Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy on the Side

Found a few more pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal from Coachella, prompting a little retrospective. Though Jake obviously loves being in front of a camera, he's more than happy to take his place behind the scenes - or on the side:

First from the Fleet Foxes show:

Then more from Jenny Lewis:

In 2006, Jake went to ACL and grooved to Ray LaMontagne - note, you might want to turn the sound down!

If you just want to see Jake and Lance dance:

There's also a tiny glimpse of Jake on
this video.

Some shots of Jake around ACL and environs:

With John Mayer

At Gnarls Barkley

With the devil, apparently

Tooling around

And in 2005, Jake dropped by to watch his friends in Maroon 5 perform at the
Now and Zen fest in San Francisco:

Back in front of the camera: Spinal Tap member Harry Shearer
reveals that Jake owes his showbiz career to the band, since he made an appearance in a trailer for "This Is Spinal Tap." Can you spot him?

Finally, the inimitable Stephanie at IHJ has asked for donations to help keep the site running:

As you all know, for the past 6 years we've worked hard here at to keep everyone as up to date as possible on Jake's day to day activities. ...

However, as time goes on it has become quite an expensive endeavor, time wise and cost wise as well. That's why we've decided to ask for some help from you, the visitors. In order to keep this site running at optimum levels, we are going to be adding a donation button to the site.

No amount is too small and every little bit will help. Please understand that donations are entirely voluntary and you are under no obligation to make any. This is merely an option for those visitors who enjoy the site to help with the cost of running this expensive fansite. We do plan to continue providing you all with the latest information and photos of Jake here at!


I know times are tough, but I am so grateful to Stephanie/IHJ for all she does. So if you can donate something, please click the button. If the link doesn't work, go to

Jake at LAX on 4/27:

(Coachella photos courtesy of
lickety_split and gabecentric and anonymous.)


FluorescentLamp said...

Oh this post is WONDERFUL! What could be better than more Coachella pics of Jake? Why Jake mentioned in the same breath as Spinal Tap. The articles you linked re the U&U tour were terrific.

I only wish the Spinal Tap trailer was a little less grainy. I can't tell if the little boy in the striped shirt at the Cheese Festival is Jake or not. Seems to be about the right age though. He could also be one of the many children in circle dancing scene, too.

Thanks also for posting info about how to donate to IHJ. Stephanie deserves whatever anyone can donate to keep the server that houses all that amazing Jake photo history up and running.

josie said...

We are finally getting fan pics from Coachella!!! Thanks for finding them and posting. I remember some of the pics from ACL in 2006, especially the Matt "demon" eye pics, LOL!!

I almost forgot that Jake is friends with Adam Levine from Maroon 5!

I think Jake is the boy in the striped shirt FL, I loved Spinal Tap!!!

I will gladly donate to IHJ, that site has been a godsend to Jake fans.

suvee said...

Welcome back, UV. Thanks for the nice post! I'm still loving the Coachella photos, so it's always great to see new ones.

That Spinal Tap "trailer" was a riot. My guess is the little boy in the striped shirt, too.... but it's hard to tell for sure. I have always wanted to see Jake in a Christopher Guest film..... but this one doesn't count!

Thanks for letting us know about IHJ. I'm more than happy to help out...... it's money well spent IMO.

josie said...

Forgot to welcome you back UV, I hope you enjoyed Florida!

UltraViolet said...

Hee - the Spinal Tap connection really made me smile. I had a feeling you'd get a kick out of it, FL!

There are better versions of the shorter trailer, but it doesn't have the part with the little kid, i.e., maybe baby Jake. We'll have to try to get some more info on this.

ITA on IHJ! It's a priceless resource, as is Stephanie.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for all the welcomes back - welcome backs? I had a great time, though it's always nice to be home. Until you have to go back to work, which is tomorrow. Boo.

It was fun to find the Fleet Foxes photos, since most were from the Jenny Lewis set. Looks like they had some nice light there.

It was fun to revisit ACL, and Jake looks really good in the Maroon 5 set, I think.

Also, in case anyone missed it, at the end of the rpelies on the last post, folks were discussing the new Lonsgate/Relativiy deal.

Yes, it feels like this news has been around forever, but the Variety story says Brothers will be released this year, so fingers crossed!

office of nancy pelosi said...
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Monica said...

Good night, babblers!
Always good to see more photos from Coachella! Today I dreamed that I attended this festival!:)

That boy is Jake? So cute!

Good news for Brothers!
I'm very anxious to see Brothers!Fingers crossed!

Thanks for all links and information!

Sass, I'm very happy to see you here.

UltraViolet said...

Hi Monica! It's so funny that you dreamed you were at Coachella. Hee.

We're all eager for Brothers news. Fingers and toes crossed.

New pics of Jake at LAX today,

Monica said...

Strange dream. But I did not see Jake in my dream! I saw many bands! Hehehe

Beautiful smile! Thanks, UV!

bobbyanna said...

Glad you're back, UV! And with such treasures! :) That video is priceless. I agree with the boy in the striped shirt. Nice concert pics, too.

Love the airport pictures. He looks hot, relaxed and happy.(Reese didn't look too "pressured" in the Coachella pics!)

I hate unpacking. Hate it.

gabbana said...

Welcome back, UV. I hope you enjoyed your time in Florida.

It looks like the Lionsgate/Relativity deal is officially done now, perhaps now we will get some more information on "Brothers".

Lol@ the Spinal Trap trailer...

Jake looks good and relaxed in those LAX pictures - where could he be going? Perhaps NY to "prepare" for the marriage.:-)))

If the rumour is true - congrats to Maggie and Peter!

IHJ is the first source for pictures since years, only fair to support them now. Not to speak of the time especially Stephanie is investing.

chica said...

Hope you enjoyed your vacation UV, welcome back! I love all the fan photos from Coachella, they looked like they had a great time. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the ACL pics, I don't think I saw the golf car one with Lance before.

I haven't seen Spinal Tap in ages, that video is too funny and I love seeing the brief glimpse of little Jake!

I have a feeling he is headed East, NY or Philidelphia, just a guess. Hope we get more concrete info on Brothers soon.

IHJ has been the best source for all things Jake for years, I will be more than happy to donate, thanks for posting the link.

agent_krycek said...

I'm with the boy in the stripped top as well, haven't sat a watched ST in ages, must do this weekend - BTW, the absolute best British accents done by Americans ever in that film, pretty much flawless - was very surprised after seeing it when it came out to realise the majority of the cast were American.

Happy to dontate to IHJ as well, stiring work by Stephanie, much appreciated.

sheba baby said...

Wow, thanks for finding all these pictures, love the new pics from Coachella!!

Spinal Tap is one of the funniest films ever, thanks for the video of a very young Jake. Surprised that Maroon 5 wasn't at Coachella this year, you know that Jake and Reese would definately been there!

I'm greatful to hear any news on Brothers, it's been so frustrating waiting for this and Nailed.

Heading over to IHJ to donate, it's one of the best fansites out there.

sheba baby said...

LOL! Jared has the LAX pics up and is speculating that he may be on his way to Italy for Maggie and Peter's wedding. According to the NY Post, the wedding is supposed to take place the second week in May, Mother's day weekend. That's almost 3 weeks away!! Wherever he is going he is in a good mood!

sag actor said...

Some more info on Brothers from Jeff Wells:

"I'm not saying IMDB reader comments can be trusted, but a few correspondents have claimed to have attended research screenings of Brothers in recent months and found it satisfying. This plus the quality of Bier's film plus Sheridan's pedigree tells me it must be at least a moderately decent if not better-than-decent film. But there's always a reason when a movie gets repeatedly postponed and kicked around. Here's hoping otherwise.

He also mentions that one or more of the stars either refused to promote the film at Cannes or were unavailable, I thought that Tobey was the only one.

Looked like Jake and Reese had a blast at coachella.
Love the Spinal Tap clip, one of my favs, welcome back UV!!

arianna said...


Holy crap! Arlen Spector is switching to the Deomocratic party!

UltraViolet said...

Sounds like Wells is just piecing info together. There's still nothing concrete, sadly. I saw one site say Brothers would be released in the fall, which seems likely, But I think they were also just assuming.

Jake's up again in Round Three at PopSugar.

Oh, and congrats to your brother, Agent K. I forgot to say that yesterday.

extra said...

I'm afraid you are right UV about Wells and Brothers, sounds like there isn't any new information there, sigh.

Hope you enjoyed your vacation, lots of goodies in the new post! I can't get enough of the coachella pics, they looked like they had fun and looked so relaxed.

For some reason I don't remember Chris in a lot of the pictures at ACL back then!

Everytime I think about Spinal tap all I can think of is Stonehenge, LOL!!! Love the brief but cute glimpse of Jake.

And congratulations to your brother-in-law AK!

Wonder where Jake is headed??

The GOP collapse is so much fun to watch, hee.

Fan said...

Those are great shots of Jake and Reese at the concert.
I think Jake may be heading to Reese's set where she's filming her new movie.

bobbyanna said...

Spector's considered a moderate, from the "Nixon wing" of the party. Somehow, I believe his switch has more to do with his personal survival next year, than with any philosophy. I've always thought of him as a real "operator." He's practical,and he looked at the numbers in PA, and the Republicans aren't doing well...ha. ha. OTOH, I wonder where these so-called moderate Republicans were for the past 16 years.

I'm thinking, if the performances in Brothers are really as good as the buzz indicates, then maybe they delayed the release for maximum showcasing for Oscar?

bobbyanna said...

Just saw some pics of Reese looking very cute and very smiley "running errands" in Brentwood. X17. I think they're up to something. They are both all smiley and sparkly.

suvee said...

hey bobbyanna, you beat me to it! I was just about to post that x17 had new Reese pics.

And, yes..... she looks mighty happy and sparkly (love that word)! :)

office of nancy pelosi said...

Yes she is very smiley and sparkly!! They both seemed to be in a good mood and happy.

Those pictures from last week had to be fom a Avon commercial shoot, no way she filmed in Philly one day and flew back the next day, there are pap pics of her in LA on Friday!

Also there is no date on those pics I noticed: today, yesterday, last week?? Hmmm..

I agree with your points Bobbyanna about Spector, still it's fun watching the GOP head explode!

I think Brothers will probably hit the screens just in time for Oscar buzz too .

bobbyanna said...

OONP, Extra, I definitely agree, the implosion/erxplosions have been fun to watch. I savor each and every one! :)

chica said...

The GOP imploding over the Specter defection is a lovely sight indeed!

Just a few comments regarding the rumored upcoming nuptials for Maggie and Peter, I remember Jake back in 2007 when he was doing Rendition promo mentioning at least three times that Maggie and Peter were married. He referred to Maggie as being a "married lady" now. It was on the Elle, The Daily Show and Jonathan Ross (I think), IHJ may have the videos. Maggie has called Peter her husband during an interview as well.

When I heard Jake on those shows say that I thought maybe they got married quietly on MV in the summer and just planned to make a formal announcement later, but that never happened.

Also, Maggie and Peter are pretty low key, if this is supposed to be private and intimate, I doubt pals of theirs would be blabbing their mouths/leak to the NY Post or anyone else for that matter.

Someone who runs Peter's unofficial fansite who is based in NY and has met Peter on several times swears Peter told her that he and Maggie were married and Jake was the best man, this was in 2007 as well. He could have been joking but why?

Oh well we will find out soon enough I guess.

PS: I noticed that the pics on X17 of Reese are not dated too. I like the word sparkly, she does and he was beaming on Monday.

chica said...

That should be the Ellen show, not Elle!

Anonymous said...

I definitely remember Jake saying "they're married" about Maggie and Peter on either Conan or Letterman in 2007. Didn't see the others.

desert noise said...

From, a coachella wrap-up:

Besides the predictable appearances like Chloe Sevigny and Dita Von Teese were Jake Gyllenhall and a pregnant-looking Reese Witherspoon, if you really must know.

Yeah, I know but at least we know that it just isn't the pictures that get people to chatter. For the record it's just her usual tummy that tends to extend/bloat at imes, due to a combination of her pear shape, not good posture and food bloat!

get real said...

Hey all!

Ahh, wonder where Jake is going?!?! I do hope the rumors of Maggie and Peter are true. But as mentioned Jake definitely said, on Jonathan Ross' show, that Peter and Maggie were married.

I think Reese and Jake have been looking great lately! :D

I hope things with Brothers do finally get going because I want to see it like yesterday.

Thanks to everyone for all the videos/links/info.

I too love to see the GOP freakout over Specter. And congrats on 100 days Obama!

Anonymous said...

Jake's flight was an "early morning" flight. NYC? This might be work related for him. He alaways seems to get very excited when he is ready to begin something new. OTOH, he also looks extremely happy, bursting, really, and so does Reese.
So maybe, as was said, they are "up to something." I don't think Jake can keep certain secrets very well.

shondra said...

So much to catch up on!! Thanks so much for finding the Jake and Reese fan photos and video from coachella!!! I love the expressions and their body language in these pictures.

LOL at the video of Jake and Lance from ACL, I remember that one!

Spinal tap was one of the funniest movies I have seen, the concert with the "scale" sized Stonehenge was priceless and yes that is young Jakey in the striped shirt.

IHJ has my support 100% and I will donate, thanks for posting.

I hope that the real reason for the Brothers delay is that they want it to open to qualify for the Oscars. I feel that they think the film has a war theme and those types of films sadly don't do well at the BO.

I have my thoughts about the Maggie/Peter marriage rumors, but I'm sure i'm wrong so I won't bother to comment at this time, LOL!!

I heard that Joe Biden may have had a hand in pushing Specter over to the Democratic party along with Specter's own sense of self-preservation. Whatever the reason I say YAY!!!!

Jake is edging out Owen Wilson in that Popsugar poll, everyone vote!

Jake looks happy and relaxed in the LAX pictures and Reese has the biggest smile for the paps,they both look very pleased/happy!

Anonymous said...

Is Jake on the list of "100 Most Beautiful People?"

JakeGyllenhaalArg said...

Hola mi nombre es Martina soy de Argentina, tengo un blog de Jake espero que pases, y nos podemos poner en los links o afiliarnos como quieras. un beso.

FluorescentLamp said...

Hola Martina. Welcome. Congratulations on your blog - it looks great!

Please feel free to link GyllenBabble on your blog, as we did for JG ARG.

sheba said...

Great post. Love the pics and to see Jake 'shacking out' or 'grooving'.

IHJ is a wonderful place for everything Jake and deserves to be supported. Thank you for mentioning and supporting it and I pledge to do the same soon.

So good to see him smiling and lighthearted. Whatever he's up to this weekend I hope there's lots of joy, fun, laughter and happiness for those around him.

..... And yay for your President and his first 100 days in office. I'm so hopeful for him.

paula said...

I adore the new pics from the concert, especially the third one!
Jake is a big indie music fan as we can see from this post and it looks like he is making Reese a fan too.

Love the Spinal Tap trailer and I think that is Jake, he would have been that age when it was filmed.

Wasn't there speculation last summer about Peter and Maggie getting married? I don't trust the source, we will see. Jake looks really happy in the airport pics as does Reese in the errand pics.

Donate to IHJ if you can, it's a great site and source for all Jake fans.

It's been a really good 100 days for President Obama, he has really given me hope for this country.

get real said...

Sooo...any word on where Jake is?!? Nice to think of him (and maybe Reese!) in Italy for Maggie and Peter's wedding..if the rumors are true, which I doubt.

Btw, meant to say how hilarious and awesome about Jake being in a Spinal Tap trailer and being talked about by the guys themselves?!?! That movie kicks ass and I love those actors.

For those into politics Harry Shearer writes a lot for Huffington Post (mostly about New Orleans) and has responded to my comments quite a few times.

chica said...

Hey get real!!
Haven't a clue where Mr. Gyllenhaal is right now but I think it is a bit too early IMO for Italy for the rumored wedding, that's two weeks off!!

Absolutely love Spinal Tap, thanks for the heads up on Harry Shearer , would love to read his posts.

bobbyanna said...
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sag actor said...
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Anonymous said...
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UltraViolet said...

Sounds like the Hollywood Elsewhere poster is making up as much stuff as Wells, frankly. I'd love to think the delay is for an Oscar push, but I don't think so. I think it's just logistics.

Welcome Martina or should I say "Bienvenidos." Your site looks great.

Joining you in thinking Italy is a magical place, Bobbyanna. No idea where Jake is - or Reese, for that matter. If he/they end up in Italy, I'm sure it will be a great time.

Glad folks like the new pics. It was fun to find them.

signs said...

The Zodiac killer revealed?:

Anonymous said...

I knew that thos pictures last week weren't from Reese's new movie. it had ro be a Avon commercial:

"Our colleague 24/7 Dan Gross reports on that "How Do You Know?" from writer/director James L. Brooks ("Jerry Maguire," "Broadcast News," "The Simpsons") and starring Paul Rudd, Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson, is to shoot in the Philadelphia area from July to October.

(Gross reported in March that the film's producers had scouted possible locations here and in Boston. We won.)

I can cross off Philidelphia off the list on where J&R are, LOL!!

I have a feeling they both left L.A> Monday via LAX, and Reese managed to remain "hidden".

Anonymous said...

Kids have "disappeared", too.:) France?

Anonymous said...

The kids are still in school until the end of June I would assume. Jake and Reese haven't been papped since we saw him at LAX on Monday and pics of her running errands that were posted on x17 on Tuesday with no date but most likely taken on Monday. They may be out of town together or seperately for whatever easons but I doubt she would take the kids out of school for a trip. If she is out of town I would think a nanny is taking care of them since Ryan is in S. Africa filming a movie.

July was the start date that I heard originaly for the Brooks movie, falls righ in with Ryan finishing his film and the kids out of school. With filming in Philly, I have a feeling the kids will be in set with her a lot.

Maybe Jake made a business trip?

imdb said...

According to IMDB, Ryan finishes filming on Sunday. My theory is: Jake went "wherever" on Monday and Reese may still be in L.A. but laying low, and will join him when Ryan returns home. If true, does this have anything to do with the rumored marriage plans for Maggie and Peter? Hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Jake isn't invisible. Someone must have seen him by now. Reese too. I think they're together. Maybe Reese's mother is with the children.

I think they wanted to give people the impression, with pictures of Jake at LAX,and then the pics of her "running errands" they aren't together. (I don't mean broken up.)

They 've done this before. One leaves then the other follows. Maybe they are the ones getting married in Italy.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jake at LAX smiling and in no hurry has a bir suspicious! I bet they went to LAX seperately, they missed her or she got passed the paps.

Anyway we will find out soon enough.

FluorescentLamp said...

Or we may never find out. Surprisingly, both Jake and Reese have proven they can conduct their lives under the radar/out of the glare of the lens. Bravo to them!

sheba baby said...

I agree FL and as much as I love seeing pictures of them and reading blog sightings, I think that it's great when they can fly under the radar for a bit!

Anonymous said...

Be glad your not waiting for pictures of Johnny Depp. Jake gets pretty regular coverage.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you might see more pictures of Johnny in the European magazines as he lives in France.
Unless a movie is being made in L.A. or New York you don't see as many pictures of the actors when working in other cities.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe you might see more pictures of Johnny in the European magazines as he lives in France."

No, you don´t.

Some actors are respected for their work - not the amount of pap pics.

extra said...

Depp has had his fill with the paps when he was younger, he is older now. Living in France helps since they don't seem as star obsessed as the US and the UK.

sugar said...

LOL! Mrs. Gyllenhaal and her straw trilby:

suvee said...

JustJared has new pics of a solo Reese at the Milan airport, dated today.

I guess it is possible she is in Italy without Jake, but......

Anonymous said...

Just Jared has pics of Reese in Italy, Milan airport.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry suvee, posted at the same time.

josie said...

Hmmm. If the rumors are true about Maggie and Peter, maybe Jake is already in Italy with Maggie, Peter and family. Someone posted that Ryan filmed will be wrapping on Sunday, if he is on his way home she probably waited a week until Ryan came home.

Or she could be in milan on business but the timing and Jake seems to be in "hiding".

I have a feeling something is definately up!

Anonymous said...

I think she is actually in the departures.

josie said...

I can't tell if she is arriving or departing or maybe getting a connecting flight. Haven't seen pap pics of her since Tuesday and no pics of her departing LAX like Jake.

Could be business related and she is headed home but that weird picture leak of her on the set of her new movie turned out to be bogus because the film doesn't start filming until July. It almost seems like they are throwing people off, either that or im' paranoid!

too much time on my hands said...

I took a peep at the comments on Jared and someone says that the Milan pics were posted on a site called on wednesday or thursday. I had a problem accessing that site so i don't know if it's true or not.

I think something is brewing. Pictures posted with different dates, film set shots that weren't and I bet sightings placing them elsewhere is next.

I wouldn't think this way if there wasn't that marriage rumor regarding Maggie and Peter wasn't floating around.

PS: That feed the Children bag she is carrying is from a organization that is run by students at Columbia Univ. where Maggie, her mom graduated from and Jake almost graduated from.

josie said...

If it's true that these pictures were taken earlier, let's say Thursday then she is most likely arriving in Milan not departing since she was papped on Monday in L.A. That would be a quick trip unless it was for business.

It looks like she may be boarding a private jet. Is Jake already there or is he going to meet her there if she is there for the supposed wedding.

A week before the wedding and there wold be a lot of planning.

Of course all this speculation will be blown out of the water if one or both is seen ar LAX and or L.A.!

bobbyanna said...

I've been in that airport. She was getting her bags and she's with one of those VIP escort ladies. Squeee! Something is definitely going on. Jake is probably there already, and she probably left later bcz of the kids. Guess there's a wedding in Italy...
This is SO fun... I know. I need a life.

Anonymous said...

The wedding is supposed to take place the second weekend in May, which is next week. We will definitely be seeing more about this. I think they traveled separately to throw off the media.

UltraViolet said...

Hmm - curiouser and curiouser. I guess we'll find out soon enough but it is all very intriguing.

In news I hope isn't true, according to this story, Brothers is set for an August release.

I do like the name of the blog/paper - clever.

bobbyanna said...

Hmmm...Milan is a very convenient airport if a person were going to the Lake District, (Como, Bellagio, etc.) or to Venice, or to the Tuscany region. (Florence.) Lake Como is a lovely car drive, and not too far.

I don't think of Milan as a huge tourist destination. They have a beautiful cathedral, La Scala Opera House, and Da Vinci's Last Supper, but Milan is mostly a fashion/commercial/business center.
(There are discount outlets including Prada all over the place, outside the city, and in the Tuscany area nearer Florence, if that makes sense.)

I hope the Italian Gyllenbabblers will be on high alert.:) If Reese is in Italy, you know Jake has to be there.

UltraViolet said...

I agree, Bobbyanna. People usually pass through Milan unless they are there for the fashion houses or industry. (It was apparently Design Week last week in Milan.)

BTW, that website could be

It's member-only, so I have no idea if there really was a post or not.

UltraViolet said...

New pictures - new post. Yay.