Tuesday, January 20, 2015

East Coast rules

Jake Gyllenhaal in New York, New York. The Academy holds no sway here.

Certainly not with your dog!

Or with your fans:

Susan Sarandon
Go see Constellations at Manhattan Theatre Club. Moving, funny and definite must-see.

Paul Haggis @Paul_Haggis
Thank you Jake and Ruth for a terrific night of theatre. #Constellations @ Manhattan Theatre Club At… http://instagram.com/p/yBlrVbpy2q/

Baz Bamigboye ‏@BazBam Entertainment Columnist @DailyMailCeleb
#JakeGyllenhaal gets ready for a selfie at stage door @MTC_NYC #Constellations which has become RED HOT ticket in NY
He seems to be lovely and patient....
Baz Bamigboye ‏@BazBam: absolutely, Jake's a great guy.

Jason Adams ‏@JAMNPP 29m29 minutes ago
#Constellations made me cry + want to come home and hug my boyfriend; Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson make for a lovely verbal sparring duo

Author, Broadcaster & News Editor @Broadwaycom.
Am a tough sell, but #constellations is succinct, engaging & Jake Gyllenhaal's Brit accent is better than mine! pic.twitter.com/QJiAK0WOeC

An incredibly new and different experience on Broadway. Jake and Golden Globe winner Ruth have the acting chops of true stage masters! Can you tell I loved it? #openingnight #constellations

We headed back out and saw the second play, Constellations which blew us away. It was as if we were watching two dancers, sometimes intoxicated and others times, aggressive, sensual, witty, shy, vulnerable as their world shocked them out of their personas. For just over an hour we sat spell bound by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. After this performance we waited for them afterwards and Ali got her Playbill signed as I snapped some pictures. We walked back to Junior’s for cheese cake and tea and felt this was one night that was worth the wait.

Really enjoyed getting a faceful of Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson im #Constellations. Gotta love a show that takes place in the past, present and future of the multiverse.

I had an amazing time at #Constellations tonight at @MTC_NYC. Jake Gyllenhaal is dreamy and BRILLIANT in his Broadway debut!!!!

Saw four Broadway shows this weekend and #Constellations is the only one that is sticking with me. Still thinking about it. #Constellations performances were spectacular - nuanced and affecting.

Saw #Constellations today #JakeGyllenhaal I'm dazzled!

The best performances currently on Broadway. Jack Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson

Superb acting from Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson in Constellations on Broadway. I expect some @TheTonyAwards talk for sure.

Just saw #Constellations with #JakeGyllenhaal and #RuthWilson, it was absolutely amazing!!!

Gyllenhaal was fantastic. @RealHughJackman has his work cut out for him tonight. I'm not worried tho #theriver #Constellations

Parallel universes and free will, blended with the undeniable chemistry between two people make for a fascinating evening of theatre with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in Nick Payne's Constellations

Just saw #Constellations and it was amazing! Afterward, someone asked where I got my Justice League UmbrellaSo today I saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson on Broadway in "Constellations." It was a very unique performance!! I also got to meet the celebrities and take pictures with them after the show briefly when they came out to sign autographs. Jake seemed so sweet! Apparently I am not immune to feeling star struck...

Constellations w/ Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhall tour de force that transforms emotions each minute. Relativity+quantum mechanics+love story

#Constellations just made me reevaluate everything I thought I knew about the world. My mind is blown, and now I wish I were a quantum physicist. Incredible.

steven did not like it (granted it wasn't the most original idea), but I thought it was beautiful in its message/simplicity. Also Jake Gyllenhaal

LOVED Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in Constellations. Still have mixed feelings on the play itself like I did in London. Constellations is more of a fun acting exercise that seems more fun for them than us, but Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson def utilize that.

The bright lights of Broadway did not prevent me from seeing stars tonight. No I don't mean celebrities, although Jake Gyllenhaal is phenomenal in his Broadway debut of Constellations right beside his endearing costar Ruth Wilson. A two person, 70 minute no intermission show that is captivating throughout the entire duration leaving you a little unsatisfied that it ever has to end. Literally within the flash of light they change time and emotions and are able to evoke that chaotic rollercoaster on the entire audience. I strongly recommend you go see the stellar show for yourselves. Guys take your Girls. Girls take your Girls. Girls take your Guys. Guys take your Guys.

All of the alternate versions of myself that didn't go see #Constellations at @MTC_NYC tonight are very upset. Don't make their mistakes.

Snow tires or seeing Jake on Broadway ?! Even my husband agrees, see you in March NYC! #Constellations

2015 theater-going has a lot to live up to because my first show of the year - Constellations - was AMAZING. And since I was first in line for rush, we had 2nd row seats. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were awesome, the play was thought-provoking and I consider this to be one of my favorite theater experiences. I can now cross the Friedman off my list.

We had front row seats to #Constellations. This show is amazing and seeing Jake Gyllenhaal up close and personal helps too.

As a human who is generally not into dudes, I can confirm that up close and personal, and using a British accent, and wearing verrry well-fitting jeans, Jake Gyllenhaal is a beautiful specimen of a human man.

@MTC_NYC #Constellations is fantastic. Will write review after opening. No knowledge of quantum physics required! #broadway #theatre

For anyone interested, Constellations was astounding. See it before it's gone!

Jake Gyllenhaal perfectly portrayed life. What's meant to be, will be. Even if I could, I wouldn't change a single thing. 😊 #Constellations

Saw this a few weeks ago. If you roll with the stop-and-start nature of it, it's very engrossing. The performances are outstanding!

Okay who went home after @MTC_NYC's #Constellations and tried to lick their elbows? #YouKnowYouDid

We just saw the most amazing play. Constellations with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. Sublime.

Seeing Constellations made me realize that in an alternate universe Jake Gyllenhaal is my boyfriend. Thanks @joxfeld for bringing me my boyfriend.

CONSTELLATIONS - interesting play - I understood and followed the premise. Really wouldn't be produced here probably without the great Jake and Ruth - worth seeing them in this exercise of a play.
we liked "Constellations" a lot - agree that the amazing cast really makes it snap.

A play with a two-character cast about a string of life and love's endless possibilities; imagine a love story strung, like the eponymous theory, between Einstein's relativity and quantum physics. YEP, it was a mind bender and for all of its cerebral twists, it was simultaneously emotionally intense and satisfying, thanks to stellar performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson!!

A beautiful story gently and joyfully unpacked... Perfectly integrated #design, #performances and #direction #Constellations @MTC_NYC

You heard it here: ALL actors MUST see #Constellations @MTC_NYC. The writing.The direction.The delivery. #requiredseeing #masterclass #brill

"Honeybees have an unfailing clarity of purpose" 10/10 #CONSTELLATIONS #jakegyllenhaal #ruthwilson #broadway #play #nyc #thinks

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson were glorious last night in CONSTELLATIONS.

Blown away by Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal in Constellations at @MTC_NYC - great chemistry, great acting.

Jake Gyllenhaal had a British accent last night in the play, safe to say my life was complete

Amazing actors, amazing set, amazing lighting, amazing play, Constellations.

Didn't get to officially meet him but I did catch a glimpse of his beautiful little face and see his equally beautiful performance. #jakegyllenhaal #constellations

It's blessed with two wonderful actors. They make each variation work. At this point I would call it more of a writing exercise than a play, but there is enough there for us to dwell on and perhaps it will hold up better than I expect with time.

Constellations at MTC with my amazing date to see my husband #jakegyllenhaal @ Manhattan
Tonight, I had a conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal. He looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and exchanged words with me. And I cried.

WE MET JAKE GYLLENHAAL!! He was amazing in #constellations!

Seeing #JakeGyllenhaal tonight in his Broadway debut! And secretly hoping he still has his SOUTHPAW body to witness it in the...flesh.

Saw #JakeGyllenhaal #ruthwilson in #Constellations on Broadway. Amazin acting & dialogue. Learnd bout string theory 2

What a night! Watched Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in Constellations -10 feet from them for 70 mins. I laughed, cringed, giggled and cried. Then an amazing filet at Keens. Now enjoying an amazing view of the city. Pinch me.

The acting was superb and it was very entertaining

we went to see "Constellations" on bway with Jake Gyllenhaal....he really is a brilliant actor. interesting play....think "sliding doors"....

It was so good! Would love to hear what you think of it!
Best show I've seen. Incredible. They were all of the things. Yes and yes.

"Constellations" was an engaging play telling the tale of how one couple met and their trials and tribulations thru life. A wonderfully abstract staging of an emotional story, with some added comic relief.

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in Constellations. Not sure I really got the point.

Caught #CONSTELLATIONS tonight on Broadway. Jake Gyllenhaal continues to push himself. Great night of theater.

I'd imagine heaven is something similar to Jake Gyllenhaal with a British accent. 😍😍😍 #Constellations was amazing. #broadway

#Constellations w Jake Gyllenhaal + Ruth Wilson.Wonderful 90 min.Perfect English accent from him. She's less scary than she is on Luther.

#Constellations is brilliant. And James Gyllenhaal's in it!! What more do you need?!

Another day, another play. Didn't really like the #Constellations plot, but Jake Gyllenhaal's always nice to look at.

Starting 2015 with #Constellations was absolutely inspiring. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson (if you watch The Affair, you already love her) are near flawless in the two-person show depicting the theory that the outcomes of every choice you've ever made -- or not made -- exist in parallel realities (the multiverse). Nick Payne balances the existential with humor and romance perfectly. Go see it!

The play "Constellations" is brilliant, and the acting by Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson is among the very best I've seen. See this drama!

Congratulations Ruth Wilson & Jake Gyllenhaal with Constellations tonight. Payne knows how to hit a nerve!! #whiteballoons

Night life! You had to concentrate watching Constellation

After seeing Jake Gyllenhaal trying to lick his own elbow, I don't think 2015 can get any more interesting.

Such an awesome show! My baby daddy #jakegyllenhaal killed it! #nyc #constellations #broadway
Jealous! I heard good things about this play. Have fun tonight!
it was amazing! He's such a fantastic actor. Made me tear up. Come to NY and see it! I'll go again
That's awesome! I wish I could get on a plane like now! Was he gorgeous? I bet he was gorgeous...
So gorgeous! and with a british accent. I died!
Ugh you're killing me!
I'll def be having sweet dreams tonight!

Amazing play that investigates multiple timelines and alternate universes to conclude jake gyllenhaal is still attractive.


UltraViolet said...

Great news: Jake Gyllenhaal & Ruth Wilson-led CONSTELLATIONS shines bright on the Great White Way:

Two shows that recently opened on Broadway to generally positive reviews are beginning to reap the benefit of good notices. Constellations, led by screen favorites Jake Gyllenhaal and 2015 Golden Globe winner Ruth Wilson, inched toward full capacity at 99.6% in its first full week post-opening (plus one added performance). Expect grosses to climb as well as the Manhattan Theatre Club production continues at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

I'll be addend a huge collection of tweets to the post, as well.

Anonymous said...

Jake talking to Leo and Leo listening intently may be the cutest thing I've ever seen :)


UltraViolet said...

A couple of great new reviews:


It is unlikely that you will have ever seen a play quite like this. It is dazzling in absolutely every way.

The cast of two charts the multiverse possible relationships of two people, Roland and Marianne. We see them meet, date, get together, cheat on each other, separate, reacquaint, get married and then face mortality head on. While these are the elements of the story, each element is covered multiple times and in multiple ways, as the myriad of possibilities that the multiverse offers are examined.

So the actors repeat much the same lines scene after scene, but with different emphasis or intent, or as slightly different versions of the same characters. This could, fairly obviously, become tiresome and repetitive. But not in Longhurst’s magnificent production.

The acting is of the highest order. Every word, every pause, every gesture – all is precisely calibrated and thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum interest, a real involvement in the many disparate lives of these two intriguing characters. Once the foundations are set in the early scenes, Payne’s work is free to explore the many ways this relationship could play out, all of which could lead to the final end point, or at least one of them.

Along the way, there are very funny scenes, scenes full of misunderstanding and anger, scenes of aching honesty and brutal realism – a tapestry of experiences that together present a rich and complex sense of intertwined lives.

Jake Gyllenhaal proves to be entirely perfect as the ordinary bee-keeper, Roland. His English accent is perfect as is his sense of the ordinariness of this gentle, loving man who comes to adore – and need – Marianne. Every version of every repeated scene is different in Gyllenhaal’s hands and he astutely permits the audience to follow the shimmering changes in each version of his life we see.

He conveys awkwardness as convincingly as he permits understanding of pent-up frustration and the deep truth of his love. It’s a marvellous, technically astonishing performance – riveting and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Ruth Wilson is equally wonderful and technically agile as the quirky scientist who becomes the love of Roland’s life. Wilson brings a saucy humour to the piece which is welcome, especially as it slices away at the sober facade of Gyllenhaal’s blokey Roland. She is very very funny, but also fragile and stern and unfair – whatever the situation requires, Wilson provides.

And sometimes the choices are unexpected, and all the more rewarding for that. Particularly impressive was the way both actors handled the several scenes where Roland proposes to Marianne – the range on show in this handful of scenes was truly breath-taking and it would be the hardest of hearts that did not melt at some point during that sequence.

Some aspects of the play are very bleak, but both Gyllenhaal and Wilson ensure that the humanity and realism of their characters lessens the edge of that bleakness. It is simply wonderful to see such gifted, creative and resonant performances.

Everything about the production sings. Lee Curran’s lighting design is immaculate and adds to the sense of the multiverse experience expertly. Simon Slater’s music is haunting and drives along the pulse of the drama.

Who knew a play so rooted in scientific principles and which confronts the pointy end of death’s embrace with such raw and incisive candour could also be joyful and utterly life-affirming? Nick Payne. Who, for my money has, with Constellations, out-Stopparded Stoppard himself. Quite an achievement.

A perfect piece of theatrical ingenuity. Spellbinding.


UltraViolet said...

And from WNYC:

The shambling Gyllenhaal and goofy Wilson have an understated, regular-folks kind of chemistry that grounds in reality what could otherwise be too academic. The multiple line readings and dramatic storylines must be catnip for actors — in the wrong hands, Nick Payne's play could easily be a drama club exercise showing off theatrical virtuosity. Instead, the actors' slight shifts in tone and posture have a tremendous thematic impact, telling us that sometimes, what changes our lives is not what we say, but how we say it. Confidence, love, affection, humor, respect: these are the sentiments that make all the difference to the strength and longevity of a relationship.

Director Michael Longhurst keeps the narrative tight and (surprisingly) comprehensible. He's aided by Tom Scutt's set, almost a character in itself. The luminescent balloons become ominous thunderclouds and falling petals. They celebrate love, offer futile signs of hope in a hospital room, and indicate, with a random, sparkling pattern, that the universe is being rearranged.

"Constellations" is one of those rare shows that takes well-tread territory and manages to create something delightfully new. It's wry, funny, hopeful — and for a play that is centered on theoretical physics, heartbreakingly real.

UltraViolet said...

Malavika, yes! I just couldn't resist adding that photo to the post.

bobbyanna said...

Love Leo & Jake! : )
UV, these fan pics are so sweet! Jake looks really good, and he seems relaxed and really into it!
I'm glad he's experiencing all this positive response to his work in the play.

Monica said...

Edgar Wright worked eight years in Ant-Man, until he dropped out. Marvel wouldn't have approved his changes about the character. You can read some details of what happened on THR.

He is currently working on a new film, Baby Driver, which has Ansel Egort in talks to star:

Plot follows a talented, young getaway driver who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. But after being coerced into working for a crime boss, he must face the music when a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.

Anonymous said...

Not sure you have seen Razzie nominees this years, just for curiosity, maybe next year will be more interesting for us with Accidental love. what just made me laugh is "number one snub actress". SV



UltraViolet said...

A brief video of Jake and Edgar. Leo is so cute!

Seth Meyers went to see the play on Friday and had Ruth Wilson on his show last night.

I saw Constellations again on Saturday afternoon. I noticed certain differences on stage. From the start - there was entrance applause when the actors first appeared on stage.

Jake and Ruth seemed more tactile: Jake wiped away her tears on a few occasions. I don't remember that from the opening previews. They seemed to have a different way hand-holding-arm kind of thing. More importantly, Ruth's character seemed more in love with Jake's character. In preview week, she sometimes seemed more annoyed with him than anything else.

Part of that is the character but part is a slight change in the way it's played, I think.

There was a discussion after the play, but neither Jake nor Ruth attended. That was too bad, but the conversation was interesting. A lot of people stayed for it, and the talk was enlightening.

Mary said...

Glad Constellations is doing so well. Jake looks really happy and relaxed. Love the pic of him and Leo too.

Daniela said...

I love to see pictures of jake with fans, it seems that further reinforces how much is loved .

Monica said...

ThePlaylist ‏@ThePlaylist
Jake Gyllenhaal's SOUTHPAW set for July 31 release. One of our Most Anticipated Films Of 2015 http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/the-100-most-anticipated-films-of-2015-20150105?page=2 …

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for THR article, Monica! Looks like they're still giving Edgar a writing credit on IMDB. The article makes Marvel seem awful to work for. No creative control, no vision.

UV, thanks for the video of Jake & Leo with Edgar Wright. LOL! Leo seems very friendly.

Monica said...

I just want to say that the release date for Southpaw wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it was going to debut later in the year at some festival.

UltraViolet said...

It is a surprising date. Maybe they'll premiere it at Cannes! I haven't read the story, but I assume they need to space it away from Jake's fall movie(s). And I guess they think it can make some summer bank?

AS for the fan photos: I admit to choosing only ones where Jake is smiling. He is really smiling in a lot of them, and that makes me smile. He's definitely taken some where he looks tired or not so thrilled. But most have been pretty happy.

I love a lot of those tweets. I know there's a lot there, but please read them if you have the chance. There are a lot of funny ones and a lot of praise for Jake. Some famous fans in there, as well.

Anonymous said...

That date seems to be wide release in July, so seems Weinstein will put award energy to Macbeth, Carol, Hateful Eight or Tulip Fever. But well Grand Budapest Hotel was also released in March last year, but I would move SP release date on October. They won't probably fight with Everest. But it is pity for all that effort put into the movie. SV

BlueJean said...

That first pic of Jake and Leo had me smiling from ear to ear! Cute - cuter - cutest! :)

Fun post, UV! I love all those little tweets, as you know. I'll read them all, I promise! :)

Was it the third time you saw 'Constellations'? Maybe a chance for a selfie with Jake? ;)

*starts reading the tweets*

Monica said...

But it is pity for all that effort put into the movie.

There's no way to know if a movie will work or not, so he always has to give his best in every film.
Now, Antoine Fuqua never made me excited (most of his films are rotten) and the plot has always sounded cliché.

Extra said...

I love the pic of Jake and Leo, I can't believe how Leo has grown!

Love all the tweets and praise for Constellations, I hope it takes the sting out of the Oscar snub for Jake.

Thrilled that the play is doing so well.

UltraViolet said...

I don't think you can draw any conclusions from the opening date. Let's wait to see how the movie is received before deciding it was all for naught.

There's been a lot of talk about the fake baby used in American Sniper:

#JakeGyllenhaal the #NightCrawler is liable for exposing that #FakeBaby in #TheAmericanSniper hello #AcademyAwards ahahaha!


Tweets from last night's State of the Union:

When is Obama going to comment on the Jake Gyllenhaal best actor snub?

Obama to address the rising Jake Gyllenhaal controversy before more blood is spilled.

Double LOL.

And for the play:

Got to meet and talk to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson!:) Also got to see Rachel Weisz and Malin Ackerman

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows release date is important for awards season starting with TIFF. And the same as Ali, Fighter, Wrestler and Raging Bull it should be likable for academy. And honestly Jake won't live forever from NC or other indie movies. If you want to see him in better flicks I think he needs that award. There are many peers in his age as Gosling, Fassbender, Hardy, which are on awards way sooner or later and would be nice to see him first with Oscar.

Comics are extreme, but I'd like to see him in more epic movies as well ala Inception, Heat, Collateral, Wolf of the Street. But I don't see Scorsese, Inarritu or Nolan would pick him, while Hardy is on a good way. They can laugh from "fakebaby", but Cooper is becoming one of the most required superstars considering AS not just got him that WTF nomination, but weekend box office was over 90 MIL USD, usually LOTR like movies got such a huge sales for one weekend. That release date was supposed to be later unless Weinstein alone saw it and think it is too weak, but in March in Cannes he rushed to show video with Jake working out in gym, so something has changed. SV

Chica said...

The opening date for Southpaw is a little odd, I thought that it would open
Later in the year.
These tweets are great UV, I only saw one negative review from Rex Reed (I honestly
Thought he was dead, LOL!!) Leo is adorable and I love the fan photos!
I saw Constellations and I forgot to add to my review that I posed in the previous post
That it was a full house! It should do very well on Valentine’s Day 
Here is my re-posted review:
I saw Constellations last week and I can see why Jake and Ruth were attracted to this play. I was blown away with their chemistry and their interactions.

The play is short, just 70 min. and in those 70 min. they shift positions around 68 times replaying their relationship which was both thrilling and exhausting!

The ease and comfort they have onstage is beautiful. It reminded me a bit of the movie Sliding Doors.

The relationship is sexy, funny, sad and oh so clever. A truly original play with incredible performances by Jake and Ruth. Even if Jake wasn't in this play I would have still loved it.

UltraViolet said...

SV, yes, everyone knows release dates are important. Everyone also knows that Jake has three movies coming out next year and if they all come out in the fall, at least one of them will suffer.

Or maybe Southpaw isn't as good as we hoped it would be. Who knows? Not me and not you.

You are not the only person who knows how things work in the film world, okay. You can have strong opinions but you don't need to be so dismissive of other people.

UltraViolet said...

Chica, I'm sorry I missed your review and then made a new post! So glad you liked it.

I think I was more dazzled the second time. Not sure what I was expecting the first time. I might have just been nervous!

I also think I would have liked the play with other actors, but I'm so happy Jake is getting to do it. And really happy that the tickets are selling well.

The ease and comfort they have onstage is beautiful.

It really is. They are totally natural together.

bobbyanna said...

Oh, well. I'm very optimistic about Southpaw, and I agree, UV, we can't really draw any conclusions from the July 31st release date. There must be a good reason for the date. These things are not arbitrary. I certainly don't regard it as a negative. Plus, the date it may change. it's happened before.

There are two other films that may be scheduled for release in 2015, so I'll wait to see how this all develops. I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing at least one of them hit the festival circuit.

Chica thanks for your review! Glad you got there! : )

Hagen said...

I only saw one negative review from Rex Reed (I honestly Thought he was dead, LOL!!)
LOL, how mean is that?! xD

It's always good to read the positive reactions to "Constellations". :-)

He is really smiling in a lot of [pictures], and that makes me smile.
It's really a far cry from the opening days of "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" when Jake got away secretly.

When is Obama going to comment on the Jake Gyllenhaal best actor snub?
Obama to address the rising Jake Gyllenhaal controversy before more blood is spilled.


Of course, I'm on 'Team Leo' as well.

I'm fine with the release date for "Southpaw". It won't take too long until we can see it. (Hopefully it will open in Germany in summer, too.) Frankly I don't care if there will be an awards campaign or not.

Anonymous said...

Some of the tweets are so funny, UV!
All the alternative versions of me...and also the actual me... are very upset too I'm not going to see the play!
Does anybody know why he had to play a british accent?... and not Ruth Wilson?
ps: jake and leo 'communicating' are amazing!

Anonymous said...

OK, UV, this was the last one, because things shouldn't be taken personally then bye. SV

UltraViolet said...

No need to leave. Not taking things personally goes both ways. Don't be dismissive of other people just to promote your own opinion.

I haven't seen any blogger types comment on the release date. Curious what the reaction will be.

Hagen said...

Slash Film: Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Grimsby’ Delayed to 2016 - Grimsby was originally slated to open July 31 of this year, opposite the Tarsem Singh thriller Self/Less, the Antoine Fuqua boxing drama Southpaw, and the action remake Point Break.

Hagen said...

I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before: James Horner has been engaged to write the score for "Southpaw". James Horner: "It'll be really edgy, but it will be very simple. No big orchestras."

Hagen said...

Speaking of alternate universes I'm curious how "Mississippi Grind" will turn out to be. It will premiere on Saturday at Sundance.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the news, Hagen. James Horner is an interesting choice. I usually associate him with big orchestras not with "edgy." : )

Mississippi Grind. Yes it will be interesting to see how it fares.

Canuck_Cutie said...

Per Variety & The Hollywood Reporter Jake has passed on the role in The Suicide Squad.

UltraViolet said...

Well, at least I don't have to see that movie now! Still have no idea if it would have been the right movie for Jake. But he's been making pretty good choices lately, so that's that.

Good review for Jake and Ruth, and a little less so for the play, from the Village Voice:

Hey, don't blame all these do-overs on the newcomers onstage. This production might mark Gyllenhaal's and Wilson's much-anticipated Broadway debuts, but both already hold their own as seasoned stage actors. Nope, all this rewinding is deeply purposeful. As the physicist Marianne tells us, our lives take part in the "Quantum Multiverse." Just imagine: "Every decision you've ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes." …

Although he plays a nerdy, fumbling beekeeper, Gyllenhaal brings a steady, assured presence to this two-hander. He's the bigger star stateside, of course, but it makes an even pairing. Wilson — best known to Yanks from her role on Showtime's The Affair — plugs in to a high wattage as the alert, tightly wound Marianne. She's especially fine in the late sections, when a health crisis forces the scientist to confront her vulnerabilities. …

Monica said...

This is great news. I was reading the comments, it seems that this is a small character, many even think that he is weak. For someone almost was Batman and Spiderman...

Piruleta said...

Yeah, I have to say that I'm relieved by this news, for what I've been reading it didn't sound really good.

I'm happy the play is doing well.

Now on my desperate news lol I'm not sure if I'm going to go see Nightcrawler next week, the distributor released the Spanish trailer and the dubbing is horrible! We have really great dubbing actors here and the one who usually does Jake's voice is actually pretty good, but for whatever reason the distributor didn't call him, and none of the others who usually do the other actors. They've been bombarded with angry tweets everyone is quite pissed off. I will have to wait if I want to see the original version :(

bobbyanna said...

Me, too. : ) I'm relieved that Jake passed on Suicide Squad.

BlueJean said...

"And honestly Jake won't live forever from NC or other indie movies. If you want to see him in better flicks I think he needs that award."

Uhm... I happen to think Jake's doing pretty well for himself, SV. "Better flicks"... I don't think there's anyone who will tell him to pick "better flicks". Bigger budgets? Yes, fine. A different type of movie? Yes, maybe. But not "better".

Please let Jake choose his own projects. He must've had his reasons for turning down 'Suicide Squad', and to me it shows he isn't after a quick success in a (potentially) rubbish movie.

I hope he'll continue his current path - unusual, risky choices. It makes him such an interesting actor. Far more interesting than many other actors out there.

He'll get that Oscar someday, you know. He really will. Just wait ;)

BlueJean said...

P.S. Thinking of Heath today, guys. Seven years already. Damn :((

Piruleta said...

P.S. Thinking of Heath today, guys. Seven years already. Damn :((

Can't believe it's been this long already

For what I've been reading even comic fans are saying this is a good move for Jake and that he deserves a better role.

Here is a still from Nightcrawler I haven't seen before

Hagen said...

Entertainment Weekly: The actor added 25 pounds of muscle during six months of training. ”I watched him vomit in the gym and almost pass out,” Fuqua recently told EW. ”I watched him take gut shots to the ribs, get dropped. You can’t ask for more than what he did. And it’s not because of some Hollywood reason. Jake gives you his heart.”

Dish Nation: “Jake really took his role as a boxer very seriously and insisted that the fight scenes were as realistic as possible,” an industry source told Dish. “That means that along with the 30-pound muscle gain required for the role, Jake also had to a lot of punches to the head and body.”

And the​ committed​ star was so bruised and battered filming scenes in the ring, that movie insurance agencies had to make sure that Gyllenhaal was not left with any permanent damage!

“​Som​e ​on set were worried about the impact of ​​the blows​. It meant​ movie insurers insisted once filming had wrapped that he had to undergo an extensive check up,” the source dished.“Jake was X-rayed, just to make sure no ribs were cracked and bruising to the body was just bruising and nothing more serious. Then he had to have an MRI scan to see that there was no damage or lasting effects to his brain​ or vision​.”

Anonymous said...

Seems like they should have made sure he didn't get brain injuries before the fights not after. I'm just glad they didn't mess up his beautiful face.

Daniela said...

He indulges in films, already gave up his own blood, I love that about him !! since it does not harm

Hagen said...

The award season never ends: Why Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson are the Tony contenders to beat (NY Post)

Hagen said...

Do we know if Jake will attend SAG awards? He's not included in this seating arrangement. It's not complete anyway, but still.

bobbyanna said...

Just saw this on Twitter:

"Jude Law in the audience at Constellations. Ruth Wilson and Jake Gyllenhaal both brilliant in one very interesting play."

Hagen, I know! LOL! I think awards are just something to write about at this point, although the enthusiasm has been pretty amazing.

I don't think Jake is going to SAF. Just a feeling I have. I haven't read anything, but he has a performance Sunday afternoon. I guess he could jump on a plane and get there in the nick of time. I would love to see him there, but I don't think it's going to happen.

bobbyanna said...

Oops. Meant "SAG" not SAF.

Hagen said...

I would love to see him there, but I don't think it's going to happen.
That's what I think, too. I guess Rene Russo would accept on his behalf (or maybe Maggie).

Hagen said...

Both "End of Watch" and "Nightcrawler" are in the Top 5 of Open Road Film's highest grossing movies. I get the feeling that Open Road and Jake will team up again in the future.

UltraViolet said...

I don't want to get myself excited for the Tonys and then have that all fizzle out. But you just can't avoid the speculation. It's great to see what a hot ticket Constellations has become.

UltraViolet said...

Seven years for Heath. It's hard to process. And still hard to believe.

Michelle said...

Do we know if Jake will be there tonight or not yet? Don't they usually have two shows on Sunday, it's strange that he has only an early show today?

Also, I know it's not exactly Jake news but his dad, Stephen, became a father again at the end of last year. Congratulations to the family on the new addition.

Sag Actor said...

I doubt Jake will be attending the Sag Awards. The East Coast will be hit with a major storm tomorrow and that would effect travel back on Tuesday.
I will be watching the award, Birdman winning the PGA last night was a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, Broadway usually has two shows on Saturday, and one afternoon show on Sunday.

UltraViolet said...

So frustrating to watch these awards when Jake should be there. What do er have left of this - a month?

I added a new TV ad for Constellations - at the top of the post.

Maggie, on Jake's Oscar snub:

Both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal are up for SAG Awards on Sunday night, with Maggie nominated for best actress in a TV movie or miniseries for her role BBC/Sundance's The Honourable Woman and Jake up for best actor for his role in Nightcrawler.

But while Jake received Golden Globe, Critics Choice and Independent Spirit nominations for his role as freelance videographer Lou Bloom, he was memorably snubbed by the Oscars, not earning an Academy Award nomination.

When speaking to E! on the red carpet ahead of the SAG Awards, Maggie said that while she was disappointed that her brother wasn't nominated for an Oscar, "It's not a meritocracy."

She argued that there are other things that go into whether or not someone's nominated for an Oscar, adding, "It's not like, 'you're the best and you're the second best and you're the third best…' " Nightcrawler was nominated for best original screenplay, with Jake's performance earning him numerous accolades from critics groups and other organizations.

Maybe it sounded better than it reads...

Monica said...

RedCarpet won meh

UltraViolet said...

Better than Keaton or Cumberbatch winning, in my estimation. I'll never understand the love for Birdman.

Monica said...

I'll never understand the love for The Theory of Everything!!!

UltraViolet said...


I don't think it's a great movie, but it's at least about something that matters. But show biz loves nothing more than movies about itself. Hence Birdman. Or the Expected Virtue of Hollywood.

Monica said...

meh is the worst movie of the nominees in my opinion.

Knowing that Jake wasn't going to win, Keaton was robbed.

bobbyanna said...

I thought Theory was a weak movie, but Eddie was outstanding.

Since Jake didn't win, I'm happy for Eddie. I guess I would be fine with Michael Keaton, or Benedict Cumberbatch too.

I just don't want to see Bradley Cooper or Steve Carrell win anything. Don't want their movies to win either. :(

BlueJean said...

"What do er have left of this - a month?"

Oh no! ;))) Cheer up, UV! Jake's time will come one day - I just know it! And maybe sooner than we think... next year?!

bobbyanna said...

OONP, Chica, UV and everyone else affected by this winter storm, hope you all stay safe! Be glad you don't have Constellation tickets for Tuesday night...or possibly Wednesday. : )

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Bobbyanna! You keep safe as well. CT. is being hit hard, I worked from home today and will
tomorrow too. Good thing Jake didn't go to the Sag
Awards, it would have been a pain in the ass to get
back to NY.
I loved that new Constellations commercial UV :)

The NY critics have really embraced this play, Jake and Ruth.

Watched most of the Awards and the only surprise win was Eddie over Michael for best actor.

UltraViolet said...

Hunkered down here in Boston, as well.

Just saw that Mission IMpossible is now going to open on 7/31, as well. I hope Southpaw moves or it's going to get knocked out.

BlueJean said...

"I hope Southpaw moves or it's going to get knocked out."

"Knocked out"... ha ha!

I saw it as well. Typical. Must be just Jake's luck, for such a big film to premiere on the same day :/

Why not move Southpaw a month? Might be better for Jake's Oscar chances next year as well *optimistic* :)

Take care of yourselves, everyone! xx

Chica said...

The blizzard was downgraded to a snowstorm here in NY. I got off early yesterday and off from work today!

Hagen said...

Stay safe and warm! :-)

"Nightcrawler" is now available on iTunes.

UniversalPicturesEnt ‏@UniversalEnt
Jake Gyllenhaal is unforgettable in #Nightcrawler The Oscar nominated film NOW on Digital HD

GoldDerby: Tony Awards preview: What is ahead for Best Play?
The current frontrunner is "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time," Simon Stephens's adaptation of the best-selling novel by Mark Haddon, while Nick Payne's "Constellations" is its strongest currently-running rival. "Constellations," a 70-minute consideration of multiple universes, is a smash hit with much-touted performances by its cast of two, Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson (both will probably receive Tony noms). The short play is doing so well there are rumblings that it should transfer to another Broadway theater at the end of its limited Manhattan Theater Club run.

I hope Weinstein will find a better release date for "Southpaw". I think there are still some good options left.

Anonymous said...

the short play is doing so well there are rumblings that it should transfer to another Broadway theater at the end of its limited Manhattan Theater Club run

Well, if they need to find some place somewhere else, I guess we can find a little theatre for them here in Italy too... :)

On SAG awards... I wasn't expecting that much and all I read is that Eddie Redmayne really deserved it (I haven't seen the movie yet)... maybe from the Actors I was hoping in a braver choice than the 'usual' award for another genius-with-strong-handicap-character (no offense to anyone, of course!)...

However... keep warm out there!! If anyone stayed stucked in the theatre with Ruth and Jake for the storm... sooo sorry for them! :)


Piruleta said...

Nightcrawler finally arrives to Spain this Friday, there's been press screenings earlier this week. I've been following their reactions on twitter and some of the reviews are already coming out, and the vast majority have loved the movie. I even read there were journalists that went to see it again on the second screening lol.

Another interesting thing is that I don't think I've read a single review that doesn't mention Jake's snub, almost everyone agrees he should've been nominated. I'm over this year's Oscar really, but it's nice to see the Spanish press also supporting Jake's performance (and the movie).

And now some article I've found:

Why ‘Nightcrawler’ Is This Year’s ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’

David Fincher Saved Jake Gyllenhaal: How The Director Helped Donnie Get Darker

Hagen said...

There are hardly any informations about foreign distributors for "Southpaw" on IMDb. So I'm glad to have learned that there is a German distributor for this film (Tobis); the company also distributed "End of Watch" and "Prisoners".

Hagen said...

Cam Williams @MrCamW
Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Southpaw' gets a 20 August 2015 release in Australia

UltraViolet said...

Glad to hear Southpaw distribution news, Hagen. I'm still hoping for a date change but I guess we'll see.

I'm up absurdly late/early, watching the women's final in Melbourne. I usually root for Serena, but I'm feeling a bit of sympathy for Sharapova.

UltraViolet said...

Piruleta, thanks for the Spain NC news. Happy to know the critics like it. I forgot that it hadn't opened there yet. I hope it does well.

Box Office Mojo has stopped reporting international box office, which is a drag.

UltraViolet said...

Congratulations to Serena. She is amazing. And now I'm wide awake.

Oh well - good timing for finding tweets:

1:26 AM - 31 Jan 2015
Oh did you just sit next to Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson (from the affair) at Veselka? Oh no wait that was me

I have never made eye contact with a more beautiful man in my entire life. Jake, you are probably the most perfect human. I'm obsessed.

Now we must go see Constellations and support them both in their Broadway endeavors

And LOL:

last time I was at Veselka I saw Ezra Koenig and this time JAKE GYLLENHAAL walks past me as we're leaving 😍 nyc you never fail to impress


And a double night of theater:

Ruth Wilson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Leighton Meester at the @HedwigOnBway late show tonight.

15-year-old me finally got to see JCM as Hedwig. I melted, thawed & resolved into a damn puddle of joy. Also, Constellations is a near perfect two-hander. I saw two perfect shows in one night. Lucky lucky lucky duck.

Know who else was at the 10pm? The stars of Constellations. Also, me. #sorryimissedyou

Ahh thought I saw you! But I got distracted by all the rock n' roll. And Gyllenhaal. So much Gyllenhaal. #raincheckhug

Double shot of Gyllenhaal for you tonight #PrettyMuchDating

And from EW writer Mark Harris:

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal in Bway's Constellations tonight--a cool, challenging short play. He's a terrific, amazingly adept stage actor.

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley
@MarkHarrisNYC Did you see the last one he did? (Might have been two back, actually. In 2012.)

Yes--I really liked him in that as well (it's by the same playwright). Again, plays a Brit--to my

Kristopher Tapley ‏@kristapley
God he CRUSHED that one. The accent and the pacing of the speech, etc. Blew me away.

Other responses to Mark Harris:

the proposal scene(s)

cool!; his film body of work is dope too; who else can sport 3 iconic characters like #DonnieDarko, #JackTwist & #LouisBloom?

Loved Jake in both plays but in this one Ruth Wilson had a slightly showier part.

Saw it in previews over Christmas Mark & couldn't agree more. Watched Nightcrawler tonight. That man can act!

Guy Lodge ‏@GuyLodge
Glad he's making the most of it. Still, saw the play in London with Rafe Spall and Sally Hawkins and wouldn't trade either.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for these, UV! Loved reading them, as always.

Monica said...

Gilroy, meanwhile, talked about the freedom of writing something as rule-breaking as "Nightcrawler," which became a financial and critical success in the heightened genre realm. "I feel increasingly strained by the small box you're in [as a writer]," he said. "'Characters have to be redemptive.' 'You have to like them.' And I was just in an ornery mood. So I came up with a character who has no arc, no redemption." The crowd, full of its share of screenwriters, erupted into applause at that.

Monica said...

Very happy that Jake turned down Into the Woods. That would have been a waste of talent, time, everything. Emily Blunt is the only good thing about this movie.

UltraViolet said...

New England waking up as Super Bowl champions! And to a blizzard. Hope everyone stays warm out there. Yay, Patriots!

bobbyanna said...

Congratulations to your Patriots, UV!!! I'm looking at my driveway and the 14+ inches waiting for me & my trusty "vintage" snow blower. LOL! Everything here has shut down. Schools, businesses, trash pick up, etc.

New England hasn't recovered from the last blizzard, so I hope all of you take care. yesterday I watched it snow and "binge cooked." Today the sky is bright blue, it's sunny and clear,... and Zero degrees...kind of like TDAT. ; ) NYC's getting hammered right now too.

Piruleta said...

Nightcrawler has done very good in its first weekend in Spain. It's the second best average per copy (2.660 € - 3.010 $) of the weekend. The film has grossed 87.780 € (99.341 $) which is and impressive number if we take into account that Filmax has distributed only 33 copies for the whole country!, they haven't spent money on promotion, and that the film has arrived pretty late when it was already available online.

I haven't seen it yet tho, because where I live is one of the places that aren't showing the film, but I hope the good numbers end with more copies.

Hagen said...

The International Cinephile Society nominated Jake for "Best Actor" and Rene Russo for "Best Supporting Actress".

I watched the Super Bowl years ago, but I just didn't understand the rules.

Piruleta, the German distributor didn't handle "Nightcrawler" very well either, even though it's a very accessible movie, I think.

bobbyanna said...

Just saw this on Twitter from Page 6:

"Lupita Nyong’o, Alan Rickman, Jodie Foster and Busy Philipps among the stars braving the cold over the weekend to catch Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson in “Constellations” at Manhattan Theatre Club’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre "

It's great to see so many other actors supporting Jake & Ruth's play.

Monica said...

aww Busy Philipps, she loves Jake.

I was rooting for the Seahawks. :/

UltraViolet said...

Of course you were, Monica. We're always on opposite sports sides :)

Bobbyanna, I'm sorry you got slammed with snow, too. Ugh. Love to see all those folks going to Constellations!

Piruleta, thanks for the Spain numbers. Glad to hear it!

BJ, I'm so glad you enjoy the tweets. I get such a kick out of them. Glad I'm not alone :) I have a bunch more to come, as well.

Hagen, yay for another wards nom. I think Jake was nominated in the Gold Derby Awards, as well, for whatever that is worth.

As for the Super Bowl, half of the people I watched it with don't understand the rules, either :)

Love this tweet about the Oscar luncheon photo:

Can someone help me? I can't find Jake Gyllenhaal in the #Oscars class photo. Gotta be in there somewhere, right?

Mary said...

I'm loving all the tweets too and the fan pics also.

Hagen said...

It looks like "Southpaw" will be released in China.

Variety: [Chinese property and leisure industry giant Dalian Wanda] may not be prioritizing Hollywood investments, but it has quietly taken a position in Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming boxing drama “Southpaw,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal ...Wanda owns the largest cinema chain in China.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting. I wish we could get more accurate foreign box office figures. China is such a big market but we never really know how most films do there, if they play there.

Mary, glad you're enjoying them, too. I think a play every couple of years is a good thing for Jake. And us!

UltraViolet said...

A couple of funny tweets:

On a Jake Gyllenhaal kick while my wife is OOT (Nightcrawler, Enemy) bc I can watch the whole movie sans continual sighing. #YesHesDreamy

Mom to Ruth Wilson "you're my favorite actor!!!" Then Jake Gyllenhaal goes "hey what about me!!!!" #lol #momprobz

Twitter said...

Just soulcycled next to Jake Gyllenhaal. we're basically dating now. the end. #sopretty #hotbeard #sweatishot #dontfalloffthebikewhitney

Tweety said...

LOL @ the last tweet! I love reading through all these tweets and reviews.

I think Jake is at ease now with fans, he had his baptism with his last play!

The BAFTA'S are this Sunday (I Think).I check the schedule for Constellations for Sunday and there is a show for that night so he won't be attending.

Hagen said...

On a Jake Gyllenhaal kick while my wife is OOT (Nightcrawler, Enemy) bc I can watch the whole movie sans continual sighing. #YesHesDreamy

Mom to Ruth Wilson "you're my favorite actor!!!" Then Jake Gyllenhaal goes "hey what about me!!!!" #lol #momprobz


"Nightcrawler" has overtaken "Love and Other Drugs" at the US box office (Boxofficemojo).

Hagen said...

Despite of the lawsuit by Emmett Furla the production of "The Man Who Made It Snow" moves on:

Deadline: The Weinstein Company Teams Up With IM Global On Jake Gyllenhaal-Starrer ‘The Man Who Made It Snow’
The Weinstein Company will co-finance and distribute domestically IM Global and Antoine Fuqua’s The Man Who Made It Snow starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Produced by Fuqua Films, IM Global, and Gyllenhaal, the picture is the first film from Fuqua Film’s overall relationship with the leading independent film and TV financing, sales and distribution studio, and will start lensing later this year.

I take it as a sign that Weinstein is satisfied with "Southpaw".

Monica said...

I take it as a sign that Weinstein is satisfied with "Southpaw".

hmmm Harvey... anyway, I still not excited about Fuqua.

Of course you were, Monica. We're always on opposite sports sides :)


Anonymous said...

Fuqua sometimes makes more personal movies like Brooklyn's Finest, that his Fuqua Films also produced with less flashy popcorn, more issue-driven documentaries. It's probably better he and Jake agree on what stories to tell, than to wait for "better" directors to come along. In the past they haven't always worked out (as in sharing the creative process, decision-making with Jake as much as possible.) Gilroy was a complete novice, but Jake ensured the key parts would not sink. Acting can be a short career, the prime of an actor even shorter so time's a wasting;)

Piruleta said...


Anonymous said...

Finally watched Nightcrawler in Hong Kong. Twice:)

Audience seems love it, small room (200~300) but nearly full.


bobbyanna said...

Wish Jake could've gone to BAFTA. Saw Rene & Dan on the red carpet. Nightcrawler has 4 nominations. It looks like tonight may be Eddie Redmayne's night. I watched the red carpet and was impressed with the amount of affection his fellow actors have for him.

Monica said...

I also wanted him to be there too, Bobbyana. :/

I think Carrel is the weakest of all the nominees. He seemed all the time conscious of that makeup. And that makeup wouldn't let him act. His face didn't move. Tatum gives the best performance from that forgettable film.
Cooper gives a good performance. For the first time I liked him in a film.
I'm still rooting for Keaton.

It was a surprise AG Iñarratu winning best director at the DGA.

bobbyanna said...

I have a feeling the top Oscars will be similar to the top BAFTA awards.

Well. I'm really happy Nightcrawler, did so well. It really went much further than I ever thought it would.

Dan & Jake really need to work together again.

Haven't seen American Sniper. Probably won't.

bobbyanna said...

Forgot to say, I agree with you about Carrell, monica.

BlueJean said...

No BAFTAS for 'Nightcrawler'. None. Nothing.

I've watched most of it, but missed the red carpet. Will have to watch on YouTube for that. Tomorrow.

A bit sad for NC, but it was not unexpected, I must say. There was a lot of competition.

Monica said...

I hope Nightcrawler will win something at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday.

Bobbyana, Bradley is the best thing of AS.

Hagen said...

A beaten up Jake Gyllenhaal on set #Southpaw (thanks to @JakeG_Online)

Hagen said...

The Hollywood Reporter: In time for the film to sell to The Weinstein Company in Berlin, the case over the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer The Man Who Made It Snow has settled. In November, the thriller's production company Emmett Furla Oasis sued its screenwriter, Brett Tabor, claiming he'd breached their exclusive deal for EFO to produce and finance the picture, which was conditional on the company securing Gyllenhaal’s involvement. They claim they offered $6 million (though some sources say it was lower) to get Gyllenhaal for the lead role, an American who became involved in Colombian drug cartels in the 1980s, but meanwhile Tabor allegedly went behind EFO's back by pacting with IM Global for financing and distribution. The case now has been "very amicably" settled, says EFO's attorney Martin Barab. IM Global continues to represent the film to international distributors.

The Hollywood Reporter: In the days leading up to November's American Film Market, producers of The Man Who Made It Snow raced to close a deal with Jake Gyllenhaal to star as the Jewish engineer who infiltrated the Medellin drug cartel and helped build Pablo Escobar's empire. But negotiations became hung up on Gyllenhaal's payday for the $35 million indie film.

Only a few years ago, an actor like Gyllenhaal — who vacillates between full-fee studio movies and low-pay indie fare — might have been willing to work for scale or a mere $75,000. But times have changed. As the traditional indie model has been tweaked thanks to deep-pocketed backers ponying up for bigger-budget movies, stars can demand studio-style fees. Sources say producer Brett Tabor and IM Global agreed to pay Gyllenhaal $3 million plus backend for Man Who Made It Snow (same for director Antoine Fuqua), though a recent lawsuit alleges Gyllenhaal was offered $6 million. Fuqua, Gyllenhaal and Matt Jackson are also producers on the film.

"It's a balancing act," says IM Global chief Stuart Ford. "In the box-office universe we live in, theatrical movies need to feel like events. This has led to a pricing polarization of the indie marketplace between the relatively few movies that have 'event' potential and the rest."

Mary said...

UV hope you are surviving okay with all that snow.take care be safe.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, UV, the Northeast's really getting hammered. Take care.

Extra said...

I hope Jake and NC get some love at the Independent Spirit Awards, I'm rooting for Michael Keaton too Monica !

Be careful UV and keep warm , Boston is going to get hit again :(

Piruleta said...

Now that Spiderman has returned to MARVEL I've seen a lot of people suggesting Jake for the role. What do you think? I'm not a fan of comic/superheroes films but at the same time I liked all the Batman films…

UltraViolet said...

It's the snow that won't end. Ever. Thanks for checking up on me! We're all getting through it but it is no fun.I hope the Thursday storm fizzles out. And the Sunday storm :(

I'm supposed to make my way to NYC this weekend, so fingers crossed there's a break between storms.

Interesting story on The Man Who Made IT Snow, Hagen. I hope Jake is getting some good money for all these indies.

No surprise that NC and Jake didn't win at the BAFTAs. Would be nice for the ISAs to recognize both but I'm not holding my breath.

UltraViolet said...

I wondered about Jake as Spiderman as soon as I saw that news, Piruleta. I don't know what to think. I wouldn't mind Jake getting some of this press and attention. But I also don't want to have to pay attention to these movies :)

bobbyanna said...

(waves to UV!) I saw something on Just Jared about a lot of fans lobbying for Miles Morales. Apparently, in the Marvel universe, the Miles character is a Black/Hispanic teenager who eventually takes over Spiderman from Peter Parker in the comics. So who knows what direction they'll eventually take.

SO wish I was going to be in NYC for President's Weekend. : ( But alas. Hope you get there, but stay safe, UV. I'm not quite
5' tall so I'd be buried if I had to deal with all that snow.

Really hoping NC gets some love @ ISA. If not, I'm on Team Keaton too.: )

I'm really looking forward to the way they'll cast The Man Who Made It Snow. Should be very interesting. Jake deserves to get paid. He puts a lot into his roles and his movies are better for it.

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

He'll need to put a lot for this role, Bob. lol

He is too old to Spiderman.

I don't want him wasting his talent in these types of films. I want more Nightcrawlers!

bobbyanna said...

"He'll need to put a lot for this role, Bob. lol"

LOL! I KNOW! A few extra pounds, and I wouldn't bet against Max having a pornstache, too. : )

Anonymous said...

So long as he wont be as disgustingly fat and ugly as Ch Bale in Hustler LOL I'm good. Stache looks good on Jake as in BBM.

Monica said...

Accidental Love is a mess. lol I wasn't believing in what I was watching. There's a WTF scene with Jake.
Well, Jessica Biel is very good in it. James Marsden too.
This film shows that Jake wasn't making good choices at that time.

Anon, it's all speculation. I don't know if he will need to gain weight for the role, but what I read so far, I think Jake will need transform for the character.

UltraViolet said...

It is a mess. And not really even a fun one, though there are fun moments.

Jessica Biel is good. James Marsden is okay. I think Jake is good. But the movie is such a mess, it's hard to tell if there is a good movie in there. The fact that it's so dated doesn't help matters.

We also got cheated on the crazy sex scenes. Nothing really on camera. A pity.

Jake does have an extended shirtless scene. We've seen the photos of him dancing in some kind of loin cloth. Those scenes go on for a while.

It was fun to see Jake in a totally light-hearted movie. I'd love to see him make a better one.

UltraViolet said...

Also, I don't think this is an indication that Jake was making bad choices at the time. It's easy to say in retrospect that something was a bad decision. But other than PoP, I wouldn't categorize any of Jake's choices as bad. They didn't work out, but Nailed (DORussell), Brothers (Jim Sheridan) and L&OD (Ed Zwick) all probably looked pretty good on paper.

Okay, it's hard to believe Nailed looked good. But I assume DOR was the drawing card.

I'd love to hear Jake really talk about the movie someday. And not in the zombie-like "I follow my director" way.