Monday, November 19, 2012

'Tis the season

Jake is being honored tonight by New Eyes for the Needy:

New Eyes for the Needy celebrates 80 years of empowering children and adults in the United States and overseas with the improved vision they need to pursue a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. Please join us in saluting Jake Gyllenhaal as a lifelong supporter, ambassador and fundraiser for New Eyes.

What's that? It's the smell of Oscar season. And IndieWire's Anne Thompson puts Jake in consideration:

Of all the dark horse Oscar hopefuls this year, none deserves more consideration than Jake Gyllenhaal for his role as an LA cop in David Ayer's "End of Watch." It's such a competitive year for leading actors that I hope this performance in a this well-reviewed indie film will be seen. Critics groups may give it some attention.

Major movie stars have a hint of danger about them; Gyllenhaal, who hits 32 in December, is one of many boyish American leading men who are earning gravitas as they age. "End of Watch" marks Gyllenhaal's finest and most aggressively mature work to date.

Anne Thompson: You're on a roll: you got your best reviews to date for your latest film 'End of Watch' as well as your off-Broadway play 'If There Is, I Haven't Found It Yet.'

Jake Gyllenhaal: I don't read them. I find it overwhelming; the stage work is still alive, so those type of things get in your head. It's best not to think in terms of that, it ends up affecting you, whether it's good or bad. So I stay away and do my work.

AT: Did you make a recent change in your approach to choosing projects?

JG: It was a perfect storm of a lot of things happening. The reality of life itself was hitting me hard, at 30. It was not a calculation. I had spent the majority of my 20s blessed by being able to work consistently. I grew up thinking I understood the business of making movies. I got to a point where I said, 'What do I want my life be? It's about more than career.' So I don't put my career before my life anymore.

It's a great read, so check out the rest.

Two Oscar hopefuls in InStyle:

"There's no one I'd rather be stuck in a car with than Michael."

If you've always wanted to hear Jake say the word "flatulence," now's your chance:


UltraViolet said...

Will add any photos or tidbits from the New Eyes dinner as we get them. In fact, I just added a twitter pic.

Scott said...

Wireimage has a couple of pics from tonight.

UltraViolet said...

Yes, was just putting one up. Looks like Brian OB and Annie Funke went to the dinner. Aww.

Twitter said...

Just met and took a picture with jake gyllenhaal... May or may not be in love
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10:12 PM - 19 Nov 12 · Details

UltraViolet said...

From the Getty images, it looks as if Jake did MC or auction duties.

I'm trying to overlook the presence of Joe "The Red Sox are one strike away from the World Series" Yankee-ass-kissing Buck.

You can see some atmosphere shots at Getty, too.

bobbyanna said...

Aww! Nice that his castmates are with him. Hope they have a successful night.

Is it my imagination or does Jake's hair & beard seem longer, scruffier?

Mary said...

Not your imagination Bobbyanna I noticed it too.

UltraViolet said...

Duh, I think i was being dense. I guess that was just Jake accepting his award :)

Added a few more photos Stephanie has them up at IHJ.

Anonymous said...

Wow it's weird see all this appreciation come from conceited pompous IndiEW

Lucky b**** ;) said...

Scarlett Benchley ‏@ScarlettOdell
"Don't try to hard"

Monica said...

I noticed bobbyana, and in some pictures his hair is horrible, but I still like this look.

Anonymous said...

From tumblr:
My mom had surgery today, so I texted her to ask how she's doing

She’s fine,for those who are wondering. Then I asked her what movies she wanted me to bring back. She said “Prince of Persia. Shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal will help me feel better.”

My momma, ladies and gentlemen.

Hagen said...

Jake looks good on the new pics and it's nice to see that he smiles a lot, but his make-up assistant should either use lighter make-up that matches the color of his pale body (his hands and his ears in particular) or Jake should get a full body spray tan like Mark Wahlberg. ;)

Chica said...

Yay!! Thanks for posting these pictures so fast UV!! He does look extra shaggy but it works here, he definately is rocking the Rasputin look!

Hope they raised a lot of money for such a wonderful cause.

I don't want to get too excited about any potential Oscar consideration but it's good to hear that his name is being mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Peter and Maggie wasn'there, too bad:(

Jake looks so happy :)

I love Anna Kendeick ! said...

'Jake Gyllenhaal goes out of his way to make people feel comfortable,' says co-star Anna Kendrick

Jake Gyllenhaal may be an Oscar nominee and one of the hottest men in Hollywood, but despite his status, he is actually rather lovely. When we caught up with Jake's current co-star, Anna Kendrick, she told Marie Claire online that he’s ‘incredibly sensitive’ and makes everyone ‘feel comfortable.’

We spoke to Twilight alumni, Anna as she promoted her latest film End of Watch where she plays the girlfriend of Jake’s character. The film is a gritty insight into life as an LA policeman where arresting one man leads to dangerous repercussions.

Speaking about working closely with Jake, Anna told us: ‘He is amazing, he is incredibly sensitive to people around him and really puts other people’s performances ahead of his own.

‘He really goes out of his way to make people open up and feel comfortable.

With a highly charged storyline and five different cameras, shooting the film wasn’t always easy, but again, Anna could only praise Jake’s professionalism.

She added: ‘We were filming on five different cameras and you’d be in character for 12 hours a day. We all got really close really quickly which was lovely and Jake was always running around set making sure that everyone was ok. That was really impressive!’

It certainly is!

AAA said...

Thanks for the new photos. Jake does indeed look good and happy – and obviously his hair/beard is getting longer every day when he doesn’t cut it! But for some reason I don’t mind it at all ☺

I do agree with whoever mentioned the makeup. Way too orange – actually, I don’t even understand the need to wear foundation if an event isn’t televised. Maybe it’s a movie star thing!

I’ve been wondering before; how does IHJ always manage to get the new photosets? Do they buy them – or are they an official fansite to some degree?

bobbyanna said...

Just realized you can vote more than once for the People's Choice awards and voting is still going on.

(I sincerely hope the police department Jake's character works for in Prisoners has a rule about no beard!)

Anonymous said...

MilesMarlowes ‏@MilesMarlowes
Great Q and A's in Bafta in next few weeks: Ang Lee, Anthony Hopkins, Sam Rockwell, Jake Gyllenhaal, Hayley Atwell.

UltraViolet said...

Oh, a BAFTA Q&A. Interesting. The BAFTAs were good to Jake :)

Forgot to say earlier that IndieWire had been very snarky about EoW, but it is nice that Anne T, at least, is a supporter.

I wonder if the New Eyes dinner would have been starrier on the original date. I saw a Mario Batali tweet that he'd be there last night, after another fundraiser he was doing for an employee who lost his home in Hurricane Sandy.

I love how complimentary Anna K is of Jake.

AAA, IHJ is not in any way an official Jake site. I don't know how they get their photos. I'm just glad they do.

And yes, vote early and often for Jake. Though it's sort of pointless. Zac Efron is going to win.

I added another EoW video at the bottom, btw.

UltraViolet said...

From People:

"Jake, who brought his mom as his date, talked at length to the small room – and he didn't even have to give a speech! – he shared some personal stories from childhood," an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Gyllenhaal explained to guests that he got involved with the organization as a child because his grandpa, a doctor, made him donate his eyeglasses every time his prescription changed.

He added that while "all his friends were trying to save the seals, he maintained 'If you can't see the seals, how can you help them?' " the source adds.

Sporting a beard, Gyllenhaal and his mom sat next to How to Make It in America actress Lake Bell and her fiancé Scott Campbell.

LOL at the seals. Also, I included that last bit because a) I had no idea who Lark Bell was when I saw the photos and b) Scott Campbell is, I think, the tattoo artist who was a friend of Heath's/did some of his tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Hi UV How we know Zac Efron is going to win?

Is there some polls?

Anonymous said...

Dana DiMaggio ‏@DayDiMaggio
Walked by (a seriously bearded) Jake Gyllenhaal! I shall now, creepily, dream about & cherish this life-altering moment...forever. #NYC

2 m ago

Anonymous said...

Mandy ‏@_manda_mae
Only regret of our trip was not taking a picture w Jake Gyllenhaal today in Soho😩

Anonymous said...

Jason Roush ‏@popsublime
Tonight I saw a big-bearded Jake Gyllenhaal in the Broadway show "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet," my second time seeing him on stage.

Jason Roush ‏@popsublime
I also got hit on my leg (and quite wet) with a flying glass of water from an overturned table onstage. The dangers of front-row seating!

Shondra said...

Wow, he really looks wild and wooly doesn't he! He looks so happy and what an honor. I loved the story he told about how he became involved with this charity.

The responses and reviews to Jake's performance in EOW are fantastick I just wished that it hung around theaters a little longer, it seems that after about 4 weeks it was pretty much gone (where i am anyway).

It't great hearing about his performance as Terry in If there is I haven't Found It Yet and it looks like he has settled in NY and seems happy :)

Wishing everyone here a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Hagen said...

From Universal Studios Home Entertainment: End of Watch coming to Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand on January 22, 2013.

Hagen said...

I forgot to add that the DVD/Blu-ray will contain deleted scenes:

Bonus Features on both the Blu-ray and DVD:

Fate with a Badge
In the Streets
Women on Watch
Watch Your Six
Deleted Scenes
Feature Commentary with Writer and Director David Ayer

UltraViolet said...

Hi Shondra! Good to see you. Happy Thanks giving to you, too.

Thanks, Hagen. Glad Ayer will be doing commentary, but I was hoping Jake and maybe Jake/Michael would do some.

I hope there are a LOt of deleted scenes. We know they have them.

Anon from yesterday: Based on tweets, Zac Efron has about 100 votes for every 10 or 20 that Jake or someone else gets. Could be wrong, of course. But I'm not holding my breath for Jake to take it.

Anonymous said...

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the most underrated actor in Hollywood?

In this month's blistering crime thriller End Of Watch, Jake Gyllenhaal takes on one of the biggest challenges of his career as a macho beat cop working LA's toughest 'hood. It's a ferocious juggernaut of a film, anchored by a sympathetic turn by Gyllenhaal, who once again proves his worth as the most reliable, likeable star of his generation.

He's about as far away from Ayer's depiction of the earthy, proud, working class LAPD as you can possibly get. And yet Gyllenhaal is completely believable as a police officer at the centre of on impossibly perilous situation. The man has skills

It's no surprise. Since scoring his big break opposite Billy Crystal in 1991 cowboy comedy City Slickers, he's headlined big scale blockbusters (Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time), slick dramas (Jarhead), indie curios (The Good Girl) and perhaps the definitive cult movie of its generation (Donnie Darko.)
What a shame, then, that he never really gets the credit he so obviously deserves. Sure, he's got the biggest, brightest doe eyes in the business, but he's more than just a pretty face, and it's time to pay Gyllenhaal his dues.

This is an assured, thoughtful and generous performer who's not afraid of pushing himself as an actor and tackling uncompromising subject matter.

Scott said...

I hate to say this because it pains me, Sneaky patheic snarky bitch Swifty has a better chance of scoring an Oscar and a win this year for her song in that Children of the Corn ripoff movie.

Scott said...

And please don't get too angry with me for using the B word, but I look it up:

"A woman considered to be spiteful or overbearing"

UltraViolet said...

The definition doesn't matter. There's no reason to use the word. Or to continue talking about Taylor Swift.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to say that's a nice article about Jake. It's gratifying to see his acting getting more respect.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who this Harrell guy is who keeps tweeting about The Land of No Return with Jake Gyllenhaal that begins filming in january?

gyllencrazy said...

Hey UV, you've got your trademark (see the link of the Universal Studios that Hagen posted) ;-)

LOL :) ! said...

Laurie Brookins ‏@StyleWriterNYC
Will be thankful for important stuff tomorrow, today I'm thankful for Jake Gyllenhaal in @Ferragamo last night in NY

Anonymous said...

Vyna St Phard ‏@highendweekly

How cool it was 2 see Jake Gyllenhaal and his pals @PJClarkes while I was having a spot of lunch with Arlene. Was that a red beard, Jake?

Anonymous said...

3:05 PM

I think It's a bulls**t, since Prisoner start shooting in January.

Anonymous said...

Yes looks orange to me!

Anonymous said...

4:46 PM
Sorry wrong message,

was personal sorry again:)

Anonymous said...

4:46 PM
Sorry wrong message,

was personal sorry again:)

WOW!!! :) said...

samuella ‏@samuella
"If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" with ensemble cast inc #JakeGyllenhaal got well-earned standing ovation at today's matinee. #Broadway

Anonymous said...

Helen Duffy ‏@hellbell_22
Just seen Jake Gyllenhaal in Madison square park!! #celebspotting

UltraViolet said...

Gyllencrazy, I love it! I laughed out loud on the train when I clicked the link again.

I think all the Rod Herrell talk is wishful bullshit.

Some more play tweets and posts:

Just saw if there is I haven't found it yet off broadway with Jake Gyllenhaal, damn he's fine

If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet was just GREAT. Jake was phenomenal, great script, really really awesome design. Ugh. Y E S

If you have a chance you should see #ifthereisihaventfoundityet here in NY! @gyllenhaaljake/@gyllenhaaljakey + cast were amazing! Loved it!

Last night saw the new play "If There Is I Haven't Found It Yet" with with Jake Gyllenhaal. He was excellent. The acting was very good. The set was amazing. But the sounds was weak and the play was tedious.

Anonymous said...

phaedra sarikakis ‏@phaedracrasher
He just told me he has to run to his family for Thanksgiving #marryme #jakegyllenhaal #ifthereisihaventfoundityet

Anonymous said...

Acecalibur ‏@Acecalibur7
Got to meet Jake Gyllenhaal #yesss @ Times Square@49th St

Monica said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving beautiful peaple!:)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes :)

New Thanksgiving post with all the fixings!