Monday, February 17, 2014

Enemy front

While Everest films in Italy, Enemy begins its Stateside media blitz. DirecTV has an exclusive (and unimbeddable) feature. There are new interviews at Yahoo and Huffington Post.

Some highlights:

There were a lot of challenges Gyllenhaal faced filming scenes twice — once as his professor character, Adam, and then as occasionally working actor, Anthony (each with their own beautiful blond paramour played by Mélanie Laurent and Sarah Gadon, respectively). "I like working with actors who push me and who are more talented than me," Gyllenhaal said. "It always makes you better. I've had the opportunity to do that and in this case it wasn't true," he said of his scenes with himself.

On set, he tried different techniques, also acting opposite another actor who would later be digitally replaced with his own character. But he found it didn't quite work. "It became distracting," Gyllenhaal explained. "No matter how great other actor is — to see their choices was distracting because I knew I had already made other ones and I knew which way the story was going to go."

Instead, he preferred the tennis ball with the two dots. He would throw his voice to represent his other character — and if one were to watch it live on set, out of context, you might just think Gyllenhaal was going mad. "Boundaries got a little lost and that definitely affects you psychologically," the actor confirmed.

"I legitimately pictured a person in front of me," he explained. "This is going to sound odd, but I can picture and feel what it felt like in a moment that I had just done previously," he said, further describing a sort of sense memory he has, one that allows him to recall with precision exact film takes — often one of several. "Sometimes I can feel in my bones takes I've done," he says, admitting that his favorite ones don't always make the final cut.

When it comes to the two Jake Gyllenhaals in "Enemy," the idea might appeal to some, especially his female fans. But to him, having a duplicate version of himself just sounds like a bad idea. "I feel like there's enough of me to handle in just one of me," he teased.

Jake Gyllenhaal is pretty much the ideal candidate for a film interview. For what I do for a living, there's nothing worse than an actor who sleepwalks his or her way through an interview (though, considering how many he or she are often subjected to in a given day, it is at least understandable), not giving any thought to what is actually being said, just spitting out rehearsed line after line of predetermined PR-speak. I'm honestly not sure if Gyllenhaal would even be capable of that. He's quick-witted, but also puts so much thought into his answers that often I just want to interrupt and tell him that everything will be okay. It's obvious that Jake Gyllenhaal cares -- which is almost unique in a world in which it's cool not to care.

He told the story that suggests you two got drunk and came up with this idea.
Well, we didn't know how potent the wine was -- let's just say it that way. There were some moments that happened in our conversation. Not only did we connect and just sort of have an amazing discussion, but this woman turned to me at one point who was sitting next to us with her husband and she said, "I hate to interrupt your dinner, but I just want you to know that everybody always says that you look like my son. Can I show you? You are an exact duplicate of my son." And I was like, "Oh, okay." And she showed me this picture and Denis was like, "It's crazy! You look exactly alike!" And we didn't, in my opinion. But, it was the movie! How you could you not do a movie? Unless Denis planted this woman there [laughs].

So you didn't know what "Enemy" would be until that happened?
No, I didn't know what it was going to be until we sat there.

She should have a credit on the poster.
The woman? Yeah, I know. I bet that he planted her. No, but those things happened in our conversation -- those sort of fateful moments and I realized it was something that I had to be involved in.

The makeup team from Prisoners won an award over the weekend at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. Mowat on Jake:

“There are only a handful of actresses that will go to the lengths Maria did for a role. Her transformation was very real, right down to the progressive hollowing of her eyes. Both her and Jake were lovely to work with. It was actually my first time working with Jake. He was like an old-fashioned movie star; you just can’t take your eyes off of him. When he arrived on set the first day, he had long hair and a beard, which I had to get rid of. His initial ideas for the neck tattoos also had me worried. They were intended to be peeking out above his collar, which would have called for constant touch ups. But when it all came together, they were made more visible and he almost had a retro Russian look to him. The tattoos added to the mystery of his character to the point where you are not sure whether or not he is the guilty one.”

Mowat also worked on Nightcrawler. I'd be curious to hear what he has to say about Jake in that flick!

Today's blast from the past: More clean-shaven Jake during Love & Other Drugs filming days:


From Hagen said...

Clive Standen has posted a picture:

Clive Standen‏@CliveStanden
It's Mountain Madness Monday!

It hasn't been revealed which part he plays, but there aren't many possible roles left. So I guess he plays Tim Madsen, a client in Scott Fischer's team (at least his age would fit).

An extra took a picture of the "Everest" clapperboard.

There's a casting call for the "Everest" shooting in Rome that will start end of February and last for two weeks (Casting per Film Everest di Baltasar Kormakur con Jake Gyllenhaal).

(On that last link, the popups block the actual info.)

UltraViolet said...

Funny account of the unfriendliness of the BAFTAs after party:

It's all a bit mystifying. At the Oscars parties, the celebrities can't talk to the press enough. The last time I went to the Weinstein Company's party in LA, I had a half-hour conversation with Jake Gyllenhaal about London restaurants. Now I can't even get a quote from Stephen Fry. Either I'm losing my touch, London parties instil an overly defensive attitude about protecting celebrities or the press simply has a much worse reputation here. Let's go with all three.

That yielded this twitter exchange:

@HadleyFreeman This made me laugh. I used to be Head of PR at Pathe. Jake Gyllenhall is one in a million. Super friendly and genuine.

@PatriciaGill_PR Aw thanks! Yes, he was absurdly lovely. I would have been grateful to see him last night!

FP said...

It was actually my first time working with Jake. He was like an old-fashioned movie star; you just can’t take your eyes off of him.

I know what you mean ;)

UltraViolet said...

:) FP

Forgot to repost these tidbits from Hagen, from the end of the last post:

Some informations about the filming of "Everest" in South Tyrol from the local press:

Südtirol online (February 9):
28 days of shooting in Schnals Valley were planned. More than half of them have already passed by February 9th. Relentless snow, strong winds, low temperatures and avalanches make the shooting a grueling affair. 180 people are working on the film set, among them 45 people from South Tyrol.

Tageszeitung (February 17): Rieglers go to Hollywood
Universal Pictures has hired 11 mountain climbers who have been working on the film set since January 27th. So far they have only been used as extras on the "Everest" set. But they were told that this week they would finally work as stunt doubles. They're not allowed to give any more specific informations. The article asserts that Jake, Josh Brolin and Jason Clarke are currently on the set. [Not sure, if that's true though.]

UltraViolet said...

I can't believe the Huffington Post writer didn't point out that Jake calls the movie triply, then says it isn't, lol.

I loved his intro, about wanting to interrupt Jake sometimes to reassure him that it's going to be all right. I know that feeling!

bobbyanna said...

These are some great finds, UV. I love reading other people's accounts about Jake whether it was running into him at a party, or working with him on a movie set.

(And thanks for the pics of clean-shaven Jake....; ) )

I Sure will be glad to read that Jake and the rest of the Everest gang are in Rome...soon. : )

Monica said...

lol about the woman in the restaurant. What a nice interview.

I wonder if he will be one of the presenters at the Oscars.

Tweety said...

Loved the interview, thanks sio much for posting!
I don't have Direct TV so I will have to wait until it hits the theaters.

Hagen said...

Apparently there was a press screening of "Enemy" yesterday:

Jordan Rowe ‏@RowenetReview
At a screening of #Enemy starring Jake Gyllenhaal from director Denis Villeneuve of PRISONERS. Haven't seen a single trailer. Excited...

Alex Suskind ‏@AlexJSuskind
I spend a disproportionate amount of my day thinking about Denis Villeneuve's ENEMY

Russ Fischer ‏@russfischer
ENEMY: Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Nicolas Bolduc present Toronto in a profoundly eerie/unnerving manner. Ballard would approve.

Nicholas White ‏@nickwhiteshow
Verdict on Denis Villeneuve's Enemy after screening - Prisoners has Enemy to thank for setting up great Jake Gyllenhaal/Villenueve chemistry

Hagen said...

Deadline: Micah Hauptman (Parker, Bread & Butter, Silver Skies) has been cast in Working Title/Universal’s action adventure drama Everest, about the 1996 multi-expedition ascent on Mount Everest that left eight climbers dead. Hauptman will play filmmaker and mountaineer David Breashears, director of the IMAX docu Everest.

BlueJean said...

Thanks for the new post, UV.

Amazing what you guys manage to find across the internet. Lovely to read all of it.

Hagen said...

According to the local press in South Tyrol the residents of Schnals Valley hardly notice the "Everest" shooting, as the protected film set is high above on the glacier. So we're left with this kind of informations:

The Sherpas get sick while driving on serpentine roads. [So do I.] And they're eating according to their hierarchy.

The North American and British members of the crew prefer various kind of steaks. :surprise:

Actors like Jake, Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke und John Hawkes are shielded from the public. [So we can't know for sure, if they're on set.]

bobbyanna said...

I wonder if Jake has hair extensions and if he went blonde?

Realist said...

"I wonder if Jake has hair extensions and if he went blonde?"

His hair seemed pretty long at the funeral but blonde would be ok with me for now. Dang it Bobbyana now you have me thinking about a blond Jake.

Realist said...

Does anyone know how to insert pictures of Jake into the set images coming from twitter or Facebook for Everest?

He would look great holding the clapper board. Just saying.

FP said...

Book Promotion ‏@GettingReviews 59 min

Dan Stevens, Jake Gyllenhaal score Audie nominations: In other books news, Mavis Gallant dies at 91 and Knopf ...

Here's a look at what's buzzing in the book world today:

Voice-off: What's Dan Stevens been up to since his Matthew Crawley character was killed off on Downton Abbey? Earning kudos for his narration of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein on audio. He's a nominee for the 2014 Audie Awards, announced today. He'll square off in the "classic" category against Jake Gyllenhaal reading The Great Gatsby. Other nominees include Rita Moreno narrating My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor in the biography/memoir category. Winners will be announced May 29.

Hagen said...

I'm curious, too, how Jake will look like in "Everest".

Does anyone know how to insert pictures of Jake into the set images coming from twitter or Facebook for Everest?

LOL, that sounds a bit desperate. ;-) If we can't get real set pictures with Jake, we've got to fake them. xD Anyway I suck at Photoshop.

Indiewire on the "Enemy" featurette: This new four-minute featurette is a cut above the usual sort of EPK package. Interviewing key and cast crew, it explores not only the hands on aspects of shooting the film, but some of the ideas and concepts Villeneuve and his team are looking to get across in their approach.

A24 really does a very good job to promote "Enemy".

UltraViolet said...

Apparently we won't know what look Jake is socking these days, since they are keeping them hidden, lol. Once he hits Rome, there should be more opportunity.

Jake has gotten an Audie nomination for The Great Gatsby.

An interesting but spoilerific discussion of Enemy at about the 47-minute mark of this podcast. The two podcasters aren't Jake fans but have been won over a bit lately.

They refer to an interview with Jake and Denis that you get with the DirectTVpay per view.

UltraViolet said...

Oops, FP got there first. Sorry!

I suck at Photoshop, as well. But I did love the clapperboard photo all on its own.

Hagen said...

Demetri Goritsas ‏@demetrigoritsas
#everestonset Filmed on a high narrow ridge. Fall to one side land in Italy. Fall to the other land in Austria. #exhilarating @Working_Title

Hagen said...

BTW "Mountain Madness" was the name of Scott Fischer's company. Clive Standen's tweet ("It's Mountain Madness Monday") might indicate that scenes with Scott Fischer's "Mountain Madness" expedition were filmed (or that's just wishful thinking).

FP said...

Mark Pengelly ‏@markpengellyDOP 2 min

Coming to an end filming BTS on Everest starring Josh Brolin and Jake Gyllenhaal #‎EverestOnSet @Working_Title

Hagen said...

Mark Pengelly has posted another picture of the "Everest" set.

Hagen said...

Rentrak Portugal ‏@RentrakPortugal
NOVA ESTREIA: "Everest" UNIVERSAL 26/02/2015 Dir: Baltasar Kormakur Act: Jason Clarke, John Hawkes, Josh Brolin

Apparently we all get to see "Everest" at the same time.

Hagen said...

Empire: Tim Bevan Talks Everest
(He's one of the producers of "Everest")

It's got a great cast. Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Jake Gyllenhaal... and the first image was of Jason Clarke as Rob Hall.
Jason is fast-rising. I'm delighted he ended up playing the part because we're in a place where Antipodeans are playing Antipodeans and Americans are playing Americans. It makes it easier in terms of the authenticity of the piece. When you have a big ensemble like this, there has to be some democracy to the casting, otherwise it gets too big and tips the balance. I already know this - there's a nice verité feel to the film and if you have a stonking big movie star in the middle, it doesn't work at that point because you don't believe it.

Hagen said...

Chris Reilly - he plays Klev Schoening, a client in Scott Fischer's team - has been in South Tyrol at least since February 6:

Chris Reilly ‏@ChrisReilly1000
Dolomites (picture)

FP said...

steve rajczy ‏@stressyawn 1 min

Did Taylor Swift write Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie Enemy too?? #enemy


When ever going to end all the crap coming from Taylor Swift?
Sweet Jesus, it's been four years!!!
Ok sorry for the little rant

bobbyanna said...

Hagen, thanks for the link to the Empire article. Very good read. Hopefully we'll see even more articles. : )

I look forward every morning to reading the tweets from the actors. Those and the pictures really show that while the Dolomites aren't Mt. Everest, that terrain is pretty challenging and dangerous.

This will be Jake's first 3D movie and IMAX too! Yaay! I was very anxious about "Everest," but now I'm really looking forward to it.

(I'm terrified of heights and it took me a while to be able to sit through Gravity, which I didn't see in 3D. )

Monica said...

Sweet Jesus, it's been four years!!!
Not only that, but it was crap that lasted only two months.
It's annoying, but while this is news, Taylor will not stop. I told you, she loves tabloids. And that's an extra publicity for her and for her album.

It's bad for an actor like Jake, bad.

UltraViolet said...

Monica, it's not that bad for Jake, honestly. It's annoying as hell but serious actors and big stars have dealt with worse.

Loving all the photos. Everest really is going to be unlike any other film Jake has done. And I am only one degree of separation from it. I knew David Breashears (friend of friends) back in the '80s!

Amazing what you guys manage to find across the internet. Lovely to read all of it.

Thanks, Blue Jean! We have a crack staff here :) I really do appreciate everything people dig up.

Hi, Tweety!

Monica said...

It's annoying as hell but serious actors and big stars have dealt with worse.
Yep, but with Jake it has no end. I thought it was going to stop after the Grammys, but no.

Thumbs up to all who are able to find some good and real news on twiiter. Thanks.

Chica said...

It's great to stop here and read some real Jake news!

I may be able to snag some tickets for the Film Forum Festival. Enemy is scheduled to be one of the films screening on the last day, 2/27. I'll keep you posted!

bobbyanna said...

Good luck, Chica!

UV, how cool that you knew David Breashears! Is your friend still friends with him? Maybe you can develop an inside source! LOL!

This is a good cast. It's shaping up to be a strong ensemble. I agree with what the producer said in the Empire article about not shaping it around one super big movie star.

"Thumbs up to all who are able to find some good and real news on twiiter. Thanks."

I agree, monica.

The point is, while she's still touring, and RED is so $$uccessful, this will continue. It's all part of her narrative right now. Jake has no narrative to counter it and even if he did RED is way too successful for her to abandon just yet. Fortunately, she will do another album and she will go on other dates. LOL! Sooner the better. : )

I'd much prefer it when we enjoy talking about the other aspects of JAKE's life not the fantasy life of someone else. I'm much too excited about the news from Everest, and I just refuse to get distracted by that nonsense.

bobbyanna said...

Off Topic, sort of: My local newspaper ran this story today, from the AP news wire. Two of these women were with Jake, Maggie, and Peter Sarsgaard last week for a reception in support of Pussy Riot.

This video infuriates me. Truly makes me angry. Thank God for cell phone cameras! this needs to be documented and exposed.

Realist said...

I mean this really I do, God Bless Taylor she really needs it. Anything for fame will eventually take its toll.

FP said...

I have to say Taylor does not particularly bother me, most of the time I do not even remember she exists, but when things like this happen, (and happen way too often to me) I get so bored that half is enough, she is so booooring

She is Taylor Twist

"I wish I knew how to quit you Jake!"

Hagen said...

Jake's audiobook has been commercially successful:

Press release of Audible: Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, which has become one of the all-time bestselling titles for Audible Studios, is a finalist in the “Classics” category. In 2013, Audible sold six times the number of units of The Great Gatsby as it did in 2012, driven largely by Gyllenhaal’s stunning new interpretation.
[... and driven by the release of the movie, I think. Nevertheless it's a very respectable achievement.]

"The Great Gatsby" has won Audible's poll in the category "Best of 2013: Celebrity Narrator". (UV posted the link to the Audible poll some time ago.)

Realist said...

Well that voice will take you to places you never knew existed.

Glad to hear Jake is recognized for his efforts.

UltraViolet said...

So cool! Thanks for posting, Hagen. I love that they give credit to Jake, but I think the movie might have had a teeny bit to do with it. Since Jake usually gets dinged for things disproportionately, I can live with this!

Monica and any twitter searcher: Filter! If you're searching for Jake news and you're not filtering out Taylor/Swift/Swift's plus any number of other words (personally, I filter "Maggie"), you're doing it wrong!

Well, unless you want to read all those tweets.

You do run the risk of missing something good. But the tradeoff is worth it, to me.

Bobbyanna, I saw that video. It is horrifying.

UltraViolet said...

Universal Pictures Germany posted this tweet:

Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes und Jake Gyllenhaal begeben sich auf ein schicksalhaftes Abenteuer. Seht./Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Jake Gyllenhaal embark on a fateful adventure. Look.

But the link didn't work. I asked them to repost. It seemed like it might be a picture with Jake in it, but it was probably just that same old one they've been peddling.

Also, Bobbyanna. I haven't seen David Breashears or those friends in years. Time to finagle an accidental meeting…

One more thing: Rhombus tweeted that there are four Enemy featurettes, so we'll see what else they come up with.

FP said...

Why Jake Gyllenhaal is Okay with Not Being Nominated for His Work in ‘Prisoners’

February 19, 2014 by Kristyn Burtt

With the Oscars less than two weeks away, Hollywood is focused on will walk away with that statuette on March 2. In this strong acting year though, there were many snubs on the Oscar nominations list. Jake Gyllenhaal was one of those actors.

His work as Detective Loki in Prisoners was critically acclaimed by film reviewers, but somehow voters at the Academy missed honoring his stellar turn. The 33-year-old actor talked with HuffPost Entertainment about the slight.
While Gyllenhaal missed the Oscars season this time around, he’s already been a nominee for Brokeback Mountain in 2006. Surely, there’s another nomination in his future.

Bobbyanna Oh my God that video, sad world

FP said...

Hagen so cool about the Great Gatsby, a further proof that Jake would have play Nick Carraway! ;)

Hagen said...

Rhombus tweeted that there are four Enemy featurettes, so we'll see what else they come up with.

I hope for a featurette on the spider.

Jason Reimer ‏@jasonmreimer 9 h
Just finished Denis #Villeneuve 's new one #ENEMY - can't wait to share it @TexasTheatre ! @A24Films it's so great ! Starts 3/21

He's 'creative director' at the Texas Theatre in Dallas which will show "Enemy" from March 21, just one week after its theatrical release in New York.

Enemy ‏@EnemyLaPelicula
"Denis Villeneuve ha creado momentos de puro cine", entrevista al guionista de #Enemy Javier Gullón AUX Magazine (page 24) @auxmagazine

It's an interesting article that shows the script writer's view on "Enemy" (in Spanish). I'll sum it up later.

Enemy ‏@EnemyLaPelicula
@SarahGadon confiesa cómo Denis Villeneuve la sedujo para actuar en #Enemy vía @fotogramas_es

Hagen said...

American distributor A24 has improved its page for "Enemy". And there's an official website which looks rather minimalistic. But most important there's already a spider on it.
The German distributor has borrowed the red Canadian poster with multiple Jakes in it.

Hagen said...

tajda ‏@tajdice
Watching how they recording #everest film looks soo cool (picture)

Tom Goodman-Hill ‏@tgoodmanh
Daily commute. #EverestOnSet @Working_Title (picture)

Hagen said...

Rifugio Maria Sass Pordoi (pictures)
3-2-1 ciak si gira ...oggi il Sass Pordoi è location cinematografica di alcune scene del film EVEREST di Baltasar Kormakur tratto dal libro "Aria sottile" di Jon Krakauer. Qui vediamo gli attori al rifugio Maria prima delle riprese ... Buon lavoro!

"Today the "Rifugio Maria Sass Pordoi" is a film location for some scenes of the film 'Everest'. Here we see the actors at the shelter before filming."

bobbyanna said...

OY! I get a little queasy looking at these photos, but it sure is a dramatic landscape. The cold temperatures have to be brutal too. Thanks Hagen! Great finds.

Hagen said...

I don't feel comfortable with heights either, bobbyanna. And there's absolutely no way I could sit at the edge of an abyss like that. The weather seems to be OK, between - 9°C and -12°C.

Demetri Goritsas ‏@demetrigoritsas
Look closely at the snow. See slightly orange patches? Sand blown all the way from North Africa! #nokidding (picture)

Alex Amelines ‏@alexamelines
@demetrigoritsas That’s crazy. Where is that?

Demetri Goritsas ‏@demetrigoritsas
@alexamelines Italian Alps, not far from Bolzano. Sand crossed the Med & big boot of Italy! Best, DG.

bobbyanna said...

Sad to leave Schnalstal but
Tom Goodman Hill Tweeting tonight:

thanks for their hospitality and generosity...To Rome now! #EverestOnSet @Working_Title

So it looks like a wrap in the Tyrol and on to Rome...hopefully. : )

Hagen said...

Michael Kelly ‏@michaeljkellyjr
First look at " #JonKrakauer " #EverestOnSet @Working_Title Honored to be playing him in this film #Everest #Nepal (picture)

Hagen said...

Demetri Goritsas ‏@demetrigoritsas
Thanks Val Senales! Such lovely people & such incredible views for filming. #everestonset #südtirol (picture of the camera)

Hagen said...

Hotel Goldenes Kreuz ‏@HotelGoldenesKr
A wonderful Evening with the film crew #Everest (picture)

Sag Actor said...

This filming must be weird for Jake. It seems likw he didn't film that much on location but will do most of it in studios from all the tweets.

It's going to be awesome in IMAX!

Anonymous said...

Ich habe mir heute einmal das Neueste von Jake durchgelesen.Da ist Taylor ja emsig gewesen Nach ein Jahren kommt sie mit solchen Anschuldigen herauß.Wenn das stimmen sollte,warum hat sie das nicht damals schon gesagt. Ich glaube ja nicht daran.Ich mag diese Frau ja garnicht.Schaut Euch nur einmal Taylors Gesichts Parade an.Mir wird schlecht dabei.

Hagen said...

This filming must be weird for Jake. It seems likw he didn't film that much on location but will do most of it in studios from all the tweets.

We don't even know, if Jake was in South Tyrol at all. Both actors who play the mountain guides in Scott Fischer's team (Siggurdson and Goodman-Hill) are in Italy though:

Tom Goodman-Hill ‏@tgoodmanh
Best actor AND Best supporting actor at tonight's EDDA's. Mr. Ingvar Siggurdson; (picture)

It's going to be awesome in IMAX!

Oddly enough there are hardly any IMAX theaters in Germany. Regular 3D must suffice for me.

Realist said...

Thanks for all the updates Hagen. The guy in the last picture has great dimples.

Sounds like filming on this movie may take months so Jake's lack of appearance thus far does not worry me too much now.

katya said...

I think Jake was in the Tyrol for the outdoor filming. We are not seeing any of the lead actors in the Tyrol such as Josh Brolin, or Jason Clarke. So Jake's absence from photos, doesn't mean he isn't there. Also it is hard to see who is who with all the gear they are wearing.

I can understand why he was not in Nepal. He is playing a man who died on the mountain. I think the filming in Nepal was probably very dramatic. Also maybe the budget is small, and his scenes did not require him to be there. This is where Scott Fischer met his death.

Right now, as disappointing as it is, I think it is very wise for them to be invisible in a way, because realistically none of us expects them to actually climb the mountains and it will be necessary to use CGI.

But if we can document their every move, we will know too much more than we should for the enjoyment of the movie. I think for honor's sake, Jake went to the mountains of Italy. He will have stories to tell about this when it is over I am certain.

New here said...

"We don't even know, if Jake was in South Tyrol at all."

Why are we assuming Jake was not in South Tyrol at all? Cause there's no picture? Following the same logic we don't know if Brolin, Hawks and Clarke were in South Tyrol. Besides the promotional still with Clarke is there at least one regular picture, something on twitter with Brolin, Clarke, Hawks? No.

New here said...

One more thing, all pictures show only crew members and actors with twitter accounts who are unknown names playing supporting parts in a very big ensamble, who need to get their name out there with hashtags as #Everestonset #Universal. None of the unknown actors with Twitter or FB showed a pic with a lead actor, not even an elbow.

FP said...

So guys I'm not sure I understood but it seems Jake is in Rome to shoot some scenes of the movie

Greta ‏@gretaCivita 8 min

Ho pranzato, a Trastevere, accanto a Jake Gyllenhaal. Mi ha anche parlato mentre eravamo in fila, e mi ha sorriso alla fine. È fatta.

I had lunch in Trastevere, next to Jake Gyllenhaal. He also talked about while we were in line, and he smiled at me in the end. You made ​​it.

Alessandro Sansone ‏@AleSans1 9 min

@gretaCivita Vero... l'altra sera girava una scena dalle parti di San Lorenzo.

@ gretaCivita True ... the other night he was shooting a scene from parts of San Lorenzo

It seems that San Lorenzo is an area of the city of Rome

I hope I have got it right, but I'm not sure if there is someone who knows Italian please help

Anonymous said...

Your translation is just fine FP!.

FP said...

Thanks Anon, but the credit goes to google translator!:)

Realist said...

I knew between FP and Hagen, Jake's whereabouts would be find.

Thanks FP, I guess his hair is still brown but that's ok I still like him.

Realist said...

find means found...translation of my English.

I am also glad he is in another country away from the foolishness.

FP said...

Realist, Let's hope to have some pictures to see the hair and the look ASAP! :)

BlueJean said...

"I am also glad he is in another country away from the foolishness."

Amen to that!

UltraViolet said...

Finally, an Italy sighting. I'm guessing, if it's real, that he's not blonde, since the tweeter didn't mention it. Of course, he might have been wearing a hat or the person didn't notice, etc.

There is a San Lorenzo in the South Tyrol, so the other tweet could be referring to that. More details from all would be lovely!

Thanks for finding those tweets, FP. And thanks to Hagen for all the Everest photos. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Hagen said...

Federico Nero ‏@FedericoNero
In un' Osteria di Trastevere c'era Jake Gyllenhaal con una lunga barba. Simpatico e disponibile. No, non gli ho chiesto un ignobile selfie

Jake Gyllenhaal was in a tavern in Trastevere (district of Rome) with a long beard. Sympathetic and helpful. No, I didn't ask him of a despicable selfie.

Realist said...

I know next Sunday some awards show is going on here in America but I am wondering if Jake will make an appearance at the other more important awards show in Canada on 3/9 in two weeks? Here's hoping Jake adds an CFA to his Batfa.

FP said...

42 min ago
The first installment of a sexy 3-part teaser vid for ENEMY. Parts II and III drop tomorrow and Weds. #NSFW #JakeGyllenhaal

UltraViolet said...

So not blonde:

UltraViolet said...

Love that teaser. A friend gave me his DirecTV account info, so I can watch Enemy again. Can't wait.

Hagen said...

That's a very cool teaser.

Jake bears a striking resemblance to Scott Fischer. :doubtful:

Lee-J Ramirez ‏@LeeJ_Ramirez
Super Happy!!! I've been selected for the International Film "EVEREST" :')

Amy Shindler ‏@AmyShindler
Am filming a film about Everest up in the mountains of northern Italy and now in Rome. It's a hard life. X

UltraViolet said...

Lots of tweeters on Everest but not many details. Probably for the best for them but not us!

But there is a new red band Enemy trailer and a new post.