best Actor" and "Actor of the Year (body of work)". "Nightcrawler" was nominated for "Best Film" and "Enemy" for "Best Overlooked Film".

Anonymous said...

There is also National Society of Film Critics, they went via different way than the others, but nominated Rene Russo for supporting role.

*1. Goodbye to Language 25 (Jean-Luc Godard)
2. Boyhood 24 (Richard Linklater)
3. Birdman 10 (Alejandro G. Iรฑรกrritu)
3. Mr. Turner 10 (Mike Leigh)

*1. Richard Linklater 36 (Boyhood)
2. Jean-Luc Godard 17 (Goodbye to Language)
3. Mike Leigh 12 (Mr. Turner)

*1. Citizenfour 56 (Laura Poitras)
2. National Gallery 19 (Frederick Wiseman)
3. The Overnighters 17 (Jesse Moss)

*1. The Grand Budapest Hotel 24 (Wes Anderson)
2. Inherent Vice 15 (Paul Thomas Anderson)
2. Birdman 15 (four co-writers)

*1. Mr. Turner 33 (Dick Pope)
2. The Immigrant 27 (Darius Khondji)
3. Goodbye to Language 9 (Fabrice Aragno)

*1.Timothy Spall 31 (Mr. Turner)
2. Tom Hardy 10 (Locke)
3. Joaquin Phoenix 9 (Inherent Vice)
3. Ralph Fiennes 9 (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

*1. Marion Cotillard 80 (Two Days, One Night, The Immigrant)
2. Julianne Moore 35 (Still Alice)
3. Scarlett Johansson 21 (Lucy; Under the Skin)

*1. J.K. Simmons 24 (Whiplash)
2. Mark Ruffalo 21 (Foxcatcher)
3. Edward Norton 16 (Birdman)

*1. Patricia Arquette 26 (Boyhood)
2. Agata Kulesza 18 (Ida)
3. Rene Russo 9 (Nightcrawler)


Anonymous said...

Hagen do you have a link for Central Ohio Film Critics nominations? Thank you. SV

Hagen said...

Hagen do you have a link for Central Ohio Film Critics nominations?

Only on Twitter: Bill Clark @BillClarkFTB
They will announce their winners on Thursday.

BlueJean said...

'Enemy' again... :))))

Thanks, Hagen!

Anonymous said...

Hagen thank you. But isn't it odd they don't set nominations officially on their web site? On Thursday they announce winners already. Thanks SV.

Hagen said...

But isn't it odd they don't set nominations officially on their web site?

Well yes, the "Columbus Dispatch" has published the nominations on its website.

The box office of "Nightcrawler" has gone up compared to the previous weekend thanks to the awards buzz.

Jess said...

"The box office of "Nightcrawler" has gone up compared to the previous weekend thanks to the awards buzz."


A week from tonight, the GGs. I have not heard anything about presenters? Has anyone else?

'Boyhood,' Gyllenhaal, Pike tops with North Texas film critics said...

The North Texas Film Critics Association has joined the crowd and named "Boyhood" the year's best film. Richard Linklater won Best Director, while Jake Gyllenhaal and Rosamund pike took top acting honors for "Nightcrawler" and "Gone Girl" respectively. "Birdman" nearly came up empty-handed but for an ensemble cast prize.
Best Picture

Best Director
Richard Linklater, "Boyhood"

Best Actor
Jake Gyllenhaal, "Nightcrawler"

Best Actress
Rosamund Pike, "Gone Girl"

Best Supporting Actor
J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash"

Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette, "Boyhood"

Best Cinematography
Hoyte van Hoytema, "Interstellar"

Best Animated
"The LEGO Movie"

Best Documentary
"Life Itself"

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Ensemble Cast


Anonymous said...

PGA announced nominees. Nightcrawler is in, that is Great sucess girls, belive me and still closer to AMPAS:


bobbyanna said...

Just heard some great news. It's nice that all these regional and local critics groups appreciate NC, but I was especially thrilled to see that now, the Producers Guild of America nominated it in the top ten best films.

It is believed these PGA nominations will affect Oscar nominations. I was happy for Jake, Tony & Dan, but there were some other significant additions and subtractions as well.

Foxcatcher and The Theory of Everything both of them not up to standards, IMO, were both nominated and Selma and Unbroken were not nominated.

I haven't seen Whiplash so I have no way to know if it is a worthy choice, but I was not happy to see American Sniper included in the top ten.

So, yaay, NC! Keep chugging along.

Anonymous said...

Art Direction, NC is in contemporary category:


bobbyanna said...

LOL! Great minds think alike, SV! You're correct, this will definitely directly influence AMPAS.

Hagen said...

And the Art Directors Guild nominated "Nightcrawler" (Kevin Kavanaugh) for "Excellence in Production Design for a Contemporary Feature Film in 2014"!

Georgia Film Critics said...

Georgia Film Critics @GaFilmCritics · 12 min 12

Best Actor nominees: Ralph Fiennes THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Jake Gyllenhaal NIGHTCRAWLER, Michael Keaton BIRDMAN (cont'd)David Oyelowo SELMA, Eddie Redmayne THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

Georgia Film Critics @GaFilmCritics · 12 min 12 min ago

The #GeorgiaFilmCritics nominees for Best Picture are... BIRDMAN, BOYHOOD, GONE GIRL, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, IDA (cont'd)Best Picture nominees cont'd) A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, NIGHTCRAWLER, SELMA, SNOWPIERCER, WHIPLASH.

Georgia Film Critics ‏@GaFilmCritics 10 min10
The complete list of #GeorgiaFilmCritics nominees can be seen at . Winners will be announced on Friday, January 9th.

Anonymous said...

As I said before, Gyllenhaal is 80% lock on AMPAS leading actor, and it is just because 100% sure is Keaton only, the rest is not sure at all, but it is not Gyllenhaal who is on the last place as so called experts putting him on 5th place and exchanging him with Carell, moreover with Eddie award and all critics around, it is probable he will make it in BP category as well. PGA is huge indicator together with DGA, which is coming soon, art direction nomination is just moving him closer to BP. Also Jake won at least 3 critics and he is still second behind the Keaton, so I miss the point of those predictions. They are still step back I would say, moreover even Keaton is not sure as a winner, there is still Cumberbatch, who may surprise on AMPAS. And if Selma will not make it on DGA, then they can snub Oyelowo as well. It is open, but JG is not on the last place as they predict. SV

Anonymous said...

BJ it looks like telepathy we have together LOL SV

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count on the DGAs for Dan Gilroy as a first timer and they have the Selma director who is female who could fill that spot if one is open for first time Director.

Eastwood has already been given a lock for Director though, so American Sniper would not be a surprise in this category. So I for one am not counting on a DGA nomination. I think that part of the Academy may be sort of snobbish against a film like NC.

bobbyanna said...

I agree, SV. I would put Jake up there with Keaton, Cumberbatch and possibly Redmayne. I don't place Jake in second place, though he may well be, but I have him as 3rd or fourth. I think 5th place is up for grabs.

Piruleta said...

I'm not that confident about Jake's nom, David O. and Cooper still look like strong contenders.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna, yes, in AMPAS he is not second, he is second from statistics to consider winners and critics nominations, right behind Keaton, he is quietly going up, but he is not the last fighting for the 5th place, he is 3rd or 4th, but I think in any category he will be nominated, he is not going to win any of them. But this I don't mind, for this low budget movie it is already huge success comparing to big productions as Unbroken. My second favorite is Gone Girl, so if not Julian, then Rosamund Pike is my girl, and direction and screenplay for Gone Girl would be great satisfaction for me, plus some technical as cinematography, sound and score. For NC nom is possible Lead Actor, BP, cinematography and original screenplay. SV

Monica said...

Very happy with the nomination for Nightcrawler at the PGA.

I was not happy to see American Sniper included in the top ten.

Me too. There is a part of the Academy who loves Clint, if AS is going to best film, Cooper will be nominated for best actor.

Jess said...

Jake wins Vancouver for Nightcrawler and Denis V won for Enemy.

And Jake was introducing a friend tonight at the NYCC awards. Marion Cotillard and a great actress herself.

Monica said...

I love Marion!!

We have a trailer: Accidental Love

Jess said...

Jake is so young looking but the film looks goofy, sort of Bubble Boy part 2 with new wife.

But I loved Bubble Boy for a good laugh.

Monica said...

It looks horrible. Poor Jake.

Mary said...

They changed the name is it coming out in the theater or DVD? Yea doesn't long very good to what he is doing now.

BlueJean said...

Wow, Monica, where did you find that?!

I think it'll be a 'straight to DVD' one - thank goodness. Don't think Jake will be too thrilled with this coming out.

BlueJean said...

Oh, It's all over the place now - the link's even on Jake's own IMDb profile page... :/

Jess said...

"Oh, It's all over the place now - the link's even on Jake's own IMDb profile page... :/"

No such thing as bad PR although everyone is linking David O to the film (no matter how much he has distanced himself and will not allow his name on the film) in their press releases and just mentions Jake as a star. I don't he won't say anything publicly about the release but I kind of wish he would embrace it and say that was were I was and look how far I have come.

Jake said...

"just mentions Jake as a star"

Should be mentions Jake as one of the stars. I think this would do well overseas though.

BlueJean said...

Jake!!! Hi!!! :)))

Overseas? As in 'Europe'?

I'm from Europe! Do you really think we have such bad taste in movies? ;)

??? said...

Marcel J Whyte

Actor/Singer/Dancer/Music Producer

West London ·

Marcel J Whyte ‏@MarcelJWhyte 24 min ago

@BAFTA well done Jake Gyllenhaal for Best Actor congrats buddy!

bobbyanna said...

I wish they could've postponed Nailed/Accidental Love's trailer for one more week... the Oscar nominations voting ends Wednesday. Tomorrow. Even though I don't think it will hurt Jake's chances. No, really. : /

So a BAFTA nomination? If so that is spectacular, especially in a year with so many great performances from British actors!

bobbyanna said...

No BAFTA announcement yet. They will announce them on this coming Friday morning at 7:35 GMT in London.

Jess said...

"Overseas? As in 'Europe'?

I'm from Europe! Do you really think we have such bad taste in movies? ;)"

No, Bollywood. That's who I thought of first, honestly. LOL

Jess said...

Maybe Marcel knows something we don't but Jake was nominated for a Australia award this morning.

So maybe he got it confused?

BlueJean said...

Just found out the Dutch version of 'Constellations' will be playing at a venue near me the day after my birthday! Obviously it won't have Jake in it ;) - but I'll go see it anyway, I think!

Keeping my fingers crossed for the BAFTAS! Go go go Jake!

UltraViolet said...

It looks terrible. I hope that Jake has enough momentum and goodwill that this won't be any kind of a factor in awards consideration.

So even though the timing isn't ideal and the movie looks like shit, I'm still happy we'll finally get to see something of this project. It's a shame DOR couldn't get over himself to do a real version of the film.

UltraViolet said...

More importantly, yay for Vancouver! And fingers crossed for the BAFTAs.

BJ, you should definitely go to see Constellations. It is a great concept, and with good actors, very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

This horrible crap should go immediately to DVD, otherwise I can see Razzie award for Picture and Actors. The last thing he needs before SP release. He even plays so bad in the trailer, My God, burn someone that copy asap, But the horror release date is 20 of February. Is it somewhere around Oscars right? So at least voting will be closed.

BAFTA announcement is on Friday, Oscar nominations are on 15th of January 14.30 CET. I am so curious how all these awards happen. But they are incredible b...s to release this horrible movie now, just capitalize on his season. It never will make any sales in Europe, maybe in Asia. SV

Jess said...

"He even plays so bad in the trailer,"

He plays a clueless politician so yes I think that's the point but that one shot over the shoulder reminded me of Lou. LOL.

I think Razzie would make him laugh, don't forget Sandra Bullock got a razzie or at least a nomination for the same year she won the Oscar. And that movie was with Bradley Cooper. And their movie was not even delayed by years.

Anonymous said...

Jess but Sandra is different category and it probably wasn't first Razzie for her, I don't want to see it. Halle Berry as well, but they both are the worst Oscar winners in the last decade at least. If you have seen Blind Side (I did) then you can see it is TV movie and far away from Oscar performance. Gravity was better.

I know what he is supposed to play in that crap, but it is horrible from any POV. SV

Jess said...

"Jess but Sandra is different category and it probably wasn't first Razzie for her, "

Lollolololololololol. thank you SV, I can't stop laughing at that comment and I need a giggle today.

Anonymous said...

Jess LOL, you are welcome.

Mary said...

Maybe they are releasing it now because of all the buzz Jake is getting hoping it will help the film:)

Hagen said...

Variety: Jake Gyllenhaal on ‘Nightcrawler’ PGA Nom, Weight Loss and Golden Globes

Jake confirmed that he will attend the Golden Globes on Sunday.

bobbyanna said...

You know, Mary I think that's exactly why. I agree with you. This movie wasn't even finished. It sat there for years. It shut down at least twice that I know of because they ran out of $$$.
( Back then we were following the filming, and Reese was on set LOT :) )

When some new producers attempted to salvage it by releasing it with a different ending, the director walked away,& refused to put his name on it.

After 6 or 7 years they decide to release it with a fake director's name attached. So yeah, they're cashing in on Jake's popularity right now. :(

Fortunately both David O Russell and Jake have had a lot of films released that were much more successful since then. I don't see how anyone who involved with the film industry could pass judgment on Jake for this. They can't ignore the director. ; )

BlueJean said...

"Maybe they are releasing it now because of all the buzz Jake is getting hoping it will help the film"

Yes, that's exactly what I thought as well. And yes, it does look like shit. Bad timing - such bad timing... :(

Anonymous said...

Here is short 4 min. discussion about Jake Gyllenhaal, why he is not still A list actor yet. I am saying depends who judges, but he is still 34, while other mentioned actors are over 40. And also I feel he goes different direction and collects respect via another way. SV

bobbyanna said...

You're right SV, Jake goes in a different direction. It seemed like these men, who clearly like Jake a lot, are measuring "A List" by whether he can open a blockbuster like Tom Cruise or Will Smith. They even suggested he needs a franchise. That is definitely not the direction Jake is going. It's also not how a lot of us measure A List.

Everybody's an expert on You Tube...Not! LOL!

Monica said...

I'm still happy we'll finally get to see something of this project. It's a shame DOR couldn't get over himself to do a real version of the film.

David O.Russel usually shoot several versions of his films. I agree that is sad we will not see his version.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what possessed Jake to do this. Even with David O directing the script and basic premise just seems, well, bad. Poor guy must be cringing that this is actually seeing the light of day! I really do hope this doesn't ruin all the positive momentum he's been getting lately.
And fingers and various other body parts crossed for the Globes!

Piruleta said...

Goya's noms have just been announced, no Jake or Enemy, I'm not surprised tho, I was sure they were going for Spanish speaking movies only.

Sag Actor said...

Boy is that one crappy trailer, I thought that this would never see the light of day!

The timing is lousy but I don't think it will have any impact with voters except a few giggles if they even bother to catch it.

Hagen said...

Toronto Star: The lookalike thriller Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Denis Villeneuve, has won the Toronto Film Critics Association’s 2014 Rogers Best Canadian Film Award, worth $100,000.

Jess said...

No ASC nomination for Elswith but he may have split his votes between NC and Inherent vice.

bobbyanna said...

NightCrawler has just been nominated by The Writers Guild (WGA) for Best Original Screenplay. That's really excellent news!

Jess said...

Yes. Woohoo WGA.

Anonymous said...

Another great accomplishment, so still think, actor, BP, script and leading actor are possible nominees on AMPAS. SV

Anonymous said...

I meant cinematography. SV

Anonymous said...

I am also happy for Gone Girl, SV

Hagen said...

Jake has been nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts International Award.

Hagen said...

And the Denver Film Critics Society has nominated Jake and Rene Russo.

Anonymous said...

And here is the updated summary of overall critics, missing the last ones I think, Australia and Denver. SV

Monica said...

Yay Dan Gilroy!!!

Anonymous said...

There are also CGA out, but not love for NC. But it is interesting. SV

Anonymous said...

And this interview with Rene Russo about NC is interesting. SV

Monica said...

Dan Gilroy

I’ve spoken with Jake Gyllehaal about the movie and he sung the praises of the dialogue in this film. It was really hard for him to go on to something else after having the ability to deliver these kind of lines.

Well, that’s incredible. Jake read the part and fell in love with it and immersed himself to the point where those words became burned into his head. I was doing an interview with him the other day. We shot (the film) a year ago and I don’t think there’s really a page in the script that he can’t recite verbatim still, which shows his level of commitment of Jake Gyllenhaal. I think what you’re seeing up on screen is a door to one of the finest actors alive today, and I mean that as objectively as possible. He has a process that is very unique and he’s fearless. He’s not afraid to try something and have it fail. The beginning of that process is an incredibly disciplined, rogue learning of the script. He didn’t change a word of the script and he was so respectful of it that I was respectful of the process of what he wanted to explore. Part of that exploration was, “I’m going to lose 30 pounds for this part.” If you look at it now it makes total sense, but as the weight’s coming off and he’s disappearing and this new Jake Gyllenhaal is appearing, it was a little scary. You have to go with it. These are choices that Jake has made and I’m supporting because I believe they were creatively right and I believe that Jake’s instincts were right.

bobbyanna said...

London Critics Circle nominations were announce: Nightcrawler, is one of ten nominated, Dan Gilroy, Jake Gyllenhaal, Riz Ahmed.

Anonymous said...

Bobbyanna they were announced already on 16th of December. SV

Hagen said...

The London Film Critics' Circle will announce the winners on January 18 (the list of accolades for "Nightcrawler" on Wikipedia).

bobbyanna said...

LOL! Thanks. I'm getting confused. So much to keep up with.

Oscars nominations will be Announced January 15th, and BAFTA will be announced tomorrow.

Hagen said...

The Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild has nominated "Nightcrawler" for "Best Contemporary Make-Up in a Feature Length Motion Picture".

Jess said...

Wow that is a surprise Hagen but nice that NC has support from another guild.

I guess Jake's man bun or tie knot was irresistible.

Anonymous said...

So now I'm very excited for tomorrow Bafta nominations... who knows? In or out?

They could even pick all british actors, if they wanted (Cumberbatch, Redmayne, Spall, Oyelowo, Fiennes) and it would be no scandal (or just a little!)...


PS: Have a great Constellation-birthday, BlueJean :)

BlueJean said...

Thank you, Tina! :) It's not until April, though... ;)

"Best Contemporary Make-Up in a Feature Length Motion Picture".

That made me laugh! Brilliant! :)

I have a bit of hope for the BAFTAS, actually, even for Riz Ahmed - he's British after all ;) But if it doesn't happen, I won't be too devastated. Jake and the NC team have had so much recognition already - much more than was expected, I think.

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" has won a Golden Tomato Award in the category thriller.

Hagen said...

That made me laugh! Brilliant! :)

It's not an obvious nomination, is it? xD
I think the point is that "Nightcrawler" gets support from various guilds which could be helpful for a "Best Picture" nomination. Though it might very well end up in the unfortunate 10th spot. Dan Gilroy looks like a safe bet for "Best Original Screeenplay" since "Whiplash" is deemed to be an adapted screenplay. And I'm still cautiously optimistic for Jake.

Central Ohio Film Critics said...

Actor of the Year: Jake Gyllenhaal #COFCAwards2014

Actor: David Oyelowo, SELMA (Runners-up: Jake Gyllenhaal, NIGHTCRAWLER and Michael Keaton, BIRDMAN)

Hagen said...

The Alliance of Women Film Journalists has nominated Jake for "Best Actor".

YAYYYYYY said...

Hollywood Reporter ‏@THR 5 min5

Best actor #BAFTA nominees: Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Keaton, and Eddie Redmayne.

Rene! said...

Supporting actress

RENE RUSSO Nightcrawler

Original screenplay



Hagen said...

I'm very happy about the BAFTA nominations for Jake, Dan Gilroy and Rene Russo. :-)

Hagen said...

I've forgot to mention that John Gilroy has been nominated for "Best Edit". Yay!

Piruleta said...

Yay! that's so great! well done Nightcrawler, I'm really happy for all of them :D

Anonymous said...

Bafta too!so proud of Jake and the rest of the NC crew!


Jess said...

Finally for Rene Russo, yippee. Well deserved for all.

Its a great Friday.

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