Saturday, October 12, 2013

GQ Down Under

Jake Gyllenhaal is on the cover of GQ Australia, and there's a sneak peek online. The photos are old, but the interview is new. Ish. It was done in Toronto last month.

While the film premiered the night before to a rapturous response, it didn’t stop Gyllenhaal from sitting in the audience feeling nervous and worried that no one would like it as much as he did. He whispered as much to his cinema buddy (who may or may not have been rumoured girlfriend, and Sports Illustrated model, Alyssa Miller).

“I said to my friend in the middle of the screening, pretty pathetically actually, ‘Do you like it?’ And they were like, ‘I’m losing my mind.’ So I thought, OK, good.”

A day later, the rain has disappeared and the sun couldn’t be brighter if it tried. Gyllenhaal is a little tired – a festival will do that – but on good form. Those doe eyes that drive women (and more than a few men) berserk are strangely compelling in real life. He’s an affable bloke with a certain gentle, contemplative side. But there’s also something of a wicked glint. It makes for a good combination.

Gyllenhaal likes film festivals. They’re a chance to hang out with friends he hasn’t seen for a while – a school reunion for the rich and famous. Decked out casually in navy T-shirt, dark denim jeans and Nike high-tops, and wearing the very Brooklyn beard he seems to sport whenever he’s not filming, he’s one of those men (David Beckham’s another) who can combine such casual attire and still look like they just stepped out of, well, GQ. He’s also super fit, and unbelievably lean.

Jake is in some other international publications and video interviews, as the Prisoners promo train rolls around the world.

A couple of fun videos. First, how to look like Loki:

And then a fun look back at the siblings G:

QE GYLLENHAALS from Melissa Bailey on Vimeo.


Hagen said...

ScriptShadow: I haven’t read anything that’s knocked me out in a long time. I’ve run into the occasional well-executed screenplay (solid structure, solid characters, good story), but this is what amateur writers seem to forget. The people reading your scripts aren’t interested in reading something solid. They’re looking for something great. They’re looking for something that stands out from the pack. Those are the only scripts that have a chance of doing anything in the industry.

This requires big ideas, taking chances that pay off, concepts we haven’t seen before, or if you do write a traditional story, executing the hell out of it. “Solid” might get you into meetings or land you low-level representation, but in order to stand out in this business, you have to blow people away. And it’s been a long time since I’ve been blown away. I think Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy was the last time that happened.

bobbyanna said...

I've always liked that photoshoot.

Thanks Hagen, I'm really looking forward to Nightcrawler.

Jake's been pretty low key since he started shooting.

Mary said...

Yea Bobbyanna sure is quiet for us Jake fans.

I'm off to San Diego my son's wedding is tomorrowI'll be chscking in but won't be able to post so hope things remind quiet.

bobbyanna said...

Have a great time, Mary!!! and Congratulations to you and your family.

Twitter said...

And so it goes, the one celebrity I wanted to see, Jake Gyllenhaal, sits across from me at a coffee shop in Silverlake.
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1:39 PM - 12 Oct 13 · Details

Chica said...

Always liked this photoshoot too Bobbyanna, he looks so natural and relaxed:)

Congratulations to your son Mary!

Monica said...

I love this shoot. He's so sexy!
Thanks for the videos and interviews.

Thanks for the link, hagen. Good that he liked it!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Manzo ‏@Eliza_Manzo 2h
Standing next to #JakeGyllenhaal

Elizabeth Manzo ‏@Eliza_Manzo 2h
That's #JakeGyllenhaal s back he just said hi! Heehee😄😄

Anonymous said...

Just Jared has pictures of Jake on set, wow he looks really small. I envy him to lose weight so fast and also envy him having to put the weight back on for his next role unless he has to stay skinny for the realism of the next film.

Hagen said...

Finally I could watch "Prisoners" past weekend. I was a bit surprised how much I loved it, given its violent torture scenes. It's a very gripping and entertaining film with some pretty eccentric ideas. David Dastmalchian's character was particularly weird. And Jake was really a standout, great fun to watch him.

Screen Daily: Prisoners records hat-trick in UK
eOne’s drama added $1.6m (£968,990) after a slim 12% drop and now stands at a strong $8.1m (£5.04m) after 17 days in play. Prisoners has recorded a third straight week as the UK’s number one, the first film to do so since The Croods in April.

Jake looks very bony in the set pics from "Nightcrawler".

Tweety said...

Yeah he looks way skinny but I don't think you should worry too much anon. I'm sure he will bulk up again.

I love that cover shot, he looks smoldering!

Monica said...

I loved the look for Lou! Excited to see Nightcrawler!

Monica said...

Chad Hartigan ‏@chadhartigan 6m
So impressed by Gyllenhaal in PRISONERS. Maybe my fav male perf of the year. Also, Hanks in last 10 mins of CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is next level.

Patrick O'Connor ‏@ThePatOConnor 1h
@Scriptshadow FYI, my friends at KTLA in Hollywood say "Nightcrawler" was filming in the newsroom yesterday with Gyllenhaal and Russo.

Patrick O'Connor ‏@ThePatOConnor 1h
@Scriptshadow FYI, my friends at KTLA in Hollywood say "Nightcrawler" was filming in the newsroom yesterday with Gyllenhaal and Russo.

Anonymous said...

End of Watch, Prisoners, An Enemy, Nightcrawler and Everest...time for a musical Jake, on Broadway is fine. It still hurts Jake is not doing Into the Woods, the fact that he was going to do it gave me high hopes that the project was solid.

Monica said...

the fact that he was going to do it gave me high hopes that the project was solid.

Perhaps it's solid as Jake wanted to be in both, but he had to choose between Nightcrawler and Into The Woods.

Anonymous said...

Jake made the right choice.

Monica said...

More pics: IHJ

UltraViolet said...

That is skinny! We'll see how he looks in motion.

Great to see Prisoners holding well overseas. It also had a great hold this weekend in the US. Hope it had a good showing today.

I saw Captain Phillips over the weekend, and Hanks was really good. Very moving. I wasn't crazy about Gravity, really.

Mary, I hope the wedding was a great success!

Mary said...

The wedding went really well just one glitch the photographer didn't show up he thought the wedding was the next weekend but my daughters boyfriend who does photograhy as a hobby had his cameras so he took the pictures and the DJ they hired was also a wedding planner so she helped him by telling what pictures to take plus she had a camera and she took pictures too.
But everyone had a good time and the bride and groom aere very happy

bobbyanna said...

Mary! So glad to know you all had a good time, and worked out the photography issue. What's a wedding without glitches! Especially when it has a happy ending. : )

I have very mixed feelings about this look for in Nightcrawler. But then I remember how I felt about Prisoners, and it all worked out. But yes, Jake is almost scary thin. I sure hope he builds himself back up for Everest.

UltraViolet said...

Seems like they handled that glitch beautifully, Mary. So glad to hear everything went happily.

Saw this on the DC forum. Warning: Prisoners spoiler ahead:

My friend had a Bafta screening of PRISONERS last night and a previously unannounced Q&A with
Jake G. was held afterwards. He told me about it on his way home last night. We didn't talk long,
but one thing he mentioned was that Jake alluded to an alternate ending that had been filmed. It
showed what happened to Dover when they got him out of the hole and what happened to him
concerning his previous actions and such. It wasn't used because it did not test well with audiences.
(Also would've made the film a lot longer!) So, I guess the intent is that Dover does get out of there
and faces the music, but audiences didn't necessarily want to see that play out.

Would be nice to hear more about te Q&A.

UltraViolet said...

Buzzfeed has a very funny series on Jake's bun(s).

Someone posted this on FB:

Another wonderful evening with BAFTA/LA : British Academy of Film and Television Arts / Los Angeles at the screening of #Prisoners followed by an unexpected Q&A with actor Jake Gyllenhaal - truly inspiring.

UltraViolet said...

All these lucky folks:

Had a great time at the @BaftaLa screening of 'Prisoners' last night. What a film. Fantastic Q & A with Jake Gylenhall to follow! #LA #actor

Thanks to @BAFTALA and @wbpictures for fantastic screening of #Prisoners and great Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal. Amazing performances #Oscars?!

Thanks to @BAFTALA for screening 'Prisoners' tonight. Stunning film. And great to hear Jake Gyllenhaal after during Q&A ... Awesome man!

@BAFTALA honestly can't thank u enough 4 such amazing screenings. Just seen #Prisoners followed by QA with Jake Gyllenhaal-just #phenomenal

Monica said...

I have very mixed feelings about this look for in Nightcrawler.
It wasn't what I expected, but I liked it.

I wasn't crazy about Gravity, really.

I hope to see tomorrow.

bobbyanna said...

Just found this bit of news on Twitter;

People magazine will do a live stream of the red carpet for the Hollywood Film Awards Monday night. 9 PM EST. Jake will be getting an award.

Monica said...

Lou has a new car: IHJ

Yesterday I saw Gravity. It's really a great movie.

Rachel said...

The man bun story is a runaway hit!

It ranked very high on the Buzzfeed LOL-meter, too! I chuckled while reading the various stages of The Bun but when I got to the bit where the buns were making smaller buns and those buns making even smaller buns I did laugh out loud! Good find, UV!

Hagen said...

According to IMDb "Everest" is set to be released on December 19th, 2014, on the same day as "Annie" and two days after "The Hobbit: There and Back Again". I'm not sure if that's official though.

UltraViolet said...

That also made me laugh out loud, Rachel! Hee.

If anyone feels passionately about this, you can vote in People's poll.

Interesting date for Everest if it holds. I still wonder how StickJack is going to make it up the stairs, never mind a mountain!

Hagen said...

I still wonder how StickJack is going to make it up the stairs, never mind a mountain!

LOL, that's baffling indeed. Maybe Kormakur will shoot the end of "Everest" first or Jake will just hide his skinny body under many layers of clothes.

Hagen said...

Somehow I think "Nightcrawler" won't be a very serious drama: Anne McDaniels plays an LA weather girl in the film.

UltraViolet said...

There are a few tweets about Jake being in Marfa this weekend for a wedding, along with Chelsea Clinton. Chris Fischer seems to be there, too. But I don't know who is getting married.

My brother is at a wedding with Jake Gyllenhaal and Chelsea Clinton.... Why am I not there?? I'm so mad.

this is my picture of el cosmico to let you know that jake gyllenhaal is staying here this weekend.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in Marfa?!/WHAT!!/My dad said cause they went to our gym

There's also a tweet that Jake is filming in Hollywood all weekend. So who knows!

Monica said...

I think "Nightcrawler" won't be a very serious drama

Yeah and Jake's character is great!

UV, if it's true, he went to the wedding and returned today for filming.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone has some kind of Nightcrawler script, or any information about the plot in particular!!

bobbyanna said...

UV, on saw on twitter, some mention of them shooting car chase scenes. There was also a tweet from Riz Ahmed, who said he had some time off and was going to San Francisco for a "few days." So maybe they are still shooting certain cast members aren't needed?

Monica said...

anon, the plot is about a freelancer in the criminal world of Los Angeles.

Hagen said...

The European Fantastic Film Festival Federation awarded "Enemy" a prize (Méliès d'Argent) for the best European fantastic feature film at the "Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival". (The "Méliès d'Argent" winner from each festival will compete for the "Méliès d'Or".)

Variety has reported that “Nightcrawler” toplines Gyllenhaal as Lou, a freelance cameraman who tracks down crimes in Los Angeles to feed TV news channels. It’s an original, time-sensitive and innovative concept. It says something meaningful about the backlash effect of U.S. media outlets seeking to get the highest ratings with ever more sensationalist content.

"Prisoners" stays at #6 in the US box office charts.

Realist said...

Hagen you bring such good news, triple threat.


Instagram said...

Set of Nightcrawler

Hollywood film awards is tomorrow, I believe Jake was nominated with some award, but not sure!

Anonymous said...

"Hollywood film awards is tomorrow, I believe Jake was nominated with some award, but not sure"

I Heart Jake had those photos from the middle of last week.

The HW awards I don't think of nominations, they give out awards and Jake is getting one for best supporting for Prisoners.

Instagram said...

Anon 2:16, When i first saw those pics (IHJ) it was just with the red car, and i saw now and they put more pics, was the same at i posted.

I thought that was new, thanks anon and sorry UV.

Ps.: I think his mother is there with him.Jake´s mom?

UltraViolet said...

Looks like it was Jake's friend David Modigliani who got married this weekend:

The guy who got married is the documentary filmmaker who made that "Crawford" movie. He's produced and directed a lot of other films and does some acting. Maybe not a household name, but his film work is what drew the likes of Jake Gyllenhal and Chelsea Clinton.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, Hagen. I noticed a bunch of Sitges tweets about Enemy but haven't had time to sift through. Good to hear!

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Thanks Hagen thats a nice hold for Prisoners. Great news about Enemy winnining the Melies!

And congrats to David!

Monica said...

I just saw Prisoners. Yay finally!
It's a great movie, despite being long in come moments, but this didn't affect the result. It's a great job of Denis Villeneuve, the cast is superb and the work of Deakins is speechless.
Happy that Jake always choose different roles, showing that he's one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood. I'm in love with his performance in Prisoners.
My theater was full. It was good to feel the audience involved with the film.

Anonymous said...

Phoebe 〽 ‏@phobatron 6h
Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting next to me on this flight.

UltraViolet said...

Everybody, remember the Hollywood Film Awards tonight on People.

bobbyanna said...

I'm getting a blank screen at the link, UV. With some video clips of reality TV shows. I'm not sure if it's my computer or if it's I'm wondering, do you have to be a subscriber to people digital to access it?

UltraViolet said...

Not a subscriber, but I can see it. Jake was just on. I missed the beginning of his interview. He looked skinny but slightly more like himself.

UltraViolet said...

Here's a photo:

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, UV, he does look a little more like himself! LOL! I could not get the live stream to work. All I got was the little pop up scream with the video clips of reality TV in a loop. Arrrgh! So I am glad Twitter came to the rescue. Maybe we can get a clip of Jake's brief interview at some point. : )

bobbyanna said...

LOL! I said scream when I meant stream.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal said the Prisoner cast was crazy talented...and sometimes "just plain crazy" at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Giselle Ugarte ‏@GiselleUgarte 1m
"There's a lot of light that comes when you stop fearing the dark." -- Jake Gyllenhaal @hollywoodawards

bobbyanna said...

I wonder who presented Jake's award?

Monica said...

Marc Adelman ‏@marcadelman 38m
There he is. Jake Gyllenhaal wining his big award at the #HollywoodFilmAwards @photo credit @axisanna88 #getexcited

TheCredits ‏@TheCredits 28m
Jake Gyllenhaal receives best supporting actor for @wbpictures #prisoners

MickeyMod ‏@theMickeyMod 32m
Just pissed between Jared Leto and jake gyllenhaal in the bathroom at the Hollywood film awards. #wtf

UltraViolet said...

LOL at the last one, Monica.

Does anyone televise these awards, do we know?

Such a great acceptance speech by the very handsome #JakeGyllenhaal. Loving the slick back hair tonight! #HollywoodFilmAwards #BCBGlive

UltraViolet said...

New post :)