Thursday, February 13, 2014

Keep your eye on the ball

As Everest filming ramps up, IGN gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Enemy. We hear from director, producer, cinematographer and star.


bobbyanna said...

I loved this featurette! So good. It really highlights the amount of work Jake had to do to get it right. Incredible performance.

UltraViolet said...

It's very coo, Bobbyanna. Though I think they reveal a little too much of Adam. It reminded me of how sexy Adam is, however :)

I also tweeted IGN to change the name of their featurette, since that's the name of the JEsse Eisenberg movie.

Originally posted by Hagen said...

Snubbed by Oscar but still in demand:

Critics have rightly pointed to 2013 as one of the best movie years in recent history. Consequently, the fields for top Oscars were impossibly crowded, with highly praised performances by Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson, Robert Redford and Oprah Winfrey left on the sidelines.
That A-list pack didn't exactly need awards attention to boost their careers. The more consequential group is those actors and filmmakers a few rungs down the ladder, where acclaim can spell the difference between job offers and unemployment. So far, the industry isn't letting a March 2 invitation to the Dolby Theatre — or the lack of one — determine their value: In some cases, the snubbed are as much in demand as the nominated. ...

Among those snubbed this past year are several well-known actors who used 2013 to reposition their careers. Rather than continue making forgettable studio fare like "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time," Jake Gyllenhaal returned to his indie film roots, starring in not one but two movies for French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve, including "Enemy," which opens March 14.

"I think I'm listening and trusting the relationships I have in my life," Gyllenhaal said. Thanks in part to his acclaimed work in Villeneuve's "Prisoners," Gyllenhaal now has more credibility as an actor. "He was incredible in that film," said director Antoine Fuqua, who hopes to direct Gyllenhaal in the boxing movie "Southpaw" after the actor completes the Alpine tragedy "Everest."

I added those paragraphs to show that in many eyes, Jake isn't considered A-list or top of the list.

It really irritates me that PoP still comes up. Jake has made three critically acclaimed movies since then. It's not like he switched gears only last year.

Very frustrating that the perception is still out there, and that Jake's name has to even be in one of these stories.

Realist said...

"Antoine Fuqua, who hopes to direct Gyllenhaal in the boxing movie "Southpaw" after the actor completes the Alpine tragedy "Everest."

This makes me smile because it will be another different role for Jake and from some of the tweets about Jake's bulk maybe he is already preparing for the role. I do think his screen time on Everest will be moderate though which is fine with me. I want more films like Southpaw where Jake shows he is no one trick pony.

bobbyanna said...

Agree. Jake "repositioned his career" when he did Source Code. Or maybe it was Brothers, which is often overlooked.

They frame the discussion referencing PoP, as if Jake has a history of making big budget, tent pole movies. Which is pure rubbish.

PoP actually made $335 million. Not bad for a "flop." Whatever. That's as bad as saying his movies make around $10-$15M to open, which I also read somewhere recently. No one ever dispels these impressions either.

I hate to see Jake defined by his short comings, especially when he works so hard and does such excellent work.

But then, a lot of this is "spin," and Jake's PR is practically non-existent, except when she walks around with her stop watch getting him to his 6 minute interviews on time on press junkets for his films.

Jake has never been marketed properly. IMO. And maybe that's as much his fault as it is his PR team @ ID. Whether or not he choses to exert himself in this regard, marketing has a lot to do with how your perceived, and at some point someone in his shop needs to appreciate the value of a good personal marketing strategy.

Sorry. OK I'm done ranting. : )

Realist said...

"Jake has never been marketed properly. IMO. And maybe that's as much his fault"

I think the fault of the lack of "proper marketing" is the fault of Jake. His PR people can only exploit him as much as Jake lets them. Can I see Jake Gyllenhaal doing an ice cream commercial? Can I see Jake doing a stint on a cable network? Heck yeah but does Jake see himself doing either. Its his career and his choices.

FP said...

Can I see Jake Gyllenhaal doing an ice cream commercial? Can I see Jake doing a stint on a cable network?

Holy s*it NOOOO!

UltraViolet said...

Had to delete my comment due to a typo :)

Wow, Bobbyanna, did Jake's people hear you? Is something happening here?

I know you meant showcasing Jake in other ways, but it would be nice if his official site changed from being just a joke.

To your bigger point, perception is everything. And even though we can argue facts and figures, the perception of people who write about movies is that Jake still needs some career rehab.

UltraViolet said...

Realist and FP, I doubt Bobbyanna thinks Jake should do an ice cream ad. I wouldn't mind seeing him do a cable series, once it's established he's doing movies primarily. Definitely don't want him consigned to TV, as much good work as there is now.

I know Bobbyanna has spoken in the past of Jake doing designer or other kinds of ads the way Clooney and others do, sometimes in foreign markets. I'm happy to see Jake avoiding commercial campaigns, though it would be fun to see some of the photos.

FP said...

I also wouldn't mind seeing him do a cable series.... in 30 years ;)

Realist said...

"I also wouldn't mind seeing him do a cable series.... in 30 years ;)"

Lol, I hope he is well established behind the camera in about 15-20 years. I meant to say No about the ice cream commercial because I can't see Jake doing any commercials except PAs. But I can see him doing a cable stint, a lot of actors do cable series and some do internet series. I think if the role and director (even Fincher is doing TV again) Jake would do cable mainly because he could take his clothes off again.

bobbyanna said...

I'm not talking about ice cream commercials. Good lord LOL! I'm talking seriously marketing a public image, a public identity. And yes, I wouldn't mind one bit picking up Vanity Fair or W, or any other high end magazine and seeing Jake's face,the way we see James Franco or Matthew McConaughey.

Or seeing an ad for Mercedes, or BMW, and looking at Jake instead of John Hamm or Clive Owen. Why shouldn't he be the face of Prada or Burberry? Or a voice over for something. Jake doing a voice over could sell anything.

The fact is, these things would raise his profile without intruding on his personal life. He'd get paid product endorsement fees. Paid well, too.

Robert Downey Jr. isn't too grand to advertise Nissan. Jeff Bridges does Hyundai. Lots of "A Listers" are happily earning their way to artistic independence. It also keeps their name in front of the public between acting jobs.

Unfortunately, money is the key to artistic freedom in the film industry. (as with everything else.: ( ) It allows you to do the things you love to do.

A new website? Is this "the best bad idea" they could come up with? LOL! Really? Welcome to the 21st century.

Maybe it's part of the ID/WME "bundled service?" LOL! Does it come with the 10%? I wonder if they'll stay interested long enough to keep it up to date, and maintain it as effectively and consistently as Gyllenbabble & IHJ have for all these years. Hasn't it been 6 yrs., UV?

Jake's "team" could learn something from the excellent job GB and IHJ do.
I apologize for being grouchy.

Chica said...

The behind the scenes video is awesome! Enemy looks like a total mind f@ck, can't wait!

Nothing wrong with doing commercials or cable . It would do wonders to help raise Jake's profile. I always hated Jake's alleged PR team, definitely 3rd rate.

UltraViolet said...

I wouldn't mind some voiceover work, either. But I;m fine with Jake not doing ads. I don't know if he doesn't want to or he hasn't been asked. I guess a designer gig wouldn't be bad, but I really don't need to see him shilling for a car company, no matter how high end.

And the website update is a big improvement from the joke it used to be. They chose some good JAke photos.

No idea if they will get any traction with it, as they don't seem to have twitter and FB accounts. And without any presence from Jake on there or any exclusives, why would anyone go there instead of IHJ?

bobbyanna said...

OK, maybe not cars, UV. : ) But I have to say, opening up Vanity Fair and seeing a full page ad for Prada or Dolce Gabbana featuring a beautifully photographed James Franco or Matt McC, certainly hasn't hurt their box office appeal one bit. I guess what I've been trying to say is they haven't done a good job with "branding." that would be the better word, right?

I am still blown away by the work Jake did acting opposite a tennis ball in Enemy. He's brilliant.

I haven't had any caffeine or sugar today. Honest. : )

Monica said...

I'm surprised with the site. I didn't expect this, hmmm there some other actors who have official website today?
Well, I'll wait and see what happens. I agree that the photos are great.

The featurette is great. I'm so excited to see this movie!

I think Jake has been asked to do commercials. Maggie did it, and she's not as high profile as he is. I think he doesn't want it.
Many actors refuse to do it (YES!).

FP said...

Truly unique experiences in cinema are rare today, and thankfully, Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy provides one. Sure, this film can be compared to others, but honestly, so can every film out there. Most films are just recreations of stories we’ve seen already. What makes a movie special is the way in which the story is told. From the opening shot of Enemy, you are trained to expect something out of the ordinary. Jake Gyllenhaal is magnetic, his performance seethes on the screen. As the movie progressed, and the tension built, it became increasingly obvious that this was “a thinker”, a film that movie nerds will be discussing on the internet for years. It’s a beautifully shot, well-acted thriller that’s well worth seeing. It also contains one of the scariest endings I’ve ever seen.

Grade: A

sami said...

Ich bin ein bißchen erstaunt.Ich lese gerade das Jake und Alyssa wieder zusammen sind.Nur weil er ihr
eine Valentins Kate geschickt hat?
Seine Handschrift ist es ja.Aber ich glaube nicht daran.

BlueJean said...

Excellent post, UV - thank you.

Soooooooooo looking forward to see 'Enemy', but I think I said that before ;)

Interesting comments, too.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.


Hagen said...

Jake looks funny as a lobby boy in the "Enemy" featurette. xD

I like Jake's new website, particularly the page for "Enemy" looks fine.

Clive Standen ‏@CliveStanden
Driving down through the South Tyrol on way to the airport...Just drove through a village called "Buggerhoff"

No idea, if he's already finished filming in South Tyrol or if he just takes a break.

Realist said...

"Jake looks funny as a lobby boy in the "Enemy" featurette. xD"

He didn't have a beard in that shot? His hair looked like Det. Loki's

Anonymous said...

really surprised by Jake's website. really nice. but seems no one there on the fan forum.


Hagen said...

He didn't have a beard in that shot? His hair looked like Det. Loki's

I think his hair looked like that at the "If There Is I Haven't Found it Yet" cast photocall.

Hagen said...

Demetri Goritsas ‏@demetrigoritsas 2 h
You know a movie will look amazing when you take 2 chairlifts, a snowcat, and a helicopter to get to the set! #EverestOnSet @Working_Title

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, after reading that tweet, I have to wonder if Jake has Bear Grylls on speed dial! LOL! As his "technical advisor."

Realist said...

The more I think about it Hagen that pic could be from POP lol or some simple photography trick replacing an actor's face with Jake's.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

The featurette is incredible! It's not mainstream fair but it will do well in indie venues.

Regarding Jake's website : better late than never. He needs a Twitter and FB presence .

I assume that Jake has been approached to do commercials but declined.

It looks like he finally is starting to film Everest!

Anonymous said...

Well be warned to expect an hate it from Enemy from Crave online. This Kopel guy and his cohort are being very very rude with their twitter comments during their screening of Enemy but I don't think the guy or lady get the film since its over their heads. I don't think they would get any of Denis films though except Prisoners.

BlueJean said...

There is another 'Enemy' featurette from DirecTV. It's slightly different than the first one - apologies if it has been posted before.

Hagen said...

Working Title has tweeted a picture of those snow cats:

Working Title ‏@Working_Title
EVEREST: These 'snowcats' take cast and crew to and from the location in the Italian Dolomites #EverestOnSet

bobbyanna, I seriously think that Jake might have consulted Bear Grylls when he prepared for his role in "Everest". (Hopefully he doesn't need advice how to get to the film set. xD)

The more I think about it Hagen that pic could be from POP lol or some simple photography trick replacing an actor's face with Jake's.

Yes, maybe. On the other hand Jake shaved off his beard after filming his parts as Adam and Anthony. So he could have played that brief scene as a lobby boy for real.

I don't think they would get any of Denis films though except Prisoners.

He didn't like "Prisoners" either. You don't have to please everyone anyway, especially not with a low-budget independent movie. So that's OK. (But I suggest Topel should stop tweeting that much while watching a movie he wants to review.)

Thanks for the link, BlueJean.

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to mention that the BAFTA awards are given tonight in London. I will miss Jake dearly, but I hope to watch. They air on BBC America in the USA.

It's snowing here...again. : (

Realist said...

thanks BlueJean

Monica said...

Maggie will be there, Bobbyana!

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the video link, BJ. Will check it out.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the marketing for Enemy. I thought there would be none. I wonder if Jake will be able to do any TV shows for it.

A critic really shouldn't live tweet a movie, if he's going to review it. If he's just watching it, that's fine, though you can't really immerse yourself in a movie that way.

As stupid as their tweets are, I think we should expect more reaction like that. I've seen a few other people on FB or Twitter who hated it. It's not a movie for everyone or even for most people. But the "wow/amazing" reactions are still coming in, as well.

UltraViolet said...

A couple of posts from Italians, though they could just be going on already published accounts of filming or the same report. Apologies for the google translations:


Ciao! Non so se lo sapete, ma su tv sorrisi e canzoni c'è un breve articolo dove dicono che jake è in trentino alto adige a girare un film dal titolo "everest" che narra la tragica storia vera di un incidente accaduto nel1996/Hello! I do not know if you know, but on tv, there is a short story where they say jake is in Trentino Alto Adige to shoot a film entitled "everest" which tells the true story of a tragic incident that occurred in 1996

Realist said...

Considering it costs $12.99 on Direct TV and has not been released as a film.....hmmm I don't really know if this is good or bad. I don't know what films are offered and for how much on Direct TV:

From Direct TV's website.

Top 5 Movies

Here are the most watched movies on DIRECTV CINEMA®. Don't miss them! Escape Plan
Dallas Buyers Club
Free Birds
About Time

bobbyanna said...

I checked, and Direct TV has
35 million subscribers, so if Enemy is in the top five rentals that's a very good thing.

Hagen said...

Some informations about the filming of "Everest" in South Tyrol from the local press:

Südtirol online (February 9):
28 days of shooting in Schnals Valley were planned. More than half of them have already passed by February 9th. Relentless snow, strong winds, low temperatures and avalanches make the shooting a grueling affair. 180 people are working on the film set, among them 45 people from South Tyrol.

Tageszeitung (February 17): Rieglers go to Hollywood
Universal Pictures has hired 11 mountain climbers who have been working on the film set since January 27th. So far they have only been used as extras on the "Everest" set. But they were told that this week they would finally work as stunt doubles. They're not allowed to give any more specific informations. The article asserts that Jake, Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke are currently on the set. [Not sure, if that's true though.]

Hagen said...

Clive Standen has posted a picture:

Clive Standen ‏@CliveStanden
It's Mountain Madness Monday!

It hasn't been revealed which part he plays, but there aren't many possible roles left. So I guess he plays Tim Madsen, a client in Scott Fischer's team (at least his age would fit).

Hagen said...

An extra took a picture of the "Everest" clapperboard.

Hagen said...

There's a casting call for the "Everest" shooting in Rome that will start end of February and last for two weeks (Casting per Film Everest di Baltasar Kormakur con Jake Gyllenhaal).

FP said...

very nice honest funny interview

Jake Gyllenhaal On Drinking Wine, Meeting His Lookalike, Then Coming Up With 'Enemy'
Mike Ryan

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the Everest updates, Hagen,. I will copy all those to the next post.

FP, I made a post about that fun interview and another one.

Realist, I think Top 5 is good news, given that it's more expensive and it hasn't gotten a lot of publicity. Fingers crossed it does well in theaters, too. But we know it's not going to be a blockbuster.