Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nominations all around

The flood of awards season nominations began in earnest this week. For his performance as Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler, Jake received nominations from the Screen Actors Guild and the Hollywood Foreign Press/Golden Globes. While the whole process leaves many people happy, sad or confused, Jake and Jake fans have reason to smile.

To celebrate - some new videos! Jake's Constellations costar, Ruth Wilson, was also nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in The Affair. Jake, Ruth and Constellations director Michael Longhurst discuss the play, which opens in previews next week:

Maggie Gyllenhaal was also nominated for SAG and GG. So Jake is "surrounded" by Golden Globe nominees: Yesterday, Jake called into a People radio show to chat about the nods:
He also talked about the SAG nomination here.

Jake and Patricia Arquette from the Variety Actors on Actors series:
Jake on the phone with KTLA, the Los Angeles news station that was used to film Nightcrawler. Jake congratulates them for all the NC kudos:


Reposting for Sherlie Yulvianti said...

392Hi All, I've been your silent reader. I'm a huge fans of Jake Gyllenhaal (who doesn't :P) I watched all his movies. All of it and watched Jake transform into and amazing actor and off course you can't ignore the face ;)

and it's weird that I'm the one that excited and super happy that he get nominated. Finally! He should have been nominated on prisoners or enemy. Oh well, congrats for Jake, Maggie and Ruth! - Too bad I can watch they play coz in the other side of the planet! Hi five to all gyllenhaalics out there!!

Jake said...

I have purposely missed the GG telecast for the last two years because I was bitter about Jake being overlooked.

I am so proud of him and I completely forgot about the BAFTAs, that would be phenomenal.

Thanks UV, exciting time for Jake and his old and new fans.

Jess said...

"Jake said...
I have purposely missed the GG telecast for the last two years because I was bitter about Jake being overlooked.

I am so proud of him and I completely forgot about the BAFTAs, that would be phenomenal.

Thanks UV, exciting time for Jake and his old and new fans."

Sorry that was me, I was so excited and had Jake in my head and on my fingers apparently.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Jake! It is exciting. I didn't want to hope. And against hope, I still want to see him at the Oscars. But I am going to try to be happy with what he's gotten so far.

Reposting the schedule Monica posted in the last post. (Say post five more times!):

December 15: Critic's Choice Nominations
January 9th: Batfta nominations
January 15: Oscar nominations

And also, Jake is interviewed briefly around the two-minute mark.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Jess. I thought we had a new poster :)

Jake can do that to a person.

UltraViolet said...

Jake and Nick Payne talk about Constellations.

Added a phone interview KTLA did with Jake.

And LOL:

"I might have to pull a Tanya Harding." @PattyArquette on going up against #MerylStreep

bobbyanna said...

I love Patricia Arquette! LOL!

As truly excited as I am for Jake, I do wish the rest of the Nightcrawler team was able to share. Especially Rene & Dan.

Wish the conversation between Jake and Patricia had been longer. They looked like they had good rapport.

The folk at KTLA are a stich! Hilarious. Love their enthusiasm for Jake. (Almost as if they were nominees too! LOL)

Thanks monica & UV for the awards nominations schedule.

Anonymous said...

UV, those interviews are great, but in that one I think they woke him up, because he had that sort of voice.

So BAFTA and Oscar still left. I had to check GG at work, so Jake owes me overtime payment. SV

Piruleta said...

A friend texted me about this, I wasn't expecting that at all LOL! But I'm really happy for him! His Oscar chances are better now but I won't mind if he doesn't get that Oscar nod, I'm happy for all the recognition he is already getting.

Thanks for all the videos UV! will watch later!

Tweety said...

This is so awesome, and a lot of us were dreading awards season!

I agree that his Oscar chances are a lot better now but I just want to enjoy these nominations.

I wish that the movie and Rene were sharing in the love too Bobbyanna.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama nominee for Nightcrawler:

"What a great way to wake up! I've gotten a barrage of text messages this morning. I'm so so proud of this film and how different in tone it is from anything else out there. [Director] Dan Gilroy had the courage to speak his mind with this piece. My character Lou is subversive and the movie is a macro version of who he is. It's so well crafted, and so many true veterans of film made it happen. I'm so happy and honored."

Hagen said...

His Oscar chances are better now but I won't mind if he doesn't get that Oscar nod, I'm happy for all the recognition he is already getting.

That's what I'm feeling, too. Jake has definitely exceeded the expectations I had for the awards season. And it's remarkable that Jake achieved to be nominated for his role in "Nightcrawler" which isn't your typical awards bait.

Jess said...

"And it's remarkable that Jake achieved to be nominated for his role in "Nightcrawler" which isn't your typical awards bait."

I think that worked in his favor.

Jess said...

Or I like to think so.

Hagen said...

Jake picked up another nomination with the St. Louis Film Critcs. And they nominated "Nightcrawler" for "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Cinematography" and "Best Art Direction".

UltraViolet said...

Yay for another nod!

Lots of little tidbits, some of which I haven't had time to post, so they aren't timely, lol.

But this is - a snippet from USA Today's talk with Jake about the nomination:

"I was thinking about – people talk a lot about being part of a community. This is the first time in my career I have realized how much time I've spent with the HFPA and I know them and have a relationship with them. I've had press conferences for all my movies. I've spent time with them. For me more and more, making movies is about relationships and the intimacy involved in trying to create something special and different and original. This kind of awards thing, it feels like that too," says the actor, up for the drama Nightcrawler.

He says he doesn't think about awards, and I don't think it's a primate motivation. But he's happy to work for them a little :)

Michael Longhurst ‏@mrmrlonghurst 2m2 minutes ago
So my entire cast got nominated for #GoldenGlobes today! #Constellations #Gyllenhaal #Wilson @MTC_NYC

:) I wonder what effect it will have on the play. Will Ruth and Jake go to the GGs?!

ScreenDaily has more coyote stuff, but this was interesting:

Nightcrawler is the directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy, whose credits include The Bourne Legacy and Tarsem’s The Fall. Gyllenhaal, who can pick any project he likes, was undeterred by Gilroy’s lack of directing experience. He read the script while shooting Prisoners in Atlanta, and three days later Gilroy was on a plane to the Deep South.

Gyllenhaal was fascinated by the film-maker as soon as they met. “I fell for the guy,” he says. “The screenplay is written by someone who is very boldly saying, ‘This is my movie to direct.’ It rolls forward like this huge stone that you know is heading towards some moment of destruction.

“I signed on and discussed my producer role,” Gyllenhaal continues. “[Bold Films] intended to shoot a short schedule on a small budget in LA. It was similar to End Of Watch, which I had executive produced. I wanted to learn more and [Bold Films] obliged.”

‘This was a character study of a success story, where we hoped the audience would be rooting for him’

Gyllenhaal’s enhanced role meant he was privy to conversations with financiers, international sales company Sierra/Affinity and eventual US distributor Open Road.

He was struck how the ability to influence the outcome of the project in more ways than one bore similarities to the ambitions of his on-screen persona in Nightcrawler.

“Lou had intentions to be the guy who owns the station that owns the camera. There’s a sense of producer aspiration for him and in that way it fit the character and was almost life imitating art and vice versa.”

UltraViolet said...

Jake talks about Denzel Washington:

The first time that I knew that I wanted to be an actor, and I saw a piece of acting that made me feel that way was seeing "Glory" when I was a young boy. And watching Denzel Washington in the scene where he looks in the camera while he's being whipped. I remember ... the way he looks in the camera and the performance in that moment ... with great vulnerability and great strength in the same moment. And I realized that was something I wanted to strive for. Not only as an actor, but also as a person. To try and be open and vulnerable and, at the same time, be strong.

On Turkish novelist Elif Shafak's radar:

Film: Nightcrawler
It’s such a disturbing story. I was very impressed by both Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo – what she is doing as a female of a certain age is amazing. It was very daring of the director not to look for a more typical younger actress. In the story, you see how everything is part of a spectacle, everything is to be consumed, even other people’s pains, tragedies and sorrows. We just watch it, consume it and forget it. A powerful, very disturbing and very true story.

An article about one of the BBM producers:

After editing was completed on the 2005 movie “Brokeback Mountain,” which starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as cowboys who become lovers, Hausman recalled the first screening of the finished movie for Gyllenhaal.

“At the end of making every movie, you have to show the movie to the actors because you need their help with marketing,” he said. “... But it’s hard for actors to be objective about their own work, so it’s all very subjective. I don’t like to be in those screenings.

“At the end of this screening, Jake Gyllenhaal jumped up and asked, ‘Where’s Mike Hausman?’ I slumped down in my chair, hoping maybe he wouldn’t see me. But he did. He said to me, ‘Mike, I want you to know that during all of those scenes I was doing with Heath Ledger, I was thinking of you.’”

UltraViolet said...

More timely: This woman taught Jake and the Constellations crew about beekeeping:

#NYDailyNews did a write up of the Nick Payne play, #Constellations previewing next week. I taught #jakegyllenhaal and crew about #beekeeping, since his character is an urban beekeeper! If you're in mood for a striking #broadway experience this winter, grab some tickets now!

And from the comments:

He seems like he would be an interesting person. Whats he like in real life.

he's exactly as you would expect. Kind, good humored and attentive. It was a treat to share my experience with him and the rest of the Constellations crew.

From the NYDN story:

She showed up at a rehearsal with an empty hive the size of a small filing cabinet, a smoker, homemade honey and some specimens that died of natural causes.

Jake Gyllenhaal, seen here in Los Angles, plays a beekeeper in love in "Constellations."
“As a beekeeper you observe this small world,” says the former Brooklynite, who now lives on a 4-acre farm in New Jersey. “You see it all in a glimpse and how it all works together. The tiniest variable can change the future of the colony.”

Paska adds that beekeeping “has a meditative effect” on her. Watching worker bees, drones and the queen in action eases her depression and anxiety.

Gyllenhaal found that fascinating: “He got a little misty,” she says.

Another Jake reaction, from Variety:

Jake Gyllenhaal, “Nightcrawler”
Best performance by an actor in a motion picture, drama

“It's amazing being able to see something resonate with the public and we believe this could be something special,” said "Nightcrawler" star Jake Gyllenhaal. “Before we even started shooting our producer and Dan Gilroy's brother Tony told us 'All you have to do is shoot this movie and it will be great,' because Dan wrote such a great script. As for the character it was always about a balance because Dan told me this was a success story, so you wanted to create someone you could root for like the American Salesman, so that is where you get the dark ambition and drive but also his charm. That was the biggest thing - navigating that balance."

I liked this summation from a Huffington Post post:

Even after the script is written, there is the matter of simple performance. And this is why Jake Gyllenhaal deserves a Best Actor for this foray into LA Noir. Gyllenhaal has performed some amazing work, not by losing a bunch of weight, but by actually making a flat character believable as a leading man. He has achieved that rarity -- making a caricature into a person who speaks to the moment we live in in all its sweet savagery.

It does have the seemingly obligatory "I never liked JG as an actor..." disclaimer. That gets old.

Anonymous said...

Detroit critics, another nomination for Jake. SV

Jess said...

Multiple nominations for Nightcrawler and Jake from the Detroit and San Diego (9 total) Critics.

bobbyanna said...

I remember the scene from Glory, that Jake is talking about. Powerful scene. Denzel did some amazing work in that movie, and in a lot of others. So, I can forgive him the not so great movies he puts out now & then.

I had the opportunity to see him on stage in Raisin in the Sun, and he was masterful. Pure genius. I'll never forget it.

I hope the fact that he seems prominent in Jake's conversation might be a hint that they may work together soon. That would be something.

bobbyanna said...

I just remembered that Ed Zwick (LAOD) directed Glory.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, I hadn't made that connection either, Bobbyanna. I'd love to see Jake work with Denzel. Would be an interesting combination.

Ruth Wilson and Maggie Gyllenhaal GG reactions:

Ruth Wilson, “The Affair”
Best performance by an actress in a television series, drama, "The Affair"

Wilson is in New York rehearsing "Constellations" with Jake Gyllenhaal, where they both learned of their nominations.

"We're sending each other texts, we're so excited," Wilson exclaimed. But the question is, will the duo be able to attend? "We have performances scheduled, but I hope so! Both Jake and I are trying to change the date. We're leading up to opening night that week, so I don't know..."

As for the show's nom for best drama series, Wilson was -- of course -- thrilled. But also laughs, "It's quite the decision without seeing the season finale!" (The season ender won't air until Dec. 21.)

Wilson was nominated back in 2008 for playing the title role in Brit mini "Jane Eyre," but has never attended the show. "It was the year the writers had a strike so the Golden Globes were canceled! I flew out to LA anyway just in case. LA was empty because everyone had left apart from Brits. I bumped into James McAvoy. All the 'Atonement' lot were there trying to have a good time."

She's looking forward to reuniting with old friends during the show, she added. "So many Brits [are nominated]! Benedict [Cumberbatch] and Eddie [Redmayne]. Felicity [Jones]. David [Oleyowo]. Lots of people I've worked with who are brilliant. Benedict and David were in 'Small Island,' a TV show we did in 2009. It's really lovely when your generation coming up is being recognized."

Maggie Gyllenhaal, “The Honorable Woman”
Best Actress in a Limited-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

The past 48 hours have been extra exciting for the Gyllenhaal siblings. Both Maggie and Jake were nominated for SAG and Golden Globe honors thanks to their respective performances in the Sundance mini "Honourable Woman" and the film "Nightcrawler."

"We didn't discuss it at all before it happened," Maggie says. "I have to say, I do think it's pretty cool. It will truly be more fun because he's there. He's also just about to start previews for his show on Broadway and I'm doing my show now. He's been so incredible to me while I'm doing my play, he's been this beacon of love. We haven't been able to see each other [since the noms] but I'm gonna try to see if he'll meet me after the show tonight for a champagne toast."

The timing is especially exciting for "Honourable Woman" because it launches a second window on Netflix one week from today. "I've never been more proud of anything I've worked on ever, so yes I do hope this means more people will see it," Gyllenhaal says. "Aside from getting dressed up and going to parties that's part of what's fun about this."

Twice nominated for her film work, Gyllenhaal is a Globes veteran. "You're in the room with all of these people you admire," she says. "One time Jack Nicholson mouthed to me from across the room that he thought I had beautiful shoulders. I almost choked on my drink. I wasn't as cool as I would've liked to be."

Also, I forgot to thank Tina, who answered the question about ClioMakeup. I could tell she was a fashion blogger, but I didn't realize that when I first saw her post. And there were a lot of very unkind words said about Jake. I don't think she was as upset about the no-photo answer, but her commenters were outraged.

BlueJean said...

Still happy, guys! What an amazing year 2014 has been for Jake!

Anonymous said...

Just so chuffed for Jake! Finally some well deserved recognition and a chance to see him in a tux on the red carpet which is always a great look. It would be hilarious if he wore his green pants tho!

- malavika

Anonymous said...

What I mind a bit is they give him into the same bucket as Aniston as surprise nomination for SAG and GG. He definitely is not hat surprise as her, he is complete actore and as the performance as the movie have good critics, nothing what Cake or Aniston is. There was huge buzz around NC, only important cirtic, which missed him is NBR and maybe Washington critics.

She's in just due to marketing and some strategy, not for acting, she is not serious actress just entertainer. To put him in the same bucket with her is a crime. He as an actor is several levels over her. SV

BlueJean said...

SV, you may be right about Jennifer Aniston - but I like her and I like the link she has with Jake (The Good Girl), so I'm perfectly fine with her nominations.

It's a joy to read all what's going on right now! :)

bobbyanna said...

SV, I agree with Blue Jean about Aniston. I also think she's a good actress; not Meryl Streep, LOL! but she does good work. With all the strong performances out here this year, Jake & Jennifer did both surprise a lot of the so-called " film experts."

I think the experts' "surprise" has little to do with acting qualifications, and may be more about the industry itself.

NC is a tiny movie, with a tiny budget, first time director, etc. and NC has been very successful. Jennifer had no distributor coming out of TIFF, and no one seemed interested in her movie. Both of them overcame different kinds of industry bias.

Maybe distributors, etc. think there's no market for Serious Jennifer Aniston. They'd rather she keep making more profitable movies like Horrible Bosses, etc.

Not only does her image work against her, so does her age. She's "old" at 45. As actresses age, unless they're diverse in their choices, they can get left behind and must fight harder for work and recognition.

Jake has been smart to choose diverse roles from the start, but it has always been easier for men than for women actors to do that image change.

I'm happy for Jennifer, and while Marion Cotillard, Jessica Chastain, Gugu Mbatha Raw, etc. were excellent in their roles, I'm good with JA's nomination.

The real test for both of them will be Oscar nominations. It will be tougher, although his SAG nomination was a very good sign.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jake for his nods,! He is truly deserved!


Anonymous said...

Bobby and BJ, yes, I understand your point of view, I disagree respectfully.

For me she is one of the worst actresses in Hollywood in any aspect and her acting is very unwatchable in the movies for me. She has just couple of facial expressions using it in many kinds of situations. I can understand she is very popular in US and has many fans. I am not very much into this. She doesn't need to be Meryl Streep, but for me 50% of acting is performed by eyes and I cannot see anything there, they are empty for me.

Jake and Jennifer are two people very far away from each other, he is young, intelligent actor, who didn't desperately stick in commercial movies, what is one of the aspects I respect, otherwise I am not here. She made decision to act in cheap comedies instead of building respect as an eligible actress, what says me, she is not devoted to acting. One reason might be lack of talent and she is aware of, no serious director will work with her. But actress for which only difference between sad and happy one is smiley and frozen face is not an actress. I don't even want to think about Oscar nom for this, where she stepped out a bit from her comfort zone, however is not enough for first rate performance, where other actress would be torn by the critics.

But I fully respect your statement and don't want to look like I push you my view, just saying. If you are fan, there is nothing wrong. I like Keanu Reeves as well and he has bad reputation as an actor and I would be also more than happy to see him appreciated, but here it will never happen, so some people are more lucky than another ones. SV

Piruleta said...

Why are you comparing them anyway? A lot of people were surprised to see their noms, yes, but for totally different reasons, for what I've been reading everyone is happy and excited for Jake, if he was not in the predictions initially was because of the kind of film and character he plays not because people thought he didn't deserve it.

Nightcrawler DVD/Blu-ray artwork. I like the original poster better, why aren't they using it?

Hagen said...

The Chicago Film Critics Association nominated Jake, too. :-)

Boston Herald: Last night I ran into Gyllenhaal at what turned out to be a celebration party at Times Square’s Edison Hotel [pictures from the Special NY Holiday Party In Celebration of ‘Nightcrawler’ on IHJ ] – Jake had won a SAG Best Actor nomination yesterday and as he arrived from rehearsals for his Broadway play CONSTELLATIONS he was given a big round of applause by the crowd. It was a little bit like a Broadway opening night back when everyone went to Sardi’s and ate, drank and waited for the reviews. Gyllenhaal, who dropped over 20 pounds to play his ghoulish, vampirish nightmare in NIGHTCRAWLER, recently got attention for a shirtless photo of his buffed up boxer’s body for the coming SOUTHPAW. I asked if he came to his play straight from that workout. No! “I’ve just done a movie with Jean-Marc Vallee,” he said referring to DEMOLITION with Naomi Watts. Valee is having quite a roll – last year’s DALLAS BUYER’S CLUB won Oscars for both Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey and now Reese Witherspoon is a Globe Best Actress/Drama nominee for Valee’s wonderful WILD and a shoo-in for Oscar attention. Also at the Edison bar Ruth Wilson who is Gyllenhaal’s Broadway costar and is now starring in Showtime’s buzzed about THE AFFAIR. I was surprised when I spoke with her to discover… she’s English! “Yeah,” Gyllenhaal said smiling, “in the play we’ve switched -- I’m doing an English accent and she’s American.” Standing quitely next to a red curtain was Damien Chazelle, the Harvard grad who still looks like he’s young enough to be at Harvard. He’s hit the gong this year as the writer-director of WHIPLASH which is favored to win the veteran J.K. Simmons a Best Supporting Actor Oscar.

Anonymous said...

Pirueta I don't compare them. This is exactly what are doing the others, I am saying they are different. And he was in every serious predictions, so not sure, what did you check before, that is why I am writing he is not that surprise. Or maybe did I miss the point of your post and you don't talk to me? SV

Jess said...

Ruth and Jake both look a little tired in the party photos. Jake was surrounded by smiling people though. Cmon Jake don't be embarrassed to be loved and appreciated.

I love Jennifer Anniston as an actress and a human being. She has shared the screen with some heavy hitters. Her success is not by accident, comedy is the hardest type of acting to do. I can't see a lot of so called serious actresses pulling off the comedic timing she does.

Jake's surprise nomination reactions were due to not only Nightcrawler's subject matter but also the crowded best acting field this year.

SV you should watch the Good Girl or the "The Object of my Affection with Jennifer and Paul Rudd. It's one of my favorite movies.

bobbyanna said...

Look. Everyone interprets these things and reacts to them in their own way. No one is "wrong" ...or right...for expressing an opinion. Some opinions are more popularly shared than others.

What I do take exception to, SV, is the intensity of your dislike for Aniston. It seems excessive.

It's not enough that you don't care for her, your reactions and your assertions are so strong, they border on some kind of condemnation for her achievement, as if she were completely out of place.

I was not comparing Jake and Jennifer except that the media had linked them together as "surprises."

Piruleta, I agree that the reactions are for different reasons, but the commonality is that both were in small Indie movies, and both had been portrayed as long shots by the "experts."

When these so-called "experts" are wrong, they say the nominees are a surprise.

UltraViolet said...

I am also not a fan of linking Jake and Jennifer's nominations, as Jennifer's are thought of as a joke by many. They are not in the same league, in that way.

However, I really like Jennifer Aniston. I don't begrudge her the nomination and I think people are very condescending when they talk about her movie. Especially since most haven't even seen it.

I saw Cake in Toronto, and it's not a great movie. JA is very good in it. Is it Oscar-worthy? Probably not. But it's not outrageous for her to be in the conversation.

She IS a huge celebrity. There were more fans and more press and more security for Jennifer Aniston than for anyone else I saw in Toronto. It was incredible.

I don't hold that against her. And I don't consider Friends "cheap comedy." It's one of the best sitcoms in TV history, and she was great in it.

Enough about that. Happy to see Jake and Dan racking up more nominations. I like that Boston Herald reporter - he always talks about the parties. Very few other media types do that. They are always attending them but never reporting on them in an interesting way.

Hagen said...

BTW Jake seems to be satisfied with Nightcrawler's performance at the box office (from the USA Today article above): The movie was so well received and really did well and made everyone their money back and then some.

Anonymous said...

Jess I watched of course Good Girl.

Bobbyana, my reaction just equals to her quality, I am not going to ask your permission how to express it and request, where is the border. I am allowed to express my opinion and the reason for that and you don't have to like it. All around I just gave the explanation, I wasn't rude. There are much worse opinions on her out there. I can't judge her as a person, I don't know her and also it is almost impossible to know her as a person.

So please stop to be personal because of someone who you even personally don't know. I am done with this. SV

Anonymous said...

Hi all!

I don't feel "offended" for Jake and Jen's comparison either. It has nothing to be with their acting skills.

From the beggining of the race both were long shots, in Jake's case for genre movie, weak distributor and not so baity character. Nothing disrespectful about it.

Now there he is, fighting with Carell for the 5th spot. It' a big surprise , like Aniston ,for those who follow awards times but by any means it has to be for the lack of praise, which Jake has gotten as muchor more than Michael, Benedict, Eddie or David.

BlueJean said...

"Jake's surprise nomination reactions were due to not only Nightcrawler's subject matter but also the crowded best acting field this year."

Exactly. Even I was surprised Jake was nominated - I hadn't expected it at all. I had expected it to be like 'Prisoners' all over again. You know, huge buzz and then nothing... I'm mighty glad I was wrong!

Does anyone know how many nominations NC has had so far?

Hagen said...

Does anyone know how many nominations NC has had so far?

I've counted nine nominations:

Independent Spirit Award
Satellite Award
Online Film Critics Society Award
Screen Actors Guild Award
Golden Globe
St. Louis Film Critics Award
San Diego Film Critics Award
Detroit Film Critic Society Award
Chicago Film Critics Association Award

BlueJean said...

Finally finished watching all videos in this post. Loved the KTLA one! :)

Amazed, as always, at how humble Jake is - or seems to be. Even when they talk about his performance and ask him what it feels like to be nominated, he talks about other actors' performances - and that it isn't a competition to him.

I truly, truly hope he'll be able to enjoy everything that's happening now. But one thing is for sure: he's not letting it go to his head - that's one of the reasons I admire him. He still seems to be a decent, down to earth guy.

BlueJean said...

9 nominations! Phew! ;)

Thanks, Hagen! xx

Hagen said...

And yet another nomination for Jake, this time by the San Francisco Film Critics Circle.

BlueJean said...

10 then! ;)

Hagen said...

10 then! ;)
All five film critics societies that announced their nominations in the past few days nominated Jake. It's awesome how much they support him. :-)

Monica said...

I don't like the comparison between Jake and Jen. Jen is really a surprise, but Jake was in the mix. I agree that wasn't expected because of the character, but it is one of the most praised performances of the year in one of the most acclaimed films of the year, it also helps that he's been doing a great job in recent years.
I still need to see the movie of Jennifer to talk if she's good or not, whether she deserves it or not.

I saw The Immigrant and Two Days, One Night. Marion is superb in both.

Anonymous said...

Raining nods! Really really happy for that!
Hope Jake and Ruth can manage to the GG ceremony, it would be a pity!

I remember the scene from Glory, that Jake is talking about. Powerful scene
I remember the scene, too. Actually I think it was really that particular scene that made him win the Oscar that year... So intense and moving! And different reactions: Jake decided to become an actor, I simply thought Denzel W. was sooo cooool!

UV, about ClioMakeUp, the non-picture answer and all the commenters on her blog... Yes, you are right, they were pretty unkind! And some of them didn't even recognize him!


Jess said...

It's been a lovely week to be a Jake fan and next week's the previews and his birthday. I hope the great momentum keeps going his way.

Chica said...

The nominations just keep rolling in, this is so exciting!

Congratulations Jak, Maggie and Ruth!

bobbyanna said...

So with all these critics accolades, will this help with the Critics Choice awards or do they come from a different group of critics?

I love it when the reporters talk about the parties, too, UV, and they rarely do.

Was surprised by the news that Ruth will speak in an American accent and Jake will speak with a British accent. Hmmm.

bobbyanna said...

"It's been a lovely week to be a Jake fan and next week's the previews and his birthday. I hope the great momentum keeps going his way."

Amen, Jess!!! Well said!!! We've waited a long time to enjoy this. I almost forgot about his birthday : )

It's been nearly 7 years I think, since I can recall such a happy time.

I've been thinking about the wonderful awards season in 2006, for BBM, with Jake, Heath, Michelle, Anne, and Ang Lee riding such a beautiful wave of support. It was right around that time I met UV and FL.

About a year or so later, this wonderful blog was "born, " and I've had fun supporting it because it's so unique,and fun.

There's a great vibe in Jake's community of fans. Lots of intelligent, thoughtful people, and we have such good discussions.

I really appreciate All UV's hard work over the years, keeping things interesting even when they weren't, thru all Jake's ups and downs. LOL!

I'm really happy for Jake. It's been a long journey with a lot of hard work, and I'm enjoying every minute.

Monica said...

So with all these critics accolades, will this help with the Critics Choice awards or do they come from a different group of critics?

Some BFCA critics: Kristopher Tapley, Eric Davis, David Poland, Scott Feinberg, Clayton Davis, Steve Pond, Nathaniel Rogers.

More: BFCA

I've been thinking about the wonderful awards season in 2006, for BBM, with Jake, Heath, Michelle, Anne, and Ang Lee riding such a beautiful wave of support

Unforgettabl awards season!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica! Saw some "friendly" names on that list. : )

Monica said...

the show takes place on the day of Oscar nominations. It's a mess, but it is an important award.

UltraViolet said...

Aww, thanks, Bobbyanna. Everything Jake is so busy these days, it's hard to remember those dog days between projects and events. I'm sure they will come again, but for now, we enjoy the good times.

And as many have said, I hope and trust Jake is enjoying them, as well.

The BBM awards run was a special time. I love seeing the photos and videos from that time.

Jake and Ruth at Buvette.

Anonymous said...

So what's the number one thing Gyllenhaal is looking forward to the most with coming back to the New York boards?

"It's the walk home at night, particularly in the winter time. I have been dreaming about that for the past six months, as we’ve put this play together, is just that walk home after the show,” said Gyllenhaal


Anonymous said...


Best Actor
Benedict Cumberbatch, "The Imitation Game"
Jake Gyllenhaal, "Nightcrawler"
Michael Keaton, "Birdman"
Eddie Redmayne, "The Theory of Everything"
Timothy Spall, "Mr. Turner"



Monica said...

Jennifer Amoroso ‏@Jennnnamoroso 2h2 hours ago
Lunch date with my beautiful babe Jake Gyllenhaal ����❤️��

Us Weekly ‏@usweekly 2h2 hours ago
Ouch! Jake Gyllenhaal actually got punched to prepare for Southpaw:

Extra said...

Love the KTLA video! All of these nominations and acclaim is awesome, I'm so happy for Jake!

Monica said...
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Monica said...

Critics Choice

Nightcrawler: Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay.


bobbyanna said...

Thanks Monica!!!

Congrats to Jake and (finally) Dan Gilroy!

Jess said...

I love Jake but yeah for Dan he so deserves his own recognition on so many levels for Nightcrawler.

Anonymous said...

Gyllenhaal nominated for BFCA, seems Oscar nom deal is closed :-).


Jess said...

"seems Oscar nom deal is closed"

Sorry SV what do you mean?

Hagen said...

Jake was nominated for a Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Award and "Nightcrawler" belongs to their Top 10 movies of the year.

Mary said...

Yay for Jake and Dan I'm so happy for them well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Jess I mean, that after this almost the most important critic (NBR matters also though), but in combination with SAG and GG, he is almost in with Academy award. That means Carell is out and sixth nomenee is Ralph Fiennes, but it is not probable he will get Academy nom even if I would wish it to him so much, because he was robbed for Schindler's list. But he didn't appear in almost any critics, while Gyllenhaal has 11 noms. So BFCA was the last drop. It is not 100 percent sure, but almost.

Nomination this year would help him a lot for the next year for SP. It is much easier from 3rd nomination to get the price, it is too in advance I know. But everything matters. SV

Jess said...

Thanks SV, I agree its just no telling what the Oscar Academy is thinking. Ralph F has just as much of shot as anyone I supposed.

FYI Maggie is on The View.

Anonymous said...

Jess, yes, academy may surprise still. But I would say the picture is much clearer and there will be no big difference between BFCA and them, sometimes however BFCA may seem they try to predict Oscars, but because they have 6 nominees it is tricky, but RF is that sixth one I suppose. Big surprise would e.g. Tom Hardy in Academy, he won LA critic. SV

Hagen said...

Jake wins the "Best Actor" award of the San Diego Film Critics Society. Yay!

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" wins seven awards with the San Diego Film Critics Society: "Best Film", "Best Director", "Best Actor", "Best Supporting Actress", "Best Original Screenplay", "Best Cinematography" and "Best Score"!

Hagen said...

The St. Louis Film Critics named Jake "Best Actor". Yay!

Hagen said...

Indiewire's Massive 2014 Year-End Critics Poll: Read the Full Results
220 critics from around the world participated in the survey, which includes 13 categories and numerous runner-ups.



Jess said...

Yay for Jake and Nightcrawler, thank you Hagen.

Hagen said...

Unfortunately Jake won't have time to campaign for an Oscar nomination, otherwise I'd be more confident that he'll be nominated.

Jess said...

Oscar would be nice but I am still over the moon about the Sag nomination. Was he nominated for a Sag with Brokeback?

bobbyanna said...

Here is the link to the actual Scott Feinberg did an analysis of the Oscar nominations based on SAGs, GGs, and today's announced Critics Choice. I'm feeling a little bit more optimistic since I read it earlier today. : )

bobbyanna said...

Jess, Jake was nominated in Best Supporting Actor, and the entire cast was nominated for Brokeback Mountain.

Jess said...

Thank you Bobbyanna.

Hagen said...

Here is the link to the actual Scott Feinberg did an analysis of the Oscar nominations based on SAGs, GGs, and today's announced Critics Choice. I'm feeling a little bit more optimistic since I read it earlier today. : )

Feinberg still predicts Jake for the unfortunate sixth spot. Though I'd argue that Steve Carell has been losing momentum by the day. And I'm not sure if AMPAS feels the need to nominate a fourth British actor (Spall or Fiennes), especially since Spall stars in yet another British genius biopic.

Jake will attend a "Nightcrawler" screening on January 5th, 2015 in New York.
Dan Gilroy and Rene Russo will be present at a screening in Los Angeles on Thursday.

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, I agree about Spall and Fiennes. But what I meant was that I took encouragement when I read what Feinberg wrote:

"Critics' Choice noms have, over the past several years, been among the most consistently strong predictors of Oscar noms.."

"when a Critics' Choice nom follows SAG and Golden Globe noms, that generally seals the deal for an Oscar nom. Indeed, over the 19 years in which all four groups have issued awards, only 14 performances have ever received noms from the first three but not the fourth..."

I think Spall and Fiennes are less of a threat, for the 5th spot than maybe Bill Murray. Because this is AMPAAS, and they really like Murray. Also there doesn't seem to be a campaign for them, and that means something.

I'm thinking it'll be Keaton, Redmayne, Cumberbatch, Carrell, and Jake. At this point, I also agree with you that Carrell is looking somewhat weaker, so I'm not thinking of Jake as the "fifth man". The "fifth spot may be a fight between Carrell and some of these others. (I'm keeping my eye on Bradley Cooper.) ;)

I wonder how much the quality of the films affects the nominees' chances? It seems that many of these films are not as strong as the actor's performances. Exceptions being in Jake's case, and with Birdman.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Congratulations to Jake and NC for the SD. and St. Louis Critics wins!

I agree that Jake's chances for a Oscar nomination is stronger now.

Hagen said...

Jake has been nominated for a London Critics Circle Film Award (along with Riz Ahmed)!

Hagen said...

And the London Film Critics Circle nominated Dan Gilroy for the screenplay. "Nightcrawler" is among their top 10 movies of the year!

Piruleta said...

Go, Nightcrawler!

Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson Bring Nick Payne’s Mesmerizing Constellations to Broadway that's a beautiful picture

Jess said...

"Jake has been nominated for a London Critics Circle Film Award (along with Riz Ahmed)!"

Yay, I hope the British love for Jake, Riz and the film keep going.

I hope FP arrive safely in NYC.

Hagen said...

I like the picture with Ruth Wilson, too.

The Houston Film Critics have nominated "Nightcrawler" for four awards: Best Film, Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

Jess said...

Florida's critics nominated Jake one of three for best male actor. Eddie Redmayne and Michael Keaton are the other 2.

Jake along with Ralph Fiennes were the runners up to Tom Hardy (yet another dark horse for the Oscar nomination) by the Toronto critics.

Jess said...

It's great how these non LA and NYC critics are loving Nightcrawler and Jake.

Anonymous said...

If I vote my quintet will be:


but I suppose based on all announcement and how this go ahead the nominees probably will be:


I think Carell and Spall are out. Big surprise would be Hardy or Fiennes, but then probably Jake is pushed out on 6th place.

London critics is another great success, then I expect BAFTA nom. for Jake too. :-). SV

Hagen said...

From the Carpetbagger, the Awards Season Blog of the New York Times:

On the Scent of Jake Gyllenhaal
At this point the Bagger, who a) has a brain that tends to short-circuit around 10 p.m., and b) didn’t have a notebook handy – after all this was a receiving line not an interview – found herself fixating on Mr. Gyllenhaal’s tantalizing eau de parfum. He seemed to have marinated himself in something highly Ayurvedic, a scent the Bagger recalls catching whiff of on another high-octane actor before (but who?), and that possibly involved bergamot.

The takeaway? Mr. Gyllenhaal indeed put in a great performance. And his perfumer deserves a raise.

Hagen said...

Jake is #1 in the Village Voice Film Poll [85 critics from across the country voted for their favorite films, performances, and filmmakers in 13 categories.]

Anonymous said...

I made a summary of noms or potential wins for the request, so I will give it here as well, but I might forgot some, so you can add.

Independent spirit awards nom -best screenplay, best first feature for Gilroy, best male lead, best supporting actor

Online film critics nom - best film, best lead actor

AFI - top 10 movie of the year

Phoenix FC nom - breakthrough performance behind the camera - Gilroy

SAG nom - best actor,

GG nom - best actor drama in leading role

St. Luis FC nom - best actor in leading role - WINNER, best original screenplay, best cinematography, best art direction,

Detroit FC nom - best actor in leading role,

San Diego FC nom - best picture - WINNER, director WINNER, lead actor WINNER, supporting actor, score WINNER, supporting actress WINNER, original screenplay WINNER, cinematography WINNER, editing,

Chicago FC nom - best actor in leading role, most promising filmmaker - Gilroy

San Francisco FC nom - leading actor,

Dallas forth FC - top 10 movie NC, best actor 4 from 5,

BFCA - best picture, best actor, best original screenplay,

Toronto FC nom - best actor - second runner-up, best first feature - second runner-up,

London FC NOM - best pic of the year NC, actor of the year leading, supporting actor of the year, screenwriter of the year

Houston FC nom - best actor leading role, screenplay, cinematography


bobbyanna said...

Chag Sameach.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!!!

Anonymous said...

Number 1 in Village Voice film poll is a big deal, more prestigious than Criticwire poll.
Jake edged out Fienes and Keaton!

Jake Gyllenhaal 53 votes 25 ballots
Ralph Fiennes 51 22
Michael Keaton 40 17

DFCC said...

The Dublin Film Critics Circle

Best Director Richard Linklater, Best Actor Jake Gyllenhaal Nightcrawler, Actress Marion Cotillard, Two Days One Night

Austin Film Critics Assoc said...

Austin Film Critics

Best Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler

Best Original Screenplay: Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler

Best First Film: Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy)

AFCA 2014 Top Ten Films

6. Nightcrawler