Tuesday, December 4, 2012

West End Boy

While in London to promote End of Watch, Jake Gyllenhaal also sat down to discuss his American and British stage debuts.

Treading the boards of a New York stage may be new to Jake Gyllnehaal, but that doesn't mean he isn't comfortable up there. In 2002, he starred on London's West End in a revival of Kenneth Lonergan's, 'This is Our Youth'. For his troubles he picked up an award for Best Newcomer. "That was an American play over in England, and this is an English play over in America, so now I've mirrored it in one way or another", Gyllenhaal said. The 31-year Oscar-nominee's current onstage role is in 'If There Is, I Haven't Found It Yet'. In the play, he adopts a very convincing English accent to play a slacker with a puppy dog's heart who shows up on his brother's doorstep.

That's Jake with T4 presenter Jameela Jamil. The T4 interview hasn't shown up on video yet, but you can hear Jake interviewed on Xfm. Skip to about 2:40.

Jake was also interviewed by British GQ. The interview cleverly uses Jake's stock EoW soundbites in his first question. And asks a couple of new ones:

You've talked previously about the gallows humour of the cops you rode with. What was the worst thing they made a joke about?
Michael [Peña] and I were on patrol with two sheriffs and they got a call to go down this alleyway. They whispered to us that they could hear something moving and drew their guns. Instinctively Michael and I began to fall back - if there's potential for anyone to pull a gun, the situation isn't a whole lot of fun, especially when you don't have one yourself. All of a sudden we heard gunshots go off. We soon realised they had set fireworks off. They had totally messed with us - faked the call, rigged the alleyway - and we were freaking out that we were in some firefight! I guess it meant we weren't so shocked in the future, but it was still a little embarrassing.

Kudos to Nick Carvell for finding a new angle!

More from the AP with Jake:


UltraViolet said...

Props to Jake for avoiding the indie music trap question on XFM.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at Jake's movie partners. This was written on the EoW Facebook page:

"Their comraderie is the most beautiful portrayal of friendship..." Check out what else Variety's Carey Mulligan has to say about End of Watch: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118062460/


Sadly, EoW had about a 60% drop this weekend in the UK. I think the promo blitz came a bit too late, unfortunately.

Hagen said...

UV, EoW grossed £618,546 in the UK in its first weekend and £306,005 in its second weekend. That's a drop by 50.5 percent.

Anonymous said...

It's not that bad for only 270 theaters.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dennise Edgerton ‏@Nenanenu
Just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal at union square! Rocking that beard! Lol #jakegyllenhaal #celebrityspotting pic.twitter.com/ewoK85k4

I think the other guy is K'naan, not sure.

AAA said...

Props to Jake for avoiding the indie music trap question on XFM.

LOL. That is Exactly what I thought when I heard that interview. I was mighty impressed ☺

There’s a sighting from Toronto:
Keith Lam (光太郎) ‏@baritonekeith
Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal walking streets of Toronto, unfortunately smoking. Much shorter than I expect. #celebritysighting

I’m guessing it’s a mistaken identity (which might also explain why he seemed so short!) as it was posted only a couple of hours after the NYC tweet – where he most definitely was in Union Square if the sign behind him is anything to go on… He didn’t exactly look like someone heading directly to the airport, but I guess you just never know!

Anonymous said...

Toronto is a very short plane ride from NYC.

AAA said...

Toronto is a very short plane ride from NYC.

Yes but still: from standing in Union Square to walking around Toronto in 2-3 hours, it seems tight considering he also had to get to/from the airports and go through immigration etc. Maybe it is physically doable; I'm not sure. Guess we'll have to wait for more tweets!

Anonymous said...

Ranim Hadid ‏@RanimHadid

Jake Gyllenhaal is in my 10.30 Soul Cycle class! 😍

Anonymous said...

Dana Ulrich ‏@danaleeeeeeee

@jennashwaiko YES. Jake Gyllenhaal sat in on my other class today. I say you do it.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Tobon ‏@Michiibon

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the correction, Hagen. I think I was mixing pounds and dollars. It's still not a great showing, unfortunately.

That Spanish article was interesting. I'm curious to see how EoW does there. It's not doing much business in France

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UltraViolet said...

From FB:

At I Sodi on Chrstopher St-PM Gordon Brown and Jake Gyllenhall are here! Major celeb sightings!

That Union Square pic is hilarious. They look like they are posing on a pedestal.

Monica said...

That interview for Tapley was so good.
I loved knowing what he learned from all those directors, especially David Fincher.

yesterday I watched Amour by Michael Hanneke, probably the best and hardest movie I saw this year. deserves all the praise it is receiving.

UltraViolet said...

I still want to do a real post on the Tapley interviews. I loved both stories.

Haven't seen Amour, but I hear it is wrenching.

I think Bobbyanna said in the last post that she was going to see Beasts of the Southern Wild. That's not playing around here anywhere, sadly.

There's a photo of michael Shannon on the AITAF Facebook page where you can see Jake in the background.

UltraViolet said...

So Jake and Gordon Brown were not together, in case you were wondering:

A day full of celebrity encounters. Lily Cole, a super model I have hots for at Parson's fashion exhibition, Jake Gyllenhaal eating at the next table at I Sodi Restaurant, and Gordon Braun, a former prime minister of Britain sitting at the next table in the same restaurant with a few bodyguard discreetly hiding in a corner. Simply New York.

Anonymous said...

Dipal Shah ‏@mamadeeps

Tonight I came within 5 feet of Jake Gyllenhaal and then the couple next to me basically broke up over dinner. Oh, NY, you crazy broad.

Chica said...

That is a clever way to start the interview! I'm anxious to see how EOW fares when it released again on Friday, it can help the awards push I hope.

I was always surprised that Jake took so long to do theater again since he was so sucessful on the West end. With the praise he is getting now, hopefully he won't wait another ten years.

I've eaten at I Sodi, some of the best Italian food in the city!

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the link to the AITAF event, UV. Love Michael Shannon. Beasts of the Southern Wild is being offered OnDemand, so I'll rent it, bcz it's long gone.

Glad EoW is coming back. Seems like there's a huge gap between all the hype for some movies & performances, versus what people say who actually see those movies.

More nominations will be announced next week so I have my fingers crossed. With Les Misrables, Zero Dark 30, The Hobbit, and Django Unchained still not out, it will be interesting to watch things shift around. I've read some great things about Hugh Jackman. I'd bet he & DDL are a lock for nominations.

chica, that restaurant looks really small! : )

Monica said...

Bobbyana, Django was seen. Initial reactions are positive, praise to Waltz (he steals the film), Samuel L. Jackson and DiCaprio. But there's an embargo until December 17.
Hobitt is good, but not good as Lord of the Rings. I think it just goes to the technical categories.
Les Miserables was not well received by critics in Los Angeles. But Anne is a unanimity.
Zero Dark Thirty is on track to become the favorite movie and actress. I think it will be the year of Jessica Chastain.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, monica, I figured there was a press embargo on those movies, even tho they have been screened. The only actor I can remotely see getting nominated for The Hobbit. would be Andy Serkis.

I think with Les Miserables,a Best Pic nom is expected, as with most of these others. I just have a feeling there'll be more acting nominations for it besides Anne's. I keep expecting Silver Linings, Cloud Atlas, & Flight to fade.

Not saying the actors haven't done a good job, just that it's not on the level of many of these other performances, especially when the movie itself isn't that special or well done.

It will be a very interesting awards season, that's for sure. Next week the GG & SAG nomination.

Monica said...

Cloud Atlas was considered the worst of the year by Time.
It should only go to the technical categories.
Silver Linings will happen, is a Weinstein movie, was highly praised and this is in the spirit and other awards.

Today will be announced the National Board of Review.

Sag Actor said...

Thanks as always UV for all the updates. I hope that EOW doesn't get lost in the awards shuffle.

I would love for Andy to get a nomination for the Hobbit, but he didn't get one for The Two Towers for playing Gollum so I don't think he will this time.

Agreed, DDL is a lock for BA and will be hard to beat.

Looking forward to the NBR nominations today.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's EOW's year except for Michael.

bobbyanna... : ( said...

National Board od Review named ZDT & Katherine Bigelow as Best picture/Best director.

Apparently they think Bradley Cooper is Best Actor over DDL....!

End of Watch was named as one of the top Independent films.

UltraViolet said...

Updated with a new segment from the AP with Jake on EoW.

I will always have love for the National Board of Review, since they were one of the few to give Jake the nod for BBM. But I can't believe they picked Bradley Cooper. I've seen both performances, and there is no way that makes sense.

I Sodi is a tiny restaurant!

Scott said...

"Apparently they think Bradley Cooper is Best Actor over DDL....!"

Well good for Bradley but it just shows best actor is subjective. But how anyone could select Brad over DDL when his Lincoln is so epic and the guy is English. I like Bradly but SL is not an acting stretch for him, it's a slick romantic comedy with a great director attached.

Anonymous said...

Ariana Glenn Coco ✝ ‏@glen_cocoo

Imagine walking around the city and just bumping into Jake Gyllenhaal #sohot

Anonymous said...

Jennee Klypka ‏@JenneeKlypka

My dad just met Jake Gyllenhaal !!!! Never been so jealous 😡😡😱

Anonymous said...

Deron Williams ‏@DeronWilliams
ICAP Charity Day trading for charity w/ Coach K, Bridget Moynahan and Jake Gyllenhaal #pointofhope http://instagr.am/p/S31GWHojhH/

Scott said...

Maybe it's Jake's massive hair but he is not much shorter than the basketball player Deron Williams who is 6'3. So how anyone can call Jake short but live with basketball players. 6'0 is never short.

Anonymous said...


“Mahsa’s family is Chris­tian, and they fled from Iran during the 1979 Islamic revolution when the Shah was overthrown,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“Her grandfather was the Shah’s right-hand man, and he was executed during the revolt.

“It was a devastating time for Mahsa’s mother and fa­ther. They immediately fled to the United States fearing they would be next.”

Mahsa was born seven years later, in 1986, in Penn­sylvania. She graduated from Brown University last year and is now enrolled in an MBA program at a college in New York City.

According to the source, Jake approached Mahsa on the train two months ago. At first, she had no idea he was a movie star, and they struck up a conversation.

“He asked for her number and gave her a call just a few days later to ask how she did on an exam she’d told him about,” said the source.

The pair then went on a few casual dates, and they’re hitting it off so well that Jake asked Mahsa to spend Thanksgiving with him and his mom in New York.

“She’s really excited about that,” the source added. “He also took her to dinner recently with Jerry Seinfeld and his wife.

“Mahsa thinks Jake is intelli­gent, well-rounded and a perfect gentleman – and she’s completely smitten with him.”


Scott said...

Oh 12:18 Am, you remind me of a Justin Bieber or One Direction fan. Good for Jake and bad for you it appears.

I hear therapy helps.

Hagen said...

Daily Finance: "Regal Entertainment Group, operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, announces a buy one, get one free ticket offer for one week to see the film "End of Watch." This discount is available to Regal Crown Club members starting Friday, December 7 at hundreds of participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatres. Moviegoers can sign-up for free club membership at theatres."

EoW will be shown in 1,249 theaters, (before "The Hobbit" will absorb a huge number of screens on December, 14.)

Anonymous said...

J. M. ‏@TheLuckyBeans

Today I almost touched Jake Gyllenhaal.. So close.. 💋

Anonymous said...

Michelle Martinez ‏@MMichelleMM

Still don't get why I wasn't invited... #thanksdad #JakeGyllenhaal #jerry we're in a fight http://instagr.am/p/S4rrGHJnjB/

Anonymous said...



The woman were they talk abt is 26 years old and lives in Brooklyn NYC and before that in NYC,
And she is from Ambler, PA. So here is your secret woman that you people want to be his GIRLFRIEND. Its SO not TRUE!.this info in false. first cause she is older then she looks and second she is married. check your info next time before you spread rumors that isn't true!!

A hol new Taylor swift again...I think he learnt from the fact that

arranged marriage thats what it could. and she married in June 2008.
First of, Yesterday Jake Told it him self that he is Single now! (You dont say that if you been spotted walking hand in hand whit a woman and that they took pic of it too)

she is indeed married, (see photo, is clearly a ring to see) eranged marriege is what it could. So they are not DATING they are just friends. and they dind spent Thanksgiving together, only Jake and his fam.
Jake has said that he would rather date a woman of his own age. He wants to settle down and is still ..........

Anonymous said...

"she is indeed married, (see photo, is clearly a ring to see) eranged marriege is what it could. So they are not DATING they are just friends. and they dind spent Thanksgiving together, only Jake and his fam".

Geez why some people is so desperate? Is getting creepy, I bet he/she is alaways the same person. Hallo Get a life!

Extra said...

Yes, it's the return of the creepy poster with their bad English. Too early in the morning for their lunancy, LOL!!!

The Regal Entertainment deal is great push for EOW, I just hope that it helps EOW chances for any awards consideration.

I remember being excited about Jake's NBR win too UV in 2006!

Their choice of Cooper over DDL is a head scratcher!

Anna From Toronto said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is single again. The LA actor who was spotted in NYC last October with a brunette, has indicated that he is single again and is looking for the true woman to settel down with.

a close sourse Told us..

They where on a vieuw coffee dates together,But Jake Said to a friend of his, that he whant's to settel down and cant find that in her.
still indicate that he is looking for something in a woman and he can't find it in her.

about a vieuw days Jake is turning 32 and say's its time to start a family of my own.

Jake wants to focus more on his private life and of course to have a nice wife and a few children of his own.

We check our sources first before we publish something.

RTL Boulevard

Anna From Toronto said...

I hope I translate it well, Its from a Dutch Reporter how lives in NYC
His name is Albert Verlinden, He does intervieuws for the tv and also does intervieuws for when a movie comes out. he intervieuwd Jake for the EOW a vieuw weeks ago..also he intervieuwd jake on BBM and LAOD.
Also This men is a Movie/theater Producer.

Monica said...

NBR hasn't given best actor for Daniel Day Lewis for There Will Be Blood, nor for Heath for Joker. They gave several to Clooney.
They love, love Clooney.

Happy for the award independent film for End of Watch.

Anna From Toronto said...

He works for a tv program what you can compare with as E news.

"but they go first to their sources and that by their call or email, then let them see or hear that during broadcast.

This Guy saw Jake's Play in NYC.

Thats it, I cant find more about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, sorry but I just don't think Jake is going o talk about his private life with Albert Verlinden or anybody else, but you can give me a link so I can Check by myself. Thanks.

Anna From Toronto said...

@ Anonymous December 6, 2012 9:45 AM


No Not jake said it. A Source (friend) Of Jake Talked to Albert VerLinden. Ore Albert To this Source/Friend

I will post the link here, if I'm at the Office.
because my internet on my phone doesnt work that well.

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, aurait déjà en public qu'il est unique. L'aventure de courte durée dont il avait pris en octobre est la fin de novembre.

Tout d'abord, nous vérifions nos sources Qu'aaangezien Jake Gyllenhaal est une personne qui aime à garder sa vie privée à l'extérieur de la scène, trouver la tente qui prêche le 26 ans vieille brune se moquaient donc ouvrir et exposer au sujet de leur rencontre. Jake, qui a souvent dans la journée noire léger, surtout après l'incident avec Taylor Swift, Jake ne montrerait pas que tout ouvrir et exposer en ressorte.
Étant donné que maintenant tout le monde sait qui elle est, et même ses origines vient de sortir, tandis que Jake lui-même quelques dethails ne savais même pas. Il trouve donc triste, que ses choses de sources à l'extérieur sans Jake connaissent et lui faire savoir qu'il n'est pas bienvenu ici.

Jake a donc déjà clair à la télévision a dit qu'il est célibataire. et tout cela vient, ou ne comprennent pas où je suis maintenant, et tout le battage au sujet de ce baccalauréat "dit Jake n'est tout simplement pas nécessaire.

UltraViolet said...


Anonymous said...

His mom.

Naomi Foner, ich gebe meinen Kindern viel, aber ich nicht zulassen, dass dahin Jake (Gyllenhaal) ein Mädchen, dessen Großvater ein Diktator ist, und vielleicht noch schlimmer.
Da die Tatsache, dass er schwere Sachen will, wo getan hat wir als Familie (Jake auch) sehr viel gegen seinen. Ich bin nicht, dass dies in meiner Familie. Schütze ich meine Kinder wo ich kann, sogar jetzt, wo sie angepflanzt werden.

Anonymous said...

Coul youS top with this fake/ made up articles? Post the link.

Anonymous said...

*could you*

Anonymous said...

Español Tweet

Guy coño, las cosas que más he leído sobre que ahora salen con jake Gyllenhaal. más yo sobre mi cuello go... Vertederos Taylor Swift pero va con la hija pequeña de un gran dictador que inquieta, ahora temo Jake después de la ruptura con Reese sí también un poco se pierde. un dictador en la fam es muy agradable y bien, pero para malmeter sobre una época de un gran artista donde pueden hacer real buen disco ahora en encuentran que aún tiene, muchas veces peor...
El salir con una chica cuyo abuelo masa ha asesinado idiota personas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG 10:55 You have a serious problem of distorting reality.

take your meds or give us a break!

bobbyanna said...

So we have more fake posts about fake "news" from the very obvious, very predictable troll who is probably posting from somewhere in Europe. Thanks. I needed a good laugh.

bobbyanna said...

Those are some mighty long tweets, she "found" too. : )

Anna From Toronto said...

Can someone maybe translate all of that? Perhaps a weird question?
But think it is pretty strange.

Now suddenly there comes all (weird) information about her to the outside/in public, Now everyone knows her total background, n (however brought this to the outside)Shame of you! ( if it all true)
This website are well not really reliable, and are therefore not well regarded as a good source.

Now suddenly someone reveals that her grandfather the great/right hand of a mass moordernaar, and itself is a great dictator and he himself has also murdered people. for which he is executed.

Sorry but the more I read about this woman and I am already years fan of Jake, then I can't believe Jake would go with a woman with such a background, since he supports many goals, and Speak to soldiers how fight for his Land and freedom.

I think (perhaps more on this site) I believe everything I hear when the words roll of his (Jake's) mouth when Jake,Say " I am no longer single and Yes I date this woman. (because then you don't need more sources to believe evryting you read on the website, if you hear it from his own mouth)

Anonymous said...

LOL She/he find the longer tweet in twitter history!

bobbyanna said...

Whoa, now she's posting as "Anna from Toronto" again. So Multiple Personality Disorder? Posting in three other languages but still the same old troll.

I find that National Enquirer article so offensive and so intrusive on so many levels, I just hate seeing it reposted. The fact that it brings out the crazy troll is the least of it.

Anna From Toronto said...


So finally arrived at the Office, here the link I have promises to you guy's.


and this is the info about Albert verlinde




Anna From Toronto said...


Yes Im from Toronto, But Live in NYC.
Why is that A Problem?

and the Message that I write is sign whit Anna from Toronto. (cause thats me)

and the messages that I post is from PPL that wrote them on site as Hollywood.com.

Like you al post tweets etc here...why can I?

Anonymous said...

Ewing ‏@Ewingweb

If Jake Gyllenhaal were Elliot Gould, he'd be sitting at the table across from me

Scott said...

Wow this is becoming really hard to read, trying to bypass the obvious BS comments.

UltraViolet said...

New post :)