Saturday, January 4, 2014

Meet the filmmakers

We saw that poster first in September, but now, it's official. And comes with a release date for the United States: March 14.

On Sunday, Canadians got a chance to hear Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve discuss their first collaboration, Enemy, selected as one of Canada's Top Ten Film Festival.

Also back in September, Jake, Denis and Hugh Jackman did a Prisoners event at the Apple store in London. It's now available on youtube:

There are some pretty funny moments in it - definitely worth a watch.

You can also listen to the Source Code MTF session here. I don't remember hearing or watching that whole event before.

Photo by Patrick James Miller for Variety Magazine.


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bobbyanna said...

Really enjoyed the video of the London Apple store, UV. That was fun.

I'd love to see Jake, Hugh & Denys work together again.

We're having a "heatwave." Temps are in the 20's. LOL! Expecting between 8-12 inches of snow tonight.
I made a milk run. : )

UltraViolet said...

More snow, Bobbyanna? Noooo! It's cold here but I did get out to do some errands. I think we're supposed to warm up tomorrow. I hope some of the white stuff goes away.

Hope everyone is keeping warm out there!

A couple of funny Jake tweets:

Good morning Jake Gyllenhaal, nice of you to sit next to me on the 1 train this fine morning, love the beard ;)

Currently on a group text where one of the girls is walking a half block behind jake gyllenhaal for as long as she can

Hope there's an update!

Anonymous said...

Emily Vieira ‏@emilythatginger 7m
Cheers to my last weekend in the USA and to a Jake & Maggie Gyllenhaal sighting. My sister with Jake…

Chica said...

That was a fun video, thanks UV! Looking forward to hearing about Jake and Denis at the Top Ten Film Festival.
It's going to warm up to the 40's today in NY and then it's back in the teens tomorrow!

bobbyanna said...

Chica, it's hovering about 28-30 degrees here right now, and SNOWING. The snow will get heavier and temps are dropping. They're predicting -13 below. With high winds Mon. & Tues. :(
I guess I should be glad I'm not in Minnesota.

My nephew took a 7:15 AM flight into NYC with no problems this morning, but later flights were cancelled.

My brother says I'm turning into my mother. She monitored the Weather Channel every day! LOLOL!

UltraViolet said...


pls confirm the 3PM Villeneuve/Gyllenhaal event is on. I need to know if I should continue this shower.

Fear not:

The In Conversation With... with Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal is on today at 3:30pm. The red carpet prior to has been cancelled.

Due to travel delays caused by inclement weather, the red carpet prior to the In Conversation With... event is cancelled today.

At least we know he's there:

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal at Pearson International Airport... Right in front of us

He wasn't detained by this person, luckily!

You guys, you guys. This is the back of Jake Gyllenhaal's seat, his air vent, pictured. He's asleep…

Somebody quotes this on twitter - not sure of the authenticity or the source:

'I find Jake Gyllenhaal a very interesting young actor - very dark, handsome, magnetic. I like him.'' -Ben Stiller

UltraViolet said...

Found the source of the Stiller quote.

UltraViolet said...

You can follow along here. Seems like a great conversation. I'd love to see some video.

Jake is looking very mountain man.

UltraViolet said...

Enemy was shown last night, and there were some harsh responses on twitter:

Enemy: Stupid. In its brooding, terrible script and poor use of silence inspired many fits of unintended laughter. 1/5 #TIFFCTT

ENEMY was one ugly, weird, and sometimes confusing film. #tiffctt

I'll check around for more - forgot to post those last night.

From today:

#JakeGyllenhaal is very funny, charming & good looking at the #tiffbelllightbox #anenemy

Anonymous said...

Taking the stage very soon Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal. #TIFFCTT

Monica said...

Synthia T. ‏@synthiat 4m
Great In Conversation with Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal. Learned AND laughed a lot! Love the relationship between the two! #TIFFCTT

Jonathan Dekel ‏@jondekel 2m
Jake Gyllenhaal's security detail is standing outside waiting for him to 'finish up' (@ TIFF Bell Lightbox for Enemy)

Nadya Teja ‏@nadyateja323 19m
Seeing Enemy staring Jake Gyllenhaal and he decided to come to the screening #TIFF natashateja323 @…

Tara Logue ‏@ohteebs 28m
My terrible photo of Jake Gyllenhaal & Denis Villeneuve #prisoners #enemy

UltraViolet said...


This whole talk at @TIFF_Net is like "I Love You, Man pt. 2 starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve." 👍👍

Jake signing autographs before the talk.

Mary said...

Just Jared has some pics of Jake arriving at Toronto airport sporting his favorite pants:)

The weather here in southern Ca is warm in the 70's hope every one on the east coast is staying warm and safe.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Ouch! Those are some pretty harsh comments regarding Enemy. I'm still very anxious to see it.

Still like Siberia here im CT, brrrrr!

Monica said...

60 minutes ago
Screening of "Enemy" with director Denis Villeneuve, Sarah Gadon and Jake Gyllenhaal

He's hot with this new look!

Mag said...

Thi Ky ‏@tiki_88 45m
Screening of "Enemy" with director Denis Villeneuve, Sarah Gadon and Jake Gyllenhaal

Monica said...


Anonymous said...

"He's hot with this new look!"

Was there wind inside the building? If not combed is a new look than yes Jake rules. I think he kept the length for the new Everest role? I wouldn't mind seeing Jake blonde though just for fun.

Anonymous said...

"He's hot with this new look!"

Was there wind inside the building? If not combed is a new look than yes Jake rules. I think he kept the length for the new Everest role? I wouldn't mind seeing Jake blonde though just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Brianne Hogan ‏@briannehogan 15m
Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve were the cutest Odd Couple. Great event and, yeah, I could get lost in Jake's beard. #TIFFCTT

Cameron Bailey ‏@cameron_tiff 34m
Thanks, @mullenbrian & everyone at today's Denis Villeneuve + Jake Gyllenhaal conversation @TIFF_NET. #brothersfromothermothers

Alia DeSantis ‏@littlelulu34 37m
Loved "In Conversation with Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal". It was such an amazing experience! #tiff @TIFF_NET

Maliha ‏@Maliha_Gangat 48m
@TIFF_NET Wow the in conversation was actually really fun & loved how laid back they were! Jake Gyllenhaal is so down to earth in person!!

Kate O'Connor ‏@TheNotoriousKAT 2m
Wonderful seeing Director Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal at @TIFF_NET screening for Enemy. Fantastic film. #TIFFCTT

Hagen said...

Kathe Rogers ‏@KatheRogers
A wonderful talk and a fascinating film! RT @TIFF_NET: "I'm a better director when I work with Jake," says Denis Villeneuve. #TIFFCTT

heidizarse ‏@pwnny
Villeneuve double-feature today: PRISONERS is thrilling, ENEMY is a great brain teaser. Both really give you something to chew on. #TIFFCTT

Angelo Muredda ‏@amuredda
Do I only love ENEMY because it plays like a freewheeling parody of every other sombre Villeneuve film? Maybe I don't care.

Leora Heilbronn ‏@leoraheilbronn
Is Enemy Villeneuve's Eyes Wide Shut? #TIFFCTT

Dilani Rabindran ‏@dilani_r
Gyllenhaal on Villeneuve, re: #Enemy: "[he had] that NEED (not want) to tell a story, which is so rare now in this industry"

Hagen said...

Another one posted the link to read the script.

Thanks, the comments on "Nightcrawler" are very promising. Now I'm tempted to read the script.

bobbyanna said...

I have to confess, I have read the Nightcrawler script. I have no idea whether it's the script they actually used to shoot the film, and I treated it as if I were reading a novel, that was made into a movie.

All I want to say is, we have never seen anyone like this main character, Lou, in Jake's filmography. I don't recall ever seeing anyone like this period, and I've watched a lot of movies.

It has elements of black comedy and true darkness. I'm really looking forward to it.

We're having real TDAT weather here. Temps are plummeting, wind is picking up...and the sun is out. I've got about 9 inches of snow. Everything is closed.

Anonymous said...

"Everything is closed"

And that seems to be the entire country.

Anonymous said...

Debra DiGiovanni ‏@DebraDiGiovanni 1h
STOP EVERYTHING!! JAKE GYLLENHAAL JUST WALKED PAST ME! We breathed the same air and stuff. Very sexual.

Monica said...

Most Antecipated Films of 2014

63. "Nightcrawler"
Synopsis: A young man begins work as a freelance crime journalist in L.A.
What You Need To Know: As far as directorial debuts, "Michael Clayton" was one of the best of the last decade, marking director Tony Gilroy as a definite filmmaker to watch. As such, we've got our eyes locked on "Nightcrawler," the first movie by Tony's younger brother Dan, a screenwriter in his own right (credits include "The Fall" and "The Bourne Legacy"). Jake Gyllenhaal, who's been going from strength to strength recently thanks to things like "Prisoners" and "Enemy," takes the lead here with Bill Paxton, Riz Ahmed and Rene Russo in support, while "Michael Clayton" and "There Will Be Blood" cinematographer Robert Elswit is the DoP.
Why It's Anticipated: Dan Gilroy's credits aren't as dazzling as his brother's, but there's enough there to get excited about this, especially with a premise, that while is mostly under wraps, sounds like it could be dark, pulpy fun, shining a light on a world that's not often been seen on screen. But the main reason we're pumped for this is Gyllenhaal, who's been consistently excellent of late, and should have a role to really get his teeth into here (he even put himself in hospital while shooting the film, so he sounds pretty committed). It's good to see the hugely talented Riz Ahmed from "Four Lions" get a big American role too.
Release Date: TIFF seems likely.

UltraViolet said...

A negative Enemy review, but with a lot of praise for Jake.

You get to see the two Jakes encounter each other in the brief clip during this interview.

Interesting comments from Jake on one of the final scenes in Prisoners. That drive to the hospital is just a fantastic sequence. Logical issues aside, it's so tense, intense and gorgeous. Just a wonderful job by all involved.

Hagen said...

I have to confess, I have read the Nightcrawler script.
It has elements of black comedy and true darkness. I'm really looking forward to it.

That sounds intriguing, bobbyanna. I guess I'll end up reading the script, too.

That drive to the hospital is just a fantastic sequence.

That's my favorite scene in "Prisoners". I particularly like Deakins' camera work and the score in that sequence.

Tom Goodman-Hill has been cast to play Neal Beidleman, one of the mountain leaders in Scott Fischer's team, in "Everest".

bobbyanna said...

Found this cute exchange between Homer Hickam & a friend:
suzyweibel ‏
@HomerHickam Did you go through Charlotte? My husband thought he saw you there today.

Homer Hickam ‏@HomerHickam 2h
No, Atlanta. Maybe it was Jake Gyllenhaal!

Of course Jake/TDAT references are all over twitter.

Thanks for those links, UV. I would not say Enemy is to everyone's taste, but my reaction to that particular criticism, that Denys failed to make us "care"about Jake's characters, was that maybe that guy missed the point. my own reaction is that we were getting a peek at someone in the midst of turmoil. I had a sense of dread, and I thought Denys was very effective in mining a sense of anxiety, even menace, from his audience. I look forward to other reactions from people as they see it.

UltraViolet said...

Just updated with a youtube clip from Sunday :)

Anonymous said...

Moonfoxa ‏@Moonfoxa 1h
Фото: just-jake-gyllenhaal: W Magazine Behind the Scenes: Best Performances 2014

Anonymous said...

Not exactly shocking news ... Alyssa and Jake are no longer together

Tweety said...

I love that clip of Jake and Denis. I hope they get to work together again. I'm loving the description of Nightwalker! Can't wait!

Monica said...

Anyone having trouble accessing W Magazine?

Ahh Alyssa and Jake were a cute couple. I wish the best for both.

Realist said...

"Anyone having trouble accessing W Magazine"

If it helps I access the link from twitter and went from there. Its a pic of him during his weight loss time.

Realist said...

This just cracked me up but it appears its the sentiment of a lot of ladies on twitter:

Morgan Carroll ‏@MAC_518 12m

"Jake Gyllenhaal is back on the market. It's great day to be an American and Volunteer."

bobbyanna said...

Me, too, monica. I feel bad to actually read it, even though we suspected it. I wish them both the best. I really do like Alyssa and they made a stunning couple.

Jake had an impossible shooting schedule when he was working on Nightcrawler, and based on his own previous statements, he has probably been preparing for Everest.

The locations include London, Italy, Nepal, and possibly Iceland. Don't know if he'll have to be in all those places, but I suspect he will probably be in Italy and London for sure. Alyssa's job has her traveling a lot, too.

UltraViolet said...

That's too bad abut Jake and Alyssa. But not exactly a surprise at this point.

That's a funny tweet, Realist. There are a lot of amusing reactions.

Tweety, the clip was so much fun. I hope we get to see more, and that Jake and Denis work together again. I was hoping someone would ask Sarah Gadon if it was hard to work with the two of them, because they seem like their bond is so intense. It might be difficult to break into their club.

Monica said...

Tonight is the National Board of Review in New York, but I don't know if Jake came back from Toronto.

UltraViolet said...

I see Maria Bello and Melissa Leo there but no Jake :( But there are not a lot of photos.

BAFTA nominations tomorrow. I'm hoping the Brits come through for Jake, but it probably won't happen.

Here's a good intervirew with Denis, where you get to see a little more of the two Jakes in Enemy. It's a little bit of a spoiler/the beginning of an intense scene.

UltraViolet said...

Forgot to mention that in the clip the interviewers say that Sarah G talked about the Denis/Jake relationship, but I didn't see that part in the interview clip they posted.

I added another portrait photo of Jake from the Variety Magazine shoot.

And this Jake instagram account has a quote from the W story:

“The first movie I remember seeing was Gigi. My mother and sister sort of forced me to watch it when I was 4 or 5. I remember Gigi getting drunk and being unclear about why her behavior was suddenly so erratic. I remember thinking, Why is this person acting so strangely? As for her being a prostitute, that I got immediately.”

It's a shame that Jake was in his way-too-skinny phase for the W story.

UltraViolet said...

A short video clip from Sunday.

And an interview with Jake and Denis. It's towards the end of the segment, around the three-minute mark.

Any Canadians out there. ET Canada apparently has a clip with Jake talking about his first cinematic crush, but their videos won't play in the U.S.

James Franco posted this on his tumblr on Sunday:

Sorry for not posting today. I met Jake Gyllenhaal and then was called into work so I haven’t been home in 14 hours.

As enigmatic as ever, that one.

sami said...

Das habe ich kommen sehen.Jake und
Alyssa hat man die ganze zeit nicht mehr zusammen gesehen.Für mich war es klar,das es nicht halten würde.
Dafür waren sie zu lange getrennt.
Trotzdem wünsche ich Jake alles
alles Gute.Er braucht jemanden der
auch Zeit für ihn hat.

Monica said...

Only Melissa Leo, Maria Bello, Paul Dano and Terrence Howard were there, UV. I wonder if Jake still in Toronto or if he's already in Italy?

lol James Franco.

bobbyanna said...

Doesn't Jake go to Palm Springs for a U.S. premiere screening of Enemy on January 9th?

Realist said...

" I met Jake Gyllenhaal"

I wonder if he meant he had met with Jake or if he was meeting Jake for the first time. The latter I highly doubt since there are pictures of the two from awards ceremonies. But knowing Franco, he may have forgotten due to overstimulation.

Anonymous said...

James Franco & Jake are friends.

Hagen said...

The American Society of Cinematographers has nominated Roger Deakins for his work in "Prisoners".

Hagen said...

Iceland Cinema Now: Baltasar Kormákur’s Everest, produced by Cross Creek Pictures, Walden Media and Working Title Films for Universal Pictures, will commence filming next week in Nepal. The production will then move to Italy and finally head for the 007 soundstage at Pinewood.

Main cast include Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Jason Clark and Icelandic actor Ingvar E. Sigurdsson (Jar City) who’ll play Russian mountaineer Anatoli Boukreev.

Anatoli Boukreev was a mountain leader in Scott Fischer's team (and will probably have quite an important role in "Everest").

Realist said...

So no Bafta nomination for Jake?

Anonymous said...

No nominations for Prisoners in general. It's been shut out from awards. I don't understand why, fierce competition? That's why I'm sad Jake didn't go to NBR for best ensemble award, the only recognition they got. Can't help thinking he didn't go because of the latest gossip news potentially overshadowing the award. Press would've been all over him asking about Alyssa instead of Prisoners. Why did US Mag break the gossip news same day as NBR ceremony? To keep Jake from enjoying the award in peace?
A few more years of serious dedicated work like the last 3 movies and Jake won't be ignored anymore. He's doing the right thing. Challenging projects, no fluff at all, will get him awards love and respect.

Jake's fan

Mary said...

We don't know why Jake wasn't there but I'm sure the article in US magazine wasn't the reason why I think they have been broken up now for awhile after all he has made all the other appearances for prisioners.I'm sure there was a good reason why he wasn't there he was in Toronto on Sunday and the weather back there has been terrible maybe he couldn't get a flight out or maybe he had to fly out to Nepal for Everest I believe they start filming next week.

Hagen said...

The New York Times interview Jake, Jared Leto and Casey Affleck.

Hagen said...

The New York Times has published an article that accompanies the interview.

Extra said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Jake and Alyssa, they made a beautiful couple. I doubt the US article had anything to do with Jake being a no-show at the NBR awards, maybe he's prepping for Everest.
Its a shame that Prisoners is being pretty much shut out , it was a great movie.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks for the NY Times links, Hagen. I'm still hoping Prisoners will get some love from Oscar. The voting ended yesterday, and I think the nominations will be announced next Thursday, not sure.

This is a very competitive year, but I was surprised that the SAG nominations passed over the Ensemble nomination. Glad NBR recognized them.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Fernandez ‏@sasquatch1475 16h
Just got off train with my mount bros, saw Jake Gyllenhaal, he's pissed at us
from Manhattan, NY

Alex Zak ‏@ZakAttack930 13h
Sitting next to Jake Gyllenhaal at ABC Cocina and he is reading book. Man is an intellect and I am in heaven #celebsightings
from Manhattan, NY

Alex Zak ‏@ZakAttack930 13h
Yup this just happened. Thanks thegreatdane24 for not being as chicken as me. #jakegyllenhaal #trendy…

Monica said...

I'm still hoping Prisoners will get some love from Oscar.

I think Deakins will be nominated.

I don't think Jake avoided NBR because of the news about him and Alyssa. Jake knows how to avoid personal questions.
Also, Alyssa is not a big name. I mean, it was not like him and Reese.

Hagen said...

Chris Reilly will play Klev Schoening, one of Scott Fischer's clients in the "Mountain Madness" expedition, in "Everest".

Anonymous said...

@ riverheadbooks 1h
Manchado em NYC: Jake Gyllenhaal lendo Junot Díaz de Isto é como você perdê-la! Great encontrar por tweeter @ JillVandall !http://

Monica said...

^^ This was me. Sorry!

Riverhead Books ‏@riverheadbooks 1h
Spotted in NYC: Jake Gyllenhaal reading Junot Díaz's THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER! Great find by tweeter @JillVandall!

Anonymous said...

I just read the Nightcrawler god, now i get why Jake dropped Into the woods. Lou is a hell of character, the most interesting and complex Jake has ever played. I hope it gets a good distribution. Knowing that he can pull it off, this movie could make people think of him on an entirely different level

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhall and Josh Brolin's hiking disaster

Jake Gyllenhall and Josh Brolin got lost hiking in the Santa Monica mountains.
The brawny actors decided to get some practice in ahead of their appearance in climbing drama 'Everest', but things took a downward turn after they lost sight of their direction markers.
A source told the National Enquirer: ''They'd started out in Malibu canyon and followed marked paths until they got to a rocky area where Jake wanted to climb. When they started back down the other side of the mountain, Jake kept insisting he knew the way but after an hour, Josh realised Jake had no clue.''
Facing the prospect of darkness falling, temperatures plummeting and dangerous wildlife including lions, coyotes and poisonous snakes attacking them, the pair appealed to the first people they came across, a Boy Scout troop, who helped bring them back down safely.
'Everest' is based on the true story of two ill-fated expeditions to the summit of the world's tallest peak - located in the Nepalese Himalayan mountains - which resulted in eight people's death when they were caught in a blizzard. It is set to be directed by Baltasar Kormakur and filmed in Iceland later this year.

bobbyanna said...

LOL! OMG. I shouldn't laugh. If this is true, that they got lost in the Santa Monica mountains, and needed help from the boy scouts, I'm getting really worried about this movie shoot.

Anonymous said...

" "

I wonder when this happened and kind of doubt it since JOsh Brolin has been in rehab and Jake has not been in LA for a while now.

Realist said...

Oh my I read the first 30 pages of Nightcrawler. I didn't go any further because I didn't want to see any major spoilers although the story does not seem like a plot but more of a characterization of part of the news media. I think it has the possibility of being controversial on both sides. But the character Lou and the pages I read are outstanding.

I for one am glad that Gilroy is directing because hopefully he will do his own screenplay justice. And after reading the screen play, Jake's weight loss fits the character for me at least. Although I do wonder how Denis' interpretation of the screen play would go.

Fingers crossed. I wish good things for Dan Gilroy and Jake. And it helped to that I kept picturing Jake and Rene as the characters and they seem fit in my head to what's on paper.

Hagen said...

It's a funny story, but the source (National Enquirer) makes me doubt the validity of it.

"Prisoners" has finally grossed more money, even if barely, outside of the US than in the US.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the National Enquirer is most often accurate. They have a habit of sensational and misleading headlines, but after several damaging lawsuits, their facts have been very accurate in general.

Monica said...

If it's true, I think this happened after the trip to London, where Jake was seen with Josh Brolin.

Anonymous said...

Until Star Magazine confirms it, I am not buying it about Jake getting lost. Josh Brolin yes but not our Jake.

And where was TMZ with it's cameras?

New York said...

Thomas Moraldo ‏@ThomasMoraldo 31m
Just saw jake gyllenhaal on the train in manhattan

Tatiana Walker ‏@xxgivemetatsxx 17h
So I saw Jake Gyllenhaal and I must admit even though I'm not a fan it was still pretty cool. #starstruck

Anonymous said...

Carissa M. ‏@cdm7rn 1m

@broadwayspotted Jake Gyllenhaal was at Fun Home tonight. 😊

FP said...

Louise ‏@wheezeface 2h

Frances and I are still starving in our cab but we just saw Jake Gyllenhaal looking super hot homeless/mountain man so everything's okay.

FP said...

SOHOstrut ‏@sohostrut 1m

Just saw jake gyllenhaal walking on spring street walking west wearing camo--not so incognito :)

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

May i know where can read the Nightcrawler screenplay?

tks a lot in advance!

Anonymous said...

Nightcrawler screenplay:

Anonymous said...

This link does not work for me.

Realist said...

"This link does not work for me."

There is a link to the screenplay in the comments under the Script Shadow blog. I believe the link to the blog is in the prior Gyllenbabble post.

Anonymous said...

"There is a link to the screenplay in the comments under the Script Shadow blog. I believe the link to the blog is in the prior Gyllenbabble post."


Its under commenter Tomar-second page of comments

Monica said...

The link is working for me: nightcrawler

Realist said...

Is it wrong to feel bitter that Jake and Prisoners got no love from the Golden Globes? Or am I vindicated by the sewage bursting pipes on the red carpet.

Anonymous said...

Realist, you and I should feel vindicated by the terrible mess this GG was. With a few exceptions: Amy in drag, Tina's Leo supermodels joke, Jim Carrey's Shia joke, Emma Thompson's Jane Bomd. The rest was awful. We're bummed Jake wasn't nominated. Trust me, some people feel worse :wink: Cooper the king of sore losers, Bale, Affleck for whatever reason, Sandra, Julia, Merryl no matter how many she has, she hates losing. We're in good company.

Monica said...

Most of these awards are to predict what will be in the Oscar. Prisoners deserve recognition? Yes, but it's not a movie that would play well with the Academy, so was snubbed.
So happy for 12 YAS. I was saddened for Chiwetel, he is my favorite performance so far, although I still haven't seen Nebraska, Her and AH.

Very happy for Cuaron! :)

FP said...

Roxanne Schwartz ‏@roxannenaomi 6h

Currently at the same party as Jake Gyllenhaal and Frozen won Best Animated film. Could this night get any better?

FP said...

AFP South Asia ‏@AFPSouthAsia 3m

#Hollywood actors, Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin in #Nepal to shoot #Everest film -

Jake's fan said...

It's started!

Actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin in Nepal to shoot Everest film ‘Into Thin Air’

Agence France-Presse
Monday, January 13, 2014 7:52 EST

Hollywood actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Brolin have arrived in Nepal to shoot a new film based on the Everest bestseller “Into Thin Air”, a government official said Monday.

Brolin and Gyllenhaal, who are staying at a five-star hotel in Kathmandu, will play the lead roles in the film, named “Everest”, which will focus on an ill-fated attempt to scale the world’s tallest mountain in 1996.

Iceland’s Baltasar Kormakur is directing the film, which tells the story of how eight climbers lost their lives when a rogue storm struck the mountain.

“A local agent applied for permission on behalf of Baltasar Kormakur to shoot ‘Everest’ and received the permission three days ago,” communications ministry official Umakant Parajuli told AFP.

Parajuli said the team was permitted to shoot in the Himalayan nation for two weeks.

He declined to comment on whether the shoot would include a stint on the famed peak this month, when temperatures are expected to be at their lowest level annually.

British newspaper The Guardian reported last week that Gyllenhaal would play Scott Fisher, a US expedition leader who died in the disaster while Brolin will play Beck Weathers, an American doctor who survived the storm.


January 13, 2014

Hollywood actors in Nepal to shoot Everest film

FP said...

eOne Films ‏@eOnefilms 1m

Nominated for Best Actor - Brendan Gleeson #GrandSeduction, Daniel Radcliffe #TheFWord and Jake Gyllenhaal #AnEnemy #CSAawards

Hagen said...

Hi FP!
"Enemy" has been nominated for ten Canadian Screen Awards:
"Best Motion Picture"
"Achievement in Direction"
"Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role"
"Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role" (Sarah Gadon)
"Best Adapted Screenplay"
"Achievement in Cinematography"
"Achievement in Editing"
"Achievement in Art Direction"
"Achievement in Visual Effects"
"Achievement in Music - Original Score"

FP said...

Pat Mullen ‏@cinemablogrpher 3m

Denis Villeneuve's ENEMY starring Jake Gyllenhaal Leads Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

FP said...

Hagen hello! I'm late with the good news about "An Enemy" because you are the best as usual

Hagen said...

I'm late with the good news about "An Enemy" because you are the best as usual :D!

LOL, no. You've reported the most important news first. ;-) Anyway, it's nice to see that the Canadian Screen Awards have recognized Jake and "Enemy".

Realist said...

Oscar who? Yipee for Jake and Denis and everyone associated with Enemy.

Monica said...

Alex Ebert, who won the Golden Globe for best soundtrack for All Is Lost, is the lead singer of Edward Shape and Magnet Zeros, who was on that train trip with Mumford and Sons (and Jake).

UltraViolet said...

Ha - I thought he looked familiar, Monica! Thanks for the tidbit.

And congrats to the Enemy gang. It's nice to see a Jake move get a little love.

I think the press have jumped the gun a bit on Jake's arrival in Nepal. I do hope we get some cool shots of him there. It's very exciting. A place I've always wanted to go.

And FP, it's good to see you again. You've been gone for a while. Welcome back :)

bobbyanna said...

"I think the press have jumped the gun a bit on Jake's arrival in Nepal"

I was thinking the same thing. He is probably "almost" there, UV. : )

I did some "recon," because my niece was supposed to be there right now. She was going with some college study group, but their trip was cancelled.

I was surprised that temperatures are in the high 60's during the day, with sunny weather predicted for the next week or so. Of course temps go down to the 30's at night.

I also Googled some pictures. What an incredibly colorful, fascinating place. Breathtaking geography too.

Anonymous said...

lexlimbu ‏@lexlimbu 1h
SPOTTED: Hollywood actor Josh Brolin with a Yeti Airlines staff in Kathmandu. #Nepal

lexlimbu ‏@lexlimbu 57m
One of the Yeti Airlines staff told me there'll be a photo with Jake Gyllenhaal online by tomorrow. Eek!

lexlimbu ‏@lexlimbu 57m
APPARENTLY they are not staying at Dwarikas... Hmmm. Hyatt? #JakeandJoshinNepal

bobbyanna said...

LOL! One thing I noticed yesterday: There are tweeters in Nepal! Yaaay!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were shooting "Everest" in Italy? I did hear he's in Nepal now. I hope he can acclimate to the altitude


Hagen said...

I thought they were shooting "Everest" in Italy? I did hear he's in Nepal now.

After two weeks they will move on to South Tyrol and finally to London.

The first woman has been cast for "Everest": Vanessa Kirby will play socialite Sandy Hill Pittman. It will be interesting to see how a controversial figure like Pittman will be portrayed in the movie.

FP said...

Hello to all my dear friends here on GB and thanks for the warm welcome back UV! :D

I have been absent a bit of time for small health problems, but nothing serious thankfully, and now I'm back more enthusiastic and motivated than before!

I would like to spare a thought and a prayer to Mermon and her family,
the sad news of her death shocked me and left me with a painful sense of emptiness and longing, wherever you are sweet Mermon I wish you to run free and happy as the wolf in your poetic and evocative avatar.

FP said...

I do not think Jake is already in Nepal

Jennifer Brandt @ j_brandt 20m

Eating smoke salmon with Sam Champion, strolling through the streets with Jake Gyllenhaal and now The Meatball Shop for dinner # iloveny

Inside Last Night’s Stella McCarney’s Party

Guests including Alec Baldwin, Liv Tyler, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Susan Sarandon, Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Blythe Danner, Helena Christensen, Parker Posey, Leandra Medine, Julia Reston Roitfeld, and Dree Hemingway all gathered at an upper east side townhouse to talk about the new pieces, and get ready for the fashionable year ahead

Anonymous said...

Jake Gyllenhaal, wearing his long hair in a ponytail, taking a morning class at SoulCycle in the West Village

Anonymous said...

No one :) ‏@lovexsammiie 1m

Jake gyllenhaal was in superga today! So mad I missed out on that handsome ass man! 😍

Hagen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your health problems, FP. I hope you feel better now. :-)

Denis Villeneuve's next movie will be "American Darling" starring Jessica Chastain and will be based on a book by Russell Banks (Cinema Lido).

Hagen said...

More detailed informations on the "Everest" shooting:

República: KATHMANDU, Jan 14: The domestic terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) replicated a grand movie set on Tuesday as top Hollywood stars faced cameras and reflectors for the filming of ´Everest´, a movie based on the Everest bestseller ´Into Thin Air´.

The 44-member filming cast and crew arrived in Nepal on Sunday. Josh Brolin and John Hawkes were seen giving their shot at the TIA on Tuesday.

"There were more than 300 supporting casts for today´s shot that started at 6:30 in the morning," said Wongchu Sherpa, chairman of Peak Promotion, a trekking and mountaineering agency of Nepal, which is partly managing the film´s shooting in Nepal.

´Everest´, which received the permission for filming in Nepal from January 9 to 23, commenced the shoot on Monday.
Besides TIA, the filming location in Kathmandu includes Durbar Marg, Thamel, Ason, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Boudha.

"The crew will fly to the Lukla airport early on Wednesday and proceed to shoot in the Namche area, and is most likely to reach the Everest Base Camp," informed a source.

Apparently they're filming the arrival of Rob Hall's team in Kathmandu, the flight to Lukla and the trekking trip to the "Mount Everest" base camp in Nepal. Rob Hall's team will meet Scott Fischer's team at the base camp. (Actually I'm not sure if Jake will travel to Nepal at all.)

FP said...

tatiana urriaga ‏@NotoriousTAT 35s

hi Jake Gyllenhaal 👋 (@ La Colombe Torrefaction - @lacolombecoffee w/ 7 others)

Hagen said...

The New York Times: Stars Reminisce About Academy Awards

JAKE GYLLENHAAL (“Prisoners” and a nominee for “Brokeback Mountain” in 2006, when Jon Stewart was the host): “My memory was Jon Stewart giving his mother or his wife M&M’s in the middle of the show. I remember her looking like she was hungry and him coming from the stage” during a commercial break, “walking down and giving her a bag of M&M’s. And I thought, ‘That’s why I love Jon Stewart,’ and then I thought, ‘That’s the only thing that matters, making sure the people you love are fed.’ ”

Hagen said...

In Spain the release date of "Enemy" has been pushed back after the US release (though I can't imagine that the theatrical release of "Enemy" in the US will help the film in Spain).

Esencia Cine ‏@EsenciaCine
"Enemy", la película dirigida por Denis Villeneuve vuelve a retrasar su estreno en España; esta vez del 28 de febrero al 28 de marzo de 2014

Monica said...

Rhombus Media ‏@rhombusmedia 7m
Check out the new cover of #FilmmakerMagazine, featuring #ENEMY director #DenisVilleneuve and star #JakeGyllenhaal!

long hair? hmmm I want pics!

FP said...

JakeGyllenhaalBrasil ‏@GyllenhaalBr 6m

Foto: Jake Gyllenhaal e Dennis Villeneuve na capa da revista Filmaker.

FP said...

Oops Monica! :D

Monica said...

lol, FP. Happy to see you back.

Mary said...

Fingers crossed tomorrow for oscars but not holding my breath.

Welcome back FP glad you are doing better.we missed you.

Stephanie has posted some pics of Jake trying to catch a cab in NYC.
Wonder when he has to report for filming?

bobbyanna said...

It would be such a wonderful surprise if Jake gets nominated, but I'm not expecting it. I hope Prisoners gets some recognition for the cinematography by Deakins.

UltraViolet said...

That's a great picture of Jake on the Filmmaker cover. Can't air to read the story.

Would be lovely to be surprised tomorrow morning. Will be interesting to see the list of nominees.

According to one of the Brolin-in-Nepal tweeters:

BTW Jake Gyllenhaal is not in Nepal. He is expected to join "soon". Hmmm. Makes sense. Probably next few days #filminglaststwoweeks

UltraViolet said...

FP, sorry to hear you were ill, but I'm glad you're back and feeling better. And that was such a nice tribute to Mermon. I think of her often, too.

Sag Actor said...

I was hoping Jake and Prisoners would get some recognition when the AA nominations were announced but it doesn't seem likely unfortunately :(

I agree that a cinematography nom is a possibility.

bobbyanna said...

Well no real surprises in the nominations. I want to offer my congratulations to all the nominees. I still have to see Wolf, August Osage County, Philomena, Nebraska and Mandela.

Was impressed with the documentaries. If anyone has a chance to watch "20 Feet From Stardom" you will really enjoy it.

There are two or three nominated foreign films I want to see as well.

While I'm disappointed that Prisoners has been completely shut out of awards season, I'm happy it's been such a critical success, and so well received by the public. Jake's work is getting better & better...he has other mountains to climb! LOL!

FP said...

I will cry,Jona Hill wtf?!

bobbyanna said...

OMG!!! CORRECTION: Roger Deakins was nominated for Prisoners!!!!
Congratulations to Roger, Denis and Jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Realist said...

Hmm what is most puzzling to me is that Bradley Cooper and Jonas Hill have 2 Oscar nominations while Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Gosling have one nomination.

Maybe Jake should just play the same character over and over again. This sucks big. American Hustle was awful.

Daniela said...

Yes, at least one indication, deserved!

Hagen said...

I'm happy that Roger Deakins earned a well deserved nomination. :-)

Monica said...

Jonah Hill gives a good performance, but in my opinion only Leo deserved the nomination.

I haven't seen Ah, but my side fan is happy with some nominations.

I'm surprised with Emma Thompson, but happy that Meryl is in. She gives a great performance. She and Julia Roberts are great in the film.

yay for Deakins. 11th Oscar nomination.

Realist said...

"Jonah Hill gives a good performance, but in my opinion only Leo deserved the nomination.

I haven't seen Ah, but my side fan is happy with some nominations."

Maybe so I am just tired of Jake getting overlooked and as well as others such as Emma and Tom Hanks. I love Meryl but that performance has been done before by other actresses on TV.

bobbyanna said...

Jake doesn't campaign the way Bradley Cooper campaigns. Bradley Cooper doesn't just campaign during awards season, he campaigns for roles, he networks. BC's publicity friendly, doesn't seem to mind photographers following him, or if the public knows who he dates. He markets himself.

Jake's not aggressive about marketing himself unless he's doing it for a specific movie.

Bradley Cooper works more often, even if some of his movies aren't very good. He looks like he's having a lot of fun. Jake just seems more serious, & less accessible than Bradley Cooper, IMO.

It helps that Bradley Cooper was on a TV series, and he's older than Jake by a few years.

I don't usually like to compare actors to one another since they are so dissimilar. It's like arguing about who's a better artist, Michelangelo or Da Vinci. (Michelangelo! LOLOL! : ) )

I definitely feel like Jake should've been nominated over Jonah Hill, and I don't expect my opinion to change after I see WoWS. I don't think Jonah can surpass Jake's work.

Io felt bad that the screenplay for Prisoners got no recognition. I would've loved to see Melissa Leo get a BSA for her role, too. And really, how can you overlook Hugh Jackman's performance? yet we have Robert Redford, Tom Hanks also overlooked. So it's a real crapshoot.

Chica said...

The only real surprise was the Emma Thompson and Hanks snub imo. I knew Jake was a dark horse. Glad to see that Prisoners received a nomination for cinematography.

I agree with all your points regarding Cooper Bobbyanna.

FP said...

Cherie Daly ‏@CherieDaly22 32 min

#TBT To that time I filmed a Movie & lived at Sundance Filmmakers Lab with Jake Gyllenhaal #Caucasia…

"Jake's not aggressive about marketing himself unless he's doing it for a specific movie. He looks like he's having a lot of fun. Jake just seems more serious, & less accessible than Bradley Cooper, IMO."

Bobbyanna this seems to be the exact description of Daniel Day Lewis! And I prefer that Jake, resembles more DDL rather than Bradley Cooper! lol: D

Your description of the situation is very precise and accurate, congratulations you rocks!

bobbyanna said...

Jarhead was on Showtime tonight, and I just realized Roger Deakins did the cinematography for Jarhead.

UltraViolet said...

That's a great TBT photo of Jake!

You can see Jake relate the Jon Stewart/Oscar moment here. I didn't know there was a video at the link Hagen posted.

It's nice to see a lot of folks on twitter saying Jake was snubbed. Would have been nicer if he hadn't been snubbed, but we knew that was coming.

I can't believe Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for American Hustle. I haven't seen such an overrated film since Silver Linings Playbook, another movie neither should have been nominated for.

Typical of Jake's luck that he was in a DOR movie before the hot streak.

Hagen said...

All nominees in the "Best Supporting Actor" category have played parts in movies that have been nominated for "Best Picture". So I think Bradley Cooper is just lucky that AMPAS likes "American Hustle".

There are new publicity stills of "Enemy" on IHJ.

Denis Villeneuve is attached to yet another movie, this time it's the sci-fi drama "Story of Your Life" (The Hollywood Reporter).

US Weekly: Jake chews on his headphone cord in SoHo.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

I thinked you Nailed iy Bobbyanna about Jake's timing and Russell!

I have not seen AH but SLP was all that IMO.

At least Prisoners got a nomination and wasn't overlooked.

FP said... ‏@JustJared 2 min

Jake Gyllenhaal & Jay Z: Meatpacking District Meeting! Jake & @S_C_ have a meeting in Manhattan:

Anonymous said...

John Picciuto ‏@johnpicciuto 2 min

What up Jake Gyllenhaal casually strolling down 5th I see you

FP said...

Autumn Furr ‏@Autness 2 min

Spotted: Jake Gyllenhaal leaving @juicepressny Totally normal office behavior!

UltraViolet said...

I should say that I think AH is a much better film than Silver Linings. And Christian Bale is fantastic. Also, Bradley Cooper was very good in SLP, so I shouldn't have said he didn't deserve a nomination. But JL? No way, for either movie. I do not get it.

Hope to see Wold of Wall Street this weekend. Should be interesting.

bobbyanna said...

My plan is to see WoWS this weekend too, UV. I approach it with great trepidation. Three hours is a big investment of time. I may see August/Osage & Nebraska instead.

Chica said...

I saw August/Osage last weekend Bobbyanna. It's like watching Tennesee Williams characters in the Midwest! I didn't care for the movie overall but Streep and Robertd hit it out of the park.

bobbyanna said...

Thanks, Chica! LOL! That's a great description...Tennessee Williams in the Midwest. : )

bobbyanna said...

I'm having a problem accessing my Yahoo e-mail account from my desk top. I can get into it from my note pad. Is anyone else having problems? I'd welcome your thoughts. :(

Anonymous said...

Gemma Fleming ‏@gemmarfleming 18m
Wonder if there's a punch card for celebrity sightings. This'll be three times I've seen Jake Gyllenhaal in Soho. #jakegyllenhaal #BOGOSOHO

Anonymous said...

Sundance Party List ‏@SundanceList 8m
Lance Bass,Don Johnson,Joaquin Phoenix, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal,Sam Rockwell,Ireland Baldwin, & Kate Hudson spotted @celeb tent lower Ma
12:59 PM - 18 Jan 2014

Sundance Party List is the most comprehensive list for all parties at Sundance

Hagen said...

I wonder how much screen time Jake will have in "Everest" as he doesn't shoot any scenes in Nepal at all.

"Enemy" will be screened for free in Montréal on February 5th.

Anonymous said...

Seriously doubt Jake was at Sundance at some party at the same time he was in SoHo, spotted by several people. Maggie's in Sundance with a movie, so they assume Jake is there too.

Realist said...

I would be willing to bet that Jake may have been at Sundance to support Maggie.

Realist said...

Or to network....I wonder what the meeting with Jay-Z was about. They both had workout clothes on, I wonder if Jake was using Jay-Z as his sparring partner getting ready for his next role in Southpaw. If that film is still a go - I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Right. Jake teleported to Sundance. Why would Jake go when he is preparing to fly to Nepal? It makes no sense. If he were there to show support there would be photos and tweets not just some group promoting their party scene.

Realist said...

"Right. Jake teleported to Sundance"

No Jake may have flew to Sundance in something more primitive like an airplane. It was simply speculation that Jake may have been there to support Maggie.

And its not a fore gone conclusion that Jake will be filming any scenes in Nepal.

Mt Everest said...

Sorry, "Realist," airplanes take TIME to fly to Sundance. It's in Utah. That's four or five hours in a plane. He couldn't go to Sundance and be in SoHo at the same time. This is not worth arguing about. The same old people who used to come here to argue are still popping in to argue.

Also, there's not a single tweet of him being in Sundance except some party promoters handing out a list of names of celebrities. Not a single picture of him either.

bobbyanna said...

Got home from seeing August Osage County, just in time to watch the SAG Awards tonight.
Lupita Nyong'o,Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, and Cate Blanchett all received individual acting awards,then American Hustle won for best ensemble. I surprised at the ensemble award. I thought 12 Yrs. A Slave would win for that.

It will be interesting to see how these track with the Oscars.

I'm inclined to think Jake is still in NYC. The lack of tweets from Sundance, and he's in the thick of preparing for his role, so I don't see him doing it.

Monica said...

Bob, AH was the favorite to win the SAG. Great speech by Bradley Cooper.
Happy for Cate, Leto and Lupita.

UltraViolet said...

Have to disagree with you on the speech, Monica. I've loved BC since Alias, but that was such a suck-up speech.

I do hope 12 Years A Slave wins on Oscar night and not American Hustle. That would just be embarrassing.

bobbyanna said...

Found this on Twitter, and there's another about Jake having ice cream at a creamery in Brooklyn from about two hrs. ago.

"Sunday brunch in Brooklyn: trying not to stare at Jake Gyllenhaal eating whitefish salad whilst looking like a lumberjack one table over. 4 hrs ago"

So I guess he's still around. : /

Anonymous said...

You mean this?

Abbe Goldberg ‏@itsabbe 2h
Yes! Any time! “@ebritter2: Jake Gyllenhaal, you are welcome to get ice cream at the same time as @itsabbe and me any day!”

Abbe Goldberg ‏@itsabbe 2h
Sometimes @ebritter2 and I eat ice cream with Jake Gyllenhaal. And by "with" I mean we were all at Ample Hills together and it was lovely

FP said...

Michele Morelli ‏@mm0relli 28 min

Having dinner with jake gyllenhaal. Technically I'm having dinner w/ @Sahu but jake is here having dinner as well so...just a technicality

UltraViolet said...

To everyone who has read the Nightcrawler script, do you see the need for Jake to have dropped all that weight for the role?

I just saw another reference to the great script and wonder if Jake's physical transformation will enhance or detract from the words.

Anonymous said...

Imo, i wouldn't say it's a must, not that the script says that he is extremely thin, but i can understand why Jake sees Lou that way physically. Considering the character's way of life and disturbing personality, it fits him perfectly

gyllencrazy said...

I agree, the weight loss fits perfectly with the character.

bobbyanna said...

I'm of two minds about the weight loss, UV. It certainly fits the character, Lou. But it wasn't exactly necessary, in the sense that Matthew McConaughey's weight loss was necessary for someone dying of HIV/AIDS.

It wasn't a necessity, it was a choice Jake made to create this character, and based on what I've read, it suits Lou and Lou's personlity.

Hagen said...

"Enemy" will be screened at the Victoria Film Festival (near Vancouver) on February 8th.

The "Huffington Post" has listed "Enemy" among the "Best of 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival":
Enemy (Canada/Spain, Denis Villeneuve)
Is it horror, psychedelia, allegory? Enemy defies easy categorization and not surprising, as it is based on a book by Nobel Prize winning, Portugese surrealist author Jose Saramago. Jake Gyllenhaal plays both a mousy Toronto history professor and his exact physical duplicate, a struggling actor living nearby. The doppelgangers make an unholy alliance to exchange female partners with fascinating and disastrous consequences. The shocking, symbolic conclusion of Enemy should in no way detract from the fascination it weaves along the way.

I haven't read the "Nightcrawler" script yet. So I can't judge if Jake's gaunt look is justified from an artistic point of view. But I can imagine that it might be a problem to release a movie with a gaunt looking lead character shortly after Matthew McConaughey's and Jared Leto's likely Oscar wins. It could evoke reactions like 'derivative Oscar bait :roll eyes:'

bobbyanna said...

Lots of TDAT/Jake references on twitter today. : ) Hope all you East Coast GB'ers stay safe. It's 7 degrees here, but really sunny.

Monica said...

It could evoke reactions like 'derivative Oscar bait :roll eyes:'

Well, this is already happening. I mean, when we had the first images of Jake as Louis, I read several comments about he wants an Oscar.
That's what the actor does, is the way he sees and feels the character and if he thinks it's necessary the weight loss, I'm with him.

based on what I've read, it suits Lou and Lou's personlity.


Realist said...

"But I can imagine that it might be a problem to release a movie with a gaunt looking lead character shortly after Matthew McConaughey's and Jared Leto's likely Oscar wins. It could evoke reactions like 'derivative Oscar bait :roll eyes:'"

I read Nightcrawler completely-the Lou character seems to be this skinny unattractive guy that everyone ignores. I don't think the movie will be Oscar material. Besides last year it was Anne Hathaway that lost weight and didn't Hugh Grant lose weight too?

IMO I don't see this script as Oscar bait. Hopefully another iconic role for Jake to add to his list.

Hagen said...

Michael Kelly will play Jon Krakauer in "Everest" (I haven't heard of him before.)

I don't think the movie will be Oscar material.
OK, that will make it easier for "Nightcrawler" and Jake. :-)

Slightly off topic (Grantland): AMPAS considered only twelve movies in the eight most important categories, the lowest number ever. (The article mentions "Prisoners" as one of the victims of that very narrow field of nominated movies.)

Jake's fan said...

Christian Bale famously lost 60+ lbs to play an insomniac. He didn't have to lose that much weight, it was his choice in order to portray Trevor's paranoia.
If a performance is great, no serious movie critic will scold an actor for transforming to play a part. They praised Bale, Hanks, McConaughey, Leto for commitment to their characters involving drastically altering their bodies, but they'll draw a line at Jake Gyllenhaal? No way. Jake changing his appearance will never be a problem for the movie release. On the contrary, it will create expectations, raise curiosity.
The only outlets who snarked are the gossipy ones. People, US, Huffington, Buzzfeed, they live off gossip and blabber. So do their posters in the comments sections.
My opinion on why Jake altered his appearance beyond the weight loss (hair, skin tone, clothes, everything is different): to make people forget they're watching JG on screen, make them see only sociopathic Louis. Cause Lou is like no other character he played before.

Realist said...

I agree with Jake's fan-especially the last part. I couldn't put it in words.

My Oscar bait comment was not meant to be an insult but more of how good the screenplay really is. HW can't recognize a good story if their life depended on it (still bitter). I think Louis could possibly be as iconic as Donnie D.

Anonymous said...

That article mentions Paul Dano as best supporting actor.

UltraViolet said...

Well, my uninformed opinion having not read the script is that I wish Jake hadn't done it. It seems/feels unnecessary. But I'm happy to be proved wrong.

Thanks to all who answered.

Grantland has some good commentary, but Paul Dano being nominated for Prisoners was never in the cards.

Anonymous said...

If he changes his appearance so much that no one even thinks it's Jake Gyllenhaal when they see this movie, then why bother to hire Jake Gyllenhaal in the first place. It's almost like if Gary Sinise cut off his legs to play Lt. Dan.

I love Jake. His looks are amazing. Really incredible. Yes he is a fine actor. But the reason people want to see him is because he is good to look at.

Your looks are the first thing people notice. They are a huge asset for Jake. If Jake goes to this extreme to make himself so unattractive, actually repulsive, people will be so distracted by how terrible he looks, it will distract from his great acting.

I give him benefit of the doubt, but I wish he wouldn't have gone to such an extreme.

UltraViolet said...

I disagree with the above poster. I wouldn't see anything wrong with Jake changing his look if it were necessary. It just feels like overkill on this particular role.

FP said...

" But the reason people want to see him is because he is good to look at. "

This is your opinion, respectable, but rather short-sighted to me. I speak just for myself, but I'm not a fan of Jake, just because it is a beautiful man, but mostly because it is a talented charismatic iconic actor, biggest is challenge and most difficult is the road that Jake chooses to follow, and more is big my respect and love for him

Anonymous said...

FP, you and UV don't have to agree with me, but I am not short sighted. It is only my opinion. I just believe that if Jake was some plain looking, homely, ordinary guy who was a good actor how many of us would notice him? Be honest.

There's thousands of good actors but very few in the class of Jake who have it all. Jake has the looks you would notice him even if he wasn't famous. He has the charisma, and he has the talent.

FP said...

I do not see your point, since, Jake addition to talent, has the good fortune to be unquestionably good looking, then he has to give to evolve as an artist put his great talent and potential in the fridge and should just try to look cute and reassuring? It does not seem to me a great strategy for a long and distinguished career as Jake's talent and courage deserve. JMO

Realist said...

Louis is no Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jake's fan said...

To Anon at 4:34 PM:

These are your opinions but to me you're wrong on all accounts.

"If he changes his appearance so much that no one even thinks it's Jake Gyllenhaal when they see this movie, then why bother to hire Jake Gyllenhaal in the first place."
You misunderstood. Immersing himself into a role, making people "see" the character is every actor's dream. One of the things actors dread hearing is: "He's himself in every movie, no matter what role he plays". Case in point: Chris Pine. Whether he plays intergalactic Captain Kirk or CIA agent Jack Ryan he's the same, the hair is 1 inch longer in Star Trek.

"It's almost like if Gary Sinise cut off his legs to play Lt. Dan."
Excuse me, no disrespect, but this statement is ridiculous.

"If Jake goes to this extreme to make himself so unattractive, actually repulsive, people will be so distracted by how terrible he looks, it will distract from his great acting."
Have you ever seen Bale in The Machinist? McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club? Hanks in Philadelphia? They deliberately made themselves look terrible and the performances were praised to the roof. Add RDJ pre-Iron Man, in One Night Stand, the best thing in a modest movie. In his last scenes he looked horrible but he was exceptional. Noboby was distracted.

"Yes he is a fine actor. But the reason people want to see him is because he is good to look at."
Your opinion. But it's exactly what Jake doesn't want. Any respectable actor wants to be appreciated for his talent, not his looks. Looks count for "starlets" like Channing Tatum, and even he shows some acting ambitions lately.

Anonymous said...

❤ PLEASE LUKE ❤ ‏@twerkteamharryy 2 min

Saw Jake Gyllenhaal on the train today ah ! Didn't go up to him cause I didn't wanna bother him tho

Hagen said...

"Enemy" has been rated R for "some strong sexual content, graphic nudity and language".

Hagen said...

The Nepali Times has published an article about the filming of "Everest" in Nepal:

In Tuesday’s shoot, Vijay Lama plays Nepali Army rescue pilot Col Madan KC as he is approached by a US Embassy diplomat and an expedition member on the golf course [Picture of an original Nepalese golf course]. He is asked if he can fly up to 6,500m on Mt Everest to rescue injured climbers. Lama delivers his line like the laconic aviator that he is: “I don’t know if it can or can’t be done. All I know is that it has never been done.”

This week, Lama and a group of 12 real-life Sherpas are off to Val Paradiso in Italy to do the outdoor part of the shoot in a make-believe Mt Everest. After that Lama will go to Pinewood Studios near London to film his role of the rescue inside a Ecureuil simulator.

Picture of Actors Martin Henderson, Josh Brolin, Vijay Lama and John Hawkes in Nepal

bobbyanna said...

Well, in spite of a foot of snow and bone chilling temps, some people are out and about in NYC! LOL!

"Love it when Jake Gyllenhaal gets on your train in the morning, attired in heavy snow gear, and no one notices."
1 hr ago

Hagen said...

Paula, "Enemy" will open in Portugal on June 18th:

"Enemy", de Denis Villeneuve, baseado em "O Homem Duplicado", de Saramago, estreia em Portugal a 18 de Junho.

So far we've had a pretty mild winter over here in Germany (partly because of the cold weather in the US), not a single day with snow. And I don't miss it. :-)

UltraViolet said...

Such a shame that Jake's character was not needed for the Nepal shoot. Look like he will be off to Italy soon.

Lots of snow days here, Hagen. I am jealous.

UltraViolet said...

It's hard to believe that it has been six years since Heath died. A sad, sad day.

bobbyanna said...

Yes, UV, terrible day. I've been thinking about Heath today.
He would've been 35 this April.

Hagen said...

I didn't remember that Heath died on January 22nd. A very sad day, indeed, particularly for his daughter.

Hagen said...

Indiewire: "Enemy" will be shown at "Film Comment Selects" in New York on February 27th.

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the party, but I really wanted to say that this Lou requires a powerful actor, not a good looking one. Anyone who has read the script can say that Jake's attractiveness is not a key aspect for his casting

FP said...

I would like to spare a thought for one of the greatest actors of his generation and a special person, Heath Ledger, six fucking years today.

Tweety said...

Has it been six yrs since Heath passing
away? Still sounds so strange
What a loss and such a tragedy :(

Jake has been choosing edgy and complicated characters which I love.

UltraViolet said...

Hi, Tweety! Long time no see :)

It's amazing that it has been six years since Heath passed away. And wow, he'd be 35 this year. What could have been…

Anon, thanks for your comment on Nightcrawler. It is interesting to hear everyone's comments. And it will be fascinating to see the actual film.

Tweeter in (I think) NYC tonight:

just ate dinner 10 feet from jake gyllenhaal let me just tell you it changes you

no joke I made eye contact with him circa 4 times

literally this is me right now

I counted there were 13 people in the room and two of them were us and that's just too much for me to handle


Hagen said...

Jason Clarke is in Nepal, too (a picture from last week): Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke and John Hawkes are waiting for their flight to Lukla at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu.

"Into Thin Air" was right up my alley, but at the moment I'm a bit puzzled why Jake accepted to play Scott Fischer in "Everest". Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin have pretty flashy roles, John Hawkes' part has some potential, too. Judging by the book Scott Fischer was likeable, but his story on Mount Everest isn't all that compelling. I really hope the script writers and the director find an interesting angle on Jake's role.

Hagen said...

Jake will be on the cover of a new edition of José Saramago's "The Double" (El hombre duplicado) in Spain. The book will be published on February 5th.

Hagen said...

Shakti Travels Nepal ‏@shaktitravel
Actors Josh Brolin‚Jason Clarke and John Hawkes during the shooting of the movie Everest at the Kathmandu Airport

I only recognize John Hawkes. And why is 'Josh Brolin' wearing a Dole/Kemp campaign shirt? (Krakauer was a bit annoyed that Beck Weathers was a staunch Republican, but the story takes place in May 1996. Bob Dole picked his running mate in August 1996.)

Monica said...

I think the man with the green bag is John Hawkes. I wonder when Jake will begin filming Everest.

FP said...

The Tip Card ‏@thetipcard 1 h

Louis C.K. Eats at Ditch Plains; Jake Gyllenhaal Swings by 606 R&D: Out and about. Since practically every A-l...

bobbyanna said...

Sherwin Coelho ‏@sherwincoelho 2h
Just stood beside Jake Gyllenhaal in the tube. Either that, or the guy was his doppelganger. Didn't remember his name till he got off :-("

This tweeter is in London, posting this afternoon, so maybe Jake finally arrived in London? It's only one tweet so I know it's a bit iffy.

FP said...

sam ‏@samsheffer 4 min

Jake Gyllenhaal watched Her in the same theater as me. When I walked home, he was in front / behind me too. Very awesome. <3 NYC

bobbyanna said...

Yeah, so it seems Jake's still in NYC. Thanks, FP. This one seems more "realistic" than the one from London.

Monica said...

aww Her <3
This film is so beautiful

Anonymous said...

Beaneyvi M. Aponte S ‏@Beaneyvi 3 min

Terminando de ver "Enemy". La actuación de Jake Gyllenhaal es impecable. Muy muy buen thriller psicológico. Creo que les gustará.

Hagen said...

I think the man with the green bag is John Hawkes.

Yes, but the guy in the middle doesn't look like Jason Clarke, as the tweet states, but is probably Michael Kelly who plays Jon Krakauer (a pic of Jason Clarke's team in Nepal).

Charlotte Bøving has been cast to play Lene Gammelgaard, a Danish client in Scott Fischer's team in "Everest" (picture of Scott Fischer and Lene Gammelgaard).

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