Monday, March 12, 2012

It's Time To Dance


Anonymous said...

The girl with the blue hair that yesterday was with Jake, could be Lea S, she is filming a movie called Blue, where the protagonist has the blue hair


gr said...

Jake is sooooo amazing in this video!!!! luuuv:)

gr said...

Jake is Trending Topic in FR!!

Anonymous said...

Please Hollywood, give a role of killer to Jake Gyllenhaal!

Sheba said...

Wow! What the **** was that?!!! Jeez louise!! Please next time put a government health warning on it. Jake was almost unrecognisable.

A little stunned so can't type straignt yet.

Yes please more, more, encore. Jeez yes please. He was bloody frightening.

Going to lie down now.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Whoa, that was intense!! Who said that he couldn't play a villian!

Bravo Jake, no wonder he wanted to do this video!!

bobbyanna said...

Yes, OONP, intense is really a good word. OMG.

He looked amazing, too. he certainly shows he can do tough and violent.

I like The Shoes. Tho, I'll never be able to hear this song with out those images in my head. : )This was certainly not as playful as Vampire Weekend. Talk about edgy!
Sheeesh! I think I understand exactly how you feel, Sheba!


This vid just blew me away. Absolutely amazing.

Twitter is going nuts with it and I'm having a hard time concentrating on anything else.

Jake did a fantastic job, he's perfect for the part. I wouldn't mind a darker role for him in the future, and I hope this was a test to see how people would react to that.


Tweety said...

When I first heard about this video, I wasn't expecting this!

Dark, scary and wild and I love that it's trending on twitter!!

Anonymous said...

WOW talk about a walk on the dark side. I haven't seen Jake do something dark since Donnie Darko. He did a great job (do you think that was real ciggies he was smoking or real ones? I heard he'd given up smoking)

great job Jake!


sheba said...

Feeling a bit better now Bobbyanna. BP is back to 128:90!

A review of Prince of Persia that I totally relate to (I know I'm preaching to the choir here)

But back to the video. I feel thrilled when I don't know before hand what Jake's roles are about that I discover them for myself. It's only looking back at previous posts I realised what it's about. It certainly is worth another few look (drink chamomile tea first).

UltraViolet said...

The reviews are quite enthusiastic. People are unnerved and excited, some disturbingly so :)

A sampling from around the inter webs:

Want to see Hollywood superstar Jake Gyllenhaal running around east London having a shave, doing some exercise in a gym, oh and OFFING people in a variety of gruesome ways?! On balance, you probably do. Daniel Wolfe’s video for The Shoes single Time to Dance is more than a self-indulgent “look we got a celebrity”special, it’s an unnerving eight minute epic in which Jake more than lives up (to) this reputation (as a great actor not a psychotic serial-killer). Do bear in mind, the video doesn’t pull any punches in places and some of the scenes are quite graphic!

8 minutes you shouldn't miss! New video from @theshoesmusic for standout track Time To Dance starring Jake Gyllenhaal

Holy Jake Gyllenhaal. He's literally crazy sexy in The Shoes' "Time to Dance" video.

I am Jake Gyllenhaal. You are a hipster. Prepare to die.

The Shoes - Time to dance, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. Brutal. Worth watching every second of it's 8:35 minutes

man, that Shoes video with jake gyllenhaal aka @matzerath_ is crazy! really good song too, even the sebastian remix is fun!

If you haven't seen Jake Gyllenhaal in The Shoes' new video, you're missing out

Aujourd'hui est un grand jour. C'est la sortie du vidéo clip "Time To Dance" de @theshoesmusic avec Jake Gyllenhaal!

Mum, Jake Gyllenhaal is killing kids in East London again.

Jake Gyllenhaal stars in The Shoes' latest single as a psychotic serial killer. Confusingly arousing


It's wrong to say but even when slicing & dicing Mr. Gyllenhaal looks good.

Swoon at Jake Gyllenhaal killing hipsters, great track

And this says it all:

Jake Gyllenhaal, don't piss him off: The Shoes' Time To Dance

UltraViolet said...

But back to the video. I feel thrilled when I don't know before hand what Jake's roles are about that I discover them for myself.

I agree, Sheba! It was exciting to discover this clip. I had no idea what it was about or that it would be eight minutes long. That part made me very happy.

I hope it will show Jake's range to those out there who can only ever see him one way.

To us, it just confirms his talent.

UltraViolet said...

One more - it's impossible to keep up, but this one is also a great summation:

Jake Gyllenhaal in The Shoes video. Wow. He keeps getting sexier. How is that possible?

UltraViolet said...

Its like a condensed American Psycho with raves instead of business cards

Sick, disturbing and fucking amazing. Jake Gyllenhaal is the Bateman of music videos.

Jake was a TT for the UK, as well.

bobbyanna said...

He does keep getting sexier, no kidding! How does he do that!:) I've watched it several times now. He's incredible. I almost felt guilty about it. Almost. At first I was sort of confused. I don't know what I was expecting, but to quote GC: DAMN.

I am loving the explosion on twitter. Facebook too. But Twitter really captures the effect of it.

Viv said...

OMD!!!!I am dying.....with joy.

UltraViolet said...

hi, Viv. It's fun to have good Jake news. He is incredible.

Bobbyanna, I haven't even had time to watch it again. I am laughing about the tweeters complaining that the video is good but the song sucks.

This made me laugh:

it's impressive that enough people correctly spelt Jake Gyllenhaal to get him trending. i had to cut and paste.

And this:

How does Jake Gyllenhaal still manage to look irresistible as a violent, psychopath killer?

Also, belated thanks to the first anon. Hard to tell who the woman is in those pics. We should see larger versions soon, I hope.

gr said...

Oh wow twitter goes crazy! I bet that the Producers of Motor City, are eating the hands after having seen this video!

UltraViolet said...

Twitter is going crazy. It's fun. Hee.

Officially terrified of Jake Gyllenhaal

Stephanie does have those pictures. Still hard to tell if it's Lea.

Anonymous said...

what woman? I wasn't able to see. the link does not work for me.

Anonymous said...


Chica said...

I wasn't even paying attention to the song, this is epic! He is amazing and scary and the video is graphic.

Don't piss of Jake hipsters, or else!!

I wasn't expecting this but I am very happy with it and I love the response. Agree that he hasn't done anything like this since DD.

Anonymous said...

This is the book from which is drawn the film that Lea is filming

The woman on the cover has short blue hair, and she has been cutting the hair few time ago.

Anonymous said...

Yes but it is stated that the other character in the story has the blue hair does it not?
anyway, if it is so I am glad.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie posted pictures of Jake and Lea in New York.

Extra said...

Now this is what I have been waiting for, the dark and edgier side of Jake. HW, please take note!!

This video is freaky and Jake is scary good in it! Thanks to the group the Shoes, we see what Jake is capable of in this min. video.

Anonymous said...

whoever it is, Jake sure looks pissed off. We'll know soon enough.
He's been all over the place, so it was kind of unavoidable that he'd get photographed eventually.
Sometimes the people on twitter who see him, are people who work for magazines or the media.

Anonymous said...

From this photo it seems really Lea.

UltraViolet said...

Yeah, it does look like her. Cue all the pearl-clutchers explaining that Jake has a lot of people he hangs around with :)

Paula said...

The title of this video is misleading that's for sure. I don't know what to make of it, I will have to watch it again. Jake sure knows how to play creepy, we all know that from Darko but it's been awhile since we have seen him like this.

That sure looks like Lea UV, pearl clutching, LOL!!

Mary said...

Wow finally saw the video Jake was fantastic in it thanks goodness for iphone or i wouldn have been able to view it to grt you tube on my computer takes forever it pauses every 5 to 6 seconds I just got my i phone last week guess its time for a new faster computer thats nest on my list.

T said...

Great Video, Darker than i thought but love it, Jake plays part really well

UV - What is a pearl clutcher? ive not heard that saying before?

Paula said...

T, a pearl clutcher is someone that always worries and over acts regarding everything like their favorite actor dating habits, LOL!!!

You will get "but Jake has lots of friends, she is probably just a friend"! And you can just visulize them clutching the pearls around their necks.

T said...

Ahhhh thanks Paula, never heard of that before but makes sense x

sass said...

Trending...unexpected story fantastic video...unbelievable acting and yes, I love it...watched x2.

sass said...

Pay attention Hollyweird...I haven't seen this Jake in a while.
nite again

UltraViolet said...

Paula explained, T. Imagine an uptight old lady being shocked at something that shouldn't bother her, gasping and reaching for her precious pearls.

The Shoes seem like good guys. They retweeted someone's twit pic of this comment:

I jusy hope he eventually catches up with the two hipsters that recorded this track


gr said...

I love Lea ,she is beautiful and talented, good for Jake!:)

bobbyanna said...

UV, I love the references to DD and Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) in the video. The Shoes have a good sense of humor. Tho it's barely been mentioned...I like the music, too. : )

Mary said...

Hey Paula hope u dont think Im one of those "pearl clutchers" I did say Jke had a lot of friends which is true but maybe I could of made my self clear I meant that when some people see him with a girl they assume its a girl friend thats all I have a daughter Jakes age I just want him to find some one he can settle down with

bobbyanna said...

mary, I'd never consider you for a pearl-clutcher! : ) And you're right, Jake's shown over the years that he has a lot of close woman friends... But I think this one is different. ; )

Anonymous said...

Tho it's barely been mentioned

Who is Tho?

UltraViolet said...

From FB:

Just had lunch at momofuku - thought I may have showing the people behind me my yellow and white undies looked behind to see jake gyllenhaal

And this is funny:

I don't know why Jake Gyllenhaal is brutally murdering hipsters but I wish he'd come to Austin this week in particular

Tho said...

Means Though

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks :)

EastLondon said...

Jake Gyllenhaal came to my flat. He slit some throats and smashed my mirror for The Shoes' new video. Check it out.

And his earlier tweets at the time:

Waiting for Jake Gyllenhall to come fuck up our flat again with a fencing sword #princeofpersiaandeastendlondon

Free bag of red stripe from the crew #couldntfeelmoreofacliche

Jake Gyllenhaal and the camera crew stole our lamps n phone chargers, but they did leave a shit load of Prince Of Persia DVDs #notafairswap


Anonymous said...

I was looking up Lea on IMDB. She had roles in "Midnight in Paris" and the latest MI movie. I haven't seen either of them but I'll have to look out for her. She looks very pretty, I hope that if she and Jake end up having a relationship that they are happy

As I said earlier, very intense video. I liked being surprised. I hope that tptb stand up and take notice and offer him a role as a villain

Sag Actor said...

This almost makes up for him backing out of Motor City, almost.

I get a American Pyscho vibe from the video too, good call.

sass said...

I asked my boy to watch the video, he loved it: I knew he would. He told me that it's the best video and the best Jake acting he's seen in a while. Too bad it couldn't be entered as a short. He's a Christian Bale nut and I'm sure he would agree with you SAG Actor!

NO Pearl clutcher here UV; we don't have those in Harlem;)

However, I think, that for me to preserve my sanity and my slippery health issues, I have to stick to professional Jake, especially after that last female debacle with Reese, and her sources informing the press about his inadequacies as hubby material etc. crap like that makes my ADA RX work overtime and I get sick...I have been oh so guilty of the above mentioned pursuits and I do love to hear about his love life...have to much stress...anyway I hope this is the start of his new professional life and I pray for his continued success with or without a male or female partner. I'm a romantic Leo and want him to be in love with whomever he chooses to love...otherwise, I could care less...I will continue to be happy for his success!!!

Extra said...

I agree with you about Jake Sass, it's much healthier for me to concentrate on his professional life.

I watched the video again and he is outstanding in it, makes you for get about the music all together!

UltraViolet said...

Liked the Hollywood Reporter's take:

Jake Gyllenhaal first made his name as the isolated and paranoid titular teen in Donnie Darko, and later featured for David Fincher as the infamous Zodiac Killer. For his latest gig, he has taken elements of both roles, mixed it with some club music and scared the entire internet.

For you Gleeks, Dianna Agron tweeted the link to the video. I thought that was cool.

Glad your son liked it, Sass. I hope it will go even more viral than it has. It's been impossible to keep up on twitter.

Let's hope the roles pour on in, from this or form Jake's contacts from the Berlinale or just from people realizing he's a great actor. Not sure why he has to keep proving it.

They should just ask us :)

Anonymous said...

Christian Burns ‏ @Knickerbock4Lif
walked behind Jake Gyllenhaal for a few blocks today as he navigated the East Village almost undetected...#Impressive

Daniela said...

I do not quite understand the clip, it should be time to kill rather than a time to dance lol
But Jake wants to prove he can do a great villain and managed and that brings me to a question, are you engaged in a project in which he is the villain? Is that why he can not hit with the producers of "Motor City" ? hope so
I did not find the song so bad!

Daniela said...

Go on youtube also to have more views, not just look here on the blog

Mary said...

Okay now I realize who Lea is now the name didnt click at first they make a nice couple guess just have to wait and what happens with them

bobbyanna said...

Just wanted to say how amazing the coverage is for this video. Jake is the main topic of conversation. It's literally exploded all over the place. The Tabloids, like People and OK, all the gossip blogs, E! News,CBS,CNN, Huffington Post, etc. It's everywhere on the internet too. I wonder if there will be any "backlash" about the violence. Wish this were a movie. Feature length. : )

Sag Actor said...

The coverage has been awesome! Jake should be very happy with the response.

Anonymous said...

While I congratulate Jake on doing something totally different than what we've seen him do, playing a serial killer. IF something like this were made into a full-length movie I'd have to pass. I do not like horror or gore. Just not my genre.


UltraViolet said...

I would hope a movie version would offer a little more depth, Lily. But it would be hard to watch. I'm not a gore fan, either.

But since we have it... new post :)