Sunday, August 23, 2015

ร‡a va bien

A mix of Southpaw and Everest promotional tidbits, starting off with a couple of fun Everest gifs.

And two Canada TV spots:


ET video on Everest with some nice shots of Jake kibitzing with the other actors and crew.

Kurt Sutter tweeted this poster for #FanArtFriday, which I agree is awesome. It's by this artist:

Love this pic from the Southpaw soundtrack:

This is a fun French interview:

A couple of Details outtakes. Hopefully Stephanie will get the unwatermarked versions someday!


BlueJean said...

He looked sooo good in the Details Magazine photoshoot!

Thanks for the new post, UV!

Chica said...

The gifs are really fun UV and the fan art poster is fantastic!

The outtake photos from Details are delish!

bobbyanna said...

UV. Those outtake photos. No words.

Good stuff. I love the gifs.

I have very mixed feelings about Armie Hammer in Nocturnal Animals, too.

Anonymous said...

Feel the same way with Armie in NA.

Thanks for the update, UV! Loving the gifs.

Sorry to be gossipy, but it appears Jake and Minka Kelly were spotted together at lunch - am I right in thinking there were rumours surrounding them a few years ago?

Happy Sunday! Miserable here in London. Hope the weather is treating you all better.

Minka again? said...

Where did you see that, Anonymous?

Anonymous said...

There were soms rumors in 2012 and 2014, so it seems. Couldn't find anything about today's lunch gossip though. Every woman he is seen with/has lunch with, is dating him according to the press. I would be dating tons of guys if it worked like that haha. Hollywood press is ridiculous and kind of sad. I would get so tired of it I guess

Anonymous said...

On the Daily Mail, and some other sites, saying they had lunch at Sugarfish (left separately but pictures of them both at the same parking lot)

I too would get tired of it.

UltraViolet said...

They were apparently at the same restaurant (Sugarfish) on the same day. According to the Daily Mail.

Southpaw opened in Germany this weekend. I don't think it did huge numbers, but apparently, it's doing well for the number of theaters it's in. A couple of fun interview answers

How were you received as a Hollywood star in the sweat-soaked world of boxing?
Cordially. There was even fighters who wanted to see me in my Broadway show. That moved me.

How do you deal with your personal anger?
Anger can be motivating, I find. But anger and hatred is not a good combination. The guy I play in the film is, in his heart a good man. Such men are rare in society. That's why I play the only true superheroes of the cinema summer ... (laughs).

Not perfect translation but the gist is there, lol.

From twitter:

So, Jake Gyllenhaal and I had a fun conversation about my tattoos today at work. So... THERE'S THAT.


gorgeous in person

my biggest celeb crush.

he was super nice. Chill

I don't know if she works at Sugarfish or where she works.

And from Friday:

When the entire Beckham family + Jake Gyllenhaal were in your SoulCycle class this morning. #ItsFine

Mary said...

Thanks UV lovethe details out takes . Well I'm of to Va tomorrow for 10 days to visit with my son but I'll be checking in ad often as u can.

UltraViolet said...

That's not nice, Monica! I am no Minka Kelly fan, and I hope it was all just coincidence. But no ned to be nasty.

In old Jake movie news, Duncan Jones retweeted a Southpaw article for some reason.

And in even odder news, Nightcrawler opened in Japan this weekend?

Anonymous said...

"Every woman he is seen with/has lunch with, is dating him according to the press"

Or a every attractive woman that takes a pic with him, hint hint Susan Sarandon. What an out of nowhere rumor from this weekend because of the pics of them at the Golden Globe event last week. Susan is gorgeous but the pictures were nothing romantic, how did they get "an affair or hooking up" from those pictures.

Canuck_Cutie said...

Minka was snapped leaving Sugarfish on Sat 22nd, Jake was snapped there on Fri 21st. I'd love to know how they'd manage to have lunch together on different days! Some Source Code action at work I think.

Anonymous said...

Typical Daily Mail.

Anonymous said...

There is a hopeful chance Southpaw will hit 50 million before its initial North American run is over. Still hoping for a re-release later on, it did over a million for the weekend with just over 1000 theatres, sucks that The Gift only lost 200 theaters during its 3rd week and SP lost nearly 600. Southpaw was better received by the movie goers than The Gift.

SP just needs one more point to hit 60% on rotten tomatoes though.

Leonor de Argentina said...

Thanks UV!!!

Anonymous said...

"Southpaw opened in Germany this weekend. I don't think it did huge numbers, but apparently, it's doing well for the number of theaters it's in. A couple of fun interview answers"

Apparently Southpaw had second place in Australia for its opening weekend just this weekend, with 1.5 million second to Vacation who had more screens. Here's hoping the international numbers do really well.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Those are good #'s from Australia, I think it will do well overseas. I saw Southpaw and Jake's performance was outstanding and he had a fine supporting cast with Rachel,Oona and Forest. Script wasn't anything new but everyone did a fantastic job with what they were given.

Luv the gifts and the Details out takes UV!

UltraViolet said...

Everest had a few sneak peeks tonight. Some Twitter and AW reactions:

#Everest Great movie! Go see it!

That awkward moment when you forget that you actually hate movies about mountain climbing. #Everest #itwaswellmadethough #oddlyspecificfears

Just saw Everest, need more shirtless Gyllenhaal plz. A finely shot film to see in IMAX though. Moderately entertaining. #everestimax

#EverestMovieReview: I didn't Everest my eyes once during the screening.

Saw a screening of Everest it was so good ;3; (@ AMC Barrett Commons 24 in Kennesaw, GA)

I'm emotionally distraught after watching that movie tonight. Don't ever climb Mount Everest. Ever

I just saw this. I'll answer any questions, but overall I thought it was pretty good. I guess I enjoyed it about as much as Gravity, but I wasn't a huge Gravity fan and it certainly isn't as impressive. Everyone does a good job, but the cast is so big that no one makes a huge impression. Clarke, Brolin, and Hawkes probably have the largest roles, in that order. Then maybe Gyllenhaal./ I could definitely see some tech nods, and if for some reason it really took out Clarke, Brolin, or Hawkes getting a supporting nomination wouldn't be totally egregious. Definitely worth seeing in IMAX.

This is unfortunate, if true:

Yeah, the sherpas were barely featured. There's one brief scene where two of them are throwing a hissy-fit at each other at base camp, but aside from that, they were pretty much non-existent.

That imdb poster also said some of the 3D is bad.

UltraViolet said...

Posted earlier today on FB:

Hi! I'm not sure who runs this account,and I've never done this before, but met jake tonight at Korean BBQ in Los angles. He offered my cousins and I some kimchi fried rice. If some how jake actually sees this, please tell him thank you for being so nice. It was refreshing to talk to someone who had such manners. smile emoticon I'm not sure if he'll ever see this, but I thought I might give it a shot.

And someone posted this a couple of days ago:

JAKE GYLLENHAAL FANs get jealous right now! I am at soul cycle minding my own business and the gentleman next to me said don't be nervous we are going to have fun. It's like a party in here. I start laughing and look over boom bright blue eyes. HELLO Jake. yes we chatted for a good 10 minutes before the class. ‪#‎sexy

UltraViolet said...

well… this movie was a sobfest. #Everest

Advanced Prescreening #EverestIMAX a must see! It was Suspenseful... Visual... Emotional ...if I was home I probably would have shamefully cried harder! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS REALLY HAPPENED

Just saw @everestmovie w/ @misskay_noexcuse @thejenagreenshow. We give it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ!

Seen the special screening of Everest and it was MIND BLOWING! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

#EverestMovie was amazing. Beautifully shot, wonderful performances, heartbreaking story. Needed a minute to gather myself after. #GoSee

Just got out of the @everestmovie screening. See it in IMAX 3D! I didn't breathe for the last 15 mins of the movie. #thinair

Thank you SO MUCH for the screening of Everest!! My parents and I were absolutely captivated by the film. WOW!!!
Today's screening at IMAX was "Everest." I don't understand how people put their bodies through such torture as well as endangering others. The cost alone to climb is $65,000 (1996 prices). Review: A-

Forgot to say hello, Leonor! Longtime no see. Hopefully you got to see Southpaw. Hii to Canuck_cutie, OoNP, as well. And everyone else out there :)

Also, someone on twitter mentioned seeing a TV ad for it. About time!

Kristie said...

When you read those fun stories of people meeting Jake in normal places always makes me sad I live at the other side of the world haha. He seems so nice and everything in situations where he is randomly socializing!

BlueJean said...

"When you read those fun stories of people meeting Jake in normal places always makes me sad I live at the other side of the world"

Well, this ^^^^^ :)

Someone on the DC forum who met Jake after seeing 'Constellations' said he was "a regular guy", and how the media always does such a fine job of making him seem larger than life, while he is actually "normal". That's always so refreshing to read :)

Anonymous said...

"while he is actually "normal". "

I love Jake to pieces but he isn't normal (a bit eccentric I think which I love) LOL. And he is certainly not Hollywood or at least not anymore.

Anonymous said...

I saw the first shot on IHJ and it looked like a painting, he so handsome grisly bear and all.

Piruleta said...

A short video from LSOH (sorry for the link but for some reason the code doesn't work on my tablet :/)

glad to see those good reports from the Everest's screening

BlueJean said...

"... he isn't normal (a bit eccentric I think which I love"

Anon, I didn't mean "normal" in a bad way ;) I hope Jake's a bit eccentric as well, I always like that in people. Free spirit and all that :) And "not Hollywood"? You mean "not glamorous" or something like that? I think you could call that "normal"... sort of ;) ;)

In the end, he's just a human being like the rest of us :)

P.S. Oh, that first Everest shot... it's truly epic!

Anonymous said...

Oh no BlueJean, I wasn't criticizing your comment, it just made me giggle, I knew what you meant.

Totally off topic but why do people care so much if they believe something is untrue about a Jake sighting? Its silly to call people liars, I believe the sighting as I have no reason not to believe.

bobbyanna said...

LOL your trollish behavior is offensive to me. We weren't there so we don't know what came before after or during the encounter. We don't know anything about the circumstances.

ANon 5:03 I agree, this is really a very trivial matter. No point in arguing with a troll.

Canuck_Cutie said...

The Toronto Film Fest schedule went up today.

Demolition is showing as premiering twice on the Thurs night (Sept 10th) at 6:30 pm & 8pm. I know they've done that in the past but i don't know if the cast would attend both premieres or just the one. Demolition then screens for a third time on Fri 11th at 12 pm.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks for posting the Little Shop link, Piruleta. If you search youtbune, there are more videos. Not a lot but it's fun to see Jake singing. Not posting them here because I don;t want them to get taken down.

More Everest tweets:

@JakeG_Online saw an early screening last night, very good but so sad๐Ÿ˜ข #Everest

Just saw the movie #Everest, walked across Central Park to get home, got winded climbing a small hillock.

Watching #Everest makes me not want to climb anywhere....ever @everestmovie

Mesa Rim was given advanced screening tickets to see #EverestMovie! We were on the edge of our seats the entire time!

llast night's screening of #EVEREST was #iNTENSE ... my heart could barely handle it ... but i made it to the ๐Ÿ” i mean ๐Ÿ”š #ThankYou @everestmovie ๐Ÿ—ป #ConquerYourMountain

Was treated to an advanced screening of @everestmovie tonight & was NOT disappointed! Very good movie! Must be seen in IMAX/3D. #Everest

So-so review:

moviesmaniac๐ŸŽฅEARLY REVIEWS๐ŸŽฅ ❄#Everest: Expect the expected, Everest is a drama/thriller film that provides some decent dramatic moments and visually impressive thrills all of which are pretty much average, predictable, and at the end, forgettable. [C+]

No idea if this is real or true. But if it is, it's funny!

Walking around the streets of Morocco on holiday and snapped this random picture of you. Did you know you are the face of the Gent's Public Baths in Marrakech lol! ๐Ÿ˜‚

That overlapping premiere schedule is annoying. I don't know which one to try to go to.

Not as many Everest reactions tonight. But I do love that first shot. Epic, indeed.

Piruleta said...

That so-so review… it's a shame none of the people who were there in 1996 couldn't predict what happened to them.

Anonymous said...

"Walking around the streets of Morocco on holiday and snapped this random picture of you. Did you know you are the face of the Gent's Public Baths in Marrakech lol! ๐Ÿ˜‚"

LOL, didn't Jake film in Morocco during POP? Maybe that's the country's homage to him. The pic does look like it's from the POP promo days. I would love for that to the Men's sign in America, of course it would probably cause inferior complexes for other men going to the bathroom.

UltraViolet said...

I think the photo is from 2007 Cannes. I'm assuming it's on just the one bathroom, but who knows! LOL.

Piruleta, from what I can see, most people don't really know what happened, either.

Not embedding the video, because the ET videos always autostart and then you guys won't stop complaining :) Some nice shots of Jake with the actors and crew. Updated the post with one of the stills.

And tonight:

CBS Los Angeles ‏@CBSLA 24m24 minutes ago
Tonight on @TheInsider, Jake Gyllenhaal & Josh Brolin take us through the rough filming conditions of #EverestMovie!

A couple more reactions:
Everest (2015): it's crazy how folks want to climb Mount Everest. Rating: A- @EsquireImax bumped the movie up a notch. #EverestMovie

So today I saw a screening of this movie ( coming soon to theaters) and it was actually amazing!! For me horror, action, and syfi are what I like so this definitely didn't disappoint. I won't give any spoilers so y'all should just go see it and fine out yourself

Another review. More positive, but not overwhelmed:

Although the movie has a fantastic cast and the panoramic views of Everest are breathtaking, Everest plays off more as a glorified documentary than a work of cinema. Not saying it isn’t impressive–certainly the movie has some very impressive elements–but, it lacks the cinematic structure of a traditional movie plot/subplot, theming, and subtext. It pretty much is what it is: a reenactment of an actual event on the treacherous slopes of the rooftop of the world. Shot mostly in the French Alps (sic), with pickup shots and IMAX footage of Everest herself, the footage is beautiful and inspirational. If you dare to ascend the forbidden mountain, be sure to do it in IMAX!

BlueJean said...

"Everest plays off more as a glorified documentary than a work of cinema."

That's how I feel about most mountain disaster movies - not that that's a bad thing. You can talk about plots, subplots, subtexts and all that - but it is what it is, as they say. Based on a true story, so they can't really put too much fiction and / or "traditional film making" in it. I don't think that would work at all. Has anyone here seen 'Touching the Void'? That's the sort of vibe 'Everest' will have, I guess - without the anecdotes.

Overall, I liked 'Touching the Void'. I hope 'Everest' will be as good, but I have to say I'm not hugely looking forward to it. It's just too much "another mountain movie" to me at this moment. I'll hopefully enjoy it for its landscapes and all that and I'm sure it'll look great on the big screen, but I'm afraid Jake's role won't really stand out compared to the rest of the cast.

bobbyanna said...

I guess the trick is, with a movie like Everest, the Director hsa to set up some kiind of dramatic tension, some sense of foreboding, and then make us "care" about the characters and their personalities, their backstories, etc. That's about all you can do with a true story because as you point out, Blue Jean, there's a limit to what they can do. This is not The Eiger Sanction, a work of fiction with mountain climbing featuring prominently, it's more like Titanic. : )

Sometimes I look at photos of that face, and it's just perfect. The camera loves Jake. : )

Piruleta said...

You're right UV, I guess most people don't know what happened, I didn't either until I read the book, but I expect the critics to do some research before they judge the film.

My God, the gossip media has gone totally crazy this week: Susan, Dakota, now Taylor again. Isn't it weird that all these stories are coming out almost simultaneously?

Piruelta said...

I don't care about what Taylor Swift does in here life. I just posted that comment because I thought it was kind of "fun" that all these stories came out almost at once.

This guy from reddit saw Everest, gives some details and answers some questions:

- It was a visually stunning [film]
- the characters were believable
- the cinematography didn't distract me from the events of the movie at all (…) the story was never overshadowed [by the CGI]
- Everest itself was almost a character in the movie


- Jake Gyllenhaal played his character well. By design, you don't feel as emotionally connected with him but he turns in a solid performance
- Is Gyllenhaal's role cameo-ish? Nah, he's got a pretty significant role. Massive beard, too

UltraViolet said...

Good to know, Piruleta! And I know you weren't trying to stir up TS drama. Anon comment deleted :)

New TV spot.

And more from twitter:

Just came from a screening of #EVEREST. Superb. Heartbreaking. Go see it. #intothinair

I'm taking mountain climbing off my bucket list.
#everest #movie #screening #jakegyllenhaal #jasonclarke

Went to a free screening of #Everest in @IMAX 3D on the largest screen in Orlando. Movie wasn't what I was expecting, but was still good.

Anonymous said...

"My God, the gossip media has gone totally crazy this week: Susan, Dakota, now Taylor again."

Team Susan, LOL. Just kidding but I agree Piruleta, I thought the same thing. Don't forget Minka. I wonder who it will be next? It should be a game.

Ann said...

My God, the gossip media has gone totally crazy this week: Susan, Dakota, now Taylor again. Isn't it weird that all these stories are coming out almost simultaneously?

This same thing happened a few months ago during the Golden Globes. Only then it was Dakota, Taylor and Ruth.

Anonymous said...

I read in one article he has 5 points plan how to win TS back. If I can pick from those 4 ladies, Sarandon is the best LOL. SV

UltraViolet said...


A gay man's guide to EVEREST: Jake Gyllenhaal gets shirtless, Elizabeth Debicki is in it, Robin Wright plays a Republican named Peach/Any additional thoughts are embargoed, alas


Thats enough for me!

Lucky Bonnie:

Bonnie Laufer Krebs
You know you've interviewed #jakegyllenhaal a lot when you walk in the room, he gets up and gives you a big hug and a kiss. #everest #awesomemovie #seeyouagainsoonattiff #demolition

Anonymous said...

" Jake Gyllenhaal gets shirtless"

No butt?

UltraViolet said...

Nipples, apparently:

So #JakeGyllenhaal just spent 90% of our interview talking about his nipples. #NeverADullMoment #Everest

Ann said...

LOL Anon @ 3:11, were the pictures of Jake's butt that leaked from the set not enough? :P

I hope Everest promo kicks into gear soon, I feel like it's been a lot calmer than the Southpaw coverage.

UltraViolet said...

It seems to be getting there, Ann. Compared to Southpaw, it's not as intense yet. But Venice should start the avalanche, pardon the pun.

Nice on-set interview. He talks about the cast camaraderie and being inspired by Scott Fischer.

I don't know much about all of this, so it's all new to me. I'm surprised/puzzled at all of the complaints that this is well-trod territory. I'm happy to see it because I'm not so familiar with the story.

BlueJean said...

I've read the "Into Thin Air" book many years ago. Pretty amazing read. Since then, I've read three more Jon Krakauer books - I was hooked! ;) Right now, I'm wondering whether a new 'movie edition' of "Into Thin Air" will be released. It happened with Josรฉ Saramago's "The Double" (Enemy) as well.

BlueJean said...

*searches for the nipples interview*

;) :) :D

UltraViolet said...

LOL - not sure it's available yet, BJ!

I see a lot of people tweeting these links, so no point in hiding it, I guess. This is the link to see Jake in LSoH. They have most of the highlights except Suddenly Seymour.

You should definitely check it out if you haven't looked yet.

Piruleta said...

Thanks for the links UV! you should give the book a try. it's really good. I'm thinking about reading it again before the movie opens :D

BlueJean said...

Am I the only one who wishes some clips of 'Constellations' will ever see the light of day? There's one clip online, but it focuses on Ruth (Tony Awards show).

I'm not asking for the entire performance - just a few clips will do.

Anonymous said...

Hey guess what? SP is at 60% on RT.....for now

Ann said...

No you aren't BlueJean, I would love to see recording of Constellations.

UltraViolet said...

Yay - I've been hoping Southpaw could eke its way to Fresh! It will probably go back down but I'd love it to stay there.

Now it has to hit $50 million. It's over $70 million world-wide, which is great. Very popular in the UK, with more than $12 million.

A clip of Jake in Everest. I'm refraining. Since Jake has limited time in the movie, I don't want to spoil any of it.

I wish there were good recordings of Little Shop, Constellations and If There Is.

UltraViolet said...

LOL. We know Jake is obsessed with The Goonies:

Chris E. Hayner ‏@ChrisHayner
Jake Gyllenhaal asking Josh Brolin about his Goonies headband is my everything at this #Everest press day.

From another junketeer:

Kristien Morato ‏@KristienMorato
Great day of interviews with #JakeGyllenhaal, #JoshBrolin and #JasonClarke. #Everest is hands down my favorite movie of the year so far! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

And one with photos:

Hawkes, Clarke, Brolin, Kormรกkur, Kelly, Watson, Gyllenhaal..& me in the same spot for 1/2 hr. And they talked to me!


Anna Klassen ‏@AnnaJKlassen 1h1 hour ago
Jake Gyllenhaal has sabotaged #EverestMovie press day & won't stop asking Josh Brolin Qs about GOONIES.

Michael Dequina ‏@twotrey23
#JakeGyllenhaal has a laugh to himself at #Everest press conference #film #cinema #movies …

He has a few photos. And here's a Periscope of some of the press conference. It's pretty long, actually. We get to see the Goonies discussion, lol.

And Jake's hair doesn't seem totally slicked, thank the heavens.

Stars - they are just like us! Well, minus the swooning:

Swooning so hard cause I just spoke with Jake Gyllenhaal ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


yesssss ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ on the phone I worked his credit card account. I was swooning so bad haha

I hope you were like "hi thank you for calling citi I love you"

hi thank you for calling citi plz fuck me lmao
0 retweets 2 favorites

hi thank you for calling citi this is Rariana half shirt and I would very much appreciate sexual intercourse with you.

lmfao I wish I could have said that to him...

bobbyanna said...

UV, thanks for posting the news conference. I really enjoyed it. I was glad for the chance to glimpse "Balt's" personality, too. He seems like a very likable guy.

UltraViolet said...

Started a new post.