Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Update2: The first shot from Time To Dance, the video Jake stars in for The Shoes:

Update: Did I say there was no Jake news? How about a new role?

Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star in Motor City, the Albert Hughes-directed drama for Dark Castle. Gyllenhaal, who most recently completed the David Ayer-directed drama End of Watch, will play an ex-army ranger named John Miller who gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, he is going after the man who framed him and stole his true love. Oscar-nominated Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy star Gary Oldman plays the villain and Amber Heard is the female lead. Joel Silver and Andrew Rona will produce for Dark Castle with Ethan Erwin and Douglas Urbanski exec producing. Warner Bros will distribute, as the studio did with Dark Castle’s hit Unknown. The film will begin shooting late spring in Berlin.

No new Jake news, so here are some tidbits gathered around the inter webs:

Looks like the Berlinale jury members are let their hair (and ties) down a bit after the ceremony. Also, Jake, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mike Leigh and Anton Corbijn are all demons, apparently. Best Actress winner Rachel Mwanza seems fresh as a daisy!

That's an old picture of Jake shooting the fire at Manka's Inverness Lodge in December, 2006. The lodge is still in business, but the restaurant did not reopen.

Jarhead was on the other night, promoting a flood of hilarious tweets. And then I stumbled across this old French interview. I think it's been posted before, but it's worth another look:

I can't remember seeing this whole video before, but it's worth watching again. Loved seeing Jake in Australia.

Here's another video I don't remember seeing before. At least Jake did eventually get to Madison Square Garden with Jay-Z!


bobbyanna said...

That picture from the fire is a great find, UV! Thanks for the Berlinale photo, too. Hope we discover more of those.

I enjoyed the twitter explosions from Jarhead & TDAT, too.

Today is Purim for all who celebrate! Hope it's a fun day!


Great finds, UV!

And thanks for adding my blog to your list, that was awfully nice of you.

Have a good rest of your days, folks!

(I hope they change this comment layout soon)

Chica said...

That is a great find UV, I remember when I read about the fire. It's a shame that the restauraunt never re-opened.

LOL, they do look a little weird in the Berlinale photo along with the videos, what a great hodgepodge!

UltraViolet said...

Very funny series of posts from FB:

Standing next to jake gyllenhaal at Joe Shanghai in chinatown. Don't think i've seen any movies he was in, though...
3 hours ago

Now am sitting at same table as jake gyllenhaal.
3 hours ago

They gave him a free dessert #richgetricher #thisisbullshit!
2 hours ago

Looks like Jake has a new CZ restaurant.

Tweety said...

It does sound like he does UV!

The bits may be Hodgepodge but you sure are great at finding some great gems UV :)

That must have been scary for the Gyllenhaals back in '06 with that fire.

Jarhead is a Jake film that is overlooked IMO so it's great when people first discover it and tweet about it!

UV, do you know if Monica is OK? She hasn't posted in awhile.

UltraViolet said...

I think Monica's okay. Hopefully she'll check in soon.

How I would love to have found the Manka's photo at the time, but I don't think my net-scouring technique was as advanced! I think it's a great photo, albeit of a scary night.

Hi Gyllencrazy! Glad you enjoyed them. Always happy to have more places spreading the GyllenNews!

Chica, I read somewhere that the restaurant chef now makes meals that are delivered to your room. So it's extravagant room service. I wonder if Jake or any of the Gs has ever been back.

Bobbyanna, I'm surprised we didn't get more photos from Berlin. Maybe more will trickle out.

UltraViolet said...

Yay! I Think. Not a fan of Dominic Cooper - he and Jake aren't in the same league, IMO. But I hope this is a good/buzzed about script.

Jake Gyllenhaal in talks to join 'Motor City"
WB, Dark Castle hustle to replace Dominic Cooper

With Dominic Cooper falling out due to scheduling conflicts, Warner Bros. and Dark Castle have worked fast to find a new leading man for "Motor City." Jake Gyllenhaal is in negotiations to star.

Amber Heard and Gary Oldman are already on board to also star with Albert Hughes set to helm.

Story follows a felon who, after being released from prison, begins tracking down the men who framed him. Chad St. John penned the script with Silver producing through his Silver Pictures shingle, along with Silver Pictures president Andrew Rona.

Since joining WME as a client, Gyllenhaal has taken his time in finding his next project.

The thesp was last seen in Summit's "Source Code" and can be seen next in "End of Watch" which Open Road just picked up to distribute.

From Variety.

UltraViolet said...

Also, taken his time? This guy doesn't know Jake. This is fast, given the amount of time he's been with WME.

But good for them for getting Jake out there.

A little more on the movie nd Oldman's role:

Dominic Cooper, who caught the town’s eye with his performance in The Devil’s Double, and Amber Heard are starring in the pic, about a small-time hood who is framed and sent to prison, only to exact revenge years later to get back the woman he loves.
Oldman, who worked with Hughes on Book of Eli, will act as a kingpin-type who has his hooks into the woman.

Joel Silver producing hopefully means a hit!

UltraViolet said...

I remember this now! Major spoiler for the movie style ahead:

Ever since he wandered away from Akira, Warner Bros has apparently been anxious to sign Menace II Society director Albert Hughes onto one of their upcoming movies. Today it looks as though a project has been found that will keep Hughes at the good ol’ WB and that project is Motor City. The film is a pretty simple revenge picture about a small town crook who is wrongfully sent to jail and comes out determined to punish those responsible. It’s generic stuff, but the twist is that the much beloved script apparently contains only a single line of dialogue. This has the makings of a pretty out there blockbuster action movie and apparently Captain America himself Chris Evans is in talks to play the lead role (how could he possibly memorize all of the dialogue?). Could be interesting. Could get made. Hit the jump for more details.

I read that and wished Jake had a shot! Though I did think it would be a shame not to hear his voice.

Glad to hear it was a buzzed-about "beloved" script.

Fingers crossed.

UltraViolet said...

Okay, apparently everyone else is actually working.

According to this, the movie is scheduled to begin filming in April in... Berlin.

Hope he gets a little closer to the title city, Bobbyanna!

UltraViolet said...

Has Jake played a John yet? :)

From Deadline:

Gyllenhaal, who most recently completed the David Ayer-directed drama End of Watch, will play an ex-army ranger named John Miller who gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, he is going after the man who framed him and stole his true love. Oscar-nominated Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy star Gary Oldman plays the villain and Amber Heard is the female lead. Joel Silver and Andrew Rona will produce for Dark Castle with Ethan Erwin and Douglas Urbanski exec producing. Warner Bros will distribute, as the studio did with Dark Castle’s hit Unknown. The film will begin shooting late spring in Berlin

Not sure what I think about Amber Heard. Has anyone seen her in anything?

bobbyanna said...

Damn! I saw this on Twitter and rushed right over, UV!! Obviously when I saw "Motor City" I thought OMG, Jake maybe be near by...relatively speaking. But alas, they're saying Berlin.

I'm just thrilled he has a project in the works, no matter where they shoot. But I'd love to strangle our governor for cutting back on the tax incentives and state subsidies for film production.

The last big project that wrapped was the Oz prequel. Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis,James Franco. I'd love for Jake to come to town.

Dominic Cooper did a decent job in An Education with Carrie Mulligan & Peter Sarsgaard. But it is really great that Jake is working with Oldman.

I miss monica, too. I hope she is doing OK. : )

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy Jake is going to do "Motor City" He does drama so well, those expressive eyes and face, put me on the edge of my seat when I saw SC. I was keeping my fingers crossed we'd hear about a new project. I wish he were filming here in the states but at least he knows his way around Berlin :D


Anonymous said...

Happy Purim! (I couldn't find any hamantachen :(


Mary said...

Very good news to hear and the plot sounds very interesting

bobbyanna said...

One of my favorite Hughes Brothers movies is "From Hell" with Johnny Depp. A Jack the Ripper tale. Allen Hughes is still wrapping a movie with Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg right now. Albert will be directing Jake. Filming in Berlin will give it a different feel, I think. I'm just really glad. I hope they move from "in talks" to finalizing it.

Shondra said...

A new film for Jake and it was announced on Purim!!

I love the sound of Motor City, my kind of movie and Gary Oldman is in it!!!

You do great detective work UV finding that pic of Jake from Manka!

And keep the Berlin FF pics coming, we really didn't get as much as I thought we would.

I hope all is well with Monica.

Thanks for the Purim wishes Bobbyanna and Happy Purim to you Lily!

Anonymous said...

SS: You also wrote a script called “Motor City” that is 75 pages and has almost no dialogue. Can you tell us why you decided to write that script and why you think it was received so well. Also, what’s the status on the project?

CSJ: Honestly, it wasn’t my idea. Greg Silverman over at Warner Bros., one all around bad ass dude, tossed that one my way. After they bought DAYS and I had rewritten it based on their notes, Greg offered me a two script blind deal. I was definitely salivating for the chance, but I really wasn’t keen on the blind aspect of it. I wanted to have at least one of the scripts spelled out before I said yes. I thought it was crucial to follow DAYS with something just as unique. So, Greg throws this idea at me. Then, he says the magic words…“and there’s no dialogue.” A “silent” revenge movie.

I said yes before he finished the sentence. The artist in me leapt at the chance. Beside, when the hell is another Exec this far up the food chain in a studio going to ask me to write a “silent” movie? I was all over it. It was audacious and ballsy. Of course, then I spent a week banging my head into a desk in front of my computer thinking, “What the hell have I done?”

Why was it received so well? I was just humbled that it was. Truly. I still am. I think part of it is definitely that it was just so ballsy and different. Maybe it was a reminder that a script doesn’t need to have an explosion a minute. Or, even dialogue. You’ll have to ask all those cats who like it. I just aim for “Don’t Suck”.

I rewrote it for Dark Castle. And, yes, added dialogue. I’m really happy with how it’s coming along. We still go back and forth as to which version is the right one to get made. I suspect it might be a version that combines the no dialogue and dialogue versions. We’ll see.

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, anon. It will be interesting to see which version is made. Maybe they'll do both?

I do think this is further along than the Way Way Back rumors. At least I hope Jake's new peps aren't going to stupidly allow his name attached to things the then fall through.

Most of the reactions to this seem positive. Fingers crossed.

UltraViolet said...

How many other Black List scripts has Jake made or been attached to? The Way, Way Back was one. Rendition was one, too, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

How many other Black List scripts has Jake

Brokeback Mountain!

UltraViolet said...

Was BBM on the Black List? I know it was always referred to as the best unproduced script in Hollywood, but I don't know if it was on the semi-official list at the time.

I just saw that Hanna was on there. I watched it last weekend, and it was dreadful. I can't believe how many good reviews it got. Cate Blanchett was embarrassing. Shockingly bad, all of it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that interview link, anon,with St John. I hope they might do both. I think one of the hardest thing for an actor to do is not to have dialog to fall back on to express what their character is feeling. Jake is perfect for this, he has such an expressive face. He'll do well.

Blacklisted movies? May I ask what that means? Like as it 'they will never get made because of content?'


Anonymous said...

Description of John Miller:

We start in Detroit in the 1970s...

His head is shaved boot camp style. His face is covered in a dozen scars--the kind you get from deep gashes that heal without the benefit of stitches.
There’s a pistol-grip sawed off double-barrel shotgun in his hand and murder in his eyes.

bobbyanna said...

I agree about Hanna, UV. Atrocious.

Thanks, Anon for posting the interview.

I hope Jake's new agency will keep generating projects for him. I'm also curious to see whether his PR/imaging will improve.

It would be so incredibly amateur of them to release information on projects that he doesn't go thru with for whatever reason. I sincerely hope he isn't subjected to that level of incompetency.

bobbyanna said...

So for Detroit in the 70's they're going to Berlin? ... :(

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

@ParisHilton hope you had a great dinner at Pulqueria tonight, #Yum also heard Jake Gyllenhaal was also dining there

Let's hope they were not together!

Today I spoke to Eric Asimov, Rosanna Scotto, Phillip Glass, & Jake Gyllenhaal ('s assistant). Not a shabby Wednesday.
9:27 PM - 7 Mar 12

She seems to work at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, where Mario Batali stopped in today, apparently.

UltraViolet said...

In the Deadline comments, someone said the revised script has 5 lines of dialogue. Who knows.

Lily, the Black List is an annual collection of the best unmade scripts in Hollywood. Rendition was on that list and so was Hanna.

'70s Detroit, eh? Jake should have some funky clothes.

So he's going to be scarred and silent!

Maybe they think some remnants of East Berlin will make a good substitute for '70s Detroit? Ir else John Miller travels far for his revenge.

Thanks for the description, anon.

And yes, Bobbyanna. Let's hope Jake's new peeps have a better handle on things for him.

Anonymous said...

the movie will be in flashback.

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

This is great news and yet another Blacklist script. I hope Motor City works out and he does this film.

The 1-5 lines if dialogue sounds intriguing and I adore Gary Oldman.

I sure hope he wasn't sitting with Ms. Hilton!

Thanks for coming across that pic from Manka UV and your other finds, you do a fantastic job tracking down Jake stuff,Bravo!

Extra said...

Motor City has a graphic novel/noir feel to it, I hope that this isn't another tease and he does this film.

Berlin for Detroit? I know Bobbyanna, makes no sense and you could have Jake right in your back yard, sigh.

Not familiar with Amber Heard but I'm a big fan of Oldman, yes!

Wasn't Source Code on Blacklist too??

Never tire of anything related to LAOD, I hope that Jake gets to make another film with Jake.

Anonymous said...

From The Hollywood Reporter:
Gyllenhaal last starred in Source Code, which grossed almost $150 million wordwide

Finally they are recognizing Source Code is a box office success.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Broderick ‏ @KABrods

Jake Gyllenhaal you are sooo HOT!!!! (@ La Colombe Torrefaction w/ 11 others)


First picture of Jake in The Shoes music video -- me likes ;-)!/GYLLENCRAZY/status/177791977465716736

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, GC! I just saw that. I can't wait to see this video. (Added the pic to the post.)

Also from twitter:

Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in TriBeCa. He's a cutie in person. #celebritycrush

Another blog talked about Jake showing his box office appeal with SC. Not sure why it's taken so long to acknowledge.

bobbyanna said...

That's a gorgeous picture! I am really looking forward to the video.

bobbyanna said...

That's a gorgeous picture! I am really looking forward to the video.

sass said...

What a Gorgeous photograph of Jake! The setting is breath taking. TY!
Over the past 2 years++ I've begun to understand the PR game. I've often posted my feelings about all the disparaging articles, over the past two years( they've finally stopped) sourced by g-d knows who, and meant to inform the general public about Jake's being too young or too immature for whatever.

Source Code was a great sleeper movie. I knew it was a great movie, and had my feelings confirmed, when the film stayed in town from April-June. Then came the super positive film critique's, DVD sales, VOD sales and rentals.
It's fantastic to have another movie coming up next year. fingers xed... Jake's new representatives are doing their work well. YAY!

The Weather is amazing today; it's 67 degrees and going up, while one year ago today, there was 76 inches of snow on the ground.

Mary said...

Read on another blog that the shoes video will be released on monday

Chica said...

That is a beautiful photo of Jake, thanks for the heads up Mary!

The weather is crazy here in NY Sass,but I'm not complaining at all.

Tweety said...

The buzz around the net regarding Jake and Motor City has been postive for the most part. So glad to hear that he will (hopefully) working on a new project soon!

Speaking of which, I hope this never happens, LOL!:

@Jake_Gyllenhaal I had a strange dream last night. You announced you were playing Conan the barbarian in a remake.

12:49 PM - 8 Mar 12via Twitter for iPhone · Details

UltraViolet said...

I can't remember ever seeing this - a video with brief interviews of Jake and Anne's stand-ins for L&OD. Jake's double says he was a nice guy and liked to joke around :)

Monday for the video - saw that on the Shoes site. Thanks, Mary. Can't wait!

It's beautiful here, too. Too bad I'm at work. I'll do a walk when I get home, so I can enjoy it a bit.

UltraViolet said...

LOL, Tweety. There ARE movies we don't want Jake to be in.

Oops - I think I forgot the link for the video above.

Mary said...

weather nice here in CA too 70 today regarding these music videos can we buy them or do we have to down load them?

Daniela said...

Hi! I am very happy with the news of the new movie
until finally something to comment, I come here every day and was so anxious to know what the movie and liked the detail that has little dialogue that means that Jake will be able to explore your eyes

Monica, where are you?? really miss you!!!!

bobbyanna said...

The video from LAOD was fun. Thanks, UV. mary, so glad to know we'll see the music video Monday.

Weather here's crap. Bad wind yesterday, all night long, sounded like a freight train. Today it was cold and rainy.

Uh, didn't someone just do a remake of Conan? Ugh. That's Fake Jake. I've blocked him and his followers,but still keep coming across his garbage. Some people think it's a real account.

He managed to bypass Twitter rules by registering as a "fan site but speaks and acts as if he's Jake. Isn't that illegal?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sneider
It's true, negotiations have ended between Jake Gyllenhaal's WME agents and the MOTOR CITY producers Dark Castle... bummer.

UltraViolet said...

Damn - Deadline says Jake wanted to push back the dates. Why?! What else do you have to do, Jake.

Damn it.

Motor will not start with Gyllenhaal said...

Wow, its furstrating being a Jake Gyllenhaal fan. What are they thinking, I hope its not money and please don't let the Jake being difficult crap start again.

Disappointedi n Jake said...

"Damn - Deadline says Jake wanted to push back the dates. Why?! What else do you have to do, Jake."

UH Jake, if they could have pushed back the date then Dominic would be doing the job. Sorry but Jake is being difficult it sounds like, what does he have planned another endless Soul Cycle class or Maggie's baby perhaps. Please Jake you're the uncle not the father. I think Peter can hold Maggie's hand.

UltraViolet said...

It's negotiations, anon. That's not being difficult. It's being too picky. I sure as hell hope WME has something else lined up for him.

Also, it's anonymous posters like you who always talk about the "being difficult" rumors. There's no evidence of it with anyone other than Fincher, and that's just being human.

Anonymous said...

I think he wanted time to train, UV. I read an excerpt from the script and this character requires training with weapons and fighting. Sounds like a great character. Not the kind where you enter and go shooting.
Filming will begin next month!

SIck of Jake's Difficult ways said...

"Also, it's anonymous posters like you who always talk about the "being difficult" rumors"

10 to 1 the role is offered to Gosling and they push it back for him. Sorry but Jake does have that rep real or not, deal with it. This is like the millionith project he has backed out of. It is being difficult when asking someone to start shooting late wheh the only reason they asked you was because the original star could not make the shooting date himself. Stop making excuses for Jake, he is being difficult, Gosling, the guy from Thor or Channing Tatum can do 5 movies in one year but Jake can't be bothered to adhere to the scheudling of one movie without requesting a later date. That's being difficult or inept.

Jake being difficult said...

" think he wanted time to train,"

For what? The guy is in great shape, it knows how to use a gun and jump off trains. Sorry just another excuse.

UltraViolet said...

Get a name and stick to it, and perhaps I'll give a toss about your opinion, anon.

I have said many times that something is amiss in Jake's career. But "being difficult" is just something people who don't like him anymore (or who never did) like to toss around.

This is really a drag. I hope there is an announcement soon about something else or this is reconsidered.

UltraViolet said...

Whoever does the role isn't going to have time to train. That's not much of a reason.

There could be a dozen reasons he didn't do it. I can't judge that without knowing the details. I can judge Jake yet again being publicized for a role he doesn't do. I am disappointed his new people have put him in that position again.

And maybe he is being too picky. I can't dispute that.

I dislike the perpetuation of the die that he's difficult on set, which is what I was taking exception to with the unpleasant anon.

bobbyanna said...

I'm hugely disappointed! Pissed actually.

But mostly,I'm really steamed that this leaked before it was finalized. There are a million and one reasons Jake may have had, we only know what we're being told, ...from more leaks. I suspect it's only part of the story. WME needs to tighten up their game.

People who peddle the "Jake's"difficult" line are ignorant asses. His castmates love him, the film crews like and respect him, and his directors work very well with him. He's formed lasting friendships at every level in every movie project.

There are some nasty people on the internet who invent garbage, and believe if they repeat it enough that makes it true.

That comment about Jake & Maggie was despicable.

bobbyanna said...

Sorry, UV. We were posting at the same time. This really is a drag.
Sometimes people leak information to put pressure on someone.

Mary said...

I disappointed too but we cant judge Jake for backing we dont know why and will probaby never know he might have had a good reason for backing out

bobbyanna said...

One thing I am glad about. The character read like a very gritty tough guy. I'm glad they wanted him for something like that. Not necessarily a bad guy, but close. Something good will happen soon.I really believe that. :)

UltraViolet said...

The good news is the tJake was offered a role. The very bad news is that he's not doing it again. I am not optimistic. I'm trying but this is not fun.

UltraViolet said...

I saw a tweet earlier that Jake had once passed on playing the villain in Motor City. No idea if that's true or not, but another tweet just made a similar reference.

Chica said...

Damn!!! Dominic Cooper had scheduling conflicts too but that was because he was doing another movie.

I don't know why talks broke down but I wish that WME didn't leak the info to Nikki Finke, sigh.

bobbyanna said...

You know, I tell you what. The more I think about this, the more I'm convinced it was a Joel Silver problem not a scheduling problem. He owns Dark Castle.

That's right, chica. Jake's name should have never floated out here until things were finalized.

Focusing media attention on Jake, is just deflecting it from Joel Silver, where, IMO that's where it belongs. He's now had two actors walk away.

UltraViolet said...

Three if you count Chris Evans, who was initially attached. Though we all know being "attached" doesn't mean much.

I should amend what I said above. If Jake didn't think there was enough time to prepare, that's his prerogative. I'd love to know why, though we won't. But I am so annoyed that his name got out there.

I'm trying to believe that's better than his name not being mentioned at all. And most reaction was positive, despite the persistent haters.

Chica, you're so right. Wouldn't be so hard to swallow if we knew Jake has another gig.

bobbyanna said...

UV, I noticed in the comments on Deadline's blog, one man, who actually signed his name, said Jake's name was never attached, and the reporting was very inaccurate. You're right. I hope something else comes thru for him soon. WME needs to make a formal announcement to clarify, and clean up this mess.

Extra said...

It sounds like the real problem was with Silver as you mentioned Bobbyanna, and Jake is the 3rd actor to walk away from it.

This may never get made which is a shame because the more I reas about it the more I liked it.

sass said...

I see browsing around tonight that y'all know what's up with all these announcements. U wait for a while to see if the offer is solid etc.
I haven't followed Jake closely since 2004-7...WOW...When will we know etc.
back soon.

Jake not attached project any longer:(

Viv said...

OK.....What a mess!!
I am really tired.....
I don't know if any other actors have such crap that makes fans upset again and again.
but in this case of Jake it's just a mess.What's wrong with Jake and his team.I really don't understand Jake in these two years.sigh.....

Despite I am pissed as hell, but
to some people say Jake's difficult:
get out of here.If he is difficult to you, why not stop follow his every move then go after other golden boys like Ryan G.,Ryan Renolds or Channing Tatum etc..yeah...they can make five fims a year and studio will reschedule for them on matter what.They are the men you want, not Jake.

Sorry for my poor English....

I know Jake's problem said...

He doesn't know who he is or what he wants. He's 31 and has had everything handed to him and doesn't know how to respond when things go wrong. That's his problem. Instead of learning from mistakes, picking himself up and showing everyone what he's made out of, he regresses and feels sorry for himself. He is selfish and childish. He has poor character.

To you fangirls, everything is always everyone else's fault except poor Jake.

It's because of the marketing, the studio, the production company, his PR, his agent, his "people." It's Taylor Swift's fault, Reese Witherspoon's fault, Kirstin Dunst's fault. Jake has too many haters, too many paparazzi following him around. He has gossip columnists making up lies about him. Poor, poor Jake. Poor THIRTY-ONE YEAR OLD Jake.

Or maybe his whole "nice guy" persona is just an act and he's really just the spoiled child of ultra liberal hollywood parents who never taught him how to be a man. That never told him, in his ridiculously sheltered childhood, that life comes with disappointments and set backs and moping for three years doesn't make you deep, it makes you a childish asshole.

The guy works, in total, three to four months out of any given year. Maybe the problem is that Jake is just a slacker without any real ambition. Maybe he's the guy who will accept "success" only when it's handed to him on a silver platter, because everything always has been, and he's just not willing to work all that hard to achieve anything. Maybe the problem is that he isn't much interested in achieving anything at all.

I don't know if it was because of his parents divorce or the break up with Reese Witherspoon or whatever. But he acts like such a childish jerk now. There is literally nothing appealing about this guy anymore. I don't know any thirty-one year old who acts like him. Move on. Grow up.

Viv said...

Then you can go away now.This blog is not for you Jake hater.


@I know Jake's problem

Since we know absolutely nothing about what's really behind Jake's decision to back out, I'll wait for more reliable sources to tell us something that's not just speculation.

As for being a Jake fan and thus blaming everything and everyone but him, I beg to differ. We can and we do criticize him when we have solid grounds to go by, which I assume you don't have, unless you know him personally or work in the star system.

You seem quite passionate about the matter and wrote a lot of (nasty) things about Jake for someone who doesn't see anything appealing about him, anyway. Just saying.

Everyone is entitled to have and share their opinions but when you said "childish asshole" you lost all my interest in hearing about yours.

Anonymous said...

How do you know why he pulled out? Don't be so judgmental. Hope a new movie comes along soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Folks! Jake Gyllenhaal Has Left MOTOR CITY

Jake Gyllenhaal was supposed to replace Dominic Cooper in MOTOR CITY but alas, Deadline said that Gyllenhaal sadly had to exit the project, the deals didn’t go through because Gyllenhaal’s got a gazillion other projects that he’s considering..
Dark Castle’s revenge thriller, MOTOR CITY, co-starring Amber Heard, Gary Oldman as the villain, directed by Albert Hughes
The Joel Silver-produced project scripted by Chad St. John, is about an ex-con recently released from prison who begins tracking down the men who framed him and get back the woman (Heard) he loves

Office of Nancy Pelosi said...

Well that was quick :(

A gazillion projects? I hope so, it's frustrating being a Jake fan.

And to the anon. trolling here, I doubt you "know" Jake at all.

Anonymous said...

None of us were part of this negotiation, we don't know how interested in this role Jake really was only that he was in negotiations. I have no idea what goes on exactly. But I'm sure Jake didn't just say "No sorry that would interfere with my soul cycling" (eye roll) I don't think he's ever looked at any role he was considering with any flippant attitude. I believe he looked at all the details of the role, what was needed to prepare for it and if it was something he felt he could give his best performance based on such things as time to prepare and his own abilities. Look how long it took him to prepare for POP, that certainly was NOT a role you could just walk into without plenty of preparation.

NONE of us here really knows Jake, Only his family, friends and the people who have worked with him know him. The tweeters who have spoken to him, met him on the street or soul cycle have nothing but good things to say about their short encounters. And I think if Jake were difficult to work with or had a mightier than thou attitude it certainly would be something that would get out there. Even before the internet any actor who gave their co stars a hard time or had an attitude the tabloids would have a field day with it (I'm a Star Trek fan and William Shatner had a rep for being a prima donna, many of his co stars certainly didn't sing his praises, and later wrote about some of his antics)

Jake is obviously looking for a role, one he can have the time to prepare for (as well as be interested in doing)

For those saying disparaging things about Jake, you have a right to your opinion (free speech and all) but I'd like to know the truth and facts of a situation before I'd ever say Jake was a prima donna, has an attitude or is difficult to work with. What co star or crew member has ever come forward and said that about Jake?

okay I'll get off my soapbox now


bobbyanna said...

It's a knee jerk reaction to blame Jake, and it's demonstrably simple-minded. It requires very little intelligence, or consideration of other factors. Deal falls thru? Jake's fault. Movie's box office tanks? Jake's fault. Relationship tanks? Jake's fault.

Jake's fans, not the posers who have fun dumping on him, are smarter than that. I don't think anyone believes he's perfect, or that he never exercises really poor judgement.

But we really know nothing at all about what happened.
And neither do you. And that's the point, really. Sorry if he isn't living up to your expectations.

When you even consider the possibility that Jake's name was never formally attached, or that something else must be going on with a project to cause three actors to walk away from the lead role, you can hardly put the weight of this on Jake's shoulders.

FYI: In a film project, the actor is the one with the least amount of power. And to say you "know what his problem is," to go after him with such a personal attack says a lot about you.

You seem pretty unstable. It's a good thing you posted "anonymously." You'd probably be happier someplace else. Maybe there's another blog that would benefit from your "insights."

Sheba said...

Wow, I'm a little stunned. What a seesaw of emotions. One thing I guess we can definitely say about Jake is that he provokes a lot of strong feelings and speculation. May I say that some of us like or love Jake because of his unpredictability and his chamelion-like abilities. I always liken Jake to chocolate, maybe Revels this time. Damn, now I'm hungry :DD

Thank you UV for great video finds, updates and bringing us all together *cheezy wink* ;)

Anonymous said...

Latino Review:
elmayimbe ‏@elmayimbe
So Gyllenhaal passed on Motor City for the second time? Wow.

second time?

UltraViolet said...

Great perspective, Sheba.

I think we all know that the Anon doesn't like anything about Jake or Jake's fans.

I'm glad Jake's new crack team got Jake's side of the story out to the super-influential Rama's Screen.


Something to look forward to, though it's all a little dimmer now:

The Shoes video for Time To Dance will premiere on Monday at Midday, hold tight Jake Gyllenhaal fans!!

UltraViolet said...

Yes, as I mentioned above, there was a tweet that Jake passed on playing the villain. I have no idea if this is true.

Daniela said...

As well, UV, playing the villain?

I was so happy with this notocia a new movie, now we can only hope
That's what makes a true fan, do not judge it without having based on nothing but assumptions and these assumptions are far from true stories on the reports of those who know the year or years minutes

Daniela said...

Report those who know him years or minutes

Anonymous said...

A Comment on Deadline

Gyllenhaal was never set for this film. There were talks. He was not available on the dates. That’s it. I am amazed at all the crazy and inaccurate reportage on this one. If anyone had asked at any point, I would have been happy to tell them!
Comment by Douglas Urbanski

Douglas Urbanski is an executive producer for Motor City.

bobbyanna said...

Thank you so much for this, Anon. That was the comment I referred to @ 1 AM. : ) It's ashame it was buried in the news blogs comments.
Of course there wouldn't have been any story if they'd gotten all their facts.I hope WME follows up on how this happened.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much for a whisper in the wind to go viral and be taken as FACT these days.

I just hope the next report of a next project for Jake comes true


Tweety said...

That's the bad thing about Twitter and Google Lily. False info gets put out there all the time and the truth gets lost .

So far WME is operating like CAA.

Anonymous said...

Too funny to read the comment about Jake might be a slacker. Have never read or heard anyone talk about Jake saying he didn't give 100%. He works on his roles long before he starts doing them. The work he did for Jarhead alone was something most people wouldn't want to do and got a lot of praise from the director.
Would think all actors have various roles they could do and have been mentioned for but because of timing or whatever reason do not end up doing them. Actors names are mentioned for movies and then years later (and for most movies it takes quite a while to finally get them to even being filmed) they end up even not being done or with someone different - it's normal in the moviebiz.

UltraViolet said...

Didn't have time to post this earlier:

I actually died. He left half way though! Not sure if it was b/c the class was too nuts or if I creeped him out...

Just took a soulcycle class with JAKE GYLLENHAAL #soulproblems #dying

UltraViolet said...

Hi Daniela - allegedly he was supposed to play the villain. I don't know if we'll ever know.

And I agree with you and Annie and Lily and Tweety and everyone else who is standing behind what we know of Jake and not what the disgruntled posters think they know or want people to believe.

Paula C. said...

Wow, this topic is like a roller coaster, I was very happy to hear the good news about a possible new role for Jake but as I scroll down I realize the dream was over before it started.
Can't wait to see the music video and let's not forget we still have EOW and this year his just starting, good things will came for Jake and us.

GR said...

Is it just an impression of mine or every day in TV there is Jake's movie with consequent avalanche of Tweets, like :"Jake is Hot "" omg Jake is perfect" etc? It seems people have realized just now how Jake is hot and an amazing actor.

Sag Actor said...

Silver seems to have a time table to shhot this film and Jake, Dominic and Chris Evans weren't able to comply. I think they all thought they could change his mind once they showed interest in the script.

I wonder if this will ever get made?

I'm sure Jake has other irons in the fire, EOW, SC and LAOD came out of nowhere w/o the usual name is attached or rumored to be in talks stuff we sometimes get.

bobbyanna said...

Found this on FB:

"Its really fun to live in a place where you are exposed to celebrities a lot and normally its no big deal when you see someone... but tonight Jake Gyllenhaal was sitting at a table close to us out at dinner. CELEB CRUSH TO THE MAXXX! I was Freaking Out a liitle bit!"

Young woman lives in Manhattan and posted 7 hrs ago. No details : (

"I'm sure Jake has other irons in the fire, EOW, SC and LAOD came out of nowhere w/o the usual name is attached or rumored to be in talks stuff we sometimes get"

I agree, SAG Actor! :)

Anonymous said...

Brittany Schreiber ‏ @bschreibs
If this feeling of achievement after @soulcycle isn't enough spending an hour with Jake Gyllenhaal is definitely worth it! #erikapearl

Anonymous said...

allison nielsen ‏ @allisonnielsen
My sister just worked out with Jake Gyllenhaal. WTF. So jealous

Anonymous said...

Haley Hughes ‏ @haleyahughes
Last time I saw Jake Gyllenhaal at @SoulCycle I left my boots. Today I left my @fitbit. Clearly there's a trend: his hotness is distracting!

Manhattan, NY

UltraViolet said...

From Facebook:

Jake gyllenhaal sat behind me in soul cycle today and told me I killed it in class today. I am pretty sure he is in love with me. Haha :)
2 hours ago

I'm going Wednesday for sure!!!!
2 hours ago

He did a double class.. He is insane
2 hours ago

Guess he's making up for leaving early yesterday!

Also from twitter earlier:

Omg the one reason I'd take up spinning #dreams Rt @HanFisherHowe: No hiding when you're spinning next to Jake Gyllenhal @AnnChannChann

Jake gyllenhaal just commented on my breakfast. Delish.
11:14 AM

Eating lunch by Jake Gyllenhaal. No big deal #nyc #fb
3:17 PM

Jake Gyllenhaal. I know he loves me back, I just know it. Ahhhh a girl can dream.

UltraViolet said...

GR, there is an avalanche of tweets when a Jake move is on, and there's been an uptick, as more and more people use twitter.

Things like that should influence moviemakers to want Jake in their films.

Forgot to say yesterday that I hope the word gets out that Jake was not being a flake in these negotiations. Grateful for the producer speaking up on Deadline.

Anonymous said...

Snapette ‏ @Snapette
Just saw Jake Gyllenhaal at ABC carpet. He's sporting a backpack... wonder whose couch he's surfing on?

UltraViolet said...

From twitter:

It only took my comment about stripper shoes in Opening Ceremony for Jake Gyllenhaal to look up at me. Oops that explains his interests

Jake Gyllenhaal is @openingceremony and @TaylorSwift13 blasting on the radio about a meanie on the playground #AWKWARD

Smells like Opening Ceremony is on fire. And talking to jake gyllenhaal.

Too high for jake gyllenhaal in opening ceremony
He was wearing a barbour...


Pretty content knowing @ChristinaStorch and I survived the same class as jake gyllenhall

Holy cow. @SoulCycle is no joke. At least I got to spin with 3 awesome ladies & see Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie Fest ‏ @Bonnie_Rae_
It only took my comment about stripper shoes in Opening Ceremony for Jake Gyllenhaal to look up at me. Oops that explains his interests

from twitter said...

Even jake gyllenhaal has to wait for a table at Joe's. (and yes I'm here for the 2nd time this week).

What a coincidence, so has Jake!

Anonymous said...

I had to look up what Opening Ceremony was, they sure do have some interesting names for shops (and restaurants) in Manhattan. Lucky gal for getting an autograph from Jake. I hope we do hear about a new project soon.


bobbyanna said...

Switching the clocks! Ugh! I want my hour back! Thanks for all the great tweets. Looks like Jake had a very NYC kind of day yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Ashley Tibett ‏ @AshleyTibett
getting coffee and run into jake Gyllenhaal. #sosexy in person

Anonymous said...

Ashley Tibett ‏ @AshleyTibett
@TaraaKing went to get coffee this morning in the city and he was sitting in the first table drinking coffee with his girl. #sohot

@TaraaKing it was really hard but he seems shy

Anonymous said...

I wonder who Jake was having coffee with? His girl, is he dating? just wondering

Mary said...

Anon dhe probably just a friend as far as we know hes not dating any one special he has lots of friends he hangs out with

Maybe or maybe not said...

Or it could very well be a girlfriend. No reason to dismiss that idea.

Anonymous said...

Yes, its true Jake has lots of friends. But he's been dating right along. I saw tweets of Jake with girls since at least last fall. He's hot. He's single. He dates. He's not hiding either. He's just enjoying his privacy in New York.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Neda ‏ @JimmytheStylist
Jake Gyllenhaal at La Colombe with a girl with blue hair!

bobbyanna said...

Sarah Khan‏@BySarahKhanReply

"Jake Gyllenhall sighting (w/a blue-haired woman) at La Colombe coffee shop in SoHo! Eeeeeeeeeee"

OMG! Maybe it's Willow Smith! LOL!

Anon, I agree Jake has a lot of privacy in NYC. If he can hang out with a blue-haired girl and it doesn't make Us Weekly that's a true test! : )

Gorgeous sunny day here.
59 degrees!

Mary said...

I didnt say he wasnt dating im sure he is just no one steady

Chica said...

It's absolutely gorgeous here in NY, I hope Jake and his blue-haired girl is enjoying this great weather!

Anonymous said...


Gene Hong ‏@mrgenehong

Reply or RT to help set the menu for my celeb-themed restaurant: Benecio Del Taco, Creme Brolin, Jerk Chickenhaal... #celebritydishes

BTW is he Jakes dog walking friend?.

GR said...

BTW is he Jakes dog walking friend?.

I don't know, he is however one of the best friends and roomate of Adam Levine.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Khan ‏ @BySarahKhan

Two separate Jake Gyllenhall sightings in one day - if you're a fan, lurk around SoHo for a few hours. sorry you kept missing him, @a1funk!

Anonymous said...

Christine Li ‏ @chrstneli

Just made awkward eye contact with jake gyllenhal on canal st.

UltraViolet said...

Some of these might be repeats. From twitter today:

Juse saw Jake Gyllenhaal downtown. He's amazing
4:14 PM

Acabo de cruzarme al OMG de Jake Gyllenhaal en SoHo. #OHMY
7:11 PM

From the same person:

He is fucking gorgeousssss

Just had Jake Gyllenhall as a customer! I love my job!
5:39 PM

Mary said...

Loving all the tweets and I agree hes definitely f***gorgeous

UltraViolet said...

Here's a description of the Shoes video:

The video is literally Jake Gyllenhaal murdering hipsters. It's Zodiac meets Cruising meets mentally insane and dark. Song is awesome too

It's premiering tomorrow.

funny said...

The video is literally Jake Gyllenhaal murdering hipsters.

Lololol oh that is hilarious! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Ms. P ‏ @hellostalk_r

I knew it!! I saw Jake Gyllenhaal in whole foods!! So he DOES live by union square!! AHHHH he is ADORABLEEEE and he's always thereee

6 hours ago


The video is on

Anonymous said...

WOW just WOW, thank you so much Gyllencrazy :)

UltraViolet said...

Thanks, GC! And wow think that deserves a new post.