Wednesday, February 11, 2015

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2015 is going to be a busy Jake year. He's drawing raves on Broadway for Constellations. And cinematically, things heat up as the long-awaited Nailed (retitled Accidental Love) hits VOD. The movie was shot seven years ago but feels even older than that. You can review the history here. I'm happy we finally get to see it, but it's a curiosity at best. Not too many reviews yet. One from Film Stage and a more positive spin from AV Club:

If there’s any good news here, it’s that, despite rumors to the contrary, Accidental Love is very much a coherent movie. It’s not incomplete; it’s just been sloppily completed—cobbled together, in other words, by filmmakers (or distribution cronies) looking to salvage a releasable product out of footage crying out to be reshot or reworked. Yet traces of Russell’s spirit, a humane screwball exuberance, poke through the compromised results. It’s there in the way the movie keeps stuffing a bunch of yammering eccentrics in a room together, and also in the bug-eyed performance the director coaxes out of Jake Gyllenhaal, whose character—a flip-flopping, libidinous politician—could have fit neatly into American Hustle. Russell fans owe it to themselves to see this disowned disaster, painful as that act of completism will be.

For a darker movie and brighter film, check out Nightcrawler, out on DVD this week in the U.S. The Boston Globe has a nice review of the movie and Jake:

It’s a rare actor who can shift from appealing to unsettling and back again as smoothly as Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s certainly creepy in “Nightcrawler” (2014), as Lou Bloom, an oddball newbie videographer trolling LA for blood-spattered footage that he can shop to the local TV news. In a lone quick featurette, writer-turned-director Dan Gilroy (“The Bourne Legacy”) explains that the character is modeled in part on noted 1940s New York crime shutterbug Weegee. But we half-wonder if Gyllenhaal and Gilroy might also have been thinking of Budd Schulberg’s inside-showbiz novel, “What Makes Sammy Run?” Between Lou’s slimy careerism and the dark LA setting, it feels a bit like we’re watching a socially challenged version of archetypal aspiring weasel Sammy Glick. It’s also tightly coiled strangeness on a par with what we’ve seen Gyllenhaal deliver in his “Donnie Darko” breakout and, just recently, in the doppelganger freakout “Enemy” and as a haunted detective in “Prisoners.” He’s so adept at this sort of thing, you’d think it might put him in the Anthony Perkins category, pigeonholed with cause. But try putting together a videofest of Gyllenhaal’s weirdest work and some of his better mainstream-charismatic stuff — plus “Brokeback Mountain,” of course — and see if you don’t wind up disoriented. He’s well cast in the smart, underrated time-travel thriller “Source Code.” He’s all down-home likability as a teen science enthusiast in the early-career effort “October Sky.” And he even lends some feeling to the popcorn devastation of “The Day After Tomorrow.” Not bad for a nightcrawler.

Indiewire reflects on Jake's 9 Best Performances, including Enemy:


There's also news of Jake's other 2015 releases. First up, a still from Southpaw:

That looks uncomfortable!

There hasn't been much news on Everest but I found this on IMDb:

Jason Clarke is the lead, Jake & Josh are supporting. All are excellent.

It is an ensemble film, but Jason as Rob seems to have more screen time focused on him than the others. Should be a hit, possible Oscar contender, especially in technical categories - cinematography, sound, editing. I saw a screening recently and really enjoyed it. The runtime was just over 2 hours, on this site it says 2 1/2, maybe that was a different cut. ...

Do most of the supporting cast get a decent amount of screen time? Is this one of the most realistic movies based on mountain climbing to hit the big screen?

Yes, the main characters all get ample screen time, but like I said, the focus seems to be on Rob Hall as the expedition leader. Emily Watson really shines as the operations manager at base camp. Robin Wright and Keira Knightly only have a few scenes but make an impact. Haven't seen too many mountain climbing movies (Eiger Sanction comes to mind), and I know this wasn't actually filmed on Everest (there were a few unfinished SFX shots which made me realize this fact), but it looked real to me.

Everest is a movie for all audiences and should do pretty well on its own with good reviews and word of mouth, it's an excellent film. They would be wise to possibly hold the release until later in the year for academy award marketing.

You wont be disappointed. I knew very little about the actual events before the screening and was completely enthralled, have since done some research and the movie gets a lot right, and yes, is very respectful and honest.

Going back to Loki: I don't remember seeing this. I think it's the London Apple Store panel for Prisoners:


Reposting for Monica said...

Reposting Monica's comments on Nailed:

Accidental Love is a mess. lol I wasn't believing in what I was watching. There's a WTF scene with Jake.

Well, Jessica Biel is very good in it. James Marsden too.

This film shows that Jake wasn't making good choices at that time.

Anon, it's all speculation. I don't know if he will need to gain weight for the role, but what I read so far, I think Jake will need transform for the character.

UltraViolet said...

And my response:

It is a mess. And not really even a fun one, though there are fun moments.

Jessica Biel is good. James Marsden is okay. I think Jake is good. But the movie is such a mess, it's hard to tell if there is a good movie in there. The fact that it's so dated doesn't help matters.

We also got cheated on the crazy sex scenes. Nothing really on camera. A pity.

Jake does have an extended shirtless scene. We've seen the photos of him dancing in some kind of loin cloth. Those scenes go on for a while.

It was fun to see Jake in a totally light-hearted movie. I'd love to see him make a better one.

Also, I don't think this is an indication that Jake was making bad choices at the time. It's easy to say in retrospect that something was a bad decision. But other than PoP, I wouldn't categorize any of Jake's choices as bad. They didn't work out, but Nailed (DORussell), Brothers (Jim Sheridan) and L&OD (Ed Zwick) all probably looked pretty good on paper.

Okay, it's hard to believe Nailed looked good. But I assume DOR was the drawing card.

I'd love to hear Jake really talk about the movie someday. And not in the zombie-like "I follow my director" way.

Piruleta said...

Great post UV!

Nice to read something about Everest, thank you!

I forgot about Accidental Love already lol but reading both your comments I don't think I will be missing that much.

And last but not least, I finally saw Nightcrawler! :D I though the pacing was a bit irregular at the beginning, but overall I think this is a really good film. I thought all the performances were great, but this is totally Jake's show, he is so good playing Lou, I mean when an actor disappears in the character you know you're watching a great job.

I'm surprised by how many people think the film is a critique of the lack of morals in journalism, that's a very simplistic view of it. I think the movie is more about capitalism.

My favourite scene was the restaurant scene, that's when you really get to realize what kind of person (if he can be call a person) Lou is.

I'm sure there were more things I wanted to talk about but I just woke up haha.

PS.: I love the elephant sheets on lou's bed LOL!

BlueJean said...

Oh, I almost forgot about Nailed! Or AL ;)

I hope I'll be able to see it online somewhere. It sounds as if it's not worth buying the DVD for.

Nevertheless, love the new post, UV!

bobbyanna said...

Well, I guess Accidental Love is one movie I'll forego. I'm not going to see it, and I hope it disappears. It should've gone straight to DVD. You're right UV, some things look great on the page.

Indiewire has to do a top nine, but not a top ten? I hate it when Source Code gets ignored. Jarhead too, for that matter.

Thanks for the info on Everest. I'm looking forward to it. I haven't seen it in years and years, but The Eiger Sanction, a Clint Eastwood thriller, takes place during a mountain climbing expedition, and it was edge of your seat intense. It was very realistic. I'll never forget it.

A real cliffhanger! LOL! (sorry ;) )

BlueJean said...

"They didn't work out, but Nailed (DORussell), Brothers (Jim Sheridan) and L&OD (Ed Zwick) all probably looked pretty good on paper.

By the way, I loooove Jake in 'Brothers', I really do. He doesn't have nearly enough screentime, but he's totally believable as Tommy. Love the chemistry he has with the two little girls, also. It's in my Top 5 of Jake movies.

Monica said...

We've seen the photos of him dancing in some kind of loin cloth.

The WTF scene!

To be fair, UV, David O'Russell is known to change the script of his films during filming, so you never know what can happen.

And not in the zombie-like "I follow my director" way.

so true!

Good to know about Everest.

Piruleta said...

Why the car chase in 'Nightcrawler' rocked

I know I'm totally late to the party but having seen the film recently I'm still "recovering" from watching it LOL. That was really beautifully shot scene. One of the best car chases I've seen in awhile, and it's cool to know how much of the driving was actually Jake's.

bobbyanna said...

I'm really passionate about movies in general, and I've watched a lot of them. There are two classics when it comes to car chases that a lot of film nuts always reference.

One is the Steve McQueen car chase in "Bullitt," the other is the Gene Hackman car chase in The French Connection.

But Piruleta, I agree. Nightcrawler's car chase was edge of the seat. It was amazing! I'm really impressed that Jake was "hands on" as much as possible. (considering the insurance, etc. LOL!)

Monica said...

Special message from Jake & Ruth: video

UltraViolet said...

Aww. They are so good together. A lot of people will be happy to get those tickets.

Not sure if anyone else has seen this, but out of nowhere - Jake has a verified Facebook page:

That's been a fan page for years. Seemingly run by no one and overrun with spam and porn at various times. They posted the video, so they've already made more updates than I've seen in years.

Is twitter to follow?

Bobbyanna, you should definitely see Accidental Love. It's worth seeing for Jake, even if it's terrible!

UltraViolet said...

Piruleta, so glad you got to see Nightcrawler, finally. And I think LikeMonaLisa posted that she got to see it, as well, when it opened in HK.

The car a chase scene is so good. That makes two movies in a row where Jake has had thrilling car sequences.

bobbyanna said...

" It's worth seeing for Jake, even if it's terrible"

LOL! Well since you put it that way, UV : ) I guess if I can watch Bubbleboy I can try. No promises. Maybe when Red Box has it available.

Monica said...

I guess if I can watch Bubbleboy

Bubble Boy is better.

Fun fact: many people I know love bubble boy.

Anonymous said...

Love love love the Jake and Ruth video! It's great that they're putting on more shows and so cheap for students but kinda disappointed that it means I probably won't get my stage door moment with Jake following the 8pm show on the 13th that I'm going for:(


Piruleta said...

Piruleta, so glad you got to see Nightcrawler, finally. And I think LikeMonaLisa posted that she got to see it, as well, when it opened in HK

Thank you! It was worth the wait.

Yes, there was a Jake Gyllenhaal man-bun controversy on 'Nightcrawler'

After all it was Jake’s idea to lose 30 pounds to play coyote-like cameraman Louis Bloom in the drama. And Jake’s idea to grow the hair long. Gilroy had envisioned a short, military hair cut. But a movie is a collaboration.

Interesting, I can't imagine Lou with that kind of hair cut, right now.

Chica said...

Accidental Love/Nailed looks bad , I'll think I'll pass, lol!

I'm glad Jake is utilizing that dead fan fb and taking it over.The ticket offer is a fantastic idea!

bobbyanna said...

Malavika, maybe you can go get something to eat, and return to the theatre as the 10 PM show ends. Hopefully there will be a way for you to get your wish!

BlueJean said...

"... Accidental Love. It's worth seeing for Jake, even if it's terrible!"

I've already made up my mind. I'll try and see it no matter what. Even if it means I'll have to buy the DVD ;) It better be cheap, though! :)

Love the Jake & Ruth video!

And have you noticed Jake's website has been updated too? It now shows the ad for 'Constellations'. They still need to update the awards section though, with all the noms for 'Nightcrawler'!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they are making attempts to update his website, but as far as I'm concerned IHJ is Jake's website. Between Gyllenbabble and IHJ this is where all the best Jake news and photos come from.

BlueJean said...


Hagen said...

FWIW Jeff Wells from "Hollywood Elsewhere" likes "Accidental Love" more than "American Hustle".

"Southpaw" is set to be released in Germany on August 20th, three weeks after the US release. Since "Point Break" moved to December 25th, "The Weinstein Company" might stick to that release date.

RedrumNYC #Boxing ‏@RedrumNYC
IBF belt signed by director & cast movie Southpaw.Ant Fuqua Jake Gyllenhaal Forest Whitaker & Victor Ortiz #RedrumNYC

Monica said...

FWIW Jeff Wells from "Hollywood Elsewhere" likes "Accidental Love" more than "American Hustle".

why he was campaigning for AH last year?

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I agree UV, Accidental Love feels like it's a lot older than advertised!

I don't see the point in releasing it and renamingb it, should have went straight to DVD.
Jake finally joined the world of social media, hope he posts more, the videob is cute and it's a great idea!
Hope you are keeping safe and warm UV it's frigid here in CT, brrrrr!

Hagen said...

Dan Gilroy won a Satellite Award for "Best Original Screenplay".

UltraViolet said...

Did everybody see this tweet:

Hugh Laurie @hughlaurie · Feb 15
Hard to put into words how good End Of Watch is. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña are just beautiful.

A couple of older celeb tweets I forgot to post:

McG @McGsWonderland · Dec 22
Saw Constellations last night. Interesting play w Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson. Powerful and challenging. They were both excellent.

krysten ritter @Krystenritter · Jan 31
Check out #constellations with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson @mtc_nyc Loved it.

Lots of tweets about Jake at a Bad Suns concert in NYC last night.

UltraViolet said...

Love the stories about the man-bun controversy and the car chase. I didn't realize when watching that Jake had done so much of the driving.

I empathize with the money people who worried about Jake's weightless and hair. We had some of the same worries here :)

Monica, Jeff w was in the tank for Silver Linings Playbook, not American Hustle. It was nice to read something positive about the flick.

Malavika, Bobbyanna makes a good suggestion. You could also try after the matinee on Saturday or Sunday, if you'll be around then.

There's a chance they'll come out, I suppose. But it's good to have other options.

UltraViolet said...

Congrats to Dan! Jake also won Best Actor from the Talk Film Society, a "society for film-lovers on Twitter."

Talk Film Society retweeted
Mike Messina @mikethefilmguy · 20h 20 hours ago
And Best Actor goes to................................................ JAKE GYLLENHAAL FOR NIGHTCRAWLER!

Piruleta said...

Congrats to Dan!

Director Dan Gilroy Reveals 8 Nightcrawler Secrets

We already know some of these things but it's an interesting read

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions Bobbyanna and UV!

UltraViolet said...

This weekend is going to be tough to take - all that Oscar talk and Steve Carrell and Bradley Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Keaton all reveling in their overhyped glory. But it's been fun to see all the NC love this week, including this:

Alan Cerny ‏@NordlingAICN 1h1 hour ago
Awesome to see NIGHTCRAWLER trending. You're all right, Jake Gyllenhaal was robbed.

I didn't see it trend, but that's cool.

Some other tweets:

The Hollywood Museum ‏@HollywoodMuseum
Just saw the film @SeeNIGHTCRAWLER? Come see Jake Gyllenhaal’s #DodgeChallenger from the movie in our #AwardsExhibit

It happened. I saw Jake Gyllenhaal today on my way to work. #swoon

bobbyanna said...

I know, UV. Very difficult to enjoy the proceedings this coming Sunday. : (

As a "mother hen" I'm really glad Jake has a very successful play to keep him busy while all this "other stuff" is going on.
It's been great to see how much love NC is getting from all sorts of people.

UltraViolet said...

I don't even want to watch the Oscars this year. I know I will, but my resentment is growing every day!

Fun FB encounters:

Holy star struck Care Bear.. Walking down 8th avenue laughing out loud because there is a gift shop run by guys who don't speak English but know all prices and cash or credit and they have a new speaker system blaring UPtown Funk by Bruno and YALL all know that is my theme song.. I do a little dance move just to embarrass Cec and am grinning like a jack ass and I see perfect teeth on the street corner grinning back and in my mind I was like this little fella looks oddly familiar.. He grins and laughs and starts to cross the street on the way back to his theatre... Hey Jake Gyllenhall... Holy hell.. Do I run him down for a selfie or contain it act like a New Yorker and Carrie on.. I chose because of his awesome smile and his acknowledgement of my incredible dance skills to not be a psycho tourist stalker.. The struggle was real and he's adorable.

So I met Jake Gyllenhaal at the Bowery Ballroom Bad Suns concert Sunday night. As I casually shake his hand, "Hey, Jake right? My name's Shann nice to meet ya." *I used to wish for the apocalypse just so that you could save me The Day After Tomorrow* He was V-chill and called over Bridget to say Happy Birthday. Shout out to J-Dog and Dogfish Head 60 Minute for keeping me cool as a cucumber through the entire teen fantasy come true.

BlueJean said...

I won't be watching the Oscars - mainly because of the time difference between Europe and the US. And because Jake won't be there.

Monica said...

UV, I understand your feelings. In fact, I'm also feeling it. But I'll still watch the Oscars.
After seeing Selma, damn, David Oyelowo gives a great performance. Not only him, but Carmen Ejogo too. : /

I also saw The Tale of Princess Kaguya. Heartbreaking.

I'm also happy that Jake didn't need to be there, Bobbyana. Be snubbed and still have to go there to present an award as consolation is not something he deserves.

UltraViolet said...

Tweet/instagram photo from Tyrese:

Jake Gyllenhaal this dude poked me in my neck - I guess I was too intense that day.... #SouthPaw… photo

I tried to talk Jake into keeping that Tatt! Nah!

Jake at dinner?

Interview with Debbie Harry:

2. Science fiction is her guilty pleasure

'Some films stay with you forever. For me it’s Juliet of the Spirits. I love fantasy films and novels. More recently, I loved Nightcrawler - it’s so creepy. I’ve seen it compared to Taxi Driver and he [Jake Gyllenhaal] is great in it. He’s come a long way since Bubble Boy.

From a story about the Birdman bar:

On other recent nights, Jake Gyllenhaal enjoyed glasses of straight-up Oban Scotch whisky at the bar, Molly Ringwald opted for whiskey sours after a vocal turn with the house jazz band and Jon Hamm kept it “Mad Men” real by sipping an Old-Fashioned.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I'm so glad Jake isn't presenting. That would be awful. It's just too bad that he can't go to the ISAs. It would be nice for him to be able to celebrate NC with his friends.

Monica, would love to have seen both David Oyelowo and Carmen Ejogo nominated. I'm glad at least that Selma was nominated.

Hagen said...

I've never watched the Oscar show except for "Best Film" and "Best Director". The other categories are screened too early in the morning over here. The Golden Globes are often trashed, but I think they've done a better job this year than the Oscars: They've nominated Jake, of course, and "Birdman" hasn't won "Best Picture".

Piruleta said...

An anonymous academy voter, From THR:

I'm not voting for Nightcrawler — that was really unpleasant. With Foxcatcher, they said seven words in the whole movie and the rest of it was people staring at each other, so I'm not voting for that. I didn't really get the sense of a screenplay with Boyhood — it was more like they just turned on the camera once a year. Birdman and Budapest were both pretty clever, but I liked Birdman more. MY VOTE: Birdman

I'm sure a lot of voters think like him…

BlueJean said...

"Interview with Debbie Harry:

I loved Nightcrawler - it’s so creepy. I’ve seen it compared to Taxi Driver and he [Jake Gyllenhaal] is great in it. He’s come a long way since Bubble Boy."

Debbie Harry? She's an icon. I love her! Has she actually seen 'Bubble Boy'?! Oh wow. This is great! :)

bobbyanna said...

Love all these little treasures you find on FB and Instagram, UV!

I read that too! I think that was an older female voter they interviewed who said she found Nightcrawler "unpleasant." These Academy voters are a really quirky bunch. She showered American Sniper with praise then announced she was voting for something else entirely. LOL!

I agree about David and Carmen Ejogo.

I would've loved to see Jake at the ISA. : (

Didn't Debby Harry play someone's mother in Lords of Dogtown? Maybe Emile Hirsh? I remember being surprised because she was good. Didn't know she was an actress. She was friends with Heath, I think. I remember seeing pictures of them together in NYC at some event.

Monica said...

I'm not voting for Nightcrawler — that was really unpleasant.

One reason must be because SPOILERdidn't have a happy ending. After all he did, he is not punished in the end.SPOILER

Tweety said...

Yes Bobbyanna, Debbie Harry acts here and there , she was in Hairspray! (the first one).

That was really cool of her to say that about NC and Jake! I have read so much this week on why some Academy members are voting and why and some of the reasons are baffling!

I downloaded Accidental Love, it wasn't that bad but I still don't know what was the point in releasing it.

I wish Jake was able to attend the ISA this weekend but I'm happy with all the success he is getting for Constellations:)

I find most award shows tedious, including the Oscar's as of late so I doubt if I will be watching them this Sunday.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, the NC ending really threw people. Some thought it was too abrupt, others that it wasn't righteous.

The interviews with Oscar voters showcase some embarrassing thinking!

Hi, Tweety! I'm so glad we (and Jake) have all this other good news to distract us.

New post.