Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cinema swan songs

Premiere has a story on Stars Who Die The Most in their movies. But there is a glaring omission: Jake Gyllenhaal.

Three of Jake's characters have met an untimely fate - more than both Will Smith and Harrison Ford who are at the bottom of the list. Jake's percentage of character deaths is higher than most people on the list.

More importantly, each character is unique and truly memorable, despite Premiere's amnesia. But we remember...

Donnie Darko

Holden Worther

Jack Twist

Let's hope Jake's next three characters have a happier fate.

The Coachella tidbits continue. You had to wonder if Reese minded Jake looking at his old girlfriend so wistfully...

I guess not!

Reese is rocking! From an observer:

Jake Gyllenhaal (omg HOT) and Reese Witherspoon were side stage watching the whole time. Seriously, they were the most adorable freaking couple. They were both singing along to some of the songs. I got a June Carter Cash moment watching Reese rock out to Jack Killed Mom. And when Jenny slowed it down, she put her arms around his waist and they looked so happy it made me smile.

Thanks to the blogger and youtuber for the reports.

Happy Earth Day!

(Photos, as always, courtesy of IHJ.)


Bette said...

Reese looks good at the Avon event, and as for Jake they sure left out a great talent! What is that? He should have been on the list.

chica said...

Can't believe they left out Jake and and the characters of Donnie, Holden and Jack. He definately should have been on that list as you said Bette. Reese did look great at the Avon event, of to watch the video, thanks UV!

PS: It's Earth Day, think green!

office of nancy pelosi said...

Ok, i'm going to have to post a complaint on that site! The 3 roles that Jake is most associated with and 3 three of his best roles IMO, that's a head scratcher. I became a fan of Jake after DD and GG and he blew me away in BBM.

Love that video, Reese is really rocking it!

bobbyanna said...

"They looked so happy, they made me smile."

Exactly! :)

How in the world could they overlook DD and Jack? Maybe Holden isn't as well known, but these other two are iconic roles!

Happy Earth Day.

josie said...

His exclusion from that list makes no sense, and you are right bobbyanna, Donnie are Jack are iconic roles.

I loved that video and it looked like Jenny was singing to them at one point!

Happy Earth day everyone!

UltraViolet said...

Oops - Earth Day. I'll add some green Jake to the post.

And yes, Bobbyanna, that sums things up quite nicely. Interesting also that there's yet another report of Jake that doesn't mention him nearly getting into a fight or being surly.

Finally, vote for Jake in the Popsugar poll. Reese is also there, but with better competition. She's up against Paul Rudd instead of Gwyneth.

sheba baby said...

Yes another description of Jake at the concert and no mention of a near fight, no surprise.

They make me smile too because they are so happy, love the video!!

That Premiere list is ridiculous, his three best known roles that he played and they all died!!

Voted for Jake and Reese!

Happy Green day!

extra said...

Jake/Donnie/Holden/Jack definately belong on that list.

Love the video, thanks for posting it!

Voted for Jake on Popsugar, he also made#9 on their list of eco-friendly stars, Happy Earth Day!

Anonymous said...

Wenn have a couple of pics of Jake leaving a medical building again.

BTW Thanks for the video UV.

arianna said...

A sobering story on Earth day:

paula said...

The Medical building again? I really do hope that everything is Ok.

I love this post, DD, GG and BBM are my top 3 favorite Jake movies, whoever made up tha list at Premiere are a bunch of jackasses.

I adore that video!!!

Recycle today and everyday!

UltraViolet said...

Another Coachella vide, this time of the lunch purchase. Not exciting at all. The J/R part begins at about 20 seconds.

josie said...

Thanks so much for finding all of these videos UV, you are the best!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your not trying to start something with the whole jake was looking wistfully at his ex. Maybe he was just grooving to the music.


Not to beat a dead horse or anything but for those who bring up those pregnancy stories. Reese has had a bit of a pucci stomach. All you have to do is look back to her early films and apperances. She tends to have a softer midsection and its not because of having two kids.

UltraViolet said...

Why on earth would I care if you hope I'm not starting something, anon. Who are you?

You can characterize the look he's giving whatever way you want. To me and many others, he looks wistful. It doesn't have to mean anything. Jake could be thinking about the chili fries he had for lunch. Or he could be looking at Jenny Lewis and remembering something from their past or thinking of how they got to this point. Or maybe he's asking himself how he could have dated someone who would wear that outfit Jenny has on.

It's merely an observation. I think it's an interesting dynamic. The only thing I intended to start was conversation. Not controversy.

office of nancy pelosi said...

I got the impression that he was just enjoying the music, nothing more.

He and Jenny dated when he was about twenty-one and she was 25, and it was less than a year I believe.

Her tummy has been commented on before, she has a bit of a tummy.

ihj said...

There are pics on IHJ of Jake, Reese, Jenny and Jenny's BF and band member hanging out earlier that same day. IMO he may have had a flash back or two during her set but judging from the pictures and the videos and blog descriptions of them there, my guess is that flashbacks were a momentary thing.

PS: Jenny and Jake in Darko and Jenny and Reese in Pleasentville!

FluorescentLamp said...

Reese has had a bit of a pucci stomach.>

Pucci you say? I love Pucci! Bright, classic, timeless fashions! A look for the ages.

Oh yes, Reese would look splendid in Pucci!

suvee said...

I really enjoyed reading the blogger sighting of omg HOT Jake and Reese..... and it was so fun watching Reese grooving to the music. Thanks, UV!

Well, I found out today that my company does have a licensing agreement with Disney for PoP! Yes!!!!
We will be using their artwork on some of the products we design and manufacture. We do not have the style guide yet..... but my friends promised to let me know when it arrives. Can't wait to see it, and I'll try to pass on what I think it is okay to safely share.

lawgoddess said...

Jake does seem to die a lot in the movies. He definitely should have been on the list.

I loved the Coachella pictures, all of them except the flipping off one.

So Jenny was four years older than Jake? He likes women a bit older, then.:)

I always wonder what it must be like for Reese, to have known Jake as a sort of geeky teen and to have him the way he is now.

Bette said...

The new pics of Reese on JustJared is that Jake's beanie?

Anonymous said...

Celebrity Sightings: Jake Gyllenhaal and Reece Witherspoon were still in Palm Springs, the day after the Coachella Music Festival. They were busy, looking at houses! Well, Palm Springs is beautiful!

Wonder if there is any truth in this?. said...

Cannes announced their line-up, no Brothers or Nailed:


"Up," U.S., Pete Docter, Bob Peterson

"Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky," France, Jan Kounen

"Bright Star," Australia-U.K.-France, Jane Campion
"Spring Fever," China-France, Lou Ye
"Antichrist," Denmark-Sweden-France-Italy, Lars von Trier
"Enter the Void," France, Gaspar Noe
"Face," France-Taiwan-Netherlands-Belgium, Tsai Ming-liang
"Les Herbes folles," France-Italy, Alain Resnais
"In the Beginning," France, Xavier Giannoli
"A Prophet," France, Jacques Audiard
"The White Ribbon," Germany-Austria-France, Michael Haneke
"Vengeance," Hong Kong-France-U.S., Johnnie To
"The Time That Remains," Israel-France-Belgium-Italy, Elia Suleiman
"Vincere," Italy-France, Marco Bellocchio
"Kinatay," Philippines, Brillante Mendoza
"Thirst," South Korea-U.S., Park Chan-wook
"Broken Embraces," Spain, Pedro Almodovar
"Map of the Sounds of Tokyo," Spain, Isabel Coixet
"Fish Tank," U.K.-Netherlands, Andrea Arnold
"Looking for Eric," U.K.-France-Belgium-Italy, Ken Loach
"Inglourious Basterds," U.S., Quentin Tarantino
"Taking Woodstock," U.S., Ang Lee

"The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," Canada-France, Terry Gilliam
"The Army of Crime," France, Robert Guediguian
"Agora," Spain, Alejandro Amenabar

"A Town Called Panic," Belgium, Stephane Aubier, Vincent Patar
"Ne te retourne pas," France-Belgium-Luxembourg-Italy, Marina de Van
"Drag Me to Hell," U.S., Sam Raimi

"Petition," China, Zhao Liang
"L'epine dans le coeur," France, Michel Gondry
"Min ye," France-Mali, Souleyumane Cisse
"Jaffa," Israel-France-Germany, Keren Yedaya
"Manila," Philippines, Adolfo Alix Jr., Raya Martin
"My Neighbor, My Killer," U.S., Anne Aghion

"Samson & Delilah," Australia, Warwick Thornton
"Adrift," Brazil, Heitor Dhalia
"The Wind Journeys," Colombia, Ciro Guerra
"Demain des l'aube," France, Denis Dercourt
"Irene," France, Alain Cavalier
"Independance," Philippines-France-Germany, Raya Martin
"Le Pere de mes enfants," France-Germany, Mia Hansen-Love
"Dogtooth," Greece, Yorgos Lanthimos
"Nobody Knows About the Persian Cats," Iran, Bahman Ghobadi
"Eyes Wide Open," Israel, Haim Tabakman
"Mother," South Korea, Bong Joon-ho
"The Silent Army," Netherlands, Jean van de Velde
"To Die Like a Man," Portugal, Joao Pedro Rodrigues
"Police, Adjective," Romania, Corneliu Porumboiu
"Tales from the Golden Age," Romania, Hanno Hofer, Razvan Marculescu, Cristian Mungiu, Constantin Popescu, Ioana Uricaru
"Tale in the Darkness," Russia, Nikolay Khomeriki
"Tzar," Russia-France, Pavel Lounguine
"Nymph," Thailand, Pen-ek Ratanaruang
"Precious," U.S., Lee Daniels

Isabelle Huppert (president), actress, France
Asia Argento, actress, director, screenwriter, Italy
Nuri Bilge Ceylan, director, screenwriter, actor, Turkey
Lee Chang-dong, director, author, screenwriter, South Korea
James Gray, director, screenwriter, U.S.
Hanif Kureishi, author, screenwriter, U.K.
Shu Qi, actress, Taiwan
Robin Wright Penn, actress, U.S.

John Boorman (president), director, author, producer, U.K.
Bertrand Bonello, director, France
Ferid Boughedir, director, Tunisia
Leonor Silveira, actress, Portugal
Zhang Ziyi, actress, China

shondra said...

Leaving off Jake on that list makes no sense. Love the video, Reese was really rocking! Don't think that it's Jake' beanie but it is a Jake-like beanie, LOL!! I love all the extra tidbits via videos and blogs about them at Coachella, thanks for all the updates!

Bummer about Cannes, I think I heard that Brothers wasn't going to be screened there, wasn't sure about Nailed.

Hopefully they will show up at Toronto.

PS: There weren't too many acts or stars at Coachella on Sunday so they may have been there in the morning and left, who knows? Looking at houses? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

Maybe not the beanie - but are those his jeans ?

shondra said...

She is wearing boyfriend jeans, they are supposed to look like that. If she were wearing Jake's jeans she would be swimming in them !!! She does look really comfy and happy doesn't she?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Please keep us updated Suvee, of course you will be discreet!! Your job sounds a helluva lot more exciting than mine!

Love all the update and videos, keep them coming, Reese is a cutie but I doubt those are Jake's jeans she is wearing, LOL!!

Palm springs house hunting? Sounds a bit like the London flat story but not as specific.

Lemon said...

I love that picture of Jake and Reese. He looks so content and relaxed.

Its been so long since I've seen Donnie Darko. Look at how cute he was! And honestly, who else could play Donnie Darko and Jack Twist?

The Cannes line-up looks great. Seeing a more sober, recession-hit festival will prove interesting I'm sure. As for Brothers, there's many more festivals to come so let's hope we hear something.

And today, I discovered that my housemate has a bunch of Jake's movies on DVD. I think he's harbouring a secret passion...I can't say I blame him.

ihj said...

Reese on the cover of the UK/June version of Elle:

Same as the US April version, only they photoshopped her into a different dress! I assume it's the same interview, but the cover says: Reese hearts Jake, a shout out to IHJ, LOL!!

chica said...

I remember reading an online interview with Jake a few years back and he said that he liked to attend open houses , a quirk. I remembered that when I read the blurb above about Jake and Reese looking at houses in Palm Springs on Sunday. It could be they were or she has joined Jake on his open house "quirk"!

I just think they have enough residences between them IMO.

Love all the updates from Coachella, thanks!

Reese looks like a combination of Sienna Miller and the Olsen twins on that Elle cover, an epic fail photoshop, and why??? Love the "shoutout" to IHJ though!!

supermarket trash rag said...

This is no reason to get married:!!

LOL, silly rag. I doubt they will marry because one of her best friends just got engaged or that they are tired of the speculation.

imdb said...

All you GB posters living in the Philly area, be on the lookout for some possib;e Jake sightings! Reese's new moview by J. Brooks started filming yesterday and she was seen there. It originally was supposed to film in Boston but was changed.

imdb said...

She doesn't look like a softball player here, very pretty:

I think it's time Jake took some time off from filming and it's Reese's turn to work. It's the first time (I think) that Reese has filmed a movie outside of California since WTL. The kids are still in school and and Ryan is in S. Africa filming.

imdb said...

Soory for the spam! Casting call out to any in the Philly area!:

Anonymous said...

Jake was having lunch with the screenwriter Stephen Gaghan, in Los Angeles, today, according to X17. Maybe they are planning a project together!

ihj said...

Two sets of pics of Jake at Cafe Luxxe from today:

The first set says ge went jogging and grabbed a cup of coffee, with those slippers and socks?? He looks grumpy.

Later on he is at the same place with screenwriter Stephen Gaghan and he is in a better mood!

UltraViolet said...

Hello all. Checking in from sunny and HOT Florida. It would be great if Jake and SG were working on something new and exciting. Of course, it could have been just a chance meeting. Who knows.

I didn't click on any of the very silly sounding Reese Feels Pressure stories. I hope they ignore/get a kick out of this stuff!

Have a good weekend, folks. I'll check back tomorrow.

Monica said...

Good morning, babblers!

I'm so happy to see Dr. Parnassus in Cannes. It's so good to see the last film of Heath in a major film festival.

Jake is very young and hot in the new photos.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal a Dead Spy Running?

shondra said...

I hope that the speculation is true, Jake has said that he was a fan of the Bourne series of films with Damon, this would be similar.

Thanks for the link monica!

Hey, UV!! Is the trip to FL business, pleasure or both?? Have fun!

chica said...

Sounds like a great role for Jake, I hope that they were talking about it at lunch yesterday.

Have fun in Florida UV!!

office of nancy pelosi said...

It looks like the book Dead spy Running will be published in June by John Stock. It all sounds great, I just hope that it's just not another rumored project, thanks for the link Monica!!

Hi UV!! I'm so jealous, wish I wis in Florida.

poppy said...

This site "" in the thread "star style" on it forum, has pics of Reese doing shopping in Brentwood on 24 Avril!!!

She wasn't away too long , I can't blame her lol

Anonymous said...

"Poppy" can I ask why you posted the exact same thing on WTF2?

office of nancy pelosi said...

Hmmm. I find it hard to believe that she was in Philly on wednesday filming and back in L.A. the next day.

When I looked at the photos linked above i thought that they looked more like she was shooting a commercial for Avon than on a movie set. The captions said Untitled Brooks movie which is odd since at this point the title would be knowwn and the working title is How do you know? Also there was no mention of any of her co-stars. Someone on IMDB said that a casting call has gone out for this movie, that is done before filming/preproduction not while a movie is filming.

So I will go my first instinct: Those pics were for some Avon commercial and that the Brooks film is in pre-production/scouting phase.

Now watch, we will get pics of her, Wilson and Rudd from the set,LOL!!

She is wearing her full extensions in the "set" pics, and it looked like she was wering her natural hair in the coachella pics and the new oics looked like it's a bit shorter and blonder.

Poppy said...

To answer you anon
I didn't post the same comment on WFT. I was on thefashionspot forum to see the set pic of Reese and I saw there were new pics, that's all.

extra said... is the original source for the pics of Reese in Brentwood.

I don't think filming started yet in Philedelphia. I thought I heard that it would start in June, and that they were just scouting but who knows.

I agree that the pictures from the set of the movie looks more like a commercial shoot like she did for Avon in '08.

I hate to get too excited when I hear about rumored projects regarding Jake. This sounds exciting, but a long way off.

suvee said...

I hate to get too excited when I hear about rumored projects regarding Jake.Same here. IMO there seems to be a pattern of hearing that Jake is "loosely attached" to some potential project...... then, nothing. I've learned not to get my hopes up. :(

On a brighter note, his hair is looking like it's back to normal..... in the Caffe Luxxe pics, I love this hair length on him.

sag actor said...

Same here regarding Jake's rumored projects. This sounds promising but I don't like the director attached to it, didn't he direct the Charlie's Angels movies??

OT: Bea Arthur passed away today.
Her portrayal Maude and Dorothy from the Golden Girls are two iconic women in TV history IMO.

RIP Bea.

Monica said...

I don't like the director attached to it, didn't he direct the Charlie's Angels movies??Yes

I don't like him!

brothers spy said...

You guys might want to know about a new project involving Jake.

I heard a story on Wednesday about a Tuesday meeting at Warner where Jake's name came up prominently for a BIG TIME role in the upcoming Warner Bros. film "DEAD SPY RUNNING." This film has Academy Award winning screenwriter Stephen Gaghan (Traffic, Syriana) writing it and director McG (Terminator Salvation) attached. This film is being decribed as a new JASON BOURNE-type of thriller with some political underpinnings.

Well today Slashfilm is reporting that Jake was seen having lunch with Stephen Gaghan yesterday. They have photos.

It's looking real good for Jake as this film WILL BE HUGE.

Anonymous said...

thanks brothers spy havent seen you around for awile thanks for the
info hope its true love to see jake in a role like this lets keep our fingers crossed

gabbana said...

Thanks for the info, Brothers Spy. Everytime Jakes name is attached to a project lately those seem to disappear in the dust and we don´t get any news or information. Hopefully this time will be different.

I also would like get some news on "Brothers" - it is time that Jake the actor is getting some headlines again.

agent_krycek said...

So, if the Dead Spy Running thing is correct, it's possible Jake may have two big movie fanchises in the near future - 'citing times!

BTW, and completely OT - Good luck to my brother in law running the London Marathon today, on his birthday!

sheba said...

Yay, the London Maraton. Good luck to him too AK. Hope he beats his PB. Those people are amazing for attempting it. I'm sure I saw a couple of Aardvarks towards the back. I'm also looking out for the four guys in black leotards and pink tutus. At least they have very good weather. Would love to see Jake making an attempt at this too, good training for his speculated new film role.

But Jake... stop dying in your movies... my heart can't take it.

josie said...

Long time no see brothers spy, thanks for the info on the meeting at Warners!!! I hope this pans out, no more rumors and speculation regarding any of Jake's projects, I hope!!

He has mentioned that he is a fan of the Bourne Identy movies and of Matt Damon as well.

Oh msn I was so bummed when I heard that Bea Arthur passed away.

RIP Bea.

bobbyanna said...

Hey, Brothers Spy!!!!! How great to hear from you, stranger! Great news about the possible spy thriller for Jake. Enjoy FLA, UV! At least you have an ocean and a sandy beach! I am on my way to the Barnes and Noble at Union Square for a TFF panel discussion on writers as directors. The weather in NYC is sweltering. 88 degrees yesterday and today! Spent time on the promenade in Brooklyn yesterday. We have TFF tickets for a movie tonight, the rest were sold out, so we saw State of Play and the Soloist. SOP was excellent! Robert and Jamie Foxx were wonderful in The Soloist, but the movie as a whole dragged a bit.

Good luck to your BIL, Agent K!

chica said...

Hey bobbyanna!
How long will be in NY? The TFF panel at B&N sounds interesting. I will be in Manhattan in a bit to have brunch with some friends. If you are still in the city tomorrow, I would love to meet you! Short notice I know.

I will check back here later. If not we can't meet now maybe another time.

Have fun and keep cool!

Waves to brothers spy, thanks for the news!!

Anonymous said...

i saw the soloist last night too both robert and jamie gave execellent performances catherine was also in it which i didnt realize,made me think of their connection to jake and made me think of zodiac too because robert plays a columnist for the la times

Anonymous said...

I don't know much abut McG but saw he directed the movie "We Are Marshall" which is about as opposite from "Charlie's Angels" as you could get.
The true story of the Marshall University football team who were killed in a plane crash and what happened after. My favorite scene was to see the President of the school (who literally knew very little about football) standing in the rain outside the college football rules committe talking to the head of it literally begging for them to let the "put-together" team include Freshman, which wasn't done at the time.

"Dead Man Running" IF it is to be and IF Jake was in it and IF they could start filming toward the end of the year that would be nice..IF.
Still want him to do the musical and IF they could get that together could be filmed in 2010.
Lots of rehearsals go into musicals and you gotta be in shape. But then he would be.

sass said...

Evening UV, FL and babblers,
You cracked me up UV with your post back to anon mentioning the outfit.
I haven't see anything amiss in the few pics I took a look at.
Jake looks happy tired and wistful. Reese looks happy and comfy.
Some people say BC is a blessing...I will post my opinion on my blog one day but I have to thank it for my good old days I would have read all the J&A bike post on all blogs that same day...Now I catch up with one blog and I am so surprised at what I read
TY for the Popsugar post I voted and they posted back to me that it counted my vote, yet it's closed...whatever...I'm definitely posting 4/27/09 second edition.
love you all:)
I will have to talk with Premiere about Jake's number of deaths. 3 please. Their web site will be gone soon if they keep up this nonsense.
luv all babblers:)

get real said...

Hey everyone!

Love seeing Reese really rocking out and Jake rocking out to Jenny Lewis. They make me smile for sure! :D Thanks for all the videos and the very cute sighting!

WTF at no mention of all of Jake's memorable screen deaths. :/

Brothers Spy, thanks so much for info! Seems that is most likely the reason why we have new pics of Jake and Stephen Gaghan. Sounds great to me!

AK, good luck to your Bro-in-law, hope you are having fun in Fla., UV, great to see you (((SASS))). Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is super hot here in NYC.

agent_krycek said...

For those interested, my BIL completed the marathon in a highly respectable 3hrs 39 minutes =D Very hot, lovely day in London, and he raised loads of money for his cause as well - thanks for all your best wishes to him

chica said...

Congratulations to your BIL AK, well done!!

It's hot as hell here in NY, keep cool Sass, Get real and Bobyanna who ishere visiting!

extra said...

OT: well sort of. From lainey via page 6 of the NY Post:

Maggie getting married
Everyone’s getting married on location!

Page Six is reporting that Maggie Gyllenhaal will marry Peter Sarsgaard in Italy in May. Maggie and Peter are parents to 2 year old Ramona, have been together forever, seem very well suited, and are both extremely well respected among their peers though chances are, their wedding style will be significantly more low key than Salma and M Pinault. They don’t seem the splashy type.

Maggie is however, in her own unique way, a total fashion plate. The dress will matter. And since she’s so close to her brother Jake, it’s a good bet he and Reese Witherspoon will be around, as well as the likes of Liv Tyler and perhaps even Kate Winslet – they’re all in the same New York posh mommy circle.

Hi Sass!! So glad you posted, I was thinking about you, hope all is well.

Thanks for that tidbit Brothers spy!

Congratulations to your Brother -in -law AK!

extra said...

Forgot to add: They say that the wedding will take place the 2nd weekend in May. If true, it's interesting that they chose to get married abroad, in Italy.

Maybe Maggie or Peter are filming a movie or they plan on having their honeymoon there? Anyway, if this is true, congratulations to both, seems like they have been together forever!!

bobbyanna said...

Page Six gets it wrong more often than they get it right. I'd love to see a May wedding in Rome...which ever Gyllenhaal it is! :) Wonder what Reese's shooting schedule is?

Congrats to your BIL, Agent K!

I'll be heading home to Michigan today. Would love to figure out how to visit next time I'M in NYC.

chica said...

Hope you enjoyed your stay in NY bobbyanna, would love to hear about the TFF panel discussion on writers and directors at B&N on Sunday.

If you plan on returning to NY soon, give me a heads up, I would love to get together!

Page six is as reliable as the Star and the other rags, great if it's true though!

office of nancy pelosi said...

So Maggie and Peter may be getting married in May in Italy?? I wonder if they got the idea from Jake and Reese? I'll keep an eye and ear out for this story, we will know soon enough if it's true!

confused said...

I thought they were already married?

extra said...

A lot of people thought that after Maggie referred to Peter as her husband on a talk show, but then Peter called Maggie his partner!!!

Again, this is Page six we are talking about so who knows. I find it hard to believe that they would have that info leaked since they are so private and why Italy???

arianna said...

GOP stripped flu pandemic prepardness from stimulus. The GOP, the gift that keeps on giving:

If the marriage rumor is true for Maggie and Peter, I just want to wish them Mazel Tov!!!

sag actor said...

From Variety:

Relativity reaches deal with Lionsgate
Pact to cover up to five movies a year

The first title to be released under the pact is "Brothers," directed by Jim Sheridan and starring Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman in a drama about two brothers in love with the same woman. "Brothers," based on the 2004 film by Danish writer/director Susanne Bier, is expected to be released by Lionsgate later this year.

Hopefully we will get an actual relase date!!

Anonymous said...

thanks sag actor that is good news about brothers

suvee said...

Thanks for the Brothers update, sag actor.

Does this explain the delay in releasing Brothers? Was Relativity Media searching for a distributor? Can you tell how little I know about the workings of the film industry? :)

sheba baby said...

When the delay was announced, they said it was because Jake couldn't get time off from filming Pop to help promote it(this was in November I think). That didn't make sense to me since I would assume that there would have been some agreement with Disney to take some time off to promote Brothers.

He took time off from filming Rendition to promote Zodiac and Fincher, pain in the ass as he is (IMO) even gave Jake time off to promote BBM in January of '06 when he did Leno and Oprah, he was still filming Zodiac.

I never heard that the problem was lack of distributor (that was a problem for Nailed I think)

And then they were both supposed to screen at Cannes. Hopefully this news will mean that we will FINALLY get a release date, thanks sag actor!

Hello Sass!!!

UltraViolet said...

Back from Florida - had a great time. family fun, not business!

Sass! Good to hear from you. Stop by whenever you can :)

I feel like we have heard this Relativity news about 10 times. But I hope this means a real release date is imminent.

Natalie Portman has a new behind-the-scenes web site, with a Jim Sheridan interview, apparently. Hope that sheds some light on things!

New post!