Thursday, April 26, 2012

Left bank

Apparently, there's a reason some of you may prefer Jake Gyllenhaal's left profile. According to researchers:

A new study by professors Kelsey Blackburn and James Schirillo from Wake Forest University in North Carolina shows that images of the left side of the face are perceived and rated as more pleasant than pictures of the right side. It is apparently because the left side presents more intense emotions than the right and is more active during emotional expression.

Herewith, Jake's left or leftish profile through the years.

Seems likeMario Testino is a left-sider.

“So if you’re smiling you’re going to get a bigger smile on the left side of your face than on the right side,” explained Schirillo.

As a diehard lefty, I approve.

All photos courtesy of IHJ. Click for move left Jake>)


UltraViolet said...

Repeating from the end of the last post:

There's some speculation that Jake and Beyonce were dining because of her/Clint Eastwood's remake of A Star Is Born. I can't quite see that, but who knows.

Someone took a bad photo of Jake at ABC Kitchen today. LOL at the flash going off.

Also, someone else just tweeted that Jake is at the nearly empty movie theater s/he is at. No mention of the film yet.

UltraViolet said...

Jake needs to do more photo shoots. Sexy ones.

UltraViolet said...

More from twitter:


did you attack him?! I would've attacked him.

dude I literally froze lol, I called @MissNachocheese and she ran out to see Bahahahah! He's a beauty and all scruffed up

This was at Lincoln Center. I've been to that movie theater! I saw Shame there :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a Beautiful man:)

ASIB?! well .... we will see I guess:)BTW Clint Eastwood is Clint Eastwood ! I love him:)

thanks for your work, You are the best :)

Mary said...

Thanks UV gorgeous pics.

Chica said...

I heard about this report UV and they are coorrect,. expecially when it comes to Jake!

The pics are stunning!

LOL@ that fan pic, it looks a lot like pics I take with my phone when i'm in a rush.

I've been to that theater too UV, saw Zodiac and Rendition there.

The male lead in A Star is Born is suppose to be older than the female lead so I can't see Jake in this unless Eastwood is tweeking the script.

I should have printed out the free pass to see EOW when I found out UV because when I went to their FB page, they said that there were no more tickets available:(

I need to investigate to see if they are giving out free passes elsewhere.

Rachel said...

Chica - This place looks like they're giving passes away as well.

Rachel said...

I guess the super advanced screenings are already happening.

Just watched the advance NYC screening of the #EndofWatch Movie. Amazing police drama with Jake Gyllenhaal.

from twitter said...

Jake Gyllenhaal is at the bar at @GastroArte on the UWS. Sporting a rather large beard.

Anonymous said...

‏ @thecpwmuse i Following
@Cinemit Just watched the advance NYC screening of the #EndofWatch Movie. Amazing police drama with Jake Gyllenhaal

more from twitter said...

The girl that was in the theatre with Jake from UV's first post -

was a special screening of a movie coming out in Sept. He talked for like 5 min to intro movie

Chica said...

Thanks Rachel!I signed up and hopefully I will get tickets.

That is so cool that Jake was there at the Lincoln theater to introduce EOW!!

UltraViolet said...

Damn, I was hoping he'd do that at next week's screening!

Thanks for the info, everyone.

And KIKY, thanks for the nice words. And you're welcome :)

Hope we get some more tweets about the film.

twitter said...

Pic of Jake from the screening tonight

End of Watch

Mary said...

May be he will UV. He will probably do more than one screening.

UltraViolet said...

I hope so, Mary. Here are the tweets of the first person who posted about seeing Jake there. (I hope some more people showed up!)

Ummm we are only ppl sitting in this movie theater right now. Bad sign??

Oh hello jake gyllenhaal in the theater with me!

was a special screening of a movie coming out in Sept. He talked for like 5 min to intro movie

I'm not really sure what he said though. I was just staring at him lol

in audience and on screen :)

yes he was in it. Really good! Intense...I was balling

Viv said...

EOW screenings are very lowkey.
Hope more people can go to see the screenings and we can get more informatiom. :)

Anonymous said...

Rach ‏ @thecpwmuse
Just watched screening 4 End of Watch, new gripping police drama in LA. So good!!! Out in Sept!! #endofwatch

Confused said...

Sorry, I don't get it! Why all the sites and movie's blogs say "Super ADVANCED Screening - NYC - End of Watch: May 2 nd 2012 instead April 26 th 2012?

UltraViolet said...

There is another screening next week, anon.

I hope we hear more, too, Viv. Saw this on FB:

Just met David Ayer and Jake Gyllenhaal in a screening for their new film :D

I sooooi hate u right now u didnt meet jake gyllenhaal :p lol jk
2 hours ago via mobile

omg omg omg omg i hate you!!!!!! JAKE GYLLENHAAL CAN GET IT TWICE OVER SIDEWAYS!!!!!

bobbyanna said...

Wow, I 'm glad to know Jake was at the EoW screening. I agree with mary, UV, he'll probably do more than one! I wish I was there. : (

A Star is Born, or
Sex & the City 3 ??? Or maybe he just had dinner with friends...
I'm hoping it's just dinner with friends...: )

Sort of OT: The playwright who did "Proof" just opened a new play on Broadway with Matthew Broderick.

Anonymous said...

It was a PFR at Seinfeld's. What do all those folks have in common besides entertainment? The election is near.

bobyanna said...

Forgot to say how much I love the photos. Especially the first two...

Another lefty here. : )_

Anonymous said...

What's a PFR?

Yes we will again said...

Anon I hope all of them are for President Obama

Go President Obama! Im with YOU!

Obama 2012 said...

Hey anon Looks like Jake's buddy Adam Levine wanted to be at that politica-party too:)

Adam Levine ‏ @adamlevine

Dear America, if you don't re-elect @BarackObama, I'm gonna lose my shit.
5 h ago

Anonymous said...

Reenah ‏ @Reenah812 NY
Just stalked Jake Gyllenhaal for 5 blocks! #Creeper
31 min ago

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I always loved that 2nd photo of Jake posted, it's one of my favorites.

Thanks forposting these incredile and sexy photos of Jake UV!

Good luck with the tickets Chica, I hope that there are screenings being planned in my neck of the woods.

Think that's great that Jake and David are attending these screenings, hopefully they asre getting some positive feedback.

bobbyanna said...

I love Adam Levine...and I agree with him! LOL!

Anonymous said...

His left OR right side look wonderful so long as I can see that gorgeous face (sans beard)

I wonder if they are giving out opinion cards at these advanced screenings to gage audience reactions. I hear that is what they do at these things, they want feedback


Sag Actor said...

I would love to see a screening of EOW, I hope they are having screenings where I live.

They seem to be low key, with Jake and David attending so far w/o any studio suits.

Hope to get some positive buzz going for this film.

Anonymous said...

Becca ‏ @RMarshak
I can die happy I just saw #JakeGyllenhaal #swoon ��������

Anonymous said...

Thanks! That's a great photo, Jake's smiling!

Anonymous said...

At the Movie Screening said...
Liz Bannan ‏ @LizBannan

Jake Gyllenhaal couldn't look less thrilled to be here.
4:19 PM - 26 Apr

Daniela said...

This is one of the most beautiful posts you did UV ,Congratulations!

Someone says that this creature is the same as that in IHJ, with jacket, green pants, hat and beard?
My hope is that for this new film, he comes back to have that face, that gorgeous face!!

Tweety said...

What a group of stunning photos of Jake, thanks so much UV!!

Good luck to everyone here trying to score some free passes to EOW!

Lucky girl if she did go out with him:

Diana Best ‏ @dianawitter Close
My friend just told me she was asked out by Jake Gyllenhaal the other week. How do these things happen?
from New York, NY
12:36 PM - 27 Apr 12 via web

I'm a bitch I know but said...

My friend just told me she was asked out by Jake Gyllenhaal the other week

What an envy!;)

Anonymous said...

End of Watch
Synopsis: Two LAPD officers confront marriage, love and fatherhood amid the harsh realities on the streets of Los Angeles.

Release Date: Opens in Theaters Friday, September 28, 2012

Rating: NR: Not Rated

Screening Info:
May 1, 2012 at 7:00PM
Los Angeles, CA

Hollywood Helper
‏ @HollywoodHelper
Print out FREE tickets to End of Watch 5/1 in Los Angeles! Stars Jake Gyllenhaal, America Ferrera & Anna Kendrick.

- 27 Apr 12 via web

Anonymous said...

Julie Chen

‏ @MsJulieChen nyc
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at the Wythe Hotel. My rent is going up.
4 min ago

Monica said...

Wow These people are lucky to have jake talking about End of Watch in a screening. I hope the film was well received.

Paula C. said...

UV, thank so much for brighten my day with this post!

Seems like everyone that went to the early screening of EOW really liked the movie, I just wish someone filmed what Jake said in the theater and put it online, it's not much to ask, is it?

Monica,you are back! I missed you.

Daniela said...

Monica?! Are yourself? You came back?
I also felt really miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I also wish someone had taped what Jake said, maybe someone did and it will show up online? (keeping fingers crossed)

Hey Monica WB


bobbyanna said...

I sure hope some Gb'ers will have good luck getting tickets for the EoW previews.

That Wythe Hotel in BK, Jake was spotted at yesterday is... interesting. : )

They're having promotional VIP type parties and art exhibits before the grand opening on
May 1st.

(waves to monica!) : )

Snow is predicted today! Last night was really really cold.

Anonymous said...

FG ‏ @fgiann02
oh hay jake gyllenhal (@ SoulCycle Union Square w/ @jennyfacee)
1h ago

Anonymous said...

SarahAnne P.
‏ @spabalopakiss14 NY

At dinner sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal #omg #ImSoHappy @Sam_Akins

23 min ago

UltraViolet said...

Glad everyone is enjoying the lefty pics. There really are some gorgeous shots in there.

I wish there had been more public reaction to the EoW screening. Maybe the LA and NY ones next week will get more chatter.

Not sure if this is about Jake but it could be, lol:

First time at @soulcycle today. Worked my @$$ off and a hot celeb sweated on me as he walked out of class. #winning
8:32 PM

Hi to Monica and everyone else out there :)

UltraViolet said...

Ed Zwick talks a little about how close he got to Jake while doing L&OD, among other topics.

Twitter said...

So Kanye has been at my job twice in one week & I never get the chance to see him. Yet today Jake Gyllenhaal & James Franco are here, great
36 minutes ago via

Anonymous said...

Ramzi ‏ @iamramzi
Dettagli Jake Gyllenhal is at La Colombe and he has a beard.

2 h ago

UltraViolet said...

I thought it was interesting that Zwick said he, Jake and Anne all took less money than their usual on L&OD. I wonder if they ever made any or will make any on the back end.

From twitter:

Hey Jake Gyllenhaal, why are you sitting at the smile alone? We have room at our table!
7:45 PM

Anonymous said...

Soo nobody is going to say nothing about the strange couple Jake / Franco?

some interesting projec? a movie together?

I am dying for some news here....#swoon#

PS, Jake alone in a restaurant called Smile is pretty "weird"lol!
I love the guy but he need to find some company ASAP! Hey I am totally available;)

PPS I can't wait for EOW!
hi to everybody and thanks UV, this is always a beautiful and pleasant place

Monica said...

The person who posted the sighting didn't say they were talking. Neither said they were there at the same time. And if they were, doesn't mean that this is a project.

Politico said...

PFR = Private Fund Raiser.

I consider it karma how Lindsey Lohab and Kim K garnered more headlines than every hollywood actress who won an oscar that attended the Whitehouse Correspondence Dinner this past weekend.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for the nice words, KY.

I think people would have speculated more if there had been more details about Jake and JF. We don't know if it even happened or if they were there at the same time, as Monica said.

Monica said...

Apparently they were there at the same time. Sorry for the mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Monica, first of all,I'm so happy to see you here again:)
I know we can't know anything for sure, but a girl can dream:)
And sincerely between Byonce and Franco I choose Franco ;)
BTW I have checked and the tweet girl works in a restaurant in Soho,so who knows everything it is possible :))
UV,I am an optimist!:)

Monica said...

James Franco is so much better. And he is always working.

Obama 2012 said...

Hey Politico,as my grandfather used to say, "everything is political" But I didn't believe this sentence could refer to Kim K ,also! LOL;)

Anonymous said...

Monica, Franco for sure, and he is hot! Not as Jake but still hot!;)

UltraViolet said...

I'm sick of James Franco. He is always working - my patience :)

New post.