Thursday, August 13, 2015

It's Southpaw Day

Apparently, it's National Left-Handers Day. I don't think they mean the movie, but why not take the chance to commemorate the holiday anyway and go see it! Jake celebrated by paying a visit to the Summer Camp at LB4LB Boxing, the home gym of Terry Clayton:

And here's a new/old Southpaw interview video:

The Everest website is up and running. And Outside did a cover feature on the movie. It's a good read. The photos are nice, too.

Nice photo of Jake and Jamie Lee Curtis, forth HFPA Banquet:


UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

So yesterday outside Equinox I mistook #JakeGyllenhaal for my fiancΓ©. I'd say that's a #win all around. #Weho

bobbyanna said...

Yaaay! I'm a southpaw! I didn't know we had our own holiday!

Jake looks amazing in these photos!

Mary said...

Nice pics indeedπŸ˜€. My daughter is a southpaw I.

Chica said...

A holiday for Southpaw how cool! Jake and Co. Looking good!!

BlueJean said...

Oh, I missed the Everest link Piruleta posted in the last post. Thanks, Piruleta!

Maybe it's good to know IHJ is back as well! I always read the magazine scans there, as I'm sure many others do.

Yes, Jake looks great! :)

Hagen said...

Deadline: Kim Basinger Joins Tom Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’

Basinger, who won the Oscar for L.A. Confidential, will play Anne Sutton, a wealthy Texas socialite and the mother of the character played by Amy Adams.

I don't think her character appeared in "Tony and Susan".

Monica said...

Amanda Mrozek ‏@Amanda_Mrozek 46m46 minutes ago Anaheim, CA
Jake Gyllenhaal at Disneyland (not taking pictures) @DisneylandCeleb

Patty ‏@iamtheampersand 46m46 minutes ago
Just walked by jake gyllenhaal at Disneyland. Dreams do come true.

Adrianna Mrozek ‏@Amrozek25 48m48 minutes ago
@DisneylandCeleb jake gyllenhaal walking to pirates!!


Christian Hall ‏@christianhall7 49m49 minutes ago
Just spotted Jake Gyllenhaal on Big Thunder Mountain @DisneylandCeleb

katrinajolee ‏@katrinajolee 54m54 minutes ago
Ran into Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal at Disneyland #blessed

brooke key ‏@brookekey3 54m54 minutes ago
Jake Gyllenhaal is at Disneyland rn, brb I'm literally crying

p ‏@p_farnsworth7 1h1 hour ago
jake gyllenhaal at thunder mountain railroad ️ @DisneylandCeleb

Kaysia Pajita ‏@kaysia_pajita 27m27 minutes ago


Janet Aguilar ‏@jvujacic18 11m11 minutes ago
Day has been made. Saw jake gyllenhaal on pirates! @DisneylandCeleb


Lauren Elizabeth ‏@mslaurentrendt 7m7 minutes ago
OMG was just right behind #JakeGyllenhaal on Indiana Jones! Baaaaabe

Marcus Mumford is with him!

Mary said...

Dang I was just there last week why couldn't he be there that day:(

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late to the party but I finally saw Southpaw. I thought the storyline itself was cliched but beautifully acted and beautifully executed. Jake looked outstanding and his performance was very thoughtful and provocative. Oona was fantastic and the scenes between Forest and Jake were very poignant. Would I see it again? Hell yeah.


Anonymous said...

Btw Ridley Scott will shoot the movie called "The Cartel" about Colombian drug cartel and I was thinking it would be much better occasion for Jake instead of MWMIS. If Jake is not producer of the movie I'd appreciate he backs up from this one with Fuqua, R. Scott is excellent director and I feel movie will be big production and high quality. Of course Scott doesn't have to offer it to Jake, but there would be still better chance.


Exodus said...

" R. Scott is excellent director and I feel movie will be big production and high quality. "

Ridley Scott who gave Christian Bale the biggest flop and worst movie of his career? YIKES

Exodus Gods and Kings directed by Ridley Scott on a total budget of $185 m opened last December with $24 m on 3500 screens, barely making $65 m total domestic.

Bale's first tentpole after Batman was a rotten flop with atrocious reviews from critics and audience, 27 rotten on RT, 36 audience score on RT. Bale failed in his first big solo after Batman thanks to Ridley Scott.

At least SP has 59 RT, 57 MC, 82 audience score on RT, A cinemascore. On a $30 m production budget, 55 m with marketing costs, it made $46 m domestic and over $60 m worldwide in 3 weeks, opening on only 2700 screens. It will surpass $50 m domestic next week on just 1700 screens.

Even with 59 RT for SP, Jake's career in last 3 years is doing better than Gosling or Bale

Ryan Gosling
57 RT My Life, directed by NW Refn
29 RT Lost River, written and directed by Gosling
80 RT Pines, directed by NW Refn
31 RT Gangster Squad
40 RT Only God Forgives, directed by NW Refn

Christian Bale
42 RT Knight of Cups, directed by Terrence Malick
27 RT Exodus, directed by Ridley Scott
93 RT American Hustle
53 RT Out of Furnace

FP said...

Bale is batman, an oscar winner and did I say batman?

Anonymous said...

Yes, he has some flops, but he is still one of the most acclaimed directors, I don't care of Christian Bale, every actor has a flop, Scott did Black Hawk Down, American Gangster (may be similar to Cartel - 266 mil WW), Gladiator, Hannibal, Body of Lies, Kingdom of Heaven, Prometheus and to portray any movie or as a story teller he has still more artistic hand than Fuqua. At least would be nice someone is watching Jake's movies. I can't imagine actor, who would refuse to work with him. Even Bale worked with him second time after Batman. SV

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Exodus. Those are interesting numbers. : )

Ridley Scott hasn't been doing good work in recent years, IMO. I'm afraid his best days are behind him. Prometheus was panned by critics and fans. I don't have the statistics, it was visually stunning, but with a confusing story line, and ridiculously implausible situations. I think it's hard to predict how something will turn out. I'm concerned because there are so many stories with similar subject matter and themes to TMWMIS, going all the way back to Traffic. So it seems derivative.

I know Antoine has a mixed record on his movies. But sometimes when an actor and his director are in sync, and they really collaborate, they can push one another to reach a level of excellence together, that they might not reach separately. I know Denzel and Antoine make beautiful "music" together, and maybe he and Jake will hit all their marks and come out with something unique. I'm concerned, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt. People are so optimistic about Tom Ford's second effort,m but there's no guarantee Nocturnal Animals is going to be great. I love the casting so far. Maybe I will start feeling better when I read casting news about TMWMIS. Who ever plays Jake's wife is going to be pretty critical. There's also ample opportunity for some scene stealing character actor to shine the way Forest & Jake shined in SP.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Jake in gangster role, but I have feeling that SP effort, all the training went for nothing, for him as an actor obviously not, I enjoyed the movie, too, but 55 MIL is desperately low sale, we cannot compare only budget vs. sale, it was in more than 2000 theaters and still. But unless Jake breaks the border of at least 100 MIL for movie he will be still "that" actor who is talented, but cannot sell the movie. Exodus problem was also somewhere else, they had troubles with cast as white actors playing Egyptians and so on, moreover it was second Bible movie after Noah, so it was also bad timing.

I must agree with some critics at least here, that SP is movie where actor and director are in completely different quality wave. Scott can bring at least audience regardless the critics, whether you like Prometheus or not, it made 400 MIL WW, American gangster 266 MIL, TMWHIS the same as The Cartel don't have to be "award" or "critics" movies, but the rest are sales and if they are talking about it now, there could happen unfortunate coincident that both movies will be out together, the cast is important too obviously, but when I saw The Cartel, it came immediately to my mind. SV

Anonymous said...

SV only a handful of actors can sell a movie. Its the subject that sales a movie these days, rather a screenplay from a movie or a comic book hero movie. For example it was not the actors in Straight Out of Compton that made it have a tentpole opening it was the subject matter.

Right now SP is 60 million world wide, sure I was hoping for more in North America but the screen count has dropped by 1000 and SP over performed the first week so it's hard for the movie to stick around for the rest of the summer. Maybe Weinstein will re-release it. I believe again it's Jake's bad luck in timing of the opening the movie. The summer is rough and MI took a lot of movie out from the week before.

Lots of actors can't sell a movie on their own, I don't think Chris Pratt would have done any matter in numbers with SP. You were pushing so hard for SP SV, what changed?

Anonymous said...

$63,221,625 (17.6 foreign) worldwide in 3 weeks, I am not sure if the foreign numbers are the most recent though. I think Jake owning his own production company will allow him to dictate more "box office" dictated roles if that is what he wants. Maybe he will direct the big box office movies.

bobbyanna said...

to say Southpaw's grosses are "desperately low" is completely off base. It's nonsense. You're wrong to characterize it that way, SV. It's not accurate at all. SP was never supposed to be a tentpole event. It was marketed as an adult movie, an alternative to the big flashy tentpoles and the kids' animated movies. it did very well in its category.

Anonymous said...

" worldwide in 3 weeks"

Sorry it's in its fourth week but still good IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Antoine Fuqua didn't write the story. Maybe the story would'be been more relevant 6 years ago as a sequel to 8 Mile like it was originally intended. All things considered, SP could've been just another boxing movie, except for the casting. Everybody they cast did an amazing job. It was great acting, and Jake and Antoine, the director, deserve credit for it. Maybe there were problems with the editing or pacing, and we wanted more of Rachel, or more of something else, but it was a damned good movie. It was Mission Impossible that swept away everything else that second weekend. Even MI producers were surprised because it outperformed expectations.

Hot Mess said...

It wasn't my intention to speak my mind until I've seen Southpaw, and I have 5 more days :::anxiously awaiting::: but this discussion is too intriguing to just read and not participate.

Don't compare apples with oranges, SV. Expectations for studio blockbusters and mid-budget independent films (like SP) are significantly different.

Prometheus made 126M domestic on a 130M production budget (180M total budget).
Domestically, Prometheus lost money.

SP made 46M domestic until now on a 25-30M production budget.
Domestically, Southpaw made money. Not much, but they keep coming.


SP's new foreign numbers are 18.4M. There are less foreign territories and screens for SP than for blockbusters, but with currently 64 M total, SP is already making a small profit.

Audiences clearly like SP. The reason people are freaking out is the 59 RT score. Someone said Fuqua gave Jake his lowest-rated movie in recent years, although 59 is close to Jarhead's 61 score, yet no one says he shouldn't work with Sam Mendes again.


Nobody can accurately predict what movie will work based on the actor headlining it. Numbers do prove that, post-Dark Knight, Ch. Bale cannot open another tentpole successfully, doesn't attract viewers and his indie Out of the Furnace and artsy Knight of Cups are failing on all accounts. Post-Batman, only one movie worked for him - because David O'Russell is on a hot streak.

Some actors are more in demand than Jake because of PR hype and studios' investment in them. Though studios are fully aware, after Exodus disaster, that Bale's starpower is fading. Same with Depp's last 5 flops. I'm afraid Jackman's status is similar: except X-Men/Wolverine and Prisoners, his last movies Butter, Movie 43 and Chapie did terribly.


You're not alone, Bobbyanna, pundits consider SP a mild success compared to the big productions that failed to deliver this summer:

“Man from UNCLE” cried “uncle”– $13.5 million for the weekend. That’s a total blow out. Surprising for so many reasons (...) Elsewhere, “Ricki and the Flash” pretty much caved (...) Meantime – surprise!~ – “Southpaw” is chugging along nicely at $45 million and still very much attracting audiences. Jake Gyllenhaal will get a Golden Globe nom and an Oscar campaign. Well done".

* Notice the Golden Globe phrasing.

There's also some Oscar talk for Jake, and I don't mean on our fanblogs but amongst AMPAS members.

"For the record, Brenda says her favorite current actors are Shailene Woodley, Ralph Fiennes and Tilda Swinton, while Marcia loves Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper. (...) Brenda also recommends Antoine Fuqua's Southpaw, a Jake Gyllenhaal boxing vehicle which she found "Breathtaking — he [Gyllenhaal] is going to get nominated big-time — I would vote for him!"

* Brenda Vaccaro is a veteran AMPAS voting member.

Not making a big deal, just saying there's talking. And if voting actors embrace his performance and endorse it later this year, critics could end up being "surprised".

Anonymous said...

I don't SP has even opened in all the foreign territories either. I still think Weinstein will not rush SP to video but will re-release it closer to the end of the year. And just maybe it will get some more screens back after the run of Fantastic Four and the Man from Uncle, both taking up entirely too many screens for such financial failures.

UltraViolet said...

It's a pity Southpaw didn't do better. But it is nowhere near "desperately low" box office. It is/will be considered a moderate hit. I hope Italy and Germany will embrace the movie and pump up those numbers a bit. And I hope it can eke its way to $50 million domestically.

While it's true that other stars also have trouble opening/selling non-tentpole movies, it still would have been nice for Jake to have an out-and-out hit. It didn't happen. But Southpaw is not a failure.

Fingers crossed that Everest overperforms.

All those Disney tweets! Thanks for posting, Monica. Jake is apparently at the Mumford and Sons show at The Forum in LA tonight. And he was at Soul Cycle today in L.A.

Monica said...

I think TMWMIS will debut in 2017, because Mag 7 has release date for next year, September 23, I don't think Fuqua will debut two films in the same year with few months apart.
If this is the next Ridley, then it will debut next year.

What is this obsession with cartel? I mean, Netflix also comes with a series this year on cartel; The Man Who Mad It Snow and now Ridley?

To find out whether The Cartel would be a better option for Jake, we need to know the story. I know nothing about this movie. And if the script is also bad?

Ridley is great, but his last films were disappointments.

Prometheus made 126M domestic on a 130M production budget (180M total budget).
Domestically, Prometheus lost money.

Yet Prometheus 2 received the green light, probably did well with sales of DVD and BD.
You have to take into consideration that Prometheus has an R-rating. So, it did very well. It opened over 50 million.

Knight of Cups has not yet been seen by all the critics, the score at RT is only from critics who saw in the Berlin Film Festival. It's also a Terrence Malick movie that has some detractors + won some detractors after the success of The Tree of Life. His films are for few, it's artsy. Don't expect that his films will be successful at the box office despite the stellar cast. He's a great director, one of my favorites.

Ridley Scott who gave Christian Bale the biggest flop and worst movie of his career? YIKES

Christian Bale is also responsible for it. He read that awful script and agreed to do this film.
BTW He turned down Everest because of Exodus. lmao

Hagen said...

"Everest" will be Jake's first movie since "Love and Other Drugs" that will be distributed by a major company (Universal) in Germany. Since LAOD all his movies have been semi-wide releases, including "Prisoners" and "Southpaw", or a limited one ("Enemy"). It certainly helps that the international rollout of "Everest" won't be stretched over several months. The topic is very well known, but there hasn't been a glut of such movies. Overall I think it's likely that "Everest" will do well internationally.

BlueJean said...

"I don't SP has even opened in all the foreign territories either."

That's right. Parts of Europe, for instance. Australia, I think.

Anonymous said...

I remember last year, some of the movies where actors got nominations were not successful either from a box office or from the critics' points of views.

UltraViolet said...

Marcus Mumford and Jake at Disneyland with Josh Gad. And Jake in LA yesterday.

Hagen, I am also glad to see a Jake movie released mostly simultaneously around the world.

Extra said...

I agree that Everest will do well internationally. It is a shame that SP didn't do better @ the BO, It did ok but I was disappointed when it fell out of the top 10.

I saw SP and Jake gives a stellar performance, loved him with McAdams just wish they had more screen time. The fight scenes were realistic and powerful. The cast did deserve a better script IMO but overall I loved the movie.

Good to see Jake hanging out with Marcus!

Hagen said...

Somehow I assumed that Jake would hang out with his nieces at Disneyland, but no, only adult men. xD

It doesn't look like "Everest" will be screened at TIFF, maybe Telluride or Universal will just skip the North American film festivals.

Anonymous said...

Judging from the pictures on IHJ, it looked like Marcus Mumford & Jake were with other people, a man with a receding hairline and a woman who seemed to be with him. Maybe they were showing visitors around Disneyland?

Anonymous said...

Acdl ‏@ACDLCOM 18h18 hours ago
Today press screening of #Everest #JakeGyllenhaal #JasonClarke #KeiraKnightley #JoshBrolin #RobinWright

Piruleta said...

Interview with Beck Weathers about Everest, he says people will be surprised by the film but that there are things he didn't like, like how Scott Fischer was portrayed

Hagen said...

Interesting interview, thanks for the hint, Piruleta:

They were also a little tough on Scott Fischer. They present him in a somewhat unflattering light. I think that’ll be difficult for [his widow] Jeannie and his family to see. That bothered me. There are things like that. But you have to put it in context. You have to accept that they won’t make the film in the ways that I saw the event or that other people saw it. It’s how the screenwriter saw it and how the director puts it together all these years later.

Jon Krakauer actually reported positively about Scott Fischer, but very negatively about Anatoli Boukreev, a mountain guide in Fischer's team.

UltraViolet said...

That's kind of disappointing to hear. I think Jake mentioned in the Outside article that he was concerned about portraying Fischer accurately. I know accounts of the events do vary. Still eager to see it, though.

Jake was at the Mumford concert again last night. Pictures here and here.

Tonight I watched a great show and I watched Jake Gyllenhaal watch a great show and I watched him watch me dance to said show and he smiled

Jake Gyllenhaal was 30 ft away from me the whole concert, and towards the end, Hilary Duff joined him. Mark Hoppus was invited onstage, too.

UltraViolet said...

Interesting interview with some actually new tidbits:

On Southpaw, the big change is that boxing trainer Terry Claybon “didn’t just teach me how to box, I really do believe he taught me how to be a better human,” he says.

Gyllenhaal had no boxing experience prior to hooking up with Claybon, but grew up a “sporty kid” and could “understand the competitive aspect”.

“But that had nothing to do with me being sporty — I think I’m just competitive!” he laughs. “Competition is something people understand whatever business they’re in.”

He also connected with the performance aspect of the sport: how a fighter strapping his hands and shadow boxing before a match is like a stage actor putting on his make-up and warming up his voice.

“You often hear boxers — I think it’s even a line in the movie — say, ‘We gave them a good show, didn’t we?’ You don’t come out to crazy music, being carried by four people with a king’s robe and crown, being followed by Justin Bieber, if there’s not a performance aspect to boxing.”

“I was just on Broadway and I’d walk out very differently. Before I walked out on stage I was popping my shoulders like before a fight — it loosens you up, it gets you relaxed, it tunes you to your instincts.”

Yet Gyllenhaal is adamant all that physical work is just the back end of a process he calls “primarily a very analytical” one. Finding Billy involved researching the foster care system, visiting facilities, watching boxing documentaries, borrowing the experiences of real orphans or boxers who’d faced tough times ... even pinpointing which exact hospital his character and McAdams’ would have delivered their baby in.

“A whole bunch of research and time and backstory goes into the creation of a character, because the more that I do that, the more I have accessible in scenes,” he says.

He points out this “specificity” is particularly important in boxing movies, “where there are so many tropes and landmines of cliche”.

The end product of this process is not only his gobsmacking (literally) performance on screen, but “hundreds and hundreds of pages” of research.

What happens to all those reams of research once a film wraps?

“I bind my scripts with all my notes in it, then I bind all the research and I put them, essentially, in storage,” he says. “Each one of the boxes that I have, of these recent movies in particular, is an experience. I have a physical example of the time spent, as well as things like my gloves that I collect.

“I’m not into keeping many things, but in terms of the process of making a movie, I try to keep a number of things to remind me of the energy I experienced.”

As Gyllenhaal alluded to, his recent work has been particularly memento worthy. And it’s required doing a lot with and to his body: Hitting the beat hard in End of Watch. Exhausting all leads as a detective in Prisoners. Losing the weight and mastering a coyote prowl in Nightcrawler. Climbing a mountainside in -30 degrees in next month’s Everest.

After a run like that, is he ready to do something where he just sits behind a desk for the duration of a film?

“Naaaaah.” He laughs. “No, I mean, it depends. It depends on how much it moves me, you know? If it moves me sitting behind a desk, then I’ll sit behind a desk ... AND I’LL RESEARCH THE S--- OUT OF THAT DESK.”

LOL. I like that he can recognize the absurdity. Never heard him talk about his scripts and what he does with them, either.

Anonymous said...

" then I’ll sit behind a desk ... AND I’LL RESEARCH THE S--- OUT OF THAT DESK.”

I can just see him doing that, hmm what is the desk saying to me? Am I one with the desk? Am I angry with the desk? What did the desk do to me? Is it wood or metal? Why does the desk blame me?

Lol, that was a good print interview. Jake seemed to have good rapport with the interviewer.

UltraViolet said...

It was a fun one!

Another photo of Jake from last night's concert.

And LOL at this tweet:

Screentime actor in boxing film spends messed up/crying/bleeding:
De Niro, Raging Bull:10 %
Stallone, Rocky: 20%
Gyllenhaal, Southpaw: 95%

Quick SP interview.

Another LOL:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL just walked past me!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ™πŸ»


yes girl! At the Mumford and sons concert like literally RIGHT next to me. My labia quivered

I just drooled over an old picture of him on tumblr too!!!! hoo my gotttt so sexy 😩!

we got a good view of him during the concert and we'd look over like "yup, still hott" πŸ˜‚

Hagen said...

Moviejones has published a positive review of "Everest" (four out of five stars, in German). The review praises the use of 3D in the movie. Jake is mentioned first in the lineup (even if it's a supporting role it's probably not a 'blink and you'll miss him' part). The film at least hints at the controversy about Anatoli Boukreev.

bobbyanna said...

This is completely off topic, but right now, my thoughts and prayers are with President Carter and his family as they deal with his health crisis. I hope his openness and his positive attitude will give strength and inspire other people facing similar challenges. I have always admired him, but never more than now. He's a man of uncommon grace.

Hagen said...

Just Jared: Armie Hammer Joins Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals' (Exclusive)
The 28-year-old actor – fresh off of his latest film The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – will be playing Amy Adams‘ husband in the new movie.

I liked his performance(s) in "The Social Network", so I'm fine with him joining the cast. He's 13 years younger than Amy Adams, quite unusual in Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Jake is younger than Amy, Jake is younger than Rachel M. Jake has worked with a lot of older women which is cool. Michelle M is older than Jake.

Anonymous said...

Hit me again!

BlueJean said...


That's a nice picture! ;) :) I like his beanie!

Anonymous said...

A brief italian interview with Jake came out few days ago...

He recalled the Venice experience with Brokeback Mountain (few lines about Heath), when it was clear right from the moved reaction by the press how special that movie was:"remembering that powerful feelings, coming back to Venice will be extraordinary but also deeply melancholic".
['Fate' note: BB was screened on the 2nd of Sept. 2005, so exactly the same day as Everest (ten years later)!]

Speaking about Everest (and all the controversies about that climb), he recalled the big responsability he felt to portray Scott Fisher in a correct way. He eventually did meet Fisher's sons and that was a turning point for him ( let's really hope that Fisher's family will be ok with the movie)...


Anonymous said...

"He eventually did meet Fisher's sons and that was a turning point for him ( let's really hope that Fisher's family will be ok with the movie)..."

Thanks Tina, I really don't believe Jake would portray a real life person in a disrespectful way. Even I know Scott Fischer was a live spirit. I honestly felt that guy's (Josh's character) interview was a bit of an ego trip. The movie is based on several accounts not just his. I wonder why he pointed out Jake's performance, maybe threatened that Scott Fischer's portrayal will overshadow his portrayal?

But hey I am biased.

UltraViolet said...

Trying to ignore the Armie Hammer news. Eek. Let's hope he and Aaron Taylor Johnson don't bring the rest of the cast down. I did like AH in The Social Network, but he hasn't done much good since.

Thanks for the early Everest review, Hagen. Fingers crossed the rest of the reviews are in the same vein.

Tina, thanks for the article info. I saw the interview and hoped we'd get a translation. Interesting twist of fate on the Venice dates. It is bound to be a bit melancholy for Jake, but I hope the Everest reception helps brighten things.

New post.