Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Jake Gyllenhaal joined friends Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Brooklyn Nets game last night. And Twitter and Facebook had a field day. Some highlights:

Tonight's keys for #Brooklyn

I thought a samurai was sitting next to Jay-Z tonight at the nets game but its just Jake Gyllenhall.

At the Nets game, Jay Z & Jake Gyllenhaal are sitting court side together. Imagining Jay asking about Donnie Darko theories is hilarious.

Just want to be a fly on the wall when Jake Gyllenhaal and Hova hang out. You know Kanye is mad jealous.

I just need HOV and Jake Gyllenhaal to let Mirza go out with them tonight

He's always been a boss RT @JJPereira6: Jake Gyllenhaal is sporting an absolute monster beard courtside next to Jay Z at the nets game

The only excitement im getting from this game is how many times i can spot the babe #JakeGyllenhaal . #HeatVsNets

Jake Gyllenhaal talking to your girlfriend, and having her understandably ignore you as a result is the 100th problem

Judging by Jay-Z's face Gyllenhaal's playing with fire. (Via @abe_squad)

Stuck in the middle with you… #poorJayZ #Beyonce #JakeGyllenhaal #JayZ

This budding Gyllenhaal, Jay relationship and Beyonce looking PISSED is my everything right now

ABC straight dissing hipster Jake Gyllenhaal leaving him out of the celeb sighting. HES SITTING COURT SIDE NEXT TO JAY Z

It's funny that every time the cameras pan to Jay-Z and Beyoncé, they cut homeless Jake Gyllenhaal from the frame.

Really into this Jake Gyllenhaal, Jay Z and Beyonce get together. The basketball is kinda good too.

They should do a quick shot of Jake Gyllenhaal everytime either team scores a basket.

Rachel Nichols (CNN Sports): Btw, on that Jay Z pic, that's Jake Gyllenhaal on the left. Or could be the homeless guy who told the Browns to draft Manziel. Not sure.

Between Teletovic's 3-pters and Gyllenhaal's beard! This is an entertaining basketball game! #GoNets #NBAPlayOffs @BrooklynNets

Um. I need that seat Jay Z is occupying or just the space on Jake Gyllenhaal's lap. #itsokayhesonmyhallpass

Jake Gyllenhal must be raising awareness for something... #beard

I know the Heat are down but take a second to peep at Jake Gyllenhaal sitting next to Jay Z. His beard is beautiful. 😍👌

Gyllenhaal looks like he's been staying up late trying to solve the Zodiac killer case.

I think Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to pitch a mixtape idea to Jay

Jake Gyllenhaal or Jesus? @espn

Only Jay-Z can get away with going to a ball night with Beyonce and spend most of it with Jake Gyllenhaal. #NBA

Ooo kill em jake gylenhall looking like he just got off LOST island

Jake Gyllenhall super enjoying his first basketball game!

Is no one else more intrigued by Jake Gyllenhaal's presence as Bey and Jay's guest of honor than the game itself? How did this happen

Gyllenhaal sitting next to Jay-Z at this Brooklyn game with the hair of a GOD... GOODNESS.

I wonder how much Jake Gyllenhaal had to pay to win the "Sit Next to Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Nets/Heat game" Silent Auction item.

Who can? RT @KFCBarstool: Lebron and company just couldn't handle Gyllenhaal

She looks like she's been tryna spell 'Gyllenhaal' for 4 quarters

Gyllenhaal. Beyonce. Jay Z. I FUCKING GET IT TWITTER.

ETA: Some more comments and photos. The first is a classic:

Gawker: Jake Gyllenhaal Cannot Keep Both Jay Z and Beyoncé Entertained at Once (Warning: Some idiotic comments)

methinks jz wants to move so he can concentrate on the game but knows that Jake & his wife are too beautiful to be left alone together; he's between his rock & a hairy hard place.

Man, Jay Z has the bitchiest resting face I've ever
It seems to be saying "I can't believe they are still not talking about me."

If I was sat between Beyonce and Jake Gyllenhaal, I wouldn't know which way to look either..

That moment Jay Z realized Jake Gyllenhaal can take Beyoncé from him.

A few videos (1, 2, 3) of Jake at the game.


bobbyanna said...

LOL! What a fun post! Thanks, UV! I especially loved the tweet about maybe it was a homeless guy. LOL!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

bobbyanna said...

LOL! What a fun post! Thanks, UV! I especially loved the tweet about maybe it was a homeless guy. LOL!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

Chica said...

These pics are too funny! I was watching the game and saw Jake & co :)

Happy mothers day!

Mary said...

Hope every one had a nice mothers day.

Thanks for the new pics they were fun to look at.

FP said...

Happy mothers day! :)

Neil ‏@guyneiljames 3 h

Walked by Jake Gyllenhaal walking with his mom today. Awwww. Jake needs a haircut.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Why is Beyonce dressed like she is about to go on a job interview? Lol!!

The comments about Ninja/homeless Jake are too funny. thanks for such a fun post UV !

Happy Mothers Day!!

Monica said...

It was so fun to read all these and other tweets from last night.

Happy Mothers Day!

UltraViolet said...

Hope all the GB mothers had a happy day. Thinking of all the mothers here and gone.

Glad folks enjoyed the tweets and photos. The internet went wild for the Nets trio, lol.

A funny take:

During tonight's Game 3 matchup between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets, Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal watched the game from courtside while sitting next to Jay Z and Beyonce.

While that in and of itself might interest your typical TMZ follower, for sneakerheads, the shoes that both celebrities might be of more interest. Gyllenhaal brought out his "A" game by rocking a pair of the yet to be released Jordan 5Lab3 "Black" while Hova represented his hometown Brooklyn Nets by rocking the Air Jordan XII "Taxis." On most nights, Hov could probably out swag Jake G, but on this evening, we have to give the nod to Gyllenhaal. Based on Jay's look in this picture, he probaby disagrees.

Also, in case you missed it, Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker critique the men of the Met Ball. Jake did not make the grade!

UltraViolet said...

From twitter, various posts:


This morning I helped Jake Gyllenhaal pick out Mother's Day gifts and I stared straight at his right ankle for approx. 25 (shame) minutes

Spent the afternoon in the park next to the Gyllenhall family. #special #brooklyn/Really though Jake Gyllenhall is the sweetest Uncle. #adorable

Whelp, just ran into jake gyllenhal with his mother an sister in prospect park…

Riz Ahmed talks a bit about Nightcrawler.

Paula C. said...

I had so much fun reading all the tweets, and even more fun looking at the pics! I liked his look, nice pants!

Happy belated mothers day, in Europe mothers day was a week ago, that's why I forgot.

On another note, I already saw Enemy,it is very confusing but I enjoyed it, but I have to see it again cause there some things I didn't understood.

BlueJean said...

This entire post and all the comments are hilarious! Thanks ever so much! :)

bobbyanna said...

Hi, Paula C. So good to see you here! Hope you and your beautiful family are well. : )

Anonymous said...

Who's the kid next to Beyoncé - not her nephew! um-m-m-m-m

Ummm said...

Ty Ty's son.

UltraViolet said...

This is pretty funny:

Here’s a quick story: a couple of years ago I took my girlfriend out for her birthday, and we ended up sharing a wraparound booth and neighboring table with Jake Gyllenhaal.

He wore a pulled down ball cap, was rehearsing lines for the movie “Prisoners” and hardly ever looked up from the script. However, at one point my girlfriend excused herself to the bathroom, at which point Gyllenhaal broke from his concentration and checked out her ass. It made her birthday.

What does this have to do with anything?

Sub out my girlfriend and me for Beyonce and Jay Z. Then switch The Optimist in Atlanta and a birthday evening for the Barclays Center in Brooklyn and the NBA playoffs, and it’s almost the same story. AKA, this is probably the closest thing Jay and I have in common.

I think the Jake/Jay/Bey meme might have died down, but now the Jay-Z/Solange elevator fight is giving it new life. Too funny, all of it.

FP said...


cass ‏@ms_sassidy 5 min

who cares about the fight; moment of silence for how attractive jake gyllenhaal is with a full beard and pony 😻😻😻

Hagen said...

"Enemy" will get a theatrical release in France end of August, distributed by Condor Entertainment:

Kev44600 ‏@Kev44600
Enemy, réalisé par Denis Villeneuve avec Jake Gyllenhaal a enfin une date de sortie : ce sera fin août 2014 en France !

BlueJean, I voted for the Netherlands on Saturday, but it wasn't quite enough.

UltraViolet said...

BJ, glad you enjoyed all the tweets. THe whole thing really did crack me up.

Paula C, so good to see you. Makes me wonder where Paula no-C has been! And yes, much better pants for Jake!

OONP, forgot to LOL at your comment. It was a very off outfit for a basketball game.

Thanks for the info, Hagen. French Jake fans rejoice!

FP said...

Hi Paula! I'm so happy to see you and your beautiful baby :)

Monica said...

I saw the video :O Happy that Jake wasn't there.

Chica said...

Same here Monica!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Jake has a tattoo on the right side behind his ear? I couldn't tell if it was or just his hair? I wonder how Jake met Jay Z and Beyonce? I think it's nice they hang out together


Tweety said...

Solange is a hot mess and looks and acts drunk in that video! Along with the
Jake looking like a homeless man tweets, etc it seems like some think Jake looks hot! Don't know about that but I'm kinda getting use to this look :)

BlueJean said...

"I voted for the Netherlands on Saturday, but it wasn't quite enough."

:-))) Hagen, they came second anyway - isn't that great?! All of the Netherlands is soooo proud! Yaaaaaay!!

Lily: I've wondered about that tattoo (?) as well. It's probably for a role. And I never knew Jake was friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce!

BlueJean said...

"However, at one point my girlfriend excused herself to the bathroom, at which point Gyllenhaal broke from his concentration and checked out her ass. It made her birthday."

:) Well - it reminded me of this:

You've probably all seen it before, but just in case you haven't... ;)

Anonymous said...

" wonder how Jake met Jay Z and Beyonce?"

Gwenth Paltrow.

Anonymous said...

True, Gwyneth Paltrow is close to Beyoncé & Jay Z, but maybe Jake might know Jay Z from back in his Jarhead days. Jake seems to collect friends, and friends of friends, from every movie job.

FP said...

Joshua Decter @joshuadecter · 51 min

Bored young Tribeca mom with baby carriage following Jake Gyllenhaal and girlfriend at a safe distance.

UltraViolet said...

Is Jake headed to Cannes?

Last year in Cannes, Justin Timberlake mingled with distribs at an opening-night party for his disco-era biopic “Spinning Gold,” and Martin Scorsese appeared for his first sales pitch on the long-gestating drama “Silence.” A few months earlier, Charlize Theron flew to Berlin to boost presales for “Dark Places,” the lit adaptation she’s toplining and producing. And in November, Russell Crowe took questions from AFM buyers about his directorial debut, “The Water Diviner.”

“It certainly advances the idea that this is a real project and a live project,” says FilmNation exec VP, marketing & distribution, Richard Baker, who brought Hugh Grant to have cocktails with buyers in Berlin last year, helping sell out foreign territories for his upcoming and yet-to-be-titled Mark Lawrence romantic comedy.

Jason Statham is one of the top talents who may visit Cannes to promote presales, while Crowe is expected to appear with new “Water Diviner” footage at the Majestic on May 15 to entice U.S. distribs, and “Hunger Games” stars might drop in to excite “Mockjingjay” buyers at a May 17 Cap d’Antibes party.

“It is getting more difficult to lock down casts and get projects put together,” says Fortitude Intl. co-founder Nadine de Barros, who brought Robert Rodriguez to Cannes last year for one-on-one chats with buyers at a “Sin City 2” cocktail party. “In this competitive environment, there’s always a level of comfort buyers get in hearing from directors like Robert and stars like Jake Gyllenhaal on ‘The Night Crawler’ about how committed they are.”

Would be fun to see him there, but this could be a reference to the sales job he did in Toronto for the movie.

I hope Nightcrawler does not suffer the same fate as Enemy. I want it to be seen on movie screens by a lot of people.

Monica said...

I hope Nightcrawler does not suffer the same fate as Enemy.
I hope not.

After the game, there are surprisingly many positive comments about the man bun and beard.

BlueJean said...

I like to think "Enemy" will be huge on DVD and Blu-ray... and will eventually be seen as a masterpiece.

More and more people will get to see it as it'll be (officially) released in Europe soon. Only two weeks to go over here... ;)

Unfortunately reviews (from those who have seen it) are very mixed. And those who don't like it, REALLY don't like it and seem to post their opinion on lots of different movie blogs :(

bobbyanna said...

oh, I really hope Nightcrawler gets good distribution! I don't think it'll be a huge, wide release, but I do think it will enjoy a much broader release than Enemy.

I really can't wait. Jake as we have never seen him, ever. This character is really going to shock people....I will say no more... : )

LOL! Monica, I was reading those comments too. Surprising number of tweets loving his current "style." Maybe he'll change it just to be contrary. LOL!

bobbyanna said...

Sort of off topic: I saw a sneak preview screening last night of a really wonderful movie, Belle. The outstanding cast included Sarah Gadon, Gugu Mbatha Raw, Sam Reid, Tom Wilkinson, and Emily Watson. The writing, the acting, the direction, was just excellent. It was based on a true story I'd never heard before. Sarah and Gugu were especially affecting.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Bobbyanna. I like the way you think! It is striking how many positive tweets and reactions there have been to Jake's "new" look.

I like your optimism, BlueJean! I think I've seen about an even split of reactions to the movie. Mixed, true, but almost always positive for Jake.

I cannot imagine that Lupita Nyong'o would choose this as her next role, but who knows? It is Harvey.

Southpaw, the long gestating Kurt Sutter-scripted drama about a fighter who tries to overcome adversity to recapture glory, is finally getting close to the start line. I’m hearing that The Weinstein Company and director Antoine Fuqua have made Rachel McAdams their choice to play the female lead alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, with Forest Whitaker in talks to play the boxing trainer who tries to guide his fighter back after his world is shattered by personal tragedy. It sends him on a downward spiral and puts his young daughter in a bad spot.

I’m hearing TWC is courting 12 Years A Slave Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o to play the social worker watching out for the kid. Alan Riche and Peter Riche are producing.

Jake and Rachel looked great together at the Oscars, but she isn't exactly box office lightning. Still, could be interesting.

bobbyanna said...

Good news if true, regarding Lupita, UV. Maybe it's a more substantial role than it seems.

(I have a feeling Jake & Lupita are friendly. Lupita and Jake's good friend, K'naan have been dating for quite a while. Another camera shy couple... ; ) )

Anonymous said...

"but she isn't exactly box office lightning."

This from a Jake fan, fans of box office light weights should not throw stones.

Hagen said...

I don't think it'll be a huge, wide release, but I do think it will enjoy a much broader release than Enemy.

"Nightcrawler" will be distributed by a much more significant company (Concorde) in Germany than "Enemy" (Capelight Pictures). I'm confident that it will get a (semi)-wide release (just like "End of Watch"). It's certainly more accesible than "Enemy".

Unfortunately reviews (from those who have seen it) are very mixed.

"Enemy" has been received well by critics in Germany, but the 30 "sneak previews" in the past few weeks haven't been very helpful to build strong word of mouth, especially the previews in multiplexes.

Thanks for the intriguing news about "Southpaw", UV!

UltraViolet said...

LOL, ridiculous anon at 3:20. I bemoan Jake's lack of box office success (domestically) and the attendant toll on his career all the time. But thanks for playing!

Hagen, I was hoping you'd have intel on the Nightcrawler distribution. I couldn't remember if we knew anything about it yet.

Bobbyanna, there was that great pic of Jake and Lupita from TIFF. I'll have to find it...

UltraViolet said...

I also meant to add: Wouldn't it be more interesting if the Lupita and Rachel roles were reversed?

Hagen said...

Hollywood Reporter: The feature ["Nightcrawler"], in which Gyllenhaal plays a freelance crime journalist in L.A., has been snatched up by several major international distributors [at TIFF 2013], including TeleMunchen [Concorde] in Germany, Australia's Madman, Ascot Elite in Switzerland, Selective Films in France, Notorious in Italy and CCC for Japan.

Wouldn't it be more interesting if the Lupita and Rachel roles were reversed?

Yes, it would non-stereotypical casting for sure.

(Apparently the German edition of Elle Magazine has interviewed Jake, but the interview isn't on their website yet.)

Rachel said...

Is Rachel McAdam's playing the dead wife? I don't know much about the script. Has it leaked anywhere that we know of?

Subway said...

Me and Jake Gyllenhaal must have similar schedules.

He smells nice. Unlike other people on this train
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Hellephant ‏@dancdublu 17m

@themeaghanshow what does Jake Gyllenhall smell like?
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5:38 PM - 14 May 2014 · Details
Tweet text
Reply to @dancdublu @themeaghanshow

M. Lizabeth Currain ‏@themeaghanshow 14m
@dancdublu a powdery musk. Very light and sensual like his hair.

Monica said...

UV, I think the role of the wife will be small since she dies in the film and that's when his troubles begin.
Well, I just hope they are good roles.

I don't know much about the script. Has it leaked anywhere that we know of?

Probably not, since it is being rewritten.

FP said...

Jake Gyllenhaal eyes $3.75M townhouse
Haal monitor

A bearded, ponytailed Jake Gyllenhaal, star of the upcoming boxing drama “Southpaw,” was part of a crowd that lined up around the block in the rain one recent Sunday to get inside a TriBeCa open house for a $3.75 million landmarked townhouse at 37 Harrison St. It’s the first time the 21-foot-wide, three-story home — built in 1828 — has been up for sale in more than 40 years.

The corner brick, three-bedroom, Federal-style home — set on a charming cobblestone street — has six woodburning fireplaces and a private garden, along with an English basement with exposed stone walls, front and rear entrances and high ceilings with exposed beams.

Ellie @ellienicole__ · 14 mag

Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal in st marks just walking like ok

Monica said... ‏@JustJared 1h

Jake Gyllenhaal was seen stepping out today and his white t-shirt was clinging to his chest!,

Colt 45 & 2 Zigzags ‏@JeremyKCMO 1h

Fuck you George Clooney. Fuck you Jake Gyllenhaal. And fuck you writers and directors of The Ides of March. I can't have that 2 hrs back.


Hagen said...

Deadline reports from Cannes: NIGHTCRAWLER – Director and Writer: Dan Gilroy. Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton, Riz Ahmed. A young man stumbles upon the underground world of L.A. freelance crime journalism. Sales: CAA/WME / Sierra Affinity. There is high wanna see on this one, but we hear the sellers might wait for fall festivals.

Hagen said...

Deadline: A bidding battle has erupted for Nightcrawler, the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer written and directed by Dan Gilroy. The Weinstein Company, Focus Features and Open Road are all bidding, A24 is expected to come in with a bid, and Fox Searchlight is circling the pic, about a young man who stumbles upon the underground world of LA freelance crime journalism. Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed co-star. CAA, WME and Sierra/Affinity are repping. A deal is expected to close quickly. Stay tuned.

FP said...

Hollywood Reporter ‏@THR 2 min

Cannes: Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler' Sparks Bidding War

Monica said...

^^ Great news!! yay

FP said...

Jada Yuan ‏@jadabird 4 min

Feeling sorry for anyone who missed Jake Gyllenhaal's abs in Southpaw for Weinstein #Cannes preview. Worth price of admission.

Mary said...

Yea good news hopefylly I can see Nightcrawlers in the theater unlike Enemy!!!

Hagen said...

From the "The Hollywood Reporter" article:

Nightcrawler, now completed, marks the directorial debut of screenwriter Dan Gilroy.

Anonymous said...

Screen International: According to sources, bids were in the $4m region for Bold Films’ story of a man who discovers the nocturnal world of LA freelance crime journalism.

Anonymous said...

"A24 is expected to come in with a bid, "

Please no no no no no no no no no, They do not have a good track record, this business with a movie on Direct TV is not good for now.

FP said...

bids were in the $4m region

is a good price?

Monica said...

Agree, anon 1:52.

Focus, TWC or Fox Searchlight for me.

Hagen said...

is a good price?

To put it into perspective:
Open Road Makes $2M Deal With $20M P&A For David Ayer’s ‘End Of Watch’

We don't know how much the distributor of "Nightcrawler" will spend on marketing.

The US distribution rights for "Enemy" were sold for a little more than $1 million.

FP said...

Thanks Hagen!

I'd say pretty good.

Monica said...

Feeling sorry for anyone who missed Jake Gyllenhaal's abs in Southpaw for Weinstein #Cannes preview. Worth price of admission

So does this mean that this look is for Southpaw. I mean, if they showed pictures, Jake probably did some shoots for the movie, right?

Hagen said...

GQ: Last Night's Must-See Menswear: Jake Gyllenhaal's Camo
A very serious looking Jake Gyllenhaal was out in the streets yesterday, doing some shopping in the meatpacking district. Obviously, the key piece here is the jacket. This spring, this kind of lightweight layer will go for miles. The only problem here is the fit—everything is just a little bit too big. With a few quick tweaks, like a hem on the jeans and maybe a new pair of sneakers, and Gyllenhaal would be golden.

Frankly there's nothing 'golden' with that outfit. LOL

UltraViolet said...

You have one conference call and everything goes crazy! Great news about Nightcrawler. As I recall, Enemy didn't sell at Cannes, right?

I also hope A24 doesn't win. I'd love to see either TWC or Focus get it. Open Road did well with EoW but I'd like to see a little more muscle.

Monica, I dearly hope it was just some shots of Jake boxing and not actual film footage!

UltraViolet said...

I should say US rights for Enemy didn't sell at Cannes.

Hagen said...

Variety: Southpaw - Weinstein also debuted a short scene from the Antoine Fuqua boxing drama, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. It mostly felt like a Nike ad with guys training in the gym. But, on the plus side, Gyllenhaal’s abs have never looked better.
Grace(?): A+

As I recall, Enemy didn't sell at Cannes, right?

It was sold at TIFF 2013.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen. I think it was shopped it at Cannes. So I'm hoping this is a good sign for Nightcrawler.

Hagen said...

So I'm hoping this is a good sign for Nightcrawler.

Open Road is only interested in fairly mainstream movies that can be screened in AMC and Regal theaters. "Nightcrawler" is certainly easier to market than "Enemy".

Anonymous said...

I think what Harvey had was some video of Jake working out in a gym. Probably similar to what we already saw, but not actually for the movie itself.

Hagen said...

I think what Harvey had was some video of Jake working out in a gym. Probably similar to what we already saw, but not actually for the movie itself.

Monica has got a point though, that Jake might be already sporting his "Southpaw" look.

UltraViolet said...

Hagen, please let us have some hope! :)

There was a story that said it was footage of Jake in training.

Hagen said...

Hagen, please let us have some hope! :)

LOL, what do I know anyway? xD Then let's stick with bobbyanna: There are hardly any bearded boxers, Jake's current look will probably be gone until June. :-)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen ;)

Looks like the bidding is up to $5 million, with Open Road in the lead.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)