Friday, May 16, 2014


ETA: Talk about the ultimate tease:

And after blocking paps from capturing his newly shaved face, Jake stepped out on Sunday to catch Newsies. Here he is with one of the show's actors, David Guzman:

And now the haircut, too:

Here's a brief look at Columbia's Year of James Baldwin, featuring some video of Jake earlier this month at a discussion of Baldwin's "Another Country."

The Year of James Baldwin came to campus on May 1 with an eclectic public conversation between Columbia professor and author Colm Toíbin and actor Jake Gyllenhaal aimed at providing fresh context to Baldwin’s legacy.

“He gave us our messy humanity in all of its vulnerability, fragility, destructive fearfulness and imaginative creativity,” said Farah Jasmine Griffin, the William B. Ransford Professor of English and Comparative Literature and African American Studies, who introduced the event. Baldwin “dared to suggest that the only way we will ever see each other fully is to reach beyond boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, region and nation,” she said.

As The New York Times recently reported in its coverage of the festival, once a staple of high school classrooms, Baldwin’s works are less frequently taught today. It was the urge to revitalize his legacy that provided the impetus for The Year of James Baldwin.

“Here we are, two white guys talking about James Baldwin. We have to justify our presence,” said Toíbin, the Irene and Sidney B. Silverman Professor of English and Comparative Literature, during the conversation with Gyllenhaal. “I was brought up in a very Catholic society in Ireland, and after reading his second novel, Giovanni’s Room, I discovered—hold on, this guy’s gay. And, of course, I’m gay, and I had thought I was the only guy who was like this.”

Gyllenhaal, who read passages from Baldwin’s third novel, Another Country, talked about how the 1962 best seller, which touches on interracial sex, bisexuality and suicide, highlights how “we are bowled over by convention every single day and look for it to define us.” In Toibin’s words, the novel is “about how to become an adult.”

It's a shame Jake didn't make the trip to France, but it seems like his presence is being felt. No video of Nightcrawler, but it is apparently a hot property at Cannes.

From Vulture:

Each year at the Cannes Film Festival, Harvey Weinstein shows the press some clips and trailers from his studio's coming film slate, and this time, he came ready to tout movies like The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and Tim Burton's Big Eyes, with Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz. The general public will be seeing those trailers soon enough, but there's one bit of footage Weinstein showed today that he likely won't release unless your hashtag campaigns are really on point: a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal workout video.

Weinstein had hoped to have Gyllenhaal there in the flesh to discuss his upcoming boxing drama Southpaw, but failing that, he presented Gyllenhaal's actual flesh, dimming the lights for a video meant to convey the actor's intense training regimen. We watched a bearded, ponytailed Gyllenhaal throw punches in the gym, grimace through sit-ups, and engage in countless torso twists meant to strengthen his six-pack. There was even a slo-mo pan up Gyllenhaal's heaving, sweaty, hairy torso. Could this minute-long beefcake clip be Weinstein's spoiler for the Academy Awards? Yes, yes it could be. I'm calling it now: Your Best Picture Winner Will Be Jake Gyllenhaal's Shirtless Workout Video.

Can we hope that someone sneaked some video of that video?


Hagen said...

Thanks for the new post, UV. Columbia University should have shown Jake talking in the video.

I'd be fine with Open Road. It would virtually guarantee a proper wide release for "Nightcrawler" in the USA.

UltraViolet said...

As long as it gets a wide release and a smart marketing campaign.

Funny tweets about TWC's presentation:

A win for everyone RT @vulture: Harvey Weinstein just showed the press a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal video at Cannes:

I admit, I clicked. RT @vulture: Harvey Weinstein just showed the press a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal video at Cannes:

J-Katz just got one-upped! RT @vulture: Harvey Weinstein just showed the press a shirtless Gyllenhaal vid at Cannes:

I've always liked Alan Arkin:

Bill, you're in another big, exciting summer movie. What can you tell us about "Edge of Tomorrow"?

Paxton: It's all those things and more.

Arkin: What are you in?

Paxton: "Edge of Tomorrow."

Arkin: What is it?

Paxton: It's a Doug Liman/Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt movie.

Arkin: Oh, right. It's science fiction. How is it?

Paxton: It's great.

Arkin: Have you seen it?

Paxton: No.

Arkin: They didn't invite you to see it?

Paxton: They never do.

Arkin: When does it open?

Paxton: It opens June 6th.

Arkin: Oh, I'll be there.

Paxton: I got to play a drill sergeant from Kentucky, who believes that a man, no matter how low he's sunk in life, can be redeemed and brought back to life on the battlefield. Tom Cruise gets thrown into my platoon and I have orders that say he's impersonated an officer and is a deserter and a coward, and instead of being down on him, I'm like, "Boy, you're in the right place. I'm going to teach you something." It's a pretty fun movie because it's got this situation where he keeps getting killed in this initial battle and he wakes up and it's happening again.

Arkin: Oh, it's like that movie with Jake Gyllenhaal that he did two years ago.

Paxton: I didn't see that one.

Arkin: It's wonderful. What's it called?

It's called "Source Code."

Paxton: I've heard that's good.

Arkin: Yeah, I've seen that a couple of times.

Paxton: It was fun for us actors, working with Tom, as he keeps repeating the cycle he starts anticipating what we're going to say and do...

Arkin: That's exactly what happens with Jake Gyllenhaal...

Paxton: So it's a very reactive role...


Paxton: But this one has aliens though. It's an alien invasion.

Arkin: That'll be good. Are they good guys or bad guys?

Paxton: They've taken Europe like the Nazis.

Arkin: Oooooh, the aliens are bad guys? That's a novel approach. That's an interesting twist.

Hagen said...

That's a funny interview indeed. Why didn't Bill Paxton say that he worked with Jake on "Nightcrawler"?

bobbyanna said...

LOLOL! ALan Arkin! Priceless! This had me laughing outloud!

Thanks for the Baldwin stuff from Columbia, UV. Hopefully there will be more coming out from that evening.

FP said...

People Jake shaved! :)

Carson Lance ‏@carsonlance 11 min

Y'all. I was 5 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal. He yelled at me to not take his photo. Still took one. Sorry, bro.

UltraViolet said...

Sorry that Jake didn't want his photo taken, but what a sight for beard-sore eyes! Maybe a haircut, too, under that beanie?

In a way, it's a shame Jake has gotten rid of the look that so many people are just discovering and loving. But I can't be sad about it!

I was wondering when this would happen:

10:38 PM - 16 May 2014

UltraViolet said...

Good point about Bill Paxton, Hagen. I didn't even remember that. Maybe he doesn't either, lol.

I just love the Alan Arkin answers.

Another photo from today.

Anonymous said...

He shaved, I am in tears. twitter pic with his Mom from tonite

Anonymous said...

Of course Jake was not happy about the picture taking.

Anonymous said...

IHJ has pictures from today. He is trying to cover his mouth so you can't see. But you can tell.

FP said...

James McDonald ‏@IrishFilmCritic 27 min

Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler' Goes to Open Road in U.S. ”

BlueJean said...

He shaved? Really? Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! ;)

Hagen said...

Finally he shaved!

He is trying to cover his mouth so you can't see. But you can tell.

He feels naked without the beard. ;-)

Open Road has snapped up U.S. rights to Jake Gyllenhaal's upcoming crime drama Nightcrawler for $4.5 million following a spirited bidding war.

Extra said...

Thanks so much for the Baldwin video UV, I was hoping a report and video would pop up!

I knew Jake would have to shave for Southpaw, poor guy! He must feel naked as you said Hagen :)

Monica said...

I'm not very happy with Open Road, as well as UV, not enjoyed the work they did with End of Watch, but it's great news that the film has a distributor.

Anonymous said...

where's the ihj photos?

Leonor E. G. Núñez said... 355

UltraViolet said...

Hello, Leonor! Aren't you nice to answer such a brusque request, one with avoided any kind of please or thank you.

UltraViolet said...

That should say "one that avoided" not "one with" but you get it. Basically, Leonor was nice to someone who was rude. Because Leonor is not rude.

And then there's this, just added to the post. Will need to rematch that a few times.

Monica said...

DGH ‏@dghjsus 1m
JAY Z & Beyoncé "RUN" (w/ Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones) : youtube

UltraViolet said...

Just got in ahead of you, Monica :)

That was fun.

Monica said...

The beard and long hair look worked in this video. He looks hot!

UltraViolet said...

He really does. I can't believe he might manage to make me miss that freaking beard!

Mary said...

He sure does look hot! Is this a movie or music video not really sure what it is? It was fun to watch.

UltraViolet said...

Mary, it's a spoof trailer for Beyonce and Jay Z's upcoming tour, called Run.

Unrelated to Jay and Bey, but this cracked me up. From Thursday:

Not usually a celeb sighting kinda girl, but after a long day walking home, getting full eye contact, a smile AND a nod from Jake Gylenhaal? Thanks NYC, you redeemed yourself.

My friend Olivia puked in front of him on the subway once.

Did he react by looking handsome?

Handsome *and* concerned.
May 15 at 9:27pm · 1

Holllllllar!!!! Get it girl!!!
May 15 at 9:34pm · 1

I hear you about celeb sightings. I met him years ago when he was dating Kirsten Dunst, a very nice guy, I have to say.

i used to see him all the time when i worked in soho because i worked next to his building! he cut me in line for coffee once. but i am so glad he smiled and nodded at you

Oh my god, my favorite!!love him

I would die happy after that. God I love him.
May 16 at 12:38am

MY GOSH, I'M OLD!!! I don't know who he is!!!! does your mom?

I think my mom knows who he is? Hmm...I'll have to ask. She might know who he is, but it's a rare day that I "see" her on Facebook.

SO.... WHO is he????? LOL
May 16 at 2:01pm

He was in Brokeback Mountain. This guy!

OK, yum

I am old and I know who he is. Super actor and super cute.

Also, from one of the stories about TWC presentation at Cannes:

Harvey Weinstein is in Cannes being Harvey Weinstein. And he’d hoped to have Jake Gyllenhaal there to promote his boxing film Southpaw, but Jake couldn’t make it, so Harvey showed a video of a shirtless Jake working out, punching a bag, doing sit-ups and working on his six-pack. If TWC doesn’t release this video to the web immediately, I’m boycotting all their art house films!


I wonder why Jake couldn't/didn't go. It would have been fun to see him at Cannes.

Anonymous said...

So many good news, Tks a lot


BlueJean said...

"The beard and long hair look worked in this video. He looks hot!"

"He really does. I can't believe he might manage to make me miss that freaking beard!"

:-))) I feel the same way for some strange reason.

:-))) for the Twitter conversation you posted at 2:17, UV. Priceless!

Have a nice day, everyone! x

Hagen said...

I can't believe he might manage to make me miss that freaking beard!
I wouldn't go that far, but yes, he looks good. xD

Shooting of "Southpaw" will start in Indiana:

Indiana Gazette: An independent production company is looking for people to be paid extras in a movie being partially filmed in Indiana.

A casting call will be held for men and women 18 years old and older from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 24 at the Indiana Mall for “Southpaw,” a feature film produced by Hope Films Inc. about a boxer who fights his way to the top, only to find his life falling apart around him.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie is to star Jake Gyllenhaal. Rachel McAdams and Oscar winners Lupita Nyong’o and Forest Whitaker are also rumored to be under consideration for roles, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Filming is slated to take place in Indiana in mid- to late June and in Pittsburgh in early July to early August.

Extras will portray boxing spectators and may work for multiple days.

Chica said...

Yay! You found sone of the panel discussion from the James Baldwin event UV thanks so much ♡

I'm not a fan of Bey Bey and JZ but that video was cool!

I think I'm going to miss the mountain man look too but I think he may return to it after he is finished filming Southpaw.

Not thrilled with Open road picking up Knightcrawler either:(

bobbyanna said...

OMG, how fun!!!
Damn, Jake! I am so torn! He looks so sexy in this video! I hate to admit I was getting used to his look, too.

UV, I know you noticed Jake was pushing a elevator button! LOL!

Looks like he's holding a knife, sort of like a murderous thug? Rashida Jones and Emmy were hilarious, and LOL! on the random conversation about BBQ.

Anonymous said...

Alaina Bono ‏@miss_alaina 2m
Jake Gyllenhaal and Corey Cott were just hanging out together on stage after Newsies. I think I had a dream like this once. #gyllenewsies

Anonymous said...

Alaina Bono ‏@miss_alaina 2m
Jake Gyllenhaal and Corey Cott were just hanging out together on stage after Newsies. I think I had a dream like this once. #gyllenewsies

FP said...

from the same girl above

Alaina Bono ‏@miss_alaina 3 h

He got a haircut. It's like 2007 again. God bless us everyone. #gyllenewsies

FP said...

Vanessa Brown ‏@heynessie 7 min

Hubba hubba! Jake Gyllenhaal visited #newsies! With zach_elijah and @MoreOrLesLuca (totes flirting with the girl)

Monica said...

Mark Aldrich ‏@MarktheGinger 10m
Hey, Jake Gyllenhaal. Thanks for coming to Newsies.

Newsies <3

Anonymous said...


How does he do that? That man is just gorgeous, he's just plain pretty to distraction. Now I kind of understand the beard all the time. It must be difficult to keep someone's attention when they are drooling at your feet due to your hotness.

FP said...

Anon 6:22 PM

I love your post :)))

Monica said...

The girl with him in the picture is Ramona?
The person who posted the photo talks about the boys, but she doesn't said the name of the girl. I think it's Ramona.

UltraViolet said...

Just posted a photo of Jake with one of the Newsies cast. I think the tis Ramona, Monica. Aww, Uncle Jake!

Jake was also spotted at Russ & Daughters Cafe. And this yesterday:

I've lived 3 blocks from Maggie Gylenhaal the past 6 years, worked a co-op shift with her husband once, but never encountered her. Now I just walked past her brother Jake on Pier 40. The eldest Gylenhaal still eludes me!

Did you ask him about the rocket in October Sky?

That's so cool. I love all of his movies.

He looked approachable & hot, just like you'd think.

Hard to do a good twitter search in the deluge of Run tweets, but here are a couple of fun video tweets:

As a devout @Beyonce follower I feel sacrilegious for feeling this way but tbh my favorite part of "Run" is Jake Gyllenhal's beard

Baller tour promo vid. If I buy tickets & there's no crazy Jake Gyllenhaal lurking just offstage... #refund

BJ, glad you enjoyed that pst. I love finding these things. It can be hilarious to read people's reactions to Jake.

UltraViolet said...

A lot of folks seem to think Jake is the best thing about Run, which is fun.

This Film Stage comment is another reason to be annoyed that Open Road won the Nightcrawler rights:

Nightcrawler, the thriller for which Jake Gyllenhaal lost all that weight, sold to Open Road films so you should expect it in 2015 since they haven't always been prompt with their release strategies (see that tortured rollout for On the Road well over a year after its initial heat... okay, warmth)

And LOL:

All Weinstein showed from this boxing movie was footage of a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal boxing. "Could this minute-long beefcake clip be Weinstein's spoiler for the Academy Awards? Yes, yes it could be," Buchanan wrote. "I'm calling it now: Your Best Picture Winner Will Be Jake Gyllenhaal's Shirtless Workout Video." Whatever. GIVE IT ALL THE AWARDS.

Mary said...

Thanks UV for the new pics of Jake.So glad to see him with out the beard and lomg hair at least for a little while:)

Monica said...

2015?? We are in May!
Focus bought Dallas Buyers Club in April and the film hit theaters in the end of last year!

bobbyanna said...

Hope they're joking around about the release date. I was hoping Nightcrawler would do TIFF and be out in time for awards season. : /

Yes, I think that's Ramona out with Uncle Jake.

UltraViolet said...

That second shot of him today is remarkable :)

I don't think 2015 makes sense. Jake will have Everest and presumably Southpaw. 2014 is the best bet.

5 Best Things from Run:

1. Jake Gyllenhaal’s CRAZY EYES
Gyllenhaal’s isn’t known for playing batshit insane characters, but his role in the supposed flick (hitman? Just your standard crook?) involves staring crazy-eyed as a car does a barrel roll after an explosion — and then keeps the manic expression in the next shot as well. If this film was just 75 percent Gyllenhaal blowing up things and smiling stupidly at it, would we be worse or better off in life?

Saw this from Anne Thompson:

Also in the production stage, filming now, is Antoine Fuqua's promising fighter flick "Southpaw" starring Jake Gyllenhaal in awesome physical condition.

FP said...

I do not care so much about beard or long hair, it is always him, and I love him the same, but it's amazing how people love this mountain man look , while we fans made a big deal of it, it's funny the different perception of things. lol :)!
Also It's crazy how, in the video with a single glance Jake sends everyone in the park, power of talent.I do not know if I feel in this way because I'm a fan of him, but I have this perception.

Hagen said...

I don't really mind if Jake is wearing a beard, but I'm glad that he got rid off that unkempt 'mountain man' look.

Open Road Films didn't distribute "On the Road". They acquired "End of Watch" in February 2012 and released it in September 2012. That's OK, I think.

The release schedule for fall 2014 is pretty crowded. (Though for whatever reason no one wants to release a movie on October 31st, 2014.) It's possible that ORF would like to postpone the release until January / February 2015.

I was hoping Nightcrawler would do TIFF and be out in time for awards season. : /

Open Road did some sort of awards campaign for Jake and Michael Peña, but that's probably not their strong suit.

However I'm confident that ORF is the right kind of distributor for "Nightcrawler". Open Road is one of the very few companies that give low budget films a wide release (outside of the horror genre).

(Jake on the tight shooting schedule for "Nightcrawler" ( NPR): Well, this movie in particular ... it's a smaller-budget film. And we're shooting this movie in 28 days, which is a short amount of time to make a film. The only shorter film I've made is 22 days, which was this film called End of Watch ... [where] we spent most of our waking and non-waking time making the movie. You know, it was sort of like a bender the whole time. This movie's very similar. So we push as the week goes on. We start at 6 a.m. on Monday. [Now it's] a Thursday night, and we'll probably go until 3 or 4 a.m. to finish it off.)

Focus bought Dallas Buyers Club in April and the film hit theaters in the end of last year!

Despite of three Oscar wins and another three Oscar nominations "Dallas Buyers Club" reached far less viewers than "End of Watch".

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

What a gun post UV! The Baldwin video with Jake is a tease but I'm happy that you found that clip!

Wow , the Run teaser video is wild and Jake is creepy in it. It's amazing what buzz it's getting!

Yes that's Ramona, she looks so much like Peter :)

What was frustrating to me with EOW was that after opening @# 1, it just quickly disappeared losing theaters. Hopefully Open Road will do better with Nightcrawler.

Good to see Jake's face again!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Thanks UV!!! Leonor

Hagen said...

Jake likes chewing on a cable (Just Jared).

Monica said...

Despite of three Oscar wins and another three Oscar nominations "Dallas Buyers Club" reached far less viewers than "End of Watch".

Different films. End of Watch is a drama with action and a little humor, while DBC is a drama that shows the suffering of some people. Between the box office and the Oscars, I get the Oscar.

Open Road did some sort of awards campaign for Jake and Michael Peña, but that's probably not their strong suit.

Yep, there was information that Open Road didn't sent screenings End of Watch as some studios did. :/

Anonymous said...

"Breaking Hair News: Jake Gyllenhaal Shaved"

LOL, it is a slow news day in celebrity world.

sami said...

Was ist es doch schön,Jake einmal wieder ohne Zöpfchen und ohne Bart zu sehen.

sami said...

Herrlich Jake einmal wieder ohne Bart und Zöpfchen zu sehen.

Anonymous said...

Ja, es ist, Sami

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Sami! It is good to see Jake's face again.

That's Indiana, Pennsylvania, btw, for the Southpaw filming. One of these days. Jake will make a movie in Boston…

Another photo of Jake outside Newsies.

Hagen said...

I didn't even know that there's an Indiana County in Pennsylvania.

One of these days Jake will make a movie in Boston.

That would probably be more fun for Jake as well.

My local theaters won't screen "Enemy" :boo: It will be a very limited release. Anyway I'm going to watch it in Düsseldorf. Germany's largest magazine praises "Enemy" and Jake's performance highly. Sami, there's a competition to win tickets for "Enemy", "The Double" by Saramago and the "Enemy" poster.

UltraViolet said...

Jake on his bike.

Twitter sightings:

Jake gyllenhaal. If u doubt it, plz see douchey wool cap in 75 degree weather. (at Kaffe 1668) [pic] —

Jake Gyllenhaal in Soho, NY last night. WOW #dreamy

Anonymous said...

I cannot get over how much twitter traffic because of Jake's shaving his beard or the disappointments that he did.

Anonymous said...

The item about Jake shaving his beard got more than 300 comments on Just Jared. It's ridiculous! I love it! LOL!

Hagen said...

Jake gyllenhaal. If u doubt it, plz see douchey wool cap in 75 degree weather.

LOL, he's really easier to recognize thanks to the wool cap.
And he looks way better without that beard which has gotten out of control.

"Enemy" is 'certified fresh' on Rotten Tomatoes. Last weekend the movie opened in theaters in Thailand and Turkey. No idea what happened to the UK release.

"Enemy" will open in just 39 theaters in Germany, less than in Spain. Critics are really supportive though. The critic on the morning show on Germany's largest TV channel has called it a great movie, the most enigmatic and fascinating film in years.

sami said...

Ich habe ganz vergessen mich zurück zu melden.Bin wieder gut gelandet Hatte ja geschrieben das ich nach Kanada ging.Dank an die beiden Damen,die mir damals geholfen haben.

FP said...

Qua ‏@Qua_Illest 6 min

I seen Jake Gyllenhaal in Brooklyn ��

Hagen said...

"Enemy" is now availabe as a rental in the iTunes-store and on amazon instant video ($4.99).

Monica said...

Juliana Silva ‏@JuliSilva14 1h
This guy I went to middle school with is on broadway AND met Jake Gyllenhaal. #whatamidoingwithmylife #ohyeahhomework

chrismpadgett ‏@chrismpadgett 3h
Just said hey to Jake gyllenhaal at Pitt airport. He nodded. I think we are besties now.

sami said...

Ich muuß mir immer wieder die Bilder
von Jake ansehen.Was das doch für ein Unterschied ist.Er sieht um Jahre jünger aus.

Monica said...

More info about Southpaw: Sinopse

If you don't want to know much about the movie, don't click on the link above.

The site confirms Rachael McAdams and Lupita Nyong'o.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Monica, it's not a boxing story but boxing is the backdrop. And Lupita's role will probably be more significant that Rachel's.

UltraViolet said...

I am still not sure they are confirmed, but we'll see.

I hate to send people to Perez, but I can't believe Jake is losing this poll to Shia L. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Perez's readers are mostly haters of anything normal. I would be concerned if Jake was winning on that site.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it just means a lot of people like Jake with the beard and longer hair. I was surprised how so many people thought he looked so good in that music video, and the pictures from the gym of him boxing. Shia was looking pretty bad so almost anything was an improvement.

UltraViolet said...


Just showed Jake Gyllenhall to the studio where his niece is taking a dance class #lovemyjob #humblebrag
3:59 PM - 23 May 2014

Not sure what this is about:

Idk if any other class can top getting wished a happy graduation by jake gyllenhaal #2014 😍

Seems to be a Colorado person.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal and Colm Toíbín: In Conversation The Year of James Baldwin


bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica! Now I'm appreciating the tweets about Jake's reading abilities more & more. LOL!

Haven't read Baldwin in years. I think reading him now would be a good experience compared to the person I was so long ago when I first read him.

Tweety said...

Thanks Monica and UV! I enjoyed the videos and the discussion on Baldwin.
I have only read two books by James Baldwin : Native Son and If Beale St. Could Talk. Jake and Colin makes me want to read more of his works.

Yes Bobbyanna, all those tweets about Jake reading at this event are now clear, I can listen to him forever!

Habe a safe Memorial Day!

UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety!

It's great to be able to watch the full discussion. Jake seems very engaged and I love hearing him read. I wish he could be more confident and less babble-y when he speaks.

Looks like Jake might be flying to CA:

Sitting 30000 feet in the air, watching "wolf of Wall Street" with Jake Gyllenhaal sitting in front of me 😊

Hagen said...

I've just realized that James Baldwin wrote "Sonny's Blues". We had to read it at school, but I don't think that any one of us students could connect with the story at that time. There was awkward silence when we were supposed to discuss it. And the teacher used the word "underprivileged" in virtually every sentence. ;-)

Anyway I already liked the pictures of the event - Jake looked very animated in them - and I'm looking forward to watching the video. Thank you, Monica!

Hagen said...

An eye-popping number of extras are needed for "Southpaw" (Indiana Gazette): The casting crew is looking for 1,500 to 2,000 people to make up the audience for boxing matches during the movie. Scenes for the movie are to be shot at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex in White Township for about two weeks in June. Filming is expected to last 12 or 13 hours a day.

Good luck with the casting. Indiana County has less than 90,000 inhabitants.

sami said...

Gibt es nicht noch ein paar schöne
Fotos von Jake? Vielleicht ohne
Mütze,und ohne Kabel im Mund? Wäre schön.Aber man soll ja nicht unverschämt sein.Habt eine gute Woche.

Anonymous said...

"Good luck with the casting. Indiana County has less than 90,000 inhabitants."

Its small county but is close to bigger counties. If that county is anything like my small county, everyone flocks to something new at the same time. I believe its close to Pittsburgh and they will at least get free food and a chance to be in a movie. The county is not isolated, it does not take a bus, train and plane to get anywhere in the state of PA. Its not Indiana state.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

A full length video of Jake@ Columbia, thanks Monica! He was a bit babblish but he was engaged and thoughtful.

Hoping all is enjoying their day off on Memorial Day and are mindful on why we have this off.

Monica said...

I think he was nervous, especially at the beginning.

Hagen said...

Its small county but is close to bigger counties.

They will be shooting on the campus of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Maybe they can recruit quite a few students.

A whopping 4,046 people watched "Enemy" in Germany in its opening weekend. Another 8,785 people saw one of the previews. The screen average is pretty good though and the film will probably stay longer in theaters than "End of Watch". It's found its niche in arthouse theaters (currently #6 in the arthouse theater charts). And fortunately "Enemy" is more often shown in English than Jake's previous movies.

P.S.: The word verification has become really complicated.

Hagen said...

Indiewire: Top 10 Indies in the iTunes Store: 'Enemy,' Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Hits the List [at #3]

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good for the ITunes entry since the film has no PR whatsoever in most parts of North America.

thanks Hagen

UltraViolet said...

That is great for Enemy. Nice to see it gain some traction.

A couple of Jake sightings in NYC today. Maybe he never went to LA or maybe he's back or maybe he's somewhere else!

Just saw Jake Gyllenhall biking. Cool

Just saw Jake Gyllenhall biking. Cool

Behind the scenes of Run. Nothing about Jake.

I've lost the link now, but an article about the Southpaw casting calls said that except for Jake, no other name actors have officially signed on for the film.

Anonymous said...

Pritesh Shah ‏@FunnyShah 4m
Walked into an audition and Jake Gyllenhaal walked out....I'll go with "I didn't get the part"

Monica said...

For a moment I thought it was for Southpaw. I wonder for what movie? What role?

bobbyanna said...

Monica, that guy is a comedian. Maybe he was joking about Jake. But then, maybe he did see Jake at an audition. But maybe it wasn't today, and yet, it could be today. LOL!

I just saw a tweet from a girl in San Diego talking about how her boss yelled at Jake for parking too close to her car.

So basically we have Jake in New York on his bike, and in L.A., maybe at some audition, and in San Diego all at the same time.

I'm really confused by all these different tweets. I usually try to research the tweeter if it is something unusual, but I'm running around in circles this time. : ) This is like "Where's Waldo." LOL!

Did the tweet about Jake going to his niece's dance class happen before or after he was supposed to be on the plane in front of the lady who was going to L.A ?

People seem to tweet more when Jake is in NYC than they do when he's in L. A. But usually when he is in an airport or on a plane, he is mentioned by more than one person.

Monica said...

Well, looks like he's in NY:

✨twinkle toes✨ ‏@sukii_monstaa 10h

Just confirmed that the man I thought was Jake Gyllenhaal at my office building was In fact him!!!! So excited 😁😁😁😁💁💁💁💁

bobbyanna said...

Off topic: just heard that Poetess Maya Angelou has passed away. She was 86.

RIP, Maya!

Chica said...

Just heard too Bobbyanna
RIP Dr. Angelou, you were gifted and inspiring.

Hagen said...

Vinicius Machado: I'm also in the mix for a feature film called "Southpaw". It was written by Kurt Sutter (creator of 'Sons of Anarchy'); it is being directed by Antoine Fuqua ('Training Day') and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. As I hear it, I am among the mix of actors they are interested in. I read for Antoine Fuqua the other day, so I am waiting to hear on that!

I hope he will be cast for "Southpaw" as he's tweeting a lot. ;-)

bobbyanna said...

Looks like the Joe Namath biopic is still alive but no word on whether Jake is still attached. It's moved from Universal to Fox.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh loves you, Jake Gyllenhaal. Thanks for everything !

Hagen said...

LeBron James @MykeDSOM
50 [Cent] will join the cast of director Antoine Fuqua's boxing movie "Southpaw"

No idea, if that's true.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting. Hopefully, he won't have to throw a baseball.

I'd like to hear some confirmation of the other leading roles.

About the Joe Namath flick: I think Jake is too old now, sadly.

Not many Jake sight gins this week. Someone thought she saw Jake on his bike in Central Park yesterday. And someone else tweeted this:

So Jake Gyllenhaal might be using my apartment at IUP as his for the new movie southpaw... Not sure how that came about

IUP = Indiana University of Pennsylvania

bobbyanna said...

Is Indiana of Pennsylvania like Miami of Ohio? LOL! I imagine Jake is in PA by now settling in?
Hopefully the good folk of Pittsburgh & vicinity are good tweeters.

50 Cent is interesting casting. I remember a friendly photo of Jake & 50 together at the Vanity Fair Party a couple of years ago.

I agree UV, I wish we'd get some confirmation on the rest of the cast. I really hope Lupita is part of it.

I can't get over all the tweets about Tom Cruise's movie ripping off Source Code. LOL! I love it. Didn't Doug Liman do the Tom Cruise movie?

It is just a gorgeous, perfect day outside today. I've been enjoying it! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. : )

Monica said...

I think it's a joke, because southpaw mean something with the left hand.

Anonymous said...

"I think it's a joke, because southpaw mean something with the left hand."

You are correct Monica, southpaw refers to a left handed boxer. Really good left handed boxers are rare.

Anonymous said...

"I can't get over all the tweets about Tom Cruise's movie ripping off Source Code. LOL! I love it. Didn't Doug Liman do the Tom Cruise movie?"

You must be looking at a different twitter than I because I have seen a handful of tweets about Cruise's movie being a rip off of Source Code and from people who have not seen the movie. HOw soon we forget Source Code was accused of being a rip off of Ground HOg without the laughs. Whereas Edge of tomorrow has been seen by people and has been compared to both Source Code but more edgier and also to Ground Hogs Day because its entertaining.

Judging from the tweets of people who have actually seen Edge of Tomorrow, it has been well received and graded higher that Source COde by the fans.

The plot isn't new but neither was SOurce Code. It will out grossed Source Code 2 or 3 to 1.

Anonymous said...

By entertaining I meant it has more laughs.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, goodie. We haven't had a know-it-all anon in ages. I have also seen plenty of tweets and other posts comparing Source code to the also poorly named Edge of Tomorrow.

That doesn't mean the movie isn't good. And I didn't see Bobbyanna predicting it wouldn't do well at the box office. It's just noteworthy that so many people hear or see the premise and think, "Oh, that again."

In fact, I posted a link to an interview with Alan Arkin, who commented repeatedly on the similarities. You know Alan Arkin, Oscar-winning actor who probably isn't a Gyllenhaalic.

Monica, did you mean the 50 Cent pitch was a joke? Sadly, I think it was a real attempt.

Monica said...

I saw a sighting of Jake at LAX, but thought it might be a mistake:

David Pineda @Dpineda20 · 2h

I really just can't believe that I served tacos to Jake Gyllenhaal... wtf!!

Well, can still be a mistake.

I know some people who have seen EOT and all said that is a great movie. I know it will be a big hit in Brazil; Brazilians love Tom Cruise!

UltraViolet said...

Jake appeared to be in NYC today:

Jake Gyllenhaal just touched my arm ahhhhh — at Sant Ambroeus SoHo

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV. Sheeesh! All I meant was that Tom Cruise movies are huge, and they have a huge budget, and they are well publicized, etc.etc.etc. and the fact that so many people see the similarities and mention Source Code makes me feel good. IMO it put SC right up there, in the public consciousness, and maybe people who never saw it might want to check it out. It's one of my favorite Jake movies. I thought he did brilliant work in SC.

It would be odd for Jake to go to LA right now. I mean it's possible, but it seems like he might be heading to PA any minute. Although there is open casting call for Southpaw three days next week, so they seem to be still in pre-production mode.

Monica said...

lol it was a mistake!

I love his new haircut!

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Hagen said...

Pittsburgh Business Times: As it ramps up production as the latest Hollywood movie to shoot in the region, the boxing movie “Southpaw” has been awarded a film production tax credit from the state of Pennsylvania. According to state records, “Southpaw” has been awarded a $5.8 million film tax credit. That suggests of an in-state production budget for “Southpaw” of at least $23 million, but potentially higher.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm Lupita has joined Star Wars, wonder if this means no Southpaw for her?

I wonder why Jake is never in the mix for one of those big big projects of sequels and prequels?

Jake deserves a franchise if that is what he wants. Of course Denzel Washington is just now hoping to get a franchise with the Equalizer.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder why Jake is never in the mix for one of those big big projects of sequels and prequels?
Jake deserves a franchise if that is what he wants."

You just answered your question: maybe he doesn't want to be in a comic book project or franchise sequel. He might feel it's too soon after POP as he's (re)building a strong actor credibility.
Lupita herself doesn't need Star Wars sequels. With Oscar she has prestige and publicity, SW won't bring anything more to her career other than money, certainly not an acting opportunity.

Monica said...

SW will bring visibility to her, making her more known to the general public.
During this time, she can get roles in some other films. It's how it works.
You sign with the franchise to make the movies you want.

I would love to see Jake have his own franchise or be in a movie that brings visibility to him so he would become bankable to work with whoe he wants, I mean, with great directors.

I love this new phase of his career, but I also want to see him working with big names. I think the last one was David Fincher.

Anonymous said...

You may be right but it doesn't work all the time, there's no guarantee. I mean, how big the expectations were for Hayden Christensen and how disastruous the results? With SW it can go both ways, really good or really bad. Lupita, as a fresh Oscar winner, should strive for work with prestigious directors Cuaron, PT Anderson, Fincher, not JJ Abrams.
As for Jake, he doesn't need a Marvel, DC Comics prequel, sequel thing, McConaughey and Leto proving that all you need is a poignant role in a drama with deep impact. No need for big directors or splashy productions. Just a fantastic character to play and some strong support for the awards campaign. Jake is already on the path of committing 110% to doing great work, and support could finally come in the form of Weinstein.
POP hit Jake harder than it seemed at the time. The result though was a reassessment of his career, his priorities. Left the agency, signed with a new one that allows him to chose art projects, moved to NY, returned to his indie roots, to the stage, stopped caring for 1 second about the politically correct (aka bullshit) manner he should dress, look, behave. He cut out all the bullshit focusing on what really matters, a more difficult road to success, much slower than jumping into a silly rubber suit, but a more steady and rewarding one.
My opinion.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about that anom at 7:56PM or else Jake would have not signed on for the Everest big budget studio movie or even if the press is to be believe tried really hard to work Into the Woods into his schedule so that he could do the Nightcrawler and the musical too.

I think Jake would love a franchise to open up other opportunities.

Hagen said...

The Playlist lists "Enemy" among the best movies of 2014 so far.

Monica said...

Exactly, 11:57. I think Jake wants it, but it is not a priority since he got Nightcrawler instead of Into The Woods. He's being more careful because of what happened with Prince of Persia, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't want it.

I think Jake would love a franchise to open up other opportunities.


McConaughey and Leto proving all you need is a poignant role in the drama with deep impact. No need for big directors or splashy productions.

This worked for Oscar, what it's great but I don't see MM turned down roles in big productions or working with big names.

Anonymous said...

"The Playlist lists "Enemy" among the best movies of 2014 so far."

Not surprising since the Playlist critics have had organisms over the film. I am little sad to hear Josh Brolin is in talks for Denis V's next film with Emily Blunt, not because of Emily Blunt or the film but I enjoyed Denis and Jake's collaborations.

Maybe Enemy can hold up for the awards seasons for foreign films entries.

Hagen said...

Maybe Enemy can hold up for the awards seasons for foreign films entries.

The category is called "Best Foreign Language Film". Movies in English are not eligible in that category.

Anonymous said...

Everybody's free to believe whatever they want. I also firmly believe Jake doesn't want a superficial kids franchise the likes of Thor, X-Men, Antman.. After Prince of Persia I don't think Jake will want to be associated with one-dimensional movies ever again. Matthew McC. for all the talent displayed recently, has always wanted to be hailed as a big movie star. His ego will never refuse huge projects. Jake doesn't want to be a worshipped star, he wants to be a respected artist.

There's a clear distinction between Everest/Into the Woods and superhero franchises. While big studio productions, Everest/Into the Woods are quality material, one about a real life tragedy, the other a sarcastic adult musical take on fairytales.

There are people in Jake's fandom bordering on insanity who believe their distorted fantasies are reality. By comparison, us here disagreeing whether Jake wants a franchise or not makes for great sane conversation. Personally, I love Jake's refusal of what's trendy. Makes me proud of him, it takes guts to swim agaist the current. I'm glad I don't have to see Jake playing Antman or another mutant man.

UltraViolet said...

I guess Rachel McAdams is going to be in Southpaw.

Anonymous said...

Yipee for Rachel, maybe a bit of method acting going on.

Monica said...

Yay I love Rachel!

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! I'm so glad they're working together. I love Rachel, too!

BlueJean said...

"He cut out all the bullshit focusing on what really matters, a more difficult road to success, much slower than jumping into a silly rubber suit, but a more steady and rewarding one."

"I'm glad I don't have to see Jake playing Antman or another mutant man."

Don't know who you are, Anon June 2nd 7:56 PM and 7:24 PM, but I agree with that. Please leave your name next time ;)

Am I the only one who thinks 'Love & other Drugs' also didn't do much good for Jake's career? I know he loved working with Annie once more, but the movie itself was disappointing IMO. And it followed PoP... 2010 wasn't his best year.

bobbyanna said...

I think Jake does try for franchise movies from time to time.I hope one of these times he does get something fun to do in a good one. I don't think anything is "off the table," if a project looks good to him.

There are interesting characters (especially villains) in franchises, even if they aren't the title role. Unfortunately, I think sometimes studios measure success of a franchise by Iron Man. Not every franchise is going to explode like RD,Jr.'s did.

I also think the "failure" of PoP is overstated by "journalists." I think other factors contributed just as much if not more, to Jake's career hitting a bump. (Like really bad marketing decisions and poor management.)

I'm glad he left CAA. I don't think they did right by him. But that's a whole other discussion, and we really can only speculate.

I have a feeling these agencies map out a "plan" or a "career path" for their young stars and it's very formulaic. I think eventually, Jake rejected that. I'd bet he was really frustrated by the kind of scripts and roles they were sending him...or not sending him. WME & Patrick Whitesell are really doing a much better job.

Also, it almost seems like these music videos, and smaller films are also "auditions" that showcase Jake, giving him exposure in ways that maybe directors hadn't thought of him before, and creating new opportunities for him. In that regard, I'm really looking forward to Nightcrawler.

I'm enjoying this discussion. Yes, it is nice to be able to offer various opinions and be civil, Anon 7:24.

(Based on unscientific evidence of Twitter, I think LAOD, whatever its shortcomings, continues to do a lot for Jake. LOL! )

BlueJean said...

Well, I actually enjoy LAOD for its eye candy, don't get me wrong ;) It's just that - as a movie, it looses its path sometimes.

Saw 'Enemy' at the cinema a couple of days ago. It premiered here (The Netherlands) last week.
Now, that's a 'showcase' for Jake! To tell you the truth, I'm actually hoping to go see it again next week. Don't know if it'll still play here by then, we'll see.

Despite all the negative costumer reviews for the movie (Amazon!), 'Enemy' continues to intrigue me. Don't know why as I still don't understand it and probably never will, but... ;) Have to say I also kinda understand why people think it's crap, but that won't change my opinion.
It was truly a joy to see it on the big screen.

UltraViolet said...

Yay, BJ! So glad you got to see Enemy on the big screen. I love the crowd reaction to that last shot. I'm happy I hadn't seen or heard anything about it before I saw the movie.

I can also see why people don't like it. You could hear those people at the TIFF screening, sort of mumbling on their way out. But there are many who did enjoy it. I wish more people that did like it would review it on Amazon.

L&OD was a lost opportunity. I blame the director. The film does lose its way. Just I loved Jake and Anne together. And every time I saw it in a theater, which was a lot, the audience really enjoyed it.

I think they should have made Jake's character a little tougher, as well.

It's also one of those movies that performed very well overseas. But America wasn't fond of it, sadly.

Speaking of romantic comedies… LOL.

UltraViolet said...

I saw Alyssa on Kimmel last night, and she is very pregnant. I wonder if they'll postpone the wedding until the baby is born!

On the subject of Enemy reviews, just saw this twitter gem:

Stunning performance by Jake Gyllenhaal in José Saramago's bittersweet, blazingly brilliant adaptation, 'Enemy'. Beautiful cinematography.

:) :)

BlueJean said...

"I saw Alyssa on Kimmel last night, and she is very pregnant."

Whaaaaat?! :-)))

bobbyanna said...

LOLOL! Couldn't stay awake for Kimmel, UV, but I did see the "item" on twitter about Jake and "Alyssa MILANO. " Hilarious.
As far as I know Jake never dated Alyssa Milano, who is very pregnant. Never heard of that site before but they are very confused. LOL!

UltraViolet said...

A Pittsburghian tweeted a Jake sighting at the airport. I saw this last night:

Ubuntu Education Fund, a premier nonprofit organization transforming lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, will celebrate its 15 year history and the thousands of lives impacted, at its annual Gala at Gotham Hall on Thursday, June 5th, 2014. The event will celebrate Ubuntu’s impact and offer special recognition to organizational champions Frank and Janice Lipman for their support and dedication. The gala will feature performances by Grammy award winning South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela, Soulive guitarist Eric Krasno, and songstress Alecia Chakour. Expected Guests include: Donna Karan, Jake Gyllenhaal, Seamus Mullen, Paulette Cole, "Captain" Kirk Douglass, Frank and Janice Lipman, Winston Marshal (Mumford and Sons), Colin Cowie, Bobbi Brown, Trevor Hall, Karyn Parsons and Mark Seliger. For more information, please visit

Guess we'll see,

Monica said...

I love laod BJ. It's not great as it could have been, but it's still fun because of Jake and Anne. I think that the release date should have been during the Valentine's day.

bobbyanna said...

There's a big championship fight at Madison Square Gardens in NYC this coming Saturday, June 7th. One of the boxers, Sergio Martinez, is a southpaw. I wonder if Jake will be at ringside.

UltraViolet said...

That sounds probable, Bobbyanna. And he is back in NYC:

about an hour ago
Um... Just eating ramen at the same table Jake Gyllenhaal is currently at... And having myself a silent mental freak-out. ... KAKALOKA LANG — at Momofuku Noodle Bar.

me and Jake Gyllenhall stared each other down for ~5 seconds ...nothing for the rest of my life will ever be incredible again #LifeAfterJake

jake gyllenhaal sighting at the @hernameisbanks show, oooooh, girllllll.

FP said...

Madi Webster ‏@MadiWebster1 2 min


Anonymous said...

Is Jake in California? Bcz that tweet is from a girl in California.

bobbyanna said...

Here. Found this on FB from an hour ago:

"And, as I slowly and unattractively pick a hair out of my mouth, I lock eyes with a guy walking by me on the sidewalk.

It HAD to be Jake Gyllenhaal."

35 people like this.

Manny Jaquez; " was it actually Jake Gyllenhaal, or is this just a drill?"

50 minutes ago

Olivia McLean: "it was actually him."

49 minutes ago

Olivia McLean: "i will never let my guard down again"

49 minutes ago · 11

Andrew Jonathan Sharkey: "lol, was it near CPW? That's where he winked at me on his bike."

bobbyanna said...

This girl is in NYC.

UltraViolet said...

Tweets will be hard to find for a bit, in the McAdalanche. I did see this:

Thank you to Jake Gyllenhaal, friend of @DrFrankLipman & @UbuntuFund gala host committee member--Thrilled you’re here to #celebrate15!

But I don't see it on their twitter feed. So who knows? Jake does appear to be in NYC.

bobbyanna said...

The Rachel/Jake dinner sure has exploded. I love seeing them together, but it must be awkward for anyone they may be involved with. I know Rachel has a boyfriend, and there has been some official denial, but it seems to have a life of its own.
They do look good together. Funny how Just Jared & Lainey are using the Oscar photos. Talk about a #TBT pic! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hagen said...

Jake looks great in the new pictures from the Ubuntu Education Fund Anniversary; he reminds me of "Source Code" Jake. He doesn't miss an opportunity to grow back the beard, but it's still under control. ;-)

FP said...

Foodmancing® ‏@Foodmancing 49 min

Ok. I'm pretty sure jake gyllenhaal just asked me what was wrong with my puppy. Is he in #pgh?

sami said...

Ist einmal wieder Ruhe an der Jake
Front Er macht sich ziemlich rar.
Aber wer weiß was wieder auf seinem Programm steht.Ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting line in this story about a potential project for Jake:

The drama is a co-production between Black Label Media and Mr. Mudd with John Malkovich and Lianne Halfon producing for their Mr. Mudd banner and Thad and Trent Luckinbill and Molly Smith producing for Black Label Media.

Script was written by Bryan Sipe and tells the story of an investment banker struggling to understand his emotional disconnect after the tragic death of his wife. He begins to tear apart his life in a effort to see where he went wrong and is ultimately rescued by a woman he meets in a chance encounter.

Gyllenhaal is currently training for the boxing pic “Southpaw,” which goes into production next month and is still weighing his options on this film but if he decides to do the film, it would mark another strong dramatic turn for the actor who has been very decisive on his choices over the last couple of years.

Gyllenhaal is coming off rave reviews for his role in Alcon’s “Prisoners” and followed that up by starring in the thriller “Nitecrawler” which had several buyers pursuing it at the Cannes Film Festival before Open Road landed the rights and will release it in the fall for an award season push.

All sounds very good.

Hagen said...

Open Road will release "Nightcrawler" October 17 ( Deadline). There are already three wide releases on that date ( Boxofficemojo). Maybe it will open in limited release and expand later (like "Chef").

Monica said...

I don't know what to think because I didn't like Dallas Buyers Club. But it's great news about Nightcrawler! yay

Hagen said...

I haven't watched any of Jean-Marc Vallée's movies, but "Demolition" sounds promising. My only quibble is that the story involves once again the tragic death of his wife.

Monica said...

The script is from 2007:

DEMOLITION by Bryan Sipe
“A man who just lost his wife forms a relationship with a woman under bizarre and hilarious circumstances.”

Monica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

Sorry for double post, UV.
Screenpley Review: Demolition

It's a dark comedy!

Hagen said...

Screenplay Review: Demolition
Ok, that doesn't sound like "Southpaw" at all.

Deadline: Miguel Gomez has booked a role in director Antoine Fuqua’s boxing feature Southpaw. Written by Kurt Sutter, the pic stars Jake Gyllenhaal as an up-and-coming fighter who loses everything in a moment of rage and has to start from the bottom to get his life back. Gomez will play his ring rival Miguel “Magic” Cantu. His credits include Louie and The Domino Effect, and he next will be seen in FX’s upcoming drama The Strain and the feature Pacific Standard Time.

Anonymous said...

Jake plus Racheel.that's will be great!

Monica said...

Ok, that doesn't sound like "Southpaw" at all.

Yeah. After reading this, I'm excited about it. Hopefully Jake will do it.

Hagen said...

Hopefully Jake will do it.
I hope so, too. It sounds like a cute story and it would be nice if Jake starred in a somewhat lighter and less dramatic movie for a change.

FP said...

Jame Lathren @jlathren · 2 h

Breaking: Jake Gyllenhaal just smiled at @jesslathren on a street in Tribeca. #ohsnap!itson #dontwanttorumblewithacelebrity #butiwil

Anonymous said...

Cory Everett ‏@modage · 30m
Jake Gyllenhaal on Broome St. #gawkerstalker

Monica said...

HBOboxing ‏@HBOboxing 33m
Ringside at MSG: @MikeTyson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams and more in our #CottoMartinez pre-fight photo gallery

Hagen said...

Daily Mail: Jake Gyllenhaal steps out with female pal in SoHo

UltraViolet said...

The prose in that Daily Mail article is laugh-out-loud funny.

I like the idea of a dark comedy for Jake. I hope he does it, and they keep the dark tone.

Kurt Sutter tweeted this yesterday:

At church st. boxing gym today watching #JakeGyllenhaal spar with @_MiguelGomez_ .
Both fighters looking fierce. Ready to film #southpaw.

Just saw this:

about an hour ago near New York, NY
On the plane with Jake Gyllenhall. Ladies, let me know if you want me to pass on any phone numbers.

Leonor E. G. Núñez said...

Enemy en Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

BlueJean said...

"The prose in that Daily Mail article is laugh-out-loud funny"

Yes, it is! They always make a mountain out of a molehill ;) Oh well.

FP said...

Sooo Rachel McAdams blocks my Celebrity Candid shot and Jake Gyllenhaal Mean Mugs the camera, Who The F#%* do they think they are? LOLLL I guess they have the right to be "Hollywood" LOL

FP said...

Forest Whitaker Joins Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Southpaw’ #Showbiz

sorry the double post UV :)

Hagen said...

Enemy en Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!

I'm glad that you get the opportunity to watch "Enemy" in a theater, Leonor. :-)

Good news, FP! "Southpaw" seems to be on the right track.

Production will begin next month in Los Angeles.

I couldn't warm to Indiana, Pennsylvania anyway. ;-) And they'll start a bit later than previously planned.

I wonder why Open Road hesitates to confirm the release date of "Nightcrawler". The film is supposed to open in theaters in just four months. I hope it will be screened at the New York Film Festival (September 26 - October 12). It would fit in with a theatrical release on October 17.

Anonymous said...

I guess, the Variety reporter got the date and location mixed with the million other movies he's covering.

- they had 3-4 casting calls in Indiana and 1 in Pittsburgh, most recently last week
- Jake and Rachel had dinner in Pittsburgh last week
- the Kovalchick sports arena in Indiana is booked for 2 weeks for the boxing scenes
- the movie has been awarded a $5.8 mil. tax credit from the state of Pennsylvania.
- ^ Weinstein specifically said they can't film it in LA, too expensive.

They may film a few scenes in LA after Indiana and Pittsburgh, though I doubt it. I'll go with the reporter being inadvertently wrong.

Monica said...

I wonder why Open Road hesitates to confirm the release date of "Nightcrawler".

Maybe OR will confirm with a trailer.
In fact if the film will debut in October, OR should already start with some official stills.
I hope the film goes to Toronto and Telluride.

UltraViolet said...

Yay!. And Wow:

Jake Gyllenhaal has booked his Broadway debut in “Constellations,” a project that will reunite him with writer Nick Payne and director Michael Longhurst of “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” the play in which Gyllenhaal starred Off Broadway in 2012.

bobbyanna said...

OMG! Thank you, UV! This is wonderful news. Jake's Broadway Debut!!! Previews start December 13th and the play officially opens in January? I'm there! LOL!

Chica said...

Yes! We should all try and get together to see it !

bobbyanna said...

OT: Sad news: Ruby Dee has passed away. She was 91. RIP, Ruby! She was a pretty remarkable lady.

Hagen said...

I hope Jake will still have enough time to shoot "Demolition" before the rehearsals begin. I can understand that he wants to play on Broadway, but it's not particularly exciting for me. I will never see that play, but I'm glad for all of his fans who will get that opportunity.

Monica said...

This is a great news!!

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, I hear you. I would love it if he does Demolition before the play. Depending on how long Southpaw takes and how long Demolition is scheduled to take, it's possible.

Guess Jake is in Pittsburgh:

4 hours ago near Pittsburgh, PA
I walked past Jake Gyllenhall and Rachel McAdams in the supermarket this morning, then Rachel was in line in front of me at the checkout while Jake went back into the store. Looked them up online, and they're here making a movie.

Did they look like normal people or did they look rich and famous and pretty?

Jake was wearing a hoodie, and he's tall.

Love tweets like this, though they make me wish I had been able to see this:

Who saw his This Is Our Youth stage debut? Amazing. RT@broadwayworld: Jake Gyllenhaal has Broadway debut in Nick Payne CONSTELLATIONS in Jan

UltraViolet said...

Very sad news about Ruby Dee. Always loved her and Ossie!

Mary said...

Great news about Jake doing the play UV too bad I wont be able to see it.

RIP Ruby Dee.

UltraViolet said...

This is a wonderful review:

I know it’s only January, but if I see a more ingenious, touching and intellectually searching play than Constellations this year, I will count myself very lucky.

Nick Payne’s drama lasts just over an hour but packs in more than most shows manage in three times that length. It is playful, intelligent and bursting with ideas, but also achieves a powerful undertow of emotion.

Michael Longhurst directs an illuminatingly lucid production in an auditorium magically filled with floating white balloons that somehow conjure the wonder and the possibilities the play suggests. Sally Hawkins brings both glowing humanity and deep poignancy to the stage as the intelligent scientist who discovers both love and loss, while Rafe Spall manages the tricky task of making an ordinary, decent bloke completely compelling.

This is a pitch-perfect production of an astonishingly fine new play and it must surely have an extended life beyond the cramped confines of the Theatre Upstairs.

I wish it were longer, but it sounds so good. (I'm sure there are other reviews. This was just the first one I found.)

Some posts:

Oh, how wonderful! Constellations is a fantastic play; in a way it's a shame Rafe Spall won't be doing this production but I'm sure Gyllenhaal will do a fine, fine job.

In another Nick Payne play, as well! Definitely my favourite work of his so far. I hope Longhurst replicates the London staging which was excellent. You are lucky, Broadway people!

This was beautiful when I saw it in London, he (Jake) is perfect for the part.

So now we have to see when tickets will go on sale. NY party in December, peeps :)

bobbyanna said...

I'm anxious to find out who will be cast opposite Jake in the play.
They may very well begin rehearsals in November. It's a strong possibility. So Jake will have a very narrow window for Demolition, if it even shoots this year. He may only get a
3 month break between Southpaw & play rehearsals. Somewhere in there he will likely be doing Press for Nightcrawler...hopefully.

I love seeing him so busy.

UltraViolet said...

Already up on the theater's a site:

American premiere play by Nick Payne
Directed by Michael Longhurst

One relationship. Infinite possibilities. An explosive new play about the boundless potential of a first encounter, free will, and friendship.

When Nick Payne’s CONSTELLATIONS opened at the Royal Court’s Jerwood Theatre Upstairs in January 2012 under the direction of Michael Longhurst, it was hailed by London and New York critics. The Daily Telegraph called it “playful, intelligent, and bursting with ideas with a powerful undertow of emotion” and The Independent declared it “dazzling, exhilarating, and extraordinary.” The New York Times said “This superb play gets into your head and under your skin,” and The New Yorker said “Constellations is at once eloquent, mysterious, witty, and brilliant.” The play subsequently transferred to the West End and won the Evening Standard Award for Best Play and received an Olivier Award nomination for Best Play.

CONSTELLATIONS reunites Nick Payne, Michael Longhurst, and Jake Gyllenhaal who previously collaborated on the American premiere of IF THERE IS I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET. This new production will mark the Broadway debuts of all three artists.

That last sentence is cool.

Also, I realize this is Jake's first retiming with a director.

Hagen said...

Also, I realize this is Jake's first retiming with a director.

Denis Villeneuve?

Hagen said...

But I think it's the first time that Jake reteams with a script writer, isn't it?

UltraViolet said...

LOLOLOL. How quickly I forgot, Hagen.

Never mind… :)

Hagen said...

You were pretty close, UV. I haven't found another writer Jake has worked with twice. xD

That tweet about 50 Cent was true:

Hiphop DX: “Actually, I’m working on a film project right now with Antoine Fuqua and Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw,” 50 Cent said.

Unknown said...

Sounds great,but i was expecting he would do Demolition!

Monica said...

I also hope that he will do Demolition. The screenplay looks great.

Critic said...

Constellation is only about an hour long in length when it played in the UK.

I wonder how that will fair with American stage audiences and with the Broadway community. An hour play does not seem challenging or worth a high ticket price.

Hagen said...

"Nightcrawler" is still in post production.

Film Music Reporter: James Newton Howard has signed on to score the upcoming indie thriller Nightcrawler. Howard has previously scored Tony Gilroy’s last three features, including Michael Clayton, Duplicity and The Bourne Legacy. Nightcrawler is currently in post-production. Newton Howard’s latest movie Maleficent is currently playing in theaters. Also coming up for the composer is Edward Zwick’s Pawn Sacrifice, both The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films, as well as Cut Bank, which is premiering this week at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

Sag Actor said...

Happy to hear that Rachel and Forrest are official for Southpaw, 50 cents is an interesting addition.

I would love to see Jake onstage , I missed him the first time!

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

My morning entailed eating cheddar grits while discussing Bowe Bergdahl with Jake Gyllenhaal. Awesomely chill dude. #reallyhappened
11:57 AM - 13 Jun 2014