Monday, September 8, 2014

Video man

It's hard to get video to the audience as fast as Lou Bloom, but here are some relatively fresh TIFF Jake Gyllenhaal videos. First up, IndieWire and Jake:

Too bad the IndieWire moderator doesn't know how to pronounce Jake's last name. Here's a radio interview filmed askew:

Full Q&A after the premiere on Friday:

What did YOU look at on the internet today?

TIFF 2014 Interview: JAKE GYLLENHAAL... by thesevensees

Jake answering and posing:


Hagen said...

I'm going to catch up with all these videos later, but I'm glad that Jake promotes "Nightcrawler" assiduously at TIFF. He won't have much time in the upcoming weeks.

Best: NC and Phoenix

I'm not the biggest fan of Christian Petzold, but Nina Hoss is reliably good. (Though I haven't seen "Phoenix" yet, of course.)

Hagen said...

Kate Erbland from Film School Rejects: Skeevy, Sleazy Jake Gyllenhaal Is the Best Jake Gyllenhaal

FP said...

Filmfestivals.Com ‏@fest21 1 h

The Zurich Film Festival Will Host the European Premiere of NIGHTCRAWLER, Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo...

near my home :)

Jess said...

Hmm I don't want to do the rotten tomatoes thing. Jake really needs for this movie to be a hit with the audiences.

bobbyanna said...

Great, FP!

There is SO much information via reviews, videos, interviews, etc. It's exhausting.

Wanted to share my reactions to some of it, bcz we have good discussions here. : )

I love that they talk about NC in the same breath as Taxi Driver & Drive. What a huge compliment. But then, there are some "critics" that go negative & dismiss NC saying it's too derivative. But it really isn't. How many people in the general public were even aware of the existence of these freelancers?
And I don't recall reading about anyone quite like Lou.

I think when they are dismissive they are showing their own limits. I mean. Is every cowboy movie derivative of John Wayne? Everything is "derivative" in some way.I just thinkt when that's their only negative criticism of NC, they're totally missing the point.

The other thing I've noticed in some interviews, is Jake's asked to comment on the state of the news in today's world. He's handling it really well, because it really is a whole different subject/discussion.

IMO talking about Lou as some representative generic everyman misses the point of Lou. Lou's clearly someone in desperate circumstances and he intends to survive the best way he knows how. Which is creepy. : )

The movie does shine a light on some aspects of our culture that are uncomfortable, and worth examining, but it doesn't seem to moralize.

I really loved the conceit of the coyote. I think that's a brilliant way to think of him and his relationship to his nocturnal environment. It helps me understand what they 're going for.

I think of Lou as a unique character that Jake created from the script Gilroy wrote. I'm not sure if they intended to "make a statement" by inventing him.

There are a lot of provocative elements to Nightcrawler. It will make people think, and it will generate some bigger conversations. But I don't think that was the main intention of making it.

When I read the script, I never thought of it as some heavy-handed, obvious message movie in the grand tradition of some of the stuff that came out in the 70's. I did see it as satire on some level. I can't wait to see it!

FP said...

Thanks Bobbyanna!I'm so excited!:)

Us Weekly ‏@usweekly 2 min

Our film critic says that Jake Gyllenhaal is "stunning" in #Nightcrawler:

"For his latest film, the wildly evocative drama Nightcrawler — which premiered September 5 at the Toronto International Film Festival — the actor lost 30 pounds, stayed out of the sun and grew out his hair. The physical transformation is stunning. More important, so is his performance.
This film proves there's a Lou Bloom lurking inside most of us. He's just the one willing to cross the yellow police tape. And as the shadowy sleazebag antihero, Gyllenhaal deserves to bask in the limelight."

FP said...

Rope of Silicon

Wickedly satirical, darkly humorous and featuring an outstanding performance from Jake Gyllenhaal

Sure, before that he had Zodiac and Brokeback Mountain, but it's in the last few years that he's delivered fantastic performances in some of the best films of his career, those being End of Watch, Prisoners, Enemy and now Nightcrawler. He shines in films that are anything but the norm and Nightcrawler is his most outlandish yet.
Gyllenhaal brings Lou to life in a most impressive way. Manic and disturbed, yet never seen in public out of control. He slithers through crime scenes like a snake, sifting his way through the blood and carnage, lingering on corpses and soon using questionable ethics, becoming just as much a part of the crime as he is the "journalist" capturing it.

UltraViolet said...

I thought I posted this last night but I didn't:

That was a nice Sundance flashback tweet, HM. Thanks for posting it.

Bummer about THR review. The two major trades giving it a negative review is usually a bad sign. But I'm hoping the overwhelming positive reaction dismisses that noise.

The beard talk is distressing. Perhaps the character will have it at the beginning but then transform? One lives in hope…

Hagen said...

I didn't know that you're Swiss, FP. :winks to neighbor:

Jake really needs for this movie to be a hit with the audiences.

From a strictly financial point of view "Nightcrawler" doesn't have to gross much money to cover its production and marketing budget. "Everest" (and "Southpaw") are probably meant to be bigger commercial hits than "Nightcrawler". According to "Nightcrawler" is tracking for a $6.5 million opening (and $18 million total). They were pretty spot-on with EoW, but sometimes they're far off. The buzz from TIFF certainly won't hurt.

When I read the script, I never thought of it as some heavy-handed, obvious message movie in the grand tradition of some of the stuff that came out in the 70's. I did see it as satire on some level.

"Network", for example, was released 38 years ago. I think many people (including me) haven't watched it or some of the other movies mentioned in the reviews. So it's hardly a problem that "Nightcrawler" possibly deals with a similar topic as those movies.

UltraViolet said...

So exciting, FP! I hope you get to see it.

Have to read the Film School Rejects post. Great title, lol. It's been hard to keep up with all the articles. Thanks to you all for posting and discussing. There's been some great stuff out there and here, of course :)

The Rotten Tomatoes average is still pretty high (8.4/10) even if it's just at 69%. I think it will be okay.

Funny tweet:

saw him at a tiff party sat night from a distance. Very hot, has a big head though! Met Chris rock too and he was shorter then me. So weird!

I saw the Chris Rock movie, and the cast and CR is very short. But not as short as Ben Stiller, who is tiny.

Red carpet interview with NC director and cast, including Jake.

Chica said...

I have to catch up later with all the TIFF goodies you posted UV, thanks!

Nightcrawler is a small budget movie with a small budget for promotion so it's incredible all the buzz and good reviews Jake is getting.

That said, it's too early to be talking about awards nominations and the field may be too crowed as is.

Jess said...

"(8.4/10) even if it's just at 69%"

I am surprised by Hollywood Reporter not so much Variety (that guy's review was like a gyllenbabble interview).

18 million is ok I guess. But Open Road has got to get on the ball.

BlueJean said...

Wow! Another new post! I can hardly keep up these days! :)

*starts reading*


bobbyanna said...

UV, I'm getting a message that the video from eTalk isn't viewable outside Canada. : (

Hagen said...

The beard talk is distressing. Perhaps the character will have it at the beginning but then transform? One lives in hope…

Hopefully he won't have enough time to grow a really fuzzy beard. I could live with a short dapper beard.

f said...

Hagen, yes, we are neighbors, and I could not have hoped for a better neighbor: my friend :)

UV yay!! can't wait

as for the review of HR

this is what it says:

The loner in question is played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who adds yet another nutcase to a resume that kicked off fully with Donnie Darko and most recently included the heroes of Prisoners and Enemy – two guys with enough issues to fill a half-dozen psychology textbooks. But here he takes things a step further, transforming into a completely unhinged, modern-day Rupert Pupkin, a man whose rise to stardom is as morally questionable as it is downright addictive.

It’s an acrobatic performance in a movie that constantly oscillates – sometimes impressively and sometimes tediously – between neo-noir and contemporary satire, using Los Angeles as the backdrop for a world whose values have gone completely out of whack. Those elements, along with a near two-hour running time, may make this upcoming Open Road release a tough sell for the general public, though the film will certainly have its fans, while its star should gain even more recognition as one of the most daring actors working in Hollywood today.

hardly rotten

often rotten tomatoes take only the last sentence of a long review, changing the meaning of the review itself.

The good thing is that when they realize it, or someone points out the error they do not hesitate a second to change the rating from Rotten to Fresh.

FP said...

f said...

that's me FP sorry :)

bobbyanna said...

FP, thanks for the quote from the HR. It clarifies things. Hopefully, people will contact RT and point it out to them.

Jess said...

I have been reading a couple of reviews where it states Jake was overacting but the reviews were from two sources I don't really give much weight to because they both feature Jake as the good looking heart throb more so than his acting and concentrate on what he wears and who is dates. And they seem to rate actors based on their popularity on the internet instead of the acting.

So UV, a question to do you do you think Jake overacted in some scenes? From reading the screen play, Lou is calm but can turn on a dime however I could be wrong screen play.

FP said...

The McConaissance is done now, right? Because I think it’s time we discuss the Gyllaissance (it’s a working title) that has been very quietly happening for the last few years. For me, this started with 2012′s End of Watch, in which he played a young police officer fighting crime in L.A.

Of course, Zodiac, Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko all proved Gyllenhaal’s worth as a gifted actor, even if he seemed to have gotten lost for a bit (ahem…Prince of Persia). But for the last few years, he has been picking solid script after solid script, and then giving impressive performances in Prisoners and Enemy, films that both premiered at TIFF last year.

With that said though, Nightcrawler may be Gyllenhaal’s best performance of his career to date, and that is not a festival hyperbole. Daring, funny, creepy and unnerving, Gyllenhaal is unleashed in a film that is just as good as his performance. This is his Drive moment, his Fight Club, his Taxi Driver, his Collateral. Nightcrawler could be the film that could very much define him. After all, he also DID lose 20 pounds for this role! [Ed's note: "Or what actresses call being in a movie." — Tina Fey.]
t’s really hard to describe Nightcrawler because while it may feel familiar, it’s original and fresh. The films listed above are comparable, but it’s also surprisingly hilarious, tense and creepy. Sometimes, it’s even those three things all at once.

The film is incredibly well-shot and very much puts the “night” in its title. With first-time director Dan Gilroy (who also wrote the film) at the helm, his film exceptionally illuminates the seedy, somewhat grungy reputation of L.A. at night thanks to Robert Elswit’s expert cinematography.

Gyllenhaal is mesmerizing in Dan Gilroy’s latest feature film currently playing at TIFF.

After listening to Lou Bloom long enough, you might start believing in him and want to follow his leadership. Of course, he is a sociopath, so that granting of legitimacy to his way of thinking and his talents is pretty flooring.

Such is the triumph of Nightcrawler, a taut, aptly dark, and spellbinding descent into madness that follows a, let’s call him entrepreneur and freelance videographer, who looks to rise to success by any means necessary. The thing is, those means combine selfless dedication, attention to detail, and precise communication (all good!) with a lack of morality, manipulation, and blackmail (not good!).
Gyllenhaal’s terrific performance as a fastidious man of the night is mesmerizing, and Bloom’s ability to compartmentalize makes him a most fascinating, terrifying figure in this ever increasingly disturbing drama.

FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is not the first actor you think of when you consider intensity, fear, darkness. He’s always been great and reliable, but that particular barrier’s been broken, as he’s channeled his inner Christian Bale, lost a seemingly unhealthy 30 pounds of weight, and can be seen playing something of a Patrick Bateman in Dan Gilroy’s riveting Nightcrawler.
Each time Gyllenhaal’s character pans his camera closer to a bloody crime scene, you can see his salivation and arousal for gore and danger. Nightcrawler is a lesson on desensitization and how to manipulate your fear, and perhaps even monetize it. Is it a comment on media consumption? Maybe, and I don’t mind, because it’s done so well that the message will be pleasantly microwaved in your mind and ready to serve by the time the credits show.
Gyllenhaal is disturbing. He is one of those movie stars whose face is instantly recognizable, and as a charming and warm lead. But in this film, the warmth is replaced by another kind of fire, a frightening one. He scares, just by speaking in a quick, pedantic tone, everything becomes a soft-spoken threat you know he can deliver on, and it would probably leave more than just your mind mangled. Whether he’s watering his plants after work, or letting out a quick escapable giggle between quick dialogue, bitch is scary.

The film is spellbinding, from Gyllenhaal’s disturbingly empty eyes to James Newton Howard’s heart-pounding score, it pulls from the night grit genre of film as of late; think Drive, or more aptly, Taxi Driver. You won’t glance at your phone once.

Good Morning! :)

Jess said...

Off topic a bit but I hope Jennifer Anniston gets the Oscar nomination (and win) for Cake. I heard it went over really well at TIFF especially for her. If Jake has been under rated then Jennifer has been down right disrespected for her work. Earlier in her career she had some awesome independent films.

And she has won an Emmy and a Golden Globe I think for Friends and we all know that comedy is the hardest thing to do.

Monica said...


You’re making your Broadway debut in Nick Payne’s “Constellations” this December, and you recently starred off-Broadway in Payne’s “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

I love that play so much. It’s extraordinary, that play, and I had seen it in London a few years ago. Then I did “If There Is” and when the opportunity came to do it, it just seemed so logical to me. It’s a love story, a two-hander. It’s about a relationship between two people and the different scenarios which they go through in their relationship, but it happens in different universes. Nick’s writing is so beautiful. This one is very much exchanges but what happens is the play is written so that there are eight different scenarios and within those eight different scenarios there are five versions of the same scene. The first scene, she’s in a relationship, he’s not in a relationship. He’s interested, she’s not. Then in thirty seconds, bam, they’re both not in relationships, but they’re both not interested. It goes like that and you track a relationship through time over universes.

I read the review, Jess. I don't agree when she says that weight loss was for nothing. He is receiving the best reviews of his career! These comments are being added to his resume, people are seeing him with new eyes, seeing how great and versatile actor he is.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal Has No Idea Who’s Tweeting Under His Name

Vanity Fair

bobbyanna said...

Cute, monica!

bobbyanna said...

Cute, monica!

Jess said...

Thanks Monica, that was a cute interview. Jake was so relaxed.

Monica said...

Jess, I'm rooting for Julianne Moore. She is receiving high praise for her performance in Still Alice in tiff, but unfortunately the film has no distributor yet. :/

Facebook said...

53 minutes ago
Dinner with Jake Jake Gyllenhaal & female guest who resembled Claire Danes .. I could be wrong about Claire .. But it was definitely Jake. — at Bar Pitti.

Hagen said...

Claire Danes was probably Naomie Watts. They look alike.

"Nightcrawler" and Jake got a rave review from Joshua Rothkopf (Time Out New York): The hungry wolf at the center is Louis, impressively played by a wire-thin Jake Gyllenhaal, who right off the bat doesn't feel like your everyday L.A. loner ... Gyllenhaal, who summons career-best work, simply couldn't have played this character a few years ago. His boyish handsomeness undergoes a transformation into ferrety slickness, the actor hammering home Louis's mania in ferocious, near-OCD monologues—one of which will bring your audience to stupefied applause—that reveal a truly dangerous operator.

Hagen, yes, we are neighbors, and I could not have hoped for a better neighbor: my friend :)

Oh, that's very kind of you. And I gladly return the compliment to you. :-)

Jess said...


Both Julianne Moore and Jennifer Anniston would be great, I think they both have a great shot. The best actress awards seems lite this year but again not all the major HW films have been seen.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal on his chilling turn in Nightcrawler


Extra said...

I'm loving all the Jake love for NC! The videos are great and he looks like he is having a blast promoting it.

The Bloom character is seriously creepy!

Jess said...

How cool from Deadline:

Toronto: Chris Cooper Joins Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts In ‘Demolition’

Mary said...

That's exciting news Jess

UltraViolet said...

Loving the continued raves for NC. LOVED the Vanity Fair interview. And the Q interview made me ponder whether Gyllenbabble is better than Gyllenhesitance. I do appreciate that he takes the time to answer questions but I wish he didn't feel the need to be so careful. It was fun to watch him banter with the interviewer though.

I saw that same interviewer moderate a discussion with Jon Stewart and Maziar Bahari on Sunday. He did a pretty good job but as in the Jake interview, sometimes it was hard for him to let go of his original question, even if something more interesting was happening.

Apparently JAke has rediscovered Bar Pitti:

2 hours ago
Like 8 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal. No big deal. — at Bar Pitti.

touch his butt

Oh my god I want to

do it.......


once took his order at my previous job and got him to tell me his Halloween plans. he was taking Maggie Gyllenhaal's kids trick or treating. would have been proud of myself but I was also cripplingly starstruck and was not being cool at all.


Omggggggggg can you like give me his number lmao I would die

Ugh fml

He's eating with his parents you vultures


aw that's really cute then just take a pic from a far of course ya know totally creeper status hahaha

UltraViolet said...

New post :)