Friday, November 30, 2012

Tired of London?

Never. Not for Samuel Johnson or Jake Gyllenhaal. He made a very entertaining stop on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning. The verdict?

BBC Radio1 Breakfast ‏@R1Breakfast
We've all fallen a little bit in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Even the guys on the team. What a guy :D

Here's a link to the show:

On Friday's show, we're joined by Hollywood legend Jake Glyllenhaal. His name might be difficult to spell, but it turns out that he's a really nice chap! He tells us about his new movie, and he tries to convince Grimmy to grow a beard.

Jake's morning continued with an Empire podcast:

Then a web chat:

And lots of excited office workers in London.

Jake was also on the Graham Norton show last night; this photo was taken backstage (I think). Link to the whole show; whole show and some clips below:

Jake must be tired IN London at this point.

Unless he's just sitting in it the wrong way, that's Jake in what appears to be the world's most uncomfortable chair at a BAFTA Q&A for End of Watch.


UltraViolet said...

From the comments on that fan photo with Jake:

So cute! I'm so jealous. Waited him two hours outside with a bunch of creepy people who collect autographs and didn't managed to say I like him : (

That is too bad.

Repeating the tweets and summary from the Radio 1 appearance. Tweets first:

Waking up to Jake Gyllenhaal on the radio is the best. Thing. Ever. I am incredibly okay with being awake.

apart from keith lemon and jack whitehall, this was my favourite interview so far. and i never even ~got gyllenhaal.

Woke up to the glorious sound of Jake Gyllenhaal's voice this morning on Radio 1.

Hyperventilating at getting in the car, and Jake Gyllenhaal being on the's like he's here with me, mwah hah ha! @BBCR1

Another day of having too force myself out of bed. But waking up to Jake Gyllenhaal didn't suck #bestalarmever .Thank you @grimmers

Jake Gyllenhaal is such a good guest on @BBCR1 this morning. A real sweetie and so honest

Jake Gyllenhaal on @BBCR1 such a beautiful accent and fab sense of humor. #love

The sound of Jake Gyllenhaal on the radio this morning.......perfect start to the day!

Jake Gyllenhaal is on BBC radio 1 right now. I am going nowhere.

Jake Gyllenhaal on Radio 1 with @grimmers. Morning is made. Favourite person in Hollywood.

I would love to wake up to Jake Gyllenhaal's voice everyday

Gosh Jake Gyllenhaal is not disappointing on Radio 1 this morning! #TeenageCrush

Jake Gyllenhaal on @R1Breakfast - what more does a girl need. #phwoar #inlove #thebest #Hitthespotnicely

i'm in love with gyllenhaal. i think nick is as well.

Listening to Jake Gyllenhaal with @grimmy on @BBCR1. Sounds as bright and witty as he is good-looking. Love him.

Definitely fallen in love with jake gyllenhaal on @BBCR1 this morning

Jake Gyllenhaal get off my radio. And get over here right now.

Jake Gyllenhaal should be on the show all the time. He is funny as fuck man. Him and Nick are great together

Jake Gyllenhaal is fucking hilarious. Omg I love him even more than I thought possible now!

@R1Breakfast interview with Jake Gyllenhall is making my drive to work so much more entertaining �� and now I fancy jake

Miss Jackson - Jake Gylenhal on @bbcR1 RIGHT NOW! Listen to his voicey goodness! #yourewelcome

@R1Breakfast So glad to discover that Jake Gylenhaal is as funny as he is gorgeous.

Jake Gyllenhall should be on with Grimmy every morning

Jake would be so proud:

Green Capital ‏@bgreencapital
Big up Jake Gyllenhall on @bbcr1 talking about cooking local seasonal food - come to #bristol and spend some @BristolPound in our markets!

From the news reader:

“@TinaDaheley: So er, Jake Gyllenhaal is here. How's your Friday morning?” It's now filled with jealousy!!!!

Jake joked with her a bit.

They did play the Never Ever about a half hour before Jake was on, btw. No other mention of the TayCray, as someone on Twitter referred to her.

And this could be good, too. Jake sometimes seems more relaxed doing these overseas things, as he was on Radio 1.

Chris Hewitt ‏@ChrisHewitt
Up early to prepare for an #EmpirePodcast interview with Mr Jake Gyllenhaal. I'm going to ask him about Bubble Boy and nothing else.

UltraViolet said...

When they came back from the break, Nick Grimshaw, the DJ, said, "I love Jake Gyllenhaal. Such a nice guy. ... Amazing, what a guy, have him on every day. Guys and girls like him."

Here are some notes I took - definitely didn't catch everything. It was a fun, relaxed interview, about 45 minutes from beginning to end but interspersed with songs and the news:

Jake is announced and he tells everyone they look great, to much appreciation.

Ran into Lily Allen at a restaurant
He knows LA's mother, who was a producer on Proof
Pretty much the same as she was when she was a teenager

DJ saw EoW yesterday; couldn't get anyone to go with him. Jake: "Thanks, guys."

They discuss Movember and the months of long work Jake's beard has taken.

Cagey about when he goes back onstage. Not sure why he wouldn't say where else he's going.

Talk about the play, the fear is the best part.

He chats too much and his sentences don't go anywhere."

Jake: Sounds like a wonderful radio host.

Half of my closest friends are British; worked here. Talks about Donnie Darko. Feels a lot of support professionally.

Is there anything he does straight away, like the DJ has to go to In&Out Burger when he's in LA.

Jake: No. Nothing specific.

Then he changes his answer: Coming to this radio show. I'd arrange my flight to come right here.

DJ promises Jake he'll grow his beard until Christmas, even though Jake said he only had to do it for the rest of November.

Someone was supposed to have a video chat with Jake, but the poor woman's internet went down. So Gina had to settle for the phone.

Sadly, she asked a question we've heard many times:
What would you do if you didn't act? Cook.
Traditional local/farmer's market/seasonal food answer. He'd ask what they want.
Gina says she'd asked for a feast. DJ says he's busy with a play and the beard - he doesn't have time for that!

Anonymous said...

Hannah Fox ‏@hannahfox83

BEST CELEB SPOT EVERRRRR! Just stood next to Jake Gyllenhaal in my work recep waiting for a lift (sadly did not get in the lift with him)...

Anonymous said...

Fatima Al-Kaabi ‏@Fatiti_

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal outside school ♥

Anna said...

What about the MSN chat, Is it still to come?

UltraViolet said...

And more:

Jake Gyllenhaal on @BBCR1 @R1Breakfast made my heart, ears and loins very happy.

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the office and I'm not *silently cries into scarf on my very delayed train*

Legitimately going to walk past Radio 1 in 5 minutes and lick Jake Gyllenhaal as he leaves./I JUST missed Jake Gyllenhaal at Radio 1! People were still standing there with signed photos. Livid.

Jake Gyllenhaal did really well at @R1Breakfast . Was as funny as Grimmy, which is hard to achieve btw :) #topbloke

Jake Gyllenhaal is so dreamy 😍
I know. I could listen to his sweet tones on breakfast radio all day. #Gyllenhaal

BEST CELEB SPOT EVERRRRR! Just stood next to Jake Gyllenhaal in my work recep waiting for a lift (sadly did not get in the lift with him)...

Less than an hour until Jake Gyllenhaal arrives for the MSN webchat. JOIN IN HERE! #msnjake

Well, I'm still up... guess I'll stick around for that!

Anna Yes!:) said...

MSN UK Entertainment ‏@msnents
Less than an hour until Jake Gyllenhaal arrives for the MSN webchat. JOIN IN HERE! #msnjake

UltraViolet said...

Yes, Anna, it's here.

Anonymous said...

Anna Alfreda Lewis ‏@annaalfreda
Oh great. Jake Gyllenhaal's in the heat office and I'm not...

Anna said...

Oh, Thank you girls, I thought I was too late.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Franklin ‏@Laulxx
“@sarahcompton1: Aahhhh Jake Gyllenhaal is in the building! MUST.FIND.HIM” what feel sick I'm coming now - I love Jake gillywillyhall

Anonymous said...

Laura Stupple ‏@LauraStupple
So jake gyllenhaal is in the same room as me. Is. This. Happening.

UV don't say there are not enoughweets anymore! lol:)))

Anonymous said...

boydhilton ‏@boydhilton
Jake Gyllenhaal sporting a tremendous beard this morning. (He's in the Heat Radio studio, ten feet away from my desk.) #Jake

Anonymous said...

Kate Barker ‏@KateBarker1981

Jake Gyllenhaal at Bauer Towers @sarahcompton1 @SarahRangreji @LilLJD @LSango

UltraViolet said...

okay, I appreciate the enthusiasm. It's fun when there is a lot of stuff happening and tweeting. You're right - they are coming fast and furious :)

But this is not Twitter. We don't need to post each one or a series. Try to save them up. And maybe, you know, make a comment or something else.

This is not a bulletin board.

Some more:

Aahhhh Jake Gyllenhaal is in the building! MUST.FIND.HIM” what feel sick I'm coming now - I love Jake gillywillyhall

So jake gyllenhaal is in the same room as me. Is. This. Happening.


Jake Gyllenhall's in the building. Cue a 100 ladies losing their minds, like a stampeding herd of wilderbeast. Run Jake, for your own sake

I take it all back. Jake Gyllenhall is perfect for radio. Ahhh

Jake Gyllenhaal on @BBCR1 It's safe to say he is my man crush

LOL @ Run, Jake!

UltraViolet said...

Posted some photos of Jake arrving at Radio 1 and at Graham Norton last night. I'm sure Stephanie will have the nice, big, unwatermarked ones soon.


I'm in the office early, and who shows up? Only Jake Gyllenhaal. Is he the new cleaner?

Jake update: He has a massive beard and weird posture.

He looks like a young tramp.

Two ladies who don't normally work in this office are working here today just because Jake is in the radio room #subtle

Another series of tweets from someone for whom the beard ruined her dream of JAke. She did say he has stunning eyes, though.

And more highlights:

not everyday you see Jake Gyllenhaal. Good beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal was exceptionally nice and has a fulsome beard. I think he was wearing a shirt from Brokeback Mountain.

That Jake Gyllenhaal just popped into Empire Towers to talk End Of Watch. Lovely chap. The interview will be up in today's #EmpirePodcast.

Yup, this is the epitome of raining/pouring!

Anonymous said...

Breakthrough16th Dec ‏@Kiri_Phoenix

So I just met the very talented actor Jake Gyllenhaal...

Anonymous said...

I dont see ennything on the msn live chat, And you girls?

UltraViolet said...

It's coming up slowly. I don't think they started on time. First question was about getting tased. Yawn...

UltraViolet said...

So close ...

When are you going to shave your beard, you little riker?;)

After the run of my play, which ends Dec 23rd, I start shooting another movie a few weeks later, so depending on the external trappings that character will have, this beard is for the play i'm doing now.
by Jake Gyllenhaal 5:10 AM

Added a photo of Jake at the chat.

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask him about his brwon shoes?? lol

Anonymous said...

I mean Brown shoes.

Anonymous said...

what does I'm a Luddite means...ennyone?

Anna said...

Mmm..I looking at that msn chat and I saw that the same people are asking Jake questions all over again. That not fear for his other fans.

UltraViolet said...

Ha - was about to say that I liked the book question, and it was asked by Gyllencrazy. Way to go!

A Luddite is a term used for people who don't like using advanced technology.

Anon 5:29, it seemed like just one person who got a few in a row in. But, you know, at least that person chose a name and posted under it...

UltraViolet said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is the coolest man out there. Down to earth and easy going.

Sitting, looking at Jake Gyllenhaal right now. It's a nice way to spend a Friday morning. #MSNJake

Today I was up 2 hours before the moon even disappeared, met Jake Gyllenhaal, drank prosecco, raved in the studio & it's only 10am. Win!

Also, from the Urban Dictionary:

Riker: noun: an under 35 year-old hipster with a beard.

Okay, Jake time is over. What a fun morning. We'll see what the empire podcast brings.

I assume MSN will have highlights or a transcript. I noticed they tweeted some things that weren't typed in the chat. But I saved it, just in case.

It was fun to see Jake with an avatar.

Tweety said...

Luv the photos of Jake and Nick, too funny!!

Jake does seem more at ease when he is in the UK doing interviews.

Thanks for posting a lot of Jake's interview with BBCR1, that was fun!

The tweets are coming in fast and furious and I of course seem to keep up, they are always posted here before I get a chance, lOL!!!

Hope that MSN has the transcripts up soon too, thanks so much for all your hard work UV!!

Viv said...

Ok, Jake's beard is out of control.LOL

But he looks happy and relaxed.:)

bobbyanna said...

What a lovely surprise!

Glad Gyllencrazy had a chance to ask a great question! I remember some time ago, Ron Howard was thinking about a re-make of the movie, and was talking to Heath about it. It's one of my favorite John Steinbeck stories.

OK, gang! We have him on record. The beard is for the play. All I can hope is that the police detective in "Prisoners" is not allowed to have a beard, per department regulations. (Just a little scruff...; ) )

Monica said...

ahhhh he wants to work with Jacques Audiard

Recently I watch Rust And Bone and I was thinking about Jake in a European film, good to know that he thinks about working with Jacques.

BTW, Rust And Bone is excellent!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it was fun!

Mary said...

Thanks UV for all the updates I was at work so I didnt hear the pod cast what wasthe question that gyllencrazy asked?
Yes Bobbyanna hopefuully his role in prisioners calls for a clean shaved detective:)

UltraViolet said...

Hi Tweety - way too many tweets to track today!

Viv and Bobbyanna, we sort of have hope. But I think he hedged on that answer.

GC, I know you like the beard, so you're fine either way. Great morning for you!

Just added a photo and link to the Empire podcast. Haven't listened yet.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Mary. GC asked what book Jake read last. His answer was that he'd just reread East of Eden.

Anonymous said...

I read the interview. I did ask a question but it didn't get picked. I asked what he took away from his experience doing EOW.

I'm glad GC got a question answered. I don't know where the man has the time to read, he's always on the go.


Hagen said...

Interesting that Jake singled out David Fincher as the director he learned the most from. I guess it's still a love-hate relationship for him.

And he isn't afraid to spoil the plot of "An Enemy". ;)

Chica said...

Love all the updates from the UK ! LOL! The beard is kaput after the play, but I think I will miss it:)

Congrats to you Gyllencrazy for getting your question through, Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors.

UltraViolet said...

Looks like Jake did a GQ interview, as well:

Soon this chair will be occupied by Jake Gyllenhaal. Interview coming to soon

Fun facts learnt from @R1Breakfast: Jake Gyllenhaal not just a pretty face; actually extremely witty and great

Added a photo and Radio 1 link to the post.

Just finished listening to the podcast, and he still hedges on cutting the beard. Tease!

UltraViolet said...

So many excited Londoners and many more disappointed ones:

It's @laurenlaverne 's third birthday (sort of) @ChrisHewitt - it's your duty to take Jake Gyllenhaal in to see her. Via my office obv.

Chris Hewitt ‏@ChrisHewitt
It's too late. He's gone. There was nothing I could do. I'm sorry.

*falls to floor, weeping* Was he dreamy? He was dreamy, right?

Chris Hewitt ‏@ChrisHewitt
He was immensely dreamy, with a lovely beard.

Chris Hewitt did the Empire podcast.

Then the poor woman posted this, lol:

Oh come on! Now Lala's playing a song from the Zodiac soundtrack-stop rubbing my nose in the whole Jake is 5 minutes from my office thing.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood Bulletin ‏@HWoodBulletin

Jake Gyllenhaal snaps a photo with a fan as he exits the BBC Radio 1 Studios in London on Friday, November 30.

UltraViolet said...

Added a youtube clip from the Radio 1 interview, as well.

Hagen said...

"End of Watch" will return to theaters nationwide on December 7, 2012. The announcement was made today by Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films.

This weekend the movie is shown in 24 theaters.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, that's exciting! I don't think it will go anywhere, sadly. But I'll be happy to be able to see it again! Will hopefully push it over $40million.

Hitfix has an interview with Jake out today too. This is too much! I love it but it's hard to keep up.

Scott said...

November 30, 2012 12:51 PM

Hagen said...
"End of Watch" will return to theaters nationwide on December 7, 2012. The announcement was made today by Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films."

Didn't someone from this board say that about a month ago? Hmm who could it have been?

Although they should have not announced the dvd release for Jan 2013. Its been in 20-25 theaters for the last couple of weeks though.

Anonymous said...

"End of Watch" will return to theaters nationwide on December 7, 2012. The announcement was made today by Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films.

Oh Hagen what a great news!

Scott you was right!!!:)

UltraViolet said...

And now Jake is at the BAFTA screening:

At #Bafta for Screening of #EndOfWatch with a Q and A with #JakeGyllenhaal
12:40 PM - 30 Nov 12

Anonymous said...

Oh my Ultra Violet what a day!

Anonymous said...

What a day indeed! I'm exhausted and I've been sitting at my desk all day. Thanks guys, that chat was fun.

AAA (Posting) said...

I absolutely love the radio / podcast interviews coming at us from London. Jake always seems more relaxed during European promotions and really takes to the English humour.

Interesting what he said about D. Fincher. I didn't actually expect him to name names as he always seems worried about singling anyone out (or leaving everyone else out I guess!) but I'm glad he did.

I did always get the sense that the Zodiac shoot was a difficult/frustrating time for him but that it made him stronger in the long run and was appreciated by Jake in hindsight.

I personally prefer when he is "let free" a little more and allowed to bring his own interpretations. Although I like Zodiac I do feel he was too "directed" in it. At times I almost get the feeling that it's not really Jakes´acting somehow but that every move and expression is over rehearsed. I know that's totally down to personal preference. Anyway, I think Fincher is the extreme. I'm glad to hear Jake appreciated the experience + I guess he's now using the lessons learned to better satisfy other directors.

+ @UV. Thanks for getting back to be about the theatre letter (previous post). I hope you didn't throw yours away!

Can't wait for the GN show now. Hope some nice people brings it online soon after airing this evening....

Yin Yang said...

Jake Gyllenhall with a beard? That's like putting a sheet over the Mona Lisa. #shame

Jake Gyllenhall is even more beautiful with that beard

Hagen said...

I did always get the sense that the Zodiac shoot was a difficult/frustrating time for him but that it made him stronger in the long run and was appreciated by Jake in hindsight.

"Zodiac" is my favorite movie with Jake, but it doesn't make much sense that he praises David Fincher. He learned to serve the director's vision? Only recently Jake said he likes working with Denis Villeneuve because of his cooperative directing style. With Fincher it's all about his (egomaniac) vision.

Anonymous said...

Jack A Gilbert ‏@gilbertjacka

My sister with Jake Gyllenhaal - she was VERY HAPPY!!!

AAA said...

@ Hagen. But in fairness, the question was from whom he has learned the most – not which director he enjoyed working with the most. I’m sure he had a better time with Duncan Jones – but that doesn’t mean he necessarily learned anything new.

I believe it when Jake says he learned a lot from working with Fincher: e.g. The director is king – and that it’s ultimately about fulfilling the director vision for a film (and not about the cast, their ideas or even egos). That might just be a very important lesson for a young movie star. Although Jake may have learned that “the hard way” from Fincher (who is extreme) – and it may not have been very enjoyable at the time, it was still a valuable lesson that has continued to benefit him when working with other (perhaps less demanding) directors.

Rachel said...

"Zodiac" is my favorite movie with Jake, but it doesn't make much sense that he praises David Fincher. He learned to serve the director's vision? Only recently Jake said he likes working with Denis Villeneuve because of his cooperative directing style. With Fincher it's all about his (egomaniac) vision

I think it's about learning to read the room...or in this case, the director. He learned what Fincher is like, what he wanted from his actors and tried to provide that vision. Every director, like every boss, requires something different from those who work with/for them.

Monica said...

Jake Gyllenhaal recalls lessons learned from Ang Lee, Sam Mendes, David O. Russell and more

UltraViolet said...

Added a clip of Jake on Graham Norton, talking about - what else - the beard!

LOL @ yin/yang above.

Some other tweets:

Jake Gylenhaal in the building. Everyone literally going mental.
6:59 AM - 30 Nov 12

Jake Gyllenhaal is such a lovely guy. I've never met anyone with such a healthy beard or head of hair.

Seeing End of Watch again tonight- with added postfilm q&a with star Jake Gyllenhaal - quite excited!/Jake Gyllenhaal is really rather well spoken, interesting, petite and hairy #EndofWatch

Damon Wise ‏@yo_damo
Just did #Bafta Q&A with Jake Gyllenhaal for End Of Watch

Petite is a new one. The hell?

UltraViolet said...

Well said, Rachel. I don't think he liked working with DF all the time. But he learned from it. And despite what business etiquette forced Jake to later say, I think DF's style of directing is nuts.

I bet Jake thinks so, too. But he knows now what he has to do if he wants to work with Fincher again.

I would like to see Fincher change his tune someday and admit he threw Jake under the PRoverbial bus. But that will never happen.

I didn't actually expect him to name names as he always seems worried about singling anyone out (or leaving everyone else out I guess!) but I'm glad he did.

One of Jake's most frustrating qualities as an interviewee. We also lucked out with the HitFix interview, because Kris Tapley asked Jake about specific names.

Hagen said...

Open Casting Call:

Prisoners Starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Melissa Leo and Paul Dana is currently holding an open casting call. Filming will mostly take place in the Conyers, Georgia area from January 16th through March 26th.

Lots of news today.

UltraViolet said...

More from the BAFTA QA host:

End of last tweet went AWOL; Gyllenhaal was great - beyond the call of duty

Anonymous said...


Rachel said...

Petite as in slim maybe?

AAA said...

"Petite"! He's not that tiny, he's just slim!

And now I really can't wait for the GN show. I hope it will be online by tomorrow.

Also hope we get to see the Q&A at some point, but I guess that's unlikely.

The interview about the different directors was interesting - and very timely considering the discussion here. Thanks for bringing it.

AAA said...

OMG the Beard Tweets are coming in like crazy. I guess the GN show is officially airing in the UK now!

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it's impossible to keep up even if you filter our beard/facial hair tweets!

UltraViolet said...

Joan Rivers and Jake trending on UK twitter, lol.

Twitter is running very high against the beard.

Also, a lot of horrified tweets about the Top Gear guys being on with Jake. My favorite asked if you'd give someone a chocolate cake with shit on it.

I don't even care about the Top Gear guys. I am just amused by the vehemence.

UltraViolet said...

Someone tweeted that Joan is trying to set Jake up with Jake. I think someone called/dreaded that, too.

Don't know what this was in answer to but it's been tweeted a lot:

I hate nothing, everything is beautiful..." What a cutie pie :) Even with that beard.

Anonymous said...

Jake being set up with Jake???

AAA said...

Twitter is running very high against the beard.
LOL yes. It seems many brits hate it, some love it, but all feel the need to tweet about it. It's really dividing the nation!

UltraViolet said...


Hope Jake Gyllenhaal's facial hair is a stunt for charity

Convinced 5 year old the #LateLateToyShow was over so I could watch jake gyllenhaal on graham norton #totallyworthit

Jake Gyllenhaal sitting next to Joan Rivers looks like Jesus sitting next to Satan at an awkward Heaven/Hell mixer.

Gylllenhall, Clarkson and May aka EASIEST shag, marry kill EVER. #grahamnorton/Don't shag Clarkson, please #grahamnorton/I would cheat Gyllenhall would cover two of the answers.

I'm not watching the Grahame Norton show. I'm not swooning over Jake Gyllenhall. I don't have a man crush on him. I am lying.

UltraViolet said...

It is a matter of grave concern, AAA!

Sorry, anon, Joan was apparently trying to set Jake up with her daughter.

Added a couple more clips, including the one with Joan asking Jake if he's single.

Anonymous said...

"End of Watch" will return to theaters nationwide on December 7, 2012. The announcement was made today by Tom Ortenberg, CEO of Open Road Films.

UK people knows what is really important,beard yes /beard no this is the question!lol

Anonymous said...

Stephen Moore ‏@StephenRMoore
Lovely Q&A with Mr Jake Gyllenhaal tonight after END OF WATCH. 2 things: 1) He is utterly charming. 2) Oooh, I could never be an LAPD cop.

Scott said...

Jake should move to the UK where apparently he is really appreciated.

And Joan Rivers is way more funnier on in the UK than in America.

LOL :) said...

Nick Carvell ‏@NickCarvell
It has now been twelve hours since I interviewed Jake Gyllenhaal. We talked about tea. Can't shake the feeling that my life has peaked.

UltraViolet said...

Is he sitting in it wrong or is this the the world's most awkward chair?

I swear... Jake Gyllenhaal is giving Benicio Del Toro a run for his money for the lead role in a Wolfman sequel!

Anonymous said...

Anne Thompson ‏@akstanwyck
Oscar Watch: Long Shots 'End of Watch,' 'Middle of Nowhere' Return to Theaters

Anonymous said...

That chair looks like a side chair or a mini chaise lounge.

bobbyanna said...

More riches!! Thanks for the GN clips! Makes me smile to see Jake experiencing these comments about his beard. LOL!

This trip to London may be short, but it sure has been fun. Enjoying all the tweets, too.

The full Hitfix interview was very interesting. My personal take on Fincher, is he and Jake seem to have a good personal realtionship, as long as they can get past working together! LOL!

I remember Russell Crowe saying the same thing Jake said,when he was on Inside the Actors Studio: The director is king. it's his movie, his vision, etc. and the actor's job is to service that vision. RC said collaboration and exchanging ideas is great, but the actor has to remember who's in charge.

I found Ang Lee's and Sam Mendes' comments interesting. I wish they would have elaborated.

I love interviews that talk about process. Hopeful one day we'll see Jake participate in a rundtable with other actors like the ones The Hollywood Reporter hosts, or maybe he'll do Actor's Studio.

Anonymous said...

cheryl payne ‏@cherylpayne
'End of Watch' is AMAZING #jakegyllenhaal Q&A afterwards makes it even more AMAZE. Got to love #BAFTA

UltraViolet said...

You can see in that shot how uncomfortable the chairs look. Good god.

Here's a link to watch the Graham Norton show. That was fast!

Loved this piece from First Showing about the EoW rerelease:

With Awards Season heating up, it's exciting to see all the studios get excited about their best films of the year. Such as End of Watch, one of my favorites that never got the love it truly deserved. Even I was remiss in writing about it, but here's a chance to mention it is definitely worth seeing in theaters when it's out again. Both Gyllenhaal and Peña are outstanding, and either one could get a nomination. Good luck & enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Eva Longoria ‏@EvaLongoria
Hey guys be sure to go and see End of Watch this weekend with @realmichaelpena !! Awesome movie!!

Eva Longoria ‏@EvaLongoria
Ok actually End of Watch comes out next weekend December 7th! I will remind you all next weekend!
29 nov

Now this Eva's twits make sense.

I saw this tweets yesterday and I wondered what she was talking about.

UltraViolet said...

From the GQ UKstyle gallery:

Classic Gyllenhaal: dressed down, but never sloppy. Trust us, this outfit looks even better in person that it does in this shot.

From the earlier BAFTA tweeter:

Have a spare ticket for Jake gyggenhall Q and A and screening tonight of end of watch

This is my dream. So annoyed I missed this tweet! Haha

you could of come. I went on my own. Jake was brilliant :-)

Happy ending:

Jake Gyllenhaal is in the office and I'm not *silently cries into scarf on my very delayed train*

Jesus wept! Are you sure you don't need a (slightly too old) work experience girl?! Just jump off the train and RUN!

fear not i got there in time. So beautiful!

UltraViolet said...

Aww, that's nice of Eva. And yeah, that tweet would have made no sense before the news, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the jacket,but I have trust in Jake/GQ'taste!:)

Anonymous said...

Marcus Vere ‏@livinginabox
@CescaCL Hey babe, thought you should know Jake Gyllenhaal is sitting outside High Road House right now!

1 h ago

Anonymous said...

Martin ‏@TinoTwoDinners

Jake Gyllenhaal

Anonymous said...

Monique Gardner ‏@Monique_Gardner

and he's beautiful and looked right at me :o
definitely saw jake gyllenhaal today aka my future husband

So true said...

Jane McDowell ‏@mejanewhoyou
If Jake Gyllenhaal was paid everytime someone made a lame Brokeback Mountain joke he'd be able to bail out Greece. #enoughalready

Anonymous said...

If people needed reminding what a class act Jake Gyllenhaal is, since his migration from cult star to a major box-office face, then this will refresh the memory. He is back doing what he does best; playing the quasi-bad boy with a good heart. Taylor’s opening monologue recalls Jarhead, as does his cheekiness (and bald head) and there are similarities to Gyllenhaal’s character in the underrated Brothers.

End of Watch is an impressive new take on police dramas or buddy-cop movies, which some would call a “game-changer” of the genre, and is as exciting as it is touching. How on earth it is rated a 15 I will never know, as there is a heavy dose of expletives and violent content throughout, but it doesn’t feel excessive due to the believability of the cast and the dark reality of the LA streets presented to us.

Extra said...

Wow, lots nice goodies to pour over , thanks you so much UV!!

Sounds like he is having a blast over there, I love when he is doing promo for his films in the UK, he definately gives off a more relaxed, engaged and fun vibbe.

What great news that EOW will be re-released on 12/7, that means that studio is really serious about the film an it's chances for awards.

bobbyanna said...

Looks like Jake may be on the move again. I saw this tweet from a Brit who's at Heathrow headed to NYC. Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones was also boarding. : )

Michael Charlton‏@BigBadRobot

"On the train at terminal 5 and see jake gyllanhaal. So I said hello and shook his hand. He's got some beard. Movember"

Viv said...

I saw EOW again last week and it's still powerful!!!
I hope it can get some award recognition.:)

And I saw Life of Pi this's a beautiful beautiful film.Everyone needs to watch it!!!
Ang Lee is always my hero!!

Anonymous said...

Stephen Darbey ‏@darb3
Just met Jake Gyllenhaal,strong beard,and now possible movie for us both in 2014 😎

bobbyanna said...

From Twitter;

Max Clifford‏@maxclifford69

Jus bumped into Jake Gylenhaal walking round Wholefoods #onlyinNYC

2 hrs ago

UltraViolet said...

There was another Jake sighting in NY today, so I guess he did fly home. I thought he was going to Germany and Spain for EoW, as well. I can't remember why I thought so.

The London adventure was fun but exhausting! Spent most of the weekend doing errands, so I guess I'm glad things calmed down.

Will be fun to see where he turns up next on his play hiatus.

UltraViolet said...

Viv, I don't know if I'll see Life of Pi; doesn't seem like my thing. But the previews do make it look beautiful.

Again, I say: Look at those uncomfortable chairs!

Viv said...

UV, I know many people have doubts about Life of Pi, but you know Ang Lee is from Taiwan(my country),people are crazy about him here.LOL

Maybe Jake will promte EOW(agian) in US this week?I hope so....:)

Monica said...

Graham Norton is not for me. but I liked the look of Jake.

I am also happy that calmed down, uv. I need time to finish translating the second part of the interview by Tapley.

I'm anxious to see life of Pi. Ang Lee is a genius.

I saw Beasts of the Southern Wild. is a beautiful film.

bobbyanna said...

My youngest daughter loves Life of Pi. She read the book some time ago and was raving about the movie.
She said it's a "must see." I plan on watching Beasts of the Southern Wild this week.

Mary said...

Saw Lincoln today great movie DDL deserves another oscar he did a fantastic job

Anonymous said...

Xfm ‏@Xfm
We've got Jake Gyllenhaal up next on the Xfm Breakfast show with Danny Wallace, chatting about his new film End Of Watch!

30 m ago

Anonymous said...

Haley Davidson ‏@DaleyHavidson

today I jumped the barriers to a subway, my mom punched some guy, and I saw jake Gyllenhaal.
he walked by Starbucks and I was like what the fuck? and kept starring, like IT HAS TO BE. and he lives where I was.
I wouldve followed him lmao
I was in so much shock, I forgot what legs were.
hahahah that is true. He's beautiful
more than beautiful he's... idfk!

Anonymous said...

Julien Althuisius ‏@julienalt

@SimonHendriksen 'From there, my girlfriend and I went to dinner with the Seinfelds and Jake Gyllenhaal.'

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I've been so busy this weekend, friends were in town. I have a lot of stuff to catch up on!

That was a quick trp to the UK, it sounds like that breakfast show with Danny Wallace may have been taped before he left.

You are right UV, I thought that Jake was supposed to do promo for EOW in a few other countries as well.

Another nod to DDL in Lincoln, he's fantastic!

Hagen said...

Roundabout Theatre Company (Todd Haimes, Artistic Director) is pleased to announce a special talkback at If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet on the topic of climate change following the 2:00pm performance on Sunday, December 9. The talkback is complimentary for ticketholders to this performance, and a limited number of tickets are still available to purchase.

Pia Catton of The Wall Street Journal will serve as moderator of the discussion, focused on the themes of climate change and global warming that resonate within Payne’s play. Joining Catton will be cast members of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet and Mary-Elena Carr and Bob Anderson of The Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Hagen said...

I thought he was going to Germany and Spain for EoW, as well. I can't remember why I thought so.

Spanish movie theater "Kinépolis" announced that Jake would attend the premiere of EoW in Spain on November 27th. Apparently that didn't happen. I haven't heard of any plans for Germany, though.

Hagen said...

Jake's interview with GQ

Anonymous said...

Marisa Rosenthal ‏@marisarosenthal
spotted: jake gyllenhaal introducing himself to vanessa hudgens in between classes at soul cycle!

56 mn ago

Monica said...

Hagen, I read about the premiere in Germany, but with these sightings of him in NY, Jake will not be there.

Wow NY Critics chose Mathew M for best supporting actor. Saly Field for best supporting actress and Rachel Weiz for best actress!
Daniel Day Lewis for best actor and ZDT film and best director!

Scott said...


WOuld not be surprised about Sally Field for an Oscar, which is not good news for Anne and I was hoping Sally was in the best actress cat.

Monica said...

ZDT = Zero Dark Thirty

In 2008, NYFCC didn't give the award for best supporting actor for Heath Ledger.

UltraViolet said...

No, but they did give heath the nod for Brokeback, and that is a bigger deal, IMO. As we know, both Heath and Jake were unjustly overlooked that year.

I can't wait to see ZDT and Les Mis. Sally Field was amazing in Lincoln, so I cant object to her win.

From there, my girlfriend and I went to dinner with the Seinfelds and Jake Gyllenhaal.'

This was from a NYTimes piece by Ricky Gervais. He doesn't elaborate, but remember that sighting from a while back? That's the reference.

I am also happy that calmed down, uv. I need time to finish translating the second part of the interview by Tapley.

Monica, you have it so much harder than we do! It's great that you translate all of these articles. My job is much easier here :)

UltraViolet said...

Viv, I didn't even think about Jake doing more EoW promotion here. I'd love to see him do the Daily Show.

I liked the GQ interview, especially how the interviewer tried to intercept Jake's usual answer by reciting it in the first question! LOL.

From twitter:

I made fun of Jake Gyllenhaal to his face and all he did was laugh. #TrueStory

I really dont like his face

he was rocking a beard, which is why I mentioned it after I noticed him standing next to me in line LOL

UltraViolet said...

New post.